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Inspiring story of a girl who suffered many hardships during the Chinese Communist revolution and who finally escaped to be reunited with her family....

Title : Eighth Moon: The True Story of a Young Girl's Life in Communist China
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ISBN : 9780380636778
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 224 Pages
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Eighth Moon: The True Story of a Young Girl's Life in Communist China Reviews

  • AlexB_E2
    2019-01-03 18:05

    This book is about my grandma's little sister. It is interesting to hear about a young girls life in communist China but even more interesting to know that this is about someone you know. I know so much more about her history and think that I can connect with her even more than now. I can sort of see why her personality is the way that it is. She comes from two different backgrounds just like when Mr.Errico came from all of his different backgrounds and I can definitely see how those two backgrounds could change her in different ways.

  • Kim
    2018-12-30 17:06

    The "Sansan" of the book is Bette Bao Lord's sister, youngest of three children. When their father left China in 1946 to take a position in the US, he had to leave his family behind. Eventually, their mother was able to join him and brought the two older daughters with her. Sansan, who was barely a year old, was left with an aunt. The family thought the separation would be for a year or two at the most. But after the revolution and the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, it was impossible for them to return or for Sansan to leave the country. The family was not reunited until 16 years later.The story was simple and touching. It’s not anything I hadn’t read before about life in China under Mao Zedong, but I was reminded again of what happens when ideology becomes more important than individual lives and how precious personal liberty is.

  • Amanda Coppedge
    2018-12-30 19:04

    I read this over and over in middle school.

  • Emma
    2019-01-18 22:11

    Before the Communist party took control of China, Bette Lord's family left China to spend a year in the United States. They did not intend to be gone long and did not think that leaving their daughter, Bette's sister, would be a problem since she was so young. However, changes happened quickly and the two separated parts of the the family are unable to reunite. As a result Sansan grows up believing her aunt is her mother. Her story provides an interesting perspective into life in Communist China.

  • Alan Alderson
    2019-01-10 18:52

    Enlightening and engagingThis book served as an excellent glimpse into communist China. I'm an American, so I don't know about the daily struggles of the Chinese. The real living conditions were brought to mind in a detailed way. I was amazed at how little these people live on in terms of food, clothing, creature comforts and knowledge of world events, not to mention the complete lack of choice of vocation or profession. Truly eye-opening. There were only a few typos, and it was well written and easy to follow.

  • Robin
    2019-01-06 19:10

    I traded my sad boy memoirs for a sad girl memoir.This is historically interesting, and has a place in the women's narratives I collect, but I won't say it is a must-read, or even very compelling -- other than the trueness of it, and the importance that someone recorded it while it was still such a fresh memory and without much of a revisionist view.

  • Toni Miranda
    2019-01-03 16:50

    This is a great companion to Red Scarf Girl. I think more people need to read these books so they can see a true picture of the effects of Socialism. It is scary how easy it is for a tyrant to use fear to control people and to get them to do things they would never have done before.

  • Jill
    2019-01-17 17:55

    EIGHTH MOON by Sansan and Bette Lord (1964)

  • MarieE
    2019-01-18 19:04

    I was originally planning on keeping this with the books I'm saving for my daught, but have decided to send it to my teenage neice.

  • Gloss
    2019-01-10 19:07

    In grade seven, my teacher-frenemy loaned this to me; I remember being absorbed and freaked-out in equal measure, and I'd love to read it again. I suspect my perspective has changed quite a bit.

  • Heather
    2019-01-15 21:55

    B1 R2 C3

  • Shelly
    2019-01-12 22:00

    This book shared a glimpse into the rarely seen world of early Communist China. So glad I read it and felt so grateful for the freedoms of America.

  • Fleur
    2019-01-06 22:11

    An inspiring true story...

  • Lee Yahnker
    2019-01-17 19:47

    Quick read. Story of a young girl and her struggles in Communist China with everything from food, school, and finally getting a pass to leave China and settle in the US with her real family.