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We are death, we are the darkness.We are the shadows that rend you,Your fear made flesh.We are Nightriders.The Nightriders were the ultimate terror weapon, a generation of genetically engineered vampire soldiers, created in the image of man's most ancient nightmares. But when the war was over, their makers saw what they'd done, and they were afraid. They turned against theWe are death, we are the darkness.We are the shadows that rend you,Your fear made flesh.We are Nightriders.The Nightriders were the ultimate terror weapon, a generation of genetically engineered vampire soldiers, created in the image of man's most ancient nightmares. But when the war was over, their makers saw what they'd done, and they were afraid. They turned against their creations and tried to wipe them out.One survived.Now Laura So, the last Nightrider, comes out of the darkness and sets off across humanity's far-flung settled worlds, seeking vengeance on the ones who ordered the massacre of her people, Along with her lover, the more-than-human medic who saved her life, she confronts not only her enemies, but the question of who she is and her place in the universe, Because beneath the monster's skin there beats a heart that's all too human......

Title : Monster: Nightrider's Vengeance
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ISBN : 13636987
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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Monster: Nightrider's Vengeance Reviews

  • Mickie
    2018-09-05 11:08

    Science fiction with non stop-action and very little character development is not my chosen genre. I love suspense, literature, and memoir. So when I made someone a promise to read the book, I had no idea what I was getting into. That said, having read Monster, I am sure that lovers of sci-fi that includes adrenaline-moving pages filled with vampires, zombies, and monsters, will love it. It is well crafted and polished to a gleaming roller-coaster ride.

  • Rabid Readers Reviews
    2018-09-21 08:00

    The eponymous “monster,” Laura, is a Nightrider. Nightriders are killing machines which are based on vampires and engineered to win wars. Once, with the aid of Hellboys (based on werewolves) and Dead Boys (zombies), the wars are won and their usefulness is over, the Nightriders are exposed to a virus killing Laura’s unit including her lover. Only she escapes termination. Laura, with her new companion, Jess, sets on a path of revenge against the people who killed her unit. During an op in exchange for information, gone bad, Laura accidentally discovers a new artificial intelligence that will either help her to get revenge or change everything.This is my kind of “Twilight.” Zombies, Werewolves and Vampires fighting it out with each other and the humans to stay alive.This story makes sense on a lot of levels. The futuristic setting was detailed without weighing down the flow of the action. The overall premise is very likely. A species is created for war and start showing independence. Does it not make sense to kill them all? There are deep commentaries about genocide and what makes a thing human in this novel that may not have been intended by the author. Laura loves Jess, she feels hate, she experiences compassion. Is she not a member of a species that should live on?I had to admit to a moment of surprise finding the main character of this novel to be female. This author writes very gritty and brutal characters and, as it happened, Laura is no less gritty and brutal. Despite a very high level of violence, Laura herself is a very likable character. She is cold and selfish and can be heartless but she has a fierce passion that you can’t help but respect. Laura says to the reader at one point in the narrative that her people have “Minds of our own. We have thoughts, feelings, dreams.” We see that within the scope of the character we experience.Laura’s depth of feeling for the baseline character, Jess and her confliction emotions with her creator, Wagner, show us a fully rounded, if extreme, person and I couldn’t help but cheer for her. One of the few things I found didn’t work for me in the story was Laura referring to Jess as “Honey.” I can see that being a very human thing to do but as much as Laura struggled with who she was, human didn’t ever seem to be one of the options. I found, as a reader, the endearment kind of stopped me because it felt so out of touch with the nature of this particular novel.One of my sci fi soft spots is for zombies. I don’t think it gives anything away to say that there is a zombie uprising in this novel and I loved it. Nixx writes action very well. The heart races and the urgency is felt and I just loved this new world he created.This story had a heavily plotted vein of conspiracy and betrayal that I have loved in other novels by this author. The spirit of the characters could be transferred to modern day narrative without issue but they shine in the futuristic setting,The thing I liked best about this book is that it ends with a hint of more to come. As much as I liked the narrative given the twists and turns we take to get to the end, I would be eager to see these characters continue. I anticipate great things for the next novel by J.D. Nixx.“Monster: Nightriders Vengeance” will be released on Kindle on May 1, 2012.

  • Randy
    2018-09-09 14:23

    Something different from J. D. Rhoades, a science fiction/vampire thriller. It was the most fun read I'd had, only a short while since the last one I posted on. I seem to read more crime these days and now to have another great science fiction novel so soon on top of the last reignites love of the genre.Here's the set-up:It's hundreds of years in the future. Humanity has spread throughout the local part of the galaxy through a series of jump gates. At some point in the past, a revolution had taken place, The Corporate Wars. Once that was put down, a lot of planets had been abandoned by the corporate executives on each, the inhabitants slaughtered or sold into slavery. The Howland-Wagner Corporation seems to be the one that came out on top, though there are others.As usually happens when wars are over, the ones that did the actual fighting are dealt with. In this world, they'd gene-engineered their armies, monsters they were. The Knightriders, vampires, the Hellhounds, werewolves, and the DeadBoys, reanimated corpses, zombies.Our first person hero is Laura So, a knightrider. the name is a fiction based on her designation: LRR/A(SO), Long Range Reconnaissance/Attack(Special Operations). They are called augments because of the engineering with the help of nano machines.The last of her kind, the rest killed with a special virus while she was recovering from serious injuries, she wants revenge on the three who ordered her people murdered and to find the creator. Aiding her is her lover, Jess, another augment, though he's a baseline. He's a medic and his augments run to fast healing, immunity, and stamina.That's the basic set-up. Within that, Nixx tells an action story with plenty of ideas tossed in and moves swiftly along. As I said earlier, the second SF novel I've read recently that revived my "lost" sense of wonder, I don't know, just that I enjoyed the hell out of this one.Recommended and am ready for the sequel, or whatever else the author might have in the line of science fiction.

  • Judy
    2018-09-05 08:20

    J.D. Nixx (akaJ.D. Rhoades) has tried his hand at fantasy/science fiction. He's managed to take the well-worn vampires vs. zombies (and werewolves and cowering humans) and make it palatable for adults. Or at least us adults who had to sit through at least one of the Twilight movies with a giggly pre-teen. Nixx's vampire Laura is not a supernatural being, but a genetically engineered weapon of mass destruction, as are the zombies (DeadBoys) and the werewolves (Hellhounds). If you're going to take over the universe, what better way to promote fear than to attack a planet using blood thirsty vampires with enhanced strength and reflexes?The problem is that these killing machines developed feelings and autonomy, no longer following the orders of the human empire they were created to serve. So all of the vampires, save Laura are wiped out with a virus, leaving Laura to seek revenge.I especially enjoyed Nixx's description of the Free Trade Zone, a colony founded on the belief that "people freed from government would eventually arrive at a viable society through free market competition and enlightened self-interest." The result is chaos, where local bosses and their militias constantly fighting to maintain control of their tiny pieces of turf and every warlord is for sale. Cheap.Take that Ayn Rand fans!Laura's journey to find those responsible for killing her people, along with her friendship with Mirmir, a sentient being created through artificial intelligence made my stationary bicycle workouts bearable. The body count goes sky high, and there's a fair amount of blood and gore, but I really liked how Nixx handles the genre, combining "Dracula's Daughter" with a bit of "2001, A Space Odyssey" thrown in.

  • Dan Barbier
    2018-08-26 11:55

    I don't usually read Sience Fiction unless it's from an author I know. I know and like J.D. Rhoades writing style when he writes suspense novels. He hasn't lost his touch when writing as J.D. Nixx. The thing takes place in a future where humans have engineered Vampires known as Nightriders, Werewolves known as Hellhounds, Zombies known as reanimates and Dragons. It's a mashup of Monsters and AI's on other planets filled with action and humour. A welcome addition to my library and I wish Rhoades (Nixx) would come back to the world of Laura So, as a sequel is implied at the end.

  • Maureen O'Danu
    2018-09-05 15:11

    A whole lot of fun.When a vampire is the most human person in the book, a lot of assumptions get turned on their head.

  • Christine Hayes
    2018-08-25 08:55

    enjoyed this book.