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"I expect you to show my friend just how grateful you are. Your willingness is everything."With those harsh words, the hated Sasanach earl decided Bríghid's fate: Her body and her virginity were to be offered up to a stranger in exchange for her brother's life. Possessing nothing but her innocence and her fierce Irish pride, she had no choice but to comply.But the handsome"I expect you to show my friend just how grateful you are. Your willingness is everything."With those harsh words, the hated Sasanach earl decided Bríghid's fate: Her body and her virginity were to be offered up to a stranger in exchange for her brother's life. Possessing nothing but her innocence and her fierce Irish pride, she had no choice but to comply.But the handsome man she faced in the darkened bedchamber was not at all the monster she expected. His green eyes seemed to see inside her. His tender touch calmed her fears while he swore he would protect her by merely pretending to claim her. And as the long hours of the night passed by, as her senses ignited at the heat of their naked flesh, she made a startling discovery: Sometimes the line between hate and love can be dangerously thin....

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Carnal Gift Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2018-10-28 03:44

    Carnal Giftis the second book in the Blakewell/Kenleigh trilogy, and is Jamie Blakewell’s story. Jamie, as you might recall if you’ve read the book, was the young brother of Cassie Blakewell-Kenleigh who we met in the first book, Sweet Release. Now he’s all grown up and trying and to aid a young America in the French and Indian War by heading back to England to petition Parliament for more soldiers and money for ships. And of course it would be asking for too much to have everything go smoothly but in this case, I’m glad it didn’t because the real excitement, the real passion of the story comes when everything starts to go wrong. Well, no surprise here – I loved this book! Carnal Giftis yet another example of Historical Romance at its finest, and why Pamela Clare is one of the few auto-buy authors on my list. If you’re looking for an amazing story with substance, one that will have you on the edge of your seat cheering the hero and heroine as they face whatever it is that life has thrown at them – while falling in love, of course – Pamela Clare is the author to go to. Her stories are romantic, passionate, exciting and sexy, and I’ve loved each and every book that I’ve read by her. Be they Historical or Romantic Suspense, I always come away feeling like I’ve made new friends, and wanting to read more about them. She writes believable storylines and characters who seem so real it’s hard to imagine that they’re not. They are the kinds of people I’d love to have as friends and neighbors.Honestly, if you’ve not yet tried anything by this author – you’re missing out on some truly great stories. If you’re into Romantic Suspense, give her I-Team series a try. If Historical Romance is your thing, check out the Blakewell/Kenleigh Trilogy and her Highlanders series, MacKinnon’s Rangers. You will not be disappointed!And for those who have been trying to find Sweet Release and Carnal Gift with no success, you’ll be thrilled to know that they are now available in ebook format! They can be found at , , and for $2.99 each! And the ebook version of Carnal Gift is actually the novel the way Ms. Clare intended it to be written, before the publishers got their hands on it and made her cut 100 or so pages.----------If you're already a Pamela Clare fan, or interested in learning more about her and her books, be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on Goodreads!

  • Kristen
    2018-11-18 09:25

    4 starsI feel fortunate that my first experience reading Carnal Gift was the version Pamela Clare originally intended for publication. In this book we are given Jamie's full story. How his torment and guilt over Nicholas' supposed death affected his decisions throughout the story. The elimination of this contributing factor would have left Jamie's character virtually prosaic and the overall impact of the book sorely lacking. I enjoyed this book. The romance between Jamie and Brighid captured my heart and imagination. I found myself rooting for them personally as well as romantically. The secondary characters were wonderfully developed and I was just as captivated with their stories as I was with the protagonists. The Irish history was fascinating and gave me a new respect for these indomitable  people.The ending of this book was fabulous. Very poignant, heartwarming, and memorable. Congratulations Ms. Clare. I'm happy you were finally able to share with your readers the novel you always intended.     

  • Buggy
    2018-10-22 06:28

    Well then, it seems that I have found a new favourite author in Ms Clare; she really can do no wrong. CARNAL GIFT is the 2nd book from the Blakewell/Kenleigh trilogy and another epic read. With adventures of a grand scale, passion, heartache, suspense and characters that stay with you long after you’ve finished, this is how historical romances are meant to be. I also just have to mention the detail paid to historical accuracy. The research involved here boggles my mind and is appreciated although if I’m being honest I did find the traditional Irish Gaelic names somewhat distracting (Brighid, Fionn Muirin, Ailis) as I paused often to figure out how to pronounce them (and I never did quite get Ruaidhri?)However kudos for traditional accuracy. This is well written, intricate story, taking our couple through insurmountable trials before they’re finally allowed to reach their HEA and I loved the adventure. The romance aspect was believable, sigh worthy and slow building. I’d expected that due to the circumstances of their initial meeting (!) our heroine was going to be all bitter, angry (and annoying) but thankfully Clare never went there and I truly enjoyed Brighid. And what a hero we’re given in Jamie, (after first meeting him as a boy in Sweet Release) he sure grew up to be one hell of a fine man. I also loved (to hate) the villain, Sheffield Tate wow, what a sick bastard he turned out to be, becoming more and more evil as his layers were peeled away. Well done. Our story takes place in 1754 Ireland; Jamie Blackwell (of Virginia) is visiting his friend Sheff who he attended Oxford with before he travels to London. While out on a hunt their party comes across a small Catholic funeral procession, changing Jamie and Brighid’s lives forever. Because the act of Catholicism is banned Sheff breaks up the funeral and orders the priest hung but not before he notices how Jamie is looking at the beautiful Irish girl. Sheff then kidnaps Brighid and since during that time the English (Sasanach) essentially owned the Irish he gives her to Jamie as a virginal gift, which he will then have once Jamie is finished with her. Jamie being the honourable sort soon realizes his friend is off his freaking rocker and rescues Brighid. This however places her two brothers in grave danger and Sheff on a trail of vengeance. So my summery is pretty lame, and really only the first chapter, there are just so many more layers to this amazing story then I‘ve been able to express. Cheers

  • Jennifer Lane
    2018-10-30 04:35

    Another Winning Historical Romance From Pamela ClareCarnal Gift is a wonderful follow-up to Sweet Release, book one in the Kenleigh-Blakewell Family Saga. This time it's Cassie's brother, American Jamie Blakewell who's the hero of the story. Jamie visits his Oxford friend Sheff in Ireland in 1754, but discovers Sheff isn't the amusing and kind classmate from before. Sheff seems to have turned into a sadistic bastard, actually.Sheff's abusive behavior is first exposed when he and Jamie come across a Catholic funeral, which is illegal in Ireland. Sheff threatens all the attendees, including the gorgeous raven-haired Bríghid. Jamie can't take his eyes off her, and Sheff notices his interest in the young woman.I had thought Carnal Gift was a strange name for a novel, but it's quite appropriate in this case. Crazy-ass Sheff has Bríghid kidnapped and then bestows her maidenhead upon his friend Jamie as a gift. Not only that, but Jamie knows his insane friend is watching through the peephole to see if he, ahem, "opens" his gift by getting it on with Bríghid.This is just the beginning of a wild ride between Jamie and Bríghid. I loved how they dealt with their religious differences:Jamie tried not to notice that the cross had come to rest in the cleft between her breasts. "I'm supposed to be angry because you dared hang a Catholic symbol around my neck when you, a Catholic, were trying to save my Protestant life?""Then you're not angry?""No, Bríghid." He stifled a crazy urge to take her hand. "Where I come from, there are more religions than days in a month. I decided long ago such things aren't worth fighting about. I doubt God cares one way or another how we pray, as long as we make time for it once in a while."Amen! Religious freedom is one of my favorite aspects of living in America.I also enjoyed the reason behind Sheff's puzzling switch to sadism.I'm excited Pamela Clare is writing again after her battle with breast cancer. Can't wait to read more of her masterpieces!

  • Kathrynn
    2018-11-01 09:29

    3 1/2 Stars!I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, I enjoyed the plot and all the characters; however, the writing was "loose" and repetitive--at times. I disliked (really, really!) how time was taken to "explain" what was happening. Duh! Or to recap the events. Double Ugh! This was my second historical book by this author and though this was much better than the first (Sweet Release), I enjoyed her modern romantic suspense series (I-Team) much more.Set in Ireland, 1754, with the focus on English cruelty to the Irish or Catholics and there were many times when I felt a history lesson was there that jerked me out of the story. On the plus side, this author can sure write a bottom-dwelling villain! Sheffield Tate was one evil, sick and twisted, vile person. The hero is Jamie--the child in "Sweet Release" or little brother to Cassie--all grown-up. He is visiting his college friend in Ireland and stumbles across a pour Irish girl, Brighid. That was not her full name and let me say that I was not at all impressed by the details of Irish names and Gaelic information that was injected during the story. I'm Irish, but it was too much and disrupted the story, for me.The plot, suspense and romance were all good. Very entertaining. I enjoyed how the characters grew to trust (and like) each other. There were two romances between the pages of this one: Brighid and Jamie; Fionn and Muirin. The latter being less in the story, but very sweet. On to the next one in this series...Ride the Fire.

  • Ruth
    2018-10-30 08:40

    I really enjoyed this book, although perhaps not as much as the previous one in the series. It didn't feel as detailed, and the plot didn't evolve at the same gradually accelerating pace that just sucked me in in Sweet Release. Having said that the setting was again fabulous, in Ireland, during the period of Georgian repression, and the hero and heroine were also excellent.The hero was merely a child in the previous book, and here we get to see him as an adult. He made a great hero, but I didn't feel I came to know him as well as Alec in Sweet Release. The heroine is much better described, but did become a bit annoying towards the end. I can't really fault her reasons for some of her choices - she decided to stick with her faith rather than recant and marry the hero, for example, but there comes a time when survival is more important than duty, surely, and she crossed it several times. I think, in conclusion, she was just too damned perfect for me. I liked Sweet Release, because neither the hero nor the heroine were perfect, and, however grudgingly, knew it.So I'd give this 4.5 stars probably.

  • Riverina Romantics
    2018-11-04 08:33

    Pamela Clare is one of my go to authors when I'm in a book funk. I know her stories will have loveable characters, heart wrenching romance and a whole heap of drama to keep me hooked from start to finish....So when I read the worst book known to man this week, I went straight to my Pamela Clare pile. Carnal Gift was gorgeous. It gave me those really nice warm and know the ones you get when the author has the ability to convince you of the most powerful love between two fictional characters and have you contemplating leaving your significant other in search of the hero. Well, lucky for my husband I don't have a time machine because Jamie was such a honey. He was fiercely protective, adoringly sweet and masculine as hell. I enjoyed this story from start to finish.

  • Mei
    2018-10-28 03:22

    This is the story of little Jamie, Cassie's brother.Now, here he's not so "little"! *wink*The story is really exciting. I don't know much about the enimity between Irish and English, but from what I read in this book I could sympathize with the Irish people. Their plight was dire indeed! They were taken away their faith, their land, their birthright... poor people...Brighid is Irish, catholic, poor and Jamie is English (even if colonial), protestant, and rich. How will they manage to be toghether?You'll have to read this book to find out! :DI loved Jamie: he's honorable, sweet and very passionate. He's doing everything to help Brighid and her brothers. But she's not convinced of that and she doesn't trust him. While I could understand her reticence, sometimes she just made me angry! I wanted to grip her shoulders and give her a sound shake! (view spoiler)[She stubbornly doesn't want to leave, even if Jamie tries to explain to her that if she doesn't not only her, but her bothers too, will suffer! (hide spoiler)]She also doesn't bend in anything; it's always Jamie who does it. Yes, she falls in love with him, make passionate love, but until the very end doesn't trust him. Poor Jamie...First he lusts after her, but it's not only that and very early he realizes that he's in love and he's ready to do everything to help her. He's soooo sweet.The heat between them is scorching hot and the passionate love-making scenes are right in Pamela Clare style! *wink*

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2018-11-10 03:36

    The second book in the Blakewell/Kenleigh Family Trilogy. Another awesome story from Pamela Clare. While I prefer Ms Clare's Romantic Suspense books, her Historical Romances can definitely hold their own. I truly felt myself transported to 18th century Ireland and felt their struggles against the dread Sasanach. Brighid and her family are just simple Irish folks, living the life that they were born into. Jamie is a colonist, in Ireland visiting his "friend", Sheff.I should mention I have both the paperback and an ebook copy. I read mostly from the ebook copy that contained the "complete" book that Pamela Clare wrote.Definitely recommended to anyone who loves historical romances.If you're already a Pamela Clare fan, or interested in learning more about her and her books, be sure to stop by our Pamela Clare Fan Group here on Goodreads!

  • Lynsey A
    2018-10-26 06:28

    Another awesome read by Pamela Clare. I liked this one but not as well as the others. It wasn't anything I could put my finger on but still enjoyed it. I loved, loved, loved the ending and even though I was pretty sure it would end that way it was nice to see it too.The only problem I had was the Gaelic. Such a pretty language but no idea how to read it. I only guessed at how the names were pronounced. All in all a great book. I'm anxious to begin Ride the Fire but alas know that will be the last Pamela Clare historical until 2012 when Connor's book finally arrives! However, that isn't going to stop me from picking it up now.

  • Beanbag Love
    2018-11-08 05:21

    I really enjoyed this book. It's the second in Clare's Kenleigh/Blakewell trilogy and I think I might have liked it the most. I read the whole series out of order -- third one, then the first one, then the second one -- but it didn't throw me. Pamela Clare is pretty good at making each of her stories unique and independent from the others in a series.So, this is the last PC book I had to read until Defiant. I'm proud of myself for holding off as long as I did.Definite 4.5. Good chemistry from the leads, interesting setting, decent suspense. All the things I like in a historical. :)

  • Gina
    2018-11-13 08:20

    ok i stayed up late to finish book. This book was awesome! I loved these two Brighid and Jamie had passion! This book grabbed me right from the start, I really got into these two. I want to be irish now!! I loved how close she was to her family. Jamie had such respect for her, he was going to do the right thing under forced circumstances.And then there was Nicholas, oh say it isn' so..The end made me smile and my eyes filled with tears....I loved this book.

  • Jenny
    2018-11-10 08:48

    I adore this author's sweet heroines and her heartwarming epilogues. Great love story, adorable heroine, dreamy smitten hero.

  • Jane Stewart
    2018-11-21 03:39

    Dry writing. Lengthy development of predictable things. It needs richer characters.TWO BOOKS (Sweet Release and Carnal Gift):I liked books 3 and 5 in the author’s I-Team series, but I did not like her first two books “Sweet Release” and “Carnal Gift.” The main conflicts were based on the settings where it was against the law for hero and heroine to be together. SR takes place on a tobacco plantation in 1730. Heroine’s father owns the plantation. Hero is a bondsman. If they are discovered he will be hung and she will be punished. Secondary plot has evil masters doing horrible things to slaves and bondsmen. In CG, it is against the law for Catholics to marry Protestants. She is Catholic he is Protestant. This takes place in Ireland and England in1751. Secondary plot has evil Lord doing horrible things to Catholics, peasants, and servants.Both of these books felt like textbook writing. The author takes her time to fully describe and develop plot events. But they are predictable. Nothing special. For example, yes it’s painful giving birth but I don’t want to spend a bunch of time hearing the details and having it drawn out with her painful cries - like the author was trying to be true to life rather than interesting. Too many things were drawn out like that.Right after reading these I read “Carnal Innocence” by Nora Roberts. CI had what was missing from Clare’s books. CI characters were colorful and rich with interesting dialogue - unexpected dialogue. I smiled often during CI. I did not smile during Clare’s two books.DIFFERENT VERSIONS:When SR and CG were first published, the publisher shortened one or both of them by about 100 pages. The author recently released the “full” versions in ebook form. I read the full versions. CARNAL GIFT:A few things felt stupid to me. Like she insists on going to an illegal Catholic mass which causes them trouble. Another time she is in danger and does not want to go to a safe place. He and she overhear “the wrong parts” of conversations, and then they think the other doesn’t want them.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Kindle count length: 7,319. Swearing language: mild including religious swear words. Sexual language: moderate. Number of sex scenes: about 10, includes attempted rape. Setting: 1751 to 1756 Ireland, England, and Virginia. Copyrights: 2004 and 2011. Genre: historical romance with suspense.

  • PepperP0t
    2018-11-22 05:36

    4.5stars reallyMore than twenty years have passed since the end of Sweet Release. Young Jamie Blakewell has grown to adulthood, done a stint in the army and traveled to England on Alec's behalf for business where he meets up with a schoolmate who is now a cruel, harsh and landed Earl. The Earl who's lands now encompass those of Brighid Ni Maelsechnaill and her family, much is also forbidden by law including religious gatherings for her faith. When Brighid's brother gets into trouble with the Earl, Jamie talks his friend out of taking harsh retribution. The Earl doesn't mete out the punishment but notices Jamie noticing Brighid and makes a gift of her to Jamie. To possibly save Brighid's life Jamie secretes her out of the Earl's home but is unable to escape before he is attacked and severely wounded. Under the days and nights of Brighid tenderly nursing Jamie and Jamie gaining his strength to leave, both Brighid and Jamie discover, and try to fight, the growing feelings they have for each other. But more disturbing is how irrationally obsessed the Earl has become with Brighid since Jamie left his home with her. I love the way this story was woven with tension throughout. There was enough of the side stories to ensure interest and cement the urgency of movement and the reasons for Jamie's initial visit. Brighid and Jamie had good chemistry from the outset and became a great couple once the trust was exchanged. The secondary characters from Brighid's family and neighbors to the villainous Earl were complex and personable enough to make you look forward to their scenes and they were each discernible in the interactions with each other.

  • TJ
    2018-11-10 05:44

    Incredibly well-written, this story of a young Irish peasant girl who is brutally taken from her family by their cruel English overlord and forced to play the whore in exchange for her brother's life, is gritty yet tender. Ms. Clare is kind enough to keep the heroine's virtue in-tack (at least until she decides otherwise) while still painting the horrors that were experienced by the Irish at England's hand with heart-wrenching realism, all while creating a wonderful love story that rises above and ultimately wins the day - Sigh..... true romance!

  • Amanda
    2018-10-29 07:24

    Ah yes.....picture it. A man who isn't afraid of hard work, back-breaking, long-into-the-night kind of work. His body is tanned and toned, every muscle and chord stark proof of the hours spent toiling in the fields. Yet, put him in a gentleman's dress....expensive tailoured waistcoat and breeches, hair tied back in a tight cue, and he fits right in. His manner is charming, witty and extremely intelligent. Brawn and enticing mixture in a man, one each and every female would be happy to have. At least, I would. And so does our heroine, Brighid, in Pamela's Clare's second historical entitled "Carnal Gift".Jamie is visiting his friend Sheffield Tate on his estate in Ireland. Quite quickly, Jamie realizes that his friend has changed, and not for the better. While hunting, they come upon a group of Irish Catholic peasants gathered to bury a baby. It is the mid 1700's and the English are notorious for their cruelty to the Irish and Catholicism was banned. Sheff, in his villainous way, decides this group of "filthy Irish" need to be punished for disobeying the laws of the land. But wait.....Jamie spies the lovely Brighid and cannot help but be instantly drawn to her. Of course, he is not looking for companionship or that illustrious notion called "love". Jamie is there to sway many political figures into supporting the need for troops in the colonies in order to fight the French and their native allies. It is when Brighid's hot-tempered brother takes a stand against Sheff that he knows he must put a stop to Sheff killing these poor people. But Sheff, knowing Jamie well, realizes that his friend has taken a liking to the Irish beauty and insists on capturing her and "giving" her to Jamie as a gift. Being the honourable man that he is, Jamie will not force himself upon any woman. But Jamie knows that Sheff wants Brighid for use her, defile her body, and possibly kill her. Jamie will never let this happen.I really enjoyed this book. Having read "Sweet Release", the first book of the trilogy, I already knew our hero Jamie, although he was just a child in that book. I already had the backstory and thus I was more connected to the characters. I liked how the setting moved from picturesque Ireland to the bustle of England. The other characters in the story were also well developed to the point where I wished for their happy ending as well. In true Pamela Clare fashion, the love scenes are HOT and the romance is touching. Although I enjoyed "Sweet Release" more, "Carnal Gift" is a great tale on its own...a tale of love, commitment and trust...the basis for all unions, even today.

  • Kim
    2018-11-05 06:45

    2011 edition with the "rest of the story". Could not resist reading the 100 pages that was omitted from the first print. Read this 2011 version as an ebook. I had read this book a couple of years ago but as with all Pamela's books you always want more, so when she said "I've got an additional 100 pages to go with Carnal Gift" yep I was all over that. I absolutely adore you, Pamela Clare. I love history and I love romances. When I read your books I want to go look up old history books to get more. I love it when that happens! There are only three romance authors who have ever made history come alive for me, Pamela Clare, Virgina Henley and Diana Gabaldon. Big shout out to Pamela for another homerun. "I Friggn Love You!!!" And I remember when I couldn't find your books in Books a Million, B&N, or Borders. And I remember pushing her books all over Amazon in lists and reviews. She's in the big leagues now baby exactly where she deserves to be.

  • Anne OK
    2018-11-01 03:39

    If you hear this is "not the best" - don't believe it! Wonderful Irish storyline. I would not want to miss one single book in this series.

  • Kelly
    2018-11-11 09:19

    Another brilliant edition to the Blakewell/Kenleigh family saga. I love Pamela Clare's historicals. She has a way of writing that is so vivid that I feel I have fallen into the past.

  • Bowie
    2018-10-31 04:25

    3.5 stars

  • Amy
    2018-11-16 03:23

    Another perfect story from Pamela Clare that tugs at my heartstrings! I love her sweet heroines!

  • Tracy
    2018-11-09 07:31

    This was an audio book for me. Love this series. So interesting and the characters too. I have some challenges with audiobooks where a male narrator does female voices. Sometimes it just doesn't translate well and loses something. Especially during the sex scenes!But the story was great and I loved ok forward to reading more by this author.

  • Vince Darcangelo
    2018-11-18 07:36 review originally appeared in the BOULDER WEEKLYCarnal Giftby Vince Darcangelo The line distinguishing fiction from non-fiction has always been blurry. So-called fiction writers have produced thinly veiled confessionals, while history books have been slanted to fit a particular agenda. And even when they’re making things up, writers are giving life to characters and places–thereby making them real in a cerebral sense. It’s this real-ness that creates a connection between character and reader. With her first two books, Sweet Release and the recently published Carnal Gift, local author Pamela Clare, a.k.a. Boulder Weekly editor Pamela White, may have discovered a new emotional depth at which character and reader connect. In fact, she breathes so much life into her characters that fans often write asking her to deliver messages to them."I’ve had requests for interviews with characters, not interviews with me," Clare laughs. "That’s very gratifying. I guess I’ve done my job."Clare has done her job well. Sweet Release sold beyond both Clare’s and her publisher’s expectations following its release last spring, and the book was nominated for substantial honors in the romance community. Carnal Gift, released in March of this year, has launched Clare on a rocket ride to stardom, garnering Clare two new book contracts and a spot on the best-sellers list."Much to my shock, [Carnal Gift] hit the Barnes and Noble romance list the first week it came out," says Clare. "It didn’t hit the bottom of the list either… That just blew me away."Last month Clare sold two books at auction to Penguin/USA. She describes the books as contemporary romantic suspense novels set in Denver. She also accepted a multi-book offer from her current publisher Dorchester for more historical romances."I went from having just completed a two-book contract to having a total of six books that I have to write and [being on] the Barnes and Noble list. It was just all of a sudden phenomenal," says Clare. "I was getting out of the shower this morning, and I realized that I’m an author."When writing Carnal Gift, which is set in Ireland, Clare immersed herself in Irish history with the intention of developing an accurate portrayal of people and place."I very much did not want to write the kind of Ireland that we think of when we think of St. Patrick’s Day, which is green beer and shamrocks," says Clare. "I didn’t want to fall for stereotypes. I was trying to look for what life was really like there."Clare says that Carnal Gift is set during one of the rockiest periods of Irish history: the penal era. The book focuses on an English Protestant man and an Irish Catholic woman who fall in love during a time when it was illegal for the two to marry. In painting the backdrop to the story, Clare blended the Emerald Isle’s history and its myths."In a sense that’s what we do when we write fiction," she says. "We play with archetypes and try to give the story enough of a realistic grounding that it resonates with people, that people can relate to it, and at the same time draw on the power of archetypes and mythologies to get people involved on a primal level."But while Clare paints the setting in thick textures, when it comes to plot she is happy to let her characters take the lead."For me the most interesting part of fiction writing is the whole notion of surrendering to your characters," she says. "With Carnal Gift I didn’t plot anything. I knew just the barest jist of the story… Sitting down and just trying to have faith that the characters were going to take me to the right place was scary as hell."She was so immersed in her characters that once, when answering a phone call from someone with an Irish accent, she thought one of her characters had found a way to call her.Readers of Clare’s debut novel, Sweet Release, will recognize the hero in Carnal Gift, Jamie, as the younger brother of the heroine in her first book. Carnal Gift is the second part of a trilogy, but the novel is self-contained for readers new to Clare’s work."It is its own story," she says. "I’ve written it so that if people had never read Sweet Release they can pick up Carnal and read it and not be deprived of something essential."Readers of Sweet Release will find Carnal Gift a welcome return to the world of Pamela Clare. First-time readers will surely be scrambling to read Clare’s first book as soon as they finish Carnal Gift.

  • Lizzy
    2018-10-30 06:35

    Blakewell/Kenleigh Family Trilogy # 2"Quando Deus une um homem e uma mulher, Ele ajuda a encontrar o caminho". Essa frase resume com perfeição a linda história de amor de Jamie Blakewell e Brighid Ní Maelsechnaill. Considerando o contexto histórico e social em que viviam, essa união parecia impossível. Ele é um inglês protestante, que muito embora não possuísse título de nobreza, era rico e proprietário de prósperos negócios na Virgínia, América. Ela é uma humilde camponesa irlandesa católica, filha de um professor considerado subversivo, vendido como escravo pelos ingleses. A Inglaterra havia dominado a Irlanda de forma déspota, impondo sua religião, usurpando suas terras, e explorando os agricultores. Os nobres ingleses faziam suas próprias leis, inclusive o casamento entre católicos e protestantes era proibido. O momento em que Jamie e Brighid se conhecem é muito impactante. Parece ser costume da autora tornar o primeiro encontro sempre emblemático. Ele estava em uma caçada nas terras do conde e amigo Sheff, senhor de Byerly, ela acompanhado um cortejo fúnebre. Há um conflito entre o conde e os camponeses, mas Jamie intervém em favor deles. Desde então ficou evidente o fascínio de Jamie por Brighid, algo que não passou despercebido ao conde, situação esta que causa desdobramentos imprevisíveis na vida de todos. Em um momento, Brighid estava na segurança de seu lar com seus irmãos, em outro, foi despojada de sua vontade e oferecida pelo conde como um presente sexual a Jamie. O herói fica muito atraído, impactado, mas o seu senso de honra prevalece. Assim, ele finge manter relações sexuais com a heroína, a cena é muito forte e erótica, mas isso não aplaca a insanidade do conde, o qual irá até às últimas consequências para possuir Brighid e humilhar seu ex-amigo.A partir daí Brighid e Jamie irão construir a sua história. Um amor cheio de impedimentos. Duas vidas separadas por séculos de sangue e ódio entre seus povos. Aos poucos vamos conhecer o íntimo de Jamie, seus demônios pessoais, e o homem excepcional que ele é. Sim, caros leitores, estamos diante de um magnífico exemplar que facilmente preenche os requisitos femininos mais exigentes. Jamie sabe ser doce e sedutor, mas igualmente dominante e protetor quando a ocasião assim requer. Por isso mesmo, quando o herói sequestra a heroína, vibrei. Sim, pode parecer algo medieval, mas, acreditem, foi um ato de amor.A devoção do herói é cativante, causa deslumbramento. Ele faz o impensável para proteger o seu amor, mesmo antes de saber que estava apaixonado. Paralelamente, Jamie busca meios de aprovar uma lei no Parlamento Inglês que viabilizasse uma luta naval na América, no intuito de proteger os colonos dos franceses e seus aliados índios. Neste ponto, a autora demonstra cuidado e pesquisa, algo que apreciei muito.Adorei acompanhar o romance entre Finn, irmão de Brighid, e Muirín. Achei muito sensível e encantador. Também conhecemos um pouco sobre o destino de Nicholas, sobrinho de Jamie, protagonista de Ride the Fire, terceiro volume da série. Enfim, um livro lindo, romântico, completo. Um amor que me fez relembrar as razões pelas quais sou fascinada por enredos do estilo, que exploram os sentimentos, a conexão primitiva e universal entre dois seres que se encontram por razões inexplicáveis, e que apesar dos obstáculos, encontram forças e meios para que o elo firmado prevaleça. Piegas, pode ser, mas confio que o conto do cavaleiro reluzente ainda tem o seu encantamento. Jamie prova isso. Imensamente recomendado!

  • Karla
    2018-11-04 04:21

    Brighid is a teenage Irish girl with all the hopes of girls her age. She lives with her brothers and her father, as her mom died when she was a little girl, until everything in her world takes a turn when her father is taken to be sold as a slave to the colonies, for he defied English law by being a teacher to Irish kids. The story takes place in Ireland during a time where Irish are rebels forced to submit to the English lords. Brighid is forced then to care for the household and hide her feelings and put aside her dreams until the fateful day where she meets him. The same day she is abducted by a Lord and forced to act as a whore in order to protect her hotheaded brother. Jamie Blakewell is friends with the Lord that has taken Brighid captive and in order to keep that friendship the Lord gives Brighid to Jamie as a gift. Jaime is to take her virginity, but Jamie decides to protect her, as she has been in his thoughts ever since he laid his eyes on her. They go then on a long journey where she is forced to part with all she hold dear in order to save her life and of those she cares for and he discovers he is capable of feelings he believed were not for him. Suspense, love, betrayal, malice, and everything you find in Pamela Clare books. I absolutely loved the story. Brighid reminded me of Kat in Naked Edge. Jamie is so easy to love. Even though I was skeptical upon reading historical romance, the fact that I loved the I-Team series from Pamela Clare moved me to read the other books penned by her even though they were historical romances, I figured I might've as well start here and I wasn't disappointed in the least. Even though I will always be a fan of romantic novels such as the I-Team series, I think I might enjoy a little historical here and there is it's written as wonderfully as these ones. Carnal Gift is even better than Sweet Release overall but of course the mention of previous characters are a welcome surprise always. This book could be read by itself but reading them in series order makes the experience better.

  • Morgan
    2018-11-13 10:40

    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFCarnal Gift, the second book in the Kenleigh/Blackwell series, by Pamela Clare was WONDERFUL. I don’t want to just repeat my review of Sweet Release, but my thoughts and feelings about this book are identical to my feelings about Sweet Release. The main characters, Jamie and Brighid, are 3 dimensional. Clare writes her characters so well that you can see them before your eyes. The plot was suspenseful and twisted, and just when you think everything is about to work out something crazy and unexpected happens. It’s sweet and hopeful. It’s sexy and primitive. You won’t be able to put this book down. It’s too good.Carnal Gift is also an emotional and moving novel. My heart shattered for the Irish and Catholics. People were punished for simply being born who they are, and it was heartbreaking to imagine the very real people who had to endure this torture many years ago. In the Author’s Note, Clare mentions that she did months of research so she could write this novel with accuracy. I’d just like to stay thank you to her for putting so much time and effort into writing this story. It really paid off. I hate history, but I love historical romance. (I know that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense!) When I think about historical romance my mind conjures up the feelings, customs and experiences from certain periods in history. When I think of history my mind goes to the dark past of memorizing numerous names, dates, places, and battles for History class. Pamela Clare knows how to make history interesting.I gave Carnal Gift by Pamela Clare 4 STARS (4.5 STARS). READ IT NOW (Well right after you finished the first book in the series Sweet Release).-XOXOREADING, EATING AND DREAMING

  • Regan Walker
    2018-11-10 04:45

    4 and 1/2 Stars! Wonderful Irish Love StoryThis is the second in Clare’s Blakewell/Kenleigh Family trilogy and it’s a good one. Set in Ireland (and some in England) in 1751 (prologue), 1754 and 1756 (epilogue), it tells the story of Jamie Blakewell, an Englishman with a tobacco plantation in the Colony of Virginia, who has returned to England to try and persuade Parliament to provide money for ships to defeat the French and their Indian allies in the war that has just begun. To help Jamie with the House of Lords, he seeks the aid of a friend from Oxford days, Sheffield, Lord Byerly, whose lands lay in Ireland. On a hunt in Ireland, they come across some Irish Catholics illegally observing their faith while conducting a child’s funeral. Among them is 18-year-old Brighid whose beauty catches Jamie’s eye. While debauched Sheff would kill the priest and throw the rest in prison, Jamie argues for their lives. Without his knowing it, while Sheff appears to release them, he actually plans to kill the priest and take Brighid as a gift for Jamie. But Jamie is of noble heart and when Brighid is brought to him against her will, he only pretends to have his way with her.Clare weaves a complex tale that puts us in the heart of the Irish-English conflict in Ireland and the persecution the Catholics faced. She creates some wonderful characters who will live long in our hearts. She also gives us a picture of what brought people to America and the blending of the classes in the New World. It’s a wonderful love story and I highly recommend it.The Blakewell/Kenleigh family trilogy: Sweet Release, set in 1730, Cassie Blakewell and Alec KenleighCarnal Gift, set in 1754, Jamie BlakewellRide the Fire, set in 1763, Nicholas Kenleigh

  • Michelle [Helen Geek]
    2018-11-09 05:42

    I liked this book. I read it out of order, there is one before this. These are newly re-releases of Pamela Clare's older works. She modified them a bit and made available electronically. I bought for my Nook and was very reasonably priced. Sweet Release is the first one and then the 3rd one will be available in 2012 - Ride the Fire.You can tell this is one of her earlier works. The story was good, rather sweet at times -- which isn't what I'm used to from her, but very good. She tells a story about and interesting time in history; the French and Indian War. She also blends in nicely the Irish/English struggles occuring during the same time.Pamela Clare usually creates quite a bit of sexual tension between her characters. This book has romance, but the tension is more of the "does he love me", "does she love me" kind. Good, but a little unexpected.Although a bit distracting, I really liked her incorporating the Gaelic or Irish language throughout the story. Her characters were well developed and the story moved well. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in this series. I really hope she comes out with all her older works electronically.If you in the mood for Pamela Clare, a historical story from a time period not normally in stories, strong character development and like a bit of Ireland, this would be a good story to read. I don't think you need to read the series in order, so no worries there and at a Nook price of $2.99 a real bargain. I think it available for Kindle too.Happy Reading!

  • Teresa
    2018-11-10 11:40

    There are two things I can’t forgive a book: bad writing (which often means poor description of feelings) and characters I can’t connect with. Both mistakes weren’t made by Pamela Clare here, so I have nothing to complain.Her research seems to be very thorough, she included whole lines in Gaelic, and the atmosphere she created was genuine and authentic. She does a marvelous job in creating the bleak poverty of the Irish people, the hard life they are leading: Her heroine isn’t a spoiled brat, but a very young woman who’s been through far too much already. I did get Brighid 100%, and I so wished for her HEA.Jamie was EXACTLY my type of hero: blond and green-eyed, it can’t get more perfect. He had a hard time admitting his feelings for Brighid, but given his personal history, I forgive him.It was fun to watch the two characters’ journey into each other’s arms.The last 20% were so full of suspense, I could hardly read on sometimes- I’m glad I did, though, to see the evil villain dead.Mrs. Clare takes her time, but the book is well worth it- and she CAN write, that’s for sure. All in all, I’m giving that one five stars- I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading the book.