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Earth. A world quarantined since its discovery by the Far-Reachers of Jota's history. And where the fortunes of slavers and chemists have been made ever since.It was to Earth that Kanetus E'Var, the son of Jota's most ruthless slaver, escaped to make Vahst, a powerful drug manufactured from the human brain. And it was to Earth that Tagen Pahnee, Fourth-ranking officer of tEarth. A world quarantined since its discovery by the Far-Reachers of Jota's history. And where the fortunes of slavers and chemists have been made ever since.It was to Earth that Kanetus E'Var, the son of Jota's most ruthless slaver, escaped to make Vahst, a powerful drug manufactured from the human brain. And it was to Earth that Tagen Pahnee, Fourth-ranking officer of the Jotan Off-World Security Fleet, was sent to bring the criminal back to justice. Neither of them could have anticipated that at that moment, E'Var's hunting grounds were experiencing the worst heat wave in years, triggering the Jotan breeding cycle in both males.Home is not an option for either of them. Both are determined to find a way to work on this hostile planet, surrounded by humans, surrounded by dangers, surrounded by Heat.Adult readers only, due to graphic gore, violence, and explicit sexual situations.617 pages, 285,862 words...

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Heat Reviews

  • Sammy Loves Books
    2018-12-09 01:00

    OMG!! 5 Abso-fucking-lutely Amazing Stars!!!This is Horror Erotica at it's Best!!!Kane (how he looks on the outside) Kane is from the planet Jota. Yeah, he's a badass motherfucker and he's on his way to Earth in search of humans. Kane is a human slave trader, a thief, a killer, and a rapist. Kane (how he looks on the inside)Needless to say, he's also a sadist that enjoys the pain of others. He will leave a trail of bodies a mile long and a river of blood in his wake. Unfortunately for Kane, his spaceship lands on the west coast in the dead heat of summer. And Kane's alien genetics are not prepared for the Heat!! Heat triggers the mating cycle in Jotan males…High temperatures send Kane into heat and he must mate in order to survive. A willing mate is not necessary and Raven is just one of Kane's many victims. But Damn if she isn't special. She's a sly, street smart girl, that knows how to survive. Raven's a cute little human and Kane really likes her purple hair. He also enjoys mind fucking her and causing her pain. RavenBut Kane is unprepared for what he starts to feel for Raven as he spends more time with her. He has never known love, other than the love of his deceased father. Unlike his father, Kane has never owned a human before. Though he enjoys humiliating Raven, he feels quite fond of her and that fondness grows into something Kane can't put into words. He brands Raven as his. He not only tattoos his name on her body, he also has her entire body pierced. Using her body as a canvas to display his ownership to anyone that looks at her. Raven realizes that she is special to Kane and starts to care for him in return. I felt as if I had stockholm syndrome because I started to care about the sadistic bastard right along with Raven. R. Lee Smith weaves an erotic web that had my emotions on a yoyo. I hated Kane most of the time, but for some reason his violence and sadistic ways left me craving more.Tagen and DariaTagen is a high ranking officer sent to Earth in pursuit of the escaped criminal, Kanetus E'Var. Tagen expects to find an uncivilized planet with no technology. He is not adequately prepared to find Kane once he lands. He takes over a house and a hostage, Daria. He plans on staying with Daria until the Heat passes so he can get on with his mission. He has about ten suppressants left and summer shouldn't last for more than nine days right? That's how long it lasts on his planet. But Daria's air conditioner is broke and when he runs out of meds, the Heat takes over! His body is demanding that he mate, but he is on a mission to save Earth from Kane!!This book has two stories going on. We follow Tegan and Daria, as they search for Kane. Daria is a godsend and helps Tegan understand how to navigate this planet. The bond that grows between these two is beyond intense. Damn!! I needed to sit in a bucket of ice water. Sex with Tagen…Freakin Amazing!!I love that the author allows multiple POV's from all characters. Yes, even from our sadist, Kane. Gah, I couldn't get enough of his evil ways. I loved the ending!!! It was not what I expected at all…Far better!! But remember, I would categorize this book as horror erotica. This is not for the squeamish or the faint of heart. There is rape, murder, torture, psychological and physical abuse. But in the midst of all that horror, there was soul wrenching love, panty soaking lust, and emotional turmoil. I can't recommend this book to everyone, but if you love horror erotica, Read This Book!!!

  • Sophia Triad
    2018-11-12 01:00

    I liked the bad guy. I would have never wanted to meet him in person of course, but he is the most interesting out of the two main male/alien characters.Because Kanetus E'Va aka Kane is a mean sonofthebitch. Let’s count his attributes:• Brilliant mind• He prefers to use his talons and his claws to kill• He carries his Chemist bag and he is an awesome Chemist• He likes to [email protected]• Drug dealer• Son of the most notorious slaver and a slaver himself• Sadist. A predator who plays with his food.The other male character, Tagen Pahnee aka Tagen is your typical cop who runs after Kane in order to arrest him. Let’s count his attributes:• Not such a brilliant mind. He is searching Kane on foot without realizing the magnitude of planet Earth, without knowing that there are cars he could use.• He knows how to shoot• He carries horrid weapons• He likes to watch TV• Man of law• Man of honor and duty who goes by the book• Good in bedThis book consists of two stories that run in parallel, but the result is the same for both. Two alien men will fall in love with two earth women.Kane has just lost his drug dealer/slaver (but still beloved) father, his ship and his money and he is about to be transferred to the prison where he will spend the rest of his life. He will escape and he will cross the gate in order to get to Earth. Earth is a very friendly planet full of potential slaves. It is also good for hunting. Humans’ brains can be used to develop a Vahst, a powerful drug. If he kills enough people and get their juice, he may be able to buy a new ship and continue his father heritage.Tagen has no clue the revolution that Earth has had the last few hundred years. All the people from Earth that he has met are previous slaves who have been saved and they live isolated close to his planet, Jotan. Not very friendly neighbors, not very advanced and not very cooperative. They usually die when they become 20 something after all this suffering at the slavers’ hands. So, when he follows Kane through the gate and lands on the Earth, he will be surprised. Humans from Earth are very highly developed. They have cars, computers and TV. They have visited space. According to him, in about 50 years they may even discover Jotan.Kane knows his way around; he can speak the language since he has visited the planet many times mainly for business and not pleasure. Tagen knows absolutely nothing.The extra parameter that will make our favorite aliens’ life a living hell is the HEAT. They will land on Earth in the middle of the summer. As a consequence, Jotan breeding cycle will be initiated in both males. And they will have to find females to seize the fire inside.Kane will try several females (not very willing I have to say), but then he will choose Raven as a more permanent solution. His Raven after a while.“You’ll do as I say, Raven. You have no idea the things I can do to you.” Tagen will use Daria, because she is the first female he met and she is kind to him and understandable.“You burn in my blood, Daria Cleavon. I will be ashes when I return. I will never be able to feel again.”So, pick your favorite alien. Most probably, both will kill you. Kane because he enjoys killing, Tagen because he will have one more of his oops/what-have-I-done/sorry-my-mistake moments.Every time I open a book by R. Lee Smith, I know that I am in for a few surprises. I know her fascinating worlds will blow my mind and I know I will think differently when I finish the book. The author does not hesitate to use raw violence and graphic rape scenes while the ethical boundaries are not most of the times clear.

  • Jill
    2018-12-11 23:34

    Warning!!This is not for sensitive or squeamish readers. There is an overabundance of graphic physical violence, blood-and-gore, rapes, sexual violence and depravity. Escaped criminal, Kanetus (Kane) E'Var arrives on Earth to harvest dopamine from humans' brains to make the drug Vahst. In pursuit is Tagen Pahnee, Security Fleet officer tasked to capture Kane and return him to their planet, Jota.When Kane and Tagen arrive in a sweltering Oregon summer heatwave, the soaring temperatures result in both of them going into Heat. The overpowering need to mate is driven by excruciating pain, alleviated temporarily by sex. This is the third book I've read by R. Lee Smith, and she is without a doubt one of the most imaginative and skilled authors I've ever read. CharactersThere are four main characters. Tagen PahneeTagen is The Hero, in the truest sense of the word. He is the Jotan officer sent to Earth to apprehend Kane. He is noble, honorable, the absolute antithesis of the criminal, Kane he is hunting down.Lindaria CleavonDaria is a scarred and scared human recluse, mostly shut away from the world. Tagen enlists her aid in recapturing Kane. She is intelligent and resourceful.Kanetus E'VarSmuggler, chemist, slaver, escapee prisoner. Kane is a dangerous Jotan criminal. Complex and interesting in a depraved and sadistic way. He is the most layered and the most intriguing character. Amoral, not just by human standards, but by Jotan values as well.Raven When Kane needs the help of a human, he picks up the young prostitute, Raven. She is scrappy, intelligent and streetwise.The RelationshipsThere are two relationships here - Tagen and Daria, and Kane and Raven - but only one romance.Tagen and DariaTheir romance follows very much the rules and guidelines of any romance. Their initial apprehension and distrust gives way to friendship, partnership, and finally to love. Theirs is a beautiful, tender and romantic relationship. Their love scenes are steamy, but normal...given that he's an alien.Kane and RavenThere's nothing normal or by-the-rules in this relationship. Kane was raised by a criminal who taught him all he knows. Kane displays both sociopathic and psychopathic behaviours. As such he relates to Raven as a selfish, dominant, controlling bully. He owns her completely. In turn, Raven displays a submissive, (at times) cowering attitude towards Kane. And yet, there is a definite bond and affection between them.For Kane, I couldn't help but think that another type of relationship would have been impossible for him. Whereas for Raven, given a different man who didn't treat her like dirt, she may have enjoyed a more stable and respectful relationship. The GoodA compelling read, with an entertaining and gripping plot. The world-building - the alien world, its culture and technology, the anatomy and biology of the aliens - is credible. The characterisations of not only the four main characters, but many of the secondary characters are layered and nuanced. The contrast of good v evil, Tagen v Kane, Daria v Raven is well thought-out. The culture shock, especially for Tagen was realistically written.The BadThe story could have been shorter and not lost anything in translation. Where some length could have been cut was in the repetitive sex and violence which were ultimately redundant and lost relevance. Tagen was sent to Earth as he is one of Jotan's brightest officers. However, without the clever, insightful Daria he'd still be looking for Kane.The ending left me somewhat dissatisfied.The Plain UglyThe story was full of ugly, brutal, senseless violence and disturbing, degrading sex scenes, sadistic rapes, tortures and killings, which as the story progressed became increasingly gratuitous, unnecessary, excessive.Sex and Violence....and More Sex and ViolenceHeat is highly sexual and violent, graphic in its depictions. Some readers have found this book erotic. I didn't get that at all. But I guess if watching a depraved psycho/sociopathic serial killer alien humiliating, degrading, raping his two captive human females continually, (as well as other females he comes across) and forcing them to perform sexual acts on each other, and strangers, and having sex forced on them by him and strangers, and treating them as nothing more than slaves and sex toys to be used and abused, tatted and pierced at will, gets you off, then who am I to argue?? O_oThe WritingThis author is Talented with a rare gift of story-telling. Themes of good and evil in both humans and aliens is evident again in this story. As well as the good and bad within individuals. And despite the ending (view spoiler)[Kane and Raven escape to continue their intergalactic Bonnie and Clyde routine (hide spoiler)], the ultimate triumph of love and goodness. Heat lacks the subtlety of R. Lee Smith's later works The Last Hour of Gann and Cottonwood relying heavily on the blood-n-gore factor and gratuitous, continual in-your-face depravity of non-consensual sex, rape, sexual and physical domination, the dehumanising that comes with slavery (especially of women), to convey BAD.While some readers may get enjoyment from the ongoing eroticism and sexual degradation, I think ultimately the overriding, pervasive message here is of good versus evil, good triumphing over evil. Heat is much more than just an unrestrained sex-fest.Final ThoughtsR. Lee Smith is an enormously talented and original writer. Heat is sci-fi, horror, action, suspense, romance. The theme of good v evil is explored in a well-written and very fine story. The way in which both male characters with their very different personalities and values deal with Heat, is indicative of this.Sometimes less is more. After the first chapters of multiple depictions of horrific physical and sexual violence, I became bored and increasingly inured to its effects. It would have been far better if not every scene had been so explicitly detailed and described. The story would have been just as convincing and powerful.The 'vanilla' romance between Tagen, the alien and Daria, the human was sweet and lovely. As in her other books, her hero and heroine here, are made of the right stuff. The other alien-human relationship between Kane and Raven, though an unhealthy one more akin to master and slave, is the more fascinating and intense. The characterisation of Kane is entirely unforgettable. This is a recommended read, though not without caveats. In a very short time, R. Lee Smith has become one of my favourite authors with her innovative sci-fi stories, and beautiful, realistic alien-human romances.Steam: 4.5["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Emma Sea
    2018-11-29 22:37

    Too much sex. Too much hetsex.¹ Too much purple hetsex. I skimmed most of the sex after 50%. It has a plot *dancing*Half the story is literally Tagen lying around hot for 30 days, and Daria cleaning and crying for 30 days, before they have purple sex,² then 5% action.Thank goodness for Kane, who is my favourite sociopath of 2014 (yes, he even beats Peter Hale).Great HEA. (view spoiler)[for Kane and Raven. Daria getting to travel to other worlds, but ending up still a shut-in, finding fulfilment through cooking for her man, not so much. Talk about short straw. At least she's got the cat. (hide spoiler)]This doesn't sound like a 4-star read, but Kane! Kane and his delightful skull-rending hypothalamus harvesting and creative ideas for piercing. Kane and Raven shall have the galaxy at their feet, and Raven shall be the first human astronavigator. Woot!¹ and non-con f/f which was one of the more unpleasant things I've ever read. ²To enter her was a celebration of the soul. She rose above him with arms outstretched and her head thrown back, flying somewhere in her own mind as she moved with him. Her body swayed and arched, surged and ebbed; she danced with him, the act of sex made inert so pure it hurt to see. His hands could not keep from her, touching her, proving her reality to himself again and again. She was a god in her element. She was a star at the universe's creation. And she was his. They climaxed together and Tagen felt this release for the first time as a joining. He thought he could almost reach out and touch her soul; he thought he could see her heart like a glow around them both. They were one. They were truly one.

  • Sh3lly ☽ Guardian of Beautiful Squids and Lonely Moons ☽
    2018-12-06 20:37

    Violent alien criminal Kane escapes from prison and lands on Earth to harvest dopamine from human brains to create a powerful drug called Vahst. Military special ops alien from same planet named Tagen is dispatched to capture or kill Kane. As soon as they arrive, they discover themselves in a record-breaking summer heatwave, which throws them into a brutal sexual Heat, making daily life hell unless they can find a female to "relieve" them. heheThere are two separate stories spanning this dense novel - the one with Kane and "his human," Raven, a very messed up dark romance, if you can even call it that, and Tagen's story involving the female he meets, named Daria, who ends up helping him (and yes, they fall in lurv and all that).I will add that these aliens look like humans with some differences. They are about six and a half feet tall and have either black eyes with little to no white or a type of glowing golden that is "hawkish." They have three taloned fingers and toes, no nipples, hair only on their head and face, and their testicles are inside their bodies. They grow facial hair, but not on their chin, so I'm guessing they can grow a type of mutton chop style if they choose to? They also have fangs and two rows of carnivorous teeth. But other than that, they're supposed to be super hawt. lolSo for the first half of this, I was lurving it myself. I couldn't stop reading. The trainwreck of Kane and everything he does is just fascinating, although very disturbing (he rapes, forces women to have sex with random men and other females, humiliates them, beats them, it's cringe-worthy at times). But I don't think there was any attempt to romanticize him or make him redeemable or an anti-hero or anything like that. The guy was never sexy to me and I was never rooting for him. The scenes with him were almost like an erotic Quentin Tarantino movie or something. It was just over the top craziness.Now, I feel like Tagen and Daria brought the story down, to be honest. I did not like Daria. UGH. Boring, I don't know how many times the line "It's my fault" was written throughout. I got SO sick of her whining and lack of self-esteem and bickering. She had ISSUES, but I felt it dragged the story out WAY too much. Half of the book read like an angsty PNR, with Tagen (the good guy) trying to "woo" Daria and I got so sick of her OCD cleaning and backstory. It just didn't work for me. I loved Tagen and he was really HOT. I just wished he would have had a more exciting romantic interest written for him. Daria was too fragile and humorless and - okay you get the point. She was the worst part of the book for me. I feel like their story could have been cut or heavily edited and the overall book would have been an easy 5 stars for me.Raven was an interesting character and it was disturbing to see her sort of Stockholm Syndrome relationship develop with Kane. She had to do some truly disturbing things to survive. I don't really like how the ending had (view spoiler)[ her actually with him, He needed to be punished or killed. He was not redeemable or sexy. The guy was a sadistic asshole. Even for a rape fantasy or forced submission type erotica, he went too far, in my view. (hide spoiler)]Sue Eye, wow. What an interesting supporting character. You hate her, but yet feel sorry for her.Overall, this was a great story, although not for everyone. It's violent and there is a LOT of sex and some of it disturbing. This is horror erotica. It's not feel-good romance. I did start skimming through Daria and Tagen's scenes at around the 60% point because I really felt it did nothing to enhance the story. The book felt too long, which tends to be a common thing with R. Lee Smith's books. Really this was two books and the most interesting story was the one with the "bad boy." Tegan's heroic nature was a nice break in-between the shocking fuckery of Kane, but there was just SO much time where nothing was happening with him and Daria besides a slow-build romance (and good god woman, stop with the cleaning madness, STOP) that it ultimately took away from my enjoyment of the overall story.Edited 3/14/16. Okay, one last thing (as if this review isn't long enough)! This is kind of a spoiler, so I'm tagging it. Not a big one, though. This has to do with one character who has her period while Kane was on Earth. (view spoiler)[Seriously, is it just me or did that seem weird? First of all, it seemed like it lasted forever and she seemed to bleed like crazy and have cramps forever too. Maybe she had a disorder, but it was never stated? I mean, the heavy bleeding and cramps for a day or two makes sense, but hers seemed to be like days and days and days. Was it just me? Or was it just a device that allowed Sue Eye to become more of a threat/concern for Raven and to create more drama and conflict?(hide spoiler)]

  • Steelwhisper
    2018-11-14 19:36

    Not for everyone (Clive Barker's Hellraiser Vol. 1 is tame compared), filled with rape, abuse, dark sex, torture, murder, gore and very twisted love, but damn, what a ride! This would be hard to top, it's quite at the pinnacle.

  • Pam Godwin
    2018-11-15 17:47

    If you're a ninny (or even vaguely resemble one), move along. This meaty, perverse, one-of-a-kind story would bring whimpers from mainstream minds. Beneath the nondescript cover and flashback-deluged first chapter, awaits a festering boil. The kind of boil that infects your bloodstream, swells into a knot under your skin, and throbs to be scratched. The journey is disturbing and brutal, but written with a kind of casualness to it. You know you should look away, but the itch is demanding. Soon you are studying it from all angles, digging at it with mom's kitchen cutlery, becoming jaded to it. But, even that is fleeting because it becomes inflamed, an angry red pus-fed thing. You know it's going to blow, but you don't know how far the shit will fly, how bad it will hurt, or how many new boils will bubble up in its place. This kind of simmering tension and unexpected horror--sweet mother, the biker bar scene--alone makes this a recommended read. And interlaced throughout the panic, is romance. Yep. Not one, but two romantic plots, playing out in parallel, destined to collide. The less-conventional of the two affairs features the villain, and Christ, the villain is a very very bad man/alien. I hate him with a severity that makes me want to be proven wrong in my judgement. But at the satisfying conclusion of this tale, you wonder if this malicious creature–with his monster-closet black eyes (says Smith)–is redeemable. In summary, I loved it. With the right measurements of horror, suspence, sensuality, and complexity, it slithered its way to the top of my favorite-books-ever list.

  • MelissaB
    2018-11-16 21:54

    Heat was a sci fi fiction - not a romance but there were two relationships that were a big part of the story. This book is not for the faint of heart, it's full of violence and can be disturbing. I kept reading it despite that because it kept my interest and was different.The first relationship followed Kane and Raven. Kane is not a hero, in any other book he is the villain we want to see come to a painful ending. But the interesting part of this story was that we see things from his point of view and the motives behind his very unsavory actions. He grew up with criminals in space and learned from his mastermind father how to be successful with his illegal lifestyle. Kane comes to Earth to harvest a drug from human brains, which he has to get by tearing off their skull while they are still alive. He doesn't see humans as an equal, he sees them as pets or just like an animal who has a valuable drug in their brain and has no problem killing them. He takes Raven, a drug addicted sort of prostitute, as a companion because he needs sex or he will die (it's part of the alien biology). He rapes her and smacks her around at first but eventually they form a connection, as they start traveling together on a killing spree. Kane's part of the story was the most intriguing to me but it was also very violent and disturbing. He kills people and it's told in graphic detail, he rapes women and even picks up another woman to go along with them and abuses her. Despite this, he was an interesting character who develops feelings for Raven, who he decides to keep as his own pet to take with him when he leaves.The other half of the story features Tagen, a cop from Kane's planet who travels to Earth to catch him. Tagen meets Daria, a human female who is kind of neurotic from an attack on her a few years ago. This part of the story wasn't as interesting but it follows how Tagen and Daria slowly develop feelings for each other as they try to track down the murdering Kane. Tagen was a nice guy who treated Daria with compassion and helped her overcome some of her issues then she helped him out by tracking down Kane.This story was certainly different. There are two relationships but don't expect anything sweet. There is a lot of violence so if that bothers you, stay away. There are rape scenes and many murders. The writing was actually good, it just was a little long winded sometimes and could have had a tighter story.

  • PaigeBookdragon
    2018-11-22 21:32

    When R. Lee Smith said that the book would be dark, you better fucking believe it. This auhtor's works are not for everyone, but if you like the author's certain charm in his/her books, then I'm sure you'll enjoy it.Heat is the 2nd book that I've read by Smith. As always, it boderlines between kinky and hot and fucked up. This book is not for the faint of heart and easily offended.

  • Jane Stewart
    2018-11-30 17:56

    4 ½ stars. It’s so different. It’s brutality that you can’t stop watching - like a train wreck. It’s also happy ending romance.STORY BRIEF:This is a double romance, so by definition there is a happy ending for both couples at the end. It’s graphic, erotic, with extreme violence. What is amazing is the character creation. Two alien males from the planet Jota come to earth. Kane makes illegal drugs using fluid from human brains, killing them in the process. He comes to earth to get a large supply of fluid so he can buy a starship and crew. The Jotan government isn’t sure if Kane is alive, but just in case, they send one soldier Tagen to earth to search for Kane.The summer heat on earth causes both Jotan males to be in extreme pain requiring sex multiple times per day to stop the pain. Kane quickly finds a young prostitute Raven to take care of his needs. He takes her with him as he hunts and kills humans. Tagen goes to Daria’s home asking for food and water. When Daria learns of his mission to find Kane, she helps him. Daria is self conscious and reluctant to have sex. Tagen respects that and won’t ask her for sex. Therefore he suffers tortuous pain.THE CHARACTERS:Kane is the bad guy’s bad guy. He is a sadist who becomes attached to Raven. He forces her to get multiple piercings in her private areas and elsewhere, including rings around her waist to hold a gold chain. What is shocking is the way he treats Raven. He treats her like a pet dog. He snaps his fingers and she must come to him. He gently slugs her and later smiles fondly at seeing the yellow bruises. He really likes her and wants to keep her around, and he also likes to see her in pain. But then he gives her drugs to help with the pain. She of course is in shock - horrified at seeing him rip open people’s skulls with his hands, getting their fluids into his vials. She humbly does whatever he asks in order to stay alive. At one point he gave her a drug for pain which had an accidental aphrodisiac effect. She was mad for sex and began biting him all over his body, wherever her mouth could reach. He was amused with this. He found it charming. She then fell asleep with her face kissing his foot. He sat there with his chin on his hand, watching her in amusement as she slept.Mary Frances Carter came from a loving middle class family. She ran away from home to live on the streets and changed her name to Raven. She dyed her long hair eggplant purple with a long white stripe on each side of her face. She enjoys the street lifestyle, including prostituting herself for drugs. Her mother asked her “Why Mary Frances why?” Raven occasionally thinks about this - and has no answer. My opinion is that Raven needs to belong heart and soul to someone. She craves being owned by Kane. She likes being his devoted slave. She likes feeling pain from him. She acts like an eager puppy, quickly coming to him when he snaps his fingers. Raven is fierce in her loyalty to Kane. She is smart and cautious which helps him.Someone threw acid on one side of Daria’s face six years earlier. She received a monetary settlement which allowed her to live in seclusion in a remote area without having a job. She rarely leaves home and appears to have OCD, cleaning and re-cleaning everything in her home. She is clever, intuitive, and the brains behind the search for Kane. Her leads come from watching TV news and website surfing about area murders.There are very few females on Jota. Therefore females are the ones who initiate sex. Tagen is grateful that Daria is giving him food and shelter. He knows she is reluctant about sex. His culture taught him never to ask for sex. So he exhibits the ultimate restraint even though he is in terrible pain. He is also the good, honest, loyal soldier, determined to do his best to catch the bad guy.REVIEWER’S OPINION:THE ENDING:I loved the ending. It was unexpected and well done. I was surprised that I liked the happy ending for the bad couple as well as the good couple. The following spoiler answers the question “How could you possible like a happy ending for a bad couple who murder people?” Please don’t read the spoiler until after you’ve read the book. It’s better to be surprised. I’ve frequently looked at the last page of a book early on and didn’t regret it. But in this case I wish I had not looked. So, I urge others don’t read the spoiler below and don’t look at the last page early.(view spoiler)[ Kane and Raven escape from the Jotan authorities at the end. I was happy for them. My thinking was there are always going to be bad guys out there, drugs, thieving, slavery trade, etc. The Jotan government is always going to be hunting bad guys. Most bad guys I wouldn’t like, but I’d just as soon have Kane and Raven being among them out there doing mischief, being on the run from the authorities, and being in love and together. And I know the Jotan government will be hunting them again. This did not feel like a cliffhanger. It felt good. (hide spoiler)]BRUTALITY AND SEX:There is a lot of sex, explicit and erotic, more than 36 scenes. They include self pleasuring, rear door activity, sex in public, group sex, male-male, female-female, humiliation, and a lot of injury and pain. This is different from BDSM which usually has temporary sessions of playtime and scenes. Here it is constant and brutal. No safe words. Readers who don’t like seeing physical and verbal abuse should probably avoid this. I view this like a train wreck. It’s so horrible that you can’t stop watching it. I’m putting in the following example to give you a hint as to how you might react.4328: Kane and Raven enter a biker bar, full of mean guys with guns and knives. Kane has Raven topless as they enter. One of the bikers sees Raven’s wide, terrified eyes. He is bothered because Raven didn’t look scared OF him, she looked scared FOR him. A short time later, Kane is sitting in a booth looking at a map. He grunted. “It’s too f***ing hot. Get under the table.” Raven slid out and onto her knees and crawled under the table without argument and serviced him orally in front of the bikers who were roaring with laughter and hooting. When she finished, Kane motioned for her to do the same to the bikers. The bikers slapped and did other hurtful things to her as she serviced them.Kane brings along a second female Sue-Eye for more sexual services and to help hunt humans. He treats Sue-Eye worse than he treats Raven.OVERALL OPINION:I feel like I’ve never read anything like this, and that’s why I gave it a high rating.One thing I did not like was that it took way too long for Tagen to have sex with Daria. He is being tortured for many days. She keeps asking if there is anything she could do. Yes there is, just have sex with him, but he never tells her that. I wanted to yell at him to tell her. That frustrated me. Some delay was ok, but this carried on for too long. It was repetitive. If the author would have cut some of those conversations and delays, and let them get together a little sooner, the book would have been better.This is a long book which was fine. There were a handful of editing errors: there should be they, was should be were, this should be his. It wasn’t bad, but I did notice them.Mlle.X wrote a great review that I totally agree with. See her review for more thoughts, for example how readers will root for a psychopathic killer and his Stockholm Syndrome romance.AUTHOR’S OTHER BOOKS:Amazon and Goodreads list other books by this author, but the lists were not identical when I looked, so you might want to check both. One book not yet published but coming is The Scholomance.DATA:Kindle count story length: 10,891 (909 KB). Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong/erotic. Number of sex scenes: more than 36. Setting: current day mostly northwestern U.S. plus outer space and the planet Jota. Copyright: 2006. Genre: erotic sci-fi romance.

  • Rebecca
    2018-11-29 22:37

    Reading In The Dark BlogLike Reading In The Dark Facebook PagePfffft, what the hell did I just read?This book will only appeal to my fellow dark book lovers. Think pitch black to be honest. There's rape, murder, more rape, more murder. Graphic graphic graphic.Plot overview is we have Kane- an escaped alien criminal who goes to earth in order to harvest dopamine from humans in order to make a drug called vhast (which is essentially viagra). Tagen is sent to earth to find and arrest him. A big problem they have is 'Heat'. Like when cat's go into season and look like they're horny to the point of pain? They're all crazy and meowing all over the place rolling around like they're dying but really they just need sex? That's them. They each find a woman to help with adjusting to life on earth and....umm...cope with heat.Kane is the most muddied character I have come across. I hated him then I liked him then I hated him again............ and then I loved him again.I just......still don't know. He was awful, truly awful but I still can't bring myself to hate him for long, I think because we got Kane's POV at the beginning I knew he wasn't aware of how awful he is. Scratch that- he's completely aware but so unapologetic. But can you blame him? He was dealing with humans, they're nothing to him or his planet.........why should he have empathy? Still a dick though. Oh I just don't know You could come at it from all angles, so I won't bother with my theories but against my better judgment I like him. and as I find myself saying many times in my reviews......Don't judge meDaria I love you, you need a cuddle. Raven I love too, in full blown survival mode. Tagen was a beautiful man! Oh I just think he's amazing, such a caveman/alien out of touch with his emotions but damn he tries. He's a dude.Sue-eye just made me nervous. I really didn't like her but I pitied her and when she came into the story it really unnerved me.I need to point out though it is very long it dragged and dragged alot It could have been cut down but I urge you to stick with it, it took me to a good 40% to really like it and a good 70% to love it and the last 80% I was dying.....just impending doom all this darkness spiraling. I actually didn't know where it was going to end and I had no ideal scenario but daaaaamn it was the best ride ever.It's so rich full of social commentary, little funny quirks that tickled me too. From the perspective of an alien looking at human ways, you can see the weirdness in us.If your considering it but are put off by the sci-fi thing, it really worked for me I haven't read anything alien-y before but I loved it. The aliens look like men except for the hands and feet so don't think their unlike your usual super beautiful alpha males.One of my faves now. A long and thorough novel that is equally story and character driven, where every action is explored giving some of the richest characters I have read. I would urge you to read it

  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)
    2018-11-20 18:50

    "Heat" has been called sci-fi romance and/or dark erotica. For me, it was sci-fi and horror with romantic elements. This book is not for everybody, but for those willing to brave the rape, harvesting of brain chemicals, and extreme biker gang culture...then you may appreciate the gifts R. Lee Smith displays in this dark story.The world-building was my favorite part of the writing . I loved the imagination detailed in the alien culture, particularly the 'good' alien's home planet's norms - they live in a matriarchal society and government. Also, their perceptions of the human race and the reasons for never making contact are not unexpected but the conversation is still engaging. Human origins is also broached. If you love sci-fi films you won't be surprised by some of these revelations. The characterizations were fabulous! This is including the bad character, too! I was happy with one resolution, but another was not to my satisfaction. I was pissed (angry) about one character's actions and consequences. Penance...atonement...redemption...I was not all.The pacing was great until the last 25% or so, where it started to drag. There is gratuitous violence. One scene in particular pushed into my comfort zone. (What was the point? Where was the 'full circle' for this incident?) It was a decisive moment for me regarding one character. (view spoiler)[Die! Die! Die! (hide spoiler)]The detail accorded to technology, alien physiology, and alien language/culture - even between space pirate and a planet's enforcer - made my inner Sci-fi fangirl sit up and absorb all the delicious world-building! On a side note: I have noticed, especially after reading The Last Hour of Gann (Great book!), that the human heroines have the power of the BJ on their side. Heh. When I read Cottonwood I will know if it's a common occurance in Smith's writing. [Note after reading Cottonwood: It is not common.]AA group read - May 15 [Searock flaked out on me, along with Michelle, who after reading Gann will give this book another try. I believe it was the brutality (rape, cracked brains) that led them to drop the book. Good luck, Michelle!]

  • Lisa - (Aussie Girl)
    2018-11-14 00:37

    FIVE STARS - BUT WITH A VERY BIG WARNING. THIS BOOK IS HARD CORE!!!! Two aliens come to Earth from the distant planet of Jota for two very different reasons. Kane is an escaped drug dealer and kills humans to harvest a brain chemical which mimics their race's sexual mating frenzy of HEAT. Tagen is a highly decorated police officer who is ordered to find and re-capture Kane. What follows is two separate stories that follow the two men's time on Earth and the relationships between the women they meet here. Tagen and Daria's is an evolving warm love story, Kane and his Raven and the biker chick Sue-Eye IS NOT!!!I don't think I have been ever so conflicted when reading a book. I had been warned about some of the content, some scenes I just found flat out confronting and disturbing. On the one hand Kane's story is full of murder, sexual violence and misogyny but juxtaposed with this is the sweet and beautiful romance between Tagen and Daria, a meeting of two equals who actually bring out the best in each other. I think the two parallel stories are perhaps one of the strong points of the book, the comparison between two very different faces of love and emotions both equally strong in their own way is thought provoking. So why did I rate this book so highly if parts of it were so offensive? Well, the quality of the writing is just so addictive that despite my objections I found myself hurrying to get back to the book to find out what happened next. I also found myself thinking about the some of the issues raised, the nature of love and addiction, why women are attracted to violent men and of course wondering how it was all going to satisfactorily resolve. (It does!) The fact that I finished a 600 page book in 4 days is testament to the fact of its addictive quality.Finally did I love this book. Well parts of it I did, parts of it I loathed. But will I ever forget reading it. NO. And that's why it got a five star rating. And now .... I think I will return to the safety of my romantic and very vanilla historical romances or a Virgin River (Robyn Carr) instalment.

  • Jill Sorenson
    2018-12-01 21:49

    Not sure how to rate this because I stopped at the 60% mark. I got through what seemed like several hundred pages, most of which I found compulsively readable. Heat is full of senseless violence and disturbing sex scenes. The alien protagonist takes a human prostitute as a slave. Raven submits to Kane to stay alive and even helps him kill people. Her initial reactions (fear, weeping, reluctance) felt very real. But the story devolves into a killing and sex spree, designed to titillate rather than provoke thought.A subplot romance between an alien cop on Kane's trail and a reclusive human woman also fell short for me. Tagen does no investigating. Daria is shrill and annoying.Both Tagen and Kane are TSTL. I thought aliens could die from going into "Heat," but Tagen can't bring himself to ask Daria for help or even explain the problem. Tagen has no way to track Kane. He's stuck in Daria's house for many wasted chapters and the storyline doesn't move forward.Kane is a somewhat sympathetic psychopath at the beginning. He doesn't seem to understand the emotional impact of rape and murder. Life-threatening "heat" drives him to act. Later, with Raven, we see that he's aroused by her pain and humiliation. His main focus shifts from harvesting human brain matter to putting Raven through sexual torture. He can die from heat (maybe?) and he's kept her as a sex toy, but he impulsively has her adorned with dozens of genital piercings, which put her out of commission. Later, when she gets her period, he's "worried" and thinks she needs to rest from all activity, not just sex. But he makes her perform oral on at least ten different men in a bar. The author's choices for these characters become increasingly gratuitous and degrading. I didn't see a creative reason for any of the sex or violence. Like Tegan's subplot, it doesn't move the story forward.I wish Heat had continued as it started and been edited for excessive content. As a shorter novel with fewer repetitive scenes, I think it could have worked brilliantly. The sexual violence didn't bother me so much as the eventual meaningless of it. Perhaps the ending is full of redemptive value, but I'm not reading on.2.5 stars.

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2018-12-08 17:47

    I can say that I ended up skimming through the 'vanilla' couple Daria and Tagen's story but didn't skip a moment of Kane and Raven's exploits.Wow, what an epic read. I seriously wanted the 'bad guy' to have his HEA so kudos to R. Lee Smith.Other reviewers have shared the story outline, all I can say is to check my tags and if you like this kind of dark erotica, you'll really like this tale and if you don't, stay far away. This is 617 pages, a real investment in time.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2018-11-18 20:51

    For those that read Last Hour of Gann, then you kind of know what to expect from this book - although it's different. It's extremely violent. There is relentless rape. I know, I know. This author does not shy away from brutal things. But this book worked for me. This author has an amazing voice. I could not put it down. I will think about it for a very long time. The end totally surprised me.I will read anything this author writes. Fans of Gann, I rec you read this. :)

  • Danny Tyran
    2018-12-01 22:56

    When I downloaded this novel a few years ago, I had asked a GR friend who had loved it what it was about. She told me that this was about two aliens who came to Earth, one to produce a drug which needs human brains to do so, and the other, a sort of Jotan policeman, came to capture the first one. But both were suffering from the effects of the heat wave; which made them in heat like beasts.The idea seemed amusing to me: a pretext for hot sex scenes, no more. And I postponed this reading. But as the number of 5 stars accumulated, I began to think that I should really try to read it.Finally, I did. And I, who ordinarily reacts very badly to all that is rape, abuse, non-con and even dub con, I not only loved this novel, but I almost fell in love with this brute of Kane.However, I have a few reservations:1. It’s clear that the author is a unilingual Anglophone. For if he/she had really tried to learn a language other than English, she/he'd know with the utmost certainty that ONE DOES NOT learn to speak a foreign language so well that Tagen did in just a few days (or even a few weeks) and just by listening to a dull TV series.If you want to get an idea of how beginners talk, watch the old cowboys and Indians movies and listen to how the Indians spoke. They only had a basic vocabulary and they structured their sentences as in their own languages (lame sentences). The most difficult thing for someone who is learning a new language is not only the acquisition of vocabulary, but mostly the way in which the sentences are constructed in that other language. And we have a strong tendency to build them as in our native language. I'm sure that an extraterrestrial language would be drastically different. So different that it’d be difficult to understand each other even with a good translator (see the movie « Premier contact » if you want to really understand what I mean).What's more, a beginner certainly doesn’t use such usual (but sometimes silly) phrases like "dead serious.” Can you explain to me how a dead man can be serious? Well, we rarely see a cadaver laughing, but all the same...2. I am sure the regulations prohibit any Jotan police officer to leave a prisoner and his accomplice alone in his spaceship even for a few minutes, as Tagen did.Moreover, Kane said further in the novel that his forward-looking father had made him take drugs to accustom him to their effects and so that he did not feel them so strongly. I was hoping that the somniferous effect of the drug administered by Tagen when he caught Kane would diminish while Kane was alone with Raven in the ship and that both could then flee away, leaving Tagen on Earth with Daria and her cat. But the author chose another happier for everybody ending.3. I found Tagen to be a really pitiful cop. I would not trust him to investigate my cat's disappearance. Heat or not, he could have done better than listening to Law and Order repeatedly. At least he could have tried to stay tuned by watching the news channels. He would have noticed then all the damage done by Kane since his arrival on Earth (no need to speak English to understand information videos).It is rather Daria who deserves the investigator title in this story.4. Chapter 28 is completely useless. It’s just a long sex scene between Daria and Tagen, not even the first one. It could have been shortened to a few words. No need for another long booty-booty-bang-bang scene there.5. And, by the way, even in stealth mode, a spaceship would not go completely unnoticed if it entered our atmosphere to land on Earth. Neither Kane nor Tagen penetrated our space with their "cloaks" of invisibility on. ;) They made their ships invisible only once landed.That's why I give 4 stars to this novel.

  • Robin Rotham
    2018-12-11 19:44

    I don't usually like to leave negative reviews, but this book is getting so many raves, I feel compelled to jump into the fray for the benefit of potential readers.Let me say first that I read Heat all the way through, and while, like many readers, I found it well written and compulsively readable, I also found it horrifying. It was more of a serial killer chronicle than a love story, and the violence so overwhelmed the tender elements that all I really remember now, with a cold clenching in my gut, is the sadistic rape, torture and killing. Kane was a sociopath from beginning to end, leaving a trail of dead human beings behind him like so many crushed beer cans after a joy ride. I liked and admired Raven, but ultimately I was disappointed in her. And to say I was dissatisfied with their ending would be an understatement of heroic proportions.Tagen was admirable, but forgettable. I do remember Daria, and I empathized with her all the way through, which is the only thing that saves this book from getting a single star from me.The plot itself was interesting, and the world-building credible, but I believe the story could easily have been told in half the words or less and still been every bit as chilling. I felt deeply disturbed after being immersed in cold-blooded violence for so many pages. Heat is an excellent depiction of a completely selfish, utterly amoral being who indulges in extreme sadism for amusement's sake, so if that's what you're looking for, you've totally found it. Buy away. But the very last place I would file this book is on my Romance shelf, so be warned, romance readers -- the warm fuzzies to be had here are purely incidental to the horror.

  • Fre06 Begum
    2018-12-02 22:38

    I love an anti hero and this was def one! I am a hopeless romantic though so I would have loved this book if he had not enjoyed having sex with the other woman so much and he cuddled the other woman way too much so even though he cared about the heroine as much as he was capable of his enjoyment of other women just peeved me off.

  •  Simply Sam ツ
    2018-12-01 21:53

    Attempting this one again, mostly because I think R. Lee Smith is a pretty fantastic writer but also because I love alien/human sexy times. Oh, and I think I should add this disclaimer: she writes some pretty brutal stuff. This is not, I repeat, this is not a sweet alien love story.

  • RedL.
    2018-12-05 00:38

    I CAN'T COUNT THE STARS, I AM YOURSIt is a testament to the art of R.Lee Smith that I have not been able to move on after reading this book. I couldn't at first and didn't need to. Now it feels like I won't be able to until I write this review and put black on white this magma of emotions before it buries my ashes. My main problem is that this story hit issues so personal they should have no part in a book review. In some instances it was like having an epiphany I had been trying to ignore for a long time, not of the joyful type. I am invested in this story for all the right and wrong reasons...but I MUST master the right words for an author that fills me with so much life and longing for writing again.Heat is a miniature amusement park where the main attraction is finding your place in Hell, a scaringly accurate diorama of humanity, inhumanity, misery, daily regular evil and all the choices that determine who we are, especially when we don't have free choices. It's about lust, control and power. It's another mindblowing piece of social commentary, spot-on, pitiless observations on human nature and a writing so fantastic you'll feel like your brain and soul have been picked, exposed, laughed at, stepped on and licked clean. R.Lee Smith could rewrite the telephone book of this city and I'd read it, love it, rec it to pieces. Yes, she is that good. You never feel her hand in the charachters, her ability to give life to real, indepedant entities is as deep as it is invisible, inobtrusive.This book is sci-fi, it's horror, it's erotica, a roadtrip, a hunt, a captivity and slavery tale...I think everyone should read it although it certainly is not for everyone. You will find all possible triggers: abduction, rape, violence and splatter, non-con a go-go, drugs, killing sprees, humiliation and degradation to no end, abuse of all kinds. All things that I usually don't favour nor look for - if not totally discard- in books and yet I loved every second of it. It also contains two gutpunching love stories, more or less twisted, personally debatable. It is graphic, it is explicit, it will throw you through the wringer and you won't be able to get out of it without finding or fighting your limits.Earth becomes the prison and hunting ground of two humanoid aliens from Jota, just one of the many evolved civilizations out there in space. Kane is a slaver, a chemist and a smuggler on the run, Tagen is the Jotan Fleet officer sent after him in a practically suicide mission. The first is acquainted with English, our technology, the terrain, the way to control humans, which are nothing to him but a commodity to trade, sell, fuck, breed or break in case they disobey. The latter only knows humans as rescued, broken, unstable slaves, speaks more Spanish than English and arrives on Earth with the intel that the planet is still almost in prehistorical development. Kane is equipped, determined and resourceful, he's done it all before, even if not alone; Tagen on the other hand is frustrated, resentful, unprepared and insufficiently equipped, ending up in a much more vulnerable situation than the fugitive. The painful physiological phenomenon of the Jotan Heat is used as the motor of all the ensuing drama with the humans they both end up using, in their unique way.Yes, a copper and criminal story but loosely so, they won't really interact with each others until the very end. For all leads, male and female, it is a veritable odissey that ends up finding a home and a reason in someone else.As different as Kane and Tagen seem to be portrayed at first – one unabashedly sadistic, the other painfully tied to his role and the honour of his race – I found they were actually close. Through them Smith presents us a completely believable world, with no knitted family ties, extreme order, extreme punishments and, even with all its aspiration to being evoluted and just, a very cowardly-utilitaristic attitude toward weaker species being enslaved as long as it keeps the Jotans safe from harm. In essence, humans are seen as less than people by every party involved, openly or not. Kane and all other slave traders might be the perpetrators, but the Jotan elite attitude, paternalistic and indifferent, choosing often not to get 'dirty' actively defending humans, is just as bad. They might rescue humans, they just don't prevent their capture and they relegate to a sort of giant prison planet afterwards. This is typical Smith file rouge number one for me, how closely our social conundrums can be identified through the thickest sci-fi world building. From this world we get two male specimens, one cruel, manipulative, anapologetic killing machine, the other full of ideals and will to do the right thing, wrestling with his own conscience, a soldier used to serve, rescue, but also to kill. And yet, they both have symmetrical daddy issues, they both are, at least at the beginning, intrinsecally uninterested and uncapable of truly understanding what humans are, how our emotions factor in our actions and our minds work despite numerous previous contacts (although Kane will prove very apt to understand and control our base instincts), they both are capable of brutality and they both need human women to survive, couldn't make it without them. Seeing them struggle and coming to terms with foreign feelings of affection, love and need was majestic, even if gruesome at times.The women of Heat, the women of this writer! Women, their essence, their position in society, their interactions with the other gender, how completely normal, every day women can face and survive all kinds of horrors, are probably the main theme running through her body of work. Jotan women are scarce and coveted, protected, needed, privileged in their sexual choices. Human women are...well, you know, nothing special, vexed, still fighting for basic rights in many places, sadly used to sexual politics. And yet, so goddamn strong too. Raven is the street-smart kid, adaptable, resourceful, an initial rebel without a cause, a thrill seeker. Sue-Eye is a captive of convenience, hardened by a life of abuse and servitude, pack mentality. Daria is a recluse, skittish, neurotical victim of an assault who will prove more determined and selfless than Tagen in the end. Self-deprecation and all. As all their layers peeled off during the story, I was equally horrified, proud, elated and angry at them. Because despite being action, sex and gore packed, this book reads like a theater play in two acts. Whenever Kane, Raven and Sue-Eye are on stage, everything is claustrophobic, violent, hectic and harmful; whenever we move to Tagen and Daria, the space is just as confining, the stifling tension always just below the surface waiting to explode, mounting, but there is also peace and slow understanding, blooming love. The description alone of the physical reactions of Tegan to the heat and Heat made me want to scratch my body open.Why did I hate Sue-Eye so much? On paper I should have felt closer to her, starting from her childhood, and because Raven's little lies made her Kane's second captive. All her thoughts and actions, all her power machinations, her lies, her games, her quick and heartless complicity are completely true to the nature of someone used to fight for scraps and protection, a serie of fuckable holes. Kane's acute eye correctly assesses her as a true slave, with chains so beaten and fucked into her she only knows how to serve the biggest mean guy. She is hard and nasty all around, no aspirations, no qualms, no empathy. For all that she is scheming, she's not such a good judge of characters, too wrapped up in her own ways. She started blackmailing Raven and never thought about allying with her instead of fighting to be favourite. And I damn hated her because she was between Raven and Kane for a simply twisted my guts till I couldn't breathe. I perversely enjoyed all the abuse she went through. Kane is mean, sure, though seldom just for kicks, she brought a lot of it on herself too never understanding what her real place was. I doubted Raven quite a bit for a while. She was quick, forward-thinking, good at recognising dangers and keep herself relatively safe in every situation. Through all the shit she had to face, she kept part of her innocence, she held on to her sense of right and wrong, to her limits and shame. Till the very end, she endures all of Kane's killings disgusted by them, never ok with killing other humans. She does not want to hunt them or be directly responsible. She is helpful but only becomes a willing subordinate the very moment she choses him. And god how much I had to resist until she finally came out and grabbed him! Now, one might argue about Stockholm syndrome and how can you really choose in captivity etc. You can always choose something, to surrender or not, and she didn't fall head over heels for him, I don't think it's a case of syndrome. If anything, she sees him better and better for whom he is. Despite the terror Kane forced on both women, he was also very attentive and always attuned to Raven, sometimes completely the wrong way but still, quite considerate. He is aware of her all the time, she touches him even from a distance, he cuts through her mind with all he is. I felt her actually change day by day after having to step back due to her own little lies, endure Sue-Eye sicked on her body and watch Kane and Sue-Eye together. Once her body fully mends and her mind processes it all, her true personality comes forward. She fears him but misses him. We're not even talking love in a traditional way, but something much more instinctual: desire, belonging, possession, need. I physically needed her with Kane. It was not just her recognising Sue-Eye's little tricks and trying to save her position with Kane. She chose and that's where she came alive again. She's not meek, she's not weak. She gets what she wants and she's greedy when she wants. She really understood how Kane worked and actively started thinking at the skills she'd need in space with him. She becomes his with all her might. But he's hers just as much even if he'd never admit it in these terms, she matches his ferocity but also his ability to care and strategize, she is the only one who soothes him after his father, his need to mark and possess her is completely visceral and innate. The scenes where they both show jealousy and lose control are my favourite ones. Also...I would probably combust with utter fulfillment if Kane bejewelled me the same way he did Raven. But let's not beat around the bush, for her is extreme body mod without consent, quite painful. Yeah, possessive, objectifying bastard. I got issues, I know.Daria could drive me to distraction sometimes. I so completely understood all her hang-ups, her fears, her paralysis, her self-loathing and her loneliness, her insecurity about her body, her scars and her femininity. I have scars too, not half that bad, and they just carve into your brain to your very core. Her cleaning obsession, her relationship with the room where all things from her ex were hidden, her growing emotional isolation were so relatable. She can be cynical, shy, easily flustered but she's strongheaded and determined. And in the end she's the one figuring out how and where to hunt for the fugitive, not the alpha alien soldier. Her internal struggles against irrational reactions and the constanct warring between her growing desires and comfort zone were perfectly portrayed, but she really couldn't have landed with anyone better than Tagen, home-invaded or not. His patience and respect were neverending, his will like steel, his stamina, his capacity for self-control, self-sacrifice, dedication and abuse just staggering. When she FINALLY gather her courage and makes him crack and surrender, I almost swallowed my iphone out of joy. Maybe their coming together contains some purple prose, I couldn't care less. Their slow, clumsy dance, their loving, connected and connecting sex is the needed counterpart to all the blood and rapes without being less intense or steamy. They are glorious together. They make each other better, they free each others from roles and limitations, force each other to choose what they really want for themselves. Safe some petrified silences where they both ruminated apart about the impending separation, they did not squander their love, they didn't belittle what they felt once they had acknowledged it. Tagen deserves all the same adoration he offers her.All my reactions to Heat were visceral and out of control. Arousement, concern, fear, distress, rage, love...yeah, dozed in gasoline and set alight. And I found also reasons to laugh out loud, yes. Tagen getting obsessed with Law and Order and using it to improve his language skills? His speaking patterns? Score. Kane putting Raven to practice with the Jotan alphabet like a small child? Double Score. Aliens unfamiliar with the great art of oral sex and sex shops? Triple score! Daria's cat and how Kane thought a lobster was a big bug? Throw the confetti. Most of all, it was great to find out, once again, that our very human bodies and vaginas, with the fine squeezing our orgasms cause, are simply the greatest thing in the universe...I always thought so! Or that great advanced scientists are not sure what the liver is nor where it is placed in our body but a slaver does. Let's not forget how incredibly naive both Tagen and Kane can be at times, no matter how well trained they are, how big, strong and well-hung they are. I am really not a fan of misunderstandings and lies between the main characters, but in this book little lies and omissions work to build even more the angst, the dramatic changes and the pull in the couples. For instance, Raven silent confirmation about the 'seriousness' of her condition, ends up bringing Sue-Eye in her life, who will lie to Kane about it. And what is her condition? She has the period! Yes, folks, human men and aliens are all alike, just show them some blood and they lose their shit. Ok, Kane is surprisingly uninformed about it and I think he could have very easily found out about the phenomenon instead of believing the final version from Sue-Eye's silver tongue. He is not disgusted at least, just really concerned about Raven, scared shitless he might lose her.'s just a freaking period, gullible much, my sadistic Kane? I wanted to smack his head! And Tagen, with his problems with humour and figures of speech, suble nuances, after all the damn Law and Orders he watched, shouldn't he be so much more suspicious of Raven's motives? Sometimes he's just blinded by all his good will, sometimes he's so endearing in his justice convictions and concern, so clueless about how to deal with women. Porn seems to be the main educational tools characters also in other books choose to use to find out about human sexuality. It is visual and solves the language barrier, I understand it, but it certainly warps things quite a bit for someone who can't distinguish it from the reality of intimate, not enacted sex. Smith would never leave cultural differences and communication untreated in her books, she's done it again. She had me wanting to learn the Jotan language.I could go on forever picking things I loved in this book. The more it felt like a torture to my feelings, the more I fell for it. There are so many hard, hot, uncomfortable, passionate, absolutely memorable scenes...personally, I've had the pleasure/pain of seeing some of my biggest wants (and most hated fears/nightmares) embodied to perfection and I felt touched at all levels. Never expect to be put at ease by this author, be ready to confront your dreads, you desires, your biases, your kinks, your certainties, your disgusts. You will feel dirty, degraded, horrified and adored, covered in blood or acceptance. What's not to love??***********************************************INITIAL REVIEWI...don't even know how I feel right now...I had to stop reading so many times for so many reasons, emotional and not, that it feels unreal now I am actually done...I fucking loved it...yes I am sick, even more aware of it, I just loved it. Full review as soon as I manage to wrestle Kane out of me, if ever...

  • Isa Lavinia
    2018-11-25 00:52

    tw: rape, murder, violence, sexual torture50% two boring protagonists who are just sooo nice you just want them to drop dead.50% two disturbingly and disgustingly compelling protagonist who spend 25% of their time raping and the other 25% killing.There's no denying that it's well written with a solid plot.But there's no way I could read all this senseless rape and root for anyone.

  • Joely Burkhart
    2018-12-10 20:38

    My thanks to Jane Litte for mentioning this book on Twitter.Once I started reading this book, I read it straight through and MAN is it long. I had to charge my Kindle half way thru. This book contains many violent scenes. Torture. Rape. Mutiliation. There are two main "romances" - one more traditional (if you ignore the drug Tagen gives her at the beginning to make her more compliant - but he never rapes her) and one so twisted and horrible and yet so compelling I can't even say much here without spoiling the book. The ending, OH, the ending! Wow. I'm still thinking about it. Despite the horrors Kane commits, I found myself going out to Amazon and searching for another book with him. (There is none to my knowledge.)He's worse than Riddick in Pitch Black, folks, so if you've ever thought about romance for the anti-hero in the worst way, this is the book for you.I did get tired of Daria's "I'm sorry" moaning and carrying on for way too long (I would have definitely cut some of that out) but she was still an interesting character. I loved her compulsive cleaning habits. I also thought Tagen played the dumb but good cop too long and in the end, I had to cheer for Kane too. The whole "what, you have a map?!?" made me roll my eyes, but in the whole scheme, it was a minor irritation.I loved the way Smith used Kane and Tagen to illustrate both sides of Jota. Not just the black and white site either. Tagen might have been the good guy doing the right thing, but he made mistakes, he had poor judgement at times, and the "good" aliens were not wholly good. The slaver/murderer was not wholly bad (when he thinks Raven's dying because of her period - it was priceless, funny, but so touching too and played perfectly to his backstory). I even enjoyed the old slaver's (his father) narrative through Kane's thoughts.Really great depth, compelling characters, superb worldbuilding details. But don't read if you're squeamish about rape and torture.

  • Tanya
    2018-11-15 23:50

    Hmmmm... Let's see...Horny aliens. I mean REALLY horny aliens. With claws.Lots of gruesome sadistic violence. Rape. Horrible deaths with gurgling blood bubbles instead of screams. Some kind of weird transmissive Stockholm syndrome that had me rooting for the rapey, sadistic, murdering bad guy. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! The bad guys do always seem to have more fun. Maybe that's it; there was a sense of humor to all of the fuckedupedness.And finally, the most disturbing thing of all; neurotic cleaning that had me constantly evaluating the specs of dust floating around my home.Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I liked it, but I'm weird like that. Read at your own risk.P.S. It's been a few since I wrote this review and I've decided. Eff it. I'm adding a star and I want a sequel. I really like Raven (especially after that epilogue) and the epilogue just wasn't enough for me. 600 pages wasn't enough. Get on that, R. Lee Smith.

  • Syfy
    2018-11-19 16:37

    A definite walk on the wild side of science fiction. This ones chock full of non-con, dub-con, non-con body modification, kidnap, rape, blood-n-gore, drug trafficking, aliens in heat... as well as super sweet romantical stuff that usually makes me cringe. Ha.My thoughts? Raven is the baddest-ass human ever. BADASS.To the end.Speaking of the end. The way this ended made all the long, drawn out, little bit boring and repetitive parts worth while. Incredible!The uber-sweet love story goes to the cop, the psycho twisted S/M love match is visited upon the drug dealer. You have no idea how much fun this is bouncing between the two for 600 odd pages! Not even kidding. And a freaking cat. I hate cats. Why would I be cheering for a cat named Grendel? This book made me crazy, that's why.*Alie38 made me do it, an I loved it*;P

  • Dicey Grenor
    2018-11-25 17:30

    One "alien" comes to earth on a criminal mission. Another follows to apprehend him for his crimes. They are both here during an intense period of their biological make-up. Total mayhem occurs.LOVED IT. In fact, I think this might be the best thing I've read in a long time, and that's saying something because I've read quite a few 5-star books back-to-back. I read for entertainment and THIS one entertained me from beginning to end. BUT BE CAUTIONED!!! That is not to say this is a book that I would recommend to everyone. You have to be able to deal with extreme violence and explicit sex scenes to enjoy this. It's totally off-the-wall, as in, it takes a HIGH leap off the wall and smashes into mountainous cliffs below. That works for me. The characters and stories are compelling and like nothing I'd read before. I love how the author pulled this together and did not tap dance around any scenes. I rate books like this as "hardcore", not just for mature readers, and not for just for adults. You have to be able to stomach this. No matter how crass, R. Lee Smith went there. I had several sleepless nights because I was addicted to this story. I wondered what was going to happen to each alien next, and how they were going to cross paths. I pulled some hair out wondering how it was all going to wrap up in the end. The ending did not disappoint.Surprisingly, with all the horror written in this book, it's actually TWO love stories in one. And it's long. All those pages and not one dull moment. Encore. Encore.More like this, please.

  • Loederkoningin
    2018-12-11 23:47

    Easily one of the most demented books I've read. Wth, man. :'D

  • Julz
    2018-12-06 18:42

    4.5 rounded up.Sheeew! Finally made it through this one. Not only was it seriously intense, it was freaking long. I guess it would have to be since it was two "romances" in one. I use that word for a lack of a better one. This is a scifi-horror-fetish-type story about an alien (Jotan) slaver, Kane, who comes to Earth to harvest dopamine from humans in order to manufacture alien drugs that will fund his need for a ship and crew. He has stolen an unarmed police cruiser and is on the run after his father was captured and killed during a raid. Kane is pretty effing evil and does everything from rape to murder, but I still found myself rooting for him. I know that sounds awful, but I'm sure we're suppose to. There are little snatches here and there that shows that he's not all bad, despite all the gruesome criminal activity. Despite coming to Earth with the intent of murdering untold numbers of humans, he still manages to find and become attached to a little gothic chick, Raven, who takes Stockholm Syndrome and runs with it. The second part of the story is about the Jotan cop, Tagen, who has followed Kane to Earth in order to capture him and send him to prison. Tagen is painfully straight-laced and by-the-book, as polar opposite to Kane as you can get. I'm sure he's the one most readers don't have mixed feelings about supporting. (Well...maybe. I'm sure I'm not the only WTFery-uber-alpha loving, trainwreck-whore out there ;D. Though this isn't just a trainwreck, it's wholy insane). He reluctantly has to capture his own human, Daria, who happens to be a beautiful but damaged neurotic agoraphobic who ends up befriending him and helping him catch his criminal (and helping him with his own biological necessities). Kane's side of the story was the most interesting and unbelievably crazy, but I ended up being invested in each part of the story as relationships develop and each couple dealt with their own issues. And, in my opinion, both halves of the story came to a satisfying end. If you're sensitive and easily squicked out, stay far away from this story. This is not really a romance. There's some serious violence and atrocities that will horrify many a gentle reader. But if you like your erotica mixed with a bit of horror (ok, a lot of horror), then this might be to your liking.

  • Alie38
    2018-12-13 00:52

    I am going to repeat what I wrote about R. Lee Smith's book, Heat! When I was half way through because my opinion never changed until the very end. "Intense, violent, arousing, disgusting, fascinating and horrifying are only some of words to describe what I have read so far. The story of two aliens, Kane- the escaped criminal and Tagen- the police soldier sent to Earth to recapture him, feels like looking at a major car wreck that you can't help but to continue to stare."I need to give a fair warning to those who are more faint-at-heart and have less debased reading tastes than I do. You will be repulsed and probably offended by the book's depravity and gruesome details. Yet, at the heart of Heat are two very different love stories paralleling each other. Think...good alien cop who befriends, unintentionally seduces a human female and falls in love...then, bad alien criminal who kidnaps, rapes, mutilates ( only if you don't like tattoos and piercings) and falls in love. I appreciated R. Lee Smith's characterization of the two main human females, Daria and Raven. Under unusual and deadly circumstances, they remain keen, strong and resourceful. I was surprised after reading such a powerful and savage plot that it does end with HEA. Ultimately, I enjoyed reading such an intense story, but it may take a long while before I decide to read it again.

  • Delta
    2018-12-04 22:59

    A review will take work to do justice to the incredible sci-fi / horror / adventure / dark romance experience that is Heat!See Sammy's review. She nailed it on the head. If you are up to some sci-fi / horror / adventure / dark romance, this may be one of the best books of its kind that you ever read...