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Lily loses her childhood the day the Sharpe gang murders her parents and "adopts" her. Soon, Lily the Cat is wanted by the law. But, in the act of revenge she has planned for 12 years, Lily betrays the outlaws, including Texas Sharpe, reluctant heir to the notorious gang--the man who had loved her, married her, and defied his father for her. Now, he is about to show Lily jLily loses her childhood the day the Sharpe gang murders her parents and "adopts" her. Soon, Lily the Cat is wanted by the law. But, in the act of revenge she has planned for 12 years, Lily betrays the outlaws, including Texas Sharpe, reluctant heir to the notorious gang--the man who had loved her, married her, and defied his father for her. Now, he is about to show Lily just how ruthless a man betrayed can exact revenge...

Title : Fall from Grace
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ISBN : 9780061084898
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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Fall from Grace Reviews

  • Fani *loves angst*
    2019-03-19 02:50

    A warning first: the hero and heroine are both outlaws who are fully prepared to kill anyone who gets in their way, so it's certainly not for everyone. The first half was intriguing but not really geared into romance. The story starts with the hero, hurt after a robbery went wrong and their gang was attacked, going to retrieve his wife, only to find out that she's betrayed them. While he's dragging her across the land, he's starting to see the real 'her' for the first time and is shocked to discover how he doesn't know her at all. He wants to take her to his father, the gang leader, but is he willing to let his father kill her for breaking his trust even after what she's done?The second half was simply perfect. Texas's love and devotion was obvious in every little thing he did, in every phrase he uttered, even when he said no more than a word. I'm not one for purple prose and this one thankfully didn't have it, but some of the quotes I read here made me cry and will stay with me for a while. Texas is a hero that I will remember for a long, long time, and for better or worse, I actually admired Lily for her strength in surviving the hand life dealt her. An amazing book, just not for the faint of heart or readers looking for PC heroes & plots. I'm going to go over the author's backlist right away!

  • Tina
    2019-03-18 01:58

    This is one of those rare, onces in a year find kind of a book. A book that took me completely back because it was so good and unexpected. I stayed up all night reading it and will be ordering all of her other titles right after this review. It was THAT good.This is a love story, and not your typical romance with unicorns and rainbows. The hero is a true killer, and the heroine is the worst manipulative liar that I've seen on a Romance novel . To make it more interesting, the heroine remains as deadly as a rattlesnake throughout the whole book (Mr & Mrs Smith). What saved this book from being too ghastly dark is his utterly heartbreaking love and adoration for that evil heroine, who is sadly, his sole saving grace.It was at times painful to read such devotion coming from a hero when you knew as a reader that the heroine didnt love him.... I dont think I've ever come across a romance novel with a heroine this cold or stoic. And yet, I can't say I disliked her because I ended up fully understanding her, the reasons why and how she was, I think most of us would have been as damaged if we went through what she had to just to survive. I felt such glorious happiness when it all ended well . This story is what unconditional love is really all about...

  • Cphe
    2019-03-02 03:45

    This would have to rank amongst my favourite western romances, although I'm a bit hesitant to call it a "romance" per se. The story of Lily Tremaine who at the age of twelve witnesses her parents gunned down by the notorious Sharpe gang. Lily is taken in by the gang and grows up to become "Lily the Cat" a feared outlaw and member of the Sharpe gang. She is a survivor. The book deals with her relationship with the enigmatic and taciturn Texas Sharpe.Both Lily and Texas are the victims of Hank Sharpe the leader of the Sharpe gang and a master manipulator and cold blooded murderer. I loved this very bittersweet and poignant story. The relationship between Texas and Lily is heartbreaking. Both are such damaged and tortured souls.This isn't a standard romance by any means but it is a story about survival, betrayal and forgiveness. It has depth and emotion, all of the qualities I look for in a "romance"

  • Lyuda
    2019-03-09 06:48

    2.5 stars. I would characterize this story as Western and not as Romance. 12 years old Lily was orphaned when a gang of outlaws captured the coach she was traveling and killed both of her parents. Instead of killing her, the gang "adapted" her. On the surface she became one of them but deep down in her heart she always remembered her mother's last words "Stay alive. Survive this bloody war". The main story takes place twelve years later. Lily has now been married to the leader's son Texas for 5 years, and has betrayed the gang - believing they were all killed until Texas showed up at the door of the boarding house she is staying.This was a gripping almost suffocating story of the grim life of outlaws in the wild west just after the Civil War. The descriptions were amazingly vivid but the "love story" was almost none existing. The hero was too weak with conflicting loyalties to his truly awful father. The heroine had my sympathy but there were so many things about her that were either glossed over or felt unrealistic. For example, the way the life of the outlaws changed and hardened her, you would think she was "adapted" by them as a toddler not as a teenage girl from seemingly loving family. It made no sense why Lily stayed with the gang all these years when she could just run away. Why did she marry Texas? What happened to her if she thought she couldn't have children?The story moved me but

  • October
    2019-03-04 06:04

    Ugh, I've been searching for this book for so long. I'm glad that I finally found it. This was a very intense read and there was a lot of bitterness between the hero and the heroine, but I was satisfied by the ending. I absolutely loved the hero and his struggle to come to terms with the heroine's betrayal. I was feeling really sorry for them both because both had the right to be angry at the other. The hero loved the heroine since they were kids and thought they would always stay together but she ran away from the gang. The heroine wanted an out from a life of crime and therefore choose to betray the gang and run away. The heroine was wonderful and really believable as an outlaw. (view spoiler)[I really loved how she she still choose to leave in the end to give herself a chance to have a normal life and came back when it wasn't for her. I think it's a lot better than her just giving up completely without even giving it a shot.(hide spoiler)] I also like that she wasn't completely in love with the hero by the books end. It suited her personality and the circumstances she grew up in.Most authors make their characters do a complete 180 when the ending is near to fit them into the required happy ending, but I really admire Chance for having enough respect for her characters to not do this. It is still a happy ending, but without the rainbows and unicorns usually seen in romance books.

  • Isa
    2019-03-21 07:47

    such a dark read.stay far far away.

  • FeliciaKaren
    2019-03-09 03:51

    I don't really know how to rate this one. It was way out of my comfort zone.It's the story of HATE , love, betrayal,'s not a romance book.This book was SOOO painful to read for me.I wanted to see her fall in love.But noHeroine (at the end of book) :"Just tell me you love me," she said. "And I'll do whatever it takes to love you back. the heroine is evil and immoral ..And I really wanted her to be dead at the end of book.there was nothing she could have done to redeem herself in my eyes. Texas Sharpe.. my NAİVE hero..what a man.He has incredible love for his Lily. It broke my heart.I understand Lily's hate but WHY it was towards her husband..She even shot at him . I wished he would move on to someone else more deserving. --------------Hank(hero's father) and heroine...a scene..Hank : "I think," he said finally, in a too-quiet, too-soft voice, "that you don't love me anymore, Lily-loo."That voice. They had only been lovers a few months,(AND HEROİNE WAS 12 YEARS OLD...GAG...) but in that time she'd heard that voice a hundred times. She'd heard it deep in the night and in the soft light of morning. She'd heard it in her daydreams and in her nightmares. When he used that voice, it all came back to her, the memories she'd tried hard to forget, the feel of his hands and his mouth, the way he'd bent her to his will with cold kisses and smooth, practiced sex.She thought of all the times she'd lain beneath him and tried to draw him into her, wanting to see the look he only wore when he spoke of Annie, the warmth he saved just for his wife.-----------always love a good conflict and tension between heroines and Heroes, but not the entire book.and a horrible end that just means the author couldn't think of a good end.wish the author took more time to develop the ending.the book ended without a clear resolution.

  • D
    2019-02-23 10:05

    3.5 stars, possibly highera very different, surprising plot setup. quite divergent from most characterizations of romance heroines. even so, very well done. the best chance i've read so far.the author imbues her protagonists with pathos and her plots with energy. a beautiful read.but a certain side character is one-dimensional and even silly. and since major plot advancement rests on her naivete and silliness, she can't be ignored, and the whole book is weakened as a result. even so, i recommend this book.

  • Racquel
    2019-03-11 02:02

    Could have been a new all time favorite, ten million stars but the romance scenes were surprisingly few! I saw more of Lily and Josie together than Lily and Texas together. And talk about abrupt ending. Sad face.

  • Sammy
    2019-03-15 03:47

    I personally did not achieve closure after reading the story because of the unresolved situation around Hank.

  • Oyceter
    2019-03-02 10:01

  • Della Amor
    2019-02-20 05:05

    The heroine, at the age of 12, was the lover of the H's father, and H was well aware about this fact at the time. Even comforted her when they broke up. Talk about gag-worthy.

  • Finn
    2019-03-13 02:51

    not your usual romantic western