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After crawling her way out of Hell, Six is ready to cast aside her angel wings and all the responsibilities that come with them. But Earth is not as peaceful as she imagined it. Demons, dark angels, and other hell-beasties escaped before her, and they're not as content as she is to live a quiet life on Earth. A fellow angel who escaped Hell with her commits a series of souAfter crawling her way out of Hell, Six is ready to cast aside her angel wings and all the responsibilities that come with them. But Earth is not as peaceful as she imagined it. Demons, dark angels, and other hell-beasties escaped before her, and they're not as content as she is to live a quiet life on Earth. A fellow angel who escaped Hell with her commits a series of soul-murders, destroying human souls so they can't go to the afterlife. Although Six has conflicting feelings about humans, she goes after the other angel to keep their escape a secret from the one she fears most....

Title : Don't Call Me Angel
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ISBN : 9780985023034
Format Type : Paperback
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Don't Call Me Angel Reviews

  • Kenya Wright
    2018-11-24 07:42

    Sadly, I know the author. She is the bane of my existence. The needle in my ass that never goes away.So when she asked me to beta-read this book, I said sure. I have no problem with telling her if something is bad! She definetly doesn't have a problem with telling me if my plotlines suck or if a certain vampire that I wrote is "a cliche disgusting bloodsucking basterd that should be killed off immediatley!"Regardless, I went into this read, ready to give it to her!!! I was going to show her that KARMA is a bit&& with dreadlocks!Roar!But all I can do is drool and await the sequel! God this book was good!Six is an angel! (If you havn't figured that out then you're a moron!) This Six is like no angel I'd ever read about. This story is like no story I've read about.She's a flawed heroine that takes no shit! The book is a novella so I really can't discuss it without giving up several freakin spoilers. No words were wasted. Every word, sentence, phrase, and paragraph moved the plot along and kept me on the edge of my seat.An artist is illustrating some of the book's scenes so I'm pissed that I didn't get to see the art yet. I'll be rereading it once this book is officially published.

  • Alicia
    2018-11-25 08:52

    Well, I wrote it . . . so I would just give it five stars.Excerpt: Clicky-clicky

  • Experiment BL626
    2018-12-12 07:34

    The writing was good, devoid of typos. The beginning was engaging; the story immediately excited me as I watched Six and Alden — two fallen angels — escaping Hell. To my surprise because the book description didn't mention it, there were 6 comic book-styled, black and white illustrations in the story. Me likee. I really wanted to like the book because the fallen angel is one of my favorite premises for an Urban Fantasy. So what went wrong with Don't Call Me Angel (DCMA)? It was the plot. The plot fell short of my expectation, and it wasn't because of its short length of less than 27,000 words. I also had minor issues with the characters.The Characters+++ Six, the protagonistDCMA was told in 1st PoV from Six's side. I liked Six but there were moments when she annoyed me. One example moment was when she cut off her wings so she could put her life as an angel behind once and for all...only to later discover walking was inefficient and she missed the thrill of flying. Another moment, or actually several moments, was when she blacked out after a bloody scene. Six's multiple blackouts made me question how powerful, or weak rather, angels were in comparison to others non-humans because it seem like angels weren't all that great to be. Six was essentially a tsundere; she was prickly on the outside, compassionate on the inside. The one part of her I did not care for was her impulsiveness. This trait made it slightly difficult for me to believe this was a character who have been planning her escape from Hell for years and years. People who plan should not be impulsive.+++ Alden, the protagonist's friend turned antagonistWTF? His character made no sense. He and Six were like best friends, not that the story necessary say it outright but they got to be if Six was willing to take him on her escape from Hell. My thinking was that Hell sucks and it's everyone for themselves if they want to escape. Yet Six put up with Alden.Then halfway through DCMA, he became the antagonist leading to my biggest problem with the plot.The Plot+++ schizo AldenI had a really hard time believing Alden could become Six's enemy.Alden and I had exchanged so many blood debts that I’d lost count. I felt safer having him here, if for no other reason except that he was always happy to have me back in his debt. We were each other’s meal tickets, and that counted for everything where we’d been.Again, WTF? What happened to him that made him go against Six? Either the story didn't fully fleshed out Alden's character or it was scrambling to find somebody to be the villain 'cause plot without conflict suck. Yet plot with a stupid conflict suck too. And this conflict was stupid. I absolutely did not like how the conflict ended. (view spoiler)[Six had to kill Alden 'cause crazy dude was killing humans and their souls. (hide spoiler)]+++ lack of back storyMy second biggest problem with DCMA, one that I would consider a major plot-hole, was how weird Six could know things like cars and showers but was unfamiliar with humanity.The last time I’d seen [Earth], it was through a viewing portal, which had been nothing more than a two-dimensional projection cast on a wall.She was surprised by how evil humans can act — there was an attempted rape scene in chapter 2 — but she wasn't surprised by the technology. Were there cars and showers in Hell too? Moreover, there were humans in why would she be surprised by how evil humans can when they're still alive on Earth? Whether it's Hell or Earth, humanity shouldn't have been a big surprise to her. Cars and showers should be. Not to mention that all angels have the power of empathy, Six should be fully aware of how good humans can be and how evil they can become.+++ plot not meeting expectationNot a big issue but I wish more of the plot was spent on Six getting her stuff together. For examples, I wish Six asked Cara (the angel-believing human who took in Six) about things human do so Six could assimilate. Six just escaped from Hell, last thing she should be doing is standing out of place and attracting unwanted attention... attention that might force her back to Hell.In ConclusionThe book is actually 2.5 but I rounded it down because the plot disappointed me after giving me a great beginning. Moreover, it left a small cliffhanger after revealing a big secret about Six. I went, "damnnnn." I'm pretty sure I know who "Luke" is. I rate DCMA 2-stars for it was okay. Nonetheless, the book was a promising start for a Urban Fantasy series. I plan to read book 2 and hope it will fill in all the back story. I also hope Six will be more secure of herself and her place on Earth.

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2018-12-06 12:44

    Six is a fallen angel. She was banished from Heaven to Hell, for reasons unknown (she blames the bureaucracy). But centuries of plotting have finally paid off – and she has managed to accumulate the favours and put into action a plan to get her free.Now on Earth, she has to learn just what this wonderful, incredible and sometimes horrifying place actually is, what the rules are and to find her own place within it while at the same time rejecting god and her old path – she’s no longer an Angel and will not be one.But what does she do when she finds she is not the first to escape? And worse, that not only are the other escapees engaging in horrific behaviour, but that her friend and ally seems all too willing to join them. And that’s before the old forces she left in Hell decide they want her to return.This book was a very short read at only 100 pages, but it managed to fit in a lot of depth in a little space. Six has escaped from Hell and is confronted with Earth that makes so little sense to her. The world is beautiful and amazing and stunning – yet it is so full of cruelty and evil. Humanity has so much, yet it still engages in the behaviour she sees down in the pit.This adds a lot of conflict to her character – as well as her utter rejection for the god that damned her, symbolised by the removal of her wings. But now, when she sees people suffer, she is torn – does she feel compassion for them because of her angelic instincts (which she rejects?) And when their suffering is just a sliver of Hell – and they get to go to heaven anyway. Even people she considers lacking, who shouldn’t get that, which was denied her. She even gets a sense of anger about it. Yet at the same time there’s her outrage that this suffering, this predation isn’t confined to Hell, that it happens in this wonderful Earth as well – she is angry because they are despoiling this amazing worldThen there’s her fellow Angel Aldren; he’s also an interesting source of conflict. He was, for so long, the only friend and ally she had, especially in the dangerous times in Hell. And yet, now he is out and she can’t agree with what he’s doing – his cruelty, is callous evil, his casual abuse of humanity around him. But to turn on hr only friend is a major step – especially when she thinks that it is Hell that has done this to him; and can she judge him on that if she truly got an easier time in Hell?Diversitywise, we don’t have a huge cast of characters and most of them are supernatural – but Six is a woman of colour.My main criticism about this book is its length. There was a lot that could have been explored here in greater depth. We could have had Six get used to the real world. We could have had Six’s conflict with Alden, we could have analysed the claim of her having an easy ride in Hell, we could have had her explore her morality, her worry about the humans, her anger against god, her resentment of humanity – we could have explored whether Alden was justified in his cruelty, whether he was damaged, whether he was hurting, whether he was redeemable. But we didn’t – we raised them and then moved on. And it wasn’t for lack of space – at a 100 pages long this book could definitely have included more. It was over and I felt like I only got a prologue.Read More

  • Anagha Uppal
    2018-11-19 06:52

    I loved the synopsis of Don't Call Me Angel too, but what really made me excited to read this novelette was the excerpt the publisher asked me to post last month. That's when I knew it was going to be a fun read.Plot:Six (this name has special meaning that is revealed later in the book) is a fallen angel and has been thrown into Hell. If course, she hates in there (so loud and cruel. Also, with extreme temperatures) and lays out a plan to escape. She takes another fallen angel called Alden with her whom she owes a blood debt to and they find themselves on beautiful Earth. Once there, however, Alden starts taking his anger out on humans, punishing thieves and tricksters he thinks do not deserve a life on Earth.I really enjoyed this short read. Within just 85 pages, the author created a backstory, a build-up and an awesome cliffhangery ending. It even teaches an important lesson about being satisfied with what you have. The only problem is - although I want to know what happens to Six right now, since it's so short, there's a big chance I won't remember it two months from now and with the sequel coming out in 2013, I likely will have moved on to other books by then and will no longer be interested in Six. I think the author and publishers were wrong to release this series as a traditional one-book-a-year deal. It should have been either release the books a month apart or all at once, or maybe even make one long book. There's no real need for a 85-page debut, is there?Characters:Six - I really like Six - she's a strong, quick-tempered otherworldly creature, yet she's flawed, and yes, a little naive. But that's what makes her so believable. Watching through the portals must have been like watching a TV show - you can't suddenly become a part of it and be expected to just fit right in! She also takes a while to realize she must stop Alden's evil, but she does realize it...later rather than sooner. Alden - Who is Alden to punish thieves when he himself is one?? And he's not even letting them go to Heaven, so there isn't even that excuse...AARGH! I don't care if Earth's people are homicidal maniacs, killing them and crushing their souls is some sick form of justice. He angers me so much! I don't know what the author pulled, but within 50 pages, she made me HATE Alden. A lot.Cara - I love Cara. She treats Six like a regular person in need of some help instead of fawning over an angel. I hope I get to see more of her in Book 2!Also...One thing I found very unique about Don't Call Me Angel is that is has quite a few drawings are just so beautiful! That's one amazing artist! I don't read graphic novels but these occasional illustrations really help to bring the story to life. And there are some graphic descriptions, so I recommend this for adults or mature teens only.

  • ♥ Ashleigh ♥contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad!
    2018-12-16 09:43

    Possibly rather confused what i feel for this book, while it wasnt great it was rather entertaining... kind of..... but not in a good way, no entertaining isnt the right word... more fascinating like when you see a car crash and you cant help but look... like that but not so severe. though when she was mutilating herself was just sick, i understand why but Jeez the author did a good job of making my stomach twist! i felt utterly sick.this book has potential to be good - as well as super disturbing, but there where a few things off.... im not sure i can put my finger on it. one of the main problems i had was 6's interactions with people, im not sure why but it just didnt flow naturally to me and her relationship with alden just seemed bizarre but i suppose you cant choose great friends in hell and your sense of right and wrong is bound to be a little off kilter. though was it really necessary to kill him just cause you might get caught as well?? but like i said she just got out of hell so maybe to her that seemed like a reasonable way to get her feelings across. a few things i did like about this book where the drawings, which was something new and unexpected, i think more books should try this. also i like the descriptions, i couldnt exactly get a picture in my head but almost, so the author did a great job with that.there were a few loose ends and i felt like i had been thrown into the midway through a book but otherwise an alright book.well thats about all i can think of saying at the moment.and i wanted to thank the author and the group Shut Up & Read for giving me chance to read this book even if it hasnt turned out to be a favorite of mine.

  • Sandra
    2018-12-15 05:50

    MY REVIEWI was sent an e-copy of this novella by Dragonfairy Press and managed to squeeze it in as it was quite a short read.Firstly I don't normally go for what I call "comic style" but my daughter tells me the correct terminology is that its a "graphic novel" style but I really enjoyed this one. There was the occasional illustration within the book as I read it on my kindle. I really liked the illustrations quite a lot. Obviously the paperback would use more images within and I am not sure I would have enjoyed that as much as I have the kindle version. I also like the cover of the book, pictured above. the creature on the front of the book is Six, a fallen angel with beautiful purple wings and purple streaks in her hair too.Six is a strong female character which is always good! She has attitude and stands up for what she wants. When she realize's what her fellow Hell escapee is doing she knows she has to end it before it goes any further. Even though Alden is stronger and has the advantage of still having his wings, Six bravely takes on the task of stopping him stealing souls.I won't go further into the plot, this novella was enjoyable on its own but would be better as part of a larger story/series. the other books could be prior or after Six and Alden's escape from the dark, depths of hell. The novella is written in a way that keeps you interested as to what is going to happen next it also has some twists and surprises in it right up to the very end of it.So did I enjoy it? Yes. Would I read more by Alicia Wright Brewster? Yes. If this book was a Series would you read more? Probably yes, Would I recommend? To mature teens and adults, and those who love this style of book yes.coming out soon.

  • Kat (Kindred Dreamheart)
    2018-12-14 09:53

    I read this a while back and didn't realize I didn't post my review. So I had to go back, dig up my voice recorded notes and get to typing... Don't Call Me Angel had me on alert from the title and quivering from the menacing cover. It simply screamed badassness. To add to the exterior appeal, the first paragraph had me prying my focus away. When I picked this novel up, I didn't realize it was simply the prequel. Reflecting back, that makes since seeing as that this is merely a teaser. This don't give enough background for you to truly grasp the context of the situations. I enjoyed the mystery yet secretly begged for more. I didn't even learn the true meaning of Six's name until the very end. I admit that was a nagging factor for me. I like to have all the logistical info up front and the drama later. Don't Call Me Angel drives home the concept that "heroes" are dead and displays a villain seeking redemption. While Six isn't requesting mercy, she's definitively not evil incarnate. Yep, there's a whole lot of gray zone aura surrounding her. I really enjoyed that this read like a graphic novel, complete with a picture here or there. I guess if I had to complain about something, I would ask for more romance. I mean in your face lovey dopey, because I'm a sucker for that stuff. I look forward to seeing where A.W. Brewster goes with this series. Big thanks to the publisher and author for entrusting me with an honest review.

  • Jen
    2018-12-10 07:52

    Favourite Character: SixSix is a fallen angel, who after decades of planning escapes from hell with her ally Alden. Once escaped Six is thrown into a world of humans on Earth who aren't happy and hunger for more. Six cannot understand why human beings aren't happy, they have so much that they are taking forgranted, or at least Six thinks so. In a short time, Six is taken in by a kind woman named Cara, shown a club that's filled with fallen angels, demons and monsters by Alden and is found by the one angel she doesn't want to be found by!I found Brewster's take on angels and demons to be very interesting. I liked how Six could feel other people's feelings and what not. Although this story was quite short, I found it to explain things well enough that I understood what was going on. However, at points I felt like I was missing something and this is why I didn't give it 5 stars, but 4 instead.Overall, I enjoyed this story a lot and I'll be looking out for the second novel in the series. I'm hoping to get a little more explaination of the goings-on of Hell and Heaven and the abilities of angels. I'm kind of sad about the death of a certain angel, to which I thought if they were kept in the story a bit longer, something more could have developed but at the same time I understand why they couldn't remain in the story.

  • Marie
    2018-12-01 07:38

    This book was very short and fast paced. Everything led to something. There wasn't a stop where you could lean back and relax you had to pay attention to every word incase you overlooked or missed something. Six was sent to hell and after the gatekeeper owed her a favour he could not refuse to open the gates to leave her out for he had made a blood bond with her favour for a favour. Her friend she also owed came through with her hit he is not share the same compassion six did for humanity.He chose to take advantage of free will. And it is now up to six to stop him, to stop him from murdering any human whom he pleases. This book although it was good. It was rushed and too short. Although the ending was also good I think the sequel will also be rushed and short and therefore I don't have the natural urge to find out what happens and to read the sequel. This book could have been dragged out and expanded instead it has a good storyline and plot but it was not exploited to its limits and t has therefore failed to reach its full potential.

  • Adrianne
    2018-12-12 05:37

    A short read. i just got this via email for R&R this morning and I'm already done. Quite refreshing to read something shorter than what I usually go for.The story is pretty simple. 2 "fugitives" from hell explored earth, they wanted freedom and a new environment..Alden wanted to have fun, by killing humans and destroying their souls and Six tries to find a way to stop him.. So basically that's it. I couldn't really expect much of a plot considering that the whole thing is only about 120 pages. I just felt like there really wasn't much of a story. I would even go further by saying that there's no story in it. It was more of an introduction to what might happen on book two. I did appreciate the illustrations. I think that this would be a good start for a full-blown graphic novel but not as a typical "meaty" novel that I was hoping to get.

  • Sannie Hald
    2018-11-18 12:29

    *** I received a copy for an honest review ***This is a fast paced novella that doesn't take more than a few hours to read. It is a very good story line and I really enjoyed reading it! I really liked the story of a fallen angel breaking out of hell. I would have liked to know why she got kicked out of heaven though. I like her name was Six until I figured out it was because she was the sixth wife of Luke, the ruler of hell. And I hate the fact that he, a person mentioned so many times, only appears in the last 5 % of the book. But then again, this is the first in a series. I am looking forward to be reading the next And I hate the fact that the author rated her own work. I just cannot stand that :)

  • Jacquie Talento
    2018-12-11 10:41

    I won this book from a LibraryThing giveaway. Six is an angel that has been sent to Hell but manages to escape. Once Six gets a taste of Earth, will she ever want to go back to where she is suppose to be?

  • Diayll
    2018-12-08 09:36

    Originally Reviewed At:Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 3 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: TourReviewer: AimeeKayLet me start by saying I liked the story. The idea of Satan having a wife and her trying to escape hell was very intriguing. In particular seeing where the author planned on taking Six and her fellow escapee Alden. I enjoyed the writing. Brewster’s descriptions of Hell and of Earth, Six flying, the people that she encounters, they all really helped me see the story as it played out. I also liked the main character and seeing how Six became acquainted with life on earth and how she interacted with people in general.However (yes there is the dreaded but), I think the story itself would be better served as a full length novel instead of a novella. In my opinion, the other characters such as Cara and Satan really didn’t get to be as fleshed out as they could have been, and this is the case especially Alden. We get the basic idea of his mannerisms, but he just seems to fall a little flat otherwise. Also, while the book itself is descriptive and I feel I understand why the characters have done what they’ve done, it just feels as if there could be more. I know there is supposed to be another book, in fact, this one ends on a cliffie, so I’m assuming that more of the world will get described and the questions I have will eventually be answered in the next novel or novella. But it just felt as if the story was squeezed into the confines of a novella and I think Don’t Call Me Angel would have been better justified if it was longer.Also the story had one major part that bothered me. People just see angels flying all over the place and don’t really seem to react…Yes they point and stare, but you don’t have any of the other characters mentioning that it’s all over the news or anything. And it’s Atlanta so I’m assuming someone has a cell phone and has snapped some pictures or something, or at least reported it. Again, maybe this is something that will be explained in the next book, but it seems rather major and I don’t understand why it wouldn’t have been dealt with in the course of this story.Overall I’m giving Don’t Call Me Angel 3 out of 5 controllers. I think the story itself deserves to be a full length novel, not just a novella, particularly since it’s being continued into another book anyway. I also had questions about why Six and Alden just seemed to go unnoticed, or at least unreported, when they get to earth. But despite the issues I had with the book, I would read the sequel, since I would want to see what finally happens to Six.

    2018-12-13 04:49

    Brought to you by OBS reviewer HeidiSix is a fallen angel that was cast out of Heaven and sent to Hell for some reason she still isn’t sure of. After decades in the dark and several failed plans of escape, Six finally finds a plan that works and she takes her one ally with her; fellow forsaken angel, Alden.They are amazed being on Earth and seeing just how great it is, but they can’t understand why the humans that live there aren’t happy. They have so much, yet they always want more.Six senses people’s emotions and is drawn to the strong ones. Her ability causes her problems when Alden takes her to a new club he found in Atlanta’s underground. It’s a club for supernaturals that leaves her with an unexplained uneasy feeling. She soon discovers why her stomach is tied in knots when a couple of scared humans are carted in for entertainment. They are tortured on stage and you can take a whack at them for a price. Six is appalled when Alden participates in these activities and later kills them right in front of her.When she discovers that Alden is not only killing people, but also killing their souls, she realizes the danger she is in. If the souls aren’t going to Heaven or Hell when they are expected to, someone will take notice and Six is worried that person just might be the only person that can compel her back into Hell, Luke (Lucifer). She is saddened to discover that the only way to make Alden stop is to kill her one and only ally.I’m not usually a big fan of novellas, but I found myself really enjoying this one. The writing was strong and it definitely kept my interest. The book is a light easy read that you could easily finish in a leisurely afternoon.I enjoyed Six and her relationship with Alden and was as sad as she was that she’d have to break that bond permanently.I also liked Grant for the few minutes he was in the book and was hoping that Six was going to form some kind of relationship with him, but Luke took care of that. I’ve never envisioned such a beautiful villain and know that he will be a huge part of the subsequent books in the series and I can’t wait to check them out myself!! Hopefully the future installments will clue us in to why Six was cast out of Heaven and we’ll see if her wings are truly gone for good, as I was expecting them to grow back at any minute!! A great start to a new series!!

  • Rachael
    2018-12-16 11:41

    Disclaimer: The fact that I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review has not affected my rating.When you think of angels in YA Urban Fantasy or Paranormal Romance, what do you think of? Fallen? Halo? Hush, Hush? Even Unearthly? Regardless of the quality, most people think of the romance between those heavenly creatures and humans, whether it be between Nora and Patch, Cam/Daniel and Luce, or Tucker and Clara. Don’t Call Me Angel is a wake up call – not all angels are nice and non-violent – but deadly instead.What I liked most about this book was the amount of action and non-passiveness the protagonist was engaged in. If you’re expecting romance, don’t expect any (apart from the occasional lust, I suppose). Instead, expect (very) graphic violence and raw emotions.I also liked Brewster’s concept of falling angels, souls, and entering Hell. It’s one that I’ve thought of before, but never seen used as amazingly in literature. It’s actually depressing, but I suppose with this type of book it’s supposed to be depressing.The characters were also distinguished and added more emotion and intrigue to the story. Especially Alder – I felt that his relationship with Six was somewhat more than a friendship but not quite love. It confused me (in a good way!) but also added more emotion in the end. Luke also has an interesting character – hopefully his part in the plot will develop more in the next book.The pictures also added a visual aid for the book. I’m not quite sure how, but it did make my reading experience more enjoyable and unique. Even the cover adds to the Six’s characterization!Overall, Don’t Call Me Angel presents a new spin on Hell and angels, and is a strong debut from Brewster by progressively building suspense and presenting so much emotion! I can’t wait for Possession, the next book in the Forsaken series!

  • Rachel V.
    2018-12-11 10:31

    I was excited to read this book based on the summary. It really sounded like a good read. However it did not live up to my expectations. I give the book 3 stars.The plot itself is unique and the descriptions in the story are very vivid. However I just didn’t care for the characters in the story. Six escapes from Hell and decides she wants to live as a human but she doesn’t understand why humans aren’t happy. Six seems to be really naïve to me considering she has been to Heaven and Hell and watched humans through portals for a long time. I couldn’t connect with her or Alden. Their personalities just weren’t there for me. In the end we find out she was hiding out from Luke the ruler in Hell. We also discover why her name is Six. We are left with a threat to Six from Luke to leave you hanging for the next book in the series.The only character that stirred my interest at all was Luke in the last couple pages. He is the ruler of Hell but is so gorgeous that Six can hardly resist him. He is also completely evil. I think Luke will be a good villain for the next story. Alden was an evil character but I didn’t hate him or cheer for him. He was just there. So was Six, she was to naïve for me and while she was for the most part good she just wasn’t a strong character and did not capture my interest. There were some colorful characters that was described in the club but you don’t really learn anything about them.For the next in the series I hope that the author includes why Six was in Hell to begin with. Also I hope Six stops trying to hide out and we see her personality start to shine through. Luke already knows where she is so why not? All in all I might read the next one and I might not. I would like to know if Six grows as a character and I am a little curious about Luke also.

  • Lexie
    2018-11-18 12:31

    I really liked this book. I've read several Fallen Angel books, but this one really grabbed my attention from the start. It begins with a Fallen Angel named Six escaping from Hell with another Fallen Angel, Aldan. That in itself had me hooked, I've never come across a Fallen Angel Book with the Angel being confined to Hell. Unfortunately you don't know why she was sent there, and neither does she. The part where she cut her wings off, made me want to gag. I kept hoping they would grow back, just because that's part of being an angel (ok and they were pretty & cool).Six is a strong heroine with a very soft heart, even after centuries in Hell. She has no idea what she did to deserve being thrown out of Heaven and into Hell. After her escape, she is captivated by Earth and the human whole live there. Being an angel she has empathic abilities, and she is moved by the plight of the humans. Unlike Aldan who enjoyed killing humans as well as their souls. Six is basically confused how humans can be so miserable on an earth that seems to have so much to offer. That's a true statement in reality; the majority of the world is caught up with materialsim. However, the happiest people are those with little, but do have the love and comfort of a family. I thought the author was perhaps expressing that point through Six. The twist about Luke was really interesting too, I didn't expect that at all.This was a great introduction into the series. I would hope that the future books are longer and not just novellas or really short novels.

  • Stacey
    2018-11-24 10:39

    I read this via a veersion emailed to me from Shut Up & Read. I really liked the concept of the book, I thought the storyline had a lot of potential.I'm not sure if it was just me but I didn't really feel any sympathy to the characters - there seemed to be no character building, no history of the character and their emotional intelligence and this made their reactions to events a lottery.I would have loved to have found out why Six had been thrown out of heaven and why she wanted to leave. To me the hell created in the book seemed pretty much ok and when compared with the world that Six experiences - of human and demon violence, I'm wondering why she's thinking she wants to stay on earth at all - but that might be the point of the story. Why for example does she feel she can trust some people and not others - we're told that there was a viewing room but why was this used? Did she have acquaintances in hell other than Alden? If not, then why not? Why was it so easy for her to escape hell? The revelations at the end of the book begin to answer these questions but I wonder if some sort of rivalary could have been set nearer the beginning. The drawings are amazing and a nice surprise in the book. As I said, I really love the concept and will definitely read the rest of the series to find out what happens as it is very intriguing. I feel bad giving it two stars as I mean two and a half really but I just like my character building slightly more robust.

  • Jessica`~Blahyze~`
    2018-12-05 05:27

    What a great read. I loved that there were illustrations included throughout, it really added that extra bit of something and made it special, not to mention unique. Each of the characters were so well done, I liked Six and how she managed to escape from Hell with Alden, who I despised from start to finish, and how she was an angel but one with attitude. The take on angels was something that I found intriguing and different, how there were angels even in Hell who had done wrong, I liked that a lot. Reading about the classic characterisation of angels in books over and over again gets tiresome so a fresh take is always a welcomed change of pace.The ending left me wanting more, when her husband Luke came for her and who he was, and why Six is named so; I wanted to read more and find out what Six was going to do. I’m hoping she finds another angel man pr maybe even human man, someone bad-ass to get her free of Luke; he is all kinds of bad news. I wish it had been longer, it seemed like we didn’t really get into the story until half-way through but I still enjoyed the read regardless, I think you just have to keep in mind that this is a novella. This has the potential to be a really fantastic series and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I would give this one three and a half stars bordering on four stars.*Submitted for review by Dragonfairy Press*

  • Elsa Carrion
    2018-11-20 04:34

    Don't call me angel by Alicia Brewster is a short read with only 10 chapter. If you have a few hours and want to squeeze in a little reading this is just the thing. Although at first it’s kind of frustrating, it felt like I was thrown in the middle of something without an explanation. If you can overlook it and just roll with the punches the story gets better. Six is a fallen angel, why she is fallen is never reveled in this short story but I’m hopping that in the next book she talks about it. Her fellow fallen angel friend is Alden, who is not a nice as Six. I also felt that a few scenes could have been a little more informative, detailed something, I needed more, and it felt like boom bam thank you ma’am. I would have like some sections of the story to have been a bit longer and I would not have mind at all. Sometimes in stories things are dragged and dragged on and on you won’t find that in this story, if moves really quick, a little too quick for my taste, but still a good read. I would really like to see why Six is a fallen angel, she doesn’t fit a fallen angel, Alden does, but not Six. Check it out; it won’t take but a few hours to read.

  • Laurie: Almost Faemous
    2018-12-06 08:37

    Originally posted on my blog received a copy of this from the Read it and Reap group on Goodreads so thanks to the mods and the author for making this available. I had to take a day or so after I read this book to figure what I would say in a review. While I did like the story overall, there was something missing.This book is really really short, more of a short story than an actual novel. While I found the idea of fallen angels trying to escape from hell intriguing, the story was lacking. I don't know if it's because the book was too short or what but so much backstory and worldbuilding was missing.I have no idea why Six or Alden were fallen or why Six was compassionate while none of the other fallen were. It made no sense that Six understood cars, jeans and toasters but was suprised that humans were mean to each other. She had watched humans through a portal, a better explanation of how the portals worked so the reader can understand the discrepancy. Maybe it will be explained further in future books.I did like the character of Six, and found "Luke" interesting. I will read future books because as I said I am interested in the series but I really hopeful that the next book fills in some blanks.

  • Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    2018-12-04 10:51

    Six is planning to escape Hell along with her friend Alden after two centuries in the Pit. Six finds that life on Earth isn't anything like she'd seen in the portals. Six loves her wings yet sees them as a burden and cuts them off. Six and Alden go their separate ways yet can still contact each other. Six wonders why life on Earth isn't like she imagined or thought it would be. Alden has no trouble blending into his new life. He even finds a club called The Underground which is very similiar to what occurs in Hell. He takes Six to the Underground where she is appalled and stunned by what goes on in the club yet it has no effect on Alden. Six meets Cara a recent transplant to the area wants to show Six about life. Cara offers to share her apartment and clothes with Six. She will even help Six find a job too. Six wants to prevent Luke from finding her and Alden but doesn't know how to go about it. Alden doesn't care or believe that Luke with come after them. Alden tells Six that she isn't strong enough to be here and should return to the Pit. Will Six accept Cara's offer? Can Six make a go at this new life? What will happen to Alden? Will Luke find Six and Alden? Your answers await you in Don't Call Me Angel.

  • Vickie
    2018-12-19 08:36

    I received this one as an Early Review ebook. The concept is gripping, two fallen angels escaping from Hell. I wanted to know why they were fallen, but all the main character, Six, knows is that she was found lacking for no apparent reason and cast out of heaven hundreds of years ago. With the story occurring from her point of view, they escape rather easily and then encounter Earth. One of the things that didn't work for me was her easy understanding and acceptance of things here. No amazement at technology or humans' strange ways. I was suspending disbelief and immersed in the story, when it abruptly ended. No hint of an explanation why it ended that way, character wise. Why would that ending follow out of this character? If there is an answer to that, it must be in a follow-up book. I like my stories to be resolved within the story I'm reading, so I was quite disappointed. In my opinion a major rewrite and lengthening would make this one a top seller, but as is, I cannot recommend it. Sorry.There were some typos, and one usage thing that bothers's not ON accident, it's BY accident. :)

  • Claire Carey
    2018-11-22 06:28

    As a YA book i wasn't sure what to expect, i thought to read it with my son and daughter in mind. Personally i thoroughly enjoyed the book, as an adult it was easy reading and as a YA book wasn't very long- i read it in 2 sittings. I feel it was a good introduction to the rest of the series. I wasn't expecting the twist at the end and that has lead me to have questions of how and why. I hope that these will be answered in the next book. I love the dark and light that is explored, and the way the author has taken the story of fallen angels and written it from their point of view. It's not something i had really thought about before.Thinking of my children, this is the sort of book i can see my daughter really enjoying once she is bigger. My son- although coming to the right age, i can't see him reading it. I feel that this book is geared more for girls. I want to know what happens next, and would love to read the rest in the series

  • Morgan Schell
    2018-12-16 12:40

    I've spent the last 4 hours going back and forth about whether I truly liked this book. Honestly, I still haven't formed a solid opinion yet. 2.5 stars would be my ideal rating (right down the middle). For starters, from the book description I was anticipating more action and edge-of-your-seat moments. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for me. Thankfully, fellow angel, Alden, is in the picture and creates suspense the second half of the book. The second half of this book kept my interest much more than the beginning. Because of the way this one ended I have reserved optimism for the following book in this series!

  • Joy H
    2018-12-19 06:43

    This was well-written and enjoyable to read, with a strong female lead and unique scenario. The scene in which the main character Six cuts off her wings is gruesome but powerful. It also raises interesting philosophical questions about what duty an Angel owes to the God who created her and then cast her out.Overall, I'm excited to see more from this new author. One of the most interesting and compelling characters doesn't appear until the end of this novella. Brewster teases the reader with only a glimpse of this hot guy, but I'm hoping she'll write a sequel in which he'll feature more strongly.

  • Rachel
    2018-12-14 09:46

    I read this book mostly over the course of one morning (I fell asleep half a chapter in the night before). It was extremely short. There is little to no character development and the jump from location to location was so choppy that compared to other works of fiction it was extremely hard to suspend my disbelief. There was no complexity to this book. I would have been able to sympathize for the main character if the time lapse between the start of the book and the "climax" had more relationship development such as Six's love interest or friendship with Cara.All in all, I won't be planning on reading the second book when it comes out.

  • Shannon
    2018-11-22 09:54

    Changed my mind.Originally posted on 6/3/12:I completely forgot that LibraryThing exists but I checked out what their giveaways were last month and ended up requesting this one and a few others. I've only ever gotten one book on GR since I've joined, but LT used to send me stuff all the time. Even though I'm not active on LT anymore, they sent me this one! It might be because it's an ebook, but I don't care. Winning stuff is always fun.Hopefully this book is good, and the blurb makes it sound like it might be.

  • Jacob Wright
    2018-11-21 09:45

    I enjoyed this book. Duh, since I gave it five stars. The protagonist is tough, but also innocent and naive which come back to bite her in the end. I liked the reasons behind why the protagonist was cast down are vague because it leaves me with a reason to read the next book. The writing flowed well together, and the author has a good sense of creating a world that I could see. This is a good start to an enjoyable seris in my opinion.