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Raised by a human, Heyoka Blackeagle thinks like a human, even if he is a typical hrinnseven feet tall, covered with fur, retractable claws. In the war against the insect like flek, Heyoka distinguished himself in the Ranger Corps....

Title : Stars Over Stars
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ISBN : 9780671319793
Format Type : Paperback
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Stars Over Stars Reviews

  • Millerbug
    2019-02-22 15:10

    This was an awesome read. I totally enjoyed it. Blackeagle decides to try and train Hrinn as rangers for the army, but they have a hard time trying to get along without trying to kill one another. Then they get stranded on a peaceful planet that the enemy flek have invaded. The Hrinn and Humans have to learn to work together to survive. This book sucked me in. It was very good, mostly military scifi, and likable characters. It was sort of left open and I hope Wentworth continues with this story.

  • YouKneeK
    2019-03-10 12:07

    This book is a sequel to Black on Black, one of the few books I’ve rated with five stars. I think I liked this sequel even more than its predecessor. This book, Stars over Stars, built logically from the events and character growth of the previous book. However, it told an entirely new story on a new planet. There were a few familiar characters, and a lot of new ones. We also meet and learn about a new alien species. Each book stands well on its own, but I wouldn’t recommend reading this book first if you have any intention of reading both of them. It would spoil too much about what happened in the previous book.As with the previous book, we’re usually reading from the perspective of various alien characters. The new alien species was very different from the now-familiar hrinn, and they were interesting to read about. I really like the way this author writes alien characters. They aren’t just human-like aliens with a few special abilities or physical characteristics to make them “alien”. They have their own unique cultures and belief systems and mannerisms and thought processes, and they’re written consistently. But we don’t learn about the aliens through info dumps. We learn about them by being inside their heads and by seeing how they react to events going on in the story.Mitsu is also back in this book. Those who were disappointed by her lower level of involvement in the first book may be happy to see her play a larger and more important role in this book, although she still takes plenty of abuse! As do many of the other characters. One thing that I suddenly realized as I was finishing up this book was that there really wasn’t any sort of a romance subplot anywhere in the series. There were a couple things that could possibly be interpreted as a potential for romance, but it was very subtle if it was even there at all. I actually find that refreshing. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional romance thread if it’s done well and if it doesn’t detract from the real story. But it seems like authors think nearly every book has to have romance in it. I’ve read too many books where a good story was brought down because there was a romance subplot forced into it and it wasn’t written well. In that case, I’d rather it be left out altogether. A book can be great without romance, and this book absolutely proves that in my eyes. I’m sorry that there weren’t any more books in this series – I definitely would have read them.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-25 15:06

    I got this book free off the Baen book web. I didn't realize that it was a sequel, but it has enough explaining in it to stand alone...and probably annoy the people who read the first book and already know those details ; )Heyoka the main character is trying desperately to show that his race the Hrinn are capable of being military worthy. He has a rag-tag bunch of Hrinn that have been "culled" or forceably ousted for one reason or another from their clans, and a few human's, including his former partner, a very shell-shocked human named Mitsu, whose life he is trying to redeem.The Hrinn as a alien species are pretty cool, basically upright wolves with way more teeth. Who have the ability to blueshift or move briefly at super-human speeds. Heyoka, who was raised by humans (which must be covered a lot more in the first book) belongs in neither world, he's too animal and too wild to truly be human, but he's too practical and in control of his fight impulses to truly by Hrinn.In this world, there is one enemy that unites the planets, and that is the "Flek" a sort of insectoid super army that inhabits planets, destroys everything and turns them into the arid and poisonous climate that their kind prefer. When Heyoka's group discovers a chamber with Flek crystals, it begins a chain of events that effects the universe.The reason why this book wasn't higher then 3 stars for me, reflects on me, in that I don't really care for the military sci-fi genre. The personalities in the book were enough to keep me read to the end, but I miss the more character and feeling based environment of non-mil books. Or maybe a good old YA love triangle? Silly as it is.

  • Pkelsay
    2019-02-25 15:47

    I read this without the knowledge (but with a growing suspicion by the end) that this was a sequel. Its precursor is Black On Black, and from the events alluded to, I think it will be worth reading. However, I wanted to comment that the author was very adept at including the prior events in such a way that this novel stands on its own. If you read Black On Black first, the mention of prior events may feel like a bit much of a rehash, but they are paced well within the events of Stars Over Stars. I am pleased by the handling of this often tricky technique.

  • Kyle Aisteach
    2019-03-09 17:56

    The plot was fun and the characters were engaging, but ultimately I was left wanting in terms of the mythology and religion that motivates so much of the book (including the title). This struck me as a book that could have been excellent, had Wentworth gone back through and truly engaged in the worldbuilding. As it is, it's an acceptable bit of pulp science fiction, but ultimately forgettable.

  • Clyde
    2019-03-20 16:05

    Sequel to Black on Black. Heyoka Blackeagle's story continues. This time he is organizing a new Ranger unit consisting of Humans and Hrinnti. They go on a training mission to a world populated by a pacifistic race. Naturally the enemy Fleck show up. Too bad she didn't continue this series. I like it.(This review based on the eBook version.)

  • Irishlazz
    2019-03-22 10:51

    A nice continuation of the story with a satisfying if predictable ending

  • Lynn Calvin
    2019-03-17 13:49

    baen ebook

  • Emily
    2019-03-03 14:40

    Loved it! I loved how each hrinn had a reason of being a Ranger. Even though I guessed the ending, I was happy with how it was pulled off.

  • Ralph McEwen
    2019-03-01 12:50

    I had trouble with the highly trained warriors (human and alien) just running off willy nilly as they desired.

  • Howard
    2019-03-21 16:51


  • Michele
    2019-03-10 16:44

    This is a great story. I loved how the relationship between the two species is depicted. Enough action to keep the story moving.