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Fethering's favorite sleuths are at it again as Jude and Carole Seddon find themselves in the midst of some horseplay, after stumbling upon the body of ex-equestrian Walter Fleet at Long Bamber Stables. The police attribute the stabbing death to the mysterious "Horse Ripper," who's been mutilating mares across West Sussex-and who Walter obviously caught in the act. But coFethering's favorite sleuths are at it again as Jude and Carole Seddon find themselves in the midst of some horseplay, after stumbling upon the body of ex-equestrian Walter Fleet at Long Bamber Stables. The police attribute the stabbing death to the mysterious "Horse Ripper," who's been mutilating mares across West Sussex-and who Walter obviously caught in the act. But considering Walter's track record out of the saddle, Jude and Carole find that there are plenty of suspects- including Walter's put-upon wife and more than a few jealous husbands who wanted Walter put out to pasture....

Title : The Stabbing in the Stables
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ISBN : 9780425210192
Format Type : Hardcover
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The Stabbing in the Stables Reviews

  • Marfita
    2018-11-13 06:52

    Surprise, surprise! I had read this one before. I didn't recognize the title (although it should be memorable) before picking it up, but as I went on it started sounding more familiar. Typical with me, although I remembered bits and pieces of it, most of it was still a mystery to me and required little or no yelling at the book. In this book Jude and Carole lament their lack of access to forensic evidence. The police just make things so hard for the amateur sleuth! Jude's uncharacteristic attention to detail and an overly handy diary solve one mystery.I like the way Brett sums things up at the end of each of these books. He tells you what happens to the various characters - I guess so you don't worry about them or you get all cross if they got away with something because they're well-connected or rich and powerful. In a side note, I don't do the same reading Jude does ... where does one read about "the connection between horse mutilation and paedophilia"?! In The Journal of the Horse Mutilators and The Paedophilia Gazette?

  • Elaine
    2018-10-25 08:05

    Great book for us horse people! Accurate so it doesn't irritate you when you're reading about details!

  • Jean Boobar
    2018-10-28 11:17

    I enjoy Simon Brett. We may not learn what makes the characters tick, but their roles are clear and the " who dunit" aspect is well-done: I continually thought I had figured it out, but was proved wrong time and again. The plot revolves around the death of a man who owned some stables for riding and boarding horses. Brett's suburban women neighbors, Jude and Carole, come upon the murder victim and struggle to solve the mystery. A young school girl spends lots of time riding a borrowed horse for solace in her dysfunctional family. The horse's owner has twin daughters away at boarding school, and is happy for someone to keep the horse exercised. Then there is the ne'er do well retired jockey who is a horse "healer."There are some edgy moments for the characters before the full story reveals the murderer.

  • Samantha
    2018-11-16 05:57

    This was actually a pretty good mystery. First one where the climax didn't involve Carole or Jude stupidly stumbling into a mess with the murderer requiring rescue, usually by the other. I've come to wonder if Brett himself is an alcoholic, given Charles Paris and the portrayal of alcoholics and use of alcohol in this series

  • Michelle
    2018-11-08 10:48

    Good mystery.

  • Janet Martin
    2018-11-12 11:59

    Not the strongest in the series, but still amusing and enhanced by the performance of the greatly missed Ralph Cosham, under his Geoffrey Howard pseudonym

  • David Weinfeld
    2018-11-22 03:56

    Quite good. A bit like Agatha Raisin, but more interesting. A couple of middle aged ladies solve mysteries.

  • Jan C
    2018-11-02 10:13

    Someone is out there mutilating horses. Jude is branching out into horse healing, or trying to. But apparently Donald has the inside track. A horse owner asks Jude for her help with a horse but she's late for the appointment. So Jude is all alone when she gets there. Or so she thinks. There is also the late Walter who won't be missed by his wife. Apparently there are beaucoup unhappy marriages in this area. And Carol is afraid her son's may be one of them.Relatively interesting since I don't know that much about horses. Although I did take a couple of lessons at a local stable when young. And I recall several times riding in Wisconsin and Idaho. Usually those horses were trying to bite me or ride me into the bushes (okay this might have been the operator's fault). So I don't know much about stables or horses. But maybe I didn't have to for this. When a man confesses and no one but the wife who is dumping him thinks he did it then the question has to be asked - why? I figured out why. Many other questions abound, though.

  • Adam Thomas
    2018-10-23 06:54

    Classic Brett. Fun, absorbing, uncomplicated.

  • Ivonne Rovira
    2018-11-13 12:08

    The Stabbing in the Stables, the latest of Simon Brett's forays into the lives of Jude and Carole in the fictional Sussex town of Fethering, is as fresh and clever as the first in the series. As others have mentioned, usually series begin to become tired (witness the once-great Agatha Raisin series) or parodies of themselves (e.g., the "Cat Who" mysteries). But Simon Brett seems immune to any of that.The sign of a truly great series is when you can't wait for the next one. That's certainly the case here! I hope Mr. Brett hurries up with the next mystery.

  • Tom
    2018-11-20 07:57

    This was title was typical of this amateur English series, which I usually enjoy. I put in the category of a pleasant read. I appreciate that the Brett does not rely on the protagonists having a romantic or familial relationship with the police. For me the story telling and puzzle are of most interest and both are good in this title. I did have to suspend belief occasionally, but it was not so much that I did not like the book.

  • Diana Hockley
    2018-11-16 07:02

    This is the type of "cozy" mystery which I enjoy and anything with horses or animals in it is always acceptable to me. Don't like the mutilation of animals but I guess this was what the plot was mainly about.I hadn't heard of or read this series before and found the characters to be engaging, the book well written and the mystery reasonably absorbing. The description of the visit to the races was fun and informative.I shall look for more from this author.

  • Emily
    2018-11-12 07:01

    The author has definitely improved over the last two books in this series. I enjoyed this one. Like the last one (Witness at the Wedding), the ending was predictable. However it was a fun read and the characters were interesting, especially the Irish horse healer. I was considering giving up after this book (it was given to me so I wanted to read up to this point), however, I have decided to carry on. Carol and Jude are fun amature sleuths. If you want a light mystery, this is it.

  • Becky Rippel
    2018-11-20 07:52

    Jude is puzzled when she is asked to use her healing powers on a lame horse. She doesn't normally work on animals. When she finds the body of Walter Fleet, a former equestrian champion, and current ladies man, Jude and neighbor, Carole set out to find a murderer. In addition to the main plot, side stories will have you turning pages as fast as you can read. All of Simon Brett's Feathering Mysteries - of which this is one, are great as are his Mrs. Pargeter books.

  • Nancy
    2018-11-20 10:52

    Jude is called to work her magic on a horse and Carole takes her and there they discover a body. They talk to lots of people and eventually solve the murder -- not, of course, without having -- in this case Jude -- threatened to be killed by the murderer. A side story is Carole's concern for her son and daughter-in-law, but in the end finds out that they are expecting.

  • Anne Hawn Smith
    2018-11-19 07:53

    I read this in June as an audio book for listening to in my car and it was an on and off thing. Sadly, 2 months later, I can hardly remember enough of the book to write a review. I guess that tells me something! I do remember that is was interesting enough to continue to listen it but alas, not memorable enough stay with me.

  • Debbie
    2018-11-03 10:05

    Not only did I guess "whodunnit" in this book, but I also guessed the outcome of all the minor plotlines as well. I have already purchased the next installment of the series, so I will give it another chance, but three strikes and I will be finished. (I predicted the outcome in the last installment as well.)

  • Jenny
    2018-10-22 07:01

    Not the most intriguing mystery Carole and Jude have solved, but it's always a good quick fun read. Carole is growing as a person and Jude continues to show off more interests and friendships. One of the parts that I have the hardest time beleiving is when Sonia confides in Jude... I don't think someone in her position would admit it to a relative stranger.

  • Andrea
    2018-11-14 06:06

    Good installment of this series. This is a fun listen, read by the author, though the recording quality didn't seem as good as some of the previous installments. Carol & Jude are on the trail of another murdering in their quiet seaside town. This time Carol unexpectedly comes out of her shell and pushes the investigation forward.

  • Janet
    2018-10-29 12:07

    Fun. Well thought-out mystery - I was surprised at the killer at the end. Book was a gift - it took less than a day to read. Most of the long list of suspects were in dysfunctional marriages, which maybe reflects our society, but I hope not.

  • Grey853
    2018-10-25 04:05

    Someone is mutilating horses and killing people. This is the second time I've started this book and I had to force myself to finish. I found the characters annoying, the conversations unrealistic, and the repetition tedious.It's just not my style of story.

  • Georgina
    2018-11-08 03:48

    Listened to on audio book. enjoyable story - a bit Agatha Christie like yet lacking. Read (listened t0 this due to the availability on audio at library and interest of title. Interesting plot and character development, a bit slow paced. Will probably not pursue another of this author.

  • Sue Kutay
    2018-10-30 09:08

    I enjoyed this book. this is the first book of this series that i have read and I found it an engaging British amateur sleuth novel. It kept me guessing until the last few chapters. the sleuth duo were appealing.I finished it in one weekend so it kept my attention.

  • Kim
    2018-11-06 11:50

    I started reading this series years ago. I may not remember the plot, but I recall the series having likeable characters if little mystery. I enjoyed the titles well enough that I read the new releases.

  • Cheryl
    2018-11-06 06:58

    It's getting a wee bit old that either Carole or Jude ends up in danger from the murderer who is someone we never quite expected. But this was a nice twist with an unlikely murderer and a more unlikely reason (although all made sense within the context of itself).

  • Nancy
    2018-10-27 11:58

    OMG - I just started this audio book and I can't help but to wonder why? why? why? authors think they should perform the book. The previous reader was brilliant - the author -- I can't even tell which character is talking. Ugh!

  • Virginia Walter
    2018-11-05 07:49

    Carole and Jude, two women of a certain age and neighbors in the West Sussex village of Fethering, turn their attention to solving another crime, this time a murder in a local stable. A readable entry in the cozy corner of the mystery genre, but a little predictable.

  • Shirley Evans
    2018-10-31 12:10

    I found I had already read this one but didn't mind reading it again. It is well written and good light entertainment.

  • db
    2018-11-02 12:03

    A story that I found interesting off and on

  • Bridget Martin
    2018-11-09 11:03

    I enjoy this pair of amateur sleuths.