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Zentangle® is an easy-to-learn method of pattern drawing that reduces stress while promoting creativity. This book will introduce readers to the basic theory of Zentangle and provide instructions for drawing over 100 tangle patterns from such Certified Zentangle Teachers as Suzanne McNeill, Sandy Steen Bartholomew, and Marie Browning. This beautiful book is filled with exaZentangle® is an easy-to-learn method of pattern drawing that reduces stress while promoting creativity. This book will introduce readers to the basic theory of Zentangle and provide instructions for drawing over 100 tangle patterns from such Certified Zentangle Teachers as Suzanne McNeill, Sandy Steen Bartholomew, and Marie Browning. This beautiful book is filled with examples of Zentangle drawings as well as other art projects and compelling stories from those who have improved their well-being through Zentangle....

Title : Joy of Zentangle: Drawing Your Way to Increased Creativity, Focus, and Well-Being
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ISBN : 9781574214277
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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Joy of Zentangle: Drawing Your Way to Increased Creativity, Focus, and Well-Being Reviews

  • Erin
    2019-06-04 08:44

    I found this book at the library because I didn't want to spend what Amazon wanted for a total of 20 pages of what sounded like crap according to the reviewers. I was impressed by the way the author(s) described drawing in a way that non-artists can understand. I've got a strong arts and crafts background so most of this was a no brainer to me but I couldn't imagine trying to teach someone else how to do it. About 20 pages in I started working on my first tangle and it was loads of fun. I am excited to do my next one and then the next after that. I really had no idea what a Zentangle was but this book did a great job explaining it. Basically it's meditative drawing. You are encouraged to not erase and not stress over any self-perceived mistakes but rather integrate them into your tangle. I really love the way Zentangle forces you to love your art, mistakes and all. Artist are so hypercritical as a whole but I think artists and non-artists alike can benefit from this. It's such a great stress reliever.I can ramble forever but there's one last thing I loved about this book: I'm not a religious person but I have friends who ask me to pray for them from time to time. This book offers a solution for that. Instead of praying you can make a Zentangle for said friend and all the while you give them the positive energy and love you poured into it. You can keep it or give it to them as a physical manifestation of the prayer they requested. I thought that was a cool, unique, and authentic way to honor your religious friend's prayer requests.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-22 11:40

    It's funny, but I almost felt some pressure from this book..."You can draw your way to relaxation, but it HAS TO BE THIS WAY OR IT WON'T WORK."GAH! Why can't I just doodle? Why do I have to doodle with a specific pen on a special piece of paper that is sized just right?!I actually found that while I was feeling pressured to do it just right I found that I can just cut up my own little pieces of paper, and use one of my own pens, and just do a few minutes of mindless (yet mindful!) doodles, and get the same calming results!Overall I think it helped me see how artistic pursuits like this can help, but that I don't have to do it anyone's way but my own!

  • Shazza Maddog
    2019-05-17 10:39

    I picked this up thinking it was a book on drawing patterns, and it is, in a way, but it seems to be bundled up in CHANGING YOUR LIFE by drawing patterns. Uh.No.I have the feeling I'm the wrong person for this book. It smacked a little too much of PROFUNDITY in learning how to draw patterns and make them your own on specifically-sized pieces of paper, using specific tools. Look, I get that repetitive patterns are a way of achieving meditation status. I've seen some absolutely gorgeous pieces of repetitive art (look at you, Celtic knotwork, and you, Greek keys and labyrinths in general, and). But seriously, folks, this ain't something new. Don't try to market it as if it was.

  • Joanna Slan
    2019-05-20 12:07

    Disclosure: I'm included in this book as a CZT.Rather than buy each of Suzanne McNeil's book separately, I suggest you buy this one book, as it pretty much recaps all her Zentangle #1, etc. books. If you want to expand your tangle vocabulary, this is the book to have.

  • Nikki
    2019-06-14 13:52

    This book was great at breaking down actual technique and I recommend it. BUT I'm glad I read reviews here and on Amazon before I bought it. Things I learned:1. I agree, who puts in a copyright notice specifying what you can call your work in the front of an art book? It's a little like Monet writing a book on Impressionist painting with a foreword asking to please be sure to put a trademark symbol on your work if you sell paintings using the techniques he invented and put in the book, and otherwise please note it as "Inspired by Monet' when you paint your lilies slightly different than he taught, because you are still creating a IIA (Impressionist Inspired Artwork). 2. There is a talk about how it changes your life, mediation benefits, hippie dippie type stuff, but not as much I was prepared for after reading reviews. A lot of it came from the sidebars of people talking about what Zentangle means to them, so it was easy to look at their cool tangles and skip the propaganda.3. Tip from an Amazon reviewer: paper coasters are super cheap and a good size. Despite what they say about how the 'fine Italian paper' of the trademarked Zentangle artist tiles will make you scoff at lesser mortals who use mere card stock, I thought that was a great idea. I did also buy some of the Strathmore 'Artist Tiles' for 'Pattern Drawing and Meditative Art' and so far I haven't been struck down by official Zentangle lightning yet, so that's good.Overall, the actual drawing information was good, especially for someone like me who doesn't draw all that well.

  • Abbey
    2019-05-27 13:07

    My son and I love this book (he's 8). He is math inclined and loves drawing. We started the summer talking about patterns and symmetry which lead us to Mandalas. He loved coloring them with colored pencils. My search for Mandala coloring books on Amazon lead me to this book. We read a few Zentangle books and this was our favorite. It had great ideas for patterns and inspiration. And it also showed what other people have done with zentangle (my son loved the idea of doing it on rocks). Essentially, it is a book teaching people how to doodle... in an OCD way... and taking inspiration from patterns you see in life (cloud, tree bark, butterflies, fences... anything.) And it is also a great form of meditation.

  • Georgina
    2019-05-21 11:04

    If you are interested in learning as many Tangles as possible and you only have money for one book, then this is the book to buy. There is also a handy visual Tangle Directory if you want to see all of the Tangles at once. I could have done without the inspirational personal stories from various doodle artists, but maybe you will find them comforting. The main takeaway is that doing art, whatever that art may be, is a relaxing and fun activity. If you had the misfortune to be in a school where art instruction was sacrificed for "practical" subjects, I hope you will find this book helpful in reconnecting you to the Joy that is Doing Art.

  • Lynne N
    2019-06-06 10:02

    Great introduction to Zentangle! Zentangles and zentangle-inspired artwork from the 3 authors are included in the book and provide excellent examples of what you can learn to do yourself. Lots of decent tangles (fill patterns) are included.

  • Tami Winbush
    2019-05-23 06:57

    Wonderful insight on how Zentangle blends art and therapy and a boatload of tangles too. Need to own this one.

  • Kate
    2019-05-27 09:51

    Um...freakin love this book! I can't believe my obsessive doodling is an actual art form!

  • Marianne
    2019-06-08 11:49

    Good book te get started with zentangle. Lots of tangles, not too difficult and clearly illustrated.

  • Callie
    2019-06-11 09:06

    Good explanation of what Zentangling is and some nice finished art, but as far as examples of how to do it...some of the examples could have been a lot more clear...if you need the drawing to guide you the step by step is a good idea if they are the SAME... quite a few of them changed mid-example leading to confusion...mistakes are too be accepted well if you're leaving wrong it's more frustrating to have a mistake because of lack of clarity rather than lack of skill. Lack of skill is acceptable, but if something is to be done a certain way to achieve the expected outcome it would be nice if the examples didn't change midstream. Seems to be an okay beginner book though I've not read any others yet to make a comparison skill wise

  • Melody Palmer
    2019-05-28 10:51

    I came across this quite by accident when browsing in an arts and crafts store several weeks ago. I ordered it and bought a small journal, pen and pencil and eagerly awaited the book arrival. It's simply beautiful. It's great for beginner tanglers, but I can understand if some people find the options overwhelming. The art examples presented as examples of what you can create with the patterns are visually stunning.The authors present the information in sections: introduction to art, the principles of Zentangle, and the supplies required, the actual patterns (over 100), then ends with other artistic things you can do with Zentangle.The only small problem I have with the book, even though I love it, is that I wish some of the patterns showed a few more steps to illustrate how to make the pattern. Not many, just a few, and I realize that could just be a result of my beginner status.I have noticed an increased creativity and desire to be more artistic, creative in problem-solving and more calm (though I am usually a very calm person). I haven't really noticed increased focus, but that could come with further practice.Overall, a fantastic introduction to the craft.

  • Andria
    2019-06-08 11:44

    This book has been a great resource as I have tried to learn a number of nee tangles.

  • Debra Lowman
    2019-06-12 12:08

    Up front I will admit to this being a conflicted review. I picked up this book because a friend had sparked my interest in zentangle to supplement my pen and ink design palette. I was expecting to learn specific designs and about composition and repetitive structure. And I did. There are lots of design and spacial concept discussions throughout the book and LOTS of step by step instructions for various pattern designs. The illustrations were colorful and the instructions were very understandable. I really learned a lot of new technique. But, mixed in with the instructables was, as the title implies, philosophy and instruction on symbolism, meditation and, well, achieving zen. Not so much for me there. I found it a bit overdone even as I recognize the natural relaxation and cognitive gains to be had while engaging in this art style. The good and the annoying...but it was still a very useful book. I got this title from the library and have already checked it out again. I think it will be a regular for me until the technique becomes rote.

  • Jordan Lombard
    2019-05-16 06:54

    I'm no artist. But I have to admit this is kinda cool. I borrowed four books on zentangle from the library, and this was the best of the bunch for a newbie/non-artist. If you've been doing zentangle or other art for awhile, this book may not be for you. It explains the basics of shading and tangle drawing very well and doesn't going into deeper things a newbie wouldn't need to know like some of the other books I saw. You don't need to follow all the instructions, or read the feel-good stories, unless you want to. I think as long as you get the basic idea of zentangle, from an art perspective, you'll be fine just diving in. I used my own pen and regular paper. No need for fancy stuff, if you don't have it. I appreciate the tangle designs provided, because my problem whenever I doodle during meetings is wondering what to draw next, so my doodles are boring and ugly. This will help! Let's just see how many I can create before I run out of ideas.

  • Tanya
    2019-06-16 14:54

    I don't like the idea of a copyrighted art form. Though they say it is all about teaching people to be creative and meditative, it still seems to have too many rules. The "creators" of this art form want credit for your work and that rubs me the wrong way. I don't mind giving credit where credit is due, but I don't think art should be copyrighted. All art is inspired by something and/or someone.That being said, I love the designs. I like the idea of using the designs to make art. This book is full of pattern ideas that I can use for card-making and doodling. I also like the idea of using pen so you can't erase. It's good for a perfectionist like me to do some problem solving to work in mistakes to make them beautiful. That doesn't stop me from throwing away a crappy design.

  • Kristi
    2019-05-31 15:08

    3.5 starsOverall this was a nice introduction to the practice of tangling. It includes some basic information one would expect such as the recommended tools and technique. In addition there are 101 basic tangle patterns to get you started.Scattered amongst the tangle patterns are testimonials from a variety of people, many of whom are CZTs (certified zentangle teachers). Each has a sample zentangle or zentangle inspired art (ZIA) to accompany their story. I wish some of the completed examples contained the patterns demonstrated on the page. Some are quite difficult to visualize beyond the sample square and in the organic, flowing shapes that often result from random strings. Other than that little complaint I'm quite happy with this book as an introduction.

  • Ann L.
    2019-06-02 11:49

    A great Zentangle book for all beginner tanglers and intermediate tanglers. It talks about all beginning concepts, supplies, some advanced techniques, and it teaches you step by step 101 different tangles. After learning some concepts, the book gives you ideas on what you can use Zentangle on, such as jewelry, fabric and other materials. You could become an instructor or have your own business based on your own designs. Or, you can just use it for the meditative purposes as it's good for to begin with. All in all a great book, and probably really all you need for the beginning and intermediate principles.

  • Ashley
    2019-06-10 06:56

    This book is perfect for beginners and for anyone who wants to have a variety of different tangles in your arsenal to use in your zentangle pieces. It begins with explaining what a zentangle is, the basics, techniques, tangle directory (which has 101 step-by-step tangles), a gallery, and then how to use zentangles in different ways and with different mediums. I am so happy with this book, if you need tangles buy this book!!!

  • Helen Kokkinakis
    2019-05-23 08:50

    this was my first book on zentangle and "how to" that a new friend of mine had the kindness to share with was very simple and written in a way that I was immediately attracked to zentangle.I read it in August, in 30 minutes and read it again after 10 days. Now I have already created several zentangles, one better than the other and I am very grateful that I discovered a new way to invest my creativity.I certainly recommend it.

  • Angela
    2019-05-25 10:07

    Picked this up as a Christmas present to myself. I have thought about checking out Zentangle for awhile, and well...i finally picked up a book on it. And, it seems I have been doing something like it for years - my mom used to draw a design on a blank piece of paper, and we would fill in the colors (or sometimes just designs) in the spaces. This idea is at the heart of Zentangle. I plan on giving the official way a try - and this book was a great introduction.

  • Nicole
    2019-05-31 09:45

    This book is opened up whenever I have a pen, paper, and a noisy mind that I need to calm. I use this to work of stress and anxiety as well as to kill time. This book teaches patterns in simple, easy to understand step-by-step photos that will have everyone feeling as though Zentangle has been their medium all along.

  • Rachelle
    2019-06-08 07:39

    I wanted to learn to Zentangle, not for any particular reason, but I think it might be useful for fabric design and embellishment of the historical costuming I make. I plan on transferring some designs to embroider and I can see this working really well using this method of drawing.I've really only glanced through the book, but so far it looks like it will help me do exactly what I want!

  • Jennifer Adams
    2019-06-06 13:45

    I like having a group of alphabetized patterns to learn and refer back to. These are a good jumping off point for making my own designs and art. The first part of the book gives good background and info about how to get started. Jump on in! It doesn't have to be perfect!

  • Lauren
    2019-06-15 09:52

    This is an excellent go-to book for finding and learning Tangles. I love the e-book format which can take me directly to the Tangle instructions from the list of Tangles; and I also now have the soft-cover version for church.

  • Jenneffer
    2019-06-16 13:02

    I'm using this as my primer for teaching Zentangle drawing classes at my church and library. It's really accessible and provides clear instructions and explanations for beginners, but still gives plenty of challenge for seasoned artists.

  • James
    2019-05-17 08:52

    Some good ideas for designs. It's still a scheme to make money off gullible people with art that can be taught in an afternoon without all the paraphernalia. All you need is paper and a pen or pencil to start.

  • Marcy Graybill
    2019-06-10 13:04

    I've looked at other books about Zentangle, but this is the first one that clicked. I like the way it was laid out and that she gave recommendations for supplies, but made sure the reader understood that the materials didn't matter.

  • Beth
    2019-06-11 11:03

    For people who enjoy geometric patterns and can't freeform draw, this makes a great book. initial reaction: "Wow, someone got their doodles published as book?!" but in truth, this is just as silly as other crafting/DIY books. I guess it's the idea that counts.