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Spanning a millennium, the Dominant Species Series is a panoramic story of human and alien species locked in mortal conflict. Against this backdrop of deadly biological rivalry, humankind will fight an inner battle whose outcome is as final--and as brutal--as natural selection itself.Volume Three - Acquired TraitsIt is the year 3014. A pivotal battle looms.Branded as murdeSpanning a millennium, the Dominant Species Series is a panoramic story of human and alien species locked in mortal conflict. Against this backdrop of deadly biological rivalry, humankind will fight an inner battle whose outcome is as final--and as brutal--as natural selection itself.Volume Three - Acquired TraitsIt is the year 3014. A pivotal battle looms.Branded as murderers and forced into hiding in the jungle planet's deepest recesses, pilot John Soledad, biologist Rachel Sanders, and medic Donna Applegate survive on their wits, frequent field remedies applied by Donna, and late-night raids on the colony's storage warehouses for needed supplies.While the trio struggles to survive, another threat--one more virulent than the jungle's life forms--threatens the very survival of the new colony. Rachel's venom-induced visions are telling her something--revealing the terrible nature of the danger--and awakening memories of things and events ancient, dark and monstrous._________________________________Like the second volume, the third is constructed in vignettes and subplots woven around a central theme. The subplots are designed to introduce new and interesting characters who playcrucial roles in the outcome of the story or to carry the central theme forward. Each subplot is interwoven serially, weaving an evermore-complex tale of intrigue and mystery where questions are posed and answers provided in a rich and fascinating alien environment. We discover in the third volume that the story is much more than the sum of its parts. The place, the context, and the subtext define the story too and the message embedded in it is about our role and place in the biological world. For those of us who may never have known in the first place, or for those who may have forgotten, it is a story that reminds us that we are, at our most basic, a species with a place in the great biological hierarchy....

Title : Acquired Traits
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Acquired Traits Reviews

  • Kfdowner
    2019-05-31 05:58

    This tied together Vol 1 and 2 in a interesting way. Can't wait for Vol. 4.

  • Cassandre
    2019-05-21 07:27

    Acquired Traits is the third book in the Dominant Species Series by David Coy. I fell in love with the first and second books in this series and enjoyed them greatly, so it was only natural that I would read the third in the series. And Wow was I not disappointed. Unlike the gap in time between the first and second books there was only a short few months between the second and third installment of this great Sci-Fi Horror series. We return to the story with Donna, Rachel, and John living on the land and supplies they pilfer from the settlement. That is where Donna finds Eddie, a great tie to the second books, and their little family of misfits expands a little more. They find themselves living in the great structure they found at the end of the last book and that is when they discover my favorite creepy villain Gilbert, he was in the first book. Gilbert, AKA Jacob, turns out to be a monster even a thousand years after he was imprisoned. Who says you mellow with age. He just got crazier. The flow of Acquired Traits is actually different from the second book as well. Instead of the vignette feel of the chapters in book two this one focuses predominantly on Donna, Rachel and John. And in truth the main focus is really on Donna and Rachel with John there as a fantastic supporting character. That being said the story still flowed well and was a delight to read. It didn’t feel bogged down or slow at any point. This one is an easy read into the wee hours book. Once again I loved the characters in Acquired Traits. I liked that Mr Coy brought back Eddie from the second book. He seems like a sweet kid with a good heart who makes some stupid mistakes. At first I was unsure what his being back would mean but I was delighted that he ended up being part of the reintroduction of something from the first book. Poor Eddie but that was awesome. I still love Donna, she is such a tenacious woman, if a little …. Harsh, at times. I love strong female leads in books and Rachel and Donna though dramatically different are both great female leads. The tie to the first book with Rachel was very well done as well. It was hinted at in the second book but really cemented and detailed wonderfully in Acquired Traits. I actually cheered when Mike’s brother made his appearance. That was a fantastic twist. And no I am not going to tell you when it happened or when who Paul and Mike are, you have to read the books to find those things out. I flew through the last 75 pages of this book. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. And Wow what an ending. The twist and the surprise were very well written and entertaining. Good little wasps. Fantastic Mr Coy. Absolutely fantastic. Acquired Traits is one you definitely Gotta Read!

  • James Clifford
    2019-05-18 08:22

    Acquired Traits is Book Three in David Coy's masterful Sci-Fi Dominant Species series. I can tell you what the Dominant Species series is not about: It is not about benevolent alien life forms that want to help humans create a utopia on Earth. The Dominant Species series is also not about the stereotypical hostile visitors from outer space hell-bent on annihilating our civilization with advanced technology. What the Dominant Species series is about: It is a fascinating and plausible look at what life in the universe might look like and how the human race tries to adapt and interact with that possibility while both humans and aliens try to do what is instinctive to all life forms—and that is to survive. Acquired Traits deftly answers the questions and ties together the mysteries from the first two books. I loved this series because the stories are as much about the human race as it is about the dangers of alien life. Mr. Coy weaves a fantastic vision of life from outer space combined with the challenges facing the human race including our insatiable consumption of natural resources, overpopulation, religious zealotry and all our human flaws and shortcomings. I highly recommend the Dominant Species series if you want to read something that is entertaining, original and relevant in the world we live in today.

  • Ivan Mkrtchyan
    2019-05-23 09:05

    Author's constant ramblings "God this, God that" start to get extremely boring by the 3rd book, and, practically, make zero sense. And, yep, characters are as flat as flatbread.P.S. Forgot to mention author's erotic fantasy kind of descriptions, that start to get out of control by the end of 2nd book, going worse in 3rd. Why they were important for the story, or why there has to be so many of these descriptions a-la "50 shades of gray IN SPACE" - it is way over my head. Too bad.

  • Squeak
    2019-05-24 09:22

    I really enjoyed this story! What I really liked was that you never knew who the planet was going to get next. Now a new villain, in the form of a 1000 year old man, was racking up a few victims of his own. Since I didn't read the first in the series, there wasn't a link-up for me, but I still didn't feel left out in cold. The story moved along at a really nice clip and there was action and adventure at every turn. Great storywriting!

  • Matt Bohnhoff
    2019-06-07 07:02

    Not nearly as much horror as the second book. And the ending kinda lacked a lot of tying up that I was hoping for. Oh well.

  • John
    2019-05-20 11:08

    Great finish to the first three. looking forward to number 4.