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Kort and Seth reappear in Faith's life, bringing news of a new threat against humanity: an ex-archangel hit squad is scrambling to break through to this world.Faith has to put her torn affection for the two angelic brothers aside, and Kort and Seth have to learn to get along, because the leader of the infamous IRIN has his sight set on Faith. And he’ll hunt her down untilKort and Seth reappear in Faith's life, bringing news of a new threat against humanity: an ex-archangel hit squad is scrambling to break through to this world.Faith has to put her torn affection for the two angelic brothers aside, and Kort and Seth have to learn to get along, because the leader of the infamous IRIN has his sight set on Faith. And he’ll hunt her down until he can take her power over mankind, or her virtue, whichever comes first....

Title : Predestined
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ISBN : 9781470168919
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 176 Pages
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Predestined Reviews

  • Devon Ashley
    2018-11-08 06:32

    Faith has not been lucky in life. A descendent of Eve, and non-religious herself, she was chosen to decide the winner of a wager between God and Satan. Now the task has passed and she thinks she'll be able to move on with her life. Nope. Nuh-uh. Sorry. She doesn't get much of a break before the angels tell her Satan and his followers have released the Irin, a group of angels created long ago to protect humanity. Sadly, their leader Samyaza fell in love and felt betrayed by one of those humans, and decided it was better to get a quick power boost by taking the virtues of women instead. Now free from the chains that bind him and his Irin followers, he's aimed his sight on Faith, who would not only give him a huge power boost, but claiming her virtue would also pass along the power she has over mankind's fate. Yeah, no pressure there. Luckily, God presents her with a few powers to protect herself that no angel has ever seen before. But will it be enough to stop the advances of the strongest angel out there?Predestined picks up exactly where Preordained left off. The best thing about this novel is there's no lag in the beginning like the first one. It pulls you in from the start and doesn't let go until the end. Once again, I was in it for the steamy romantic encounters. Bleh heh heh. But the story surprised me and I really liked where it went. Predestined brings the story to a close, but warns of an impending bleak future. I'm unsure if Ms. Libsack will write a third novel for this series but she's definitely left the option to do so. Novel provided by author for honest review.

  • Jennifer Williams
    2018-10-26 10:40

    This book was no where near as confusing as the beginning of the first book. It flowed freely from book one end into book two beginning. That said, I don't know that you would have been able to figure out what was going on if you hadn't read the first one. While I like the first book's spin I was having a hard time stretching to grasp this one. I did like that the main character seemed to come into her own a bit in this book but outside of that I wasn't into the story line. I had a hard time getting my head around the fact that anytime there is some war between heaven and hell this girl will be in the center of it and that she's suddenly got powers that can defeat demons and monsters thousands of years old on her own. When the Angels and Kimmie were reincarnated into humans and then everything was set up for them to live as normal college students I felt that the one draw (the push and pull of the angels in her life) was gone from the story. I was disappointed in this book.

  • Kassandra
    2018-11-08 10:39

    *************Goodreads Winner************Wow! I do not know where to begin describing how amazing this book was. I loved Preordained and I absolutely loved the second book, Predestined, in Kelly Libsack's series. The second book in the Preordained series picks up where it left off in the first book. Faith faces a new threat that wants to take her Power away from her, that is more powerful and evil than The Fallen. Although she has her two angels, Seth and Kort, one is a dark angel and the other is a light angel. They will both work together to protect Faith of these new evil force. In the end this was an AMAZING read and Kelly Libsack left me wanting to read more of Faith, Kort, and Seth. This is a must read for everyone who is into Fallen Angels, Angels, and Romance. I recommend everyone to read Kelly Libsack's first book Preordained and then read Predestined. The Preordained series is a series you guys wont want to miss out on.

  • Stacey
    2018-11-13 07:38

    Good vs. Evil. It’s never that simple anymore. Faith just wants to go to college, not be the savior for the human race. She loves both Seth and Kort. She hates her former roommate, Kimmie. But she need all three to survive being the Chosen One, or The Irin leader, Samyaza, who is not only the ultimate bad boy but the original. Stealing virtue is his favorite past time and he wants Faith’s virtue and her power that has been given to her.Can Faith fight the extremely sexy Samyaza to save the human race, or will she be another notch in this fallen angel’s bedpost before he kills her.

  • Kristen N.
    2018-11-07 04:35

    Kelly Libsack has done it again. Predestined book 2 in the Preordained series is a hit. Predestined was just as thrilling, nail biting, and page turner as the first. The new threats Faith must face this time leaves you wondering what will happen next. Kort and Seth still vying for the affections of Faith must learn to work together to overcome this new threat. Even they have their doubts if Faith, Kort, Seth and one unexpected ally will be enough. With the twist at the end I cannot wait till the next comes out.

  • Maureen Hoar
    2018-11-02 08:18

    This is the next part in the epic story of good versus evil, God versus Satan. Faith's attempt to thwart Satans rule and bring order to the world. It just requires more sacrifice. This time it will cost more than her life. Once again, this was epic. It was not so much a love triangle anymore, but the tension of battle kept you enthralled. I can't wait for the next book!

  • Coral
    2018-11-03 09:27

    I loved this book and could not put it down. It is another terrific book by Kelly Libsack.This book is amazing and a real page turner, I love the characters in this series and cannot wait for the third book to come out. :)

  • Wendy coling ( trowbridge)
    2018-11-08 09:19

    The irin take faith who meets her old enemy kimmie who help her. They run and most and Seth protect them. The worse happens but you must read to see. The irin are nasty angels of God and faith find more powers and see her beloved mum in a vission.

  • Jamie
    2018-11-08 04:17

    Great easy read. I loved the story and the references to 90's pop culture made me laugh out loud. The ending however was a bit of a let down and corny, nevertheless I'm looking forward to the next book!

  • Carlee
    2018-11-08 10:19

    I definitely liked this one much better then the first, but I don't like who she ended up with. oh well....

  • Rebeca
    2018-11-09 09:24

    Liked it better than the first one. So there's that.

  • Tracy
    2018-10-22 03:40

    Really enjoyed the second installment can't wait for the third book

  • EndlessReading
    2018-11-05 08:32

    OMFG! That's all I can say! Wow. Bring on the third

  • Korina Bachman
    2018-11-15 04:41

    And the suspense continues. I honestly didn't put this book down and I am enamored with these characters and their journey.

  • Tia
    2018-10-30 03:30

    This one got a lot better. I couldn't help but say eff the two angels, do the irin or whatever they are called.