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At last, I am coming into the sunlight. The dangers I faced are gone. And I'm in love. Deeply in love. But lately I've been having dreams. Terrible visions of someone in trouble. Someone who will die, unless I can prevent it. Who is calling me like this? And what will it cost me to help?Morgan is a blood witch - but where is her real family? And who are her friends, and heAt last, I am coming into the sunlight. The dangers I faced are gone. And I'm in love. Deeply in love. But lately I've been having dreams. Terrible visions of someone in trouble. Someone who will die, unless I can prevent it. Who is calling me like this? And what will it cost me to help?Morgan is a blood witch - but where is her real family? And who are her friends, and her enemies?...

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The Calling Reviews

  • Michelle's Paranormal Vault of Books
    2018-10-27 02:27

    I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the author ruined this book for me by giving major spoilers in description.... She's tells us how it ends!!!! What the heck????? I she gives so much spoiler info I could have just skipped this book and went to the next if I wanted.... Just NOT cool. Suggestion to author, redo that description so not to take away the discovery of all to come. Book Is too short to have such an in depth description. Other than there being no suspense or mystery since I knew what would happen, it's a good series overall. If you plan to read this book and have not read description yet, DON'T read description, just read the book.

  • Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا
    2018-10-28 19:06

    OH MY GOD! The ending of the sixth book was so intense and shocking!! Morgan and Alyce perform a tath meanma brach, because Morgan has so much to catch up with and her enemies are circling on the head of the list is Selen of course! Cal returns to hunt Morgan and tells her he still loves her but she discovers she loves Hunter and tells him so, at the end Selen kidnaps Morgan's sister Mary K. to trap Morgan into meeting her, when they start fighting and Selen sends a vapor to Morgan Cal jumps between them and... DIES!! No, that's not all!! Selen DIES after him!!! I mean, oh my God!

  • Sophia
    2018-11-04 00:18

    Spoiler alert.I ABSOLUTLY HATE WHEN CHARACTERS DO THIS SHIT! Hatehatehatehatehatehatehate. Maybe because it is so opposite my personality or i have zero restraint and say what im thinking 90% of the time. But its just a rule: Never leave your significant other, especially if your lucky and have a decent one, for a STUPID reason. Maybe its because ive been in that situation... i dont know. If you actually love someone dont screw it up... if you have to let them go for a short amount of time like in the saying because its something they want or they need time to think or discover themselves... ok thats fine... but i despise characters that do this shit and i will personally never write a charcter that stupid. But its a good thing taht it makes me mad... if i didnt care at all it would be bad and i would stop reading. But the intention was to create discord and upset the reader.Also... this book was predictable. Just saying.

  • Steffi
    2018-11-11 23:17

    Ich wollte wirklich keine 3 Sterne vergeben, aber ich muss mal.Die Spannung ist in diesem Buch wieder angestiegen. War wieder ein richtiger Pageturner.Mit den Charakteren wächst man immer mehr zusammen und schließt sie immer mehr ins Herz.Es passieren in jedem Band neue und interessante Dinge. Man hat kaum das Gefühl dass ein Thema langsam genug behandelt ist. Man freut sich auf jedes Kapitel bzw jedes Buch.Nun zu meinem 2 Sterne Abzug: Morgan ist einfach so dumm und naiv. Ich kann das mal in einem Band ignorieren. Vielleicht auch in 2. In diesem Band toppt sie aber alles und konnt ich mich nur noch aufregen. Der ganze Schreibstil und ihre Art die Wicca Welt zu erzählen macht das wieder wett. Das Buch zieht einen trotzdem in den Bann und man saugt es trotzdem in sich rein. Aber es tut einem für den Charakter, den sie erschaffen hat, einfach leid und ich halt es nicht mehr aus. So dumm kann man doch nicht sein.Band 8 erscheint in deutsch leider nur noch als E-Book. Band 9-15 nur noch in englisch. Ich würd trotzdem gern wissen wies weiter geht und bleib erstmal dran.

  • Sierra
    2018-11-15 19:20

    This is my least favorite of this series and I admit I did peak at a extensive review of this book so I already knew what was going to happen, but even without my peak this was very predictable. Of course Morgan's father is actually Ciaron (I know it isnt spelled right) and not Angus. Of course Morgan freaks out that she's got evil blood and is destined for evil so in her right mind she breaks up with her wiccan soul mate-british hottie-Hunter...because who wouldn't!? The last scene of her breaking up with Hunter is absolutly hilarous! He tells her to look him in the eye and break up with him. She does and walks away with him saying something about choice over destiny. I'm getting a reading of the next book already. I didn't like New Moon and it took this series 7 books to make a New Moon edition. The only thing that Morgan and her real father have in common besides their eyes are their inability to be with the one they love, their wiccan soul mates.

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2018-11-17 02:06

    What do you do when your soul mates come together halfway through your series and you need to build sexual tension again? You employ a completely tired plot trick; make them both start hiding things from each other for no apparent reason, construct a mind-blowing revelation for one of them, then turn one (usually the female) into a completely self-absorbed, irrational IDIOT. "Oh, Hunter, I can't be with you because I'm just sooo dark! My inevitable evilness will probably hurt you in the future and even though I have absolutely no proof of this, I'm going to intentionally hurt you now to prevent an even bigger possible betrayal in the future!" Dumb bitch. I hope a Woodbane bleeds her dry.

  • Rebecca
    2018-11-08 22:19

    Cate Tiernan's done it again. She has woven thoughts, emotions,and storylines, into a very perplexing, fluid, and intense peice that makes the magick within this book seem almost tangible. This book bent my heart nearly in two...Morgan experiences so much grief, all culminating to an intense climax..pieces of a perplexing puzzle finally come together, forming an intricate story that shows Tiernan's amazing talent at writing. I couldn't wrench my eyes from the pages...Meager ratings could only be incredibly understated, as this series goes beyond the worth a few gold stars.

  • Morgan Sibbett
    2018-10-20 21:11

    i love this whole series

  • Whitney
    2018-10-19 22:28

    PlotThe actual story involving Amyranth is just beginning and I’m already sick of it. I feel like it’s going to become more and more cliché as the books go on and Morgan is going to get out of whatever sticky situation she’s managed to get into by the end of the book via some miracle that includes someone busting in to save her at the last second. The only thing that happens in this book was a roundabout way of Tiernan delivering “shocking” information to the reader. Blah. WritingThere’s a lot more “tell” than “show” in The Calling. We never get an actual knowledge of what Morgan is feeling, we’re just told what she’s feeling. At this point, the writing is starting to get dull. It’s gotten marginally better, but it’s not enough to keep the attention for too long. It’s a blessing the books are so short. CharactersThe characters in The Calling, especially Morgan, are completely stagnant. If you’ve kept up with the series thus far then you’ve been alongside Morgan for seven different books. Those seven books take place in, roughly, a two and a half months’ time, and many changes have come onto Morgan. Life altering changes. And yet, she is the exact same character we met in the first chapter of the first book. Despite all the changes she should have gone through if she had a half-decent author writing her story, she actually doesn’t. Morgan Rowlands still manages to get herself in terrible situations from being brash, moronic, and rushing into things solely because she apparently has this immense power to back her up. But she continues to be a fool at every turn and is an all-around frustrating character. She never learns from anything and makes the same mistakes again and again. The only reason she isn’t dead or drained of her powers is because she’s the main character. Hunter, who has been slightly elevated in screen time, is a douche throughout the book. He has to know that Morgan is throwing herself into these dangerous situations because she isn’t being told what’s going on, yet he continues to keep her in the dark. While Morgan should take responsibility for her own screw-ups, and definitely is not off the hook for them, Hunter could actually help her not get into those situations. Also, that temper that was so prevalent in Spellbound has suddenly disappeared because it’s no longer being used as a plot device. So, for the most part, he’s not in character, if he even ever had one.The rest of the characters are barely focused on compared to Morgan’s stupidity and Hunter’s job. They’re just there. Things I LikedI’m happy to see that there are some brief mentions of non-white witches. I doubt I’ll like how they’re handled if Tiernan ever adds some actual diversity to her books, though. Things I Didn't LikeMorgan is what I did not like. Just… all of her. She is such a dunderhead and way overpowered! First of all, if I was her, I’d be cautious of all witches with an Irish or Scottish accent because they seem to bring literally nothing but trouble. I’d also be a lot more cautious of new witches in general and hold my trust very close to me in the foreseeable future. I also wouldn’t be ignorant enough to throw myself into situations that call for more experience. Morgan is under the impression that power makes up for her lack of knowledge and she is dead wrong. If she weren’t the protagonist she’d be dead.Her power is another thing that I don’t like. I don’t particularly mind characters with a lot of power, but Morgan is overpowered for her circumstances. She hasn’t even been a witch for three months yet she took out a very powerful, older witch who has harnessed the powers of dark magick. How does that even make sense? If Morgan had worked tirelessly for these powers, sure, fine, whatever. But she hasn’t. She’s literally had everything handed over to her. And this irritates me.One other thing I didn’t like that has nothing to do with Morgan is how Tiernan is treating magick and Wicca with regards to other cultures. Wicca, as I’ve said in previous reviews, is not an ancient religion. It was developed in the twentieth century and introduced to the public in 1954. It takes influence from ancient religions, yes, but Wicca itself is not ancient. Now, the problem I have is that Tiernan keeps trying to insert Wicca into places and times where it never belonged. Ancient Latinx witches were not influenced by Wicca because Wicca didn’t exist until less than one hundred years ago. A simple internet search will give anybody this information freely. The bigger problem is that I’m pretty sure Latinx witches, in real life, probably were influenced by their Native ancestors, not a bunch of Irish/Scottish white people. It is extremely ignorant to try and replace a group’s sacred history.DiversityThere are two brief mentions of non-white witches. Raven and Sky are still dancing around whatever they have. That’s it. OverallI didn’t like The Calling. You could see the “surprises” in the plot from miles away and the fact that Morgan had to have everything laid out for her in the end was frustrating, to say the least. Tiernan has shown us more of the laughably basic world she’s attempted to construct and it’s not amusing in the slightest. I hate Morgan and am actively beginning to dislike Hunter. What to do when the protagonist is someone you can’t stand? Suffer through the rest of the series, I suppose. Here is a link to my notes.

  • Angelica
    2018-11-19 20:11

    This one is a little more over the top than normal but I suppose it's because the story is changing. I do think the writing was SLIGHTLY cringe in a few places but I forgive it because the plot was so intriguing.

  • rainingravity
    2018-10-30 18:19

    Overall so far, the books are likable fluff. Each book is loaded with corny cliches and unrealistic dialogue, which gets annoying, but usually I just try to ignore those and focus on the plot (there are also a lot of plot holes by the way).*SPOILERS*But the ending of this book was the worst ever cliche that every romance should KEEP AWAY from. The heroine, Morgan Rowlands, figures out that her father (her "REAL" father) is one of the most powerful, evil, and horrible witches in the world. She gets depressed, she cries, she doesn't know why life is so unfair, etc etc. Then she comes to the conclusion that because half of her is from this horrible evil witch, she somehow becomes evil too, and will "hurt" everyone she ever knew and loved. She gets all heroic and decides to BREAK UP with her boyfriend who she's supposedly "soulmates" with because she thinks she'll hurt him in the future... because she's inherently evil. (Gah x 10.) She then gives her boyfriend (who by the way saved her from the evil clutches of her evil father only a couple days ago) by giving him this excuse: "I don't love you anymore." She drives off melodramatically, with her boyfriend staring off at her in the distance. The end.1. Is it just me, or is this "I'm your real evil father" thing getting pretty old?2. And just because your father is evil doesn't mean that you have to be too. YOU ARE WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE.3. Do not break up with your boyfriend (who is apparently your witchy soulmate) because you think you might bewitch him and send him over a cliff or something. See number 2.4. It's irritating to know that in maybe three more books into the series this little love glitch will somehow fix itself and Morgan Rowlands will figure out that she really isn't evil after all, and that everyone can safely live happily ever after. She gets her boyfriend soulmate back, they kiss and makeup, and everyone is coupled with who they're "supposed" to be with. And most likely, the evil father will renounce evil and everyone can be one big happy family, finally.*END OF SPOILERS*Anyway, after all that, it sounds like I hate these books. I don't. I just hate the ending of this particular book in the series. I think there are more negatives than positives about every single book in Sweep (I've always wondered why the author chose to name the series "Sweep." It seems like a totally random name that didn't originate from anywhere.), but I keep reading anyway. Likable fluff. Tolerable fluff, maybe. But if you really have something much better to read, then read that book first. :P

  • Chibineko
    2018-11-06 19:07

    In the books so far we've seen Morgan delight in her powers. She's discovered both the great and horrible things that can be done with powers. She's been horribly betrayed by someone she loved and she's discovered a great new love that should last her throughout her entire life. She's lost friends and regained them.In this book Morgan has a dream of animals and a young wolf cub being sacrificed before many different animals. When the Council decides that this could be a potential vision of the future, they send Hunter to New York to investigate a mysterious sect of dark witches. Tagging along for the ride is Morgan & her friends. Morgan is going partially because she doesn't want to be separated from Hunter & partially because her mother's Book of Shadows details her life in New York & Morgan is hungry to discover more about the mother she never knew. Once there, Morgan finds out that not only is she in danger of misusing her powers but also finds that she may be attracting the wrong type of attention...I really did like this book & I was glad that *finally* Morgan is starting to realize that some of the things she's using her powers for (or is tempted to use them for) is borderline dark magic. (Remember her wanting to sic the dark thingies on the guys who were tormenting her aunt?) The ending of this book is shocking in it's own way, although I do have to say that considering the revelations in this book it's not that unexpected for Morgan to react that way. Reading this book, the only thing I can think is "with all the teen series turned movie/tv shows nowadays, why hasn't this one been optioned?"

  • Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto
    2018-11-07 20:26

    Today's review is on The Calling by: Cate TiernanThe Calling is number 7 in Tiernan's 15 book Sweep series.Morgan has had a vision. She saw various predatory animals surrounding a young wolf. The young wolf was going to be killed. When she tells Hunter about it, he in turns informs the council and the next thing you know they are off to New York with Bree, Robbie, Sky, and Raven.While there Morgan meets Killian in a club. He turns out to be Ciaran's son. The same Ciaran that killed her mother, the same Ciaran that is the leader of Amyranth. The Council thinks that Morgan's vision is going to come true. They think that Ciaran is going to kill his own child.While Hunter is out searching for Killian, Morgan has another vision and is led to a building. Once inside she is bound by other witches wearing masks of animal faces. The same types of faces in the vision. She is who the coven has been waiting for, she is who they are going to drain and then kill. However, when Ciaran does what Morgan calls the "Wicca mind meld", he realizes that she is his daughter and can not go any further.Once Morgan knows the truth, she feels that she is becoming evil like her real father and decides to break up with Hunter. After all, how can he love someone that is half pure evil? The only problem with that is that now Hunter has the strength to tell her how he truly feels about her, which makes it all the more difficult to say good bye to him forever.4 of 5 stars

  •  Lissa Smith Reads'~Bookaholics Bookshelf Reviews
    2018-11-03 00:13

    4 Stars:Cate Tiernan's done it again. She has woven thoughts, emotions, and storylines, into a very perplexing, fluid, and intense piece that makes the magic within this book seem almost tangible. CT is an amazing talent at writing. In this book Morgan has a dream of animals and a young wolf cub being sacrificed before many different animals. When the Council decides that this could be a potential vision of the future, they send Hunter to New York to investigate a mysterious sect of dark witches. Tagging along for the ride is Morgan & her friends. Morgan is going partially because she doesn't want to be separated from Hunter & because her mother's Book of Shadows details her life in New York. Morgan is hungry to discover more about the mother she never knew. Once there, Morgan finds out that not only is she in danger of misusing her powers but also finds that she may be attracting the wrong type of attention. I was upset that Hunter was so into his work and not into Morgan. I felt like Morgan was acting so weak in the story; that she needed to woman up. Stop being so damned dependent. However, by the end of the book, I was extremely pleased the direction we were now heading. I loved all the things we learned about Morgan's origins and that she finally tapped into her inner strength by the end.

  • Kat Mandu
    2018-10-29 22:30

    Kat Mandu says…This isn’t one of my favorites in the series, since I always thought it moved rather slowly. And the character seemed irritatingly slow herself, not realizing connections of certain things that are REALLY going to affect her life.I do love the introduction to Killian, my favorite male character in Sweep. And I did like that someone besides Hunter, was telling her she was stupid to use her powers in such ways like Robbie did. But it was a good book to connect book six’s ending and with what is to come later in the series.The best part is the new introductions to a lot of things. After the ending of Spellbound, things have started anew for Hunter and Morgan, but also for several other characters. Romance is blooming between friends Robbie and Bree, but also for Raven and Skye. We also get to meet Ciaran, the new bad guy to play an important role in Morgan’s life, especially now that things have shifted for Morgan again!Cough, cough, spoiler: “MORGAN… I am your father.”The change of scenery was nice; it was set in New York so there was a lot of new descriptions and changes as the characters had to go on this road trip together and survive the immense amount of emotions floating around.I rate it a three!

  • Nina
    2018-10-22 00:15

    Just as Morgan and Hunter are starting to get closer and they finally come to terms with the fact that they are soul mates, fate hands Morgan yet another twist.Morgan takes a trip to New York with Hunter, Sky, Bree, Robbie, and Raven. Although the trip is a fun "vacation" for the others Hunter is on a quest to find someone who is in great danger because of a dream that Morgan keeps having. He believes it to be Killian, the son of a powerful dark witch in New York. While in New York Morgan goes to her parents old apartment to finds a watch that Ciaran had given to Maive years earlier which she had hidden under the floorboards. In this seventh book, Morgan really finds out the truths of her past and who she is really comes to light.

  • Honour
    2018-11-13 00:07

    This book was the first one in the series that was truly painful to read. The plot was glaringly obvious from the moment Morgan awoke from her vision (which was the opening scene btw - ugh). Morgan made stupid immature mistakes left and right and is suddenly of the “might makes right” camp because she has more power now.I scoffed when I read reviews that talked about the turn that the series takes and I was happy when Hunter became a more central character - that felt natural and right to me. But this? The protagonist turning into someone unbearably entitled, headstrong, and just plain foolish? The only word I can come up with is painful.

  • Paloma Paredes
    2018-10-24 22:31

    I know this isn't the first book, but I actually found it was an exciting and thrilling book. I liked how Morgan goes to New York to find out about herself and her mom. Eventually she ended up finding out more than she actually thought she would. She learned that she was adopted and is a blood witch. Her father is one of the most horrible witches. I also think that Morgan was kind of a wimp through out the book. I think that she needs to learn to stop depending on others and not let people push her her around. This is the 7th book in the series which I choose at random, but I hope that I'll be able to read the whole series.

  • JonSnow
    2018-10-23 21:16

    The non-spoiler review: The plot lacked in some areas for this book, and the book started out a little less exciting than I'd hoped. Over all this book is entertaining and interesting, but it's just slightly lower rated because it is different. At this point I will just say, they go to New York. Not a spoiler. So we no longer have the mysterious small town vibe. But we get some maturity through this books. The characters are out in the real world.I'm basically just going to ramble on about the book now, saying whatever comes to me:Spoilers. I can't talk about this without spoilers.The book starting with the vision immediately makes us assume, ok it's Morgan who is going to be drained of her powers. Albeit the Wolf and Wolf Cub bit throws us off. We travel around New York, with lots of New York descriptions, some interesting, others meh.The book did feel like how I would picture New York (having not actually been there, but having been to the Canadian no-so-equivalent, Toronto). I enjoyed the roaming around, finding wiccan stores, finding the club.Killian is an interesting character on some levels. It turns out he and Morgan are half brother and sister through Ciaran, who is Morgan's father, but that's been strongly hinted at and the reader should be suspicicous by this point. Killian is showy with his magick. He's a party boy. This isn't something we've seen in any other character, so it's actually neat. We see him use magick to look older and buy drinks. The series matures with this book. We get lots of jealousy between Sky and Raven, over Raven's flirting with Killian. And Bree flirts with guys, so Robbie flirts with girls.I must say, speaking of Robbie. What a whiney little Bi&ch. At this point in the story, I don't like him anymore. Sure, he was Morgan's stalwart best friend. But he gets so afraid of Morgan and her power, so easily. At one point he has the audacity to tell her he can't be friends with her because she abused her powers by making a landlord forget about them so she could get her father, Ciaran's, watch. Robbie is an idiot. Morgan is a dolt.Morgan makes a lot of dumb decisions throughout this series, but barging into a house full of evil woodbanes... really? I was angry about the stupidity of this, and the stupidity of them thinking it was Killian that Amyranth wanted to drain... really... BUT KEEP IN MIND... Morgan is 17 years old. 17... I repeat... she is 17 years old. Since when have 17 year olds been known to make good decisions. I was still making accidental stupid decisions of poor judgement when I was into my 20s.My point is, give Morgan credit. She's really young. Really naive. She's been thrown into this world of distrust and suspicion and love triangles seemingly out of nowhere. I mean it. This book marks about 10 weeks into Morgan being into Wicca, according to the book itself. Honestly I find that hard to believe. 10 weeks. That's preposterous. If I were Cate Tiernan I most certaily would have spread this over at least one year and called it a year because when I think back, it really seems like a lot of stuff to have happened over just say... 70 days.So anyway, here we are Morgan barging into a woodbane "nest" and waddaya know. She gets captured. Called it. I mean of course I called it, I've read this twice before. I thought these scenes were wonderfully written despite their predictability. I enjoyed the fact that Cate Tiernan made us sympathize with Cianan through the journals, and through his love of his daughter. He couldn't kill her. She was his. His and Maeve's. He actually gives hunter his strength and the know-how about the runes on the sacrificial table. With Ciaran and Hunters powers combined, Hunter is able to save the day by fighting off the woodbanes.The shocking thing is when he explained all this to Morgan. Ciaran is your father. That's a shock to the reader and to Morgan. She now KNOWS she is half Ciaran, and thus must be half evil.Thus we get a stupid ending to a pretty great book. Morgan breaks up with Hunter. But you know, stupid as it is... she's 17... SEVENTEEN... comprehend the emotional maturity of a 17 year old for a moment. I've been one. I know. I've come a long ways. This actually makes sense. This revelation gives way to self loathing. She hates herself for being Ciaran's daughter. She feels she needs to, deserves to, suffer by being alone, for fear she will poison everything she touches. This is typical teenage melodrama. Anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves.So over all this was a good book. Morgan pissed me off a bit, which is good. Robbie pissed me off a lot (asshole). Bree even pissed me off for a while, the way she was treating Robbie. But hey, similars attract right. And Raven, I forgot to mention Raven and Sky. Raven is a bitch, but she confides in Morgan, for some reason, and asks Morgan her opinion. With that we see a side of Raven not often glimpsed at. She cares about Sky.So while this book was pretty great, and there were some intense scenes throughout, from the watch finding adventures, to the club-grinding showing off, to the great Hunter versus Amyranth battle scenes, this book gets a 4 star. Really it's more of a 4.5. But, the book starts up kinda boring, kinda predictable. It ends kind of predictable too in some ways, not in others. I took off a star for the slower start, the predictable visions, and the contrived Killian plot. Cate Tiernan could have been a bit more subtle with what she was trying to do there. But I'm sure she had her reasons. So this one is a 4/5. I look forward to the next.

  • Jennifer Girard
    2018-11-07 02:25

    Here's come the plot twist! This book was good, I liked it a lot. Morgan wasn't too annoying this time (except for the ending...)I loved to read about New York City in this book. I miss the city. I'm excited to finally finish this series!

  • Abbie
    2018-11-15 23:30

    Actual rating - 2.5This was the worst one in the series so far for me. It dragged quite badly in the first half, and I just couldn't get interested in it unfortunately.

  • Joan
    2018-11-18 22:30

    Eh. This one was kind of like a 2.5 stars. But I rounded up to three to be nice.Also need to add how annoying Tiernan's constant overuse/misuse of the word "Wicca" is. Most times I can just ignore it, but in this book when one character referred to Mexican witchcraft as "Wicca" it really got me fuming.

  • TaylorBourne
    2018-10-29 19:05

    another great book in the Sweep series.

  • Theresa5
    2018-10-19 22:32

    I gave this book a 4 instead of a 5 because I'm so annoyed with Morgan's ridiculous choices and behavior by the end of the book!

  • Alex Rennee
    2018-11-01 01:16

    It makes me so sad that I've given up on this series, but I just can't get into it anymore. Truly, it's a good witch series, but I've just lost interest.

  • Joyce
    2018-11-08 21:14

    Vooral op het einde weer een leuke wending.

  • Nadine
    2018-10-31 21:15

    Ich liebe die Bücher   Ein Wolf- das Fell silbrig, die Zähne im Kerzenlicht schimmernd- trottete über einen dunklen, polierten Marmorboden zu einem Steintisch.     Titel: Das Buch der Schatten  - Schwarze SeelenAutor: Cate TiernanSeiten:256Buchart : TBVerlag:dark moonBestellcode:  978-3-570-38009-3 Erhältlich 10. Juni 2013 Kosten : € 7,99Alter: ab 13Genre: HexenVorgängerbände:VerwandlungMagische Glut Bluthexe Dunkle ZeichenFlammende GefahrFolgebände: Verwandte  GeisterVerfilmung:- Das Cover ist diesmal in Orange gehalten, ich finde die Covers immer so magisch schön Auch der Klappentext macht wieder neugierig, daher musste ich es unbedingt haben :) Romantisch, magisch und absolut süchtig machend!Als Morgan von einer prophetischen Vision heimgesucht wird, brechen sie und Hunter nach New York auf. Dort scheint ein dunkler Hexenclan Böses zu planen und der Anführer ist niemand Geringeren als Ciaran – der Seelenverwandte und Mörder von Morgans leiblicher Mutter. Auf wen hat er es diesmal abgesehen? Ein Wolfsjunges war in Morgans Vision das Opfer – ein Symbol für ein Kind? Morgan und Hunter setzen alles daran, dieses Kind zu beschützen … Es geht nun  schon mit Band 7 weiter, eins ab ich dann noch und die reihe ist vorbei :( Da Morgan mir in  den andere  teilen immer mehr auf die nerven ging,  war Sie in dem Band wieder so wie Anfang. Morgan hat Visionen,  es liegt auf einen Steintisch und soll geopfert werden, um das junge steht noch andere Tiere, sorgen hat angst und ruft Hunter  der sich mit dem Rat beträgt.  Es kommt heraus das es sich wohl um einen schwarzen Hexencircel in New York handelt und so machen sie sich auf dem weg, Bree, Robbie, Raven und Sky sind mit von der Partie und ab geht die Fahrt.  Hunter versucht in NY mehr über den Circel zu erfahren,  Morgan versucht mehr über ihre Mutter zu erfahren die einst hier gelebt hat, die anderen 4 versuchen Ihre Gefühle in den griff zu bekommen..sie erfahre  das Ciaran hier der Hexenmeister ist, der Der ihre Mutter  und Vater getötet hat, ein Wettlauf gegen die Zeit beginnt, wollen sie den Wolfjungen retten, aber was Morgan in NY erfährt wird ihr Leben verändern. Ich finde die Bücher spannend , aber nicht sehr tiefgründig , so daß sie echt leicht zu lesen bin, trotzdem bin ich traurig das die reihe bald zu ende ist.aber da Cate Tiernan für mich ne tolle Autorin ist werde ich dann weiter ihre Bücher lesen :)  Cate Tiernan wuchs in New Orleans auf und studierte Russische Literatur an der New York University. Sie arbeitete zunächst in einem renommierten Verlag in New York, bevor sie beschloss, selbst Schriftstellerin zu werden. Ihre Hexenserie "Das Buch der Schatten" ist ein riesiger Erfolg und wurde in mehrere Länder verkauft; ein Kinofilm ist in Arbeit. Heute lebt Cate Tiernan mit ihrem Mann, zwei Töchtern und zwei Stiefsöhnen, einem Pudel und vielen Katzen in North Carolina. 

  • Daniela
    2018-10-29 22:06

    Ohh, Morgan, you broke my heart, while you were breaking Hunter's heart. Although, I know why you did it, I don't think it was necessary and I think it's a bad move. Why bother breaking up with Hunter? Being with Hunter, is probably the BEST option for her. He's a seeker, he loves her, he's good and he can keep Morgan grounded and away from the black magic that runs in her Woodbane heritage. I know she feels that the Woodbane curse is upon her and it'll be bad for Hunter, but again, wrong move, in my idea.This book was another great book. Ms. Tiernan did it again. I totally did not see it coming, that Ciaran was Morgan's father, from the beginning, but somewhere in the middle, I picked up on it myself, before it was revealed. It makes total sense that she would be Ciaran's dad. Her magic is way too powerful for any normal witch. But a blood witch of TWO woodbane backgrounds, now that's some power. I totally knew the guy she kept bumping into was Ciaran though. I just had that feeling, from the moment she bumped into him at the club in NYC.So now what? She left Hunter. Ciaran's on the loose again, because he couldn't go through with killing his daughter, in turn, he helped Hunter save them both with his magic. Where does that leave all of them? What's the story going to unfold to now? I guess I'll have to wait to book #8, to figure it out.Some of the other characters in the book, leave me bored to tears though. The whole Robbie/Bree thing just bores me. I can't get into it, if my life depended on it. I keep wondering why it's always pushing to the front though, and if something big is going to come out of it. Hmm?? Sky & Raven on the other hand, keep my attention. I keep feeling like Raven's got some witch blood in her somewhere, and we don't know it yet. She just seems a bit off to me. I feel like Sky is playing with fire with being attracted to Raven and all. I truly hope that the story doesn't end here with Hunter though. I enjoy him thourouglhy and I think that he should stick around, I feel like he plays a big part in Morgan's life. Again, like the books before this, the journal entries in the Book of Shadows, are coming from Ciaran. He might have been an evil witch (still is), but he truly did love Maeve (Morgan's birth mother. I found myself feeling bad for him at times, just to realize that he was truly evil. But, still, I couldn't help it. To love someone as he did, and have them shun you, is never a good thing. It's no wonder that he went truly dark, after Maeve left him. Doesn't mean he should of murdered her & Agnus or sent that black wave of magic through towns, but still, I can scarily say, that I understand. Ciaran trying to take Morgan's power was another good plot in this story. The whole dream/vision sequences that she kept having were pretty cool. I loved the idea of the other coven, using other animals to hide themselves. Pretty interesting. And finding out that Killian was Morgan's half-brother, was no surprise either, considering they liked one another and felt a pull toward one another from the beginning.I wonder where this is all heading next...Can't wait to see!

  • Shellan
    2018-11-06 23:28

    Das Cover - und hier folgt wieder eine Wiederholung - finde ich auch beim siebten Band wieder sehr hübsch aber schlicht. Die Charaktere konnten mich auch in diesem Buch wieder abholen. Morgan wird von Band zu Band immer mutiger, und diese Entwicklung kann der Leser hautnah miterleben. Die Naivität und Dummheit, die ich so oft an ihr bemängelt habe, ist in diesem Band leider auch wieder vorhanden. Hunter ist ein sehr zwiegespaltener Charakter, denn er wirkt streng und gleichzeitig jedoch auch sehr zurückhaltend. Bree und Robbie, Morgans zwei beste Freunde, sind natürlich auch wieder mit von der Partie. Hierbei fällt dem Leser auf, dass Bree extreme Bindungsängste hat und wie super lieb Robbie eigentlich ist - beziehungsweise schon immer war. Neu bei diesem Roman ist Killian, ein supercooler Kerl der es irgendwie versteht, alle um sich herum zu reißen.Der Schreibstil konnte mich auch in diesem Band wieder fesseln, auch wenn die Spannung insgesamt niedriger war als in den vorherigen Bänden. Die Bücher lassen sich allesamt leicht lesen und schnell verschlingen. Die Story startet auch im 7. Band wieder mit Erklärungen zum letzen Band. Morgan und ihr Hexenzirkel reisen nach New York um den dunklen Visionen nachzugehen von denen Morgan immer wieder heimgesucht wird. Sie erkunden das Stadtleben, mal gemeinsam und mal in kleinen Grüppchen. Die meiste Zeit scheint alles friedlich, denn Hunter und Sky sind alleine unterwegs um die dunklen Gefilde der Stadt zu durchkämmen. Doch dann kommt der Zeitpunkt, in dem sich alles ändert und dem Morgans Mut sie mehr in Gefahr bringt denn je.Die Liebe zwischen Morgan und Hunter ist so unschuldig süß und romantisch, dass dem Leser das Herz aufgeht. Man hofft für Morgan einfach nur, dass sie nun endlich glücklich wird. Gleichzeitig nähern sich Bree und Morgan wieder an, so dass ihre Freundschaft wieder enger wird. Ich bin in jedem Band von neuen über die unerschöpfliche kreative Ader der Autorin erstaunt, denn sie erschafft von Band zu Band ein neues Abenteuer - dieses mal sogar in einer neuen Stadt. Natürlich hat es sich die Autorin nicht nehmen lassen die Spannung auf den letzten Seiten noch einmal steigen zu lassen.Der Cliffhanger hat mich ehrlich gesagt aus der Bahn geworfen, denn hier werden die Gefühle des Lesers noch einmal richtig aufgewirbelt. Oh Morgan, wie kannst du nur? Oh Frau Tiernan - pfui!!Fazit:Auch der 7. Band der Das Buch der Schatten konnte mich wieder abholen und begeistern. Vor allem das Ende hat mich noch einmal richtig aufgewühlt und ich bin schon super gespannt wie es im nächsten Band weitergehen wird.

  • Jacquline
    2018-10-19 18:07

    I'm going to go on a little bit of a rant right now. I just finished the seventh book of the Sweep series, and Morgan is getting on my nerves. From the beginning, I suspected that she was not the daughter of Angus, but rather, her mother's soul mate, who was revealed in this book as Ciaran. From the moment readers met him, I knew him to have a special connection with Morgan, and slowly it the truth came out. Morgan has been on a downward spiral from the start, and this now proves that Morgan is more like her birth father than she feared. As she repeatedly stated at the end of the book, she is the heir of darkness. Ciaran performs dark magick, and when Morgan receives terrible dreams, she is the victim that Ciaran has been searching for, unknowingly his daughter. Because he did not have the heart to kill her and drain her of her magick, he released Hunter, who tried to save Morgan and lent some of his magick to Hunter to save Morgan. Morgan does not want to hear the truth of her father. All she can think about is how she has inherited the darkness, that she is a true Woodbane. From the beginning, Morgan was not being a good girl and started to do spells without others knowing her intent. She worked magick on innocent people, and this proves why. She is evil. I look forward to her downward spiral in the upcoming books because I knew this was going to happen. Now, about her decision to break up with Hunter. She loves him, and he her. They know they are soul mates, yet she breaks up with him because she doesn't want him to get hurt in her path of destruction, which she will create in the upcoming books, I suspect. Lastly, the relationships in this book needs to be talked about. Sky and Raven have a budding romance with problems. Sky is conservative, whereas Raven is outgoing, the social butterfly. She flirts continuously with men, making Sky upset hence, causing tension between the two. Robbie and Bree are in a similar situation. They both love each other but have a hard time admitting, at least Bree does. She intentionally causes tension by flirting with guys, whereas Robbie has girls come onto him. This upsets Bree, making her a hypocrite, but thye both find love in each other. Robbie and Morgan are tense at the moment because Morgan keeps making excuses why she uses her magick on nonmagickal people. Robbie is disturbed by this, and he has every right to be!