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Georgina Blake flees a refined life in eighteenth century England to avoid a scandal. Determined to begin a new life, she voyages to the Cape of Good Hope, only to find death and destruction await, endangering those she holds dear.Though she is intrigued by stranger, Anton Villion, trader, adventurer and maverick, his arrival threatens her precarious security. Anton, himseGeorgina Blake flees a refined life in eighteenth century England to avoid a scandal. Determined to begin a new life, she voyages to the Cape of Good Hope, only to find death and destruction await, endangering those she holds dear.Though she is intrigued by stranger, Anton Villion, trader, adventurer and maverick, his arrival threatens her precarious security. Anton, himself privy to a painful secret, shadowed by heartbreak and seeking peace, is drawn to Georgina despite his hurt and mistrust, and his reservations about her history.In time, their growing love is thwarted by the past – and Louisa Somerville, hell bent on diverting Anton’s attentions. Fate has thrown them together but can Anton and Georgina salvage their bond before destiny tears them apart? Together, can they find the strength and courage to embark on a journey to redemption and everlasting love?...

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The Wild Heart Reviews

  • Emery Lee
    2018-11-20 07:58

    Reviewed for Romantic Historical Lovers 12-17-12When this book was offered up for review I was immediately intrigued, as it was not only set in my favorite era, but in South Africa, a place completely foreign and fascinating to me. The story begins with Georgina Blake. Newly arrived in South Africa, she has fled her native England to avoid the shame and disgrace she would face as an unwed mother. Fabricating a web of lies that includes a dead husband, she journeys 3 months by ship to Cape Town where her brother resides, only to discover he has died. With few choices, Georgina resolves to make the best of it and settles herself in her brother’s home, only to learn that it is owned by another, an undeniably attractive trader named Anton Villion.I found Anton an admirable hero from the start – honest, fair-minded, generous, loyal and loving to those he cares about, I had trouble warming to Georgina at first, although much of her stiff reserve was due to insecurity of her circumstances. Throughout the story, however, Georgina’s beliefs and mores are challenged on all fronts, forcing her to change and adapt. She became more tolerant and caring, and I liked her much better for it.The sexual tension between Anton and Georgina is evident at the outset as both are at once fascinated and repulsed by each other- Georgina by Anton’s forwardness and relaxed manner, and Anton by her prudish ways and prickliness. When they part on antagonistic terms after their first meeting, both suffer almost instant remorse, and although separated for weeks, the mutual impression on each other is indelible.While billed as a romance, THE WILD HEART is really more about each character’s journey to one another as they spend more time apart than together, but always lingering on the edge of each other’s thoughts. Their developing relationship was fraught with conflict on all fronts, internally through various misunderstandings and secrets they dare not share, and externally by the people who would keep them apart- Georgina’s obnoxious neighbor-cum-suitor and the beautiful English woman Louisa Summerville who sets her cap most decidedly on Anton.The setting of 18th century South Africa is exquisitely depicted showing the author's love and an intimate knowledge which could never have derived purely from research. This came across on every page, and while I normally shy away from books with abundant descriptive narrative, I was almost as captivated by the author's rich descriptions of the lush landscape as by the characters. I never felt that it bogged down the story, but rather, the setting formed the essence of Anton and was essential to Georgina's character development.Truly, my only grievance which kept me from giving it five enthusiastic stars was the anti-climactic ending. I desperately wanted Anton to show Georgina how deeply he really felt for her and to see Georgina melt, yet they both continued to hold back. After all they had gone through to finally be together, I expected the simmering passion they felt for one another to finally burst out. The heroine was not virginal and they had both experienced highly suggestive dreams of one another, yet the author ends with merely a declaration of their feelings and a very chaste kiss. Argh! There was potential for so much more and I felt cheated!Nevertheless, this was a fantastic story and highly recommended for those seeking a “clean” romance with an exotic setting and an original plot rife with adventure.

  • Kiru Taye
    2018-10-29 04:09

    The Wild Heart is a wonderfully written piece of historical fiction. The story telling is lyrically descriptive, often cinematic that I couldn’t help picturing the wild open rural spaces of South Africa. At times I considered it would make a great movie, even comparing it to scenes of Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in African Queen. I have to admit the setting captured my attention, perhaps more than the characters because of the authors writing style. In a sense it was a character of its own right. However, there are some interesting human characters. Georgina Blake is a strong female lead with purpose and determination. I liked that she was brave enough to get on with her life despite the prejudices she faced.Anton on the other hand was a mixed-bag of a character. When we first met him out on the wild plains of Leeuwfontein, he came across as macho and confident. Yet when we see him interacting with the women of Cape Town, especially with Louisa, he comes across as naive, which is why the woman played him like she did. On the other hand, I found Louisa most intriguing as a character. I actually liked her, although she was the villain of the story.I guess my least favourite thing about this story is that for the most part, Anton and Georgina were apart. I found that quite frustrating. While I was rooting for them to succeed individually, it was hard to see them as a couple. I just couldn’t connect them romantically although that’s what happened in the end.All in all, this is a story packed with suspense, adventure, action, and yes ultimately, romance. It will keep you entertained. I find it easy to recommend for all lovers of historical fiction. And if like me you love all things African, then you have to read it.My Verdict:Quite enjoyable. I look forward to more from Gina Rossi.My RecommendationBuy it. Read it.

  • Gaile
    2018-11-06 03:53

    This book was so good! It opens in south Africa when Anton Villion meets Georgina Blake alias Mrs. Granville. She had sailed from England pregnant from her lover to join her brother near Cape Town, South Africa. By the time, she arrives, the baby has been born and she is now calling herself Mrs. Granville. She finds a ready household but her brother has died. Settling herself in little does she know Anton whom she doesn't welcome at first owns this house and land.Anton has a married sister in Cape Town who introduces him to Louisa Somerville. This enchanting girl is not who she appears to be.Thus Anton is torn in two directions between Louisa and Georgina.If Louisa and Georgina have secrets to hide, so does Anton.This is filled with interesting conflicting characters, astonishing descriptions of the landscape of South Africa and great danger.Highly recommended and huzzah to an emerging new writer!!!!

  • Victoria Vane
    2018-10-28 08:11

    Excellent romantic historical read.Review to come!

  • Patty McKenna Van Hulle
    2018-11-01 07:06

    Gina RossiAn African adventure of 2 people with hidden pasts that could destroy them or set them free!This African tale has a gutsy & lying heroine, Georgina, who got knocked up by her peer childhood friend. He thought she was good enough for a mistress, a Reverend's daughter, but not good enough for his wife. She flees to her brother in Africa & tells no one about her condition. She arrives with a baby & a story of her dead hubby, Captain Granville, but discovers her brother is dead. She now lives with her son James, Sara & her precocious daughter, Juliette, who are more like servants than slaves.Anton Villion may look & dress as a beggar, but he really is very wealthy. He travels thru Arifca with his trusted friend, Kop, & is a trader, hunter & transports goods. Anton's best friend is James, Georgina's brother, & he always stops by James' plantation, Leeuwfontein, during his treks home to Cape Town. On his last trip, he find a lost survive of a Dutch Company, a small untalkative Dirk, that he plans to reunite with family. Anton shows up at James, is so NOT welcomed by James' uppity & gorgeous sister, told of James' death & is almost denied to stay the night, but he gives Georgina no choice & camps out back.Georgina & Anton are like oil & water, but shivers are riding thru Georgina body when she looks at him. Anton leaves Dirk because he becomes ill with a high fever & Georgina gets irate at him. He is so pissed off by her rudeness, that his parting words are that James didn't own this plantation anymore, he does. While he is in Cape Town, his well meaning sister tries to get him to marry. Georgina is back on the land trying to make it work & profitable, so maybe Anton will let her stay. Anton writes her that she has 6 months before she needs to leave. Evil is afoot in both their lives & it will try & destroy them both. Anton becomes betrothed to a Louisa, a botanist's daughter & she wants him to leave Africa for her home in England. Georgina is wooed badly by her neighbor who thinks only beaten slaves are good slaves. Can these 2 see the evil before it devastated their lives? When will Anton see that Africa is his home forever? Can Georgina accept her lot in life & embrace all of Africa? Can their mix & match family work?This is my first Gina Rossi book & it came all the way from England. I won it & this book had to journey of it's own, across the dangerous Postal services of 2 countries. Georgina was a gutsy heroine, for her time, to leave all she knew to go to the unknown of her brother's new world. I love gutsy heroines & Georgina fought for her small son, the plantation even thou she could of lost it & her blended family with Sara, Juliette & Dirk. Anton was a manly hero with all his travels, but he did have a gooey heart for those he loved. It took a rough ride for him to see what his life should be & I loved all his mistakes along the way! Ms. Rossi got me with the evilness aplenty in this tale & had many shocking surprises for me that I couldn't wait to turn the page. My only wish was for some steamy scenes, but I enjoyed the many other aspects of this adventure. Africa was front & center in this tale & is a character all by itself & she showed the beauty & the ugly truth of surviving there. With her childhood love, Ms. Rossi writes about African's majestic mountains, beautiful plants, mean rhinos, dangerous lions, the heavy rains & the merciless high waters. Her love of it flowed thru each word, paragraph & page & I did imagine myself with my boots kicked up at the nightly campfire & making my SMORES for Juliette & Dirk! I am a Gina Rossi (insert pompoms here) newest fan & I can't wait to read the next ADVENTURE! I give this Africa adventure a score of 3 fingers up & 8 toes because I loved a tale of fighting for true love in an exotic place that I now love!

  • Christina
    2018-10-26 04:17

    This is a wonderful historical romance with the unusual setting of 18th century South Africa. Vivid descriptions of the amazing landscape stay in your mind, as do the characters - a motley bunch, but very sympathetic. They are all human, with human frailties and their various secrets, but you can't help but empathise with them. This story gives you a real insight into what life was like for the early settlers of this country and the author's love for it shines through on every page.

  • April
    2018-11-17 07:13

    Gina Rossi takes you on a rich scenic trip back to eighteenth century South Africa where she weaves a breathtaking adventure coupled with pure villains and a love story that would stand the test of time. Loved every word of it!!

    2018-11-05 08:54

    Reviewed by EmeryLink to review:http://romantichistoricallovers.wordp...

  • Louise Rose-Innes
    2018-10-29 07:54

    I thoroughly enjoyed Gina's book, The Wild Heart, especially since I grew up in Southern Africa. It struck a special cord with me and I loved everything from the romance to the lovely descriptions.