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The ground keeps shifting below me. I thought I knew the truth about myself. But everything I learned has turned out to be lies. I'll do whatever I have to, sacrifice anything to find out what I need to know. I've got to know who - or what - I am.Morgan is a seventeen-year-old blood witch, with powers that can be used for good - or for evil. Which will she choose?...

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Changeling Reviews

  • Clare
    2018-11-02 00:31

    Ok, this book is why I will never leave my kids alone. When her adoptive non-Wiccan parents leave for a cruise, Morgan falls apart. Her grades slip, she volunteers for dangerous things and she behaves like an idiot. Drinking, weather magic, morally dubious spells. I didn't like it because I didn't like Morgan's behavior, and there seemed to be no consequences. Yes, I'm a parent, and yes I read YA fiction. Deal with it. :)

  • Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا
    2018-10-27 20:12

  • JonSnow
    2018-10-31 21:18

    I'm wavering between 3.8-4.2 stars. This was a great book, despite everything. This book began rougher than ever. The typical, required repetition of info from past books gets very badly written and burdensome with this book. That said, this book is excellent once you get past the glaringly painfully awfully written repeat stuff. Sorry Cate Tiernan, I love these books, and I know this is something necessary but it is executed badly.Now for the good!!! And loads of spoilers.SPOILERS:With this book, Morgan connects with her half brother Killian, with disastrous consequences for Sky and Raven. Their relationship ends when Killian decides to get Sky drunk and fool around. As for Morgan and Killian, the connection there is palpable. I enjoyed reading about them growing brotherly/sisterly.Ciaran, Morgans father, becomes close to her, but uses her to try to kill Hunter when they shape shift. This scene was remarkable!!! I can't begin to express how much I loved this whole part. The shape shifting,the primal urge to hunt prey. But it turns out Ciaran is using his daughter to kill Hunter, her soul mate, so that he can establish a deeper bond with her and unite her with himself as a powerful father daughter duo. But really, as a reader, do we think Morgan could ever be evil? There are some lingering suggestive moments, but it seems she is more like Killian in one respect. She likes to use magick that shouldn't be used, but at the same time, not for evil intent, similar to Killian, though he is a bit more extreme.Overall this book was a great read, seeing Morgan connect with Ciaran. But it's a shame he has to be so horrible a person. It's clear he loves Morgan, but it's a twisted situation. He also wants to use her in his own way, something Morgan realizes in the end.This book really over did it with badly written summation. we get the same series of summaries about Mary K., Bree, Robbie and so forth, but badly written. It's odd,. because a lot of the book is written well, then you have these forced bits of summary that stick out, they're so obvious, so badly written, and so poorly placed. But I largely blame publishers for this, as they usually require it. It's designed to make the series readable from any one book. But, it's bad literature to do that. It's likely financially motivated too. But I digressRead it, but skim past the horrible summaries. They mostly go away after several chapters anyways.

  • Chibineko
    2018-11-13 23:31

    I know I run the risk of being a squealing fangirl, but this really is a nice series. I might rate these lower if the books were longer, but the shorter length of the books works for the dynamic of the series.This book finds Morgan trying to deal with the truth about her parentage- that her father is the evil Ciaran, leader of Amyranth. When the Council decides that Morgan has to infiltrate the group by cozying up to her evil father & irresponsible half-brother, Morgan half-heartedly agrees- partially because she wants to help but also because she is genuinely curious about the father & family she's never known. Unfortunately nothing is ever easy & Morgan may find that she's in danger of losing everything that she holds dear to her...One of the things I liked most in this volume is that Morgan's school life is suffering. Why? Because she's spending so much time on her magical problems that she's forgetting to study. It's a nice reality wake up call amidst all of the supernatural goings on & reminds us that Morgan is ultimately a teenager still & has mundane concerns. It's also nice to see Morgan finally grappling with her previous usages of power & paying more attention to how she uses it. It was a subject brought up in the last book & I'm glad to see that Morgan's finally starting to wake up to the fact that she was more influenced by Selene & Cal than she thought. The only thing I'd say I'm irritated by is that Morgan seems to adapt to so many different powers quickly & that she hasn't caught on sooner to the fact that some of the things she's doing isn't normal for someone her age. It's a little... well... I just don't want this character to fall prey to the cliche of "heroine gets all the powahs". Morgan needs to have some limitations, but I'm glad that at least she's starting to realize that she's done wrong in the past. (Now if she could only get past her tendency to do things & not tell anyone about them- it's getting a little old & she should know by now that omission can get her & others killed!

  • Jacquline
    2018-10-28 03:22

    This is by far the worst book in the series. I could hardly get through it. Morgan is getting on my nerves. Eoife, a woman from the witch council, comes to tell her that the fate of Alyce's coven, Starlocket, is in her hands. Morgan has to get close to her birth father, Ciaran in order to understand his motives. Throughout this whole book, it is Morgan's agonizing torture of her being good or evil. She believes she is good by the end of the book when her father tested her to kill Hunter, and she chose to be good from that point. The book has gone too weird. The story line started out brilliant, but now it sucks. The plot is getting annoying, especially with Morgan deciding if at this precise moment she is good or evil. Despite how she feels about herself at the end of the book, believing that she chose to be good, I think she is already evil. It's evident in the way that she practices her magick alone or when she's showing off to others. Her friendships are starting to break apart, and before she knows it, her adopted family will be in danger because of how reckless she's being. She already put Mary K.'s life in danger with Selene. Who's next? That's what I keep asking myself. I don't trust Morgan in the least bit, which is hard for a reader to commit to a book because the book is told from her point of view. I already have ideas of how the series is going to end, and I wonder how close I am. As far as I'm concerned, Morgan is going to become inherently evil, like her father. She might kill Hunter on her downfall. Her children will be in danger from her. Why else bring Ciaran into the series if he wasn't going to bring her character down?

  • Capu
    2018-10-25 02:27

    I LOVE Hunter!!!! Never give up!!!

  • Whitney
    2018-10-24 00:15

    PlotChangeling is about finding more about Amyranth out, but at the same time nothing really happens. Honestly, the majority of the book is Morgan whining about how she’s inherently evil because Ciaran is her father and he’s oh so evil. That’s actually the majority of the plot. There’s also some convoluted plan for Morgan to “infiltrate” Amyranth and obtain enough of their secrets to stop their upcoming attack on Starlocket, Alyce’s coven; all in the span of two weeks. The plot is very…eh. It’s not really good, in my honest opinion, as most of the book is spent on Morgan’s internal issues. I didn’t sign up for a retrospective teen book, I signed up for magic. WritingThere’s still a lot of telling instead of showing. The reader is told all about how Morgan feels but we’re never actually shown. Very shoddy writing. There are multiple times in the book where the text wants you to feel sympathetic towards a character but you just can’t because the writing doesn’t allow you to. I’m sure we’re supposed to sympathize with Raven, Ciaran, and the Woodbanes, but to do that we’d have to like them first, and that is never allowed to happen in the first place. CharactersMorgan just keeps getting worse and worse. She literally spends the entire book wallowing over the fact that she might be evil. A little hint, if you’re worried that you might be evil there’s a high chance you’re not actually evil! Morgan is not an interesting person to read about. Of course characters have faults, and they should, but nobody wants to read about an annoying girl with her shallow problems in a book about magic. Killian is a character from the last book that we get reintroduced to this book, now as Morgan’s half-brother. He’s a douche. He does what he wants, hurts who he wants, and is supposed to be somebody the reader likes. He’s not. I hated him. Things I LikedI realized that I like the fact that the witches aren’t in hiding in the series. They don’t flaunt their powers in front of the general, non-magickal public, but they’re not in hiding either. So, there’s that. Things I Didn't LikeThere’s this really insensitive thing that Tiernan does where she tries to compare the real-life prejudice faced by marginalized people to her made up witches. In the first couple of books Morgan was comparing her dealing with being a witch to being gay. In Changeling, the very real and present marginalization of the Roma in Europe, the Native Americans, and the Aboriginal Australians are compared to the “oppression” that the fictional Woodbanes face. First of all, in the entirety of eight books so far, the reader is never once shown any incidents of actual prejudice towards the Woodbanes. People are weary and cautious of Woodbane blood witches, yes, but that’s the worst thing we’ve seen thus far. And people have good reason to be wary of Woodbanes as there is a giant coven full of nothing but Woodbanes that has wiped out non-Woodbanes and Woodbanes that weren’t evil like they were. Tiernan is a very, very ignorant person to try and make these comparisons. Any sympathy I might have felt for the Woodbanes flew out the window with this crap. Another thing I didn’t like is how Tiernan’s magic society is set up and the actual rules of magick. The reader is constantly told that, as a young, uninitiated witch, Morgan shouldn’t be able to do certain things, but what exactly is and isn’t normal? We’re never given a frame of reference and thus anything that Morgan does that is supposedly a testament to her power doesn’t really resonate to the readers. DiversityThe one same-gender couple that was part of the main cast was broken up for no real good reason. So… the diversity in this book sucks eggs. OverallBoring book. Nothing really happened. Morgan turned into a wolf, of all animals, at the end and nearly killed Hunter for some asinine evil, then decided she’s not evil after an entire book of angst. That’s two days I’m never getting back. Here is a link to my notes.

  • Tosha
    2018-11-15 22:34

    This was sadder then the rest but loved the ending.

  • Daniela
    2018-11-16 19:36

    Morgan's battle with good and evil is front and center in this book. She does a really great job with tinkering on both sides. She's a good person by choice, but the evil still nudges at her from time to time. When she steps out of line and uses magic when she's not supposed to, she keeps wondering if she truly is meant to be a Woodbane and just go with it, or keep fighting it with all the good that is inside of her. Being propositioned with being a spy for the Witch council against her father, Ciaran, doesn't help Morgan's situation either. Bringing in her half-brother, Killian who she met on that adventurous trip to NYC, to try and get close to her Ciaran proves to be a hassle as well. Not only is Killian around all the time, but he's putting a strain on Sky & Raven's relationship, and Sky is blaming Morgan for contacting him.Finally coming face to face with her birth father, Morgan is faced with the fact that she might actually care for him. But, how, when he killed her birth mother? Getting close to him as possible, proves to be almost deadly for her, when Ciaran shows Morgan anther secret about herself and her clan. She can shape shift. When her and Ciaran shape shift into wolves and run after a prey int he woods, who happens to be Hunter, will Morgan CHOOSE good or Evil?I could have done without the whole shape shifting thing to be honest. And more Hunter is always better. And Killian's a funny guy, so he keeps you entertained. All in all it was okay. I'm still trying to figure out who the letters in each chapter were about.

  • Barbara ★
    2018-11-11 01:07

    When the Council asks Morgan to spy on and betray her new found brother and father, she is torn. Yes Ciaran, her father, is an extremely evil witch bent on destroying her friends, but he is her father. She has an instant affinity with her brother, Killian and betraying him may be the most difficult thing she'll have to do. The emotional upheaval is intense but the ending makes it all worthwhile.

  • Tina
    2018-10-21 02:08

    I LOVE this series and this book does not disappoint!!!

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2018-11-14 01:34

    So...freaking...lame. Was there a point to this one? Oh, right, so the reader could be subjected to page after page of Morgan's ridiculously pointless moping. I'm gonna read something else, I need a serious break from this series.

  • Mel Goethals
    2018-10-24 22:31

    This is one of my favourites in the series. The drama and inner conflict makes for a great read yet it's still quite a light read.

  • Karen
    2018-11-09 19:33

    on to the next one

  • Abbie
    2018-10-24 02:09

    Actual rating - 2.5I liked this one about the same as the last one. It bored me a few times, and the characters annoyed me.

  • Tiffany Bolin
    2018-11-03 02:32

    This is the book I can never get passed. I'm hoping this year that maybe I can do it. I just feel that the author loses sight of the endgame in this magical series. It hurts my soul to say - but I've read the series once a year for a few years now and this is the book that throws everything off.

  • Joan
    2018-11-02 23:13

    Okay tbh this was a pretty solid 3 star read the whole way through until the was just so cheesy that I had to dock a star off. Like, I'm sorry, was just super lame.

  • TaylorBourne
    2018-10-25 02:09

    Another great book in the Sweep series. Recommended to all.

  • Hermioneginny
    2018-11-08 01:36

    Dopo aver trovato il suo vero padre, Morgan è divisa tra la paura del clan da cui discende e la voglia di conoscerlo meglio. Il consiglio supremo della Wicca le chiede di avvicinarsi a lui, perché sta mettendo a punto un piano che comporterà la distruzione del cerchio dei suoi amici, ma ciò significa che dovrà tradirlo...Ottavo libro della saga Sweep. Molto piacevole, come sempre, anche se avrei voluto più Hunter!* Sentivo le braccia vuote e inutili, perché on c'era più lui a riempirle.* Ha mormorato dolci incantesimi di guarigione per farmi passare la nausea, il dolore e la paura. Ma non il rimpianto. Non l'angoscia. Non il senso di perdita.

  • Nairabell
    2018-11-07 19:28

    Morgan Rowlands has discovered a terrible secret about her origins that has thrown her entire life into doubt. She pushes her beloved Hunter away, determined to isolate herself so as not to threaten the lives of those she loves. But as soon as she does Morgan is contacted by the International Council of Witches. It turns out she is uniquely qualified to help them deal with a dangerous witch...but doing so could cost her her life.This is the eighth book in the Wicca series (after Book of Shadows, The Coven, Blood Witch, Dark Magick, Awakening, Spellbound and The Calling) and it picks up shortly after the last left off. Morgan has broken up with Hunter and distanced herself from her friends and so this story takes a more introverted view. A large part of the story comes from Morgan's inner thoughts and, with her family away on vacation, this guides her choices throughout.The morality of good versus bad has been covered before in the series but this installment takes it one step further by looking at how much personal choice is involved. Can a person be predestined to be either good or bad, or can they choose their own path? For that matter is it a one time choice or something that must be repeated? Heavy themes but well handled so that the characters and reader can come to their own conclusion.With Hunter and Morgan separated the romance angle of the storyline is less than previously and this gap is filled with tension, not only from Morgan's work with the council but from the strained relationships throughout the book. Killan makes a welcome return and he manages to spread both joy and chaos in his wake, giving the book some lighter moments to balance the dark.All in all this was a great read and I'm looking forward to Strife.Plot: 10/10Characters: 9/10Ending: 10/10Enjoyment: 10/10Cover: 8/10Overall: 47/50

  • Erica Zahn
    2018-11-14 20:29

    I have come back to this series with this particular book after many years’ absence (this happened to be stuck on my TBR for a long time, and I originally got the books out of my school library when I was about 12), and I wasn’t necessarily expecting that it would stand up to revisiting, but it was pretty good.For once, the usually-annoying thing authors do where they briefly summarise the relevant events from the previous books actually worked to my advantage here (I remembered that Cam and his mother turned out to be evil, but not that they died – I only vaguely remembered the drama with Morgan’s biological parents, and I don’t think I remembered Hunter’s character at all). The dedication seems a little odd at first (“To my inner wolf”??? Is that just a way of saying that you dedicate the book to yourself?!), but makes a little more sense after reading the actual text.Morgan seems a little whiney and angsty to me now that I’m older, especially concerning her appearance and her relationship with Hunter, and seems a little too convinced of her own innate/latent wickedness as well, but I suppose that’s all common to characters who have a ‘could I be evil?’-fuelled story arc (think Harry Potter in the fifth and sixth books).She obviously loves Hunter (her love interest and ‘muirn beatha dan’, or soulmate) a lot, but he seemed a little ‘off’ to me. He supposedly can ‘read’ her emotions, but is too pushy about them getting back together – even if she still feels for him I think he should see that she has her own reasons for pushing him away. She clearly has a lot going on, and I feel he could have recognised and respected that more if he is meant to be such an ‘ideal’ love interest in the eyes of the protagonist.One of the things I always liked about this series was how the magic system kept to the traditions of the actual Wiccan religion and advanced the plot practically and effectively without being too dramatic or overly powerful in its execution, and all that still applies in this book. The ending was relatively exciting compared to the rest of the book, though a little underwhelming, but (view spoiler)[of course the villain (Morgan's father), is still at large, and (hide spoiler)] I suppose you can’t expect a thrilling conclusion from the eighth book in a rather long series.I would still like to read this series from the beginning and finish it someday (I know it’s 15 books, but they’re all quite short so you could even do one a day if you had time – and might be good for your Goodreads Reading Challenge to do so), but it’s not my priority right now so I probably won’t come back to this series for a little while.

  • Rose Heartfilia
    2018-11-18 03:08

    I think Changeling is a book that I like and dislike at once. I love the more scenes with Killian and Ciaran. To get to know Morgan her real family (half-family) at least a bit better. I mean it's funny to see that Killian who looks so charming and funny is actually putting of very bad magic. Weather magic or the thing with the true names. It's actually not done. Morgan described Killian as not really looking much like Ciaran but I think he got the charisma too. Though how evil Ciaran is I like him in some kind of way. I mean I think and I still do believe it that he is sincere about his love for Morgan and that he is hurt by what he did. Of course he should not be forgiven because of his own feelings but it gives me a bit of a better feeling about him. Still I would be very scared and angry to meet him. He is evil anyway.Talking about evil.. Can someone kick Morgan? That's the part I hate about this book. When she finds out that Ciaran is her dad, she is destroying her own life. The fact that she thinks she is poison and that she would hurt Hunter already shows herself that she is different. She already thought about it before anything happened. In my eyes all people are bad. You never can be whole good. I bet there's always something that happenes. People might say it's because of our enviorment that we are not good but hey.. who created that enviorment?! We did. So yes I think we as human beings always have to choice right from wrong and you have people that are obviously good at that and you have people who struggle with it and you have people that take the easy path. So Morgan really has to shut up. For god sake she has Hunter who would do everything to help her. I also didn't like Sky. I mean Sky is one of my favourite characters but she is doing weird things in this part of the story. She breaks up with Raven and I get that you are upset about that but screaming towards Morgan that's about her Woodbane shit and about her half-brother.. Not a great idea. I mean it wasn't really Morgan who sent an invitation to Killian that was actually the counsil. Besides after that getting drunk at Killian's.. No Sky now you are very smart.. It's so not Sky if you compare her with herself in the rest of the series. She is more the person made of stone. Not showing her real emotions or intentions and being steady for everything and everyone. No matter if she is mad, sad or worried about whomever.

  • Charlotte Phillips
    2018-10-29 03:14

    It's still hard to believe that Morgan's dad is on the bad side and that he may want to kill her for her powers or use her for bad. But thats what I like about this book, the fact that it makes you think and feel things without letting you know what is really happening or occuring. There is just a lot of hinting and suggesting in its pages, mysteries that have yet to be solved. This of course is what causes the attraction to the book. I loved the whole brother sister thing though wished it could have been dragged out and played upon a little bit. After all, surely someone who has found their brother would want to spend time with them, know them and get to know them. At the same time though, its possible that a lot of things in that book could have been dragged out, yet then it would not be the short series that it is. I do enjoy the imagery and imagination that it holds though and the way that it seems to stick to the basic facts which makes it seem much more real, and allows its readers to identify with it.However, I still found myself focusing on the whole Hunter Morgan thing because I wanted to know what would happen with them, if anything at all. The whole shape shifting thing at the end seemed a little rushed and not quite as dramatic. I just feel that perhaps the books could be dragged out and spread out a little more. After all, its all very good and well having all these council members and dramas and bad guys, but its a shame when you get to miss out on the good details which would surely add much more attractment to the novel itself! I suppose you could say that I was therefore a little disappointed by the ending and yet at the same time a little intrigued. Morgan has found her true father and he is paying a lot of attention to her, what is to come of that?Plus there is still the question of Morgan using her powers for the wrong things. Is this the very thing that is going to leave her lonely and alone, hurt and broken, or will someone realize that shes not doing it for bad intentions, that shes merely doing it to gather the facts and information which she longs and desires for, and in time appears to help everyone out. The books just make you bring up a lot of questions and that of course makes you want more.

  • Sarah Crawford
    2018-10-21 01:35

    This is the 8th in the Sweep series. It starts with with some review of previous happenings, including the fact that Morgan's father is an incredibly evil man who killed her mother. The deals of Cal and Selene are remembered, and the situation gets worse as a Council representative explains to Morgan that another “dark wave” is on its way.The “dark wave” is a means that an evil group of witches is able to kill others and steal their power and possessions, and that Ciaran, Morgan's father, is behind all of this. The Council wants Morgan to basically spy on her father and find out what is happening and stop him if possible.(And here's where I have something I don't quite understand. If you have a bunch of people, witches or anyone else, that go around destroyed small villages of people and killing everyone in them, then wouldn't that be noticed not just by other witches, but by the military? I think it would be easiest just to get Ciaran declared to be a terrorist. He may be great in magic and think he can kill whoever he wants, but it's still likely that if a SWAT team or some military group could take him out permanently.)Morgan's grades are falling at school, and one of her teaches asks her if it is because of Wicca.Morgan is related to Killian, and she's using him to try to get to Ciaran. He abuses the rules the Council set down about magic usage quite freely.There's a section where Morgan compares Wicca and Catholicism.Morgan is later put through a test, having to choose between good and evil. In the process, she learns something about her father that she might be able to use in the future to stop him once and for all.A very good 8th book in the series.

  • Natalia Paez
    2018-10-23 00:24

    My rating for this Book is 3.8 stars.Decae, decae, decae... y ella quiere seguir siendo un lobo.Siento que pierdo mi conexión con estos libros, a veces darle tanta cuerda a algo ocasiona un reconexión entre la historia y el lector. Siento que eso esta ocurriendo conmigo, me exaspera tanta demora para tan poca información o acción en la historia por libro son 200 paginas cuando mucho la mitad son trivialidades de la vida cotidiana la otra mitad esta mezclada con lo primero y ademas trae todo lo que nos interesa como el desarrollo y la emoción de los hechos.Aqui Morgan sufre porque no sabe si es buena o mala pues su herencia la inclina hacia los Woodbane oscuros pero como bien dice Hunter, nosotros tomamos nuestras decisiones naturalmente dudamos de lo que es correcto y lo que es malo.Killian interactúa mas este libro, se abre un poco cuenta la historia de su vida aunque no por completo se tiene una perspectiva de su comportamiento y el causante de este. Él actúa de una manera tan desenfrenada, despreocupada y irresponsable que no se tiene con certeza una imagen mas de él, que la de un loco adicto a crear problemas. Ciaran y Killian tienen historia y existen tantos secretos entre los dos o eso es lo que yo creo, lo que deduje de lo que leí en el libro.Morgan, Ciaran, Sky, Killian, Hunter y hasta Raven tuvieron revelaciones y momentos decisivos y explosivos todo esto con el fin de tener a una aprendí de la forma cambiante y a dos locas luchando por un hombre. Aunque los últimos dos capítulos fue lo que me mantuvo y me dejo satisfecha no puedo dejar de decir que siento que estoy perdiendo mi conexión con esta historia.

  • Kat Mandu
    2018-11-08 00:12

    The descriptions were awesome, love the points of view I always read from an animal’s perspective. And Morgan’s mission… the deeper insight into the world of the Council gets better and better. You get the feeling that maybe the Council, with its tough rules that supposedly protect everyone, may be under a bit of stress with the knowledge that Ciaran and the rest of Amyranth are at large.I still love Killian, despite what some of the characters within the book think about him. I love his rebelliousness and how he’s unlike any of the other characters already introduced. I feel as drawn to his abuse of magick and himself, just like Morgan and it makes you love him more because he’s comfortable doing what he wants. I wanted to reach out and touch the stars just like she had. It was such a gorgeous, seductive scene.And that magic bouncy ball game thing? I thought that was so cool. I can totally envision a bunch of witches just hanging out, all playing with this spherical energy. One of my favorite scenes besides the shapeshifting. There were a lot of awesome parts to this.I also enjoyed the continual battle with her feelings for Hunter. I was glad Hunter could see through her lies and was being persistent as he should have been, trying to win her back by snapping her back into shape.I give it a shiny five because it’s my favorite in the series. It just has a lot of good action and drama for me.

  • Becks
    2018-11-01 03:21

    Ich muss sagen, so böse er ist, irgendwie finde ich Ciaran ist eine der spannendsten Figuren in den Büchern. Er hat so viel verloren und hinnehmen müssen in seinem Leben, dass es doch eigentlich gar kein Wunder ist, wie böse er ist. Ich mag auch den Unterschied zu Killian, seinem Sohn, der einfach macht was er will, ohne richtig böse oder gut zu sein. Ich finde gut geschildert ist Morgans Zwickmühle, dass sie ihren leiblichen Vater kennen lernen will, aber irgendwie auch viel zu viel Angst vor ihm hat, um mit ihm alleine sein zu wollen und schließlich am Ende, wenn sie sich entscheiden muss, ob sie gut oder böse ist und es auch macht… im letzten Moment. Allgemein mag ich die Entwicklung Morgans über die Bücher hinweg sehr. Am Anfang ist sie unsicher und ruhig und mit ihren Kräften kommt Selbstvertrauen, aber auch Zweifel. Sie verliebt sich, wird verletzt, erholt sich wieder. Ich mag es, dass sie die Bindung zu ihren Adoptiveltern trotz allem nicht verliert und auch, dass sie nicht einfach so der Religion, mit der sie aufgewachsen ist, den Rücken kehren kann.

  • Tara Day
    2018-11-02 19:36

    Shape-shifting! One of the reasons I loved this book. The descriptions were awesome, love the points of view I always read from an animal's perspective. And Morgan's mission; the deeper insight into the world of the Council gets better and better. You get the feeling that maybe the Council, with its tough rules that supposedly protect everyone, may be under a bit of stress with the knowledge that Ciaran and the rest of Amyranth are at large. I still love Killian, despite what some of the characters within the book think about him. I love his rebelliousness and how he's unlike any of the other characters already introduced. I feel as drawn to his abuse of magick and himself, just like Morgan and it makes you love him more because he's comfortable doing what he wants. I wanted to reach out and touch the stars just like she had. It was such a gorgeous, seductive scene. I also enjoyed the continual battle with her feelings for Hunter. I was glad Hunter could see through her lies and was being the asshole he should have been, trying to win her back.

  • BookNerdette
    2018-11-17 02:15

    I got canceled on orders for this book twice. First I ordered it on ABEbooks and they emailed me days later saying they didn’t have it. OK so then I went to Amazon and later the same thing. Finally I ordered it from Barnes & Noble – like I have heard ‘the third time is a charm’. Well it was supposed to be here 2 to 3 days. But my patience wore thin… so yesterday at work I found the ebook online. ssshhhhhhh, I printed it! Brought it home and was almost done with it last night. I had to make myself put it down and go to bed.I won’t have that problem tonight – its FRIDAY!!!!!So this book …. I knew was gonna be awesome, there was no preview anywhere. It wasn’t even on google.It was totally way more than I expected…. I loved it!Morgan has finally went through the change. I am excited to continue with this series.Thank the Goddess that cate tiernan finally wrote a book without spending pages reliving the past books.~ ~ * ~ ~Blessed Be,Tresa

  • Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto
    2018-11-11 21:18

    Today's review is on Cate Tiernan's Changeling, book #8 in her Sweep series.After the excitement of The Calling, Morgan is asked by the Witches Council to get close to her half brother Killian and her birth father Ciaran. This would be no easy task and the sakes are high. The coven run by her friend Alyce is about to be attacked by Amyranth. Morgan has just 14 days to stop it.Morgan finds a certain kinship with both Killian and her father, and often struggles with her decision to take on this "mission". She has broken up with Hunter against her true feelings for him because she doesn't know if she will be a good witch or a bad witch. With all of the drama going on in her life, her school work has begun to suffer.In the end though, Morgan is faced with making the choice between good and evil.I truly enjoy this series and highly recommend it.4 of 5 stars!!