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Now that Annie has helped her sister Gwendolyn (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) wake up from the 100-year curse by finding her beloved prince, you would think that things would get back to normal. Think again! That beloved prince, Beldegard, is stuck in the body of a bear and the only way that Annie can be free of the two irritating lovebirds is to help-by finding the evil dwarf wNow that Annie has helped her sister Gwendolyn (a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty) wake up from the 100-year curse by finding her beloved prince, you would think that things would get back to normal. Think again! That beloved prince, Beldegard, is stuck in the body of a bear and the only way that Annie can be free of the two irritating lovebirds is to help-by finding the evil dwarf who cast the spell. Luckily, Annie has assistance from handsome prince Liam, and she has many tricks up her non-magical sleeve . . ....

Title : Unlocking the Spell
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Unlocking the Spell Reviews

  • Katy
    2018-11-19 23:41

    I was so desperate for a cute, romantic comedy that I resorted to middle-grade reading level. And I was NOT disappointed. I've read a few E.D. Baker books, and I just really like not only the way she retells classic fairytales, but also the how she incorporates so many into one book.I really liked Annie and Liam from book one, and I admit Gwendolyn has really grown on me, all while not losing her same personality. Along the way, we meet a lot of friends from our childhood days, but it was interesting to see how how Baker would make a character that appeared in two fairytales the same person (i.e. the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs). And of course, how they all fit in this story. (I still question the part about Snow White being a sister and then finding out this Snow White was an only child.)And Baker just has a writing style that is just fun to read. I found myself laughing at times, like the story about the fish. Overall, it was a delight to read - one that reminds you that you're never too old to read a kids book.

  • Heather
    2018-10-19 19:50

    Review of an advance copy:This is a great sequel to The Wide-Awake Princess. (Which was also a fabulous book, and if you haven't read it, you should!) In this book, Annie & Liam are trying to find the dwarf whose curse turned Princess Gwendolyn's fiance Beldegard into a bear. Beldegard obviously had to come along, but Gwendolyn has decided she isn't going to be left behind. It is quite funny seeing the two sisters' reactions to their various obstacles since Gwendolyn is quite used to being pampered and Annie is super independent. Like the previous book, this one weaves all sorts of fairy tale characters into the journey. We meet Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Cinderella, Rose Red, the Three Bears, Snow White, and a number of others. We also meet the fairy godmother who "gifted" Annie at her birth and get to see lots of magical spells and curses (aimed at Annie) fly back at their senders. I didn't like this one quite as much as the first (which was a lot, so I guess that still makes the book pretty excellent!) I think I liked the first book better because some of the clever parts were so unexpected, particularly all of the fairy tale characters showing up and watching the spells be "returned to sender." These were some of the best parts of both books, but were expected in this second volume. Readers will enjoy following this foursome on their path to happily ever after.

  • Elevetha
    2018-11-05 01:23

    3.5 stars.Cute and fun sequel to The Wide-Awake Princess.Annie, Liam, Beldegard, and a stowaway Gwendolyn set off on a quest to find the dwarf that enchanted\cursed Beldegard and get him to break the spell.Nothing too serious. Plenty of random fairytales thrown in for a cameo appearance.The one thing that truly bothered me was Liam. (view spoiler)[His "cold shoulder" that he turned on Annie a third of the way through the book had NO motivation. He just didn't like showing PDA. Okay, fine. Tell that to Annie so she isn't freaking out that you no longer like her. And, anyway, is that really a reason to avoid touching\talking her? like the plague I think not. (hide spoiler)]The ending could be a ending for the series satisfactorily.

  • Orissa Rowley
    2018-10-23 18:20

    Unlocking the Spell, by E. D. Baker, is about a girl that magic can’t touch. Annie’s sister Gwendolyn, also known as Sleeping Beauty, was previously awaked by her true love. The only problem is that her true love, Prince Beldegard, was turned into a bear by a dwarf. Annie, Liam (a handsome guard), Beldegard, and Gwendolyn, go out to find this rude dwarf. This book includes amazing adventures, like crossing a rainbow bridge. Annie and her crew, run into many fairy tale characters like the three little pigs, little red riding hood, and the three bears from goldilocks. Reading this book was worth my time. It was so good! It, along with the other books in the series, are now my favorite books! I could hardly keep my nose out of the book! I read it in any spare minute I could find. I thought the book flowed smoothly. All the parts of the book were easy to understand. The events were transitioned very well. There wasn’t a time that I didn’t enjoy the book. The author did an amazing job with all her characters and perspectives of the fairy tales and settings. The plot was very well thought out. I can make connections to the book because I have an older sister, who is sometimes bossy, but deep down, she is so nice, and I love her. This book makes me feel excited, adventurous, and ready to see what happens next. The characters personalities are perfect, I can’t imagine writing a better book. Spending time with others can show you their true personality. Annie isn’t the greatest of friends with her sister. Gwendolyn, known as the most beautiful princess in all the kingdoms, never wanted Annie around. Annie’s immunity to magic has an aroma and whoever was touching Annie, or in the presence of her would lose their magic for a couple of minutes. After Annie went on a highly adventurous quest to wake the her sister and the kingdom, Gwendolyn showed a little more respect and love for Annie. In the beginning of the book, Annie, Liam, and Beldegard were the only ones going to find the dwarf. Annie didn’t want Gwendolyn around, she even told her, “You’re not going with us.” After a couple of miles into the quest, they find that Gwendolyn had been following them. Much to Annie’s reluctance, Gwendolyn comes with them. As they move on throughout the trip Annie and Gwendolyn become better friends. Gwendolyn tells Annie, “I’m Sorry. For acting like you’re some kind of monster that I have to keep at bay.” They become a little nicer to each other. This is a great book, with many great themes and messages.

  • Alanna (The Flashlight Reader)
    2018-10-31 23:20

    I love this series. It is so super cute. Annie is such a great character! She is Gwendolyn’s (Sleeping Beauty) non-magical sister. Annie received a gift from her fairy godmother at birth that would not let any magic affect her, unlike everyone else in the kingdom. Because of this gift, Annie can sense when magic is near. Her power can also cause someone’s magic to falter. I found this to be one of the best parts of the story. I loved the descriptions of characters that suddenly found themselves without their magical qualities and gifts. One of the other qualities that make Annie so endearing is her resourcefulness. Because she has grown up without the help of magic, she has had to learn how to do many things on her own. Her sister, Gwennie, is described as “the most beautiful princess in the world” (with the help of magic of course), but Annie is often overlooked. While this could be lonely and a bit annoying, it makes Annie a great character. She is smart, stubborn, and extremely clever. The perfect underdog heroine. The plot also weaves together familiar fairytales with slightly altered storylines. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, and Little Red Riding Hood all make appearances—just not in the ways we are familiar with. How the author used these stories and characters was very creative. This is a middle grades series, which means it is squeaky clean. A little kissing, but appropriate for younger readers. Older readers would probably find it too wholesome. Maybe I’m a big nerd, but I loved it. Of course, I liked the first book (The Wide Awake Princess), too. Personally, I think all fairy tale fans should read this series. It is charming.

  • Sara Bennett
    2018-11-03 19:37

    I had read and really enjoyed the first book in this series, I was really excited when I found out there was a sequel. I was hoping for a great one :)Annie is the younger sister of sleeping beauty. Who, in this tale, is called Gwendolyn. Gwendolyn fell asleep a couple weeks ago. So Annie, who had the fairy gift of not being affected by magic, went off to search for her sister's true love. She found him after rounding up a bunch of princes to try. Turns out he is an enchanted prince. He's currently a bear.Now in this book Annie and her more-than-friend friend, a Prince Liam who she met on her last quest, set out with Gwennie's true love to find the evil dwarf who turned him into a bear. They hope to find him and get him turned back into a prince so that he and Gwennie can get married! Just, first, they have to find him...Pros:Although the first book, Wide-Awake Princess, was better (or so I felt) this one was still really sweet and fun. I love retellings and this one had a whole mix thrown in! From the three little pigs, snow white and red riding hood, this book is filled with fairy tale magic and is totally wonderful if you (like me) love fairy tales and retellings. Annie is a sweet, no-nonsense girl and she's down to earth. There are some great magical scenes where the magic rebounds, really hilarious!Cons: For an older reader some things could be a little cliche or eye roll worthy, but overall this was a really sweet book. Perhaps not the best sequel also, but I liked it :)So yeah...overall I liked it and loved the retellings. I would definitely recommend to tween girls, just the thing I loved to read when I was that age :) I'm going to make sure my sisters and younger friends pick up this book :)

  • Heidi-Marie
    2018-10-29 19:25

    Not fabulous, but cute. I think I prefer the first book better, but this was a fun follow-up to see how they would break the spell of the Bear Prince. Sometimes the story was a bit too convenient, and other times it felt like unncessary details or story elements were present. But I liked the twist of the different fairy tales, and was happy to see at least one lesser-known fairy tale. The constant reminder of various things was a bit annoying, but I still enjoyed the book. The whole build-up of what was wrong with Liam and then the reason and "resolution" at the end were just dumb. Otherwise, the book is fine. For those who liked Annie, they will enjoy reading more about her. But if you liked Annie and Liam together, you don't get as much of that as you did in the first book. At least you get to see her interact with her sister and perhaps improving on a relationship there.

  • Miss Clark
    2018-11-13 23:38

    Not E. D. Baker's most spellbinding narrative (if you will pardon the pun) but still fun and chock full of fairy tale references. It could have been just a tad shorter and a bit more clear in its dialogue, but overall a simple, unassuming fairytale romp through magic kingdoms as Liam, Annie, Gwen and her beloved enchanted prince Belregard go on a quest to return him to his human form.Sequel to The Wide-Awake Princess.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-08 01:35

    This is the second book to E.D. Baker's “The Wider-Awake Princess” series. I was forewarned by my older sister that the second book wasn't quite as good as the first, so I went into it with low expectations and because of that, I probably will have enjoyed it more than most.Plot-line:After waking up from a curse caused sleep, Gwendolyn, Annie's older sister, is determined to lift the curse of her beloved which has caused him to be locked in the form of a bear. And so, she, along with her reluctant sister, Annie; their guard and friend, Prince Liam, and Beldegard (the bear prince), set out on an adventure. Along the way, they strive to help others who have been cursed by a similar magic. But when Annie begins to feel her relationship with Liam grow stiff and distant, she worries that perhaps happiness isn't as easy to attain as her sister makes it look. Perhaps, the reason Gwendolyn is able to find happiness is simply because she is beautiful. And maybe, for plain girls like Annie, it is impossible to hope that a life with love is attainable.As I said, going into this, I already knew some things. I had been warned that Gwendolyn was extremely annoying in book two. So, when I finally read it, I wasn't as put off as some might be who read this book without that prior knowledge of it's downfalls. Actually, I found Beldegard, the bear-man, to be more annoying than Gwen was. He was rude, self-absorbed, and was blinded by his love for Gwen. I tried my best to ignore him, which wasn't hard since half the time he was off scouring the woods ahead of the rest of the group.I liked seeing how things had progressed in the relationship between Annie and Liam. It was important to see that unlike the love between Beldegard and Gwen, Annie and Liam's love wasn't always hearts and flowers. There were misunderstandings and troubles just like any other real relationship. I thought that the time of distance between them gave Annie the chance to evaluate her feelings and emotions so that in the end, she already knew what her heart wanted.Overall, “Unlocking The Spell” was a moderately well written second book. There were some parts I found a bit dull and I wished that after a while they could just find the dwarf they were seeking and be done with it, but other than that, I liked it well enough. It wasn't a fantastic, thrilling adventure that had me turning pages in suspense but it wasn't terrible either. It was worth reading once, just for the sake of learning even more about the characters, but it definitely wasn't my favorite book in the series.

  • Cathy
    2018-11-05 19:32

    Annie is so glad to have her life finally get back to normal after helping her sister Gwendolyn wake up from that awful sleeping curse the fairy placed on her. Well...she'd like to have it get back to normal anyway. It seems that every person in the kingdom has an object that they would like to make sure is not under any magic spell to be something else, from coins to even people, Annie's had to touch them all to check to be sure they are real. She'd really just like to spend some down time with her own Prince Charming, Liam, but that's not going to happen. Gwennie's beloved prince, Beldegard, had been turned into a bear before Annie found him and that's causing crazy problems for their wedding. It's kind of hard to kiss your prince when he's a bear, and Annie has to keep touching him to turn him even remotely human. So Annie reluctantly heads out on another quest, this time to find the dwarf that caused Beldegard to be a bear and make him turn Beldegard back into a handsome prince with Beldegard, and Liam. Unbeknownst to Annie, Gwennie is following them, and her beauty is sure to cause them all sorts of crazy problems.This was a really fun book. I loved all of the fairy-tales being mixed together in this book. I loved the resourceful Annie and of course, the handsome Liam. The plot is made more for kids, but I enjoyed reading it anyway. This series is a must read for any fairy tale lovers out there.

  • Kimberly Fields
    2018-11-16 18:36

    This book was fun, but not anything extraordinary. I think I liked The Wide-Awake Princess a little better, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the story. I did think that Liam's suddenly distancing himself and the reason for that were lame and not very convincing. I also would have liked to see Annie save the day by doing something, rather than by just letting magic bounce off of her. She's a pretty strong protagonist-- she goes on quests and saves the day, but when it comes to the major confrontations, she mostly lets things happen to her instead of actually doing anything-- it would be nice to see her save the day by something she does rather than something she is.

  • *Ramya*
    2018-11-19 18:50

    I read this book before I read the first in the series-but I still loved it!Here's how it started:I got this book as a present for my ninth birthday, and two weeks after that, I was going to move to a brand-new state!Anyway, my mom's colleague gave me this book to read during the trip, but I finished it WAY before we even started the trip, so of course, I loved the book and re-read it many times. At that time, I thought it was probably my favorite book--ever!This book is still one of my longtime favorites, and has a special place in my heart.:)

  • Julie
    2018-10-26 19:46

    I must say I did not enjoy this one as much as the first mainly because I find Gwendolyn to be annoying. The main difference was Gwendolyn was awake in this book. There was all the fun glimpses of fairy tales with little twists just like the first book. I would have liked to see Annie and Liam's relationship build more.

  • C.M.
    2018-11-14 20:34

    Fun, but not nearly as much as book one. There were some good moments, but most of it was just them running around in the woods trying to find an evil dwarf and always arriving just afterward. It got a bit tedious.

  • Cindy
    2018-10-21 22:29

    This story incorporates many fairy tale characters seamlessly. Kids who have grown up hearing these fairy tales will enjoy the twist this story puts on many old favorites as well as the quest that Annie goes on to help her sister's true love.

  • Kayla Loewen
    2018-11-03 23:32

    So entertaining! I love Annie!

  • Jenny
    2018-10-31 20:44

    A very cute sequel to The Tale of the Wide Awake Princess. I love catching all of the other fairytale characters appearing throughout the story. Like a Disney movie in book format. Mindless fun.

  • jenn2.0
    2018-10-22 19:26

    Aww too cute! All kinds of happy feelings!!

  • amalia
    2018-10-19 22:43


  • Sally906
    2018-10-31 22:30

    Another fun read in the Wide-awake Princess series - so many fairy stories included during their quest to unlock a spell :)

  • Lynette
    2018-10-23 01:31

    Loved it! Disney should really make a movie about this series. I would love to see all the characters on a big screen.

  • Zoe
    2018-11-15 01:50

    ar book level 5.3

  • Kate
    2018-11-04 19:24

    It was not so bad for a book number two, thanks for reminding me about fairy-tales.

  • Emma
    2018-10-26 21:20

    I would recommend reading this book, if you like fairy tales and books about spells. This book has a combination of a few princess and princes combined into one story. I like this book because I'm not really into scary books. I like books with happy endings. The author, E.D. Baker shows that it is good to have a sister, brother, or friend really close to you. Also always by your side to help you at all times. Even through hard and good times as well.

  • Dawn cline
    2018-11-12 20:36

    Just as good as book one. Princess Annie is off on another quest this time to help her sisters true love and his curse. Again meeting new and interesting friends from other fairy tales. Sometimes sequels tend to lose the mark or get dull this one is cute for kids and adults

  • Scion
    2018-10-30 23:29

    Another continuation from the first series and as always, there's something off with the writing style.But again, I love how the plot and the characters are written here.

  • Laurali
    2018-11-18 22:38

    This wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I didn't like it.

  • Rainbow
    2018-10-20 00:34

    Rated 4 1/2 starsAges 14+

  • Vicki Lee
    2018-11-01 23:43


  • Karis
    2018-10-21 01:41

    The first one was a better one in the series.