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Be it forced seduction/dubious consent, non-violent intimidation, or pre-negotiated fantasy, there is something wickedly taboo about non-consensual sex, where consent is muddled. While rape is a crime of power, focusing on exerting physical control over another person, non-con is all about the gray area where verbal consent is either never given (not a 'yes', but not a 'noBe it forced seduction/dubious consent, non-violent intimidation, or pre-negotiated fantasy, there is something wickedly taboo about non-consensual sex, where consent is muddled. While rape is a crime of power, focusing on exerting physical control over another person, non-con is all about the gray area where verbal consent is either never given (not a 'yes', but not a 'no' either) or doesn't match the arousal and passion both parties share during the act. In "Like It or Not", we push the boundaries of consent without fully breaking them.When Connor's rent money is due and not even hooking can make up the shortfall, he really is "Out of Options". So when playboy Jarrett makes him a very generous offer, he doesn't look too closely at the terms—and lives to regret it. Then, werewolf Trevor is subjected to "Obedience Classes" when his pack alpha becomes fed up with his rebellion. Dirk, the wolf charged with this task, though, seems more interested in claiming Trevor for himself, by any means necessary. Writer Ian Richards has to decide "What It's Worth" to get his story when his contact meets him in a private club. In fact, Vincenzo has no intention of letting his information go easily, if at all.In "Blindside", freshman Matt is tired of enduring the hazing by (admittedly gorgeous) upperclassman Dylan, when Dylan ups the ante significantly. And as much as Matt wants Dylan, he can't be sure the whole thing isn't one more bizarre prank. Confessor Isak must resort to "Unnatural Means" when he is charged with the task of forcing Sain to confess his sins of murder and witchcraft before inevitable execution. Torturing in the name of the Divine is difficult enough, but when Sain's seductive magic takes hold of him, he isn't sure it will be Sain who breaks under pressure to find release. Finally, "Salting the Earth" becomes Ronan's only choice when he suspects his sister has been taken by the fairies. However, this only draws the interest of ruthless King Finnbheara, who extracts a price for his cooperation that may be too high for Ronan to pay....

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Like It or Not Reviews

  • Jenre
    2018-11-30 21:55

    As many of you know, I'm a complete deviant who likes to, on occasion, read stories containing dubious consent. Yes, I know, this makes me evil. So, when I saw this anthology at Storm Moon Press I jumped at a chance to read it. The anthology contains six stories all with the theme of either non or dubious consent and I was interested to see how each author/pair of authors would approach this theme. As there are only six stories I'll do a sum up of each.Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi BrooksTalk about jumping in at the deep end! If you can get past this story then the rest of the anthology will be a breeze as it's by far the harshest story in the anthology with a definite non-con, violent sex scene and an ending that is in no way happy. In fact, this isn't a romance but rather a psychological horror with the spine chilling ending to fit with that genre. It tells of Connor who turns tricks when he can't meet the rent and on one such occasion he has a very pleasant evening with Jarrett who pays well. When Connor loses his job he turns to Jarrett to help, signing a contact which he doesn't read closely enough. I have to admit that this story was my least favourite of the anthology, mainly because despite my deviant tendencies, I do crave the romance that was sorely missing from this. In fact, it read a little like the first half of a romance - hero gets in a sticky situation - without the last part - they fall in love. It also didn't help that I didn't connect with either character. Connor is too stupid and gullible, and Jarrett too much a duel personality in that the nice and sadistic parts of Jarrett didn't gel for me. So overall, despite the good writing, I didn't like this one and I can see some readers never getting past this story to the rest of the anthology, which would be a shame because there were some great stories.Obedience Classes by Sean MichaelThis was a typical Sean Michael book with a dub-con twist. Trevor is a wolf who is sick and fed up of being part of the pack. When he begins to make waves amongst the other younger werewolves by stirring up dissent, the pack alpha sends in Dirk to teach him how to toe the line. I quite enjoyed this story which had a good build up in the way Dirk at first unsettles Trevor and then uses sex to bind him to Dirk. Trevor's character was interesting at first but he was so bamboozled by Dirk that he lost his appeal for me by the end becoming a slave to sexual desire rather than a person in his own right. Dirk is your typical SM Dom, used to getting his way and thinking he knows best. The story settled into a series of sex scenes towards the end which were OK, but I began to lose interest. It was a decent story though and fans of SM will love it.What it's Worth by GryvonThis was my second favourite story of the anthology. It tells of grumpy, anti-social writer/reporter Ian who whilst researching a piece on past immigration, gets unwittingly involved in the grandson of a mob boss. This story had lots of elements which pressed by 'like' button. I really liked Ian. He's a totally grumpy, introverted, rude so and so, and I enjoyed seeing the world from his point of view: Nothing is good enough, everyone is annoying and life is something to endure. His time with Vincenzo gives him the opportunity to let go of all those repressed feelings and fly. The story also tapped into a few kinks which make me squirm such as public sex and being completely at another person's mercy so that was just a plus point for me. The only minus points is that Vincenzo remains a distant figure and we are kept a little in the dark as to his motivations behind his actions. However, I could appreciate it's difficult to get those ideas across with such a closed third person narrative.Blindside by Stella HarrisThis was my favourite story in the anthology, perhaps because as well as the dub-con, it was a true romance with a lovely ending which made me go awwwww. The story follows Matt who is in his first year of College and plays rugby. When Matt attends an appointment for a check-up at the College health centre, he finds it's all part of a hazing involving a fellow team-mate, Upperclassman Dylan. Matt endures his treatment the best he can especially as he's struggling with a huge crush on Dylan. I really liked the character of Matt and felt that his struggles to conceal his homosexuality were shown realistically. The dubious consent is actually pretty tame, with most of the story showing Matt's confusion over Dylan's actions and trying to find some meaning in them. Again the closed third person narrative meant that we are kept guessing along with Matt, and so Dylan is a bit of an unknown quantity but we are given enough in his actions and occasional glimpses behind the hard facade to be prepared for the happy ending. A final niggle was that I was unsure about the setting. I didn't think they played rugby in the USA, but it definitely wasn't a UK setting - Australia or NZ, perhaps? I wish it had been clearer because it bothered me a little. Still this was a nice little story which left me smiling.Unnatural Means by TC MillI've liked a lot of stories by this author so I was looking forward to this one. Unfortunately it fell a bit flat for me. It's set during the time of the witch hunts and has a Confessor for a main character. Isak is charged with getting a repentance for witchcraft from Sain, a man accused of murdering his employer/lover through unnatural means. However, Isak is tortured by images of Sain and him together, forcing him to acknowledge his long repressed homosexuality. My feelings for this story were clouded a little by my dislike of the setting. The author does well to show us the conflicts of Isak, and his struggles with being gay and very religious and so the scenes where he snaps and takes this out on Sain were realistic. However, I found him a little repugnant, especially because we know he has murdered and tortured in the name of God. Sain also remains a shadowy figure (hmmm, bit of a theme with this anthology) and because of that I couldn't warm to him. I found the ending a little abrupt and couldn't understand what Sain saw in Isak, a man responsible for inflicting great pain on him. Even the romance at the end left me cold because I didn't like Isak and didn't know Sain. Having said that, this may appeal to people who enjoy a study of what brings a man to inflict cruel acts on another in the name of God.Salting the Earth by Heidi Belleau and Violetta VaneThe final story in the anthology is a tale of the fae, set in Ireland. Ronan has recently returned from a failed trip to the USA to find his sister behaving in an odd manner. Ronan becomes convinced that she is being taken by the fae each night and so in a fit of drunken righteousness he sets out to a fairy mound, shovel and salt in hand, to reclaim his sister, only to find himself captured by the king of the fae. This story had rather a dream-like quality to it, which only intensified during the scenes with the fae, and reminded me of the authors' other SMP book, The Saturnalia Effect. I liked Ronan, who is troubled, having been through a tough time recently. His time with the fae allows for a sort of release, and although the dub-con is there in this scene, there's a sense that Ronan needs to feel wanted, and the fae provides that for him. I also liked the way that the authors played with gender, although all the sex scenes are strictly m/m. Finally, I enjoyed the themes of loyalty, friendship and power which are explored along with the ideas of what is cruelty. The tone has an edge of unreality and I liked the contrast with the so called cold-hearted fae and that of Ronan's friends in the 'real world'. Although this was not my favourite story in the anthology, it made me think and is perhaps the most complex story in the collection, which can only be a good thing!Overall, I had a mixed response to the anthology. Looking back, I can see that my favourite stories were those containing the most in terms of romance, and my least favourite those which I deemed too cruel and callous. What I did like overall, was the way that the anthology as a whole made me reflect on my own responses to the story, and maybe I've learned something about myself as a reader as a result. Can I recommend this anthology? Cautiously, yes. It's not going to be to everyone's taste and I certainly didn't enjoy reading it all. As a result, I'm giving it a grade of three stars, and offering it up as a the sort of book which may appeal to those who like their romance with a dash of cruelty.

  • Eve
    2018-11-25 19:53

    7/28/13 Edit: Stormmoonpress is now also offering all the stories as individual short stories.________________This book is really a mixed bag and the editors didn’t help themselves by opening with one of the weaker stories. But two of these six stories are fantastic, and two others are very good. I'm hiding my comments for those who like to open their short stories completely fresh.1. Out of Options – Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks2 starsRent boy story(view spoiler)[Connor turns tricks to make up his rent shortfall each month. Then he gets fired and becomes desperate enough to ask one of his clients for help, and gets more than he expected. This story had true non-con but it wasn’t hot – at least I couldn’t really get into it. It was hard to care about this couple because Jarrett didn’t appear to care about Connor at all, and Connor seemed to submit only because he’s spineless. Connor’s reactions are just off. He’s tied up and beaten by a guy he barely knows, and he just accepts it. No fear that he’ll be killed, no fight. His insecurities and low self esteem were painful to read about, but even for a guy at pit bottom, the lack of resistance is unnatural and idiotic.Ending Spoiler! The ending was also a poor transition - he literally hates being a slave (as in, not turned on at all by the reality of it) and then suddenly everything is fine because he gets a little petting and a dress to wear?(hide spoiler)]2. Obedience Training – Sean Michael5 starsShifter story (view spoiler)[Trevor is a young rebellious wolf who thinks his pack should move into the twenty-first century and do away with archaic traditions like “scraping and bowing to the alpha.” Ha! Of course something has to be done about him! Lovely idea, lovely couple, awesome story. The dynamic between these two is just yummy. This is Sean Michael in his comfort zone, writing about a theme that he’s absolutely mastered, and the execution of the cat and mouse chase is excellent. (hide spoiler)]3. What It’s Worth – Gryvon2.5 starsLeather club scene(view spoiler)[Writer researching an immigrant family interviews an old man who turns out to be a mafia boss and sends him to a club to meet his grandson, where he’s promptly drugged, tied up and molested. As with the first story, what didn’t work for me was the unbelievable character interactions. You’re a confused virgin and yet when you’re told to give a blowjob in a public bar, you drop to your knees and reach for the other guy’s zipper?!!?? Again, you’re a virgin who’s been drugged and kidnapped by a stranger with mafia ties, and you lie there in your restraints thinking, he’s kind of hot???!!!?? Then you think, okay, I’ll let him beat and rape me to get information for my story???!!! What about wondering if he’s going to kill you??! What about thinking, oh shit, I’m a virgin??In dubcon situations, there's a moment I've dubbed the "give" - when the victim stops struggling and submits. When it's too easy, when the MC finds himself restrained and at the mercy of strangers, and immediately goes "okay maybe I'll like this," that takes away from the credibility of the story because it's not a normal reaction. In other words, as a writer, you have to earn the "give". I'd have much preferred a more natural reaction (fright/protest/struggle), and then we see the MC falling into stockholm syndrome or learning to adjust. (hide spoiler)]4. Blindside – Stella Harris4 starsCollege jocks and hazing.(view spoiler)[This was actually very sweet, with a good dose of suspense and very realistic interactions. The dub-con was mild but titillating, and I enjoyed these two together. (hide spoiler)]5. Unnatural Means – T.C. Mill4.5 starsInquisition(view spoiler)[Isak is a confessor (read torturer) of the inquisition and Sain is imprisoned for witchcraft and murder. Isak has to get him to confess and repent, but he’s also attracted to him. This story was intense and complex (wonderful moral ambiguities) and strangely compelling, and I can’t quite pinpoint why it works so well, but it does. (hide spoiler)]6. Salting the Earth – Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane5 starsCaptured by Fairies(view spoiler)[Hands down the best story of the anthology and a great one to end on. Ronan is back in Ireland after his college trip abroad, and his sister is out every night and coming home wrecked. He’s sure she’s been snatched by fairies, and he takes the confrontation to the fairy mound, where he gets more than he bargained for. This story was lyrical and beautiful. The rape/seduction of the fairies is simply gorgeous. There are a few flashbacks, and I usually dislike flashbacks, but I liked these - they fit into the narrative perfectly and had nothing superfluous about them. This story had good writing, steaminess, and emotional depth - in other words, everything. (hide spoiler)]

  • Rach
    2018-11-19 21:45

    Hmmmm not so sure about all of the stories!?! It was the cover artwork which enticed me I will admit :)I was just expecting something different :( It was 5 short stories I loved Blindside by Stella Harris the most :) that I would have given 5 stars :) as it was amazingly hot in my opinion :)

  • Elizabetta
    2018-12-02 23:53

    3.5 stars overallAs other reviewers have said, this is a mixed bag. But there goes the way of anthologies, usually not all the stories are equally strong and as the (in your face) title says, you can ‘like it or not.’ One thing I do like is that this collection, with the common theme of non/dub con, presents this kink at varying degrees -- so depending on your comfort level there should be something here for you. And we get the opportunity to see several authors strut their stuff in a veritable smorgasbord of writing enticing us to sample all and venture on for seconds when you find something you like.Out of Options/Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks 2.0 stars‘Out of Options’ starts the anthology off with a hardcore non-consent/slave set-up. That’s all fine, it clearly sets up the main theme, sets the reader up for the ride ahead. But, for me this was the weakest story in the anthology so it’s position is unfortunate. What this story illustrates is how an author must walk a very fine line in this type of erotica. The characters must still have some thread of empathy between them thus bringing out my own to make it work. Connor’s utter destitution, hopelessness and lack of choice and Jarrett’s manipulation of him just comes off as creepy plus five/erotica minus five. And while the cross-dressing aspect thrown in at the end peaked my interest for a mo (as it always will, smile), the lack of connection between the two guys still leaves me cold. Obedience Classes/Sean Michael 3.5 starsWell, this is some hot shifter D/s play. If you’ve read even a few shifter stories you’ll find nothing really, completely new going on here -- alpha meets reluctant mate, must have mate, bites mate, they mate, etc. (3 stars) So, ho-hum there but it is well done and the two guys...erm...weres are sweet. What sets it apart for me was the very well written on-going, relentless seduction (5 stars)....afterthought: What reeeeeeaaalllly would have ratcheted it up a few notches would have been some mating in shifted form with some serious knotting action going on. Now THAT would have added a little spice to the chili (take off 1/2 star).What It’s Worth/Gryvon 4.0 starsSerious public seduction and dark, dirty coitus of a surly, virginal bottom by a gangstah top. Slurp. Kinky hot. Me wants more.Blindside/Stella Harris 3.5 starsA sweet first crush/first seduction/coming of age short about two college guys exploring... I still can’t figure out how Dylan had access to the health center for his ‘trysts’ and it doesn’t make for the sexiest of seduction spots but, hey, it got the job done.Unnatural Means/TC Mill 4.5 starsVery nicely done. Well written and makes you think -- Isak’s moral, spiritual and sexual struggle and Sain knowing him better than he knows himself makes up this riddle. I had no idea how this was going to end up and when I got there...I loved it. I want to know more about Isak and Sain but the ending was satisfactory. This was my favorite in the anthology, new and fresh. Will have to find more stuff by this author.Salting the Earth/Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane 4.0 starsThe opening to this story took a bit of puzzle solving to get the lay of the story-land and this is in keeping with these authors -- no spoon feeding and you have to work a bit for your literary supper. We’re back on the Emerald Isle, same world as their previous The Druid Stone. Ronan’s twin sister Rose is looking a bit rough around the edges and disappears to somewhere every night. Ronan believes that the Sidhe are spiriting her away and using her in their sensual pursuits so he goes searching. He finds the faerie mound and slips into Sidhe-world and that’s when the story kicks into gear as we again meet the king of the faeries, Finnbheara and his court. Seductive Finnbheara played a part previously in ‘Druid Stone’ when he tried to lure two other of Belleau and Vane’s lads to his harem. He sinks his fetching, erm, claws into pretty, confused Ronan who becomes a plaything of Finnbheara’s court in a night of decadent debauchery. Imagine a sex-drug infused ongoing orgy and you’re there. Yum.

  • Lisa Henry
    2018-11-19 19:47

    This anthology is very much a mixed bag, mainly because some dub-con works for me and some doesn't. All of the stories were well-written and tightly edited, but each to their own, right? There are six stories here,but I'm only going to tell you about the two that really stood out for me. Obedience Classes by Sean Michael, about a wolf shifter who’s about to get kicked out of the pack unless he learns his place in the pack hierarchy, was my favourite. (And it's the reason I bought the book.) Definitely intense. Because, you know, what is pushing the boundaries of consent in human interactions is perfectly normal behaviour in the animal kingdom... I also really liked Unnatural Means by T.C. Mill: a story about a confessor and an accused witch/murderer who is due to be executed. It was very unsettling to go with the confessor as he discovers he's got a taste for inflicting pain that has nothing to do with saving a man's soul. I had no idea where the story was headed, and which one of the guys was the bad guy (or if either of them were), and I really enjoyed the ending. Four stars for those two stories, and 3 for the rest of the anthology.

  • Emma Sea
    2018-11-22 16:37

    Difficult to rate this, being an anthology. The stories I thought I'd enjoy the most I found disappointing, but then Salting the Earth was unexpectedly good. Overall: OK.

  • Kassa
    2018-12-01 20:34

    This anthology has been around a while, but like always I’m late to the party reading it. The theme of dubious non-con is always a hot button with some readers loving it and others not so much. I think this anthology does a good job of attempting to appeal to all those readers – something for everyone – without really gelling as a single theme. I think the stories work better individually or perhaps sticking with other stories closer to their general feeling. For example some of these stories are more romantic while others are straight up BDSM erotica. Like I said, something for everyone, but it’s unlikely that all these stories will appeal to the same reader. It might suit a reader more to pick and choose which of the anthology hits a particular sweet spot. Opening the anthology is a hard-core BDSM erotica story Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks – 3.5 stars. Connor turns tricks whenever he can’t make his rent, something that seems to happen more often than he’d like. He has a one-night stand with a seemingly nice guy/trick Jarrett who offers to help Connor if he needs it. Unfortunately Connor doesn’t look closely at the contract and basically sells himself into Jarrett’s slavery. This story isn’t romantic and is the heaviest BDSM of the group. That’s to be expected from these authors so I wasn’t surprised. The writing is bold, strong, and definitely in your face with unapologetic cruelty. I found it sexy and erotic but I didn’t like either character. Connor comes off as confused and weak while Jarrett is a sadist with few redeeming qualities. The sex was fine but I never cared about either man. As a piece of erotica, it hits the mark but nothing I’d read again or want to revisit. Moving on to a classic sub/dom wolf story from Sean Michaels, Obedience Classes – 3 stars. Trevor is a young wolf who doesn’t want to follow the rules while Dirk is a prominent wolf looking for a mate and plaything. I consider this a classic SM story, heavy on the sex and light on the romance and actual writing. There’s surprisingly more complete sentences in this story than I’m used to with SM, but there are still a plethora of repetitive grunts and single word conversations. SM stories are always fun and quick with a lot of erotica, light D/s and a touch of romance. At this point I feel like if you’ve read one SM story you’ve read them all. That doesn’t stop me from enjoying it and I’m sure fans will as well.Feeling as though the anthology was cruising along well I indulged in the entertaining What it's Worth by Gryvon – 3 stars. Ian is a writer who’s looking for a factual story about Italians immigrants. Somehow he gets mixed up with an Italian sort of mobster, Vincenzo. Vincenzo introduces Ian to a world of BDSM delights and exhibitionism. This is a heavier BDSM story, mostly comprised of a single erotic scene with no real completion. I liked the writing and the character of Ian. Vincenzo is a mere shadow, but what bothered me the most was the story felt unfinished and incomplete. If it was just a one-off scene I could understand that but the story feels as if it’s waiting and could go two ways. I wanted more of an ending, even if temporary. Next up is the most romantic story in the anthology and typically my favorite. I don’t always need romance with my BDSM but I’m a sucker for it like most readers. Blindside by Stella Harris – 4 stars. Matt is a new rugby player who’s being hazed by Dylan. The hazing involves some medical exams and light BDSM on the way to a happy, romantic ending. The writing is fun and offers a brief sketch of the characters. I felt this story offered the most characterization of both men and I responded more positively to that. I could understand the men and their motivation more, which made me appreciate the sex more. I’m definitely stereotypical that way. That said, I would have liked a bit more of the erotica since I felt it was mere a defensive way to explore a gay relationship than a deep seated desire of both men. It’s a minor compliant. After Harris’ story I definitely was feeling good about the anthology, a feeling that slid to an abrupt halt with Unnatural Means by TC Mill – 1 star. I hated this story. Well hate may be too strong a word, I disliked the story. Witch hunts and the Inquisition just aren’t sexy material for me and I didn’t see anything erotic or desirable about torture that is not enjoyed by either man. Isak as the torturer failed to evoke any positive feelings and Sain, the witch accused of murder and tortured by Isak, made me pity him. The story ends on a romantic note but I couldn’t understand why either man would want to be with the other. The non-con so far in the anthology was mostly in name only. The men usually deep down wanted that kind of treatment and got off on it in one way or another. Additionally the man inflicting such usually enjoyed it as well. However here it feels as though neither man wants it and it’s not erotic or sexy at all. It’s merely cruel torture and I didn’t particularly care for that.Thankfully the anthology ends on a high note with Salting the Earth by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane – 3.5 stars. This is a weird fairy tale about the fae in Ireland. Ronan is convinced the fae have kidnapped his sister, Rose, and embarks on a foolish rescue mission. The story is incredibly well written and involves a lot of subtly and nuance, which I appreciated. I liked the juxtaposition between Ronan’s recent past and his predicament with the fae. The sex is light BDSM but again I think it’s only nominally non-con. I did however find the story very complex and odd. There is good characterization and I liked how much nuance the king was given, considering how little he actually appeared in the story. I struggled with Ronan because he made incredibly stupid and foolish choices again and again, but he has depth and an attempt at good reasons for his behavior. There’s little romance, which I didn’t mind, but overall the story felt more complicated than it needed to be. The authors are great writers that I like but sometimes I feel as though they overwrite and unnecessarily complicate a story. That said, this is an easy story to recommend and a good choice to end the anthology. Taking the anthology as a whole I’d say it’s probably 3 stars overall. There is a large variety of stories on the theme of non-con but I can’t imagine that variety will appeal to every reader. I tend to think they’d be more successful on their own but I’m glad I read most of them. I’m not sure I’d have picked these stories out of a hat so I’m grateful the anthology did.

  • Experiment BL626
    2018-11-30 23:38

    Like It Or Not had 2 short stories I liked and 4 I did not.#1: Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi BrooksThe first half of the short story lured me into a false sense of peace such that I forgot I was reading an anthology of non-con smut. I liked the first half even though it was kind of sad because Connor was destitute.The second half where the non-con hit, I didn't care for. The writing lacked emotion and made me feel detached from Connor, which keep in mind the story was told strictly from Connor's POV. I tried getting into the kinkiness, but no success. The smut leaned towards more pain and humiliation than pleasure. Thankfully, the pain and humiliation weren’t too far-out for my taste. Nevertheless, I remained disinterested. The ending fizzled out and left me feeling dejected.I rate the short story 2-stars for it was okay. I think I would have liked the story if it was presented in comic form.#2: Obedience Classes by Sean MichaelImagine shapeshifter romance stories as junk foods, a donut for example. Now imagine distilling the sugar from the donut and condensing it into a cube, a sugar cube to be specific. This short story was like a sugar cube; it condensed all the ingredients that make shapeshifter romance popular and indulgent to read.I loved Trevor's feistiness and his unwillingness to be dominated and how it contrasted with Dirk's alpha maleness and his urge to dominate. The story alternated between Trevor and Dirk's POV, and the chemistry between the couple was just riveting. The sex scenes were hot and unabashedly numerous. I went "yay" as if I was frolicking on a sunny field of flowers, swirling around with my arms extended outward. *sings* The hills are alive with smut! Hahahaha!Second to smut in goodiness was the dialogue. The dialogue was cheesy with its "Mine" and "Mate" coming from Dirk and profane with its "Fuck you" and "Asshole! Leave me alone!" coming from Trevor. It was unabashedly sex-centric, none of this "let's get to know each other" crap.I rate the short story 4-stars for I really liked it. It aced its way into my smutty pick-up-me pile.#3: What it's Worth by GryvonIan was a hard character to connect with even though the story was told strictly from his side. He was one of those grumpy people who see imperfections in everything and everybody, including himself. It was as if the concept of fun was foreign to him in spite of the guy's worldly knowledge as a nonfiction writer.The story bored me until Ian was sent to a secret sex club. My boredom changed into (mild) irritation when Ian saw the danger in the sex club but proceeded anyway with his plan and predictably got himself entrapped. I couldn't see Ian as a sexual creature and his rapist, Vincenzo, as anything more than a faceless hung top. Once the non-con smut was over and they parted, my irritation picked up again. By the end, I was left feeling dissatisfied.I rate the short story 2-stars for it was okay. The short story impressed me as a pointless vignette.#4: Blindside by Stella HarrisThe pacing was slow. The couple were both closet cases. The smut took its time and occurred in limited amount. But guess what? I enjoyed the story. I enjoyed it a lot.I liked how Matt was blindsided with his dream of Dylan coming to fruition. I liked that Dylan persevered against Matt's shyness and confusion. The breadth of Matt's reactions to Dylan was enchanting to read.The premise was executed perfectly to my liking.I rate the short story 4-stars I really liked it. This short short was the most romantic (and least non-con) in the anthology.#5: Unnatural Means by T.C MillThe story's premise didn't appeal to me. Thankfully, it wasn't as dark or preachy as I feared. The story was told strictly from Isak's side, and I found him dull. What little non-con smut was there in the story was fleeting in its titillation. I couldn't be any less interested in Isak's horniness for Sain.His interaction with Sain was pedantic and subdued, which was odd and disappointing given the setting of the story. Injustice is one of the quickest ways to get a rise out of me, but in this story I couldn't be bothered to feel anything for Sain. All I felt for Sain was curiosity of his supposed crimes and then mere disinterest once I learned what those crimes were.I rate the short story 2-stars for it was okay. I liked the nice ending, but that's mostly all I liked about the story. Well, beside that one smut scene.#6: Salting the Earth by Heidi Belleau & Violetta VaneThe writing was dreadful. It had too many incomplete sentences, run-on sentences, and tangent descriptions. This story was the most difficult to read out of all the stories in the anthology. I was glad at the least that the storytelling was kept strictly from Ronan's side, because otherwise my exasperation would have quickened.As for the plot, it was ho hum. Because of the writing, I couldn't keep track of the Sidhe cast. The gist I got was that there some sort of challenge and an orgy was forced upon Ronan. I was glad Ronan managed to prevail by the end. Still, just like in those other short stories in the anthology the ending left me dissatisfied.I rate the short story 2-stars for it was okay. This short story was definitely the worst one of the anthology.In ConclusionI rate the anthology 3-stars for I liked it. The anthology was a mixed bag, but I'm very glad to encounter two gems of a short story, which was much more than I expected given my experience with anthologies.Obedience Classes and Blindside felt like they were specifically written just for me. They hit on all my kinks. Hell, yes!

  • Neyjour
    2018-12-07 00:40

    Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks - ★I thought this story was really horrible. Jarrett was a sick, twisted, sadistic, abusive bastard, and Connor made no sense at all to me. One minute he was hating what was being done to him (completely understandable!) and on the verge of puking from the pain, and then the next minute he was wanting more. Bleh. There's no romance here, and I wouldn't even categorize it as bordered more on torture, IMO. I found the whole thing very creepy and disturbing.Obedience Classes by Sean Michael - ★★★★A very hot story about a shifter teaching an unruly pup a lesson, and claiming his mate in the process. I really enjoyed this one. It was a delicious example of dub-con done well.What It's Worth by Gryvon - ★★This one had a lot of potential, but it was much too short. Just when things were getting good, it ended rather abruptly.Blindside by Stella Harris - ★★★This one wasn't really dub-con (more like naughty trickery) but it was cute and fairly hot, with a sweet ending.Unnatural Means by T.C. Mill - ★I really couldn't get into this one. It was very ponderous and I found the sex scenes kinda boring. I ended up skimming through most of it.Salting the Earth by Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane - ★★This one was okay. It was well written, but just not my kind of story. I don't really enjoy stories where the MC is passed around like a party favour.

  • Trix
    2018-12-03 23:56

    This proved to be a diverse reading. Which was basically the point, seeing as it's an anthology.I was surprised to see that the title proved far more insightful than I first expected. It does indeed refer to the characters' reactions but to myself as a reader also, as I had a moment of "like it or not" while reading the first story. This was not the case for the other stories but it really made me aware of the title.Out of Options - 2 starsObedience Classes - 3 starsWhat It's Worth - 3 starsBlindside - 2.5 starsUnnatural Means - 4 starsSalting the Earth - 4.2 stars(view spoiler)[Out of Options was pretty uncomfortable for me. I couldn't understand how much Connor was unknowingly wanting some of the things Jarrett did to him. Seeing Connor trying to avoid the beatings and focusing on the pain made the whole thing seem like torture and kidnapping rather than the first steps into BDSM. So, bottom line, Connor's ambivalence left me unsure how to take this. As long as the MC wants it (even subconsciously) then it works. Otherwise, it's not really my cup of tea.Obedience Classes was short and cute. First story by this author (and I've heard a lot about his BDSM series) and it wasn't that bad. There was again the aspect of someone's will imposing on another character, not a definite delimitation as to whether Trevor accepted it or was forced and had to ultimately give up. That left me a bit unsettled.What It's Worth took a while to catch my interest. Ian was annoying. It pushed my wrong buttons to hear him bemoan his life when everyone else fawned over him and congratulated him on his success. He was definitely in need of a good spanking. The scene at the bar was deliciously erotic and lifted the overall grading of the story. And while I appreciated Ian's change in behaviour afterwards, I would have liked the ending to give more details on a Ian and Vincenzo possible future.Blindside was pretty typical. I didn't quite understand the need for Matt to pretend the whole infirmary scenario and dorm room was a hazing process when there were clear signs that it was just trial period for Dylan and Matt to get together. But the scenes between the two were arousing and nicely done.Unnatural Means was quite interesting both in terms of characters and story line. I found the idea of religion using torture to obtain confessions and punish so-called witches nicely used and appreciated how the MC were brought together. Sain and Isak's interactions were delightful. Opposites trying to convey their standpoint and convince the other to change sides. And the sex scenes were intense with just the right mix of apprehension, guilt, shame, pleasure. I was quite into the story so the end took me by surprise as I was ready to learn more about how the two would survive after having escaped.Salting the Earth was probably the best story in this series. Liked it so much that after finishing, I went to search for other books by the authors. I found the ending sad, with Ronan forever pinning after the sidhe and realising his sacrifice had been for nothing, since his sister Rose hadn't been taken by the sidhe. But overall, the story was captivating. I was easily drawn and liked the character. His plunge into the supernatural world was impressive and his abuse at the hands of the fae kept me glued to the book. Enjoyed the glimpses into the past, the ability to read minds and insert desires. Very original and interesting. (hide spoiler)]

  • Jennifer
    2018-12-04 17:36

    SlashReaders: This was not an easy anthology to read, in fact I actually put it down a number of times and picked it back up once and a while before finishing it. I think that my biggest issue with this anthology was the predictability of the outcomes. That is not to say that the stories inside were bad. However, it was one of those anthologies were all the stories ended in a graphic sex scene, nothing more nothing less. Now, granted these scenes are not the typical sex scenes but deal with less than consensual situations. But, despite the subject matter both parties always enjoyed themselves; which, I think sets these stories apart from their darker counterpart--rape.I honestly don't think that I would read this volume again, it's one that's just too heavy on the sex. But there is a wonderful array of stories and imagination's that went into creating these stories. I do enjoy seeing the variety of things that people come up with, when presented with one topic or subject.Of all of the stories in this anthology the three best stories were 'What It's Worth', 'Blindside' and 'Salting the Earth'. I think because there was more going on in these stories than just the obvious. While some of the other stories contained these component's... These three worked the best. :) BTW, I think I enjoyed 'Salting the Earth', the most because it also ties in with 'The Druid Stone' by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane.

  • Timeforme
    2018-11-30 17:33

    I purchased this book to get the Sean Michael story, Obedience Classes. I was very happy with that story. It was an entertaining tale and well worth a read. Unfortunately the other stories (admittedly I have not read them all...gave up after a couple of the others) are not so well done. The first story in the book, Out of Options, had real possibilities but then really failed at the end. To me, the end of the story came out of no where and was just plain silly.Its Worth It was okay at best but really didn't really hold my interest at all and I would say the same thing about the Blind Side. I gave up after that. I didn't have the heart to continue to read Unnatural Means or Salting the Earth. Perhaps in a few weeks I will get my courage back up and try again.So while I would rate Sean Michael's story as a 3.5, the other stories in the book really are dragging down my rating for the book as a whole.

  • Vivian
    2018-11-12 18:57

    Nice compilation of non-con or dub-con stories.Out of Options: Don't sign before you understand--some consequences are less appealing than others. Includes some harsh training, forced chastity, feminization and pet play. Obedience Training: Mine...mine...MINE! Submit...submit...SUBMIT! Bringing a wayward youth back into line and mating. What It's Worth: How much? To get what you want what will you do? A journalist finds out as he chases a story and ends up giving it up.Blindside:The man-on-man coverage between these rugby teammates is questionable when hazing is involved. Unnatural Means:Inquisition based story where the accused and the confessor get entwined unintentionally. Nice twist.Salting the Earth: tale of fae trickery when some right wanker sets up poor Ronan. The ennui of royalty and the games they play.

  • M.A.
    2018-11-18 20:35

    I've been torn about how to score this anthology. There were some stories I really liked, and some I couldn't get into--they just didn't appeal to me. But that doesn't mean those same stories wouldn't appeal to other readers.I did NOT have a problem with the violent element in a few of them. I don't often write dark stories, but when I do... They tend to be very dark. Another comment said this isn't a fluffy rough book, and they're right. This isn't for everyone, and a few stories really push the envelope of dub-con. But isn't that what an anthology is? A mixture of stories?Would I recommend this? Yes. I would, and I have. Plus, I found a couple of new authors I like. :) ~M

  • V
    2018-12-08 23:57

    Be it forced seduction/dubious consent, non-violent intimidation, or pre-negotiated fantasy, there is something wickedly taboo about non-consensual sex, where consent is muddled. While rape is a crime of power ????? Too scary for me I think.

  • DarienMoya
    2018-11-23 21:42

    4.5Another winning anthology by Storm Moon Press. I am never a fan of reading them because they disappoint or you love it too much and want more. I really want more of all the stories offered up in this anthology, which is driving me hella crazy because I want more. I really loved/really liked all the stories in this one, if you have no problems with reading non-con then I highly suggest checking this book out.Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi BrooksI do believe this is my favourite story in the entire anthology. Talk about being totally surprised by the amount of sexy, and gender pushing, and just overall awesomeness that was offered up. When money gets a little tight for Connor, he goes to his last resort, which is tricking. When he’s picked up by Jarret who pays him nicely, gives him tender loving, and wouldn’t mind seeing him again with payment of course. Connor feels like he’s hit the jackpot, but it calls go south when he signs a shady contract and bind himself to Jarret who isn’t as nice as he seems O_O (shady contract dude)Seriously, I loved this story! Without getting into the politics of gender and all that, this story really pushed the boundaries. I think I blushed I bit, because I found it so incredibly sexy. It’s hardcore and it won’t settle well with most readers but it sure settled well with me.“I like my boys with tits, and my girls with dicks”-Out of OptionsObedience Class by Sean MichaelI really liked this one, because what’s not to like? Werewolf, unruly mate, and hot sexy man love. I know the whole mate werewolf thing is played but I’m a real sucker for them. Trevor is rebellious and his pack has had enough so they put Dirk on the case to bring him to obedience. I don’t know if I really liked Dirk methods of reining in Trevor. He truly came across as terrified, so that part really bothered me. Otherwise I totally loved it, and have been thinking about the sex they did/might have had in wolf form. Wanna know how that went down =_=What It’s Worth by GryvonFucking gawd, another story I want more of. Ian is a bit of a douche and literally hates everything. He does take pride in his work though he feels it all sucks which is contradictory. When one of his assignments leads him to the arms of Vincenzo. Ian is thinking he takes too much pride in his work and should have left this one alone when he had the chance. It’s all just a little too late, and Ian finds himself tied and submitting to a stranger. I enjoyed this one a lot but just couldn’t handle the deflowering of Ian. So public, so clinical, and just not what I wanted for him. Although by the end, he is less douchy.Blindside by Stella HarrisAnother favourite, just because it was so freaking cute and funny. Matt believes he’s being hazed by upperclassman Dylan when he is called to do his medical and Dylan is getting all up close and personal with his prostate. It might just be all fun and games for Dylan, but Matt is experiencing things he only dreamt of. If only he could walk away, but he keeps going back to Dylan and his special brand of hazing.Oh Matt you naïve fool you. Prostate check at 18! You should have seen it for it was he just wanted to feel you up.Unnatural Means by T.C MillI am honestly going to admit that I don’t get this story. Isak is to cleanse Sain’s soul by having him confess to murder and witchcraft. It’s not going so well because Sain is stubborn and doesn’t feel he has anything to confess. This one is a bit of a mind fuck, and I was left thinking two things. Sain is a murderer and dabbles in the dark arts, or he’s a con man and has everyone fooled. He uses his ‘witchcraft’ to ensnare a man and then he gets rid of them when he wants to. Either which way, is this really a non-con story? Moreover, which of the characters is the one not consenting? As I said mind fuck!Salting the Earth by Heidi Belleau & Violetta VaneO_O that is all. Seriously, this one really freaked my freak. I am lost, puzzled, and loving all the faery pretty. All I am thinking is that Ronan was crazy, and he was the bait to begin a series of events that will bring us to The Druid Stone. I think this was a nice set-up, and will leave the reader with questions. Is TDS here yet *stomping foot impatiently*!Overall, really enjoyed this anthology. So many different levels of writing and storytelling and all very unique. Another winner by SMP, and I look forward to whatever creative anthology they come up with next. I guess I should warn and say the whole book is dub-con/non-con but it didn’t feel like it for me. Though it really depends on the reader, which basically means I am hardcore. Loved It!

  • LiveYourLife BuyTheBook
    2018-12-03 18:35

    4 StarsA "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review"Obedience Classes", by Sean Michael - Trevor is sick of being part of a pack. All the bowing and scraping is just too much. He wants to go to school, go to his job, and just get on with his life without having to put up with a pack telling him what to do. The pack Alpha does not appreciate this. At all. He asks Dirk, his brother-in-law, and lone wolf to teach Trevor some lessons in Obedience. Being gay few wolves were interested in showing Trevor the realities of wolf society. He was able to get away with a lot of bad behavior simply because no one wanted to deal with him. Dirk really likes the idea of forcing Trevor to submit. He begins to stalk Trevor. Trevor is terrified. He leaves his apartment and prepares to leave town completely. Dirk takes him to his cabin. Dirk knows Trevor is his mate. Trevor is confused. He's terrified and doesn't want to be with Dirk. Trevor's wolf is on board with the situation completely.This is one of those books I'm okay with a rape fantasy type of storyline. Being two natured a significant aspect of Trevor wanted desperately to submit to Dirk. The human parts of Trevor were scared as he was kidnapped and held hostage. Were he human it would have been something I wouldn't have enjoyed yet I absolutely enjoyed it. I enjoy reading D/s books and this is essentially that. Trevor's wolf had no problems with submitting, and Dirk almost fell in love with Trevor at first sight. Possibly I like instalove on occasion, too. ~ Rated 4 stars by Faye"What it's Worth", by Gryvon - I really enjoyed this short story. It had enough in its 25 pages to both surprise me, engage me and leave me wanting me more!!Ian Richards is an absolute misery - yet everyone seems to like him, they all want to talk to him, and they all call him "darling" or "honey" - it sucks! Everything sucks! He doesn't understand why people read his stories - because he thinks they suck. He has seriously low self esteem. He is just plain miserable!His current assignment is to write a piece on Immigration and the effects on the families, so when his agent asks him to go to Chicago on a book signing gig it seems the perfect opportunity to interview Lorenzo Guillermo De Bello while he is there. Lorenzo, however, suggests that Ian go and chat to his grandson Vincenzo rather, at a club. It turns out to be a BDSM club and this is where things get interesting.We learn just how far this world is from Ian's comfort zone, and yet how quickly and easily he complies to the directions of Vincenzo, albeit with a little "chemical coercion". I guess the whole book is geared up for this scene and it doesn't disappoint. Gryvon certainly knows how to write really good, hard core sex. This is my first, but definitely not my last, story of hers!The aftermath of the scene wraps the book up pretty quickly - Ian has come out the other side a nicer guy. Maybe not nicer, but definitely more approachable. I would love more of these guys - I need to know how/if/when Ian and Vincenzo meet up again. Highly recommended. Go. Buy the Book! ~ Rated 4 stars by Barb"Unnatural Means", by T.C. Mill - Isak works to save people’s souls by getting them to confess their sins. His current assignment is a young man charged with witchcraft and murder. The young man, Sain, is already scheduled to be executed for committing murder but Isak has been taught if he gets a confession that will somehow clear the evil of practicing witchcraft on his former boss and lover. Isak’s order has been taught torturing confessions out of prisoners is worth clearing the taint off their souls. When Isak starts to feel lust for Sain he thinks the young man must be using it on him. He acts on his lust thinking if he gets it out of his system he’ll be able to do his job properly but the few days spent with the prisoner make him start to rethink everything he’s ever been told.This was a pretty good little read. To me it seemed more like an intriguing beginning to a story. I’d like to read more about the characters and what becomes of them and the order. This touched on thecaptor/prisoner sex kink but Sain was definitely willing. I liked this story enough that I’ll be checking out more from this author. ~ Rated 3 stars by Whit

  • Virginia
    2018-11-15 18:46

    Collecton of short stories featuring dub con.Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks - my least favorite of all the stories. 2 stars. Was simply too harsh for me and left me feeling very cold. Story of a down on his luck guy who needs to make rent so agrees to a three month deal with a guy who picks him up only to find the deal is nothing like he had figured. The BDSM scenes were particularly harsh and very clinical. I also didn't like (view spoiler)[that the cross dressing was done in a way to humiliate. (hide spoiler)]Obedience Classes by Sean Michael - I'm a Sean Michael fan and this short had a bit more of an edge to it with some dub con than his typical stories. I enjoyed this one. 4 stars. Paranormal about wolf shifters with one needing to be convinced they are mates. Lots of "mine!"What It's Worth by Gryvon - This short is about an anti-social writer whose interview opens his eyes to more than he bargained for. I loved the prickly Ian and the club scene was hot. 3.5 stars.Blindside by Stella Harris - Story of college guys Matt and Dylan. Probably the sweetest of the shorts despite the dub con. 4 stars. Also had some hot doctor role playing.Unnatural Means by T.C. Mill - This one was a little hard for me to follow and connect with. Story of an alleged witch. 2.5 stars.Salting the Earth by Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane - Fantasy fae story but didn't really work for me. 2 stars.

  • Laura
    2018-11-28 20:50

    Out of Options,Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks - (1%-15%) Some parts were hot and some were unbelievable and ruined it.3*Obedience Classes,Sean Michael - (16%-33%) ILOVED this story. DubCon that pushed all the right buttons for me.5* What It's Worth,Gryvon (33%-46%) This story just didn't do anything for me. 2* Blindside,Stella Harris (46%-59%) Ok story if a bit unbelievable. How many college health offices can you just break in and play doctor in?!?!3* Unnatural Means,T.C. Mill (59%-75%) This is just not my type of story - I don't read anything with religion as a basis so it's hard for me to rate. Well written, just a subject I don't enjoy reading. 2* Salting the Earth,Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane(75% on). Interesting story incorporating the sidhe. Although not something I would traditionally read, I enjoyed it. 3.5*

  • Leah
    2018-12-03 16:36

    My bookshelves for this anthology must seem contradictory but the stories are VERY different:Out of Options - 3 stars Obedience Training - 3.5 maybe 4 stars because I want to read more about this couple What It's Worth - 2.5 starsI think I need a break from this. This kinky chick is all about dubcon,noncon, and slavefic...but this is just NOT sexy :/

  • Bree
    2018-11-25 23:36

    Like with most anthologies, this one was hit or miss. I really enjoyed Out of Options by Sparrow and Brooks, Obedience Classes by Sean Michael, and Salting the Earth by Belleau and Vane. I want to say that this is some dark erotica and shouldn't be read thinking it's fluffy rough sex. It's rape fantasy and all of the stories made me uncomfortable in some way.

  • Susan Laine
    2018-11-16 17:31

    4.5 stars.Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi BrooksConnor has no rent money, no real job, no family or friends to turn to. His only option is hitting the streets. His hook-up, Jarrett, seems like a nice guy, a great kisser and gentle to boot. Connor is left feeling good. When he’s low on money once more, he hooks up with Jarrett again, signing a contract for sex in return for money. When he wakes up the next morning, he’s trussed up good, with Jarrett going all out kinky.From the get-go, this anthology is about forced seduction and non-consensual sex. This first story has that in spades. Tied up, ball-gagged, flogged. All well and good. Morning and evening beatings for no reason at all and not allowed any kind of safe words? Yeah, that threw me. This one leans heavily into sadism of the BDSM mix, so be forewarned. Worst of all, Jarrett gave the wrong impression of himself, seemingly on purpose, to Connor, luring him in and then holding him prisoner. Connor does have an answering quirk, so I suppose that makes up for violence present here. Personally, I wasn’t all that taken with this story.Obedience Classes by Sean MichaelTrevor is a young werewolf pup who is now in college and is rebelling against the established, time-honored hierarchy of the pack. The alpha sends Dirk, a powerful werewolf, to teach the wayward puppy how to behave. From a little stalking to outright rattling of Trevor’s chain, Dirk knows all the ways to make the young man submit.I adored this story. Trevor and Dirk are well suited to each other. Where Trevor has a sharp tongue and a razor wit, Dirk has physical strength and seductive prowess to match that. Their arguments and fights, the whole chase, is hotter than hot. A great story that makes forced seduction seem this sexy is easy to recommend.What It’s Worth by GryvonIan is a writer who is trying to get a story from a mafia family about immigration. When an old don sends him to his nephew, Vincenzo, the information gathering takes place at a dark club where Ian is forced to decide just how badly he wants the story.In the beginning, this short story is bogged down by useless rhetoric about how much Ian hates everything. In his words, how everything sucks. That was boring. Once he gets to the club, however, he is literally brought down to his knees and then on his back to experience the humiliation of strangers watching him be hurt and pleasured. Being a virgin, Ian experiences things for the first time. Vincenzo seems to have a handle on him, and what could have been a horrible experience, transcends into a new beginning. The life-affirming attitude of Vincenzo is well balanced with Ian’s more cantankerous nature. Not a bad story in the end.Blindside by Stella HarrisMatt attends college for his first year, and he’s hazed constantly by a fellow rugby player, Dylan. Matt doesn’t know how to make it stop without incurring the wrath of everyone else, but he’s also afraid of being discovered as gay. Then an unexpected visit to a health center brings Matt and Dylan suddenly into a new kind of game field, and we get to enjoy them playing doctor.This was my favorite story of the bunch, realistic and heartwarming. What we see, isn’t always what we get. Dylan knows what he wants, and he goes after it. Matt, however, thinks Dylan wants something else entirely, humiliation and power play, and this creates delicious tension. Both so young, at the start of their lives, there’s much pleasure, sex, and love to be had here—if they only dare to step out of their predetermined roles. Great short story, and I would have loved to see more of Matt and Dylan.Unnatural Means by T.C. MillWitch-Confessor Isak is facing his biggest challenge yet, a beautiful witch named Sain who is accused of murder by sorcery and unnatural congress. Isak is a devout priest who wishes for these performers of the dark arts to confess their sins of sorcery and avoid the fires of Hell. But Sain is a gay witch. It’s who he is, and saying it to be wrong would betray himself more. Neither can yield, so the torturer’s rack and hangman’s noose are ahead for Sain—unless Isak can find a way to help him, even though Isak is certain the lovely young witch has put an enchantment over him.For such a short story, this has surprising amount of depth. It’s not just the characters who are three-dimensional and relatable, but the world around them is vivid and realistic, and the philosophical talks the two men have about being true to one’s self and the nature of faith and desire feel like skimming the surface of much larger oceans of knowledge. At first Sain may appear unlikeable, but it’s Isak’s own preconceptions that color the impression. In essence, Sain is true to himself throughout the story while Isak is the one still trying to find his path. Torturing witches is clearly not it. I liked this story a lot. Recommended.Salting the Earth by Heidi Belleau & Violetta VaneRonan’s sister, Rose, is a wild child who keeps disappearing at night. Living in a small town in Ireland, there aren’t that many happening places, so when a man at a bar tells Ronan that Rose has been taken by the fairy folk, it seems plausible to Ronan who has always believed in these things. So, armed with salt and liquid courage, Ronan digs a path into the fairy realm. But getting Rose back isn’t going to be easy, and Ronan has to acquiesce to the cruel pleasures of the sidhe court and King Finnbheara. But perhaps there’s more to the fairy folk, to the king, and even to Rose than Ronan was prepared for. And Ronan has his own shameful secrets to face.This story has mixed writing, in the sense that thoughts and actions get a little jumbled at time. And the story takes a bit too long before getting into the fairy realm. There, however, these fairies who can change sexes at will are sadistic and cruel if not treated with the proper respect. The king is an enigmatic man who’s perhaps more multifaceted than the legends tell. There’s definitely forced seduction here and a few magical toys to boot, and the ability of the fairies to read minds adds a new twisted dimension to the whole thing. An intriguing fantastical conclusion to a good anthology.

  • Adara
    2018-12-10 21:50

    Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks - 3 starsOut of all of the stories, this one had the relationship I liked least. A "john" takes advantage of a young man who's down on his luck and turns him into a 24/7 plaything, and he's rather vicious about it. (I think it scared me because I know things like this can occur in real life.) (view spoiler)[And at the end, the kid suddenly likes this life because he comes while in a cock cage and dress while performing fellatio. Instead of "magic penis" that makes everything all better, this story has "magic dress". Sweartagod. (hide spoiler)] Didn't work for me.Obedience Classes by Sean Michael - 3 stars(view spoiler)[Werewolf A "takes" Werewolf B without consent repeatedly until B finally cries "Mate". (hide spoiler)] It was an abuse of the "Mate" concept in my opinion. It's decent as erotica, but not much else. (I sorta hate that I liked it as much as I did.)What It's Worth by Gryvon - 4 starsThis is dubious consent. (view spoiler)[The "sub" has the option to choose not to go further and doesn't take the out. (hide spoiler)] I enjoyed the story woven around this one. We don't really get a lot of depth on the characters, unfortunately, but for the most part their motivations make sense. I rather liked Vincenzo, all things considered. He's enfuriating, but I still want to see Ian go back to him.Blindside by Stella Harris - 4 stars(view spoiler)[Seems like it would be easier for the upperclassman to just ask the freshman out on a date instead of contriving forced sexual situations to make his feelings known, (hide spoiler)] but I liked it for what it was. I have a soft spot for college boys, and this was possibly the most romantic ending of all the stories. (Tied with...)Unnatural Means by T.C. Mill - 4 starsThis one had the most unique universe, and there sadly wasn't enough of it, because it seems like a fairly interesting universe, and I would like to learn more about it. The change in Isak felt too fast, but given the limited space allowed for the story, it did pretty well in making me feel like it was possible in such a short time. Most interesting characters in this story.Salting the Earth by Heidi Belleau & Violetta Vane - 4 starsThis one is in the same universe as The Druid Stone, though it is completely standalone. [The only tie-in is Cormac Kelly, and it doesn't matter whether or not you know that - that knowledge is ultimately irrelevant to the story.] The story works (view spoiler)[though there's no sort of "happily" possible future by the end. (hide spoiler)] I'm rather curious to know whether or not more will be added to Ronan's story. I could easily see there being more to it in the future - Ronan going back, possibly for good. I would read a continuation.

  • Connie
    2018-11-17 17:34

    Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow & Naomi BrooksConnor is used to turn tricks when running low on cash. That´s how he meets Jarrett, who seems friendly enough and willing to help him out when needed. After a night together, Connor wakes up gagged, handcuffed and in a cock cage! A little more play than he asked for. For someone who only read about BDSM finding out he is stucked in a 24x7 Master/Slave contract comes as a shock.But what is really shocking is that he kind of wants to be where he is.Obedience Classes by Sean MichaelSean Michael understands BDSM like no other, I worship him.Gay wolfs, shifters with bad attitude and in need of training - I´m dead!So, Dirk is sent to train Trevor a rebellious wolf, one that doesn´t want to belong to a pack but will definitely belong to Dirk, even if he doesn't know yet.One hot, sexy as hell short. And if you don't get goose bumps every time Dirk pets Trevor and calls him “pup” you are not human.Probably my favorite in the Anthology.What It's Worth by GryvonNot my favorite, mainly because I couldn't see the real point of the story.It will tick your voyeuristic kink, if you have one, but that´s all.Blindside by Stella HarrisThis story I loved! Sexy MC, Matt, who submits to Dylan so naturally it is beautiful to read.I also liked the internal debate here, the questions and finally the feelings.While there is a level of non-con, for me it was more of a self-discovery story and I really enjoyed it.Unnatural Means by TC MillsI was so close to skip this story all together, then something suddenly changed and WOW.Total mindfuck, honestly.It has some paranormal, fantasy elements to it, and those might not be my cup of tea but the way it all comes together made it easier for me. The witch that “needs” redemption and the confessor that is attracted to the witch but thinks is purely witchcraft doing.It´s confusing, but it´s intriguing, like I said love it or hate it...there is a fine line in between them.Overall, I really enjoyed the Anthology as a whole. Discovering new authors, such as Stella Harris and TC Mills is always a treat.It´s a great compilation for those of us who enjoy pushing our boundaries a bit, and read about others being pushed as well.Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

  • blub
    2018-11-17 19:39

    I originally bought this book for Gryvon's story and to read my first Sean Michael story (it sounded interesting. I haven't/couldn't finish the book. I think I might have to wait a bit longer and hope I mature enough to be able to stomach it or just suck it up and take it one story a day.The title really works for the stories in the book. It will either be a hit or miss. Out of Options by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi BrooksConnor has a day job but it doesn't pay enough to pay all his rent so to supplement his income he prostitutes. It's on one of these nights working the streets he gets picked up by Jarrett. Jarrett appears like a cool rich dude and he doesn't seem too kinky in bed. After their night together, Jarrett suggests Connor call him if he ever finds himself short on cash again and they can hook up. A bunch of stuff happens and Connors ends up losing his job so he contacts Jarret who makes a proposition that includes a contract and whatnot. Needless to say Connor doesn't read it before signing and that's when Connor's life gets turned upside down. The first half of the story was nice, the second half the total opposite. The title of the anthology was really fitting for this one.If any of you have read Puppy Love (Book 1) by Jeff Erno then you can probably guess how this story will go ( might be worse than's been a long time since I've read Puppy Love). The treatment of Connor was hard to read and for a moment I thought I was going to burst out in tears (something I remember not feeling when reading Puppy Love). Obedience Classes by Sean MichaelStarted reading this but I got scared when The alpha suggested Dirk might want to start early Obedience Class for Trevor.

  • Swinging
    2018-12-04 00:42

    Out of Options – Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks?NOT READ YETObedience Training – Sean MichaelShifters4 starsI really liked this one, it was so freaking hot and the perfect amount of dub-com.What It’s Worth – GryvonSex club (very private type of sex club?)3.5 starsThis one has me flip flopping between squeaking me out and making me want to reread it. I want to hate Vincenzo, but a part of me is morphing parts of this story to something that makes my panties fucking hot. I really wish there was a sequel but I really am glad there isn't because I doubt the author would take the story to the place I want it to go. This indecision gives this book just over a 3 rating - I can't rate it lower because a part of me really loves this story (I mean Vincenzo whew) and I can't rate it higher because the other part of me really is disgusted that I like this story. I'm fucked in the head, who isn't.Blindside – Stella HarrisCollege boys4 starsIf there is a sequel I need to find it and read it, I like these boys! So sweet and cute and maybe dub-con though it never felt like dub-con to me. Unnatural Means – T.C. MillSaving a Witch's soul3 starsWow, just like What It's Worth, this one is a tough one to rate. It knotted up my insides, and I love when a book does that. I guess they scraped the surface of a possible romance angle and I wish they had gone further with it or did nothing of that sort at all, but just giving me this taste makes me want--no need--more. Well done read.Salting the Earth – Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane?NOT READ YET

  • Ajumi
    2018-11-28 23:51

    Out of Options – Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks2.5 starsWasn't really realistic at all...Obedience Classes – Sean Michael5 starsInteresting and somehow even cute.What It’s Worth – Gryvon5 starsVery hot ^^Blindside – Stella Harris3.5 starsOk. Not really what I like, but not bad.Unnatural Means – T.C. Mill3 starsDidn't completely make sense, but interesting role reversal.Salting the Earth – Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane4 starsYou can't completely follow what's happening, but very interesting. I really wanted to read more...

  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    2018-11-29 16:44

    I quickly snatched this anthology up to review. I personally like darker stories, so when I saw this contained non or dubious consent stories, I was all over it. I was also interested to see how each author would handle this theme and in which direction and level they would take it to.See the entire 3.5 star review at The Novel Approach:

  • Cecilia Rodriguez
    2018-12-08 20:41

    I've only read 4 of the stories.I enjoyed Sean Michael's Obedience Training....5 stars....thought this was the best story in the anthology.Blindside – Stella Harris......3 starsUnnatural Means – T.C. Mill.....3 starsOut of Options – Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks.....1 star, really 1/2 star if I could...didn't like this one at all, found it distasteful and rather creepy/scary for want of a better word. I found Jarrett to be abusive and manipulative.

  • Hc Lynn
    2018-11-22 22:43

    Cleaning up the library.. Willing to give this a go but didn't get too far. Reluctant vs. torture.. definitely two different things. First story quickly gets into torture and that's where we part ways