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Mona is a junker girl who survives by salvaging what she can from the vast piles of trash and refuse left over from before. Before the bio-weapon known as the Rot ended civilization and society.But she has made a discovery that could change her fate, and the fate of everyone she knows forever. Markus the droid, an ancient piece of technology, brought back from a long forgoMona is a junker girl who survives by salvaging what she can from the vast piles of trash and refuse left over from before. Before the bio-weapon known as the Rot ended civilization and society.But she has made a discovery that could change her fate, and the fate of everyone she knows forever. Markus the droid, an ancient piece of technology, brought back from a long forgotten past. Together they stand a chance of saving the future. But the secret enclave known as the Council have their own plans. And the Cannibalistic raiders are very close, and ready to tear everything Mona knows to pieces.....Droid is social science fiction in the grand tradition of Heinlien, Asimov, and Harlan Ellison. A full length novel written by Merrell Michael, a Marine Veteran of the Afghanistan war....

Title : Droid
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ISBN : 13610153
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Droid Reviews

  • John
    2018-09-08 13:36

    Mona, a junker girl living outside the domes in the post-rot devastation, finds a finger piece of an AI 'bot amidst the debris and along with her 'friend' Skip, searches for the rest of it, hoping to improve their fortunes. The aftermath of a tragic mistake yields more pieces, both from the 'bot and from the puzzle of how the world came to be the way it is. With the uneasy company of Berks the vendor, Mona and Markus the Droid make their way to the nearest dome to find some answers and hopefully a better life for all of them. Markus is indeed their golden ticket to an easier life inside the dome, but as always, that's when the real trouble starts.First off, the setup by the author is terrible. There's lots of terminology that gets dropped in without any frame of reference, leaving you to wonder exactly what's being referred to. You get the general dystopia idea, but the devil's in the details and the writer left the audience in the lurch. Terms like cols, dome-heads, soylent money, hab, etc, don't mean a blasted thing to you in the first four pages. Only reason we even know what a junker does is because it's explained in the blurb.Lots of telling instead of showing, and even that's pretty choppy, especially with all the constant typos and misused words ('single' instead of 'signal', telling someone their judgment belies intelligent thought when they're making perfect sense). It's like the author constantly wanted to skip through the background exposition as fast as he could, which also means you won't care too much about it, either. And some of it's a bit off-putting: to establish the relationship between the male and female, he ends up being her first lover- a less than wonderful experience for our girl. A little painful, but that's okay; she'd been rougher on herself with her own hand (sic). Not a good sign when an author isn't too interested their own characters.Some of the scenarios are plain ridiculous: a gate guard is so worried about the disguised droid being a suicide bomber that all Mona has to do is flash him and everything's ok. During this encounter Berks manages to con the guard with a half-truth about a politician's special technology project only to have the man in question show up as if everyone were part of the deal all along. It's not a stretch to put the pieces together, but that's the author's job, not the reader's. The droid also seems capable of emotions and wanting to have sex with girls... not sure why or how, though. Suffice to say it's one of the worst sex scenes you'll read: you'll laugh, you guffaw, you'll shake your head.One good thing the author works in well are the pop culture references to the past, especially from movies. There's a pretty good scene when Mona tries to explain to Markus about losing touch with humanity by using Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen as an example. He also ties a few threads together and wraps up some loose ends, but not nearly enough.This one's another example of a passable idea poorly executed. This one should to go back to the drawing board and the author needs some writing classes.

  • Leann
    2018-09-18 10:23

    This book had potential, but apparently no one read this after the first draft, including the author. It meanders, it has an amazing amount of type-Os, and it is inconsistent. It could have been good, with a few (a lot?) more drafts and rewrites.

  • D.M. Dutcher
    2018-09-18 13:33

    It needs editing, badly. I'm not talking advanced editing, I'm talking fixing the things the spell check won't catch, like homophones. But even with this, the book has a raw, gritty energy to it that makes it worth reading all the same. Mona is a foul-mouthed Junker in a world where a techno-organic rot ruins machines and twists bodies into misshapen masses of flesh. One day she discovers a finger from an old robot. That finger is searching for the rest of its parts, and soon a robot is reassembled. His name is Markus, and he is Mona's ticket into the easy street of the Boonies. But Markus has other ideas, and there are always the raiders, reading to kill everyone they can find...The editing issue is serious. It's frustrating because it's obvious he hasn't given the manuscript any real once-over. Too many yours instead of you're, the period problem ("Hi." He said-instead of "Hi," he said.") and things like this. Spell-check errors mostly-things that wont trigger the spell check on a word processor but are errors all the same. Most people will put the book down because of it, and can't say I blame them.But the book has such a raw energy to it that I read it to the end. There's talent here. Mona and Markus both feel very much alive. They are a combination of a feral, don't-give-a-crap girl and a robot who intellectually believes in being humanistic, but is a machine with a fair amount of ruthlessness anyways. The waste they live in is also violent and alive, and is the highlight of the book. It winds down a little bit once they leave it into the colony and the dome, but it's short, sweet, cyberpunk in the old style. So if you are willing to overlook the problems, and think of it as a first draft, you might like it. Whether or not you should pay for it I leave to you, but I'd love to see what he can do with more time spent editing and polishing.

  • Erin
    2018-08-27 12:17

    I knew from the reviews that this book was not polished so I stuck it in my wishlist until it was free. Honestly, I was really looking forward to reading this even though it needed lots of red ink. While I was disappointed that I was left with more questions than answers at the end (and there were lots of questions in the beginning) this was a surprisingly good read (pun unintentional). I thought I could stand the errors but I was both annoyed and confused at times. I'm really looking forward to the next book (which came out on 3/6/13) but from what I can tell he learned nothing from the scathing reviews. The first two chapters are on his blog site right now in case you are holding out for a price reduction. $2.99 is more than I want to pay for 100 pages of poor grammar and spelling. Aside from that I couldn't put this down. =)

  • Sherri
    2018-09-08 08:33

    This ends up a two-star book mostly because it is very much in need of an editor. I was often rereading passages trying to parse out correct grammar. I also found some transitions written a bit too abruptly and in need of polish.That said, this was out of the Kindle lending library, so free, and was a very quick, mostly good read on tan overnight trip with train travel.

  • Bobbie
    2018-08-30 15:15

    Just finished reading this it was a pretty good book, the ending I felt was incomplete, whose child did Mona have and what happened to Markus the android. Plus it had alot of misspelled words and grammatical errors but it was a pretty good book but dont expect too much.

  • Cathie
    2018-09-07 11:36

    I liked the book, it did keep me interested, but the ending was abrupt and disjointed. It seemed like the author ran out of steam and ideas for the ending.

  • Oliver
    2018-09-11 15:15

    In major need of a proof read.

  • Kathy
    2018-09-02 07:10

    Not a bad story, but it felt unfinished.

  • Stephen
    2018-09-18 10:07

    Interesting idea, but in desperate need of proof reading.

  • Rachel
    2018-09-20 15:07

    I would really like to hear about what other people thought of the ending of this book, and discuss it. Thank you!