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Based on the life of Annette Bevels, “Leaving Serenity” takes the reader back to the quaint atmosphere of main street America in the 1960’s where everyone speaks the same language and success is measured by conformity. At sixteen, she falls in love with Jack Harris, a romantic hippie with an unsavory past. Leaving Serenity, Annette creates a new identity and becomes the maBased on the life of Annette Bevels, “Leaving Serenity” takes the reader back to the quaint atmosphere of main street America in the 1960’s where everyone speaks the same language and success is measured by conformity. At sixteen, she falls in love with Jack Harris, a romantic hippie with an unsavory past. Leaving Serenity, Annette creates a new identity and becomes the master of her own destiny. Her journey to success is inspiring and empowering....

Title : Leaving Serenity
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Leaving Serenity Reviews

  • Bette Crosby
    2019-06-17 04:48

    Oh my gosh, this story was great. With every new book Alle weaves new life into her characters. Leaving Serenity is the story of an emotionally abused young woman who strikes out on her own and builds a successful career in Real Estate during the women's liberation movement of the 1970s. This character is so well-developed, you can actually feel her angst in this situation. As a teenager, Annette is confronted with deception and tragedy. Plagued by low self-esteem, she latches on the hippie culture where she feels accepted. She runs away from her hometown and changes her identity. Annette begins to take life into her own hands and transforms herself into Nikky, the woman of her dreams. I just loved that she did this - it's somthing that many women dream of and few have the courage to do. Although they can become another person, they cannot change the inside of who they've been and where they've come from so in spite of her wealth, beauty, and success, Nikky still fears facing Serenity.

  • Elle Thornton
    2019-05-20 06:34

    SEE THE BLOG AUGUST 2014 POSTED AT THE END OF THIS 2012 REVIEW:The beginning of women’s economic independence; the hippie hangover from the late 1960s; Vietnam: however you may judge the 1970s, the decade touched many young lives that were at a fragile turning point, lives like that of Annette, the lead character in Alle Wells’ engaging novel Leaving Serenity. We first meet Annette in 1996 when her new life as Nikky Harris is firmly established the way a Mercedes is perfectly tuned. We also meet her exceedingly sour mom and unlikable siblings, followed by a journey back in time to the south of the 50s and Annette’s roots in the small North Carolina town of Serenity. Wells portrays Annette’s early life as circumscribed by church, grocery, bakery, drug store and beauty parlor. It was for many girls a suffocating time with few ways to escape miserable loneliness and self-images so poor as to be dangerous. Wells conveys the 50s through skillful descriptive details, but her talent comes into full play as the author shows us Annette in the 1970s, the decade when most of the novel’s action takes place: a new car, a bankroll earned from working at a cafe, and a gorgeous hippie boyfriend seem to be all that’s needed for fulfillment away from Serenity. But Annette’s journey leads to the worst that the 70s offered.When a mentor with supreme confidence in her comes on the scene, Annette fades and Nikky emerges. Tom the mentor quickly helps her build a new life from wardrobe to a new nose and more fetching bosoms. Considering how much Tom gives Nikky with no sexual demands ever made, I’d have welcomed more emotional interaction between the two and a rounding out of the story when she finally sees her father again. But perhaps Nikky will come into her emotions in another novel by Alle Wells. My hope is there will be many more.SEE BELOW:BLOG POST AUGUST 10,2014:Revisiting a Book ReviewI know it just isn’t done, at least it has never come to my attention before: a book review being changed by the reviewer. I mean, we write our reviews and that’s it. Our minds are made up and we don’t change them. But two years after I wrote about Alle Wells’ fine novel Leaving Serenity, I’ve thought often about the story of her heroine, Nikky/Annette, and her relationship with a man who becomes her mentor and business partner. I confess that at the time I wrote the review, I didn’t understand what Wells had achieved with her portrait of Nikky. Over time, though, my thoughts kept returning to the book and what I’d written about it. And over time I began to appreciate the character arc Wells developed in Nicky and the total rightness of the kind of relationship she has with Tom. In Leaving Serenity, Wells reveals how a character becomes who she is. She does it with great skill, creating a fully human character in a situation that is fully believable. This is a great achievement.It seems like a book that has the power to keep a reader thinking about its characters and story for two years deserves an upgrade, and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Five Stars for Alle Wells’Leaving Serenity, and for the reviewer, the satisfaction of feeling like I’ve grown.

  • Esme
    2019-06-05 23:29

    Serenity ist eine kleine Stadt, in der Annette Bevels in den siebziger Jahren aufwächst. Sie war immer das am wenigsten geliebte Kind, in sich selbst zurückgezogen, unscheinbar und schüchtern. Nach einer Vergewaltigung durch einige ältere Schüler, vertieft sich die Kluft zwischen ihr, ihren Eltern und Geschwistern noch weiter, denn niemand schenkt ihr Glauben. Die Ankunft des charmanten Hippies Jack Harris verändert ihr Leben, sie verlassen gemeinsam Serenity und heiraten. Die Geschichte wird aus Annettes Sicht erzählt. Sie nennt sich jetzt Nikki und kehrt viele Jahre später nach Hause zurück, weil ihr Vater einen Schlaganfall hatte. Sie läuft durch die Kleinstadt und erinnert sich. Als Nikki hat sie es zu einer erfolgreichen Immobilienmaklerin gebracht. Auch erfüllte sie sich den Wunsch nach körperlicher Schönheit durch plastische Chirurgie. Nikki glaubt, glücklich zu sein, weil sie in ihrem Beruf sehr erfolgreich ist und viel Geld verdient, und sich von einem häßlichen Entlein in einen stolzen Schwan verwandelt hat. Doch sie ist immer noch einsam. Es ist berührend, wie sie nach und nach aus ihrer Schale ausbricht und doch selten Vertrauen zu anderen Menschen fassen kann. Das ist schade.

  • Ann Werner
    2019-05-22 04:34

    When her father suffers a stroke, Nikki Harris returns home to Serenity, a town and a life she left behind twenty-five years earlier. Memories of who she was and how she became who she is are the components of another slice of life story from Alle WellsAs Margaret Annette Bevels, Nikki was the ugly duckling: the girl who had no friends, who was always second-guessing herself, the girl who repeatedly got the message that she wasn’t good for much of anything. The one bright spot and ultimately the changing point in her life is when her father surprises her with the gift of Goldie, her very own Ford Mustang, enabling her to get a job at the diner in town. That’s where she meets Jack Harris, a daring hippie dude who is the antithesis of everything in Serenity. So begins her odyssey and transformation from Annette into Nikki.In Leaving Serenity, Alle Wells has once again evoked the echoes of a time gone by. She weaves the historical events of what it meant to be young in time of change into a quiet narrative that is captivating. This is a modern-day Cinderella story with unexpected twists and turns that will strike a chord with readers of all ages.

  • Betty McMahon
    2019-05-25 23:38

    I'm giving this book an ok rating -- not because I didn't enjoy it, because I did. But I felt it was simplistic and could have been so much more.When I was growing up, I dreamed that someone would come along to transform me into a new person, as I didn't much like the person I was. I got this idea from reading the novels on my mother's 50s bookshelf. Turns out, that desire was only a dream. Becoming what and who you want to be is a much more complex process. That's why this book reads like a fairy tale, with a prince who sees Nikky's potential and molds her into the person she becomes. Once her prince comes into her life, it's all uphill. No messy relationships with husbands and children and real-world conflicts. It's a fun, quick read, and i thoroughly enjoyed reading it, even though it was very unrealistic. I realize this is a novel, but im still concerned about the message it sends: Success is equated with good looks and making a lot of money. The story omitted any part character development plays in a person's life.

  • Gae-Lynn Woods
    2019-05-27 23:53

    As she does in LAME EXCUSES and RAILROAD MAN, Alle Wells captures the exquisite emotions of life through characters who experience triumphs and tragedies that are achingly close to reality. As someone who has left and returned to a small town, LEAVING SERENITY resonated deeply - and sometimes uncomfortably - with me.Nikky Harris fled from Serenity as a teenager and, with some trepidation and much courage, returns 25 years later due to a family emergency. Through Nikky's eyes, Ms. Wells captures the unbearable sweetness and suffering of small town life. More importantly, she shows us how Nikky overcame the narrow-minded expectations of her family and friends to build the life she desperately wanted.If you have a heart for the underdog, you'll love Nikky's determination when she decides she's LEAVING SERENITY, and her resiliency as she stumbles yet keeps chasing her dreams. Highly recommended.

  • Deanna Sletten
    2019-06-04 03:36

    Nikky Harris returns home to a family she felt never loved her and the memories of her youth that she ran away from twenty-five years ago. Now a successful business woman, Nikky still struggles with her past as she relives the moments that changed her life in the 1960s and '70s that made her decide to run away from her hometown Serenity.The characters and their experiences and emotions jump out at you from the pages of Leaving Serenity by Alle Wells. The smoothness of Ms. Wells writing immediately draws you into this heartwarming, and sometimes heart wrenching, story as you follow the lead character's life through heartache and triumph. Ms. Wells beautiful writing style, storytelling ability and unforgettable characters reminds me of southern writer Anne Rivers Siddons. I loved this book and have definitely become of fan of Alle Wells.

  • Jan Romes
    2019-06-12 01:29

    Leaving Serenity is one of those books that tugs at your heart the moment you start reading. The author expertly wove emotion into every scene and created characters that you either wanted to hug or put in a headlock. In this story, the heroine, Annette Bevels, earned more than a hug - she earned my admiration. At a young age she endured some horrific situations, yet she remained a tender soul; patient, respectful, and filled with hope that one day she would be loved. Stifled by her family and her small town, Annette finally left Serenity. At first it seemed like a huge mistake, but it turned out to be the best decision she could have made. I loved that I was privy to Annette's strength and courage before she was. Once she realized it, her life turned around. This is an amazing story and I would read this author again!

  • Patricia O'Sullivan
    2019-05-30 03:49

    I loved the strong voice of Nikki Harris and the fast pace of the story. Sometimes it was too fast - there were characters I would have wanted to get to know better. Wells wrote them so well I was left wanting more. And I was hoping for a final confrontation between Nikki and her family. However, the ending really hit the mark.

  • Jeanne
    2019-06-09 06:44

    NostalgiaThe word nostalgia came to my mind as I read this book, even though this was nothing like my life nor do I know anyone that lived this life. The story flow was perfect - I felt the feelings that Nikky felt as she moved through her life. I recommend the story - well written :)

  • Jackie
    2019-05-20 23:51

    YES! What a winner... Both the book and the main character. Read it from start to finish in one sitting...could not wait to find out what happened next. Thank you Ms. Wells for keeping me up until 1 a.m.

  • Laurie Kazmierczak
    2019-05-31 03:27

    I finished the book in one day. The characters were engrossing and the writing style was easy, as it reviewed the decades that I have lived through♫

  • Mark Nawrocki
    2019-06-16 00:40

    second book i read from ms.wellsand another winner!!!she makes her characters believablea real page turner....loved it!!

  • Sarah
    2019-06-03 23:47

    Nice short story. Captivating quick read. Nicely written and intriguing as the main character explores the numerous events that led up to her success.

  • Kim
    2019-05-26 22:35

    Read this in one day. Alle Wells is a wonderful southern writer.