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This edition is no longer available.Luis is the Daddy, a sought-after lover, with an ego to match the mammoth-sized Mardi Gras floats he designs. His lifestyle and reputation are wearing him out, but Luis can't find a satisfying way to break the cycle and be happy, too.Drew's insecurities pushed him to have a foolish affair six years ago. It destroyed his relationship withThis edition is no longer available.Luis is the Daddy, a sought-after lover, with an ego to match the mammoth-sized Mardi Gras floats he designs. His lifestyle and reputation are wearing him out, but Luis can't find a satisfying way to break the cycle and be happy, too.Drew's insecurities pushed him to have a foolish affair six years ago. It destroyed his relationship with Luis, and he's never been able to commit to anyone since. Now, he's taken control of his life and changed his submissive personality by becoming a model for Kevin Marks, and a wildlife enforcement agent in New Orleans.These men haven't forgotten each other, or settled their differences. When they accidentally meet in a French Quarter gay bar, the years of regret, anger, and pent-up emotions erupt. Their passion is as hot as ever, their mistrust just as potent. When Drew's future is in Luis' hands, will he choose his lifestyle or love?...

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Krewe Daddy Reviews

  • Kade Boehme
    2018-11-30 09:23

    Yay for this. I totally didn't realize this was the sequel to Hard as Teak which was one of my first M/M reads. I loooved Kevin and Teak and it was really really great how they tied into this story. And it was 4 years later so long enough for catching up with them and seeing them settled to be a nice surprise.Now on to Drew and Luis. I always loved Drew. He was such a sweet guy and was so good when Kevin and Teak got together that I felt bad and wanted to know that he got some lovin' too. What I didn't expect was Luis. I will admit that Luis was hard for me to like and in ways he was not right for Drew because he is such a loud personality and as such is not good for Drew's insecurities and is unapologetic in his "daddyness". But their love was so good I couldn't hold that against him for too long. I just love second chances.That two-bit guttersnipe Ronnie was probably one of my least favorite characters I've encountered in a while. I shifted between rolling my eyes in annoyance and fighting the strong urge to snatch his wig off and take him down. On to the wig-bearing, Marilyn impersonating amazingness here, Sapphire. Ah he was such a joy! While he was a minor charactor I loved this him as he's something not often seen and it was refreshing. This story took a turn that was not eluded to in the Blurb at all and for that fact I loved it while at the same time it broke my heart. POOR DREW!I was riveted and dying and so sad and hopeful. Kudos Ms Church. It took every nasty turn it could and it was a better story for it. And the after effects were realistic. It didn't just get better to suit the HEA. And I like that Luis and Drew's story ends authentically.Sidenote: I really appreciate your inclusion of cross-dressing characters as noone else does but I found the use of "tranny" to be inappropriate and reductive. Sorry for being so PC, i'm just sensitive to the issue having many friends who run the spectrum from Ronnie to Sapphire and they, under no circumstance, take "tranny" as a polite or comical term. Great sequel! Very different from Hard as Teak but great in it's own way.

  • Gigi
    2018-11-25 12:13

    This is another one that I remember reading right after Hard as Teak, back before I joined GoodReads. While I found Hard as Teak enjoyable (but I don't remember exactly why) I disliked this one enough to completely delete it from my Kindle, which is why I never entered it here at GoodReads until I saw Amanda add it to her "to read" list and it jogged my memory. I don't think it would be fair to give it one star without stating a reason, so I'll give it two and those that know my taste in M/M romance (nothing too harsh or deep 90% of the time, angst and conflict that helps relationships grow and develop, lots of romance and good sex, no needy, door mat heroes) will probably want to stay away. *shrugs*

  • Allie
    2018-12-10 07:26

    Just when I thought I couldn't dislike a character more than I disliked Kevin (from the first book) we meed (again, since he was also in the first book) Drew. In book 1 Drew seemed like a decent enough guy. He'd been interested in Kevin but didn't pursue him when he realized that he and Teak were getting together. That was decent of him. That's where the decency ended, though. In this book he is dating (sort of) Kyle, another agent at his place of work. Kyle's obviously really into Drew. Drew also works, as a model, for Kevin. So we get a chance to meet up with Kevin and Teak from book 1. While working on a model shoot Drew is also having sex with another model, Blair. So, he's not exclusive with either Blair or Kevin (a fact they are both aware of). But, there's another man who's in the picture, though Drew's not been with him for 6 years. This man is Luis. Luis is the man Drew was with when he met and had sex with Teak. He did that because he was convinced that his 'Daddy' (ick), Luis, was messing around with all the men who flirted with the barrel-chested (ick) Daddy. So he went to Dallas, met Teak and had lots of sex with him. So here we are, 6 years later, and everyone Drew has dated has been compared to this god, Luis. They are all aware that there is an invisible third man in their sex lives. He and Kyle are out on a date and Drew is about to commit to Kyle when who should they bump into, at some leather bar, but Luis who is, himself, on a date with a cross dressing client (who he's also having sex with). They argue. Drew storms off (his usual MO) and then has two nights of sex with Kyle and goes off to model. He has sex with Blair, returns home and then contacts Luis. I was close to putting this book in my DNF pile at this point. He breaks up with Kyle because he thinks Kyle is trying to manipulate him. He tells Blair that he will take him up on his offer (Blair wants them to move to each other's state - doesn't matter which one moves - so they can make a go of their on/off relationship) IF things don't work out with Luis. Oh, what a generous offer. Drew must really be God's gift to gay men *sigh*. He had also kept stringing Kyle along but had the whole Luis story in that relationship. Everywhere he turns he thinks that men want him. UGH. What a bore. All the stupidity with Luis got so old. When he was kidnapped I was hoping that would be the end of it but, no, no such luck.I didn't give up. Glad that's over, though. It's not the writing I didn't like, it was the characters. There was just no redeeming them, unfortunately.

  • Vivian
    2018-11-21 05:12

    A flirtatious tale with a heavy streak.The Big Easy is the perfect location to imagine unbridled acts of the uninhibited and this story could have easily have gone that route, but didn't. All the pageantry and play is a backdrop that emphasizes how some things get in the way or disguise the truth. Drew and Luis's story has a troubled past and they each need to relearn how to be with the other without the baggage. Of course, baggage sometimes holds on longer than you think or realized. The truth comes barreling through when a traumatic event calls. It is the reactions and actions to this event that make this a good read. A blossoming of love is quite beautiful as the tale unfolds--not that either Luis or Drew are perfect. They each earn a smack or two upside the head throughout, but they persevere--through the good, the bad and the ugly. Favorite quote: "There's a difference between being a submissive in bed and being a doormat in life." ~Drew

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2018-12-04 05:05

    Originally posted at: little intimidation and attempted murder sure goes a long way towards getting priorities straight in one’s life but the payoff of a finally resolved romance is enough of an impetus to see it through until the end game. If he survives.Ms. Church set up the plot elements in the first two chapters, giving readers a bit of background that ties the two heroes together. It was done with a natural easy flow by getting into each of the heads of Drew and Luis. I learned that there are unresolved issues between the men but that they’ve gone on with their lives. Both men have changed to some degree; Drew most of all. The challenge is going to be to reconcile their past differences and learn about each other all over again. Some things have remained the same, like the incendiary passion that erupts between them, and others have changed, like Drew’s confidence, enhanced by doing a job that matters. Life has shaped Drew into a sharper, smarter man and it’s Luis that needs to come to terms with it.The plot thread of criminal activity and the threat to Drew’s safety is woven throughout the book giving a sharp edged tone to its telling, especially with the pressure of the ticking clock. Drew’s current job put him in harm’s way and it’s coming to get him. First he has to testify and someone doesn’t want him to. The hero has to survive long enough to tell his story to a jury. The scenes of the violent confrontation were hard to read. Ms. Church did a very nice job of getting the horror and viciousness across to a reader.When Luis and Drew reconnect there are a lot of great sex scenes but the drama and intensity that peppers the story makes the sex more meaningful and powerful. There’s a certain level of communication that goes on during those romps and it’s Luis and Drew’s hearts doing the talking. What comes out of their mouths, and the mixed-up insecurities that plague their brains, mess up what their bodies are trying to tell them. It’s not over, it’s a new beginning and this is their second and last chance.Of course, the path of love isn’t easy or smooth and once they reconnect, Luis has to make some hard choices. Drew needs to learn and accept that this time, Luis is for real. Nothing tests that fragile new resolve like having a partner who was vibrant and independent suddenly lose that independence and then having to deal with the emotional fallout. Luis and Drew’s new beginning is forged in fire. If they can make it through these worst of times, then there is hope. Ms. Church effectively took me through Drew’s painful healing process, both emotional and physical with writing that captured the darkness he felt.I wasn’t too crazy about the character of Kyle. In the beginning he seemed okay, like a wonderful support system for Drew, with benefits. He came across as sane, well adjusted and a solid peer. Once Luis came on the scene, Kyle changed, like he’d become possessed by a sniveling, resentful and immature alien and he did and said things that didn’t jive with how he was initially portrayed. I’m not sure exactly why his character didn’t work for me but he annoyed me immensely. Maybe it was his true self, and the author wanted that swift change to be shocking; in that, she succeeded. I had a hard time accepting it though.What I did enjoy was seeing Teak and Kevin again in well placed cameos. There was a lot of great emotion from Drew’s friends and the scene in the hospital really got to me. Ms. Church grabbed my attention and put my feelings through the wringer when she described the hero’s frustration, worry and fears. What kind of productive life can he have if he never recovers? That was pretty heavy stuff and the author handled it well.There’s no doubt that the sex between Drew and Luis was hot. Ms. Church knows how to make a reader sweat and the writing was well done.One character that was a gem was Sapphire. What a hoot and a very nice addition to the story. I don’t think Sapphire was meant as comic relief but certainly he brought a much needed fun element to whatever scene he was in.Krewe Daddy has a lot going for it. Drama and suspense spices it up while passion ignites the pages as Drew and Luis reconnect and fall in love all over again. I had to refrain from saying more about this book. Ms. Church managed to put a ton of interesting and fascinating twists and turns between the main protagonists and her secondary characters that I had a hard time choosing what to focus my review on. I enjoyed Drew and Luis, I liked the dialogue and was wide-eyed from the criminal element. The author really paid attention to the emotions of her characters and that attention to detail made them vivid and real. This was a gripping and entertaining read but what I really liked was how Ms. Church wrapped up the happily ever after. It was so romantic and complete. Now that’s the way to do it.

  • Lena Grey
    2018-12-11 04:16

    Is love ever truly lost? Or does it just hibernate, waiting until its passion can either be rekindled or banished forever? There's a mourning process which has to be endured for every breakup; you can't skip any steps; it's important to have closure. In 'Krewe Daddy' by Margie Church, Drew Rothem and Luis Herrera's relationship has never received closure; until they resolve their conflicts, one way or the other, neither of them will be able to move on. But what will it take to make this happen?I fell in love with Drew when I read 'Hard As Teak'. As he tried to woe Kevin, I could feel his loneliness. When Kevin and Teak became a couple, I felt Drew's disappointment and desolation. But, I admired him because through it all, he maintained his dignity and gracefully accepted the situation. It takes a strong person to be happy for someone else when they have something you desperately want. He views Kevin and Teak's relationship with a mixture of awe and longing. Drew wants what they have; but since his breakup with Luis, no one has even come close to evoking the intensity Drew felt for him. He's beginning to despair, wondering if he will ever be able to do so. The other men he's been involved with are just substitutes and they know it. Drew can't give them his heart because Luis still owns it. Drew is stronger, more confident than he was before, when he and Luis were together, and his strength is what will see him through the trials ahead.It was more difficult for me to like Luis, because he appears to be vain and arrogant. His pride won't allow him to show how he truly feels. He acts like a real jerk when he meets Drew which didn't endear him to me either. I also wondered why he didn't bother look for Drew sooner, particularly after he figured out how to contact him. Pride is an incredibly destructive attitude and Luis learns this lesson the hard way. It takes a real tragedy for him to put his pride aside and acknowledge how much Drew means to him, and that being with him is more important than anything else. Only then does he humble himself enough to show his true emotions and be there when Drew needs him most. When he turned his world upside down for Drew is when I saw a side of Luis that I was able to respect and admire.Although I loved the first story, 'Hard As Teak' I believe this sequel is even better. I enjoyed seeing Teak and Kevin again and it was good to know that they and Drew remained friends. It's not necessary to read the first one, but in order to fully appreciate the emotional impact of this story, I'd recommend it. The action moves quickly, and, not necessarily in the direction which I thought it would. There are lots of surprises. With the various sub plots, there's something going on at all times; there's little chance of being bored. 'Krewe Daddy' is a great story with something for everyone—love, romance, hot sex, angst, pain, sorrow, and suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would suggest it to anyone who likes romance, non-stop excitement and intrigue. Thanks, Margie, for the wonderful story!NOTE: This book was provided by Noble Romance Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Kameron
    2018-11-19 07:20

    For the majority of the story, I was actually hoping Drew and Luis wouldn't get together. They didn't seem to gel as a couple. Plus, I really found myself liking Blair. However when Drew was brutally attacked and left for dead, I began to rethink my opinion of the duo. For a brief moment, I thought Luis was going to cheat on Drew and throw away all the trust they've reestablished. Thankfully, Luis' heart stayed true to Drew and finally they were on the road to a strong, healthy relationship.

  • Purplegirl
    2018-11-26 07:00

    Free on Amazon 1/19/13

  • Alisa
    2018-12-19 07:05

    *sigh* Ok I want to start with saying that I did enjoy the previous book in this series. This one though really did not work for me. It follows Drew who we saw in book one. I was a little confused at first because this story takes place a few years later and Drew is in another state and in a totally different job. The author catches us up not too far in to it so I was ok with that. Drew's now working in law enforcement and casually sleeping with a co-worker. Drew has never been able to commit to anyone because he's still in love with an ex, Luis, who he broke up with 6 years prior. They broke up because he thought Luis was cheating so he cheated. So the general plot of this book is they run into each other again and try to decide if they can get back together. My first complaint was that Luis was a huge asshat. He was ridiculously unlikable for the first half of the book. I also didn't like that he was constantly refered to as "Daddy" and there is all this talk about what a famous "Daddy" he is yet there is not one single episode of bdsm or daddy-ness in the entire book. I wasn't looking for a bdsm book so I wasn't particularly upset about that but if you are going to go on and on about a MC being a Daddy then I need to see that, believe that. I didn't. Not even a little. One scene of him being disrespectful and mentioning a ball gag does not make one a Daddy.I also didn't care much for Drew in this book. I liked him in book one but in this one he was childish and immature. I also didn't like how every other side character wanted to be in a relationship with him. *eye roll* I hate that in a story. I just don't find it believable.My next issue was that there was a lot of telling me how much these two used to be in love and still loved each other but I didn't feel it at all. All they did for the first half of the book was say mean things to each other, have sex with other people and then have horrible communication that led to high school like behavior of phone hang ups, refusing to talk to each other, etc. I really didn't feel any connection between them. About 60% in a huge incident happens that changes their dynamic and Luis steps up in a major way. Now the good part of this was Luis became more likable but it just didn't seem realistic at all. I can't buy that you're giving up your entire lifestyle for a man that you've had a few arguments with earlier in the book. It was supposed to be based on their past love but again I never saw it or felt it. Giant issue in the sex scenes. Both MC's are sleeping around for the begining of the book. Not my favorite thing in a romance novel but I can go with it. Also you need to keep in mind they broke up due to previous cheating and they've discussed that they are not exclusive with each other yet. they have ran into each other in a bar, had a couple of arguments and have gone out for a drink. They decide to sleep together again. Ok fine. But, and this was a huge but for me, they decide about two minutes in to it that they don't need to use condoms. Oh hell no! If condoms had not been mentioned at all and whether or not they used them was left up to the reader's imagination I could have overlooked it but there is an actual conversation about how they are going to "bareback" each other. I'm not sure what the message was supposed to be here. Was I supposed to feel their love? Their committment? I don't know but whatever it was I missed it. What I felt was horror that two MC's would take such huge risks with their own safety and each other's and that such a serious issue was dealt with so flippantly.Then, the icing on my unhappy cake was this little gem of a sentence. "Never pegged you for an Indian giver"Now I really want to go on a rant about how offensive, racist, politically incorrect, etc. etc. this is but I'm going to reign myself in and just assume the author didn't understand the level of offense that some would take with this inappropriate remark. **sighing again** Ugg...I really hate writing bad reviews. Seriously I do, but this just did not work for me in so many ways. There were just too many issues for me to overlook, an unbelieavable plotline and two unlikable MC's. On a positive note it was nice seeing Teak and Kevin from book one again and I did enjoy their scenes.

  • Darcy
    2018-12-13 09:15

    “Krewe Daddy” by Margie Church I was so excited for this release that I snapped it up the second it became available on Noble Publishing rather than wait for it to become available at Amazon. Margie Church’s book Krewe Daddy was a book I waited for since she first told readers she was going to write it last year. I waited in eager anticipation for this book, and wow was it worth waiting for. I loved this story! Margie’s previous book “Hard as Teak” was one at the top of my all time favorite book collection, and now I am thrilled to place “Krewe Daddy” right next to it. I fell in love with Kevin and Teak, and their characters will remain in my memories for years to come. Her rich character creation of Drew and Luis has shown yet again that her writing reaches out and grabs the readers emotions and bring them into the story. My expectations were more than met, and forever have placed another two characters in my heart. Drew’s life having taken him from the beautiful woods of Michigan back to the sultry heat of New Orleans in his Wildlife law enforcement officer is a hard job that requires a man strong of body and spirit. Drew’s reconnection with his past love Luis, nicknamed the Krewe Daddy as he draws so many hot young men like magnets. This jealousy left Drew angry and hurt years before is raw and unforgiving in the moment. Drew’s jealousy of Luis’s hanger-on’s is what drove him away from Luis in the first place. It leaves the reader feeling the past pain of both characters eager to discover the outcome, and if there will be one as both are strong in their male arrogance and passion. The journey both Drew and Luis undergo as the story progress tears at your heart, and you want so much for each to see the others doubts and fear of what their future holds. The brutality and outright cruelty and violence that touches their lives and keeps them apart tears at you even as you continue through their journey of self discovery and sizzling passion. I cried at the physical cruelty and violence that touches their lives and distance that creates another factor to keep them apart. The story keeps you riveted until the end. Margie, you’ve done it again. You’ve brought these two men into the light and to our lives of your faithful readers. The wait was well worth it, and to me the story is so beautifully told. I felt so many emotions throughout the story, and you’ve given me more than I ever imagined as a reader. I loved the ebb and flow, and the raw emotions expressed in your stories. I await in eager anticipation for even more of your books. You are simply a wonderful storyteller.

  • Lauren
    2018-12-19 12:15

    I honestly have no idea how to begin this review because I really want to do this book justice. I had been looking forward to the release of Krewe Daddy for AGES and when it finally came out, I was kinda worried that I'd be disappointed. That happens way too often - I wait and wait for something, and then am left feeling a little gutted that it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. But I can promise you this: Krewe Daddy did not disappoint at all.I was hooked from the very first page. Unfortunately life got in the way and I couldn't read it all at once, but damn did I want to! I was reluctant to put it down, and even took my Kindle to work and University just in case I found a few spare minutes to keep on reading. I totally fell in love with Drew and Luis (even if they frustrated me at times too!). I loved the character development of Luis, but Drew frustrated me in places because of his indecision to choose a lover. He kept thinking over his 'options' and I didn't like that; I felt that he was messing those guys around. Plus he initially had a lot of anger directed towards Luis which I thought was a little unfair considering how he was the one who had the affair six years ago (and regardless of whether Luis was a flirt or hadn't appreciated him, he had still never cheated on him). But thankfully Drew sorts his shit out, and you feel so happy for him when he does.There were certainly some interesting characters to be found in Krewe Daddy. I found that Kyle bugged the hell out of me. At first I felt a little bad for him because he clearly had feelings for Drew, but the way he dealt with the whole Luis situation later on in the book really made me dislike him. Teak and Kevin were friggin' awesome - cutest couple award right there. BUT (admission time, I suppose) I hadn't read their story beforehand, and had very little knowledge of them as characters or of how their relationship developed. I'm correcting that ASAP. But also, that demonstrates how this is easily a stand-alone novel because it made complete sense without having read Hard as Teak.I'd recommend this book highly for fans of the genre. It's a great M/M romance with some action and suspense thrown in. There is one pretty dramatic action scene just over half way through that left me almost speechless. The plot is engaging, interesting and just pure awesome. And the sex scenes? Well they were hot and well-written, and totally cute in places too. Perfect, really.

  • Nichelle
    2018-11-27 06:28

    You have done it again, Margie Church! This M/M sequel to Hard as Teak tied up the questions that one would have after a book as to where some of the other characters are and how they are fairing. I loved that this was Drew's story and that Kevin and Teak were brought back so that we could see them years later and learn that they were truly happy. It was great to see that Drew was still friends with them and well and truly happy with the fact that they were in love and a genuine couple.Now on to Drew.It was like seeing him grow up. He has a job as a wildlife enforcement agent and is still a model for Kevin Marks. It was nice to delve deeper into his past issues of hurt and pain and lost love. You feel for Drew because he is struggling to figure out what he really wants in a relationship and then in enters Luis Herrera, his old flame. Talk about a jaw dropping moment. I loved it. And I am sure you will too.Luis and Drew really do complement one another and I find myself rooting for their relationship even though they have several past issues that are roadblocks to their relationship. Mistrust, pain, heated love, hot sex with two very Alpha like men! Hot damn I was and am in love. It doesn't help that there are several other men waiting in the wings for Drew, and a cross dresser and several other men waiting in the wings for Luis. All this manly testosterone had me turning page after to page. When danger lurks near, Margie Church did a wonderful job of keeping me in suspense. Definitely a recommended read for lovers of the M/M genre.Well done, Margie Church. You did justice with this sequel. Dare I hope that Blair will get his chance at love in a number three?Review can found at: on my website: Http://www.epicallyromanticbyebonydre...

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2018-11-27 07:17

    2.5/5.0Drew Rothem is a Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agent who also models for an outdoor photography catalog. Six years ago, out of insecurity and trust issues, he had an affair that ended his relationship with Luis Herrera. Neither man has moved on from the other. A chance meeting reignites their attraction, leaving them second-guessing their breakup. Can they make a relationship work as equals or will insecurity, mistrust, and the need to control come between them again? Not to mention deadly threats against Drew’s life from a local gang. While Drew is insecure, immature, and self-involved at times, he has matured, gaining confidence in himself. Since Luis he has been unable to fully commit to anyone beyond casual/recreational sex.A renowned dominant, Luis is selfish, arrogant, controlled, and dominating in and out of bed. Tired of the party lifestyle, Luis misses what he had with Drew, for whom his desire is as strong as ever. For most of the novel neither Drew nor Luis is particularly sympathetic. Drew flits from lover to lover, oblivious to anyone’s feelings but his own. Luis is a closed-off egomaniac with serious control issues. At the core, however, Luis and Drew are imperfect, idiotic men who beneath all the posturing and pride truly do love each other. Readers who enjoy raunchy man-on-man sex should enjoy Krewe Daddy. But the novel is at its best when the sex takes a backseat to the suspense and development of Drew and Luis’ emotional intimacy and relationship.

  • David
    2018-11-29 09:21

    A WONDERFUL FOLLOW-UP TO HARD AS TEAK: I just finished reading KREWE DADDY, Margie Church's exceptional follow-up to her best-selling novel HARD AS TEAK. One part police drama, one part m/m romance, KREWE DADDY follows the continuing adventures of Drew Rothem, one of my favorite characters from HARD AS TEAK. As Drew tries to build a new life for himself in New Orleans as a full-time law enforcement agent for the Louisiana Department of Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and a part-time male model for photographer Kevin Marks (from HARD AS TEAK), a chance encounter with his ex-lover, sexy Daddy Luis Herrera, will change his life forever. As the two men struggle to regain lost trust and, perhaps, rekindle their complex relationship without repeating the mistakes of their turbulent past, other forces intervene to keep them apart. In particular, Drew's violent encounter with a ruthless crime family leaves him broken and threatens not only his two careers, but also his future with Luis. KREWE DADDY is deftly and realistically written and packed with sufficient action, drama, intrigue and romance to keep your attention rapt until the very last page--the hallmarks we have come to expect from any Margie Church novel. Along the way, you will encounter something for just about every taste: hot male models, steamy sex (both indoors and out), alligator poaching, a gay wedding, Mardi Gras floats, peanut butter and turkey-bologna sandwiches, sassy drag queens, and fire ants. I look forward to more books in this red hot series.

  • Ashley♥Alexis
    2018-12-13 06:06

    It took me sooooooo long to pick this back up after the first few chapters. All of the sex at the beginning of the book really killed it for me. Im not into sex for the sake of sex. I need some emotional connection but I see now that it was all setting up the backgrounds of the MC's. Although I still would have preferred for the sex to be glossed over. I enjoyed the story for what it was but I didn't feel any connection to the MC's. I just didnt see it. I didnt read the first book so that could be why. Even to the very end with everything Luis did for Drew, I didnt feel the love. I felt like the MC's were just falling back into old ways of running when there's a misunderstanding and no communication. I also couldn't figure why all these secondary characters wanted Drew. Just to prove he had options? Eh. So while I finally picked this up after 8 months of being "paused" I didnt love the story.

  • Sunne
    2018-11-23 05:07

    This is the sequel to "Hard as Teak" and a bit better. Most of the time I liked it. It had more action and dialogues which suited me fine. I liked Drew. Some reviewers were commenting on his "screwing" around and that they didn't like him because of that. Okay, that didn't happen to me, this is a gay romance (or whatever) and not every gay man is automatically in a monogamous relationship the first time he has sex with someone (kind of female attitude to wish that).So - Drew was mostly okay for me.But....I didn't even feel Drew and Luis together. I actually thought Luis to be an arrogant a** and I really thought their conflicts were so constructed and even more over the top....their reactions silly and miffed (defintely not like grown man)...etc. So...unfortunately the love story didn't really do it for me.That it still gets 3 stars from me is that despite a non-existent chemistry (in my opinion)the book was nice to read and Drew a a character very likeable.

  • Dawn
    2018-11-20 10:11

    hen I heard the secondary character from Hard as Teak got his own story, I was jumping for joy. Drew was funny, sexy and lovable in the first book and he also had secrets I, as a reader, wanted to find out more of. Margie Church delivers a story that will alternately thrill you and make you cry. The story itself is like riding a roller coaster of emotions. You smile, sigh, shout and swear as Luis and Drew find their way back to one another. Margie Church is a talented author who knows how to write an angst filled, simmering sexual tension, story that leaves you gasping for air. It has suspense, sex that is at times tender and hot as Hades and a love that won’t be denied. The writing is tight, storyline moved at a nice, even pace and the sex scenes enhanced the storyline instead of it taking over completely.

  • Monique Ito
    2018-11-25 11:25

    I loved this book. I read the first one call Hard Teak and had to read this one to find out what happen with Drew. Even though he has a small role in Hard Teak. I was hoping Margie Church would write a book for him. This book is about second chance, a great love story plus what someone would do to prove how much he has change and how far he will go to prove it. Now after reading this one you would love her to write at lease two more books on two more of her men in the story because they need find their true love too.

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2018-12-05 08:04

    ✰✰✰½ Immaturity and arrogance, among other things, broke Luis and Drew up six years ago, yet they've never moved on from each other. After a chance meeting at a local bar, Luis and Drew need to decide if they're going to try again which means dealing with past baggage and forging a new future. While they're rekindling their spark, Drew's work life throws a major wrench when he testifies against a local gang member and the aptly named Retribution gang do payback. Will Drew and Luis be able to overcome their challenges?

  • Margie Church
    2018-11-25 07:22

    I loved the police drama in this suspenseful story. I also loved watching Drew and Luis learn to trust each other, put the past where it belongs and focus on a future they both want. When they are both tested, it's wonderful to watch them react in believable ways. This is a terrific book for men and women.

  • Silvia Violet
    2018-11-27 07:17

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters are well-developed and my the middle of the book I was fully engrossed in their lives and rooting for them to overcome the adversities they faced. I don't want to give any spoilers but there were moments that brought tears to my eyes.

  • Bobbi Romans
    2018-12-11 11:18

    Really enjoyed this. I'm always wary of M/M as I haven't read much in this genre. The characters pulled me in and swept me away. Was really rooting for them to get together and get past that terrible thing called...male egos. LOL

  • Cam Kennedy
    2018-11-30 11:02

    read my review at

  • Barb Manning
    2018-11-29 06:04

    Krewe Daddy is a gay romance novel by Margie Church with some minor BDSM overtones. The novel tells the story of Luis Herrera and Drew Rothem. Luis is a skilled graphic designer who spends his time playing Daddy/Dom to some of his clients, while working on spectacular Mardi Gras floats. Drew is a wildlife enforcement agent in New Orleans and a hot outdoor model on the side. Neither man has seen each other since their bitter break-up six years ago. Sparks fly immediately when they bump into each other at a New Orleans gay bar. Krewe Daddy chronicles the development of their relationship after they meet again. Are they going to work out their issues, or are they going to end their relationship forever? It's an energetic tale involving criminals, forestry agents, drag queens and hunky male models.Luis and Drew can't seem to forget each other, but they also find it hard accepting the changes they find in each other after six years apart. When they first met, their relationship was one of Dom and sub. Luis had control and set the parameters of their relationship. Now, they're trying to see themselves as equals. Creating a new relationship amidst the ashes of their old one is hard work; jealousy rears its head on occasion, as does anger. Church doesn't gloss over the effort; their pain and fear comes through clearly. So does their passion. These are some strong men with distinct features. Luis is dominant and occasionally overbearing, but Drew is no longer the insecure sub he once was, being a law enforcement agent has bolstered his self-confidence.It was a delight following Luis and Drew as they dealt with some of the drama of their lives. Their sexual encounters are steamy and their attempts to cope with the changes to Drew's life after he receives an injury during an altercation with a criminal family are poignant and sometimes painful. Church writes an entertaining and thoughtful story about coping with life and love when the circumstances are far from perfect. Her environments are real and her characters are not one-dimensional.Krewe Daddy is a nice story about trying to rebuild a troubled relationship. The novel is part of the Hard as Teak series with many of the characters from the previous book making an appearance. Kevin and Teak, the main couple in Hard as Teak are in the middle of planning their wedding when Drew and Luis reconnect. They take Drew away from the temptation of Luis for a photo shoot in Minnesota. There are some tense interactions between Drew and Kyle, his sometimes lover, as well as some humorous scenes between Drew and Jordan, his partner in the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment of this series. These characters are likable and engaging, discovering what lies in their futures should be fun!Reviewed by Creative Ink Romance Reviews

  • Nancy Carbajal
    2018-11-20 05:02

    I'm in the middle about this one. Drew and Miguel are so back and forth with their trust for each other, so many misunderstandings and ready to think the worst of each wonder how as a couple they're even going to make it! But as a Fish and Widlife Preserve Officer in New Orleans brings Drew to the attention of some pretty hardcore criminals, the story does get very emotional with Drew almost getting beatten to death. Miguel comes thru as the partner Drew needs to get back on his feet again and as a result, they do learn to lean on each other. Theres a HEA ending, but I'm not sure two people who break up on a whim and with Drew looking at every guy who shows him affection as maybe being "The One," make me convince these two are made for each other. But you do get from the very beggining that Miguel was the one that everyone pales in comparison with, I get the feeling that I'm in a middle of a soap opera with the, "Will they, wont they." I will say that I couldnt stop reading till I found out what happens with these two, so I suppose the formula does work in that you get involved in their storyline. Alot of here and there for two people trying to get together. I also kept getting the feeling that the character of Kyles dialogue was that of a female.

  • Mtsnow13
    2018-12-18 05:02

    The premise is good. Didn't realize until I started it that it was the second in a series. I wish I could have liked the MCs a little better, as I didn;t feel emotionally invested in either character.The storyline has great potential, though. Maybe if I go back and read the first book, I will be pulled in more, but I do tend to be a bit prejudiced against 'cheating' stories when people are in a relationship, and both these characters, to me, anyway, acted very immature in their responses to each other's insecurities. Also, I am not too fond of the term 'Daddy', but again, that's my personal preferance.I think my issue, after reading many M/M romances, is that I wanted this story to be a bit more engaging emotionally. Felt almost like an outside observer of both characters, without really learning to 'like' either of them. Has potential, though, and would consider continuing, if the writing tightens up, and the author is able to somehow make the MCs more likeable.

  • Furio
    2018-11-25 10:26

    This M/M romance (volume two in a loosely connected series) is not awful: I did not have the urge to throw my Kindle against the far wall, but that is all there is to be said about it.It is fairly long -a good thing in itself- but the plot is really slow, often to the point of dragging. There is no real tension build-up, just a succession of bland scenes. Characters feels realistic in their emotional uncertainties but this is seldom good in a romance unless the author's writing skills are outstanding and that is not the case here.Drew, Luis, Kyle and all the others are pale to the point of evanescence; the chemistry they are supposed to share is stated by the author but nowhere to be seen. Once again, they might be realistic -or not- but as leads in your average romance they are no good and not relatable.Writing is not terrible but is also very plain. Sex scenes are particularly cold, detached and suffer from an entirely inadequate vocabulary choice.Avoidable.

  • Jason Vargo
    2018-12-09 12:19

    Have you ever read a book where a character makes all the wrong decisions and ends up with someone who doesn't deserve him and vice versa? Yeah, that's Krewe Daddy. While I appreciated the frank talk of sexuality and an attempt at breaking down a good number of stereotypes, I never got to "like" anyone in the story. Drew has almost no backbone in his personal life, Luis is a stereotypical entitled jerk, supporting players don't do a whole lot of interest and the's too pat, too clean, to "good." This is a brisk read, but I still see no reason why the two characters who end up together in the end should be together.

  • Suze
    2018-11-20 06:16

    This started quite slow and disjointed for me, but gathered pace in the second half and I liked it more than I thought I would at the start.I thought Drew was quite a juvenile character considering he was early thirties, chopping and changing his mind all the time and that kept me out of the story at the start. Unfortunately for Drew he suffers greatly in the story and I thought the parts about his recovery were well portrayed.I didn't get much of a feel for Luis really, even after Drew's attack. I thought his concerns about looking after Drew were realistic - doubting what he was doing at the start. 

  • Lacy
    2018-11-20 06:00

    2.5 stars. Reviewed for InD'tale magazine.