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NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ELLE CASEY, brings readers Book 2 in the YA Urban Fantasy WAR OF THE FAE Series. Follow Jayne Sparks, the (still) potty-mouthed seventeen-year-old and newly changed elemental fae and her friends -an incubus, a daemon, a green elf, a water sprite and a pixie- as they struggle to find their places in the Light Fae community ofNEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, ELLE CASEY, brings readers Book 2 in the YA Urban Fantasy WAR OF THE FAE Series. Follow Jayne Sparks, the (still) potty-mouthed seventeen-year-old and newly changed elemental fae and her friends -an incubus, a daemon, a green elf, a water sprite and a pixie- as they struggle to find their places in the Light Fae community of the Green Forest and prepare for the upcoming battle against the Dark Fae.Content Warning: Mild violence and significant foul language within. Meant for older Young Adult readers (age 15+). WAR OF THE FAE SERIES READING ORDERThe Changelings (War of the Fae Book 1) **Free ebook at most retailers** Call to Arms (War of the Fae Book 2)Darkness and Light (War of the Fae Book 3)New World Order (War of the Fae Book 4)After the Fall (War of the Fae Book 5 - Formerly titled Clash of the Otherworlds, Book 1) Between the Realms (War of the Fae Book 6 - Formerly titled Clash of the Otherworlds, Book 2)Portal Guardians (War of the Fae Book 7 - Formerly titled Clash of the Otherworlds, Book 3)Time Slipping (War of the Fae Book 8)Dragon Riders (War of the Fae Book 9) **Coming soon**Winged Warriors (War of the Fae Book 10) **Coming soon**...

Title : Call to Arms
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ISBN : 13514577
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Call to Arms Reviews

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    2018-11-06 23:09

    This series is killing me...I can't sleep...I don't want to even get up to get a shower - I just want to keep reading to see what's going to happen with Jayne and the rest of the changelings. And this cliffhangers? UGH ---- I'm just so happy that the next book is available.

  • Annika
    2018-10-20 02:31

    4.5 starsAlright, now I'm seriously addicted to this serial.This story is action-packed, exciting and positively unputdownable. Food? Work? Social interaction? What's that? I just need to keep on reading.

  • Tiffany
    2018-10-21 02:23

    Tony. Tony. Tony.You are an asshat. "Can't we just pretend nothing is wrong?" Really? Still sticking with that in this book too? How did you turn out to be such a coward?The rest of this book?Fae. Magic. Elves. Hot guy of EVERY kind of species. Funny dwarves & pixies. Crazy old hags. Now can I get some action please? Of the hot guy variety? Preferably Chase?

  • Yolanda
    2018-10-30 02:15

    I dont really have much to say in this review except that I love the book and I love Jayne and her potty mouth. Oh and Im team Chase.

  • Shannon
    2018-11-19 22:04

    Book 2 did NOT disappoint. I read it in just a few short hours and now I'm very angry with myself for not slowing down because book 3 is not out yet. Jayne, learning more about her powers, begins to start seeing the bigger picture in this book, while still being an impetuous 17 year old. I love that she didn't just "grow up" in a month's time. She's still a potty mouth and she still freaks out and she's still ready to kick ass and take names, if she doesn't get the answers she's looking for. She's also ready to fight tooth and nail for any of her friends. Both books had some humorous scenes, but there were a few that made me laugh out loud, especially in this book. I don't say that lightly either. I'm a sarcastic 42 year old, so when I find myself laughing about comments in books, I get excited! I read an excerpt from book 3, and I have to say that I felt like I had this carrot dangled in front of me and then had it yanked away in a flash. I didn't realize book 3 wasn't out yet (book 2 kindle version said it was released in April of 2011 - oops for that unfortunate typo that left me in pain), so I'm waiting anxiously until I can buy that one, too!

  • N.G.
    2018-11-20 00:23

    4.5 starsI loved Chase! He was so sweet, I just wanted to hugh him forever. I personally think Jayne is going to end up with him or should! Why is that? Well, I made my decision when re-reading the fondest desire's scene from book one:Spike"Fine! I wish I could kiss the lips of Jayne Sparks!I mean, he accomplished that in book two because of his bloodlust or sexlust (whatever), and that's -I think- the only thing he really wanted. No commitments of any kind...just fooling around.Chase"I want to protect Jayne from all the evil."Isn't that cute and considerate of him? Of course it is! Of course, that doesn't mean he's already falling in love with her. But, it shows that maybe and just maybe (even though Jayne likes bad boys) Jayne will need a protector "the good guy." also, I really like that Chase is starting to "appear" more in Jayne's lifeAnyway, I just like the fact that albeit there's a love triangle, the author knows how to not make it the primary theme in the book.  Which made me really mad about this one is that although Jayne came back to her world to be with her mom, her mom still chose her boyfriend over her daughter. I thought she was going to change or something.I also loved all the new characters. I think Maggie is hilarious with her lie detector and Tim is just adorable.The ending?Oh emm gee how I hate cliffhangers!I hope they can put some sense into Tony.

  • Between the Bind
    2018-11-02 22:13

    Betweenthebind.blogspot.comCall To Arms was even BETTER than its predecessor, The Changelings. I had no idea that my weekend would include reading all 4 of these books in succession - normally I prefer to get to bed before the sunrises. But holy pixie, Ms. Casey deftly writes with a passion, clarity, and humor that consumes the mind and engages readers of any age.*Is now available for free for Amazon Prime members.*Some spoilers from previous book*This book picks up directly where the last one left off- Tony having just made his decision to not become fae. Jayne misses him terribly, dealing with the loss of Tony's memory and what she feels is an insurmountable wall in their friendship.Through this, readers are able to see Jayne's vulnerability through more than her sarcasm, although don't worry,our Jayne is still our Jayne, lack of filter and all.While Jayne is fighting what seems to be a losing battle to be Tony's BFF, she further develops her relationships with Spike, Chase, Becky and Finn - and even adds another sparkling character to her ever growing friend list - Mr. Tim the pixie. Ohhh man, do I love me some Tim! He is such a welcome addition to Casey's mis-mosh of characters and adds even more dimension to an already versatile and intriguing cast. And then, there is Maggie the witch. Maggie's grouchy crazy-old-lady attitude made me uncomfortably happy...which may not make any sense until you read Call To Arms. Which you should...immediately!Throughout the second installment of War of the Fae, we learn more about fae life and what kind of training is required for a Changeling. We also meet a sexy dark fae named Ben (yum!) who may be more than what he seems. Once again, directly after finishing this book I was left with a cliffhanger that HAD to be continued and thus we move forward with Darkness and Light (War of the Fae Book 3).

  • Chrystina Williams
    2018-10-29 21:03

    Another wonderful book by Elle Casey! I just love this series, and I can't wait to find out what happens next! In this book a lot of answers are given to the questions I had from the first book, but by the end I had even more questions to ask (makes me want to read the third one even more).Jayne spends a good deal of time training in this book, trying to hone her abilities and figure out her place in her new life. And, yes, she is still the snarky, potty-mouthed girl I came to love in the first book. Her bravery/bravado and humor is something that I love in a heroine, and she's got it in spades! I found myself laughing and smiling at her antics throughout the book, and wondering just what she was going to do next. I really enjoyed seeing how Finn, Becky, Spike, & Chase were doing, and how they were adapting to their new lives as well. I also loved the new addition of Tim, because he provides even more comedy to the already amusing dialog.Anyways, it was a great book, looking forward to getting the next one!***Also Published on my blog***

  • Caroline Rolley
    2018-11-01 00:32

    I'm used to sequels that go downhill as the books go on... this is not like that at all!! Each book grabs you and makes you want to read the next book!! I know, I know, that's what serial books are SUPPOSED to do, right? Well, a few serial authors need to be reminded of that! I've been reading anything and everything I can get my hands on for a few decades, and it's really rare that a series grabs me like this. Elle Casey should be getting MUCH MORE attention... and I'll rave until that happens!! :)

  • Amy
    2018-11-04 01:12

    Oh goodness! I'm LOVING this series! Hating the cliffhanger endings! LOL Its great to see how Jayne is learning to control her power and fit into her new fae life. I love Tim!

  • Jason
    2018-11-05 02:15

    This book was awesome! The characters are wonderful, especially in that you never forget how young and flawed and real they are!

  • Debbie
    2018-10-31 02:30

    3.5 stars

  • Angie
    2018-10-25 20:13

    I am so hooked on this series!!

  • BookLoversLife
    2018-11-16 18:30

    All I can say is I loved everything about this book. There isnt one character that I dont like and Jayne Sparks is such a tough cookie!! Highly recommend this series :)

  • Johannes
    2018-10-22 01:06

    Really good, which made it feel waaaaayy too short.

  • Jazzy
    2018-11-15 21:08

    Engaging continuation. Bit predictable, not as adventure filled as the first book, but I'm loving the Chase developments...

  • Marlon Balraj
    2018-10-28 22:02

    See more of my reviews at We Live and Breathe BooksAfter a bit of rehashing and reflection that Jayne does in the beginning, our story begins.Tony's gone, Jayne's fae race is mysterious, and Casey allows us glimpses of the Dark Fae and what may take place in the war to come. See, Jayne might be what is vaguely referred to as an Elemental, possibly of Earth and maybe, just maybe, of Water. But the Dark Fae have a Fire Elemental.What I love about Call to Arms is the intricacy of the issues at hand. It follows the apparent structure (at least in the beginning) of the fantasy action sequel: the mysteries of the main character start to be divulged; the stakes are raised; conflicts of interest and of potential are introduced to further complicate things . . . you get the point. However, the underlying factors are what keep me reading. The structure of the books is particularly deceiving in that the apparent conflicts exist as they should in the typical novel of its kind, but one or two things throw it off enough to make my predictions crumble. Especially around the end of the first half of the book . .. all the things that make Jayne the apparent typical protagonist make her dangerous as well.It's rather rare, I suppose, nowadays to see a sequel that does a good job of not only entertaining the ideas of the first book but expanding on them, making everything go absolutely bollocks. This is where the stupid love interests should be, this is where the bad decisions should be made, this is where all the crazy gets crazier and doesn't just repeat the first book or reject it. *Cough cough The Matrix cough cough*.Harry and Voldemort have to face off. The Ring's got to be taken to Mordor. But how? That's what gets us as readers and Casey does an excellent job of designing the 'how' around her characters individual interests. For instance, Jayne's desire to be extraordinary is deeply embedded into who she is and how she acts.When she's told she might be an elemental, a part of me backed off and thought, well damn, this might just turn out like I predicted. But then there was the added dilemma of Jayne being either weak towards the Dark Fae Elemental or, if the Water affinity turned out to be correct, strong towards the Dark Fae Elemental. But Jayne immediately turns on herself:'I had wished to be extraordinary. And my mother had always told me be careful what I wished for.'And later'But still, I was no warrior. I think it would be more appropriate to call me . . . a 'lucky klutz'.'Jayne's disposition to want to be anything but that high school girl she used to despise being is internally thrown into the pit against the idea she has of herself that she is not extraordinary in a certain sense. She's not a warrior, but she still wants to be a Fae.But a war's about to happen.Do you get what I'm saying?This is just one issue. Never mind the ever-deepening sexual attraction Jayne has to Spike, never mind Chase's odd visit in the middle of the night to say that, though Tony's gone, Jayne can still talk to him. Never mind Jayne's lingering hatred for the Fae for putting her through such a test, though even the stubborn dissenting dwarves agree she shows 'reason'.And that's just the first three chapters. The plot landscape and character development are completely intertwined. The plot isn't just incidental to the characters and the characters are not just subjects of a wonderfully woven plot. The internal and external factors just make me go insane I love it.A lot happens, and yet, it doesn't feel like infodumping, which is fantastic. It's simplistic, neat, and easy to follow. Though I might go so far as to say sometimes the reflection is unnecessary, it's only because I follow the story so closely. Most people might need the first chapter to think about all the hell that broke loose during the length of the first book.I think that's all that needs to be said. There are just as many plot twists as in the first book (I won't forgive you for that cliffhanger, Casey!) and just as much cursing, if not more (shoutout all my B*tches in the lake and my dumbass faeries). But, like the first book, it doesn't take away from what happens. I won't spoil anything for you, go read it yourselves! GO AND LOVE SPIKE, THE CUTE, DREAMY MOTHERLOVER. AND CHASE IS SO ADORABLE BUT hey can we just talk a minute about how Elle Casey still does not make these romantic undertones something that hinders Jayne's psyche or somehow makes her incapable of logical decisions.And Maggie. YES Maggie! All hail Maggie and her sass upon the loathed Tim! Also what the crap, Tony?I do have a bit of a problem in that I wanted more people do just die and go limbless and suffer great psychological trauma . . . but hey . . . that's just me. Mother Nature is a bit psychopathic. Trees are not to be trusted. These novels are twisted.-Marlon

  • Tiffany Loves Books
    2018-11-04 18:16

    Second Time Reviewing Call to Arms (Review from first time around is below) So... Many of you may already know that once upon a time I read Call to Arms and gave it a very mean review. Knowing now that was an all emotional reviewer, I read this book for a second time- With an open mind and at a slower pace. Well I can tell you now, that was a total fail. I started the book and was immediately swept up in the emotion of the book. I didn't stand a chance. I read this book straight through only stopping for a nap. As in, I had to charge my iPad and decided to get some sleep while that happened. It was the middle of the night after all and the first thing I did after opening my eyes was to reach over and start reading where I left off. Now that I have finished reading Call to Arms I find myself having a lot to say. I hope not to bore you guys and I'm sure you will find a review somewhere in here... Eventually. (Haha...)First, I want to apologize to Elle Casey. Wow did I do your book an injustice with my angry words and harsh review. I realize now how juvenile and angry I was then... Sometime ago, someone pointed this out to me and thank God for that. Thanks to this person's honest and wise words I saw the error of my ways and have since continuously asked myself what exactly makes a good review. Yet one thing I have never reverted back to are my overly emotional and mean reviews. I consider myself someone who can admit being wrong- which I totally was. Back to Call to Arms, I completely fell in love with this book. This book picks up right where The Changelings left off. Jayne has decided to become a changeling and accept the Fae blood that runs through her veins. Call to Ams follows Jayne and her friends integration into Fae society. Jayne continues to have a terrible potty mouth and a sick sense of humor that i just couldn't get enough of and with the new characters we are treated to in this book, I did some serious LOLing. Jayne is always finding herself in crazy a** situations so the reader is never at a loss for action scenes. There also some hints of romance I hope to see more of in the books to come. The reader is also treated to lots of answers to the questions that arose in The Changelings. The characters were fun and spunky and once again bring different things to the table. However, I want to specially talk about Becky (whom I kinda bashed in my first review). I think I just didn't get her the first time around. It wasn't that Becky's character was lost, more so that she became a better, stronger person. I think that would happen to anyone who found themselves lost (a runaway and homeless) and finally finds their purpose in life. I think my head was just too far up my a** to see that the first time around. ;) Call to Arms is truly an amazing sequel and I absolutely loved reading it. I look forward to reading the sequel... Which you should be seeing soon. I know I already mentioned Casey loves her cliff hangers and I'm going crazy to know what happens next.First Time Reviewing Call to ArmsI think I should start by saying that there is a difference between a cliff hanger and not finishing a book Elle Casey. I hated how the book ended in the middle of the action. I'll say that I am seriously disappointed and tempted to not read anymore of your work. Overall the story was good. Not as good as The Changelings, but it had potential. I was disappointed at some of the changes in the characters. For example, I feel as if Becky lost her personality. She was not at all the same person, and there is nothing but her name to remind you of who she was. Jayne continued to be a bad-ass but she also changed. Well I think it was more of Casey losing sight of her character. Jayne has always been crude/blunt and she protected the people she cared about. But in this book she became a disrespected b*tch just because she was a "bad ass" ( my words). My point is that she always acted a certain way when the need arous but when she did it with out cause she just became a b*tch with a sense of humor.That being said there were some nice addition as far as new characters were involved. I truly enjoyed the comic relief they provided. I enjoyed reading the book. The story line had potential, I just feel like if a little more work was put in it would have been great and not simply good. *To see more of my reviews visit my blog here.

  • Lisa Ann
    2018-11-19 20:05

    Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Fiction, Fantasy, Series, Epic, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Teen, Action Adventure**This Review Contains Some Spoilers** I anxiously dove into this second book in the War of The Fae series, Call To Arms had a lot of 'splaining' to do after all of the cliff-hanging questions left in place after reading the first book in series by Elle Casey. Where The Changelings left off, Call To Arms picks up and runs with at a fantastic pace. We again find our protagonist Jayne, now adjusting to the world of the Light Fae, with more questions than answers, and as we know, Jayne is not the sort of girl to let that situation sit for very long.Jayne is reunited with her new friends from The Changelings, now all trying to adjust to their new Fae realities. Chase seems to be taking it all in stride as Jayne's Daemon protector, he is the strong silent type after all. Becky, the ever perky, is now a Water Sprite. Finn is a natural Green Elf, a protector of the forest, and good with a bow and arrow. Spike, Jayne's perma-crush, would of course be a Incubus, with a smoldering passion at all times. As they all learn what their new changeling identities entail, there are a lot of laughs and a lot of funny moments.Jayne manages to make new friends as well, including some that most of the adult Fae in the compound can't even believe. Jayne has a really magnetic personality, and is so easy to love through all her faults. Yes she still cusses up a wee storm in this novel, but not as much as in the first. It is just part of who Jayne is, and her crass and straight from the hip honesty is what makes her so awesome as a lead character.Jayne also manages to whammy a few of the other Fae with her growing powers, and still has very little idea what she is and will be capable of, she is such a rare Fae species. The times when Jayne uses her powers are really fascinating, as she begins to understand how dangerous she can be, and how seductive her connection with 'The Green' is.But throughout the chapters, we see Jayne's biggest struggle is her fractured connection to her best friend from back home, Tony. When Tony chose to go home and not become Fae, Jayne was distraught but understanding, his life at home wasn't that bad, he liked what he had. The more she tries to reach out to Tony, the farther away he seems to get, and the sudden appearance of a new 'friend' that is changing everything about Tony is even more of concern. Tony is pulling away from Jayne, and praising this new friend just a little to much for comfort. Jayne's natural suspicion kicks into overdrive.What happens next pushes Jayne into action. Jayne must act to save her friend Tony from being a pawn in a much bigger game. Can Jayne get through to Tony or is it too late?The War of the Fae series just keeps getting better and better, the characters are more developed and Jayne is really coming into her power, literally and figuratively. Young adults will love this series, but so will anyone who loves fantasy books, and even though there is some swearing, there is no overt sexuality, so it is more than appropriate for teens of all ages.Bottom Line: Another amazing story crafted by the very talented Elle Casey. If you have read the first in the series, "The Changelings", you will be equally delighted with this follow-up. It answers many of the questions asked in the first book, but poses many more. I have to say, I haven't found a book by Elle Casey that I didn't love, and this is one for your permanent library of favorites.

  • Jagged
    2018-11-03 19:23

    "Shee-it, you people have all the fun. You guys are givin' people strokes and havin' sex parties and doin' rescues while I'm off gallivantin' in the forest, shootin' at some stupid dang targets."I love Casey's writing style. Absolutely love it. It is so much fun to read her books. The best way to describe it is: structured shenanigans. Absolutely random, but with such an awesome plot to boot. You just can't ask for more. Well, except maybe more action. This book had very little, but to be honest, I only noticed that fact at the end of the book--when it was just getting started. I didn't really miss it. I was too busy laughing my ass off, as usual.I love Tim. I was really excited about his addition, because when he was first introduced I was thinking: wouldn't it be awesome if she had a pet pixie? It's almost like Casey is catering to me in these books. I love all the swearing. Jayne is perfect, I just love her. She is no Mary Sue. She has no problem sticking up for herself, talking a bunch of shit, and even attempting to throw down--if not throwing down--to back her points up. I love that she is so bold and I love how she ends up with her foot in her mouth very regularly. She is a breath of fresh air in YA lit right now. I have no complaints for her character.I really like Chase. I hope things blossom between them. Earlier in the book I was thinking how much I preferred him over Spike. I don't know, Spike is the cliche love interest, so I had a soft spot for Chase, I guess. But I am really enjoying where the story is going. I was very pissed off when it ended. Good thing there are more! Because I am not done yet. Casey is easily one of my favourite authors, I just can't get enough of her writing.

  • KareB
    2018-10-19 23:08

    Elle Casey did it again! I loved the second book of the War of the Fae series! Jayne is staying as honest, direct, and loyal as ever. Unfortunately her "potty" mouth is just as bad But it's part of her character and knack for honesty. To be honest, Ms. Casey is draining my energy though! My eyes are tired from reading. This was my fourth book by her in less than a week... on the verge of being obsessed now. ha ha There are a few typos that interrupted my reading zone, but nothing to major.I also had one small problem, I say small because the reference was brief and only ocurred once in the book. I really do take offense to any type of negativity to religion. Having faith and a solid foundation is important to me. Church is a safe "home" to me. It was the very first place I wanted to run to after I lost my son. So even though it was a slight reference to organized played a negative role in my head. Just as their are dark fae there are also "dark" followers that mess things up for the "light" ones. :) I do highly recommend this series and this author to other adults. But because of the language and some of the background concepts, I'd caution parents to allow impressionable minds to read with guidance and talking together.

  • Cassandra Mello
    2018-10-31 01:22

    I can't promise to remember which book was which specifically in this series because I've kind of raced through these in a stupor (totally addicted to Elle Casey books at the moment), but I think this is the one where we meet Tim, the pixie, and I have to say, Best Character Ever! hahaha And he just gets better and better as the books go on. Talk about comedic relief!! I have quoted so many lines from this series and his are some of the absolute funniest. I really don't know how they don't cross the line into cheesetown, but somehow they come across believable - it just totally works! Jayne was on point in this one too, and she had a really sweet crush, aww! The storyline was fun, the side characters introduced in this one are all a great addition as well! The only small issue I had with this one was there was less of Tony, and I love his character, or more specifically his character's interactions with Jayne. I understood why in this one, but I think the whole series could have benefitted from more Tony. I kept using the Kindle X-Ray button to see when he would be there. He brings out things in her that you don't get with just crushes, or even her new friends, around. But there were enough other awesome, amazing things that the book is still five stars for me.

  • Jodi
    2018-11-12 22:11

    This book picks up where the first one left off, which is good because the first one left me yelling "No! Don't leave me hanging like this!" As soon as I finished book one, I bought book two, and as soon as I finished this one I bought books three AND four!As I said in my review of book one, Elle Casey is now one of my favorite authors. Rarely do I give a book a five star rating, but since I couldn't put this one down, even to the point of reading with my book light on, the rest of the room in total darkness, while my husband slept next to me, just to finish it. I think it deserves five stars. I had other books that I had planned to read but they are all pushed to the back burner while I continue to immerse myself in this series. It's fantasy, it's humorous, it has some bad language (we're talking about 16-18 year old teenagers here, so I think it's pretty realistic in that respect, so be aware of that if F bombs offend you. They are all in context though, so keep that in mind. With all of that taken into consideration I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book.

  • James
    2018-10-26 23:12

    This book was awesome and made me laugh just as hard as the first one. I think it's either just the complete randomness of the different magical characters that keep showing up, or possibly just their really eccentric personalities, but whatever it is I can't help but love the way it makes me laugh. The writing is descriptive and generally well done. The story continues on right where the first book left off and we continue to see more of Jayne's bad-ass and smart-mouthed character as she gradually settles into life with the Fae. The story was well placed and it didn't take long to get hooked into the story again - I ended up reading the book in less than a day. I loved this book for its awesome characters, fascinating story, and complete uniqueness - I can honestly say I've never read a series quite like this one! I'm excited to see what happens next and so I'll continue on with the next book in the series, Darkness and Light.

  • Kathryn
    2018-10-28 00:24

    Well, I'm so so so happy that it picked up where it left off. Oh my gudness, I thought for sure Jayne would be able to convince Tony to stay and I'm so glad to read how that all worked out. Wonderful, just wonderful, but now I'm so confused. Is there a love triangle? I mean idk if Spike really like Jayne anymore or it's because of his incubusness. Anyway, I love Chase too, But the only problem is that the libraries in my town or anywhere near my county for that matter have these series. When I was going to the librarian to see if she had any Elle Casey books, and when she said No, Ugh!! I was so disappointed and so sad like no joke. And then she said, "Let's see if other libraries have it and when she said only one library out of 500 has her books I just felt so depressed like not kidding.!!! But then I was happy again when I got money to buy it so YAY!!! This is a really good book, I don't go all depressed if I can't read a book unless it's good.

  • Anita
    2018-10-20 18:09

    This is an excellent contemporary fairy tale young adult series. I believe the author is independent, though I didn't verify. I love the characters in this series and their relationships.I read books 2 and 3 back-to-back, so I'm a little fuzzy on where one stops and the other starts. This book is about Jayne and her friends beginning their fae training (they are Changlings, meaning that the little bit of fae blood in their veins was activated to permanently transform them into fae.) At the beginning, no one's completely sure WHAT Jayne is, but eventually they figure it out. Jayne breaks lots of rules and swears like a sailor, which comes off as endearing. She meets a lot of fae that help her with her powers and figure into the next couple books. She misses Tony terribly and hates having to back off of their friendship via e-mail. Eventually, it becomes clear that something is up with Tony and that leads to the book three adventure.

  • Roderick Baxter
    2018-11-13 02:11

    Calamity Jayne.Jayne Sparks is a shoot first, and ask questions later kinda girl. Most of the time with disastrous results. Although well meaning, every time Jayne demonstrates her power she seems to hurt someone or many someones. Mostly, though, after giving everyone a good shake up, it all turns out for the best. Now with her training well underway, Jayne finds she is missing her best friend Tony. So, she emails him discovering a new friend 'Ben' Upon discovering that Ben may in fact be a Dark Fae. Jayne and the first group of Changelings decide to go on a covert opp to rescue Tony. The main hurdle that they need to jump is to convince Tony of the truth about the existence of the Fae. Then convince him to come back with them. Do I recommend this book? Put it this way. When I turned the last page I shot off the couch saying "Damn, I have to get book 3 straight away."

  • Mo
    2018-11-06 19:27

    I love Jayne, especially the potty mouth. Her friendships with Tim, Chase, Spike, Finn, Tony & Becky are ever changing. I like her awareness of Chase towards the middle part of the book. I absolutely detest her mother who would let Jayne be a victim of molestation and then continue to live with the pedophile. WHAT a fucked up parent. It was very difficult to digest. I like Chase's protective nature towards Jayne. I like Spike, but the incubus thingy is getting old. Tony pissed me off towards the end of the book. Ben is going to be an interesting 'villain' methinks. What do the Dark Fae want? On to book 3!

  • Saki
    2018-10-27 20:07

    4.5 strsThat girl has sass believe me.I love her bitchy witchy mouth and her antics.Oh the guys were nice with ll their support and friendship.Tim was my official favy tiny person.The book takes off immediately after its predecessor.Tony leaves Jayne to his normal life.Jayne along with her new friends begin her journey as an elemental fairy.But When she finds something odd sbou tony she cant sit there leave him to be.So it goes.The plot was fast phased like the previous one an few new characters who were also awesome are introduced.I liked this book.I m gonna read the next on too.and find about father "ben".

  • Sara
    2018-10-21 23:16

    I enjoyed every second of this book!! I love Jayne and her smart mouth!! There aren't really any books out there with a main character as outspoken as Jayne. I loved that Chase, Spike, Becky, Finn, Jared and Tony were all in this book and I loved how the story picked up where the first left off. Sometimes fae books can be somewhat alike but this series is different and fresh and I love that aspect. I'm going to buy the third book as soon as I'm done writing this review, I'll definitely continue to follow this series!!