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When Abraham H. Maslow introduced the world to Humanistic Theory, a 'third force' in psychology was born (Behaviorism & Psychoanalytical theory being the first and second). As the name suggests, humanistic theory concerns itself with characteristics which are distinctly human.Arguably the best known example of such a characteristic is Self-Actualization, an innate motiWhen Abraham H. Maslow introduced the world to Humanistic Theory, a 'third force' in psychology was born (Behaviorism & Psychoanalytical theory being the first and second). As the name suggests, humanistic theory concerns itself with characteristics which are distinctly human.Arguably the best known example of such a characteristic is Self-Actualization, an innate motivating force unique to the human species. It was in this landmark publication that Maslow provided the first published representation of Self-Actualization at the pinnicle of a hierarchy of human needs. According to Maslow Self-Actualization refers to the desire for self-fulfillment, in essence to become everything that one is capable of becoming. This classic publication is essential reading for psychology students, educators and professionals.Hierarchy of Needs: A Theory of Human Motivation (Kindle Edition) forms part of an initiative by the website to make important, insightful and engaging psychology publications widely available....

Title : Hierarchy of Needs: A Theory of Human Motivation
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Hierarchy of Needs: A Theory of Human Motivation Reviews

  • Ryan Herman
    2018-11-11 01:33

    Maslow's theory on human motivation is a must read for everyone. It properly frames your understanding of the human needs and wants. Armed with this knowledge, you can better understand yourself and improve on your relationship with others.

  • Brent Mckay
    2018-11-11 23:23

    Absolutely fascinating. Surprisingly readable for an academic paper (and a quick read at that--32 pages or so). Describes the hierarchy of needs by which humans start with base needs and move towards more and more lofty goals, getting less and less accomplished in each.

  • Joel Gides
    2018-11-11 23:11

    I love Maslow.

  • David Webb
    2018-11-05 20:13

    A Word From The EditorMaslow's Humanist philosophy concerning motivation, self-fulfillment and the realization of potential are among the most frequently cited and discussed within psychology textbooks. A true psychology classic - A Theory of Human Motivation by Abraham H. Maslow - is a must read; however, as with most seminal texts within the discipline, it remains unread by a majority of psychology students. A detailed, well written text-book description is fine to a point, but there is absolutely no substitute for understanding and engaging with the issues under review than by reading the authors unabridged ideas, thoughts and findings in their entirety.In A Theory of Human Motivation Maslow draws upon some of his earlier published work. Three of these key references, Conflict, Frustration And The Theory of Threat, The Dynamics of Psychological Security-Insecurity and Preface To Motivation Theory are presented in full.

  • Eric Martínez
    2018-11-10 01:36

    Perhaps my expectations were too high, or I picked up the wrong edition. In the version I read, Maslow presents the theory as more or less an assertion without much support, making it difficult to buy in on more than faith.Paradoxically, the most interesting part of the work for me was the idea that not all of our behavior is motivated, per se, and may be simply stimulus driven and/or reflex induced.

  • Dustin Blanton
    2018-10-24 20:27

    This very quick read (a couple of hours at my snail's pace) lays out Abraham Maslow's famous hierarchy of needs, providing an elegant and concise concept that explains prerequisites (food, shelter, safety) that must be fulfilled before higher order pursuits (self confidence, self worth, self actualization) become concerns. Maslow's concept of self-actualization is particularly intriguing, but maddeningly vague at the same time; this is likely a necessary consequence of the fact that it will be different for each individual.A very instructive read.

  • Hany
    2018-11-17 20:34

    Fascinating psychological analysis of human needs and motivation.وخلاصة الدراسة حسب فهمي هي انه هناك خمس مجموعات من الأهداف التي يمكن أن نسميها الاحتياجات الانسانية الأساسية. هذه الاحتياجات الاساسية باختصار هي الاحتياجات الفسيولوجية، والسلامة، والحب، واحترام النفس، وتحقيق الذات. وكلما حقق الانسان من هذه الاحتياجات ترى اثر ذلك الإيجابي على صحته النفسية وكلما انحرم من اي من هذه الاحتياجات ترى اثر ذلك السلبي على صحته النفسية.

  • Nicholas Smith
    2018-11-01 22:18

    Despite layers of nuance having been added in the subsequent years. Maslow's hierarchy of needs remains a touchstone for anyone working in the fields of motivation or broader psychology. This short defence of the broad theory is worth reading, if for no other reason, as it shows that Maslow was far from being dogmatic in his division between the motivational layers within people and did not see his theory as being categorical nor intended to cover all contingencies. This useful clarification is partly why the principles are so useful today and why the argument is so robust. Recommended.

  • Peter
    2018-11-08 02:23

    What are the basic needs of the individual and what is the hierarchy of human motivation. The book deals with the theory and data regarding the hierarchical needs one has in order to feel safe and motivated. Starting from physiological needs to self actualization the authority describes the whole spectrum of the motivated psyche.

  • Mandla Nyindodo
    2018-10-25 21:17

    Very insightful

  • Vibhor Atreya
    2018-11-06 22:38

    It is very short to be called a book. Actually, it is an academic paper which is easy to read even for non-psychology students. Explains why we do what we do in a very powerful way. It uncovers - layer by layer - the motivations behind all the desires in our life. A slightly difficult read but worth the effort!

  • Andrew
    2018-10-24 03:18

    Maslow's classics are worth reading and re-reading. The guy had an IQ of 195, which alone makes him at least worth checking out.This is the 'pyramind of needs' paper that every high schooler learns about, but there always seems to be a new gem to find in reading it again.This time, it was this: We know that when you satisfy your lower needs like hunger, higher needs like love, esteem, etc. emerge. Conversely, you'd be shooting yourself in the foot in a really silly way if you let your lower needs go unmet because those needs, which are easy to meet, will then distract you from your higher ones. In other words, if you're hungry, or lonely, or horny, go meet those needs so you can actually focus on your work. There's no willpower gold medal award for fighting them. Instead, just get what you need so you can move forward with your higher needs, like creation and contribution and actualization.

  • Mika Harjula
    2018-11-15 02:28

    A must read for anyone interested in the field of psychology, but also broadly among students of any field of social behaviorism. I read this now years after my studies and couldn’t imagine how massive read it actually would be despite its minor quantity. Never mind counting sheep, this will definitely make the job for you. A work with character and without complexion, but Maslow is very direct and doesn’t leave time for reflection. A fast ongoing read and somewhat difficult to grip. He generously proceeds to throw theories on the reader. It's not educational. If I hadn’t read about Maslow and Theory of Human Motivation in my studies, trough secondary sources, I would certainly have had difficulties to apprehend the main articles.

  • Susan
    2018-11-06 22:13

    This book is a brief, which is nice. It describes self-actualization - an expression frequently thrown around in popular culture without ever being defined. While interesting, I didn't find this book relevant to clinical practice.

  • Steve Fenton
    2018-10-28 03:38

    All of the usual questions people have on the hierarchy of needs are well answered in the book. The disconnect between needs and behaviour, the relationship between an action and a need, whether needs are sequential - all of these are explained clearly.

  • Julie
    2018-10-26 23:16

    I was trying to come up with an idea for my midterm project in Organizational Comm and nothing sounded interesting. I am very thankful that I found some Abraham Maslow quotes that jump-started my brain. This was very useful in my exploration of Humanistic Theory.

  • Manuel Sanchez
    2018-11-08 22:13

    This is a very technical book, don't expect an every day reading, since this is based on in deep investigations

  • Fady Kuzman
    2018-11-20 03:39

    It's a fascinating paper about how humans are driven by certain sets of interconnected multilevel goals. The conclusion at the last pre-last paragraph is worth noting.

  • Krollo
    2018-10-24 23:41

    Good to finally read the paper in its entirety. Turns out I disagree with him much less than I thought.

  • Patrick Bergen
    2018-10-20 21:35

    Nice :)

  • Nhon Truong
    2018-10-20 02:29


  • Maira
    2018-11-17 21:38

    the book I read contained the essay entitled 'A theory of human motivation' and was around 34 pages long. Humanistic Psychology appears to be an inspiring and enlightening school of thought

  • Laura
    2018-10-31 00:33

    A bit short and basic. I thought it would contain some of the reasearch on SA personalities that Maslow has done, but it didn't.