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Curiosità scene eliminate, battute fulminanti e un appassionante racconto inedito: in esclusiva per gli appassionati di Wrath e co.Chi ha seguito tutte le puntate della saga vampiresca che, dopo aver spopolato in Usa, ha appassionato anche i lettori italiani, non potrà perdersi questa chicca: una "guida definitiva" all'universo della Confraternita del Pugnale Nero. AccantoCuriosità scene eliminate, battute fulminanti e un appassionante racconto inedito: in esclusiva per gli appassionati di Wrath e co.Chi ha seguito tutte le puntate della saga vampiresca che, dopo aver spopolato in Usa, ha appassionato anche i lettori italiani, non potrà perdersi questa chicca: una "guida definitiva" all'universo della Confraternita del Pugnale Nero. Accanto a un racconto inedito sulla coppia Bella e Zsadist, anche tante informazioni "di prima mano" sulla vita dei guerrieri e interviste strettamente personali, scorci di vita quotidiana e divertenti conversazioni dalla bacheca del sito di J.R. Ward, insieme a molto altro che non sveleremo. Persino l'autrice si lascia conoscere più da vicino, aprendo ai suoi affezionati lettori i segreti della sua carriera di scrittrice, dagli esordi come narratrice "rosa" ai successi della saga. Gli amanti dei vampiri di Caldwell sono avvisati: qui troveranno soddisfazione a ogni più piccola curiosità!...

Title : La confraternita del pugnale nero: La guida definitiva
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La confraternita del pugnale nero: La guida definitiva Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-05-20 22:44

    I'll start by stating the obvious--this book is a must-have for all BDB fans. It is filled with so much fun "stuff" and will keep you occupied and entertained while you await the May '09 release of the latest in the BDB saga, "Lover Avenged".Chief among the goodies is a short story about Zsadist, Bella, and baby daughter Nalla, called "Father Mine". In it, we see Z and Bella having marital problems, coping with being new parents and all the adjustments that entails, and watch Z struggle to bond with the baby he adores, yet is afraid to love. We see how Z finally is forced to face and deal with his past in order that he may finally have a happy future.I loved this glimpse into Z and Bella's life, even though it was sad to see how Z still struggled with his horrific past. ****spoiler ahead****The fact that Bella considered leaving Z because he refused to have anything to do with baby Nalla had me panicking for a minute, because I knew Z wouldn't be able to go on without Bella in his life.******* I was very glad when Z finally faced his fears, and was surprised by the person he was able to open up to and get help from.This was a very satisfying, sometimes sad, but ultimately happy read (and with some really hot moments too), and it convinced me that Zsadist, Bella and Nalla would be a very happy family in the future.I also loved the 'dossiers' on the Brothers. There were lots of fun factoids revealed as the Brothers filled out questionnaires from the author. Some of the questions asked were: Height and Weight? (these guys are huge!); What's in your closet?; Sexiest part of a female?; Last book read?; Favorite TV show?; Boxers or briefs?; Last time you cried? Most romantic thing you've ever done? All fun stuff, and the Brother's different personalities are revealed by their answers.Maybe my favorite part of the whole book is a look into how JR Ward felt while crafting the whole BDB series. We see how she came up with the whole idea, read the original BDB book proposal, and hear her thoughts about each of the characters. We find out who her favorite is, who makes her blush, who she thinks is "monster hot", which book she's most proud of, which character she doesn't quite get along with, and which book gave her the most trouble. She also confesses about the one book she wishes she could make changes to.I loved getting a peek into the mind of JR Ward, and reading this autobiographical part of the book was riveting. It's fascinating reading, and shows just how much work and absolute dedication it takes to be a successful writer.This book is filled with tons of other fun stuff, and I'm sure there is something for everyone here. There's some 'slices of life' segments that were originally posted on her message board. If you're like me and find her message board somewhat hard to navigate and not exactly easy on the eyesight, you'll appreciate these scenes of everyday life in the Brotherhood reprinted here. There's also some deleted scenes included from some of the books, advice for writers, a Q & A section, the Brothers interviewing JR, a touching interview with Tohr and Wellsie, and finally an excerpt from the upcoming "Lover Avenged".If you're a fan of the BDB, you don't want to miss this book. I found it loads of fun, and it provided many hours of fascinating reading. The only bad part is that it will make you impatient to read the next installment of the BDB series! Love those Brothers! Enjoy!

  • Anna
    2019-05-18 21:49'tGetEnough !!!

  • Robin
    2019-04-21 23:52

    Here's the thing: there are people who read books, and there are people who are "readers." People who read enjoy books. Readers take that to an almost insane degree. They don't just read books, they immerse themselves in them. And, to the extent that they have a "favorite" book or author, they can get lost for days....or longer. Readers read favorites over and over (and over) again. It isn't so much about the words that are put on the page, although those can be very good. It is more about how you feel when you read that book or that author. People who read roll their eyes when I mention this. Readers understand completely.To that end, this is a book for readers. If you're a casual fan of J.R. Ward, this probably isn't the book for you. Yes, there is new material in it, but you're not going to buy this book just for the original short at the beginning. The majority of this book consists of a lot of insider baseball, which is great if you're a major league fan. I started in the middle, skipped around things I'd already seen on the website, and then went back and readFather Mine the original short story. Finally, I read the preview of the upcoming book about Rehvenge. May can't get here fast enough! I recommend the short story to everyone who is even remotely interested in the Brotherhood and JR Ward. It is really very good. If you only have a passing curiosity about the rest, check this out from the library. But, if you're a big fan, you won't need me to tell you to buy this book. In fact, you probably already have it!

  • Anna
    2019-05-18 15:54❤❤❤More. More. More. TRUE. TRUE. TRUE.But sometimes it’s just because you’re looking into the eyes of your lover and your gratitude for having them in your life overflows... because you showed them what was on the inside and they didn’t run scared or turn away, they accepted you and loved you and held you in the midst of your passion or your fear... or your combination of both. ❤Wrath

  • Buggy
    2019-04-30 19:36

    ~AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE FOR BDB FANS~This is essential reading for BDB fans. Zsadist and Bella's 81 page short story alone is worth the price of admission. Huge insight is given into each book in the series and the Brotherhoods world, as well as a ton of other information. JR interviews each of the Brothers getting them to fill in a question/answer sheet with hilarious results, giving us a greater understanding of their characters. I actually came away from this feeling like the Brothers were real people. Imagine if you will moonlight fly fishing with Wrath or driving with Zsadist in his Porsche to Target and doing some shopping. You'll also get to ride along with Butch in a golf cart and launch rockets at the mansion. Who knew Rhage did yoga? And John Mathew's true identity is finally revealed. This book although an insiders guide felt more like book #7 in the series, with focus given to all the characters. There are some spoilers for the next book,Lover Avenged and many *sigh* moments. The Brothers even go to JR Ward's house to interview her and I found the writers guide particularly interesting. The insiders guide includes; 82 PAGE NOVELLA- (Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story)- About Zsadist, Bella and Nalla. Covering the birth and months afterward, concentrating on Z's adjustment into fatherhood) sigh, this is heart wrenching. THE BROTHER`S STATS- (personal questions/answer sheet) age, weight, weapon of choice, favourite TV show, what do you fear most? Most romantic thing you've ever done and J.R's personal interview with each Brother while out and about. WRITERS GUIDE- For those who want to know about breaking into the publishing business. Included is the proposal for the Brotherhood series that was sent through JR's agent to her publishes. DELETED SCENES- Exerts that for one reason or another never made it into the books, including; Zsadist & Bella, John, Butch, V, Phury, and Cormia. These are fantastic. KICKS AND GIGGLES- Amusing quotes from the books. BROTHERS ON THE BOARD- (JR Wards website discussion board) Imagine that the brothers are regular posters on a discussion board. Includes some very funny scenes filled with unmerciful teasing and Phury and Cormia's mating ceremony. SLICES OF LIFE- Short stories JR posted on her discussion board. IncludesMovie Night, Wrath and the Letter Opener(hot), In the Nature of Phury, and theThe Interview That Never Happened, Ah Vishous. (These are really good) QUESTION AND ANSWER WITH JR- The WARDen answers some questions from her message board and Yahoo group, interesting. TIME LINE OF THE BROTHERHOOD- From 1600 to present. When they were born, transitioned, met each other and joined the Brotherhood. TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS- (FYI) We finally learn what (WTF) the Brothers are talking about. Pictures of what the 'OLD LANGUAGE' looks like. The Brotherhood INTERVIEW JR at her house, Ah Zsadist. IN MEMORIAM- Wellsie and J.R talk. EXERT FROM LOVER AVENGED- Book #7, Rhevenge's story. Recommended for fans of Wrath, Rhage, Vishous, Butch, Phury and especially Zsadist. I wouldn't recommend this guide unless you've read the first 6 books in this amazing series.

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-05-10 15:46

    I cannot believe how long I waited to get this book. If you're a member of J.R.'s official BDB forum, then you may be familiar with some of the pieces in this compilation, such as the Slices of Life pieces and the Brothers on the message boards. But even if you are, that doesn't mean you should skip out on this one. There is a ton of stuff to indulge in that will satisfy your hunger of the Brothers until the next book comes out.One of my favourite parts of this book is the deleted scenes. Ward gives us a glimpse of scenes that have been removed or altered from its book form. I think my favourites one are the ones of Cormia and Phury. God, they are just perfect for one another aren't they? That scene made me blush and the one that takes place five years later is precious.Another one of my favourites is the questionaire that the Brothers fill out. It's kind of interesting to see their answers and bash on one other (Rhage is king when it comes to that). Cracking open the spine of this book is like diving into the mansion and experiencing the macho frat boy atmosphere along with the Brothers. You feel it, you know?What can I say? Father Mine tore me apart. It was so beautiful and elegantly written. I felt so humble that I could experience something so personal and so important between Z and Bella. Their interactions with Nalla are what brought on the tears. With Z's guilt pushed aside and Bella there to comfort him, Nalla now as the chance to love her father as she was meant to from the beginning. So, so touching.Speaking of heartbreaking moments, another one is the interview with Tohr and Wellsie. My God, they are beautiful, aren't they? Their chemistry is as potent as ever and I am saddened to know the future outcome for them. Though that does not take away the validity of their love. They belong to one another. Forever. Period.And what a cool thing to add: helpful tips for aspiring writers. Being one myself, I was totally and completely entranced by this section. To be honest, I want to be J.R., as stalker-ish as that sounds. It's the honest truth. So the fact that she is willing to share her tips and successes with fans is great. Bottom Line? If you're dying for more Brothers, this one is a no-brainer.

  • Anna
    2019-05-05 22:36 this is a slice of Phury heaven ❤For Phury, the nature of the Do Not Have, the Cannot Have, the Never Possible, the Unfulfilled is taking him into darker places than he could have predicted. I think he assumed that if Z ever healed a little, that his own suffering would be over.

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-04-30 15:59

    WOW! I'm just not sure what else to say about "The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide" by J.R. Ward. For those who have gotten caught up in this series, it's an absolute 'must buy' for your keeper shelf!Ward has included, among other things: a shiny, new short story about baby Nalla; the original proposal for Dark Lover which started the whole series; some deleted scenes (different from the ones originally available on her website); some of her favorite quotes from each book; a teaser scene from the upcoming "Lover Avenged"; some hilarious sequences from her website boards starring the brothers; new interviews with each of the brothers (different from those originally available on her website); dossiers on each brother, and a whole lot more.I gnawed on this one like a chocoholic at Godiva's! Don't miss it, or the brothers...

  • Inés Izal
    2019-05-20 20:41

    "Padre mío" ha sido tan bonito. ¡Ay!

  • Christy
    2019-05-18 00:02

    Just a few paragraphs about my boy's and their shellans hanging out ;))

  • Julianna
    2019-05-16 23:42

    Reviewed for THC ReviewsFather Mine – Father Mine is yet another incredible story in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. It fills in the blanks for Zsadist and Bella, covering the events that occurred in their lives between the final chapter and epilogue of Lover Awakened. It relates the narrative of Nalla's birth, and the subsequent return of Z's nightmares of his horrific past. Z is one of my favorite brothers, because he is tough as nails on the outside but broken and vulnerable inside. He is such an amazing character, I could read dozens of stories about him and never get tired of them. Z is extremely complex and multi-layered which is one of the things I love about him. I liked that J. R. Ward didn't make the end of Lover Awakened the end for Z. In real life, recovery from abuse is never, in my experience, something that is miraculously overcome, and there may be unexpected things that can trigger unpleasant memories even after one thinks they've been put to rest. With this in mind, it made perfect sense that the birth of Z's daughter would reawaken some of his past issues, and it became an opportunity for him to take the next step in the healing process. I had been somewhat disappointed that the effects of Bella's abuse at the hands of the lesser in Lover Awakened was not really explored, so it was nice to see how she had been able to get closure as well. Father Mine was a beautifully told story in which Z and Bella, once again, show the unfathomable depth of love they have for one another, and now for their new daughter as well. All of the brothers except Butch put in an appearance in this novella, as well as Mary and Jane. There was a little hint of what the future may hold for Rhage and Mary as well, and I'll be interested to see how that plays out. Father Mine was a sweet, tender, romantic story. It was a definite keeper for me, and in my opinion, a must-read for fans of the series. I've been away from the brothers for far too long, and I'm glad to be back, anxiously looking forward to reading the rest of this book, and continuing the series. Although it doesn't have an official book number, Father Mine falls between Lover Enshrined and Lover Avenged in the series ordering. Rating: *****Other Content – I thoroughly enjoyed the Brotherhood Dossiers. The questionnaires and J. R.'s interviews with the brothers are a combination of sweet and LOL funny just like the brothers are in the novels. As I read these sections, I alternated between cracking up at their jokes (my hubby asked me what was so funny) and feeling touched by how genuinely real these characters seem to me. It must have been a challenge for J. R. Ward to play herself plus get in character to play each brother in turn at the same time. I really appreciated her efforts on this, because I had a blast reading each one. Ms. Ward's craft comments on each book gave me a lot of insights into her personality as both a person and a writer. She also made me think about certain aspects of the stories and characters in a deeper way, so that I now understand a few things about the world she has created even better than I had before. I love time travel in stories, but strangely hadn't really considered how the Scribe Virgin and the Omega had altered the space-time continuum in this series. I'm glad Ms. Ward brought that up, because I had a fun, mind-blowing time pondering all that.;-) I was thrilled to discover that some of my favorite scenes are also hers, and that some of her self-critique mirrored my own critique of her books in my reviews of them. It seems that we think quite a bit alike which I've come to conclude must be one of the reasons I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series so much.As a newly aspiring author myself, I found Ms. Ward's advice for writers section to be both helpful and inspiring. It was comforting to know that I am already on the right track in some areas, and I learned several new things that could be invaluable in the future if I decide to attempt to publish. I also really appreciated the story of her meeting with Suzanne Brockmann at the RWA convention and her feelings that she could never live up to the writing standard that Ms. Brockmann had set. When I sit down to my computer to write, I've had these same feelings usually in regards to J. R. Ward herself and other authors that I really admire. Ms. Ward sharing that small part of herself touched my heart and encouraged me in ways that are difficult to express. The Black Dagger Brotherhood proposal was very interesting. I enjoyed seeing all the little things that changed between the original concept and the finished manuscript. At the same time I was amazed by how well fleshed out everything was right from the start and that so few changes were made. I think the most major character difference was that Phury had a different backstory, and he and Zsadist weren't brothers. The biggest storyline difference was how Dark Lover ended. From the perspective of an aspiring writer and a big fan of the series, it was all was rather fascinating and a really fun walk down memory lane.I absolutely loved the deleted scenes. A couple presented extra character development on John Matthew, Butch and Vishous, as well as a far-distant future epilogue for Phury and Cormia. The others were smokin' hot love scenes, one between Zsadist and Bella and the other between Phury and Cormia, both of which were altered before the final draft. I loved reading every one of them. They were so good, I wish that they could have remained in their respective books. The Kicks and Giggles section was pretty fun to read. The brothers have always had their own special brand of dark sarcasm that frequently makes me laugh, so having all their best humorous scenes and one-liners collected together in one place was a treat that kept a smile on my face almost the whole time I was reading this part. The Brothers on the Board section is edited interactions between the brothers and the fans on J. R. Ward's website. The first half is similar to the Kicks and Giggles section in that the brothers are in fine form, pulling pranks on one another and letting their silly sides show. The second half is more serious and actually gives some insights into Lassiter's relationship with the brothers. In this part the alpha posturing is pretty intense. I think the brothers definitely need their females to balance them out, otherwise all that testosterone would be pretty overwhelming. The final bit detailed the absolutely lovely mating ceremony of Phury and Cormia which brought a few tears to my eyes. I always seem to cry at weddings.;-)The Slices of Life section was really good and almost like deleted scenes. The first story was written in a casual "this is what the characters did today" sort of way. The second story about Wrath was written more formally and did feel like an extra scene that might have been in one of the books, not to mention it was quite steamy. The last two were written from J. R. Ward's perspective when Phury came to “visit” her, and when she went to “visit” V and Butch. In my opinion, all of them added even more depth to the characters who were a part of the stories. I know that this section and the Brothers on the Board section can both be found on J. R. Ward's website, but I had never read them before. Even if I had, I think it was nice to have them neatly edited and gathered together in one place, so that I don't have to go searching for them online.There were some great questions in the Q & A with J. R. section which added insights to the stories already told and a few hints of what might be coming in the future. The Time Line of the Brotherhood, Table of Abbreviations and The Old Language were great references. The Old Language was particularly nice, because I can now visualize the shellans names on the brothers backs. If only I had known that the Old Language was in this book, I wouldn't have had to decipher it in Lover Avenged, but then again, geek that I am, it would have taken all the fun out of it for me.;-)The Brothers Interview J. R. was a total riot, and not unlike her interviews with them. The In Memoriam was a beautiful family moment with Tohr, Wellsie, and John Matthew which really underscored the loss of Wellsie and the disappearance of Tohr, and what a huge hole was left without them. Overall, I absolutely loved reading The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide, and in my opinion, it is a must-have for die-hard fans of the series like me. There is so much extra info here that is simply not to be missed, and although the brothers already felt like they truly existed somewhere before, they feel even more real now. For me, reading this book was also a great way to reintroduce myself to the Brotherhood's world after a long absence, and now I'm really stoked to read Lover Avenged. Rating: *****

  • Alba M.
    2019-04-28 21:41

    A ver, hubo partes como la historia corta de Zsadist, algunas entrevistas y ciertas cosas que estaba genial pero hay otras que sobraban completamente. A veces, muchas y demasiadas, se enrollaba como una persiana jaajaj sigo enamorada de Zsadist y así será hasta que llegue el libro de Lassiter claro ajajajaja

  • Kim
    2019-05-04 18:00

    How can I not give five stars to Wrath fly fishing??

  • Cyndy Aleo
    2019-05-17 20:02

    When I was finally done with J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood (BDB) series, I felt a sense of accomplishment for making it through all of them, even the bad ones. Then, however, another friend informed me of The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide. Never one to read hokey "companion" books, I thought nothing of it until I was told it contained a novella about Zsadist and Bella involving the birth of their child. Naturally, I had to borrow it, just to make sure I'd read everything, right?::: Contents :::The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide starts off with the novella, called Father Mine, which tells the story of Lover Awakened's couple, Zsadist and Bella, as they adjust to being first-time parents. It's a typical romance story with some angst, some arguing, and then the make-up sex, but nothing that's crucial to the plot of the series.After the novella comes "Dossiers" of the brothers with a fact sheet, an "interview" with the author, and bits and pieces of their character development.Ward includes a section for aspiring writers including her initial proposal for the series and some answers to questions sent in by her readers.Following the writers' section are deleted scenes, outtakes, an interview with Ward, a timeline for the series, abbreviations, a key for the "old language" alphabet, an interview with Ward "conducted by" her characters, and then an interview with a character who was dead even at the time of the book's release.::: Wow, That's Some Ego You Have There :::I'll make no apology; books like the BDB series are guilty pleasures for me: mindless summer reading that are like potato chips. I don't view them as any great work of literature, and I always hope that the author views them as tongue-in-cheek as I do.Judging by The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide, J.R. Ward takes herself really seriously, as must a lot of her fans. However, as a casual fan of the series, the ego involved in this book was enough to choke me.The interviews with the Brothers and then theirs with her are hokey at best. She inserts herself into her stories in this way (something I almost always hate), and sees herself as something of a bad*ss, judging by the dialogue she writes for herself here. I spent most of the interviews face-palming and muttering "vampire. romance. novel."The novella is sweet, if not terribly compelling, and the timeline is helpful. Outtakes and deleted scenes are always welcomed by a fan base, but many other authors provide those on their Web sites for free as a thank you to fans for buying their books in the first place. The schlockiest of all is the interview with (spoiler if you haven't read the series) Tohrment and Wellesie, "conducted before her death." Really? Come on. Put out novellas about your dead characters if you must (Stephenie Meyer, I'm looking at you), but conducting interviews with them after you've killed them is just plain silly.Diehard fans of the series may enjoy this, but I spent my time cringing at the worst parts and skimming a lot of it. Had I paid money for it, I'd likely be incensed, but as it is, I simply wish I had the time back that I spent reading it.This review originally published on Epinions:

  • L8blmr
    2019-05-01 21:00

    I am CRAZY about these guys ... or else I'm just crazy! When I'm in the world of the BDB, I'm really IN it - do you know what I mean? I totally buy everything and everybody in each book, and when I finish one, I'm more than a little let down that I have to return to reality, true? Of course, Ward perpetuates these feelings, what with her "interviews", board postings, etc., further adding to the ease with which you can slip into believing these guys are living and loving in Caldwell, NY! Not many books draw me in and make me care as much as these do ("Outlander" is one other that comes to mind). Suffice it to say that I'll be pre-ordering "Lover Avenged" long before May 2009! [And BTW, did anyone else cry over the interview with Wellsie and Tohr?]

  • Yona
    2019-05-18 23:52

    This was very short but I loved it!!!Sooooooooooooo that was movie night (day). Next one is going to be an Aliens marathon. And yeah, Rhage is going to insist on acting out the alien out of the stomach routine on the floor in front of the TV. *sigh* Hollywood's just like that, you know?

  • Melissa ***BITCH, I'M READING!***
    2019-05-16 21:46

    I wanna watch movies with the Brothers!!!Merged review:This book is a MUST HAVE! love the interviews and the deleted scenes!BUT I'm confused! the deleted scene with Cormia and Phury having a young (boy named Ahgany born 5 years after Nalla)since it was "deleted" that means they don't actually have one right??I saw a post where someone was talking about their young and I'm like "WHAT??!! THEY DON'T HAVE A YOUNG!"(I never read the deleted scenes until now)their son is never mentioned in any of the books! maybe the books are not caught up to that yet?

  • Shawna
    2019-05-19 16:02

    5 stars – Vampire Romance This features the BDB short novella Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story that is such a beautiful, emotionally moving tale of what happens after the HEA. I (like so many other BDB series fans) love Zsadist and Bella and their against all odds love story. It's J.R. Ward at her very best and makes the BDB Insider's Guide truly worth the buy/read!

  • ♥ℳelody
    2019-05-01 17:56

    Father MineMain reason I gave in and bought this was for the short story about Zsadist Bella and Nalla. I can't get enough of those three. Adorable angsty gorgeous little family. <3 I've been really dying to see more scenes of Zsadist interacting with baby Nalla. This definitely fed my curiosity but I want more. WAY MORE. I love the father-daughter sweet-as-hell bonding moments. Ward could you please give us more of that?? Anyways seeing Zsadist's personal demons and struggles to be a good father play out was really great and heartbreaking. The entire story was perfection it's hard to pick out fav moments. But when Z confessed his darkest fear to Bella?Gah. Heartbreaking and wonderful at the same time. Loved Bella even more with how devastated and gutted she was for her hellren, her reaction to his anguish is just what makes these two so wonderful and perfect together. I loved how they managed to come together (and what a reunion *fans self*) and work out Z's problem together. Really poignant story that I'm so happy Ward wrote. Also loved the scene with Dr. Walker, Z's reaction to him was really sweet and endearing. I loved how Z found common ground and a connection with the human doctor. It was the first time seeing one of the brothers and his shellan interacting with the outside human world. I loved it. Oh and getting the doctor's POV and reaction after seeing Z and Bella together for the first time? Awesome. Like I said before you don't really get to see these characters through the eyes of anyone else (let alone a human) outside the compound. So it was a nice shift. Brothers InterviewsI didn't think I would read the rest but I actually really loved the questionares each of the brothers filled out. Too cute. So many fun, playful and hilarious answers. I also liked the one-on-one interviews between Ward and each brother. Didn't think I would. Lots of hilarious wise-crack moments. And the messageboard dialogues b/w the brothers was ridiculously funny. Jesus. The quick dialogue and snark come backs were awesome and so very them. I don't think I will ever get tired of their banter and hysterical pranks and jabs they pull on one another. It sounds silly and when I first got the book and skimmed through my reaction was kinda WTH? messageboard banter between fictional characters and fans?? But honestly Ward did a wonderful job capturing the characters in 'real time' I literally could picture them sitting at computers verbally sparring online and pulling pranks. Great fun!Slices of LifeWrath and the Letter Opener and Movie Night? BEST THINGS EVER!Deleted scenesI do think some of the deleted/revised scenes that Ward put in here were so much more compelling and successful then the ones that made it in the books IMO. I'm really wishing she put them in the books. One in particular was the alternate good-bye sex scene between Z and Bella. Wow! *fans self* So so soooo much better then the version in the book. It made me incredibly frustrated and kind of sad when I went back and re-read the revised scene in the book and compared the two. There was a HUGE difference in tone, dialogue and actions when you compare the two. The original deleted scene was so much more intense and poignant IMO. Much more meaningful and made Z come off more emotional and conflicted which was more appropriate for the scene and the story. I remember being really frustrated with the scene in the book because the actions and things that needed to be said and done weren't. Z intentionally tried to brush off Bella and be cold to her to get her to leave instead of telling her how he really felt (which IMO was the right time to tell her). I just felt really cold after that scene and not happy. Ward should have definitely followed her gut on this one.Another was the deleted love scene between Phury and Cormia, this scene should have definitely been put in Lover Enshrined considering how little personal one-on-one time the couple shared, a big issue that made the overall story suffer. Would it have added to the story? Not really but it was definitely needed for the couples struggling relationship and connection that wasn't really highlighted as much in the book. For me there wasn't enough intimate moments between them in the book, this would have definitely helped. The deleted love scene was about them and Phury's attraction to her, not his drug problem or personal demons like it played out in his book. And that deleted epilogue? ADORABLE. Be still my heart. I understood why she kept it out but her 'vision' of where they would end up in 5 years was really wonderful and what I've wanted for Phury & Cormia. And Z, Bella and Nalla? An added bonus. <3 I disagree with her editor and critique buddies who talked her out of keeping it in the book. Mistake IMO and makes me raise a brow at the advice considering how incredibly underdeveloped and shaky this particular couple's love story was in their book. I don't understand the decision or agree but eh. I'm hoping she gives those two a novella.Anways, great fun easy read. If you are a BDB fan who wants a little more extra moments then I'd recommend it. Some of the filler stuff I do think could have been replaced with more short stories IMO. Cause paying for something that's already posted on messageboards and her website seems like a waste of money. But I had fun reading this. I want more of her novellas!

  • Jill Dunlop
    2019-05-18 21:38

    This really isn’t going to be a book review, but more of an informative collection of my thoughts. For those of you who are fans of Ward’s Black Dagger Series, hopefully this post will help you determine whether or not it would be worth your while to purchase it.First up, the Guide is actually pretty hefty, weighing in with a whopping total of 474 pages. The book is trade paperback size and actually has a small font. I’m going to guess it’s a 10 font. So, as you can surmise, there is quite a bit of reading material for fan perusal. I will list in order the Guide’s table of contents and comment briefly about each section.Novella, Father Mine: This short story features Zsadist’s struggle with becoming a father and accepting that he is good enough for Nalla and Bella. I thought it was fine. Zsadist isn’t my favorite brother, but he doesn’t get on my nerves either. Fans of Zsadist, I am sure will enjoy Father Mine, while those of you who are sick of Zsadist should probably just stay away. The Brotherhood Dossiers: There is a dossier for each of the six books currently published. It starts out with a fact sheet about the brother featured in the book. Then there is a questionnaire that the brother filled out. Ward also interviews the brother. Then she talks about the writing process for the book and her favorite or not so favorite parts. This was actually quite enlightening. She lets the reader get a feel for how she developed the stories and what her writing process is like. For those of you who are thinking of writing your own book, this section is a must for you. I think you will find it very interesting. Also, for fans who were disappointed with the direction certain books went or didn’t go, she addresses these issues as well. I found some of her rational and answers to these fan complaints to be less than stellar and a little on the weak side. But still, it was interesting to read about.Tips for writers and the original proposal: I can’t really comment on this section because I didn’t read the writer tips. I just skipped right on by it since I don’t plan on being a writer. I did read the proposal. Ward puts in the guide exactly what she sent out to publishers. So again, it is very interesting to see the beginning product and what it eventually evolved into.Deleted Scenes: There are five of them. They were all good. The deleted scene from Lover Enshrined, with Phury and Cormia, I think I liked better than what was in the book. Go figure.Kicks and Giggles: This section is where Ward takes her favorite lines from each of the six books. They are fun to read through and make me want to read these books over again.Brothers on the Board: She has recreated the message board posts that occurred when the brothers posted in the past. She also has the posts that pertain to Lassiter. I am not a member of Ward’s message board, so reading through all of these was new to me. I also want to mention the character Lassiter. Some people have criticized Ward for Lassiter’s appearance on the message boards and then his surprise appearance in Lover Enshrined. Lassiter was a surprise to those readers who aren’t a member of Ward’s message boards (me included). In the book, Lassiter’s appearance raised more questions than answers. At least this was the case with me. After reading Lover Enshrined I was confused as to his identity and his relationship with the brothers. After reading the message board posts involving Lassiter, I am still confused as to his identity and his relationship with the brothers. But now I think this is exactly what J. R. Ward wants. It seems to me his background is supposed to be a mystery and one that will hopefully be revealed in upcoming books.Slices of Life: These are brief scenes that Ward posted on the message board. One is movie night. Another one (and personally my favorite thing out of the guide) is a scene with Wrath. He has been feeling weighed down by his kingly responsibilities and feels he is losing the warrior in him. Whoa buddy! That was a steamy excerpt! There are a few more, but I’m not going to go into detail about them.Question and answer with J. R. Ward: Here Ward answers questions that readers have asked her over the years. At this point in the guide though, I found it somewhat redundant. It’s also relatively brief.Then there is a brotherhood timeline, a table of abbreviations and a listing of the Old Language alphabet.The Brothers Interview J. R. Ward: It is exactly what the title says it is. At this point in the guide, I have come to the conclusion that Ward eat, sleeps and drinks the brotherhood. Quite frankly I don’t know whether I should be disturbed or fascinated. The way she describes these figments of her imagination and brings them to life takes an immense amount of talent. In my mind, she has created a captivating series. I have really enjoyed these books (with the exception of Vishous’s book, but I am not going to get into that right now).In Memoriam: This is a brief scene into the life of Tohr and Wellsie that takes place between Lover Eternal and Lover Awakened.Last but not least the guide ends with an excerpt from Lover Avenged.Well, that about sums up the guide. Now, I have the distinct urge to go and reread this series beginning with the book that started it all, Dark Lover. **

  •  ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
    2019-05-10 23:00

    Okay this guide is awesome!! If you think you have a feel for the Brothers through reading their stories, then you will feel even closer to them reading this. I found myself at times kinda forgetting these guys are fictional characters while reading this. Which has never happened to me while reading fiction. Yes, getting lost in their world and stories for sure, happens and that's cool. But you always know these are not real people. For some reason reading this guide/series, and I don't know how Ward did it, but I just feel like these guys are real people sometimes. The short story "Father Mine" about Zsadist & Bella & Nalla is a must read for Zsadist fans for sure. The extra info, deleted scenes, interviews and insights etc.. are great too. I highly recommend the series as well as this Insiders Guide... Make sure you check out the hot Novella "The Letter Opener" in this one as well. It's about Wrath & BethHAWT!!!!

  • Lisa Lap
    2019-05-16 22:59

    I read this book in virtually one day as it was filled with a new short story with Bella and Z that helped a LOT with where things were left off with them, lots of juicy details regarding all the brothers, lots of information I already knew and just a bigger glimpse into the world JR Ward has created with the brothers.I liked the new interviews with the brothers as it provided them with even more depth if you read the first interviews on her website and compared them to the interviews in this book. The brothers have all come so far. I loved the fact she re-posted the antics of the brothers from her message board, even though I had already read them from the boards, as it shows this woman really has a lot going on in her head at any given time. How she keeps it all straight is totally beyond me.I loved this insider goodie!

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-18 23:42

    This is a GREAT read. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Father Mine the story of Z and Bella's birth and the hardships afterward.I laughed so hard at profiles the brothers filled out. V's gave me tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard........then I realized that RAGE filled it out. lmao.........The interviews were wonderful.On the boards was great too. Got a good insight on Lassiter. Valentines day was hysterical, omg and when V and Rage messed w/ each other was LOL funny.You can't miss reading this if you love the series.......O and some of those deleted scenes SHOULD have been left IN their books! The one w/ Bella and Zsadist when she was leaving, definately better then the one in the original book. Also the Epiloge should have been put in Phury's book, Lover Enshrined, was a great scene.

  • MissCherry
    2019-05-05 17:52

    Pero que adorable el relato de Z y Bella asdfghjklñ Me encanta esta pareja, que ganas tenía de leer más de ellos. Y las escenas eliminadas <3 Me temo que la de Phury y Cormia tenia mas tensión y pasión que todo que libro junto (triste pero cierto). Genial esta guía, tiene sus cosillas interesantes.

  • Sarah ♥ Vutch forever ♥
    2019-04-28 16:02

    The good old days pre-LU when the BDB was still awesome!

  • Svenja
    2019-05-12 17:58

    Das einzig gute und interessante war die Kurzgeschichte über Z & Bella, der Rest war wirklich unnötig und überhaupt nicht das, was ich von dem Buch erwartet hatte.

  • Beth F.
    2019-05-12 22:55

    Utterly ridiculous. And fan-freakin-tastic, ha!

  • Jamie (TheRebelliousReader)
    2019-05-08 18:41

    4 stars. Zsadist is J.R. Ward's favorite character. It is written. It is word. It is bible. That's honestly the main thing I took from this. The woman has impeccable taste and I'm not just saying that because I am absolute Z trash. Nope. Not biased at all. While I absolutely loved all of the Slice of Life short stories about the boys and their shellan's my favorite thing about this guide was the way Ward talks about her writing process about the first 6 books. That whole section and her writing advice sections were the highlights for me. I loved the interview with the characters. My favorite interview was with V because it really put some insight into how she feels about his character. Then reading how difficult his book was for her to write, yeah, it definitely puts into perspective why things happened the way they did for V in his book. I would love an updated version because I wanna see how her relationship with V is. Plus I would love to get her writing process for the rest of the books and info on the other characters. *cough*Torhment&John*cough*I definitely definitely recommend this if you're a BDB fan. It's jam packed with tons of information about our favorite vamps. Just don't do like I did and buy the short story Father Mine and this guide because that is included in this! I didn't know that until I opened it and it's the first thing in the freaking book. *grumpy*

  • Bella Carstairs
    2019-05-01 18:43

    La Guía Secreta de la Hermandad de la daga Negra es un complemento perfecto y casi de obligada lectura, diría yo, para las amantes y seguidoras de esta saga tan increíble y excitante.Su lectura ha sido reveladora, divertida, tierna...He descubierto muchas cosas y me han dado ganas de releer todos los libros de nuevo. Es fabulosa.Empezando por la novela corta de Zsadist, mi macho preferido de todos - junto con Rhage, Wrath y Butch - que me ha encogido el corazón. Y pasando por las entrevistas con Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist, Butch, Vishous y Phury, con sus correspondientes libros, el muro - muy divertido -, los pasajes preferidos de J. R. Ward de los seis primeros libros, el proceso de escritura de los mismos, escenas eliminadas y una entrevista con la propia autora. UNA AUTÉNTICA DELICIA DE LIBRO.Es un "MUST" para todos los fans de la saga.Si estáis empezando la saga, no la leáis por lo menos hasta haber terminado el sexto libro, que es el de Phury.En fin...Echo de menos de nuevo a mis machos...

  • Rise
    2019-05-12 18:40

    I'm glad J.R. Ward wrote this part of the book to give us a little more insight as to how she was able to write this series. I enjoyed reading it and the convos that she gave us to fun to read with Vishous.