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He may have super powers, but his is no hero's story... For someone who has no idea how he acquired his special abilities, all Daniel wants is to live a simple, emotionally detached life. He has a quiet day job, a solo night job and no social life to speak of, and that's just the way he likes it. That is until Olivia King, a woman from a past he'd rather leave behind, talkHe may have super powers, but his is no hero's story... For someone who has no idea how he acquired his special abilities, all Daniel wants is to live a simple, emotionally detached life. He has a quiet day job, a solo night job and no social life to speak of, and that's just the way he likes it. That is until Olivia King, a woman from a past he'd rather leave behind, talks her way back into his life and he discovers that he is neither strong nor fast enough to fight off the attraction. Just as he finally accepts that she could be a permanent fixture in his life, Olivia disappears and he upends New York City to try and save the day. But when being honorable doesn’t get him results, Daniel yields to the dark pull of his powers, committing unspeakable acts in order to rescue the only person he’s trusted with his secrets. And just when his life could not possibly get more complicated, a psychic delivers some damning news that will pit his own happiness against the safety of those around him. Daniel has never considered himself a hero, but in the end, as he looks at the blood on his hands, he wonders if he isn’t the villain of the story after all. --- For mature audiences only....

Title : The Origin
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The Origin Reviews

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-02-12 03:50

    Originally posted at Quote: “She had changed, he made sure of that. “Our hero, Daniel Johnson, is a dark, broody, emotionally tortured young man who views his special powers as a curse. He never asked for the abilities to save the world and struggles to define exactly what he is. Rather like Batman in the Dark Knight-he is not a bright shining beacon of goodness. He doesn’t fight evil because he is inherently good but because he reluctantly feels he should. When a young woman from his past enters his life, he struggles to keep his distance. He fears emotional attachments and that he will inadvertently hurt her. But Olivia is determined to break through his shell and soon Daniel finds himself falling in love and accepting a future with her. That is until Olivia is kidnapped. Daniel crosses all the lines he has drawn for himself in his search for her and is left questioning if he is the hero or the villain.We learn throughout the book that though Daniel thought he was alone, there are others out there like him. The reasoning behind that are quite unique and I enjoyed the path Ms. Youkey takes with that.The Origin is an emotionally dark urban fantasy that plays upon the basics of good and evil with a twist. Set up in a comic book/soap opera style, Ms. Youkey build us a dark and philosophical multi-tiered character driven world that asks the basic question-what separates a hero from a villain? If you commit evil deeds for the good of mankind…can you still consider yourself good? Simple and straightforward writing style sets the story at a steady pace as we meet our hero and heroine and watch their lives unfold and intersect. Multiple sub-plots intertwine, giving us background on our characters and leaving us clues to future storylines. Engaging dialogue with injections of dark and snarky humor keeps the story grounded and realistic.Olivia King, our heroine, comes off at first as being the perfect girlfriend for Daniel, but as you get to know her, you realize that she is fighting her own demons. An intelligent woman who knows what she wants and she wants Daniel. Their courtship is both humorous and very slow as Olivia struggles to understand why Daniel pushes her away. When he finally reveals his secrets, Olivia acts quite realistic with thinking he is insane and/or making up excuses. She eventually accepts he is what he says, though her kidnapping occurs right afterwards, so we never know exactly how well she was dealing with it. I like how Olivia handles herself in the end. No whoa is me or heavy histrionics. I look forward to seeing how she deals with Daniel in the next book. The romance is heavy with chemistry and tension though the physical scenes are few.The secondary characters are interesting in their own right. Olivia’s father plays a large role as a controlling man whose actions concerning Olivia and others are going to come back and haunt him. We are left with the impression that he knows more about Daniel and his gifts. A bodyguard and ex boyfriend both have storylines that beg for more exploration.The villain of the piece inspires sympathy as we watch his rise and fall. With his story you start to get the answer to the question The Origin asks. I would have liked to see more development with them. We only got what was exactly needed from them. That was a problem I had with the story. It stays firmly in the present so we are left with a lot of questions of how everyone got to this point. Hopefully this will be addressed as the series progresses.The path to the end is convoluted as the main conflict wraps itself up but old and new storylines branch out and to lead us into the second book-The Forsaken-set to release in 2013. A mild cliffhanger promises interesting times ahead.Overall Rating: C+

  • Julian Tan
    2019-02-13 23:53

    I really enjoyed the rich character development, the intriguing storyline and the multitude of subplots happening which added depth and complexity to the story. In terms of subject matter, I think it hit the right balance between sci-fi, action and romance and the writing style is very readable and entertaining.

  • Laura Greenwood
    2019-02-12 07:07

    Review forthcoming on http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live...I received a copy of The Origin as a part of the Holding Out for a Superhero in exchange for my review.Since a terrible accident in school, Daniel hasn't let anyone get close to him, until runs into Olivia King and is taken by her presence and the fact that she just won't give up on him. As a ballet dancer with a lead role in Swan Lake and as the daughter of the richest man in New York city, Olivia is a well known person, and with her friend Alex still after her in a romantic way her life is complicated enough without the addition of John Mathurs' plot to get revenge on her father. Daniel can't stand the thought of anything happening to Olivia, but his quest to find her takes her down a path that he hadn't wanted to take. A path that could lead to hell.I want more! I have so many questions now! Though The Origin was definitely a complete story in its own right, I can't help but feel that there is still more that the characters have to experience and the story needs to go on. I didn't actually expect to be quite so drawn into the book, but I didn't want it to end!The relationship between Olivia and Daniel was interesting, it didn't just happen easily, there were several bumps in the road that had to be overcome for the two of them and they worked at it, even when they were mad. Because of this I thought that their relationship had a real feel to it. Plus they didn't just have sex all the time, they actually interacted and talked about other things.The action in the book actually had me on the edge of my seat at times, and there were several times where I was taken by surprise about events, particularly because characters weren't where I thought they were going to be! Not to mention the ending. Had not expected that, but it does work particularly in line with the visions seen by a certain other character.The powers themselves were an interesting concept. Very little was fully explained because the characters didn't truly understand them, and I do want to find out more. What was explained about the powers was well thought out and put into the story at the right moment (whereas a full explanation would not have worked as well).This is a book that definitely made me want more...though the ending that I was gunning for was more idillic, I actually thought that the ending used was well thought out and fit with the story. I'm certainly interested to see where the author is going with this!

  • Kari
    2019-01-30 07:57

    To see the full review, check out!We’re all used to seeing the good in our superheroes, and maybe even some of their flaws. But what about the not-so-pretty picture of a teen boy who discovers that the super-awesome powers he has doesn’t make him immune to pain and suffering – whether it be his or someone else's? In The Origin we see exactly that. Dark and broody Daniel Johnson lives in big, bad New York City all by himself, trying to escape an awful accident from a high school football game gone wrong. By day he’s a security guard for a bank, and by night he plays superhero, saving citizens as crime crosses his path. He thought he was safe from his past until Olivia King – a girl that had a huge crush on him from high school - shows up, in his bank of all places, and knocks his life down a path he never expected. Olivia King is the kind of female I love to find in a book. She’s confident, she’s driven, and she doesn’t take no for an answer. The second she walks away from Daniel when they meet in the bank I knew she was a woman I would absolutely adore. I wasn’t disappointed! Throughout the book you learn that while Olivia’s life may not have been smooth sailing, she’s working to pull her shit together and get her life straight. She takes her struggles in stride and works to rise above them, not to let them pull her down. This is a big contrast to Daniel, who has tried to push away from his past, and he constantly fights who he is. The Origin has a great pace. We have a healthy mix of romance, plenty of surprises, and some great (albeit violent) action. It can be very hard to follow action scenes in writing, but Wilette Youkey executes them perfectly. There’s an awful lot of circumstance and coincidence that lead up to the end of the book and a few big questions go unanswered, but the ending of the book catches you so off-guard you’ll be stalking the author’s blog for a release date of the next book. Who says superheroes are best left to comic books? Wilette Youkey brings the action to life, and all in text. The Origin is packed full of the stuff heroes – and villains – are made of. Wilette Youkey does an amazing job of showing us that strength in muscle and strength of character are two entirely different things. We get romance, we get well-written action scenes, and we get dark, broody men. Can you ask for much more than that? With the next in the series scheduled for release some time next year, this is a great time to pick up The Origin, and to start keeping an eye on Wilette Youkey.

  • Desertorum
    2019-02-17 03:59

    This had promise in the beginning. I liked that there were multiple relatively good characters (and there was some background information given from the characters even this was fairly short and quick paced read).Somewhere in the middle started my problems. I understand there are drama but if everything is turned into insecurity problems and fights just because they can´t communicate at all...There were times I just wanted to shout at them to get their shit together and talk and stop sulking like 3 year olds.I also liked Daniel at first...before he came this I-feel-sorry-for-myself kind of guy.Other thing (which is not so big deal but still little annoying) was this religious thinking; am I going to hell for killing these bad guys or asking for sign from God etc. I´m not religious so I´m not very fond of these things sprinkled in my reading experience (especially if they have no relevance to the story line).

  • Jecca
    2019-02-14 08:10

    I read this rather quickly and it was fairly interesting. I also find it hard to rate books when the story is not over. I felt unsatisfied at the end of it. I will probably read the next one, just to see where she goes with it. I was not a huge fan of the main characters, but there was a minor one or two I would like to know more about.

  • Jambriones
    2019-01-30 01:48

    very good book

  • Debbie
    2019-01-25 00:15

    Holding Out for a Superhero: A Multi-Author Box Set

  • Judy
    2019-02-01 07:15

    I would've thrown this book across the room if I hadn't been reading it on my iPhone. There were so many problems a (semi)skilled editor could have fixed.