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Living in a world where vampires can't stand the sight of shifters, and shifters gag at the smell of vamps, a vicious war rages -- and the vampires are winning. Clearly, this is not an ideal setting for a mixed-species shifter couple. Valerian is the Alpha of his pack, a fighter and an unemotional killer, but one whose skill has kept him alive. On one of his missions, amonLiving in a world where vampires can't stand the sight of shifters, and shifters gag at the smell of vamps, a vicious war rages -- and the vampires are winning. Clearly, this is not an ideal setting for a mixed-species shifter couple. Valerian is the Alpha of his pack, a fighter and an unemotional killer, but one whose skill has kept him alive. On one of his missions, among captured shifters, he finds the cougar Teddy, his mate. Things would be simpler if either of them actually wanted a mate, but on top of the fact that they don't, there is also the small issue of clashing personalities. Attacking is their first reaction -- sex is only for survivors....

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Battle of Hearts Reviews

  • Lucy
    2019-01-21 07:58

    reviewed for www.heartsonfirereviews.comIt is no secret that I am a fan of pretty covers, and Battle of Hearts definitely has a pretty cover. Besides that, however, is a great story. Ms Heart does not write “soft” shifters. Her shifter worlds are gritty, sometimes dark and often violent. It is the case in this book. There is a war happening between vamps and shifters, one that began with the killing of two young shifters by a blood crazed vamp. Humans play a part in this, but mostly it is the shifters against the vampires. The vampires are brutal and blood thirsty. The shifter warriors are just that – warriors. They do what they need to and kill vampires. After a particularly violent battle, Valerian (one of the pack Alpha’s) returns to the den looking for a way to release his anger. This comes in the form of a male cat who lives there, Cherry. Cherry likes rough sex and understands the need for procreation, so he brings with him a female wolf named Taja. There has been mention of mmf scenes, however, I didn’t read it that way. Valerian is very upfront with Taja that she was merely “a hole for his seed”, a means of reproducing. She understands and accepts this. The threesome is never together at one time – Valerian has sex with Cherry and just before his orgasm, he transfers to Taja, who is waiting next to them. The whole mf aspect is about two paragraphs. When Valerian and pack next goes out for battle, they are looking for missing pack members who have been taken by the vamps. When they find them in a blood letting facility (where the shifters are bled horribly), Valerian also finds a beaten, bloodied cougar who has been caged. If the scent wasn’t enough to tip him off, one look at the eyes and Valerian knows. Just what he didn’t want – he had found his mate. The cougar is Teddy, and he is just completely adorable. He may be smaller but don’t let anyone tell you he’s weak. He is intelligent, tough and hurting very badly, both from the blood letting and from the death of his best friend at the hands of the vamps just hours before. Valerian lets the pack know they are taking the cougar with, and does inform them Teddy is his mate, at which time he disappears. Jerk! Teddy is treated by the shifter doctor and sent to stay in the teen wing, with a roommate who turns out to be Chad, a son of Valerian’s (if an unacknowledged one). Valerian made many progeny but turned over all raising of them to the mothers. Chad himself is a lovely character, warm and focused. The two become friends, and begin to form a place for within the pack, caring for the children. Teddy’s routine use of the word “Dumbass” in addressing or talking about Valerian is perfect. When yet another son of Valerian’s, Ian, is found even more of a family is formed. While this is happening, Valerian is busy being an Alpha idiot. He either avoids Teddy, or does stupid things (like dropping him on his butt, more than once). Even after they have sex (rough, tough shifter sex), Valerian drops Teddy on his butt, feels like a jerk but can’t say so. At one point, he even wonders if he is “truly incapable of protecting and caring for the one shifter fate had chosen for him”. He views this as humiliating. Teddy, meanwhile, stresses the importance of raising the children to be part of the pack, not just housing them together where they run wild. Before a plan can really be put into place, however, vamps attack, this time in the den and Teddy is kidnapped. A very interesting concept in this pack is the presence of three Alpha’s. In an effort to keep all fair and aboveboard within the pack, three of them – Valerian, Rino and Oscar – are equal to each other, and the majority vote rules. I loved this, as it really put the “power hungry Alpha” concept to rest. Valerian is reluctant at one point, but the two others do what is needed in order to approach the kidnapping in a rational manner. Definitely needed, as Valerian was running on pissed at that time (he wasn’t emotional – the moisture filling his eyes “couldn’t possibly be tears. Valerian wasn’t a wolf who cried.” Things happen to Teddy which change him and which he views as terrible, outcast causing. Even at the worst, however, he shows he is still the same sweet soul. The difficulty with which Valerian has to deal with everything, including his new emotions, is so interesting. I found the interaction between he and Teddy to be hardass, real in the beginning and turning to “how we say I love you” by the end. Valerian is never, ever going to be warm and fuzzy. Valerian and Teddy are never, ever going to be a hold hands and gaze into each others eyes in the sunset. But they are one kick-ass shifter couple.

  • Serena Yates
    2019-02-14 00:26

    There are quite a few things I liked about this book: the setting of a vampire/shifter war is interesting, some of the characters' interactions are quite funny, and the lack of an immediate 'mate bond' that makes the main characters fall into each other's arms is refreshing and different.However, there are too many missing pieces and inconsistencies for me to be able to go from 'it was okay (2 stars) to 'liking' (3 stars) this book. The back story of the war is never explained, vamps and shifters just hate each other and have for a long time. I wanted to know why - the reason given of some vampire killing a shifter's kids seemed insufficient to me for such a major, drawn-out conflict. I kept thinking that there had to be more - but we never get to that.Valerian's character development lacked believability for me and him supposedly being this rough and dominant warrior was not in line with his position as only one of three alphas. Never mind his reprehensible practice of fathering kids then abandoning them - that is a character flaw I just cannot live with (but that is just me).The idea of having three alphas run a tribe in times of war (where you need ONE decision maker and final authority) was weird, and I just could not understand why werewolves would go for that; and, no, the explanation of having 'backup leaders' did not do it for me - a good beta or two would have made way more sense.And, finally, the totally unexpected, unnecessary and just plain weird mmf scene totally threw me. That sort of stuff needs a warning! It is one thing to say 'the species needs to be repopulated' (which is fair enough under the conditions described in this book) but to actually show it? I do not get that at all.Overall, if you like shifter/vampire stories and enjoy characters having a bit of a fight before making up, you may like this book a lot better than I did.

  • Heather♥
    2019-02-20 06:21

    I found many things to love about this story - the unapologetic violence between the shifters and vampires, the day-to-day grittiness of living in such a dark war-torn world, the unusual pack dynamic of having three Alphas, and the stubborn, angry, prideful men who actually fought against their mating bond. It was refreshing to have a story about shifters who knew they were mates but didn't want to be for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was they didn't particularly like each other. No insta-love here. No cuddling, affection or niceties of any kind. Dumbass and Feisty Cat were definitely perfect for each other. They didn't put up with each other's crap, were quick to fling insults at each other and topped it off with rough, angry sex that I thought was pretty dang hot. It didn't matter to me that they would never be warm and fuzzy. They were willing to die for each other and that devotion left no doubt as to who they belonged to. The only thing keeping this from being a 5 star read for me was I kept hoping there would be a different resolution concerning Teddy's transformation (which I think could have still been accomplished due to the way things played out). Valerian may have accepted the end result but I had a much harder time getting past what happened to Teddy and wanted to desperately make it all better :(

  • Lexi Ander
    2019-01-28 06:07

    Could not put this down. I loved the world and the push/pull of the relationship that kept me guessing. I would definitely recommend this to readers who want more from a paranormal story than fluffy HEA. Valentina makes them work for it and I loved every minute of it.

  • Melanie
    2019-01-29 07:11

    Book received and reviewed for Joyfully Jay on 5/7/12Rating: 4.5 starsFor years, vampires and shifters had remained hidden from human societies, an uneasy truce keeping the peace between them. Then a blood-crazed vampire killed two shifter cubs and the war was on. Years later, the war has reduced the numbers of all involved and the few humans left have been forced to take sides in order to survive. Valerian, a wolf shifter, is one of three Alphas in a combined pack of shifters of all species. He is their top hunter and he is relentless in his duties. The constant fighting and killing have taken an emotional toll and Valerian keeps himself isolated in all ways from those around him, his world narrowed down to fucking and fighting.Teddy, a cougar shifter, has been wandering alone since he was kicked out of his pride by his father, a follower of the old ways of pride leadership. Hungry and weary from constant fighting, Teddy lets his guard down to sleep and is captured by vampires looking for new sources of blood. When he awakens, he is hanging upside down being drained of his blood. The vampires have a new system, keeping shifters and humans in cages and just alive enough to drain them daily until they die. Weakened, Teddy prepares to die until a shifter pack led by Valerian enters the lair and rescues them all.Valerian is unpleasantly surprised to find his mate among those shifters he has rescued, and a cougar no less. While Valerian's wolf howls for his mate, Valerian the man has no time for Teddy and tells him in no uncertain and gruff terms. Teddy too is less than pleased with Valerian as a mate and the battle of wills is on. Can two strong willed and angry shifters let their guards down and accept each other as mates? Or will the Battle of Hearts be lost?I loved Valentina Heart's take on shifters and vampires. From the very first page, Heart paints a picture of a world so deteriorated that the buildings have turned to rubble, humans are in hiding, shifters of all types control the forests, and both vampires and shifters live in caves underground. All are constantly at war for supremacy and survival, the prevailing sense of desperation so real the reader can almost taste it. The characters here have been stripped down to basics and Valerian is a prime example of that. He is all snarls and aggression, attributes needed in a professional killer and alpha. Heart makes it clear that all the deaths and loss have inured him to affection and the possibility of love. Even his cubs by various nameless females are relegated to the very outskirts of his memory, necessary to Valerian only as replacements for those lost in battle.Teddy is a shifter you will take immediately into your heart. He so desperately wants to find a home and a pack/pride that will accept him that when his original joy at finding a mate turns into dismay and anger over finding that Valerian is, in his words, a "dumbass," you are right there with him in total agreement. Time and again, Teddy has to do battle with the cougar inside him who wants his mate no matter how many times he is rejected. The name Teddy is a perfect choice for this character as it tells you so much about him. He's vulnerable, great of heart, brave, and bristly. My heart was in my throat as Teddy goes from hurt inflicted by vampires to hurts meted out by his mate and back again. But as Teddy uncovers the redeeming features of Valerian's personality, so does the reader, and you start to pull for both of them to find the path to each other.Lets not forget the secondary characters here as Heart certainly does not. They are as beautifully drawn as the main ones of Teddy and Valerian. In fact this entire book is populated by shifters that I would love to visit again and again, so easy it is to wrap your arms around them. How can you not love the idea of two domino playing alphas who never seem to shift away from their game yet still take care of pack business? The story is so well done right down to the smallest detail. My only quibble here is that the fight at the end between our heros and main vampire was over far too quickly considering the buildup. I would have thought it would have been drawn out a little longer with more complications than it occurred in the book. Still, a very satisfying ending. Heart was a new author for me and I look forward to reading her other books. I hope that I will find that they are as well done as this one. Great job all around.Cover: What a sexy, gorgeous cover. OK, yes, that is Valerian absolutely! Love the graphics, love the fonts, and the addition of the sword is the topping!

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-02-20 06:13

    Vampires and werewolves are immortal enemies and it doesn't look like they are going to become enemies to lovers anytime soon. It is said that one event can be a catalyst that sets a series of events into motion that cannot be easily stopped. In this world created by the talented Ms. Heart, it is very true. One mistake costing the lives of two young shifters leads to a war torn world 1,000 years later. With a blurb like this, how can I resist reading what happens?Valerian is one of three alpha shifters in his shifter community. Valerian's specialty is systematic destruction of vampire vermin. He leads an elite group of shifters to hunt down vampire dens and kill every single vampire. This war between the races is to a point where there is no reason or logic. It is not even clear if there will ever be a peace treaty because the two races hate each other so much there isn't one bit of common ground. Not even the humans, pawns between the two races, can be a bridge between the two.The characters in this book are designed sexy, dominating and kick ass. Valerian's strength requires him to produce as many children as possible. Unfortunately, Valerian is gay. In this world, there are no pregnant men. The way Valerian breeds more children is effective and rather callous. This all changes when a mission becomes a complete cluster fuck and he rescues a male feline shifter, Teddy. Teddy is Valerian's worse nightmare because Teddy is his mate. Valerian doesn't want a mate and firmly believes in the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality.Teddy is an endearing character who doesn't want a mate either, yet he mans up and takes on the job. Teddy is the catalyst required to bring new and better ways to Valerian's shifter community. His compassion for children as well as his fighting ability meshes in ways that make the shifter community better. Ms. Heart does a great job in character development. I always fall for her characters. They are not perfect, but they are so good. They may be gruff on the outside but it is to hide a gentle interior.As far as the world building goes, it would be nice to have more information. This story at times feels as if pieces to the picture are left out. The reader is left trying to figure out how the world works through context clues. The reveals are slow and at the end of the book, most of the pieces are revealed, yet leave additional questions unanswered. Hopefully, there will be a follow up book as well as a prequel to round out this world.For example, it would be nice to learn more about how the three alphas run the group. Perhaps if the world is shown from a non-fighter perspective, the reader will gain more insight into shifter interactions. It would also been nice to see from a human's perspective as well as the vampires. There also seems to be some kind of conspiracy brewing yet this seems to have been stamped out before it was fully explained.Still, this story is a fast read with smexy sex scenes, poignant losses, vulnerabilities exposed and love found. It's a very enjoyable read and recommended to m/m paranormal lovers.

  • Midnight
    2019-02-20 00:13

    The blurb seemed interesting but I found the book rather disappointing. I found the world building lacking, the reason for the war between vampires and shifters — weak and again, lacking believability. Too many things were left unexplained or not completely fleshed out, making the book seem more like a draft. However, what turned me off the most were the two main characters — Valerian and Teddy. They were impossible to like.Valerian is a complete asshole, I don't think he had any positive traits at all. He was basically a crude brute. I don't like it when authors go overboard with trying to make the men in their books, well, manly. It turns the characters into pathetic caricatures which can't be taken seriously. They are destined to remain two-dimensional at best. Which was unfortunately the case in this book as well.What's worse is that both Teddy and Valerian are misogynistic and that's something I can't stand, that type of a character flaw. Especially when it adds absolutely nothing to the plot or character development, when it's there just because. For no apparent reason.Let's quote Valerian — "Quite frankly, I can't get it up for a woman. What that means is you'll just be a hole for my seed."Really. No, I get that this is supposed to be M/M Romance (keyword — supposed, there was no romance anywhere in this book) but that doesn't mean the women have to be treated like shit and serve as some incubator or child-making machine. Disgusting. What's worse this character flaw wasn't explained with some backstory as to why Valerian treats women like dirt. Then we get to meet Teddy, who is also a misogynist (at that point, I was side-eyeing the author). — "To add insult to injury, the fucker had assigned females to help him."Right. Because women can't possibly be strong and capable of anything other than serving as a surrogate. Again, disgusting, and again, unexplained. Why does Teddy find females helping him to be insulting? I guess we'll never know. That was barely four chapters into the book and it only gets worse from that point on — the way Valerian treated his numerous kids (barely even knew they existed, didn't give a damn about them, etc.), the way he treated pretty much everyone, the non-existent romance (sorry but crude sex scenes do not a romance make), the many battles between vampires and shifters (which barely added anything to the plot and story development)...list goes on. In the end, nothing is resolved except that Teddy agrees to live with Valerian and that's it. The whole war between shifters and vampires seemed to be there just to serve as a backdrop for the two main characters getting together (once they got together, end of story and who cares about the war and tying up the ends, right?). Yes, most M/M books are written in that manner, with the romance and two guys getting together is the main thing and the rest — a mere decoration. But again, here the romance was non-existent (they met, realized they're mates, screwed around a couple of times and boom! Love till death, etc) and the plot development as well, which makes for a rather hollow book in my opinion.

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    2019-02-10 03:07

    4 1/2 StarsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviews is one of three alphas’ in his pack. They share responsibility, with Valerian’s duty being missions and vampire politics. So when he is on a mission to rescue some of his warriors, he is less than pleased to come across his mate. Teddy is a loner and has no interest in a mate, but when he discovers he might be able to find the vampire that captured him, he decides to stick around for a while.God, I loved this one. Two shifters, neither wanting a mate and both human sides fighting tooth and nail against their animal sides; snarling and bitching at each other as they fight the mating urge. Valerian has no interest in a mate who might die on him and leave him alone. It is easier to keep everyone at a distance, so when he meets his mate he carries on like he has always done while fighting the mating instinct. Teddy has just lost the person closest to him so now he will strike out on his own again. Once he finds the vampire who captured him, meeting his mate is not on the agenda. Especially when said mate is an alpha and an ass.This story is well written with great world building and some pretty gruesome descriptions. A world were vampires and shifters despise each other and want to wipe the other off the face of the Earth. This is a fantastic shifter/vampire story where it is war. Shifters kill all vampires they can find and vampires snatch as many shifters as they can for their blood. If some shifters die in the process, well, then they can always hunt for more. And there’s a vamp out there who wants shifters for his own purpose, but it back fires wonderfully .Valerian and Teddy are characters that are quite similar. Both prefer to be left alone, both are stubborn and have a mouth on them and both have no intention of mating. It is like a clash of the Titans when these two get together. The sex is explosive and primal and sparks fly whenever they are close. Fighting the mating urge when all their animals want is to give in is a struggle for both of them and they are brilliant in how they handle it. And while all this is going on they have an explosion, they have to fight the vampires, deal with a traitor, then Teddy has to escape, rescue the kids and kill as many vamps as possible all while dealing with a horrific ordeal *sigh* (so much goodness).The best thing about this is neither shifter is graceful in his denial. They are both snarly, scowlly and growly right up to the end of the book and neither will ever really be lovie dovie with the other as it’s just not them. Teddy goes through a period of doubt that Valerian helps him over, but as I said they will never be a roses and hearts couple and it makes them so much more interesting.This one I will recommend to those who want a different type of shifter/vampire story, mates who fight the bond tooth and nail, blood, fights, and a twist for Teddy, hot explosive sex and a happy ending.

  • Kristy Maitz
    2019-02-17 07:11

    I have to say I had really great time reading that book. Both main characters Teddy and Valerian are strong minded individuals and they pull you into the story right away. I did not like the vampire part because it could be more here or something. But at the end I just thought "more, gave me more". Great work.

  • MsMiz (Tina)
    2019-01-24 08:00

    Ohhhhh pretty!! Can't wait!

  • Lasha
    2019-02-06 03:04

    In the past, I’ve liked Valentina Heart’s other works. Battle of Hearts starts off with an amazing premise of vamps vs. werewolves and builds on that notion to draw a firm line in the sand that the two sides are at war. Valerian is the Alpha of his pack and a warrior whose only mission in life is to kill vampires. He is almost like a Terminator in that he eats, sleeps and breathes destroying as many vampire nests as possible. Enter, Teddy, a shifter who just happens to be Val’s mate and you have instant conflict as neither man wants to depend on each other. As the battle between the two species heats up and Teddy is kidnapped and experimented on, will Val sacrifice it all to save his lover?What I liked about Battle of Hearts was the world building, part Underworld, part Braveheart. In addition, Val’s dedication to killing vampires is apparent. Teddy, on the other hand, is more laid-back, and still a fierce fighter, but not as single-minded as his mate. Besides my no-holds-barred love for Teddy, I found some of the secondary characters amazing too. Val has children and they are just as interesting and very different from their father. Tie that into an exciting plot and you have the makings of a compelling series.However, there were things that didn’t work for me in the book and caused me to rate it lower. Unfortunately, I did not like the main protagonist, Valerian. From the beginning chapters, I found him to be extremely unlikable with his sexist usage of women, his attitude towards his children and his initial treatment of Teddy. I understood he was a big, gruff warrior but the chance to redeem him came a little too late for this reader. Plus the chemistry between Teddy and Val just didn’t draw me in like the romances in Ms. Heart’s previous novels.So, while this wasn’t my favorite novel from this author, this universe does have potential. I’d still be interested to see a sequel and find out what happens to the characters I did like.Dark Divas Reviews

  • Emily
    2019-01-30 23:58

    It was an okay book. I wasn't expecting what happened in the book. Parts of it were in the blurb, but one of the biggest shocks in the book wasn't even hinted at and for something that big and shocking, you should include some kind of warning. I thought it was an interesting and unusual shocker, but since I wasn't at all prepared, it jarred me out of the story a bit and I never really reconnected after that. I think this could have been a better book, as I do enjoy Valentina's books, but while I'm glad I read it, I most likely won't re-read it. I will however read the sequel if there is one, just to see if the story improves and to find out what happens next, as, to me, there is an open-ended finish that could lead to future books.

  • Meggie
    2019-01-25 05:00

    Enjoyable shifters story set in the middle of a war between shifters and vampires. Valerian was a classic Alpha male, dominant, aggressive and closed down emotionally. In his world emotions and feelings weren't part of daily life. The day, Valerian and his team, found captured shifters in a vampire lair, he didn't expect to find a cougar Teddy, his mate. Valerian and Teddy were interesting as a couple. Mostly because they were both strong willed individuals and as such, bickered non stop. In general this was a well developed story.

  • Becca Finn
    2019-02-16 00:17

    This was a welcome surprise. I found this book deep in a list of books about shifters. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, but the blurb drew me in.The world-building, while it could have been more fleshed out, was nice and creative. There were nice little details hidden here and there to give me a great look at the world in general. While I can always use more angst in the books I read, this still held a sufficient amount for me. Was nice to read another shifter paranormal romance that was exciting.

  • Rochella
    2019-02-02 05:16

    This didn't work for me. The first half of the book was just a drag. Then it started to get a bit better, but I still didn't find it particularly enjoyable and I honestly rushed it just to be done with it.There was no real background information, actions and other events weren't properly explained and characters seemed very flat. And the book seemed way more action (and not great one at that) than m/m romance. Because it was just a fuck here and there and two people mostly hating each other.

  • Amy
    2019-01-23 06:19

    I was really enjoying it until everything happened to Teddy.(view spoiler)[I didn't like that he had an alergic reaction to the vampires blood, changing his appearance so outwardly, but thats just my opinion. (hide spoiler)] I still liked Sebastian's Wolves better, that one is my favorite by this author.

  • Ericka Walden
    2019-01-26 05:19

    I hope Ms. Heart gives us more of this shifter world!

  • Neko
    2019-02-07 05:17

    D: geh, teh horror! Girly bits in the beginning, easily skipable but still there... ...the rest of it... WOW!! <3 It was good. :)

  • Hearts On Fire Reviews
    2019-02-11 06:16

    Reviewed by: Lucy Genre: M/M ParanormalRated: 5 hearts Check out the review on

  • Pianisuparse
    2019-02-05 02:26

    4 'Oooh just what I needed quick easy to read shifter mm. Valerian was delicious in an often obnoxious way and Teddy was soooo awesome' stars.