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Title : The Alien Legion
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780871352071
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 62 Pages
Status : Available For Download
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The Alien Legion Reviews

  • Sud666
    2019-01-07 20:23

    The Alien Legion. A mercenary unit that works for the Galarchy (inspired by the French Foreign Legion). The Galarchy is opposed by a mechanical species known as the Technoids. The Legion is used as a shock force of infantry and one that carries out suicide missions.The story reads somewhat like a war story. Here is this hallowed organization known as the Alien Legion. New recruits are shown the history and past heroes of the Legion. The soldiers themselves are hard bitten. But there is a closeness to the members of the Legion. The Legion is picked for an assassination mission where they have to take out the Technoid General. But, he may be more than he seems. There is a debt he owes to the Legion. The rest of the story is the recounting of the mission which I will not spoil.The squad members were a motley bunch. Some of the endings were interesting and darker than I assumed would be the case. I looked at this as a decent attempt to show the lives of the soldiers of the Legion. It is the shame the art is subpar. This was an older book and it shows. Still the story is a decent one and I enjoyed this weird French Foreign Legion meets Babylon 5 feel of this. Did this make me curious about reading more of the Alien Legion? No. But I didn't hate it either. Wish the artwork had been better. Good sci-fi story for those who like military sci-fi.

  • Timothy Boyd
    2018-12-31 17:26

    The Alien Legion is the French Foreign Legion of space. a bunch of get-the-job-done misfits. Great art and story, very cool characters. Highly recommended

  • Devero
    2019-01-10 18:26

    "Un Giorno Grigio Per Morire" è il titolo di questa graphic novel dedicata alla Alien Legion, i cui personaggi restano tra i miei preferiti. Gente da diversi mondi con nessuna prospettiva di vita al di fuori del servizio nella Legione, qualsiasi compito a loro tocchi. Nessuna remora morale è ammessa, nessun compito è troppo sporco, nonostante un'etica ben precisa guidi molti di loro: la fedeltà ai compagni.

  • Reyel2107
    2018-12-25 19:14

    one of my first favorite graphic novel ever !!!!!!