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Strawberries and cream might be a popular dessert but save some topping for this decadent collection of stories by Jerry Wheeler, a writer who enjoys his blend of the sweet and the sticky. From the titular tale of a farmer in low-slung jeans growing a peculiar crop to gypsy magic that brings out the "bear" in a bottom to the tale of a grand hunt by an immortal who feeds ofStrawberries and cream might be a popular dessert but save some topping for this decadent collection of stories by Jerry Wheeler, a writer who enjoys his blend of the sweet and the sticky. From the titular tale of a farmer in low-slung jeans growing a peculiar crop to gypsy magic that brings out the "bear" in a bottom to the tale of a grand hunt by an immortal who feeds off the talent, as well as flesh, of musicians, Strawberries and Other Erotic Fruits promises readers words that will conjure desire like a mythical aphrodisiac. But there's a price to pay for such magic, as several of the men in these stories learn. Turn a page, unbutton, relax, and sink your teeth into this book. The taste will linger for days....

Title : Strawberries and Other Erotic Fruits
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ISBN : 9781590212127
Format Type : Paperback
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Strawberries and Other Erotic Fruits Reviews

  • Nathan Burgoine
    2018-11-29 20:05

    It's no secret that I am a lover of short fiction. Since the first time I bumped into collections of short fiction as a child, I've been hooked on them. It's also no secret I adore Jerry L. Wheeler - he has an ability to come up with the most unique themes for his erotica anthologies - be it trains, the circus, or diners - and presents the reader with collections that manage to spin those themes into an amazing whole. If STRAWBERRIES has a theme, it's a propensity to take the reader aback. In his introduction, Wheeler tells us of his love affair with Poe, and how much impact Poe's tales had on him. The desire to tell that kind of story - to be that kind of storyteller - is the ultimate goal. Short fiction with power like Poe's is aiming at a high goal, and I give a lot of credit to Wheeler for admitting this was the target.Does he succeed? Yes. In STRAWBERRIES, it's the uniqueness of the stories that give the collection as a whole its strength, and it's a rare short story collection that wanders through this many ideas and still holds the reader's attention so completely. From the first story, "Strawberries," you become aware that Wheeler has the ability to walk the reader down a teasing path and then deliver a reveal full of dark shivers. I'll certainly not look the same way at a farm's landscape again.These dark tales are all the more erotic for their slow boil. You know the end will not be good for all involved, be it the tattoo artist able to be-spell and dominate those he's inked, or the glory hole that seems to claim a malevolent sentience, or the angel helplessly captivated by the evil being done to his former lover. The building of tension is deft.Added to this are tales like "Waafrneeaasuu!!" which is laugh-out-loud funny, and "Templeton's in Love" which is one of the singular most moving pieces of short fiction I've ever had the pleasure to read. There's bittersweet ("The Fireside Bright") alongside regeneration ("Changing Planes"). Just when you think you've got a handle on the direction of where Wheeler goes, he zags instead of zigging, and you're somewhere new again. It's rare to find a single author with such a variety of voices to share. I'm thankful to presses like Lethe who still give short fiction collections their due for us lovers of the form. If you're a lover of short fiction, or of dark tales such as those of Poe, or just want to read a wide variety of tone in a single collection, then pick up STRAWBERRIES. You'll not regret it.But I'll bet you'll never think of a scarecrow the same way again.

  • Eden Winters
    2018-11-11 17:53

    Those who follow my reviews probably know that I love m/m romance, preferably those that culminate in a happy ending. While some of the tales in Strawberries and Other Erotic Fruits fit that description, others do not. However, as different as they all are, each and every story drew me in, captured my full attention, and had me saying, "Oh, this is gonna be my favorite!" Until I read the next one...I have to admit that the first two offerings had me worried about the overall tone of this collection of short stories. The first, Strawberries, I'd describe as erotica meets The Twilight Zone. Imaginative, unique, and left me shivering for hours. I'll never look at a scarecrow the same way again. In the forward of this volume, the author speaks of Poe's influence. That influence shows with creepy, macabre clarity in the second story, Spider Strands. A tattoo enthusiast, I'll be looking long and hard at the next guy I let ink my skin. At this point, I was worried that I was in for more "sitting around the campfire telling spooky stories," but with perfect timing the author lightened the mood with Waafrneeaasuu, a laughingly funny look at a man's attempt to erase the one undesirable trait in his otherwise perfect boyfriend. Man, I loved Eduardo and the cocky fortune teller. A bear in cargo short and leather vest? And before you picture a leather daddy, I'm talking a real (somewhat) bear here. The Fireside Bright tugged at my heartstrings. The author deftly paints enough of a background to allow us to fill in and flesh out the story however our personal view of the world sees fit. Snapshots isn't an easy story, but one filled with revenge, grudges, a touch of remorse and…poetic justice, perhaps? I found myself thinking of this one long after I'd finished reading. I found this collection well arranged, the stories dropping me into valleys then lifting me up again. The Fireside Bright began the descent (emotionally), it bottomed out with Snapshots, then climbed again with Changing Planes, a story of reaffirmation and finding a reason to go on living. Have you ever read in the paper about a man described as "such a quiet guy" who was discovered having done something heinous? Did you wonder how such an obscure person made the leap from loser to mindless, remorseless killer? We're shown in Love, Sex, & Death on the Daily Commute. Wow, I never saw that coming!The Telephone Line is a little slice of life, a memorable afternoon interlude. Who hasn't fantasized about a hot telephone repair man showing up at the door and staying for a little fun? In the mood to have your heart broken and put back together again? Read Templeton's in Love. I cried tears both sad and happy. And if you're looking for a bittersweet but happy ending... ladies and gentlemen, step right this way. Little Danny's Donuts provides a tongue in cheek take on the old cliché about cops and donuts, and if ever two men belonged together, it was Danny and his "Nordic fishercop."We began our descent again with the thought-provoking Cumsmoke, where justice fits the crime. Chilling and unexpected, this short story provided another twist that I just didn't see coming. As with each of these stories, I wholeheartedly admired the word choices and construction as much as the story itself. There is never a dull moment. You Know You Want To looked inside the mind of a basically good person, putting him in a situation and asking, "how much can you take?" and "what would you do if you knew there'd be no consequences?" Initially seduced, our hero retains enough clarity of mind to see the consequences, and he does the right thing to save the man he's never stopped loving. I think I know Yuri, from Yuri, a Pride Memoir, all bright-eyed and enthusiastically embracing the ability to live as he chooses, openly with no fear. I followed this "kid in a candy store" along through the thrill of his first Pride Weekend, bouncing around from sight to sight with him. Such an infectious energy captured by words! For all of the characters I "met" in this collection, there's not a single cookie-cutter, all are unique (well, except for maybe the two cops that the protag couldn't tell apart) and three-dimensional. Yuri had me grinning.After all is said and done, I must admit that the very last story, A Thirst for Talent, is my favorite, if I have to choose. Vampires that feed on talent, not blood, and who compete with each other for the brightest and best. I fell totally in love with Wade, the prize squabbled over by two vampires. Fresh-faced country boy with tons of talent and zero guile meets Warner, a vampire who has a heart after all, and loses it to Wade, created a major "awwww" moment for this hopeless romantic. Even been-there-done-that-seen-it-all Stacks wormed his way into my heart. And then... The author took everything I thought I knew and turned it on its ear! Bad author! Or rather, good author! Sometimes you read a story and know what's going to happen but continue reading anyway because the view is so excellent on the ride. Well, get ready to throw the map away, because once you start reading, there's no telling where you'll end up. But you will enjoy the ride, and remember the journey, with Jerry L. Wheeler as your tour guide. Highly, highly recommended.

  • Kevin Klehr
    2018-12-04 20:55

    Let me start by saying I know the author, but that in no way reflects the score I've given. I genuinely was captivated by this selection of short stories.Most are written in first person, and what's refreshing is that there are clear individual voices carrying each tale. Many have dark undertones. Many have a dash of erotica or a healthy dose of sensuality. None are laden with sex, but each character has their own way of expressing their sexuality.Certain tales have a dose of the surreal, beautifully drawing the reader in with their mysticism. One of these features an angel entering the thoughts of his ex-boyfriend's new lover, but to tell you more would spoil the fascinating twist in the story.It's hard to pick favourites from this collection. As I enjoyed one story, the next would capture my imagination just by being uniquely different from the last and just as enjoyable.Do yourself a favour and discover this writer.

  • Vespasian
    2018-12-12 00:12

    This, people, THIS is writing, not typing.

  • Melissa
    2018-11-25 20:56

    A little more horror than I prefer (but I'm not a fan of horror), and like most erotica it... suffers somewhat as straight prose (er, so to speak ), but well written. And I rather liked the stories (a little under half of them, if I recall correctly) that were neither horror nor especially depressing...

  • Bob
    2018-12-13 00:16

    A verstile author. Stories like "Templeton in Love" will tug at your heart while "Strawberries and Spider Strands" will take plot twist to a new level. Sexy and engaging stories.

  • Jayne
    2018-12-09 17:04

    Well, this is a mixed bag, I must say. An anthology of fine short stories from an exceptional author, and worthy finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Erotica. This is a juicy collection, not only for the sex, of which there is plenty. There is plenty to chomp into but beware. Some of these stories have bite, and will stay with you for a long time; tragedy, horror, the lure of sensual pleasure that can only lead to destruction. And then, a dash of comedy to lighten things up here and there. This book gets inside your head, mucks around in there and refuses to leave. There is an air of Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected, albeit a hardcore version. This is thinking man’s (or woman’s) gay erotica, where the writing is so good, you’re not waiting for the action to begin, yet when it does, it doesn’t get in the way.There are too many to list individually, but my standouts are;Strawberries - The first tale, deceptively hot, even as events become more sinister by the minute. This sets the tone for the whole book. Be wary. Things are not what they seem.Snapshots - One of the most disturbing tales. What goes around, comes around. Revenge tastes sweet unless you have too much.Love, Sex and Death on the Daily Commute - A lonely, mild-mannered man fantasises about the fellow traveller he sees every morning, until the opportunity comes to make his fantasy a reality. When it all goes horribly wrong, his choices open the door to a dark future.Templeton’s In Love - Different in tone, more melancholy and bittersweet, as a man witnesses the swansong of a legend. It’s hard to pick favourites, to be honest. The writing was exceptional in all cases. I’ve recently fallen back in love with short stories. With so many “wham, bam, thank you, man” erotic collections available, this one is a literary and weird delight from start to finish.