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Best be nimble, best be quick, I'm right here and you're my pick...The last thing Ford Elkhart remembers is walking his girlfriend back to her university dormitory. Now he's lying tied and gagged on a cold, dark floor, with only one chance to escape before he ends up like the bones surrounding him...Assistant State's Attorney Daphne Montgomery is devastated by her son's diBest be nimble, best be quick, I'm right here and you're my pick...The last thing Ford Elkhart remembers is walking his girlfriend back to her university dormitory. Now he's lying tied and gagged on a cold, dark floor, with only one chance to escape before he ends up like the bones surrounding him...Assistant State's Attorney Daphne Montgomery is devastated by her son's disappearance, and is immediately convinced that his kidnapping is connected to the white supremacist she's just had jailed for murder. FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter isn't so sure - especially when he learns that Ford's girlfriend is also missing. Is Ford's abduction payback for Daphne's courtroom victory? Or is he a pawn in an even more dangerous game?...

Title : Did You Miss Me?
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ISBN : 9780755373994
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 544 Pages
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Did You Miss Me? Reviews

  • Jonetta
    2018-11-12 20:28

    On the day the verdict is due on a controversial case, Daphne Montgomery's son Forde is abducted, unbeknownst to her. Shortly after the verdict is announced, chaos erupts inside and outside the courtroom. FBI Agent Joseph Carter is also on the scene as he'd come to notify her about Forde. From that moment forward, they're connected for the duration as the case takes numerous turns and revelations about Daphne's past become critical connections to just about everything. This was one wild, convoluted but challenging mystery! It had everything...seriously mixed up mystery, intrigue, high tension, passion, romance, name it, you felt it at some moment during the story. I was really excited that Daphne and Joseph were the main focus as she caught my attention as soon as the series shifted to Baltimore. Of course, there were others with important roles in the story, namely Clay Maynard and Stevie Mazetti, who are perfectly positioned for the next full-length book. As usual, I got some to this tangled web of mystery right, but not all of it. And, even when I was certain of my suppositions, I still didn't know the full story. I could not stop listening to this story and enjoyed Marguerite Gavin's narration (though I had to stop thinking of Rachel from The Hollows series), so much that I think I'll listen to the rest of the series. I loved this one.

  • Kathleen
    2018-11-09 00:28

    Story Rating 5 StarsCharacter Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 3 StarsCreepy Villain meter 5 StarsOverall Rating 5 StarsWOW!! This book was so AMAZING! For me no one quite writes a romantic suspense thriller quite as well as Karen Rose does. Her books are all so well planned out and have SO many twists and turns that you won't be quite sure what is going on unless you pay very good attention while reading. This story started out a bit slow for me but that was due to the fact that so many things were going on. Once things started to fall in place for me, the book totally had me hooked. I'm telling you, this book really had twists and turns coming from every which way. No wonder Karen only puts out one book a year because there is NO WAY anyone could write a book such as this any faster.All the characters in this book were well thought out from the H&h, the secondary characters and the all the villains. YEP, villains, there was more than one and each had their own creepy part and when I say CREEPY I mean CREEEEEEPPPPPYYYYYY!!!! I have read and LOVED many of Karen Roses books. The only thing for me that was missing in those reads was the heat factor. Even though the heat was low in those books, they were all excellent reads and kept me wanting MORE! Well, that changed with this book. Karen did add a few heated scenes and you know what? I LOVED THEM!!! I certainly hope that Karen continues to add this bit of heat in her future books, for me it add's so much more to my overall enjoyment LOL. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a FANTASTIC suspense thriller and who also does not mind reading about violent crimes. This book is NOT for the faint of heart readers, there is NO candy coated anything for you here. I had waited a year for this books release and now I have to wait another year for the next book Watch your back. I read the sneak peak and I can already say that just the bit I read has me wishing for it NOW! It also has me wondering who the H&h will be in this book. There are just too many excellent characters for me to even pick which one I'm hoping for.

  • Chloe
    2018-11-06 02:14

    On the day of the verdict of a high profile case Assistant State Attorney Daphne Elkhart's son Ford and his girlfriend are kidnapped. Daphne herself is saved by FBI agent Joseph Carter at the court steps and from that moment onwards there is nonstop action with lots of twists and turns and romance mixed in the middle. A great addition to the Baltimore series

  • jenjn79
    2018-11-15 23:04

    I haven't been on Goodreads or written a review in about a million years but I just finished Karen Rose's latest book and had to drop in and write a review.Series:All of Karen Rose's books are part of the same universe and have various character connections. Some of the books have deeper plot connections. I think you could probably read this one on its own but you may wonder about past characters and what happened to them. And because she is such an awesome author I'd really suggest starting at the beginning.Summary:State's Attorney Daphne Montgomery is prosecuting a high-profile murder trial that has resulted in multiple threats against her life and the lives of her family. But what Daphne doesn't know is that there is someone behind the scenes pulling all the strings. Someone with a deadly vendetta against her with motives Daphne could never have imagined.FBI Agent Joseph Carter has yearned for Daphne for months. And he's not about to let anything happen to her. Then Daphne's son goes missing and the bodies begin to pile up and asDaphne, Joseph and the rest of the Baltimore crew dig deeper, things only get more convoluted. Secrets that Daphne has long held close are about to be ripped open. It's a race against time to figure out what's going on and who wants Daphne to pay.Review:I'm a huge romantic suspense fan and Karen Rose is one of the masters of the genre. And this book. Wow. Just wow. Maybe not quite OMG WOW! that Die For Me (Romantic Suspense, #7) was but still a really fabulous book. I'm always so amazed at how detailed and cohesive a story Karen Rose can tell. The suspense plot is really wonderfully crafted. It's such a complicated story and Rose manages to twine it all together perfectly with every detail fitting together and making perfect sense. It's really kind of awe-inspiring how she can tell such complex stories.I enjoyed the suspense plot of this book. It takes you on twisted path that starts you at one point, leads you to another, then dives into the past to tie it all together. I was totally hooked into the story, trying to figure out how everything tied together, why it happened, how it would all turn out. Rose really kept me reading and wanting to uncover all the details. The depth of the plot is really so well done. Every time you blink new details emerge then sends the story winding down another path that you never really predicted. I also liked the fact that the plot wasn't really a whodunit - you know the who from the very beginning - but rather part of the suspense of the plot is about the connections. How it all tied together to create the situation Daphne and Joseph found themselves in. I had a pretty good idea of how it all tied together, but there was enough doubt, enough possibility to lead me to other conclusions. I love books that keep me guessing. And for a while, this one did. On the romance front, things are admittedly bit on the low key side. The focus of the book is definitely on the suspense aspect but there's still a nicely developed romance to keep the romance lover in me satisfied. The romance, though, is not really about the building of feelings, the push/pull between two people. Daphne and Joseph both already have feelings for each other and the situation they're in forces them to finally confront them. There's really not a lot of angsty will they/won't they. But more about will their new-found love survive the twisted situation they are in. Still, I enjoyed these two and liked both characters.Another great aspect to the book is the tie-ins to past books/characters - of which there are quite a few. You get the obvious reconnection with the other Baltimore book characters - Grayson and Sophie, and JD and Lucy. Plus the continuing saga of Clay's unrequited love for Stevie. But Rose also delves back further and brings back Vito Ciccotelli (and referencing his wife and how they met), mentions Dana, Ethan, and some other past characters, plus reintroduces a young man (who was a boy in a previous book). And I just absolutely love these kind of intertwining stories. It creates such a wonderful cohesiveness and it also lets you take a peek at characters that stuck with you in the past. It just really adds a great ambiance to the story.Did I have any criticisms? Ummm...nope. None that I can think of. I was perfectly satisfied with every aspect of the book. Does that mean everyone else will be to? No, obviously not. This book is more a suspense/thriller with a strong romantic element which may not be enough for some romance fans. It's also rather dark at time which could bother some. And it's also, as mentioned above, very complicated. There are tons of plot twists, a whole lot of characters, and just a lot to keep track of in general. Not everyone likes that kind of story. Me? It's the perfect combination. I will be eagerly awaiting Rose's next book. I can't wait to find out what happens with Stevie and Clay. I'm hopelessly intrigued by Deacon. And I'd really like to one day revisit Daphne's son Ford. I just wish Rose published more than one book a year. It'll such having to wait till 2014 to get my next Karen Rose fix.

  • Keri
    2018-10-29 23:11

    Not really a review, but some musings of a really awesome book!!Attention romantic suspense authors, Karen Rose has truly raised the bar...for me anyway. Usually after so many books an author seems like they get stale in their writing. But for KR, this isn't the case at all, as a matter of fact these last two books have the been the edge of your seat sexist so far. This latest is no exception. Joseph and Daphne's scenes were sparking right off the page and singeing my fingers. Even better they were placed at the right time of the story. Daphne's son, Ford has been kidnapped and she is depending on Joseph to bring her son home. But a madman and Daphne's past stand in the way of her seeing her son or gaining some kind of happiness with Joseph. You don't have to read the prior book to read this one, KR does a good job of bringing you up to speed and making you a part of the story. To tell you the truth, I felt sorry for Mitch and Cole and thought they got a raw deal and my only niggle is that I would have liked to have seen Cole where he was somewhere happy and safe. The ending spotlighted that it would happen, but I would have liked to have read it through his eyes. I love how lately at the end of KR's book she is taking us through who did what to whom and how it happened. Her stories tend to be complicated and full of twists and you have pay attention, this one was certainly no exception. The body count was high, but not in your face graphic. Speculation on who is going to be in the next book. I hope it is Clay and Stevie, but I am not sure, Stevie is pretty damn stubborn....move over then let me at the sexy PI. Then GAWD there is sexy tan skinned, white haired-with a goatee, bi-lateral colored eyed, Deacon Novak...who in the heck is woman enough to stand up to him? My vote goes to Zoe Carter. Then there is young, yummy Ford, have we met the girl who can tame his youthful, impetuous heart? Sigh...inquiring minds would love to find out.

  • Anne OK
    2018-11-06 22:03

    Heck yeah, I missed you! You, Karen Rose, master crime writer, swoop in once a year with a super-charged, over-the-top book filled with suspense and mystery, characters I have grown to adore, tempting new characters to add to the chart, and then POOF – you’re gone again for another year. Your latest is a chiller-diller filled with a dark, dangerous and satisfying whodunnit. Weaving a mixture of past and present with innumerable curves in the road and mountains to climb, this latest kept me challenged and guessing right up to the very end. What was a most welcome surprise is that Rose has upped the heat level in this one with an extra boost of well-written sizzle and emotionally-charged passion. Wow!Overflowing with a multitude of individuals to track, readers will most likely find a need to backtrack several times. It’s probably not going to be a fast read for the majority, or the most basic clues and evidence saturating the pages within this smartly and cleverly plotted mystery will surely be missed. Assistant State’s Attorney Daphne Montgomery and FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter lead the pack in a display of well-drawn, flawed and intriguing characters. Both Daphne and Joseph are plagued with pasts full of secrets and pain. They are likeable, mature -- well into their thirties -- and have careers to which they are dedicated. After having held their feelings in check for almost a year, the kidnapping of Daphne’s twenty-year old son brings them face-to-face again. This time around they hold nothing back and finally admit their love for each other in such a passionate and emotional manner. The wonderful supportive cast is filled with characters from past books, along with a peek at a few new and tempting ones as well. This reader is keeping her fingers crossed hoping that Clay Maynard and Stevie Mazzetti’s relationship will be front and center in next year’s “Watch Your Back.” If chilling and thrilling is your game, then this one should get top billing with you. Highly recommend.

  • CD {Boulder Blvd}
    2018-11-01 00:21

    Karen Rose has become one of my "go to" writers. Her books don't disappoint and she knows how to create really good suspenseful plots. She also knows how to weave a lot of characters together and flesh them all out so that you know who is who. You do see characters from past novels, but if you did't read the prior book, you'll still be fine.Usually her bad guys do something really horrific. You know it's horrific, you see the impact that it's horrific, but she does't provide the extremely horrific details that you really don't want to read. "Did you Miss Me?" delivers more than one bad guy to hate."Did You Miss Me?" pulls you in and doesn't let you go to the very last page. I also appreciate that she neatly pulls all the pieces of the story line together and does not leave you hanging. You aren't left wondering about a detail because she answers the questions. I didn't give this 5 stars because I honestly didn't think the ending climatic scene would have played that way and it felt contrived. A little disappointed there, but the everything else was really good.

  • Best Crime Books & More
    2018-11-01 20:11

    I have read nearly all of Karen's books and rarely read one that I don't love. When her newest book landed on my doorstep a few days ahead of publication (thanks to the Publishers) I was excited as I ripped open the package. However, my excitement was replaced with shock as even by Karen Rose standards this book was a humdinger at 544 pages. With the synopsis read in seconds I poured myself a brew and immediately got stuck in.For this that maybe haven't read any Karen Rose books this book, along with any other can be picked up and read in any order as a stand alone book. For those that have previously read Karen's books, you will see familiar faces from previous books. IN Karen's last book PI Paige Holden is the main character along with State Attorney Grayson Smith. Both Paige and Grayson return in this book but as the background characters to both State Attorney Daphne Montgomery and FBI Agent Joseph Carter.What I loved about starting this book was not only being introduced to Daphne and Joseph, but seeing what other characters were up to in their lives. Daphne's son Ford Elkhart is actually the main focus of this book and he is kidnapped and only recalls what happened when he wakes up on a cold dark floor and realises he is tied up and being held. The book takes an immediate dive into the kidnapping and we see many chapters start to form threads. I was totally and utterly engrossed and found myself being drawn back to the book every time I attempted to put it down.There are numerous threads and people to keep track of and at the halfway mark I had to take a breather as I realised I needed to get it all straight in my head?!? I had block read at least 250 pages and felt like I had overdosed on crime! Luckily a good nights' sleep sorted that out and the next day I resumed reading the rollercoaster ride of a book! The characters Daphne and Joseph each have their own demons and skeletons and as the story progresses we see the layers of their pasts slowly peeled back. I liked the suspense you are kept in, even though I am the most impatient person. As usual the actual crime scenes are written vividly leaving a somewhat sour taste in my mouth at times, but by no means put me off!Joseph and Daphne are both characters I really liked but the two that really pulled at me were Clay and Stevie. They were only in the book for small periods of time but I SO want to find out what happens there (I just know I'm going to have to wait on that front!). The plot itself had plenty of twists and turns and kept me guessing until the very end of the book. The one thing that stood out this time round was the sex! Yep, that's right people I did say sex! Karen Rose is a great crime writer, but her genre (if people care to check) is romantic suspense. It irritates me when people grumble about this in her books because it's what she does, and believe me when I say it's what she does best. Karen Rose surprised me this time round and at times I wondered if I had inadvertently picked up a Jackie Collins (not a bad thing in my book!).All in all, this book, although long even by her standards, was an absolute cracker. Karen Rose is first class at these sorts of books and this one didn't disappoint. As usual, you are in for a bumpy ride which will have you reading from morning until night. Highly recommended.

  • Bill
    2018-11-19 20:09

    I gave up on this one after about 20% in and after being exposed to probably the 60th non-essential character. My brain was about to explode keeping track of who was related to who, and it seemed that the only point of this was to pay tribute to other characters in the previous 13 books of the series.Well, that's all well and good for those who care. I don't, and I guess I can blame myself for jumping into her 14th book without having read her before.I won't read her again. This book reads like a grade 8 effort and breaks most of the rules Stephen King set out in his On Writing book. Namely, the overuse of adverbs. I'm not kidding here: she must have used an adverb for every descriptor of dialogue (King, btw, says anything other than the word "said" after dialogue is useless and trying too hard. Or he said something to that effect). Anyway, it was really annoying and I had to move on before I came to the word "exclaimed" and broke something.One fun thing I did with my Kindle is search for the occurrence of the word "frowned". 99 times.Buh-bye.

  • Jane Stewart
    2018-11-16 22:19

    It kept my interest due to curiosity, but I did not enjoy this book. It needed better characters.This is a mystery suspense thriller with a little romance. During the story we are in the bad guy’s head seeing what he does and plans. We also watch the good guys investigate and try to catch the bad guys. It’s mostly a police procedural. I was not excited. There are some complicated character interactions. The author hides things from readers and brings them out later. Some of the logic was hard to accept.I was frustrated that Daphne knew the killer’s identity at age 8 but never told anyone. As a result many more were killed. The author went to great lengths to give excuses as to why Daphne would not tell anyone. Even after Daphne believed the bad guy was dead, she still did not tell anyone. I was angry and frustrated that Daphne never told. I felt like the author worked really hard to come up with excuses to justify her silence. I didn’t like it. She came off weak by not telling. The audiobook narrator made it worse. Her accent for Daphne was a southern twang that sounded less intelligent. I enjoy some southern accents but not this one.I wish there was less time describing Daphne’s grief, worry and fear about her son being kidnapped. I was tired of hearing her pain and saying things like “I have to find my son” or saying in horror “he drugged my son?” “He did this?” “He did that?” Daphne expressing horror and despair was repetitive throughout the book.Sensitive Reader Issues: There is harm to children. Teenage girls are kidnapped and tortured. Torture details are not shown, but screams are described.The major climax toward the end was full of STUPIDITY. It hurt the book. See Spoiler below.(view spoiler)[Daphne is under 24 hour guard since they know someone wants to kill her. When they finally learn where the bad guy lives, a SWAT team or group of cops should go there, surround the place and get the guy. But what happens? Daphne and her FBI guy go there alone and enter the home alone and find things. (Of course Daphne expresses horror at the things the bad guy did - again repetitive.) The FBI guy tells her to wear a kevlar vest, but a sniper could shoot her in the head. The home also could have been booby-trapped. Later other cops arrive.The cops know that the bad guy watches crime scenes from nearby. So why do they let Daphne and her son sit in a car alone nearby? Of course the bad guy goes to the car dressed as a state trooper and bad things happen. What happened to Daphne’s 24-hour guard?Good guy “B” sees a bad guy in the woods. B was drugged maybe 30 minutes earlier and is starting to wake up. He should yell at the nearby cops to go after the bad guy. But he doesn’t. He grabs an axe and runs into the woods to get the bad guy. The bad guy owns a rifle. He might have it. But no, B and the bad guy wrestle with the axe.The cops and private detective Clay have been searching for “C” the bad guy’s accomplice. Clay learns that C is in a particular house. Clay decides to go there alone to get C. A group of cops should have gone, not one lone person. (hide spoiler)]AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR:I was not happy with Marguerite Gavin as narrator. There was an awful lot of monotone dialogue that reminded me of the old TV show “Dragnet.” The narrator used an artificially low voice for men doing monotone questions and answers. I also did not like her southern accent for Daphne.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Unabridged audiobook length: 20 hrs and 46 mins. Swearing language: strong but rarely used. Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: 3. Setting: current day mostly West Virginia and Maryland. Book copyright: 2012. Genre: mystery suspense thriller with some romance.

  • Anita
    2018-11-07 19:27

    As I have come to expect, Did You Miss Me is a fascinating plot that starts with revenge, ends with revenge and takes all kinds of wonderful detours along the way. Karen Rose is one of the best authors currently writing romantic-suspense, with the emphasis on suspense. This book takes you in and makes you experience the horror of child abduction and sets you up for a bone chilling ending. Although some elements of the plot have appeared in prior books, there is always a special twist that makes the old, new again.Ford Elkhart is kidnapped in a revenge plot against his mother, SA Daphne Montgomery who is on the verge of winning her first really big case. Then all hell loose in the courtroom after the verdict, and the shooting starts on the courthouse steps. The plot starts with a Bang!, to day the least. By the time FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter tells her Ford is missing, he has been gone for several hours and there are no clues where. Ford is just a pawn to use against Daphne in an elaborate plot of revenge and Daphne isn't the only target. Joseph met Daphne nine months ago and fell hard. Really hard. So hard he requested a transfer to so he could be located in Baltimore, near her. But, he was under the very mistaken impression that she was involved with someone else and never made his move. Dumb. Now is definitely not the best time, but, well, sometimes what is, is. There is real respect and trust that have built over the nine months for both of them. Now there is a burning lust to throw on top of everything else. First, and foremost, they have to find Ford and figure out why Daphne is a target.

  • Gail
    2018-10-25 22:23

    I have read every one of Karen's books and have enjoyed them all but I think they are all becoming too alike, I'm sad to say. I think Karen knows she's on a winning formula and doesn't want to change that, which I can almost understand, but this is now becoming slightly tedious.All the characters are always so nice, with big loving, caring families. There is never a 'bad apple' in their circle of friends or family. The sex is now getting a little tedious and I really don't know how they manage such marathon sessions after such a long, hard day at work and no sleep! Beats me.I figured out who the perpetrator was right from the start, but that isn't Karen's fault. I would say I'm just getting used to her throwing in the perp from early in the story. There are a lot of red herrings as usual and the plot is enough to want you to keep reading to find out who, what and why. If you haven't read any of her books before, perhaps you would like this but I would honestly now say that the time has come for some plot changes, with perhaps a not so happy ending or something, Just saying.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2018-11-19 20:27

    The third book in Karen Rose's suspenseful Baltimore series. ASA Daphne Montgomery is prosecuting a high profile murder case and her son is kidnapped. Everything seems to lead to the family of the accused murderer but it goes ever so much deeper than that. FBI Joseph Carter is on the job. He has been attracted to Daphne for a while but hasn't done anything because he believed she was taken already. So in the mist of finding her son, Daphne is also finding love.What a major roller coaster! This is one of those books that is hard to put down. Lots of edge of your seat excitement as you are taken on a journey to discover the truth. And sometimes more is revealed than you want. I really loved the characters and how fast the story kept going. This is part of a series, but it can stand well on its own. Most people may want to read the previous books just to get to know the characters better. Highly recommended!

  • ♡Esra♡
    2018-11-17 22:12

    I started this long after I've read No One Left To Tell. While it was really good and intense, it fell short at some places. Still an awesome read though. It was creepy as hell at some parts

  • Melinda Elizabeth
    2018-11-02 23:19

    I really should have read the title on goodreads before I spent $1 on this book at a book fair. Romantic suspense? Definitely not my cup of tea. And why are writers pushing so many characters into books these days? This book had so many intertwining characters who were related to one another, or had known teacher for ages, that I really lost the plot threads about who was who and why they were important. If this is part of a series, great, but you shouldn't isolate your first time readers by making the relationships so complex. And it really wasn't warranted at all since half of them didn't even play any important role in the story. So, what happens is a prosecutor wins a case against a boss family. They seek revenge against her and steal her son. The prosecutor herself was abducted as a small child and this brings back terrible memories of her time with another killer. The romantic suspense part is probably the worst part - I really don't understand how this chick is going at it with the men in the book when her only son is missing. Once, maybe, but continuously? please. It was unnecessarily long and at times repetitive. Shorten it down, cut out periphery characters and you might have a better book. There's no getting around that 'romantic suspense' title though...

  • Kelly
    2018-10-29 19:24

    There are a lot of authours who utilise minor characters from other novels as lead characters in new novels. Often these novels recap some of the previous storylines or bring back the past characters as minor roles, and these are often enjoyable. 'Did you Miss Me?' however just took this too far, and I felt entirely exhausted and confused by the sheer number of both characters and their relationships and connections and back stories. So much time was dedicated to reminding you thatinsert character herewasinsert characters here 's brother/mother/sister/friend/captor/saviour/secret love/child/uncle and their entire back stories that I just felt that the plot forthisnovel suffered. It was too disrupted to flow properly, and therefore there was a serious lack of tension.As if this wasn't bad enough, our lead heroine had a back story that made her the perfect muse for an Eastenders character.(view spoiler)[ She was abused as a child, her father walked out (eventually found dead in a back garden) got pregnant at 15, made to leave her mother, made to marry a man who didn't love her, had to live in isolation in a house with her evil-stepmother, got divorced, became a single mother, got cancer, became a lawyer, got targeted by a serial killer, her son got kidnapped etc etc...(hide spoiler)] I mean seriously. Was all of thatnecessary ?! I felt that the relationship between Joseph and Daphne was so set up from the start - them secretly pining for each other. So false that I kind of didn't want them to end up together. From what I can gather they only met once or twice but fell immediately in love. AS YOU DO.Their dialogue was false, weird and just unnatural. I can't remember the exact page or line but Daphne thinks her son has been found when he hasn't, and Joseph says to her, "Aww honey, you hoped didn't you?" She's a mother whose son has been taken, OF COURSE SHE HOPED!! And then to further confuse the situation, he tells her not to give up hope. ?!?!?!?Anyway. I did skip quite a lot and I wouldn't recommend. Definitely read the other Karen Rose novels, but leave this one to someone else. An enemy perhaps.

  • Suzi Green
    2018-11-14 01:03

    I AM A MASSIVE KAREN ROSE FAN....I thought I'd make that clear before writing this review.I just didn't think this and her last couple of books have been as good as the first lot.Focusing on this book I'd say there wasn't enough development of attraction or communication between the two leads.My main complaint is that an unrealistic amount of really bad things happened to her: Abduction/witnessing her cousin be raped, teenage pregnancy, crappy marriage/divorce, cancer and kidnapping of her son, kidnapping.Just throw all the possible bad things that could happen to a person and it'll make a deep character? It didn't work.Daphne had so much potential,but my god it was too much. Karen should have focused on a couple of these things and went into so much more depth.I was utterly disappointed and because I have read all of her books I am not making an out of the whim comment.

  • Nihan E.
    2018-10-29 22:32

    Cinayetlerin kurgusu ve olayların gelişimi muhteşem, yazar polisiye roman konusunda yine bir efsane yaratmış ama karakterlerin bazı tepkileri beni çileden çıkardı. Oğlu kaçırılan bir kadını üzülürken gördüğünde kendini tutamayıp tahrik olan bir erkek karakter itici bence -_- Ve kadın karakter ilk başta tamam çocukmuş ama sonra eşek kadar kadın olmuş. İnsan babasını hiç mi merak etmez anlamadım. Hele en son sahne de iyice kahrolacağına rahatladı hatun. Bu şekilde bencil yaratılan karakterleri sevmiyorum. Clay ve Stevie'yi okumak istiyorum en çok.

  • Alison
    2018-11-16 23:30

    I love Karen Rose! Her books are amazing and I especially like the little extra bit of romance she's been giving us :)

  • Karina
    2018-10-21 22:14

    verslavend goed! genoten van de spanning en romantiek, niet weg te leggen*

  • Shawna
    2018-11-11 20:13

    2 stars – Romantic Suspense

  • Danielle Gypsy Soul
    2018-11-13 20:20

    4.5 Stars. Karen Rose is definitely one of my go-to authors for romantic suspense. Her villains are scary, her heroes charming and protective and her heroines are smart and tough. The suspense elements are usually a bit stronger than the romance but there is always a good romance as well.This one was no exception.This book had a lot of characters but I never felt confused about who was who and there was more than one villain in this story as well. A few of the previous characters made an appearance but it could definitely be read as a stand alone. The plot of this book kept me guessing on how it would all play out and there were a few surprise twists along the way. The pacing was spot on and it kept me turning the pages to get to the end. My only complaint is that the ending felt a little abrupt so I took off a 1/2 star. Another great book in the series that left me looking forward to the next one.

  • Shannon Dyer
    2018-11-05 18:32

    I'm glad I read this. Daphne and Joseph were a great couple.

  • Nicole
    2018-11-05 18:10

    Review originally posted here: first discovered Rose last year when I was in the mood for a new romantic suspense author, and she absolutely blew me away with the complicated storylines and intense murder mystery stories. I don’t know that I would classify her as your standard romantic suspense, but more of a murder mystery romance author. While there isn’t a lot of high-octane action, the thrilling uncertainty of what’s to come is enough to keep me on the edge of my seat.Daphne was recently promoted to prosecutor, and has taken on the case of her life. The media surrounding the case is out of this world, and Daphne has received death threats against herself and her family. Dedicated to seeing it through, she beefed up security on herself and her son, Ford, just in case. When the decision comes down that she has won her case, she is distraught to hear Ford has been kidnapped.Joseph has been watching Daphne from afar, so when he catches Ford’s disappearance case, he will do anything and everything in his power to bring him back home. As Joseph follows the clues, he realizes that there is more going on than anyone expected, and that Daphne’s past is coming back to haunt her in ways she never imagined possible. Now, Joseph and Daphne will have to fight to not only find Ford, but to uncover a murder that has been haunting Daphne since she was a little girl.I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Rose’s books are. They are so involved, so complicated, and always packed full of mystery. At over 500 pages, Rose throws in some crazy twists and turns, ones that I never saw coming. In the past, I’ve felt that her books can almost be TOO complicated, bordering on convoluted. However, I was easily able to follow along and never once felt like she was doing too much in this story. The mystery flowed beautifully, with scenes from Daphne and Joseph being broken up with the killer and his nefarious deeds. I love that Rose gives the reader a look at every angle of the plot, from Daphne and Joseph’s struggle with unveiling the clues, Ford’s experience as a victim, and the killer’s somewhat insane actions that all make sense in the end.One of the other things I really enjoyed in this book was that the romance always seemed to be at the forefront of my mind, regardless of the fact that it didn’t seem to be the core of the story. Between Joseph’s pining over Daphne, Daphne’s ongoing attraction and the chemistry between them that is prevalent even in the most stressful times, the book had strong romantic undertones throughout. Plus, given the fact that Joseph is already half in love with Daphne at the beginning of the book, I thought their romance was so sweet and special. I love when an author can create an intense murder mystery while still making me believe in the romance, regardless of how ridiculous the situation may seem.Some of my favorite parts of this book featured two of the secondary characters that have been in the last couple books: Stevie and Clay. These two have been dancing around each other for awhile now, and I am DYING to see if and when they get their happily ever after. Rose has a way of adding in some incredible secondary characters that occasionally steal the spotlight from the main characters. There is usually a large cast in each of Rose’s books, and while I can sometimes have a difficult time keeping track of who is who, this book didn’t seem to present that problem at all. And for that, I loved it!All in all I am so glad that I picked up this novel. I love a good murder mystery, and with the strong romance between Daphne and Joseph, this was the perfect read for me. The backstory with Daphne’s history was creepy and compelling and I loved the way it played into the plot. I am so anxious to see who Rose will be writing about next, and can only pray we will get to see Clay and Stevie.I give Did You Miss Me? a B+

  • Eve
    2018-10-25 01:05

    Did You Miss Me? by Karen RoseGenre: Romantic Suspense / Thriller / Mystery / ContemporaryI discovered Karen Rose books quite recently and she's really, really good and gripping author! Did You Miss Me? is another example - expertly written, with so many interesting characters and some really creepy villains. You keep guessing the outcome as it goes along because there are so many twist and turns that your head start to spin!Best be nimble, best be quick, I'm right here and you're my pickThe last thing Ford Elkhart remembers is walking his girlfriend back to her university dormitory. Now he's lying tied and gagged on a cold, dark floor, with only one chance to escape before he ends up like the bones surrounding him.Assistant State's Attorney Daphne Montgomery is devastated by her son's disappearance, and is immediately convinced that his kidnapping is connected to the white supremacist she's just had jailed for murder. FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter isn't so sure - especially when he learns that Ford's girlfriend is also missing. Is Ford's abduction payback for Daphne's courtroom victory? Or is he a pawn in an even more dangerous game? Heroine - Daphne MontgomeryA sassy, brassy blonde with Dolly Parton hair, lime green mini skirts, long, long legs, and a West Virginia slang, Daphne has made her mark on the Baltimore prosecutors’ office despite getting a late start in her career. Mother to twenty-year-old Ford, Daphne’s come a long way from her Appalachian roots, persevering through a teen-aged pregnancy, a loveless forced marriage, a vicious divorce, and breast cancer, to finally become the woman she’s always wanted to be. But behind her careful mask of happiness and confidence prowl the childhood nightmares spurred by the horrific crimes she witnessed – and endured. When Ford is kidnapped, those nightmares become her new reality, but FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter has vowed to bring her son home. Can Joseph also convince her to allow the “real Daphne” to shine?Hero - Joseph Carter Tall, dark, and broody, widower Joseph Carter started his career with the FBI after serving with the US Navy. An electrical engineer by training, he’s a whiz with security and gadgets, but it was the tragic loss of his first wife that had fueled his passion for reuniting abductees with their families. Now fueled by his feelings for Daphne Montgomery, finding her kidnapped son has become even more critical. She’s suffered so much during her life – he doesn’t want her to lose her son, too. Can he find Ford before it’s too late? Can he protect Daphne from a madman who wants her dead? And can he make her fall for him the way he’s fallen for her?

  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    2018-11-01 23:23

    Suspenseful but not a lot of surprises in this latest from Karen. From the start we know the who and the why of the villain. Now the secondary villain was much creepier. FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter is doing his father a favor looking for one of his students that has gone missing and stumbles up a dead cop which leads to finding out the boy had been kidnapped. The boy in question is ASA Daphne Montgomery son who is currently embroiled in a nasty case with that involves a white supremacist. Two attacks are made on her life once the verdict is read while unknowingly to her – her son has been taken. I thought the “romance” part between Joseph and Daphne started out kinda funny. He’s been secretly pining for her for 6 months but when he thinks she is dating another man he gives her the cold shoulder at every turn.. Ya that will show her :) When he finds out she isn't dating but just friends with Clay he does a 360 on his feelings again. There are many plots going on at the same time that in some ways intersect later. The biggest being what happened to Daphne as a child. When that was revealed it’s a doozy and it does end up tying into current events that are going on. Many of the past characters are secondary in this book which was good to see and we get a little more of a glimpse of the mess that’s Clay and Stevie’s relationship. This is the 14th book in the series and it’s the first time I’m sad to say this was the weakest book in the series. I’m hoping its just a fluke and the next one will be back to Karen Rose par.

  • Jacqueline
    2018-10-28 20:15

    Big fan of Karen Rose. This was another great intense book. The plot was about the most intricate of any of hers or really any rom suspense that I've read. Even though the plot was so intricate it all held together nicely. No holes really. There were several different bad guys whose stories intersected and they were each a different level and type of bad. The romance was nice and felt pretty realistic. It helped that these two already knew each other and were interested in each other so the development of a deeper relationship while dealing with all this trauma didn't feel unrealistic or rushed. There was some nice angst at the first and I loved the hero and his choices. The heroine was nice too and became more sympathetic the more you learned about her story.Why only 4 stars then? I think that it didn't quite have the intensity of Scream for Me (Romantic Suspense, #8) that kept me frantically turning pages. I'm judging her against herself and maybe that's not fair but...Still if you like Romantic Suspense and you're not reading Karen Rose, you're doing yourself a disservice.

  • Sonia Cristina
    2018-11-08 18:12

    outro grande livro desta autora, vale bem a pena, nem que mais não seja para conhecer pessoas fascinantes, exemplos verdadeiramente dignos do que significa ser humano, dedicado...Fiquei curiosa quanto a Deacon, mais um que terá o seu livro e vai atrasar o do Jack... ::) ::) Assim nunca mais lá chegamos. ;D ;DTive pena que a Stevie e o Clay estivessem daquela maneira: (view spoiler)[ela é casmurra demais. Pensei que, estando no hospital e ele praticamente a declarar-se, ia fazê-la aproximar-se mas não, que chata teimosa. Odeio quando se põem a complicar sem jeito. Também não tem jeito que o livro tenha acabado sem "I love you", eu sei que está subentendido, mas não é a mesma coisa.Fiquei muito contente que a Daphne queira ficar com Cole, muito bem, coitado do miúdo. Ele ser filho também do pai de Ford foi cá uma surpresa! Por falar em Ford, que miúdo esperto, como chantageou a avó, quando tinha uns míseros 12 anos e conseguiu o acordo bom no divórcio para a mãe bem como o pagamento das suas despesas médicas. Nem vou comentar o que Doug e Beckett fizeram; se os bons da fita são exemplos do que significa mesmo ser humano, estes dois são o oposto. Ranhosos! Que nojo! (hide spoiler)]

  • Chris Mead
    2018-11-13 19:24

    DID YOU MISS ME? is a heart stopping, fast paced, thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to guess what will happen next. Karen Rose pulls out all of the stops in this emotionally taut romantic suspense. With a lot of different twists and turns throughout the story, plus a few surprises along the way, this is one book that you will find impossible to put down!Baltimore prosecutor Daphne Montgomery has had a less than charming life. She was kidnapped as a child along with her cousin. While Daphne managed to her escape her abductor, her cousin wasn’t as lucky. She has vivid memories of her time in captivity and she still suffers nightmares as an adult. Daphne has worked hard to leave her past behind her, but it all comes back to haunt her after she works on a case that puts a killer behind bars. Shortly thereafter she is informed that her son has been kidnapped.

  • Nadine
    2018-11-06 21:22

    It's the sign of a great writer that even when she has already written quite a few books,the new now still has the (more or less) same high quality of the previous ones. Karen Rose really is that talented and thankfully she rarely disappoints!What I like most is that even when the focus is on different people in every new story,previous characters are not forgotten and get mentioned every now and then or are actively involved again. And since most of them are not only involved profesionally but have also become friends or more,it never feels forced.Also,I said it before and I say it again,Karen Rose has such a great way of creating characters. They are always so multi-layered and feel real. However,I'd like to read about 'normal' people one day too. And with that I mean characters who maybe don't have a Very Tragic Past where they lost loved ones,have been abducted,were involved in a crime before and so on ^^