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Come to the beautiful Italian island of Sorellina - where the magic will never let you go... Dario Denaro hasn't come to the Island of Sorellina to fall in love again. He's here to oversee the renovation of Villa Cristina, the most exclusive of the Denaro residences.And Elena Marcante, who's on the island to visit her ailing grandmother, certainly doesn't expect to run inCome to the beautiful Italian island of Sorellina - where the magic will never let you go...Dario Denaro hasn't come to the Island of Sorellina to fall in love again. He's here to oversee the renovation of Villa Cristina, the most exclusive of the Denaro residences.And Elena Marcante, who's on the island to visit her ailing grandmother, certainly doesn't expect to run into the man who left her twenty years ago without a word of goodbye.But Cristina the cat has other ideas. Once the most noble Princess Cristina Denaro, she was cursed by her jealous lover, Bernardo Marcante, to live as a humble cat until a Denaro and a Marcante declare undying love. But after five hundred years and with the family feud still running deep, Cristina is desperate, while Bernardo's spirit lurks in the ruins of the old temple wracked with remorse for what he did to her.Dario and Elena are no longer a pair of love-struck teens, but will they remember that magical summer they spent together? With hope of ever breaking the curse fading and with a few family secrets revealed along the way, Cristina is determined the medieval cathedral bells will finally ring out for the union of a Denaro and a Marcante....

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The Cursed Princess Reviews

  • C.M. Truxler
    2018-10-26 23:09

    The Cursed Princess (An Island of Sorellina Romance) by Alexandra Marell has a bit of everything to keep readers pleasantly enthralled. If, like many romance novels, this were a simple boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, couple has troubles, and boy wins girl, it would be nothing new under the dusty moon; but this tale is so much more. A simple pair of star-crossed lovers this is not.The plot is a mix of romance, mystery, drama, supernatural, and fantasy, which pulls readers in and has each on pins and needles by the climaxes. Yes, there is more than one! It would have been easy for Marell to stick to the tried and true recipe that has worked for ages, and even easier to mess up the complex plot she chose to work with; but like a vacation postcard shot-- the tale is picture perfect. The characters are rich and vivid with every indication of reality. Even the star of the show, the “Cursed Princess” herself, sticks in one’s mind and conjures up crystal-clear images of she and her tale, (or is that tail ;~D). Each character is a complex and natural-flowing personality with his and/or her own baggage. Although, thankfully, nowhere near enough to impede the story line.The setting, which is emotionally embedded in each character, is one that some will find exotic, and others a touch of home; but one thing is for sure, each will find the scenery (both landscape and being) warm and rich with old-world charm and touch of modern day sensibilities. Readers with excess time will probably not put this novel down. But for those who have little time, and a large thirst for reading-- have no fear. This story will stick with you until you come back to it like a warm and welcoming friend and love.

  • Donna Zink
    2018-10-23 19:19

    If you like to read about second chances in love with a small dose of the paranormal tossed in you are going to thoroughly enjoy THE CURSED PRINCESS. I have always enjoyed a story with humor mixed with the serious business of romance and those ingredients are definitely provided. A fast read that should keep you entertained. Action takes place on the Island of Sorellina where a curse has ruled for centuries. Princess Cristina has wandered the island as a cat for the last 500 years and her only hope of breaking the curse is to maneuver a member from each of the two feuding families to fall in love and marry. She had believed that had been accomplished twenty ago with Elena Marcante and Dario Denaro to only have her hopes once again crushed. But Elena and Dario are back on the island and Cristina is going to get another shot at kindling the love between them, a love they had shared as teens. For me this novel was an enjoyable read. I’m the type of reader that loves the small details in a story. While there isn’t the depth of detail that appeals to me there is still plenty to provide a good background for the setting. Character’s personalities come through and Ms. Marell does a very good job of making them believable. Nonna Renata is exactly as I’ve always pictured an Italian grandma. Elena has the backbone that’s enjoyable, at least for me, to see in the heroine of a novel. Dario was hard for me to warm up to. I was hoping Elena would find happiness this time around but a more than a little mad at Dario for being more of the rich business man than the romantic lover that would toss money aside for the love of his life. But to be honest, the fact that Dario didn’t toss it all for love when he was a teenager makes him more realistic with human failing. The story also manages to capture the insecurity and indecision we carry with us into adulthood. Since the island is populated with a variety of supernatural beings besides Cristina there are sure to be future challenges and laughs. Recommend for anyone 15 and older as there are no graphic love scenes or over the top cursing.

  • Judy
    2018-11-13 00:11

    The Cursed Princess by Alexandra MarellIsland of Sorellina Series Book 1Dario Denaro is a billionaire who runs the family empire and has it all. Or does he? Twenty years ago he made a choice between love and money. He chose the money and is still choosing it. Everything he does focuses around business, including tearing apart the family estate in Sorellina to make it more comfortable for the rich and famous.Elena Marcante has returned to the island from her home in England. Nonna Renata is on her deathbed, again. It falls to Elena to come to Italy and help her grandmother, who really does seem to be ill this time. What she doesn't expect is to see any ghosts from the past. Villa Cristina is named after the Princess Christina di Denaro. A young woman who had everything and if she didn't have, she could get it. Due to a miscalculation her true love, Bernardo Marcante, curses her to live as a cat. Five hundred years later Cristina is still trying to break the dreaded Denaro Marcante curse and be reunited with her Bernardo. All they need is to get one of their stubborn descendants from each side to fall in love. A true, lasting love.An excellent romance with a touch of paranormal. A feud between two families who have homes within site of each other. So close and yet so far apart from the curse, money, a feud and a whole pack of stubbornness. But there is one determined cat to bring everyone together, and she'll dig her claws in to get it done. The second book in this series is Siren Sweetly Singing with a release date sometime in early 2014, looking forward to that story as well.

  • Donna
    2018-10-19 20:18

    500 years ago a princess fell in love with a soldier. Because of a misunderstanding he cursed her to be a cat. From then on the two families would be enemies. The only way to break the curse is to bring the two families together. They need a couple to fall in love. Of course this has not happened in 500 years because of the feud. Watching a beautiful white cat try to manipulate the characters into admitting they are in love so she can be human again and be with the man she loves. The only one that knows is an elderly woman who talks to the cat. So there are some funny moments. I even laughed out loud a couple of times. I recommend this book to anyone. Even YA can read this one...I won't tell you how it ended but I am sure you can guess...Mellow_Rivers

  • Rabid Readers Reviews
    2018-10-21 01:19

    This is a charming read about a cursed princess who has been turned into a cat and her curse can only be broken when she gets two people from warring families to love each other. The setting is very rich and defined. I can picture exactly the sort of homes in which the characters live and the gardens they frequently inhabit. This is a romance novels and the characters were very real. I did find it somewhat unbelieable that (and this is so minor I don't believe it to be a spoiler) Elena didn't know that Dario hadn't actually died in the car crash but then, as I said, it was so minor that it didn't really matter. As a romance, it does stick to those lines. There are some things that set it apart and I think if you like that paranormal twist, you will enjoy this novel.

  • Laura
    2018-10-22 02:03

    This is such a great book, a wonderful love story!! I enjoyed each of the characters in the book, my favorite was Christina, the cat. I could not put this book down because I couldn't wait to see how this story played out. I love the secrets that Nonna had and how it all played out. I loved the ending of the book and was suprised and thrilled on how the book ended.I can't wait to read part two of this story, I sure hope that we see the same characters in the next book as well!. This was the first book I read by this author Alexandra Marell and I was not disappointed she did a wonderful job, I can't wait to read her other books!!!

  • Linda Quick
    2018-10-28 00:02

    Great book. It starts slowly and quickly becomes engrossing. A very sweet love story with a touch of the paranormal. I loved the island setting and the italian details - reminded me of my grandparents. I can't wait to read more in this series.

  • Connie McElfresh
    2018-10-21 19:18

    I could not put this book down and did not want it to end. A book to loose yourself in. 5 stars