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It's a spring morning on Grandpa's farm and the grandkids are visiting. When his grandson reports that the cows have gotten loose, Grandpa calmly makes breakfast because he knows the kids are trying to play an April Fool's trick. Full color....

Title : April Foolishness
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ISBN : 9780807504048
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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April Foolishness Reviews

  • Melissa
    2019-01-20 16:59

    We love the cleverness found in all Teresa Bateman's books. Anthony picked up on the correlation between the animals and the food right away. I didn't even notice.

  • Cheryl
    2019-01-13 23:10

    Oh! So funny. Especially the twist at the end. Your grandchildren will love it. Not a necessary book or especially wise, but still recommended.

  • Alice
    2019-01-15 20:18

    A fun April Fools adventure!! Not really my holiday but still a fun book!Don't mess with Grandpa though... wink!

  • Ally Lybbert
    2019-01-08 01:00

    Picture bookThis is a cute April Fool's Day story about grandkids visiting their grandparents farm. The illustrations are cute. There is a rhymeI don't know that there is much else I could do with this in the classroom though.

  • Michelle McBeth
    2018-12-26 23:59

    SUMMARY: Grandma is excited because the grandkids are coming over and it is April Fools Day. While Grandpa is fixing himself breakfast, brother and sister come in to tell him about one calamity after another happening out in the barnyard. Grandpa does not take them seriously because he assumes they are playing April fools jokes on him. But Grandma gets the last laugh.ILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations are brightly colored, lively and fun. There are funny little details here and there that are a delight to discover.THE GOOD: This was a very cleverly told story. You think one thing is happening in the story and then find out in the end that something completely different is going on. THE NOT AS GOOD: A note for vegans: As the children warn Grandpa about each animal problem, he makes a breakfast item coming from that animal (such as bacon while being warned about the pigs). Some of the irony and humor may go over the youngest children's heads.AGE RECOMMENDATION: Age 4-7

  • Lenae Haley
    2019-01-01 22:00

    April Foolishness is about two grandkids coming to visit their grandparents who live on a farm on April Fools Day. The two grandkids came running in the house form outside to tell Grandpa that the cows were out. Grandpa ignored him and kept going on with his morning routine. Then the kids kept coming in time after time saying all of the animals were out and Grandpa still ignored the situation. Grandma finally came in kitchen asking about all of the noises and he told her nothing the kids were just trying to trick him. Read the book to find out if the kids were just teasing him or the animals just happened to actually be out. I loved this book. It was short and very funny for kids. This book could be read on April Fools Day. It is always good to have a book to read to the class relating to the holiday.

  • Carlye
    2019-01-13 01:01

    Summary:Basically the grandkids come over on and try to trick their Grandpa by saying that the animals are doing crazy things. The grandpa just shrugs it off and keeps making breakfast because he things it's April Fools day and the grandkids are just trying to trick him. Then when the grandma comes down she asks what all the fuss is about. The Grandpa says don't mind the kids that they are just trying to prank him. Grandma the responds by saying April Fools day is to tomorrow. The grandpa freaks out running outside. Was that only a prank by grandma or are all the animals actually causing trouble?Reaction:I thought the book was pretty funny. I wasn't expecting the ending so that was a pleasant surprise. I think that most children love to hear books about these pretty harmless pranks.

  • Miss Pippi the Librarian
    2018-12-22 01:19

    Tricky and clever! Grandpa is making breakfast while his grandchildren tell him story after story about the farm running a muck. It's not until Grandma comes in that the truth is revealed.A wonderfully dramatic story with a clever embellishments while making breakfast. The story is excellent as read aloud for a large group. In a smaller setting or one-on-one sharing, the readers can notice the clever illustrations and text about farm products while Grandpa makes breakfast.Theme: grandparentsAdditional themes: April Fools, farm, breakfastReviewed from a library copy.

  • Rosa Cline
    2019-01-09 22:13

    This was a super fun book to read! It's a combination of Grandparents sharing with grandkids and April Fool Day. The grandkids are all running around like crazy because things out on the farm are all crazy...animals out of the pens and things all weird but Grandpa is taking his time and making breakfast because he knows they are teasing him because it's April Fools Day. BUT when Grandma tells him April Fools Day is 'tomorrow' he jumps out and runs outside! The grandkids did 'get' Grandpa after all! Story and illustrations are great in this book!

  • The Brothers
    2019-01-21 23:19

    A grandpa who owns a farm cannot be ruffled when his grandchildren keep bursting in on his breakfast to tell him of the chaos ensuing with the animals. Grandpa knows it April Fool's Day and isn't about to be fooled. Only when Grandma comes down and tells him that April first is tomorrow does Grandpa react. (Grandma got him - April Fool!)Great illustrations.

  • Shannon
    2019-01-10 20:17

    This is a very cute story for April Fool's day. . . Or year round if you have a child who loves pranks! The Grandmother's trick at the end is delightful. I don't know if really young kids will catch onto this, but I also found it amusing how the Grandpa pulled out milk when he heard about the cows, eggs when he heard about the chicken, bacon for the pigs, and so on.

  • Jenna
    2019-01-18 23:03

    I would definitely use this story to show what April Fool's Day is about, but also show how we should not be mean while playing April Fool's jokes. Very engaging story about farm animals and grandparents, kids would get a laugh from the book.

  • Adam
    2019-01-17 23:54

    Hahahah! This is really humorous! I couldn't help but laugh in my brain. I liked how they tricked everyone when Grandma noted that today was not April Fool's. That was the funniest! Of course, Grandpa needs to stop smiling, because you never know when people snake-eye out, but then back to you.

  • Megan
    2018-12-27 16:53

    A sweet, funny April Fools book, ideal for preschool age. A farmer and his wife have their grandchildren visiting on April Fools Day, and hilarity ensues. The verse is well-written and the illustrations colorful and fun. My son asked for multiple rereads!

  • Pauline
    2019-01-16 20:20

    Another nice take-home book from my daughter's school library. The story is good, the illustrations are great and the fonts are perfect. They are big enough for a five yr old to read without any problem.....

  • Brandi
    2018-12-21 16:50

    Bateman's book is a fun tale of a successful April Fool's Day. The tale is told from the Grandpa's perspective and is told in a fun rhyming way. This book would be good to celebrate April Fool's Day.

  • Karen
    2019-01-19 21:52

    This is a fun, although not especially strong, picture book that would be great for April 1st -- if you like that sort of foolishness.

  • krym
    2018-12-23 17:13

    I find hilarious and so fitted for april fool's!

  • Maquoketa
    2019-01-13 16:56

    Funny story...perfect for April Fool's Day.

  • Taigan
    2018-12-28 20:50

    This is a book that is fun to read when you want something lower than your level or a picture book. My sisters and brother loved it as well :)

  • Jenette
    2018-12-27 21:12

    Not as cute as I'd hoped.

  • Nick Shaffer
    2019-01-07 00:57

    A pretty fun book. Would be great to read on April fools day.

  • Shelby Troutman
    2019-01-09 16:55

    I want to own a copy so I can use this book for April Fool's day in my classroom. It is a great way to get students laughting and beginning their day off great.

  • Julia
    2019-01-02 00:09

    Very funny story in rhyme about a farmer who gets tricked by his grandkids and wife on April Fool's Day.

  • Chelsea
    2019-01-21 00:10

    Playing an April Fools trick on Grandpa can be quite difficult! Good thing Grandma knows the 'trick'!

  • Amber
    2018-12-24 23:14

    This is a funny picture book wherein Grandma gets the last laugh.

  • Meeghan
    2019-01-14 22:06

    Cute story full of rhymes and laughs. The pictures are great for asking questions to get my kids into the story.

  • Michelle Ella
    2019-01-06 01:14

    My boys (who are 4 and 6) loved this book. It was really cute and had them laughing about different parts.

  • Alissa
    2018-12-22 18:12

    This has such a cute story line that made me laugh at the end. Unpredictable.

  • Savannah
    2019-01-04 19:12

    This was a really cute story about the grandkids and their grandmother playing a prank on their grandfather. Loved the ending!