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In book 1 of this steamy new contemporary Western romance series by two blockbuster authors, a cowboy and a woman on the run take a stand and fight for love.  Carlin Reed lives in fear, off the grid, moving from place to place. So Battle Ridge, Wyoming, a small town in the middle of nowhere, seems like a good place to lie low for a while. But after becoming cook and housekIn book 1 of this steamy new contemporary Western romance series by two blockbuster authors, a cowboy and a woman on the run take a stand and fight for love.  Carlin Reed lives in fear, off the grid, moving from place to place. So Battle Ridge, Wyoming, a small town in the middle of nowhere, seems like a good place to lie low for a while. But after becoming cook and housekeeper to cattle rancher Zeke Decker, Carlin suspects that she’s made her first mistake. Rugged, sexy, and too distracting for his own good, Zeke is pure temptation mixed with something deep and primal that makes Carlin feel almost safe. Soon things are getting way too hot in the kitchen.   Zeke doesn’t challenge Carlin’s terms: cash, dead bolts, and no questions. It is easy to see that she’s a woman in trouble. Problem is, he’s so blindsided by his attraction to her he can’t think straight. Zeke tries to stay all business, no complications—but that game plan is sabotaged the second Carlin gets under his skin. And when her terrifying past follows her to the ranch, Carlin faces a heartbreaking choice: run away from the man she loves, or put him in the crosshairs of a madman....

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Running Wild Reviews

  • Jill
    2018-10-28 21:57

    Carlin Reed is on the run from an obsessed stalker. She's tried reporting him to the authorities but without success. Afterall, who are they going to believe, her or her stalker, (view spoiler)[a cop? (hide spoiler)] Constantly on the move, she ends up in Battle Ridge, Wyoming. Taking a job as a waitress for a time, she's ready to move on again, when an offer comes as a cook and housekeeper on a nearby ranch.Zeke Decker really doesn't need the distractions of a young, single, attractive woman on his all-man ranch.The fact of it was, nine dicks and one vagina together on one large slice of land just didn't work...But he's desperate. His house is a mess and his men need a cook. This is your standard woman-on-the-run, a romantic suspense staple. There's really nothing new here in the plot. But these ladies - Linda Howard and Linda Jones - sure can write an entertaining story. They're experienced hands at writing romances and it shows. The pacing, plot, characterisations are all done well. The romance was thoroughly enjoyable, watching Zeke and Carlin fall for each other. Zeke is a man’s man and a hero I particularly like. He’s portrayed a little rough and tough, but realistically and without that overbearing and rather stupid alpha a-hole-ness that seems to be so dominating CRs at the moment.The villain was your standard ex-boyfriend nutter and not quite as fleshed-out or convincing as he could have been. But it's the dialogue and the relationship between the protagonists that really makes this a very entertaining contemporary/romantic suspense. (view spoiler)[His thumb swept over the edge of her jaw. "Do you know, you never use my name?" he murmured."Sorry, Mr. Decker.""No relationship, no couple, no you-and-me stuff, because nothing has changed and I may have to leave at any time, without notice.""So what do you want from me? Other than my dick?"Zeke leaned his shoulder against the frame of the kitchen door, watching Carlin as she folded a mound of towels. "You have any sweat pants, something loose and comfortable?"She didn't look up. "Yeah, but they're too little for you. You'll have to buy your own."He caught the look, frowned in return. "What?""I'm fond of your balls," she said abruptly.A wary look came into his eyes. "So am I.""I don't love them, but they're endearing in a cute, wrinkly kind of way. I don't want to hurt them - you.""Let me give you a tip, buttercup: you don't tell a man his balls are cute.""You're tough enough to take it. I'd be lying if I said they were pretty." (hide spoiler)]The show-down at the end was particularly well-done. Aside from the fact I've probably read this storyline a hundred times before, there's nothing to really fault. Good, solid writing, plenty of humour, great dialogue and oh, recipes. This is much more contemporary romance with suspense than a straight romantic suspense. (eg Shadow Woman by Linda Howard – her newest title, release date 1 January 2013, is romantic suspense.) For readers who enjoy contemporary westerns with manly cowboys and a healthy dose of suspense, this is a great read. And I'll be lining up for the next in the series.Steam: 3ARC courtesy of Random House via Edelweiss

  • Karla
    2018-10-27 23:47

    4 Stars! Nice start to the series! Well done author collaboration! I’ve never read anything by Linda Winstead Jones, so I can’t compare, but I was definitely getting the Linda Howard vibe in this book. Particularly with the snarky banter between H and h, where the attraction is undeniable, but they use sarcasm to keep each other at arm’s length. It was reminiscent her books, Mr. Perfect , Open Season and Heart of Fire, all of which I loved!The prologue introduces us to the grumpy Zeke and then switches over to Carlin’s story and the suspense begins. Carlin finds herself on the run and ends up in the one-horse town of Battle Ridge, Wyoming. I enjoyed the small town setting and all the characters she meets, particularly Kat, Miss Sass and Spunk. Carlin finds employment and a place to hide at Kat’s diner, The Pie Hole, where she also has her first encounter and battle of wills with Zeke, who also happens to be Kat’s cousin. Zeke and Carlin’s relationship is slow to build, no quick declarations of love, they dance around each other, and it was a dance I enjoyed watching. Their back and forth banter was witty, fun and had me chuckling numerous times. Zeke allows Carlin to dictate their relationship, he’s still an alpha male, but he respects her boundaries. I loved the men on the ranch, all but one of them, were charming, and fiercely protective of Carlin, even from their own boss. Sweet Spencer…so adorable…sperm collector and temporary cook…oh how I loved him. Patrick, quiet and polite, but they’re the ones who surprise us the most! These boys need books too! The book is being promoted as steamy…hmmm, I would have to disagree. There’s some heat, but not full out sauna steam, more like the light haze over a hot cup of tea! It added to the romance, but there were so many other good things that drove the story.The ending was quite riveting and had me on the edge of my seat! One spot of weakness, a lot less reflection and inner turmoil would have been better and more dialogue. I like getting into a character’s head, but I don’t want to spend too much time there. If you’re a Linda Howard fan, I would say without a doubt you will enjoy this book. I’m sticking with the series, and if the ending was any indication of the couple that might be featured in the next installment, it’s going to be very interesting! **ARC courtesy of Random House Publishing via NetGalley**

  • Kathleen
    2018-11-06 21:51

    3.75 stars, possibly 4. An enjoyable contemporary western romance, with some suspense. Quite a pleasant read, if a little disappointing. I loved the characters and the western setting, but there was not enough of that wonderful high-octane suspense I have grown to expect from Linda Howard. (I am not familiar with the co-author.)This book also lacked Howard's famous sexy banter (see Mr. Perfect, for one example). It just didn't have ENOUGH of the earthy bold humor I love -- even though the heroine, Carlin Reed, was named after the comedian, George Carlin, and the authors tried to include fun repartee. The suspense was a bit weak, the villain one-dimensional. I couldn't get too worried about Carlin's psychotic stalker (Brad), because I knew she was safely off the grid on the ranch, as the book synopsis indicates. I knew she'd be safe from Brad until something happened that would reveal her whereabouts. Also, she made Zeke promise not to hunt down Brad, and wouldn't even tell him Brad's last name. So ... no offense + no defense = no suspense. Without any real suspense for most of the book, what's left is a sweet story about big-hearted ranch hands (I liked the scenes of protectiveness and loyalty), good hot food (glad the hungry ranchers finally got something besides oatmeal and cheese toast), lessons in self-defense (I enjoyed these scenes), and Carlin's attempts to make white cake and biscuits (meh). There were also a few potentially life-threatening events, but they were all accidental.Pacing was weak. I had a hard time staying with it in the long middle section. Too much focus on recipes, laundry, and house cleaning. I wish the book had been shorter. I forgive more of a shorter book.The love affair with Zeke? Fine! It just didn't do a whole lot for me. Not sure why, exactly. He didn't want her there at first?? They didn't talk much ?? -- first SHE didn't talk to him, keeping him at bay, out of her kitchen, not even calling him by name. Then HE didn't talk much to her, not wanting to spook her, needing her to feel safe at his ranch (sweet) and not flee. Sometimes, it almost felt like he fell in love with her cooking, but only because the authors talked so much about food. Yes, there was some explicit sex, but there wasn't quite enough emotional sizzle. I liked the sizzling scene in his office! One scene where Zeke really came across as a super-protective Howard hero is when he (view spoiler)[beat the tar out of the creepy ranch hand, Darby, who was about to rape Carlin. (hide spoiler)]. And of course, Zeke was in alpha mode at the end, against Brad. But so was Carlin in top form at the end. A classic Howard kick-asp couple! The truth is, I hold Howard to a higher standard than most. Blame it on her other heroes, like Jack, or Sam, or Grant, etc. Bottom line: Good! Glad I read it. I plan to read the sequel.(Content: A few explicit sex scenes -- short but sweet, some violence / murder, minimal or no religious profanity, but about 200 swear words (mostly damn, but also shi* and F or M-F)

  • ♥Rachel♥
    2018-11-17 23:42

    I do love me a sexy, protective cowboy, but Carlin was no slouch either. A girl who can fend for herself under dangerous circumstances and still manage to think rationally is the kind of heroine I can get behind! The audio was really good. Maggie Wheeler sounded like a country girl with a little bit of sass and her male voices were done well, too. I upped the speed form 1.0x (normal speed) to 1.25x, just a little faster.

  • Lisa Kay
    2018-10-28 02:50

    ★★★★✩ The audio is wonderfully narrated by Maggie Wheeler, and she certainly kicks it up a notch. Nothing terrible new here, but done so much better than when attempted by other authors. Also, I did really like one thrilling scene (you'll know where you get there). Very enjoyable - and satisfying!

  • Jacqueline
    2018-10-24 19:50

    This book was a good enough read but I don't think it's going to be a reread. I am fond of the woman on the run set up but somehow it wasn't all that interesting here. I think because her reaction seemed extreme for what had happened. Yes the other girl getting killed was bad but her running off the grid and always moving on would have made more sense if he was shown continually finding her. Because otherwise hunkering down on the ranch where there was little possibility that she would be found was the better option. Plus she knew an awful lot about Brad's computer abilities than I think she would have after just two dates. There was no tension here because until someone made a mistake you knew he couldn't find her so there was no sense of approaching danger.The romance was okay, but slow and not very intense. There was not a lot of conflict in their relationship other than when she was going to give in and sleep with him. He didn't try very hard to win her just thought a lot that he would wait until she was ready. I almost felt like they didn't love each other. The scenes on the ranch were interesting but not enough seemed to happen to fill up a book this long. I'll try the rest of the books in the series when they come out I guess. But I won't be holding my breath.

  • Naksed
    2018-11-01 21:04

    A surprisingly funny and satisfying modern cowboy romance with some suspense/action thrown in it. I normally can't stand Linda Howard but I loved this. It is co-written with someone named Linda Jones so I am not sure if it is maybe her contributions that I enjoyed the most. First the humor. The writing in general, and especially the banter between the protags was priceless and I found myself laughing out loud quite a few times. The heroine is fighting her attraction to the hero by being purposefully prickly to him. The hero of course enjoys the hell out of it. Verbal sparring as foreplay is one of my favorite tropes and this was done masterfully here.She was about to make a quick getaway when he said, "You're new.""Not really," she said, her tone just a little curt. "I'm older than I look."Zeke's eyebrow barely lifted. His gaze flickered, got even more intense. Instead of being put off by her response, it seemed to push him further.He glanced down at her breast. "What's the C for?""Cautious," she fired back.Second, I really appreciate when authors take time to set up the story and really invest in a slow burn before having their characters jump between the sheets. Some readers might find it annoying and snail-paced but I ate it up, first because I am a sucker for delayed gratification but also because the writing itself was so enjoyable that I did not feel as though any of the scenes preceding the characters finally getting together were boring, mundane fillers. Hell, the author makes a trip to the grocery store as funny and exciting as any action scene out there, if you believe it!"How can you forget anything? You have a damn list. Just check off each thing as you get it.""Any idiot can get what's on a list. It's what ISN'T on the list that requires creativity.""It's a shopping list, not a work of art.""But it isn't a COMPLETE list. That's why I need to think, and why you need to just follow along and be quiet."A thin, elderly, white-haired woman wearing jeans, boots, and a denim shirt pushed a cart past them and said, "You tell him, honey."Zeke gave his head a little shake as he watched the elderly woman walk away and, raising his voice, said wryly, "Thanks, Mrs. G.""You're welcome, darling." Mrs. G. never looked back, just trundled on into the produce section where she stopped and began examining every offering of lettuce.Carly pursed her lips thoughtfully, then cut her gaze up at him."Ex-girlfriend?""First-grade teacher."Third, naturally, was that it was HELLA HOT!"I want to make sure I'm not misunderstanding anything here. You want me to fuck you?"The hard, primitive word sent shockwaves of excitement rolling along her nerves. Carlin opened her eyes and raised her head. "No. "I" want to fuck "you."""First round is yours." he said grimly. "But by God, the second one is mine."The weak part of the book for me was a cartoonish villain that I didn't ever feel posed a real threat to the power couple that starred in this book. I don't even think it was necessary to have that plot contrivance in there, the book would have done just fine as a straightforward romance. Very enjoyable. Highly recommend.

  • Tracey
    2018-10-20 22:07

    This is a gentle read, a very pleasant read at that - we have Carlin who is on the run from a nasty stalker, she is terrified and has all her guards up, she may be on guard but still has a smart mouth on her. She drives into a small town in Wyoming and takes a break in the local cafe/diner, luckily she lands on her feet and is offered some temporary work in the diner.Zeke, the rough but handsome cowboy that owns a ranch and works hard running it, when his housekeeper ups and leaves he is forced to get his men to cook but for how long can they survive on burnt offerings....... And how long can he go without clean socks!The ranch/farm hands in the book all have there own personalities, not all nice though, Zeke being big boss looks out for everyone in a tough cowboy but caring way. The first 50 % of this book is build up, sexual tension, and back chatting all very amusing and highly entertaining read. The last 50% of book heats up nicely, lots of hot encounters plus plenty of angst.If your looking for a gentle but exciting romance read this is for you. At times I wanted to say if your not gonna have him I will!!!!I found the characters well developed and writing very descriptive. Will read others in series too.As there is lots of talk of food in this book, which made my tummy rumble, I was delighted to find recipes at the end of the book. :) Sexiness rating 3.5/5Hot cowboy rating 5/5Story - cant fault it! 5/5**i received this free copy of this book from netgalley for an honest review**

  • Emmy
    2018-10-26 02:45

    **2.5**Nothing particularly original. Some of the internal monologues/narrations got pretty repetitive after a while and I will never understand why female characters decide, if for example they have a stalker, that they have to do everything on their own and can't let others help them.

  • Tina
    2018-10-31 00:57

    Running Wild: The Men From Battleridge by Linda Howard and Linda Jones is a must read! I mean seriously read it now, well finish my review first and then go buy this book! Carlin Reed lives in fear everyday, always on the run and always watching her back. 2 lousy dates and her life was forever changed. She's being stalked by a policeman, so of course no one believed her when she tried to report him. She's on the run, stopping at random places, working for cash only, making no friends and moving on after a short time is her life now. That is until she comes to Battleridge, Wyoming. Falling in love with town is bad enough, but with it's people too is a recipe for disaster.Zeke Decker is in dire straights. He runs a large working ranch and is in desperate need for a cook/housekeeper. However, when his cousin offers up her waitress for the position he immediately bulks. First off, she's beautiful and he doesn't need that kind of problem with his men. Second, there is just something about her that draws him in and lord knows he does not want another woman in his life. In his bed? Yes. In his life? Hell, no! With no other choice he hires her and finds that he just can not fight the attraction. Now, he just has to find a way to convince Carly that she can trust him with her fears, let him help her and stay longer than the upcoming Spring. This is one of the best "first in series" books I have ever read. Both characters shared some very witty banter, sexual tension that was off the charts, followed by hot sex. The supporting characters were great. I think we are really set up for some great stories to come from this series. Really, when I say it's a must read I am not joking! Read this book!A very special thanks to for the loan of this book in exchange for my honest review.This review can also be found on http://riverinaromantics.blogspot.com

  • Ian
    2018-11-19 20:39

    I'm not entirely sure who wrote this book, the Kindle version I received from the publisher had the author as Linda Howard and Linda Jones. I have no idea what part they each played in this book, but whatever they did, it worked.With a psychopathic stalker hunting her, Carlin is always ready to run. She works for cash, keeps her "run kit" ready at all times and avoids any attention. When she arrives in Battle Ridge, Wyoming she takes a job working as a housekeeper for a grumpy rancher. She does everything in her power to keep him at arms length but their attraction is proving hard to fight. But with her stalker closing in she might need to run at any moment.I can't say much about Linda Jones, but I've occasionally noticed that Linda Howard writes villains who are so hyper-evil that it's almost cartoonish. That's definitely the case with Running Wild but it was such good fun that I just can't hold that against this book. Linda Howard (and Linda Jones?) are definitely playing to their strengths. I really enjoyed this book. Many thanks to Random House & Netgalley for providing me with this ARC

  • D.B. Reynolds
    2018-11-14 01:55

    Linda Howard is one of my favorite authors,but I was unsure about reading Running Wild,because too often in joint titles like this, the bestselling author's name is on the cover, but she hasn't done any of the writing. Either that wasn't the case with this book, or Linda Jones is every bit as good as Linda Howard, because I. Loved. This. Book. Carlin Reed is tough and determined, on the run from a dangerous stalker/ex-boyfriend. She's vulnerable and scared, but keeps it all on the inside, and she doesn't swoon when a strong man crosses her path. She gives as good as she gets. Zeke Decker is a local rancher who hires her to be his cook and housekeeper--a job Carlin has to learn as she goes. Zeke is wonderful. Alpha to the core, but also compassionate and understanding. I will most definitely be reading the next book in this series. Running Wild has earned a place in the Favorites folder on my Kindle, one of those books I'm sure I'll be reading more than once.

    2018-11-17 20:08

    Çok keyifli bir kitap idi....Konusu belki biraz basit ama çok eğlenceli, aşk ve macera dolu güzel bir kasabada çiftlikte geçen bir hikaye idi.Bir sapığın pençesinde kıvranan bir kadının yolu ülkenin en soğuk ve en tenha yerine düşmesi ile başlayan yolunun bir kovboy ile kesişmesi...Anladığım kadarı ile bir seri umarım bu seriye devam ederler..Daha önce Harlequin bir seride birlikte yazdıkları Linda Jones ile güzel bir hikaye ortaya çıkarmışlar...Onlar ile birlikte yazan Beverley Bartonun öldüğünü de bu kitabın 8nun anısına yazılmış olduğunu yeni öğrenmiş bulunuyorum... Üzüldüm...

  • Gamze
    2018-11-05 02:49

    çok güzel bir kitaptı.sadece yarı çıplak bir halde çiftlikte dolanıp kaslarını sergileyen değil harbi harbi bir kovboy karakteriydi Zeke :)Carlin'in ise başına bela olan sapığı yüzünden önce kaçışlarını ardından kaçmaya son verip her adımda nasıl güç kazandığını okumakta ayrıca keyifliydi :)Seri olarak duruyor hani ben devam eder miyim çıktığında pek sanmıyorum ama yine de tavsiye ederim. Özellikle izban yolculuğuma sabahları ayrı bir renk kattı kitap sağolsun :)))

  • Ren
    2018-11-04 22:50

    With thanks to Netgalley and Random House to provide the e-ARCA.Z.Decker or Zeke doesn't need a new housekeeper after Libby, his previous housekeeper left. But he don't have a choice to hire Carlin Reed after his temporary housekeeper (who is man) got accident. Carlin is woman on the run. She had stalker, Brad, who is psycho cop that previously killed her friend because he mistake her for Carlin. Carlin then go to Battle Ridge, Wyoming and got work at Kat's place, The Pie Hole(Kat is Zeke's cousin anyway). So, when Kat offered Carlin to be Zeke's new housekeeper, Carlin with her witty attitude said "bring it on!", especially after Zeke called her "stray". Not good Mr Decker. Not good at all.Carlin then become Zeke's cook and also housekeeper. She cook for 9 cowboy, Zeke himself and his ranch employe. She forged friendship with them especialy with Spencer, who is the temporary cook that got accident while trying to resist her attraction to Zeke. Carlin is red-blooded woman, she's not immune to Zeke's manliness. But Brad had ruined her for any potential relationship. Carlin live carefully, don't want Brad to track her. Zeke who know about Carlin's problem is frustated because he want to protect her. He also torn to admit his feeling to Carlin because he is her employer. With a psycho stalker hot in her trail, Carlin must stop running and face the problem because she realize Battle Ridge is finally become her home.This one turn up to be good! Running Wild is remind me of some Linda Howard's classic novels and make me miss her old writing style so much! I think its good for her to be partner with her BFF, Linda Jones (or Linda Winstead Jones) so she can make a heartwarming story without losing her usual style. Alas some part of the book is so slow and dragging. Especially when Carlin do cooking and housekeeping. I eagerly waiting for the suspense part to begin. Talk about impatience!Why I give Running Wild 4 stars? Sexy alpha cowboy (John Rafferty without mustache ;) )? Check!Woman on the run but not TSTL and she kick butt? Check!Suspense and thriller plot? Check.Family theme story? Check.Witty and sexy bantering between the H/h? Check, check, check!Some (finally!!) sexy steamy sex scene? Booyaaaah!! Even I'm still think its because Linda Jones's writing since... Linda Howard seems write less and less steamy sex now :(.Running Wild is previously published as Warrior Rising, the second book that continue from Blood Born. Alas, via LH and LJ FB page, the publisher decide to push it back and change with this one (thanks for the info, Miss Berry!). From vampire to cowboy, wonder if Edward Cullen decide to move from Forks to Wyoming? But of course Zeke is sexier than him and Carlin Reed is not Mary Sue. Zeke is typical of your alpha male, take all responsibilty over his shoulder. Some readers might find it sexy. Me, I'm okay with that since he's not into jerk with make me grateful. BTW, all the recipes in this book make me drooling. I'm so tempted to try one of the recipes. Especially "Never Fail White Cake".Running Wild will make Linda Howard's old fans enjoy and remember why we love Linda Howard so much. For you who is love cowboy story with an enganging suspense part, Running Wild is a must for your bookshelves!

  • Saly
    2018-11-02 18:50

    Just to be clear, I am not sure this book will be everyone's cup of tea because the romance truly does take a lot of time to get going so we get to read about the heroine doing her chores, the hero doing his work etc etc. The heroine is on the run from a man she dated twice, he being a cop made things difficult and he escalated killing her friend thinking it was the heroine, so now she is truly off the grid, doing whatever jobs she can. The hero's cousin gets the heroine a job with the hero who is in a bind because well his housekeeper left and his men and he are starving, the laundry pile is growing etc. At the start he is not sold on the heroine but he starts seeing her grit soon. I liked how we saw the heroine being cautious yet afraid, she didn't automatically assume that the hero was safe which generally happens in book. All in all a good book.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2018-11-15 21:41

    Runing Wild is the first book in Linda Howard and Linda Jones' new series The Men from Battle Ridge. Carlin Reed is on the run from a stalker. She ends up in Battle Ridge, Wyoming, and decides to stay for a bit. She accepts a position as housekeeper/cook for Zeke Decker. Meanwhile, her stalker is on the prowl and searching for her relentlessly.This is a theme/plot I've read many times and enjoy. And I liked this one but I felt it didn't keep me invested enough to warrant anything over 3 stars. It lacked the humor I expect from Ms Howard and lagged at places. But still I'd recommend it to fans of contemporary romance fans.

  • D.G.
    2018-11-12 20:45

    **2.5 stars**There was more cooking in this book than anything else. The heroine is running from a stalker and finds herself in Wyoming where she gets work as the housekeeper for the hero's ranch. And then the book is mostly cooking - even the relationship was secondary to the cooking.The whole stalker plot seemed way out there. I can't believe that a man who got obsessed with a woman after two dates would act normally in other circumstances that he wouldn't be found out for the nut he was.Not recommended (unless you like plots centered about cooking.)

  • -y.a
    2018-10-20 19:40

    Carlin is running away from a crazy, psychotic cop who happens to be a hacker. He is always on her tail and getting closer no matter what she does or where she goes. Even with this plot line, the novel actually has very little suspense and pretty much lacks intensity compared with Linda Howard’s older RS books. Despite the promising start, a big part of the story is filled with cooking, baking, recipes, laundry, grocery shopping etc. Grrr...lots of chores:( The pace finally picks up around 70% but overall this novel is just okay.note: ow/om/? (view spoiler)[ no (hide spoiler)]

  • Beth
    2018-10-31 22:57

    If you love Linda Howard you will be disappointed in this book. It rambles on and is so dumb in places that I am having a hard time finishing it. The plot had such good possibilities but keeps letting me down! I will not be able to read any more of this series.

  • Bethany
    2018-11-07 23:49

    4.5 StarsThe audiobook really sucks you in.

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2018-11-08 22:54

    It's Linda Howard man...

  • Dianne
    2018-11-11 00:46

    In this really great opening book into a new series, you will get to meet the feisty, smart and scared Carlin Reed. And, yes she was named after George Carlin! She is being stalked by someone nobody would ever expect it of, and her stalker has already killed one person that Carlin cares about. Now she is on the run.Her running takes her to an unlikely place by the name of Battle Ridge, Wyoming a very quiet ranching town that is sort of on the way out, with people moving trying to make a living elsewhere.After working for a while for Kat the owner of The Pie Hole here in town, Carlin gets sort of coerced into taking a job for Zeke Decker, a cattle ranch owner who is just walking sex on a stick, if you know what I mean! He is gruff, blustery and the type of guy who wants to fix everything for almost everyone!This was a wonderful romance, but even more importantly, it was a terrific suspense novel. This is something that Linda Howard is known for, and she really worked it. I had trouble seeing just where Ms Jones left her mark, as the writing was so seamless between the two women.Some of the passages got to be a little too much with the inner angst but they were soon bypassed by increasingly suspenseful…well…suspense scenes.Zeke does get around to eventually getting his own way and teaching Carlin just what she needs to know about saving herself if she ever finds herself in need to. And of course she will eventually need to. She makes for a great kick-butt heroine who also knows when to let someone more experienced take over in the kicking butt department.This was written with a tight plot, great, well-rounded characters of different kinds all with their own voices. The scene descriptions where vividly written, the scenery descriptions made you actually see them in your mind. There was even plentiful humor to break up the fear factor. The sexual aspect took quite a while to come up and I appreciated that. I don’t always like a book where the couple has to fall into bed in the 5th chapter. I could actually believe that they took their time and really fell into love instead of it being simply lust disguised to look like love.I loved this book and will be buying the next one in this series, and I will be keeping this on my to –be- re-read shelf!*ARC SUPPLIED BY PUBLISHER*

  • Jenn Scranton
    2018-11-01 21:03

    First of all, I have yet to meet a cowboy that I did not like!Zeke is no different. He's a little rough around the edges and doesn't exactly know what to say around a woman, but a hard working man with muscles and determination who knows how to keep his mouth shut at the appropriate moments... sign me up!! Not to mention you can win him over with a plate of chocolate chip cookies!Some may see Carlin as flighty and flaky, but given the situation I feel it is justified. She is strong and only becomes paranoid when she realizes how relaxed she has gotten in Battle Ridge. She is determined! Remember, she tackled that no-fail-white-cake!![image error] I found that the characters were written so well that I wish I could meet Kat! She sounds awesome. And I wish I knew why she says to stay away from cowboys.... sequel maybe? I love visualizing the ranch in the Wyoming Winter.I love how Zeke felt like he should protect Carlin but never saw her as helpless. Hard to balance and oh so sexy! Wow... when he brought her home and she saw the disaster in the kitchen and the mountains of laundry....... Give the girl credit for sticking around. Running Wild contained a crazy paradox of calm tranquility and thrilling suspense! Some things made me smile and get all warm and fuzzy and others kept me on pins and needles! I want to read more from Miss Linda Howard! Bring me more cowboys!!!!!

  • Mara
    2018-10-31 19:08

    A solid 4 star beginning, but the ending wasn't up to par.

  • Kathryn
    2018-11-04 19:56

    Really enjoyed the audio version of this book.

  • Gamruk
    2018-11-03 22:57

    #BenimleSaklan / #LindaHoward & #LindaJonesYaaaa bu kitap çok çok çok tatlıydı amaaa ❤ Kovboy aşkım depreşti yine:))) Kızımız Carlin'in başı sapık polis takipçisi yüzünden beladadir. Hayatını işini akrabalarını geride bırakıp kaçak bir şekilde yaşamaya çalışıyor. Bir gün yolu Battle Ridge kasabasına düşüyor ve burada bir restoranda işe başlıyor. Ama işler başka bir boyuta geçiyor ve Carlin kendini Zeke isimli vahşi kovboyun evinde aşçı ve temizlikçi olarak buluyor. Ev de bildiğimiz ahır gibi hani :D :D :D Zeke ve çiftlik çalışanı 8 adamı ev işlerinden pek anlamıyorlar. Yıllardır onlara bakan Libby aniden işi bırakıp emekli olunca dimdizlak ortada kalıyorlar. Carlin'in saklanacak yere, Zeke'nin de yemek yapıp çamaşırlarını yıkayacak birine ihtiyacı var. İşte bu ikili birbirini buluyor ve ayrilamiyor sonucta:) Okuması cok keyifliydi. Atışmalar falan da on numara. Yemek bölümlerini okurken acıktım resmen. Kitabın sonuna tarifleri bile yazmis Linda :D Pek Linda Howard okuyan biri değilim. O Gecenin Ardından kitabı dışında kitabını okumadim hatta.:P Polisiye kısmına cok giriyor gibi geliyordu hep ama bu kitapta polisiye geri planda komedi ve aşk ön plandaydı. O yüzden hiç takılmadan rahatça okudum. Yazarın polisiyeyi bu kitaptaki gibi geri planda bıraktığı kitaplari varsa önerilere de açığım. Gaza geldim mod on :P

  • Min Li Li
    2018-10-30 20:41

    Linda yazarda kötü mü olur? Çok güzeldi.Işin polisiye kısmı her zamanki gibi olsa da romantik kısmı çok tatlıydı.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2018-11-03 22:46

    I’m not huge on romantic suspense stories that involve stalkers. They frustrate me because I feel like either the stalker isn’t really a viable threat or the heroine doesn’t take her safety seriously, making me roll my eyes. So when this story started, I braced for frustration, instead I was impressed with the stalker and the story overall.Carlin’s on the run from an obsessed stalker. Although she has made reports to the police, her stalker is a cop, and he is able to manipulate the people he works with so they won’t pursue her allegations. He is a expert computer hacker, causing Carlin to use extreme caution in each new city she finds work in. She doesn’t give out her real name, social security number etc, finding menial jobs that people will pay her in cash to perform. Her latest town is Battle Ridge, Wyoming. She always told her ex that she loved sunny Florida, so she hopes going to the opposite end of the country throws him off even more. She stops at a diner for some food, and ends up getting a job doing dishes and waitressing for the owner Kat. Kat also offers her a room above the diner, free of rent. Although Carlin doesn’t divulge every detail about her past, she does let on that she is running from a stalker as she comes to be a friend and trust Kat. With winter coming though, the diner traffic is going to slow down and Kat isn’t going to be able to afford to keep Carlin around. But then she gets an idea.Kat’s cousin, Zeke is a rancher who lives about an hour away. He is in desperate need for a cook and cleaning person. He mangages about eight ranch hands on the huge ranch that he owns, and after his beloved older Libby, left to live with her daughter, he has found it is hard to keep up with the inside chores as he works 14-16 hours outside. His men need hearty meals, and clean clothes. Kat suggests Carlin go and live and work with him for the winter. Carlin is extremely hesitant at first, especially moving to the middle of nowhere with several strange men. But she really trusts Kat, and she really doesn’t want to pick up and move quite yet. So she reluctantly agrees to go work for Zeke. I think these authors do a great job with the characters in this book. I really enjoyed both Zeke and Carlin. Zeke is a very rough, alpha, hard-working rancher who doesn’t have a lot of time for non-sense. He isn’t all that pleased to be taking Carlin on, as she has many secrets and a shady on the run track record. But there are not a lot of women who can cook for 8 men and keep up with the house, especially where he lives with the very hard winters. Carlin has a crap life, but she has spirit and a good attitude. Her stalker scares her completely, but she has a sense of humor and is very sarcastic with Zeke. She gives him a hard time, and she has some really cute moments.There is also nice interactions with the other ranch hands.Now, the sexual tension in this book is well done. It’s a very slow build-up (I don’t think anything start to happen until at least the 50% mark) but I liked it slow because Carlin is wary of men as it is. She soon realizes Zeke is her rock, and won’t let anything happen to her. He encourages her to take control of her own defense though, giving her gun lessons and self defense classes. He empowers her to feel safe, while also being a commanding presence himself.This story moves along at a nice pace, but I do have to admit I was bummed at the actual sex scenes. They are so glossed over and quick. I’m talking a paragraph or two at most. And the words ‘penis’ and 'vagina’ are used, too clinical for all the smoldering tension that builds up to these scenes.Hot prickles of sensation speared from her nipples straight to her vagina, to her entire body.He didn’t give her a chance, sliding between her legs and reaching down between them to guide his penis into place at her opening. It’s just not sexy, y’all! And don’t give me two paragraphs of cowboy sex. Give me pages and pages! Otherwise, nice story.Rating: B-

  • Pat
    2018-10-27 20:50

    Running Wild...... By Linda Howard and Linda Jones.Carlin Reed is a young woman enjoying her life and friends in Houston. She makes the mistake of going on a blind date with Brad Henderson, a police officer, and her life changes forever. He refuses to accept her rejection, and becomes a stalker. Knowing his profession, she feels it's safest to disappear. She ends up in Dallas, rebuilding her life, until her best friend , wearing Carlin's raincoat, is gunned down on the street. Now, his attention is deadly.We meet some of the residents of a small town in Wyoming called Battle Ridge. Kat , the owner and baker of a little diner called The Pie Hole, is known far and wide for her baking skills. Zeke Decker, her cousin and owner of a ranch outside of Battle Ridge has the reputation of being a " love 'em and leave'em cowboy." He is in desperate need of a cook and housekeeper. Carlin makes a random stop in Battle Ridge looking for a meal and a little rest on her quest to a new home and identity. It turns out to be a very beneficial stop, and she becomes Carly.Carly and Zeke have a rocky start to their housekeeper/boss relationship. They learn to get to know each other, one beginning to trust the other, and Carly, finally tells him her secrets. His need to protect her is all consuming.The relationship between Carly and Zeke is so satisfying. They both have pasts and fears they have to conquer, and their journey is sweet and passionate. I enjoyed this novel very much. I have never read one of Ms. Howard's western contemporaries, and I'm looking forward to the next installment of The Men of Battle Ridge.