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Fear is contagious…The No.1 bestselling internet sensation. Now in an updated edition with exclusive new material.A terrifying enigma – with the power to destroy…Twenty years ago, Kate Maddox was a volunteer at a research centre where scientists hunted for a cure for the common cold virus. That summer, Kate fell in love with a handsome young doctor, Stephen, but her stay eFear is contagious…The No.1 bestselling internet sensation. Now in an updated edition with exclusive new material.A terrifying enigma – with the power to destroy…Twenty years ago, Kate Maddox was a volunteer at a research centre where scientists hunted for a cure for the common cold virus. That summer, Kate fell in love with a handsome young doctor, Stephen, but her stay ended in his tragic death and Kate fled to a new life in the US.Now Kate is back in England and on the run with her young son, this time from her vile husband. But a chance encounter sets her on a terrifying path of discovery. What really happened at the Cold Research Unit two decades ago?Pursued by both her estranged husband and a psychotic killer who is obsessed with his prey, Kate must fight to solve the puzzle of the past – uncovering a sickening betrayal and a truth more horrifying than she could ever have imagined…...

Title : Catch Your Death
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ISBN : 9780007460700
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Catch Your Death Reviews

  • Pauline Ross
    2019-05-20 05:23

    This was a cheap ebook, and, as always, it's a bit of a gamble. Some are brilliant, some are awful, this was just a bit meh. There is a cracking story in here somewhere, but the authors have buried it under a positive mountain of cardboard cutout characters and unbelievable plot contrivances. The premise of mysterious goings-on at a research facility, ostensibly working on the common cold but actually up to something far more devious, is an intriguing one, and the plot rattles along at a good pace. But somehow, it never quite works.The main characters are completely flat. Kate is meant to be a highly intelligent scientist but, frankly, she comes across as pretty stupid, not to say flighty. Paul is entirely nothingy. The bad guys are over-the-top cartoon characters. The minor characters are one-dimensional. The technique of allowing pretty much everyone to have a shot at being a point of view character, which should give them greater depth, actually manages to make them less interesting. In Sampson's case, seeing exactly what is going on in his head makes him less scary - Hitchcock understood that very well - and it removes a great deal of the tension by revealing pretty much everything that's going on. Even so, there's still pages of detailed explanation necessary at the climax of the book.Vernon is a classic example of a missed opportunity. The authors could have made him a much more sympathetic character - Kate must have seen something in him at one time, after all, and he's described as being intelligent - but no, instead he's a one-dimensional bad-tempered misogynist whose only function is to be a mini bad guy early on and to create the dramatic climax by hiding away with Jack (and miraculously turn into a nice guy for the happy ending - bleah).As far as the plot goes, there are a few moments of cleverness - the business with swapping the two boys is nicely done - but there are too many coincidences and contrivances all the way through. The car chase sequence is quite ridiculous. A stag? Oh please... And what was the point of the shotgun in the boot? There were moments, too, when I was distracted by some of the historical details. Would Paul really have been able to use a PIN and card to get £1000 from a cash machine in 1989, for instance?There was one other aspect that grated on me, and that was the crude sexual descriptions. Sampson's fantasies I could live with (he's barking, after all), but Kate's panting lust felt all wrong, somehow. I couldn't quite see what the authors were aiming for. Sexual tension is a great driver, but that doesn't mean telling us every physiological response in Kate's body. It's not romantic or erotic, and frankly distracts from the thriller part of the story. It would have been far more effective and subtle to keep Kate and Paul's relationship in a more enigmatic state.But overall, the story is moderately readable, with a nicely dramatic (if overdone) climax, and if you can overlook the flaws it's quite a page-turner. I'm feeling generous, so I've given it 3 stars for effort.

  • Ashleigh
    2019-05-04 21:04

    This book was kind of... meh. It started off really well, I really enjoyed the first 30% of it but then it just became really difficult.The premise is really good, I really liked the sound of it, I really thought there was going to be a brilliant crime/thriller in here. The authors have, however, buried it under a positive mountain of generic characters and unbelievable plot twists. The idea of mysterious goings-on at a research facility, working on the common cold but actually up to something far more devious, is an intriguing one, and the plot moves along at a good pace. But somehow, it never quite works.The characters had promise to be really, really brilliant. Kate is meant to be a highly intelligent scientist but, honestly, she comes across as pretty stupid, the bad guys are over-the-top cartoon characters, the minor characters are one-dimensional and as for Vernon - he was a very missed opportunity (Kate fell in love with him once) But he is, instead a one-dimensional bad-tempered misogynist whose only function is to be a 'bad' guy early on and to create the dramatic climax.This could have been brilliant, instead it was just... average. I have loved many of Louise Voss' novels in the past, and this is a stark contrast to 'To Be Someone' for example and I don't know if maybe the problem was that it was joint authors - I've not read many joint-authored books in the past to cast judgement. All I know is I went in to this very excited and came out of it marginally disappointed. It was a good book, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

  • Lizzie Hayes
    2019-04-25 22:30

    Kate Maddox fleeing from her abusive husband in the USA returns home to England with her son. By chance she sees her lover Stephen who she knows died twenty years ago. The sighting takes her back to the time she spent with Stephen in the Cold Research Unit two decades ago. But the person Kate sees is Stephen’s twin brother Paul. The meeting with Paul has her questioning her time at the unit and what happened there, and as she concentrates on it she realises that her memory is at fault and that there are gaps. Can she fill in these gaps and should she? What was happening at the Cold Research Unit all those years ago?This is a chilling tale, as Kate seeks to uncover exactly just what did happen twenty years ago when she thought that she was participating in finding a cure for the common cold. As with Paul’s help Kate probes deeper, she puts herself and others in danger.These mysteries set in Research Stations always make fascinating reading, but just sometimes, one wonders just how much is fiction! However, although we are all aware on one level of the ‘flu virus’s, seeing then listed was a scary moment. This is one of those unable to put down books – have to finish it or won’t be able to concentrate on anything else. And there is one of those delicious twists that have the reader reeling.Highly recommended.------Lizzie Hayes

  • Wendy Tobin
    2019-05-16 05:27

    this was a fantastic book, couldn't put it down, so much so that i had to read it on my phone while i was walking the dog!!fast paced book that kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next.a book i would certainly recommend.

  • David Highton
    2019-05-05 23:04

    A compelling conspiracy thriller with a fast pace throughout - enjoyed reading it. Although development of a deadly virus is the root of the underlying story it does not dominate the action and you certainly do not need to know anything much about science.

  • Lindsay
    2019-05-12 21:31

    'She felt as if she was inside the sort of bad dream which just goes on and on, silently unfolding and transmuting from one nightmare scenario to another.'Main protagonist Kate Maddox, an intelligent and successful scientist working at Harvard researching viruses, has returned to her native England from the US, bringing her young son Jack with her. She feels her marriage to obnoxious husband Vernon is over, and has made the break without telling him; he is expecting her and Jack to return to Boston in a couple of days. Kate, meanwhile, is staying in a hotel in London, considering her next move, when she is stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of someone she can't believe she is seeing. Two decades ago, after graduating from Oxford, Kate spent time as a volunteer at the Cold Research Unit, arranged via longtime family friend Leonard Bainbridge. The scientists there were attempting to make a breakthrough in their studies of the common cold virus. On her second stay there, a fire took hold and Kate escaped the building, later fleeing to America to live, but her beloved boyfriend Stephen, a young doctor at the facility, didn't make it.The person who she is so shocked to see when she is in London becomes a companion to Kate in trying to uncover the mystery of what really happened to her beloved Stephen, and what was going on behind the scenes at the Cold Research Unit. Ultimately Kate will be pursued on two fronts, both by her angry husband and by someone much worse, a terrifying killer driven on by his obsession with Kate and by the instructions of his sinister superior Dr Gaunt. Dr Gaunt and his menacing sidekick John Sampson are chilling, ruthless and amoral. Gaunt has devoted his life to collecting and developing viruses, with scant regard for anything or anyone who gets in his way, and his secretive work hints at a frightening possibility of a future outbreak of virulent diseases. Sampson is a cold-blooded, unfeeling killer who 'was glad he had no morals', with no feeling towards his victims; put simply '..he was a monster.' Together they provide a tangible sense of terror and fear throughout, and they are a persistent threat to Kate as she slowly starts to uncover the truth about the past, and realises that there is an horrific impending threat looming over her and her family and loved ones. What an addictive read! This thriller, written by two authors combining their talents, had me picking it up again at every opportunity to read a page or two more because it was exciting and tense from fairly early on, and it successfully maintained the tension and my curiosity throughout, until the dramatic and revelatory ending. The main characters are flawed individuals who take wrong turns and make bad decisions at times; there were instances when I wished Kate had done something different, but the actions and decisions taken all add to the development of the story and lead us to a nail-biting conclusion. The terror Kate feels when confronted with Sampson is all too evident; 'When Sampson spoke, Kate had the sensation of being stroked by cold fingers. She could hear the darkness inside him.' If you are looking for an exciting, fast-paced thriller with twists, tension, and an element of romance, this could very well be the read for you.When you've finished this book, next time you are ill and the Doctor tells you it's 'just a virus', well, you might just wonder...!

  • Louise
    2019-05-26 00:09

    I co-wrote it... so I'm biased!

  • Elizzy
    2019-05-19 04:04

    ZusammenfassendKate packt sich ihren Sohn Jack und reist mit ihm von Boston nach London. Was sie ihrem fast Ex – Mann als kleinen Urlaub verkauft ist in Wirklichkeit eine Trennung. Eine Trennung von ihrem alten Leben mit ihrem fremdgehenden Ehemann. Doch was sie nicht weiss, ihre frühere Vergangenheit wird sie rasant einholen.Den Kate war als Studentin in einem Forschungszentrum, welches sich mit Erkältungsviren beschäftigte. Doch als dieses auf mysteriöse Weise abbrannte und dabei Stephen, die Liebe ihres Lebens, ums Leben kam wollte sie alles verdrängen und verschwand nach Amerika.Doch kaum ist sie wieder zurück in England trifft sie einen Geist, der sich als Zwillingsbruder von Stephen entpuppt; Paul. Und schon beim ersten gemeinsamen Gespräch bemerken die beiden, dass mit dem Feuer damals etwas nicht stimmte und Paul überredet Kate ihn zu begleiten, um dem Ganzen auf die Spur zu kommen.Doch im Hintergrund spielt sich noch viel mehr ab, denn verschiedene Leute haben davon Wind gekriegt, dass sich Kate wieder im Land befindet. Den Kate ist gefährlich, sie weiss mehr als sie wissen sollte und wird als Bedrohung eingestuft. Plötzlich wird sie zum Ziel von etwas grösserem und eine Verfolgungsjagt um Leben, Tod und Viren beginnt!Hier gelangt ihr zur Leseprobe.Gefiel mir sehrSchon nach den ersten paar Kapiteln war ich sofort von der Handlung und dem Rätsel um Kate gefesselt. Was war damals im Zentrum wirklich passiert? Wieso kann sie sich an kaum etwas erinnern und wer ist dieser seltsame Mann, der sich um sie “kümmern” soll?Die Autoren schaffen es die Spannung von Kapitel zu Kapitel anzuheben, dies gelang ihnen vor allem dadurch, dass sie öfters Mal an einer Stelle aufhörten und das nächste Kapitel mit einer vollkommen anderen Person begonnen haben, so dass man auf die Antwort bis zum übernächsten Kapitel warten musste. Ich mag diese Art von Geschichtsfluss sehr, da dies einem zum weiterlesen fordert.Ausserdem, ohne zu spoilern, das Ende war wirklich nochmal eine Überraschung und sehr Action reich!Gefiel mir nichtDie Liebesgeschichte zwischen Paul und Kate gefiel mir leider nicht wirklich. Das sie sich in den Zwillingsbruder verliebt und diese dann übereinander herfallen war mir irgendwie zu unsinnig. Da alles innerhalb von wenigen Tagen bzw. Stunden passierte, machte das ganze noch unglaubwürdiger.Schreibstil & CoverDer Schreibstil war flüssig und zugleich packend. Obwohl es um Viren geht, wurde das Thema so beschrieben, dass man auch als “Virenanfänger” verstand, um was es geht und man nicht jeden Begriff googeln musste.Das Cover ist schlicht und dunkel gehalten, doch weckt durchaus Interesse und trifft das Thema der Geschichte gut!BewertungBuchlänge ♥♥♥♥ (4/5) Schreibstil ♥♥♥♥ (4/5) Botschaft ♥♥♥ (3/5) Lesevergnügen ♥♥♥♥ (4/5)Vielen Dank an Randomhouse und den btb Verlag für das Rezensionsexemplar!With Love E.

  • Jill Deschuytter
    2019-04-27 03:22

    It wasn't bad but like I said before, I had a serious problem with that fact that Kate just met the twin of her dead boyfriend and sent her son to her sister,mostly to have sex with him.

  • Nikki-ann
    2019-04-27 21:30

    I can’t imagine the writing process of a novel written by two people, but here we have Catch Your Death written by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards, and it really works. This thriller is a fast paced, edge-of-your-seat kind of read that has its reader gripped right from the start and doesn’t let go until the very end. I realised I’d read almost half the book in one go by the time I first put the book down, it’s that good!The authors have obviously done a lot of research into the subject matter, but don’t let the fact that it is a medical thriller put you off. It isn’t complicated or wordy, it’s easy to follow with just the right amount of detail in it. In fact, the story will have you hooked!I enjoyed the mystery side to it whereby Kate is missing chunks of memory and so we don’t learn about what really happened until she does. That and the tension helps keep the reader on their toes.I liked the fact that the story dealt with a deadly viral situation that could realistically happen. And that’s quite a scary prospect really, especially when your immune system is already struggling to get rid of a lingering virus!I thoroughly enjoyed reading Catch Your Death and I think it has to be one of my best reads so far this year. So… what are you waiting for?! Go and grab a copy!

  • Sean Talbot
    2019-05-18 00:06

    top rated book . a truly wonderful read which is full of in depth knowledge of viruses as well as a hidden program in England.the main character lost her first love in a freak fire. it seems like she never found love again until she met then twin brother of her former lover.a true adventure that I couldn't put down. this will be one of my top reads for 2015

  • Nikki
    2019-05-12 03:27

    I really enjoyed it, though at times I found the styles of the different chapters a little disjointed, I couldn't help thinking the 2 authors had each written different chapters, I could be wrong but that's how it seemed. Would have been 5 stars but for this.Looking forward to the next book 'The Anitdote'

  • Brianna Entriken
    2019-05-12 02:01

    This book had me intrigued me from the start, I found it hard to put it down and I throughly enjoyed reading it.I can't wait to read more about Kate.(Book recieved through goodreads first reads)

  • Grahambootle
    2019-05-24 01:29

    It was a bit plodding and predictable, and in a couple of case downright unbelievable. Some of the secondary characters were cliches (the ex husband, the stay at home sister who drinks too much). Might read more Voss, but not super high of my list of books to read.

  • Suzanne
    2019-05-24 22:04

    Oh my gosh, it was great! My first time for this author and will be looking for more. It was fast paced, had believable characters and has a plot that is sooo scarey. Loved it!

  • Jack
    2019-05-10 23:06

    Awesome book with an amazing end. Got a bit boring in the middle however it was a good read. Finnished it within 4 days!

  • Alison Jones
    2019-04-29 04:05

    Fast paced and very engrossing thriller.

  • Niki Philipson was jeffs
    2019-05-22 04:29

    Good book. A bit long winded in places, but it gets to the point pretty quickly. Pleasant read

  • Daphne
    2019-04-25 02:18

    Bad. It started out acceptable enough for a relaxed read on a warm day, but the further I got, the more I struggled to continue. The reason was the bad writing and cardboard characters. Especially the main character Kate has to be one of the worst Mary Sue's that I've ever come across. Her character is very bland and plain, despite the fact she's supposed to be highly intelligent. It's often mentioned in the book how scientific and rational her mind is, but this so-called scientific way of thinking doesn't show anywhere in her thoughts, dialogue or actions. As a reader you're just supposed to accept she's this brilliant scientist simply because it's stated. There's no proof of this however. Which brings me to the main problem of the writing: it's almost all telling, no showing. To my understanding, one of the most important rules of good writing is that it should be mostly (if not always) the other way around. I've cringed so many times with this book when the character's feelings were completely spelled out for the reader (in particular concerning the implausible and cringe worthy romance). Nothing was shown through description, action, or dialogue. I sometimes wanted to yell at the book/writers: 'No! Don't just tell us that, show us!' It just didn't make for a good reading experience. Even the mildly interesting story line about the viruses just turned out to be a disappointing cliche. Some of the plot elements were promising, like Kate's 'reconditioning', but it wasn't explored much further and nothing very interesting was done with it. I can appreciate the attempt at writing. The writers probably had fun with the wild story line. However in my opinion, it's just not good. If you can get this for free like me, it's worth a shot, as you might enjoy it. But personally I wouldn't recommend buying.

  • Ayu Ikhwani
    2019-05-22 04:13

    I was a bit wary starting this book as I had been disappointed in another book (Killing Cupid) by the same authors. The only reason I picked up this book was because I wanted to quickly cross it off my TBR after being there for more than 4 years (I bought it along with Killing Cupid).Maybe because I wasn't expecting much, the book turned out more than just ok :) I liked the early part where you're just getting to know the characters. To me, it was written beautifully and at a good pace, not too overwhelming. However, midway through the book, I was getting annoyed with the two main characters but just as I was thinking I was going to be disappointed again, the story picked up and it was a smooth and great ride to the very end :)The explanations on viruses were very good , made you understand it without sounding too much like a reference book and it actually made me wanna Google some of them.I understand there's another book in this series but am still not too sure if I'd want to go search for it. I might though..

  • Seitenfluesterin
    2019-04-27 04:06

    ,, Die Welt stand in Flammen. Oder vielleicht war sie gar nicht mehr auf der Welt. Vielleicht war das hier die Hölle. "( aus Fieber - Angst ist ansteckend, Louise Voss und Mark Edwards, btb Verlag ) Um ihrer unglücklichen Ehe zu entrinnen, kehrt Kate Maddox gemeinsam mit ihrem Sohn Jack in ihr Heimatland England zurück - in das Land, aus dem sie eigentlichen geflüchtet war, um ihre Vergangenheit hinter sich zu lassen und ein neues Leben zu beginnen. Ihre Sorge, dass ihr Ehemann sie und ihren Sohn ausfindig machen könnte und ihr ihren gemeinsamen Sohn wegnehmen könnte, rückt jedoch ganz schnell in den Hintergrund. Denn kaum ist Kate in ihrem Heimatland angekommen, holt sie auch schon ihre Vergangenheit ein und das in Form einer Person, die Kates ersten Liebe zum Verwechseln ähnlich sieht. Kein Wunder, denn plötzlich steht der Zwillingsbruder ihres einstigen Geliebten, der bei einem Feuerausbruch ums Leben gekommen war, vor ihr. Sofort fühlt sich Kate mit ihrer Vergangenheit konfrontiert.Denn vor sechzehn Jahren meldete sich Kate als Freiwillige bei einem Forschungsprojekt zur Bekämpfung eines Erkältungsvirus an und verliebte sich auch gleichzeitig in einen in der Ärzte dort - Stephen. Doch ihr Aufenthalt nimmt ein traumatisches Ende. Denn plötzlich bricht ein Feuer im Forschungszentrum aus und obwohl es Kate gelingt dem Feuer zu entkommen, schafft Stephen es nicht und kommt in den Flammen um und gemeinsam mit ihm verschwinden auch Kates Erinnerungen an die Momente vor dem Feuerausbruch.Sowohl Kate als auch Paul - Stephens Zwillingsbruder - wird schnell bewusst, dass es etwas nicht mit rechten Dingen zugegangen sein muss, weshalb sie nun tiefer in die Vergangenheit eintauchen müssen. Ganz zum Ärgernis der Menschen, die mit aller Macht versucht haben, Kate aus dem Weg zu räumen, da sie zu viel zu wissen scheint....Sowohl der Klappentext als auch das Cover konnten mich in den Bann dieses Buches ziehen, weshalb meine Neugier für die Geschehnisse, die in dem Forschungszentrum vonstattengegangen sind, geweckt war. Mit der Erwartung einige schaurige als auch spannende Lesestunden mit dem Thriller "Fieber - Angst ist ansteckend" zu erleben, begann ich das Buch zu lesen und bereits der Prolog erfüllte meine Erwartungen! Wie der deutsche Schriftsteller Theodor Fontane einmal schrieb: ,,Das erste Kapitel ist immer die Hauptsache und in dem ersten Kapitel die erste Seite, beinahe die erste Zeile. Bei richtigem Aufbau muss in der ersten Seite der Keim des Ganzen stecken." - Diese Worte kann man sehr gut auf diesen Thriller übertragen, denn bereits im Prolog wird die Leserfantasie angeregt und der Leser gibt sich ganz seinen Spekulationen und Theorien hin an die er sich dann in der laufenden Handlung klammert. Auch ich hatte zu Beginn meine vagen Vermutungen darüber, was sich hinter dem Brand verbergen könnte. Doch schon sehr bald musste ich feststellen, dass sich hinter der Handlung ein komplexes Netz aus Beziehungen und Intrigen verbirgt, weshalb ich am Ende umso erstaunter darüber war, wie sich die einzelnen Informationsstücke zu einem Ganzen erschreckenden Bild zusammengeflochten haben. Dementsprechend war die Handlung wirklich gut durchdacht und unvorhersehbar, da der Leser ebenso wie die Protagonistin Kate und ihr Gefährte Paul im Dunklen tappen und man gemeinsam von Kapitel zu Kapitel etwas Licht ins Dunkle bringen kann, da man gleich von Beginn an auf demselben Stand an Informationen ist wie die Protagonisten. Selbst wenn ich mich mit keiner Figur wirklich identifizieren konnte, waren die Figuren gut durchdacht und glaubwürdig. Besonders Kate in ihrer Rolle als Mutter, die alles für ihr eigenes Kind auf sich nehmen würde, kommt hier sehr gut zur Geltung. Es ist beeindruckend wie viel Kate gekämpft hat so aussichtslos es auch zu sein schien, angetrieben von ihrer Hoffnung ihr Kind in Sicherheit zu bringen. Aber auch ganz menschliche Eigenschaften wie Egoismus machen Kate als Person in dem Thriller glaubwürdiger, als sie Jack bei ihrer Schwester ablädt um die Zweisamkeit mit Paul zu genießen. Sampson ist ebenfalls ein wichtiger Handlungsträger, da erst durch ihn die wilde Katz und Maus Jagd beginnt und mit ihm die Spannung an Fahrt aufnimmt. Sampson ist für mich eine sehr interessante und abschreckende Person zugleich mit seiner Freude daran, den Menschen Leid zuzufügen, aber dennoch nicht ganz von jeglichen Emotionen abgekapselt, da er offensichtlich bestimmte Gefühle für Kate empfunden hat. Er ist raffiniert und der Leser hält den Atem an, wenn man auf seine Person zu sprechen kommt.An Spannung mangelt es bei diesem Thriller nicht, auch wenn die Geschehnisse an manchen Stellen sehr in die Länge gezogen wurden, was dann in wenigen Fällen dann doch dazu geführt hat, dass ich das Buch aus der Hand gelegt habe, um mir eine kleine Verschnaufpause zu genehmigen. Dennoch war dies nur von kurzer Dauer und ich habe mich sehr schnell wieder in der Handlung eingefunden. Was mir allerdings sehr zu wünschen übriglässt ist der Schluss. Denn der Epilog lässt das Ende offen und nachdem ich so gespannt mit verfolgt habe wie Kate und die Mitarbeiter der Spezialeinheit verbissen darum gekämpft haben das tödliche Virus zu stoppen und Jack rechtzeitig das Gegenmittel zu verabreichen, hatte ich eigentlich damit gerechnet nun genau zu erfahren ob sie erfolgreich gewesen sind. Stattdessen wird der Leser ganz seiner eigenen Interpretation überlassen, irgendwie wird das Ende hier nicht so deutlich. Gerne hätte ich mehr erfahren...Insgesamt wurden meine Erwartungen bezüglich eines spannenden und für einige schaurige Lesemomente sorgenden Thrillers erfüllt, wenn auch mit ein paar Dehnungen und einem Ende, das noch viele Fragen offen lässt. Die Handlung sowie die Figuren sind sehr gut durchdacht und Teil eines komplexen Netzes in dem jeder einen wichtigen Part einnimmt. Hat mir gut gefallen!

  • Elli Lewis
    2019-05-05 00:31

    I liked the concept of this book and I enjoyed the beginning, not to mention that I wanted to know how it ended. However, I do not believe a mother would leave her son alone when she has just taken him overseas away from her abusive husband, I don't believe she'd have taken him abroad in the first place without first meeting with a lawyer. Plus she is so obsessed with Paul, it makes for uncomfortable reading a lot of the time. There's a lot of good things to say about the book, but these points did niggle me throughout.

  • Janine
    2019-05-14 03:08

    I have read many, many books over the years and I have to say that this one is right up there... As one of the worst. The premise is actually not a bad one - a bunch of rogue scientists developing terrifying viruses which are capable of wiping out half of the planet's population - but the execution was nothing short of laughable. The characters were unbelievable, with little or no depth and very little to explain the reasons behind their actions. And the plot is just utterly ridiculous. We are supposed to believe that Kate, who is an intelligent and well respected virologist, would within days of having arrived in England somehow bump into the twin brother of her dead former lover, and then fall in love with him. Leaving her son behind with her sister, she goes off across the country (although with the slightly dubious geography I was never sure where they were) in search of the real reason why the ex died. Of course, the baddies are immediately on her tail. There is a car chase, the murder of an old lady, two (no, three!) kidnappings, stolen guns, a police shoot out, and then... The climax to the entire thing.Kate's son Jack has been infected with this lethal virus but all is not lost because if they can get hold of an antidote within 15 hours, he can be used, and mankind will be saved. Only trouble is, the antidote is locked in a basement infected with said virus, and Jack has been snatched by his father and spirited away to a two star hotel at Heathrow Airport. Thankfully, Jack (the new lover, who's the twin of the old lover), is a computer hacker, and so he'll be able to work out how to get in through the maximum security door. And they don't need to worry about the virus, because Kate's going to get hold of a biohazard suit. Like you do... Paul doesn't have any trouble at all getting into the computer system, because "They make it easy because so many people forget their password and can't use their own computer any more", and then Jack decides to ring his mum from the hotel, and of course the call is traced within seconds and he is found and injected with the antidote. Phew! Also, it turns out that Stephen isn't dead after all, but he was kept as a slave in the basement where the mad scientists were working on their viruses! Except then he does die, because the virus gets him. Who'd have thunk it?The epilogue then gives us a hint that first Kate and then one of the agents who was at the viral basement, may be slightly unwell. They both write off their sniffles as colds, but the reader is left hanging - has the virus outwitted them after all???Although this book was truly dreadful, I'm glad I persevered until the end, because there were many occasions on which it made me laugh out loud. I think some of my Twitter followers also enjoyed my running commentary. I may just have to read the other book by this pair, to see whether it's as amusing. I hope, though, that this other book (Killing Cupid) won't have any rudey bits in it. There weren't many scenes of passion in this one, but the ones that were there, were laughable. My favourite line was the one about Kate being so turned on that her nipples were standing out like light switches. I really wish that people who aren't any good at writing erotica, would just stop trying, honestly.I don't often give books 0 stars, and I was tempted to give this one 1 simply because of the LOLZ, but I couldn't quite bring myself to do it and so it gets a big, fat zero from me.

  • Karen
    2019-04-28 21:27

    3.5*Another page turner from Mark Edwards & Louise Voss. Twists and turns throughout right up to the end. Whilst the idea of finding a cure for the common cold versus producing a deathly virus was a super storyline, I felt at times that some of it lacked credibility and therefore the ending was predictable. Would Kate & Paul find the antidote? Would Jack & Vernon be found in time? Of course they would! But I still couldn't put the book down til I completed it.

  • Nick Davies
    2019-05-10 03:20

    This is one of the worst books to read when you're laid up in bed with a heavy cold - which unfortunately I was when I read this.That said, this is one of the worst books to read, full stop, at any time. It was pretty bad. The story concerns a woman who was once involved in a clinical trial ending up meeting the twin brother of an ex-boyfriend sixteen years later and being chased round the country with him and her son, by her estranged husband, some psychopath identikit 'baddie', evil scientists and government conspiracies and all that crap. The characters aren't believable - mainly because they are either one-dimensional and stereotypical, or they are strong characters who suffer complete personality changes because they fall in love with someone they saw in passing. There is a massive disregard for how real people actually behave, there are numerous scientific errors illustrative of someone having done a little research and decided they can then simplify it for the lay-person without regard for accuracy (alas as a microbiologist myself, much of the virology in this book was stupidly wrong), and there was an odd smattering of bits in the story where it felt like the author(s) were throwing in references to ensure a book set in England would be understood in the USA too - which was very incongruous. I used to read more books of this 'fast-paced' ilk, which required the reader to not think too hard about how unreal it all was, but too much of it jarred with me reading it now. I would have probably liked it had I read it as a teenager. That said, I probably could have written it myself as a teenager - that's how naïve and simplistic it seemed at times.Oh, and by the way, the tag-line 'for fans of Dan Brown and Steig Larsson' is not the most accurate. Perchance the former - there were as many holes in this book than there are in some of Dan Brown's novels - but I would compare it to a Robin Cook novel, or perchance early Dean Koontz at his most schlocky. Crossed with Barbara Cartland in places.

  • MrsJana13
    2019-05-21 03:12

    Inhalt Kate Maddox kehrt nach zwei Jahrzehnten in den USA und einer furchtbaren Ehe nun mit ihrem Sohn nach Großbritannien zurück. Kaum in London angekommen sieht sie einen Mann der ihrem ehemaligen, verstorbenen Geliebten zum verwechseln ähnlich sieht. Einem Impuls nach folgt sie ihm und findet heraus: Zwillinge. Gemeinsam sprechen sie über die Vergangenheit von Kate und dem was damals Stephen - ihrem Geliebten - passiert ist. Kate beginnt sich zu fragen was man ihr damals bei den Experimenten gespritzt hat. Denn Kate war eine freiwillige Versuchsperson in einem Forschungszentrum für Viren. Bei einem Feuer starb Stephen. Kate überlebte, hat aber einige Erinnerungslücken. Gemeinsam mit Stephen´s Zwillingsbruder Paul begibt sie sich auf den Weg der Wahrheit und sticht damit in ein Wespennest.Meine MeinungDer Klappentext sprach mich hier direkt an. Der Schreibstil des Autorenduos ist leicht und flüssig zu lesen. Wissenschaftliche Themen werden so erklärt das auch Laien folgen können. Besonders spannend fand ich hier das Virenthema - leider nur ein Randgeschehen. Die Charaktere konnten mich persönlich nicht überzeugen. Besonders Kate war mir zwischendrin zu mädchenhaft. Bei einer Wissenschaftlerin hatte ich zudem mehr Arbeitsgeist als eine drängende Libido - in einer für mich unpassenden Situation - erwartet. Aber vielleicht bin ich da zu kritisch. Mir fehlt die Thrilleratmosphäre die einen die Luft anhalten lässt.Die Geschichte selbst hätte richtig gut werden können, verliert sich jedoch einmal in Kate´s Problemen und lässt einen Spannungsbogen vermissen. Sehr vieles ist einfach zu vorhersehbar. Ich wusste schon recht früh was los ist/war und las eigentlich nur noch um gewisse Details zu erfahren. Antworten bekommt man zwar aber trotzdem hinterließ mich der Roman am Ende nicht zufrieden. FazitEin Thriller der bei mir kein Fieber ausgelöst hat. Kann man lesen, muss man aber nicht.

  • Matt
    2019-05-07 05:24

    Louise Voss and Mark Edwards team up to create this scientific quasi-thriller, where the story remains fast-paced to the closing pages. As a college graduate, Kate Maddox volunteered at a research centre set to cure the common cold virus. She fell in love with one of the doctors, but a tragic set of events left him dead and Kate on her way to Harvard, with no recollections, save a disastrous fire. Back now, two decades later, Kate and her young son stumble upon a connection to that past, someone who has as many questions surrounding the death at the facility and the truth kept hidden. With a disgrunted ex-husband on her tail and a contracted killer trying to silence Kate before she discovers the truth, the story takes a significant shift through rural England. Once the truth is revealed, Kate learns the truth behind the facility and what happened the night of the fire, but also discovers a new and horrifying truth. A decent novel with short chapters and a race to the finish, Voss and Edwards have a sound future together, even if thrills are not central to their work product.Having devoured Edwards' work, I had hoped this first joint effort might prove to be as thrilling. I was sorely mistaken, at least in this novel. The story does have a decent pace and is peppered with Edwards' apparent enjoyment of physical intimacy, but plays out more as a 'race to tell the truth' than the thrills and spills that Edwards has concocted on his own. I look forward to reading some more of their joint work, in which psychosis replaces a Chrichton-esque medical thriller.Kudos, Madam Voss and Mr. Edwards for this entertaining novel. Not spine-tingling, but still a decent effort.Like/hate the review? An ever-growing collection of others appears at:

  • Judie Holliday
    2019-05-09 04:24

    I was a little disappointed in this book because the concept sounded terrific - a woman who attended a special medical unit studying viruses gets caught in a cover up. The execution wasn't terrible, just okay. The love story and the main plot were poorly integrated; I just couldn't believe in the pace of the romance given the circumstance. Huge plot developments were just thrown in and then left hanging (a woman is shot and killed but no one seems to notice or care). A lot of time is spent developing characters who are mere plot devices: the couple who supply the shot gun, the main character's sister. Worst of all from my point of view, at the end of the book when the reader is finally let in on the secrets behind the action, the reveal comes from the bad guy monologuing - blah. The characters were a bit two dimensional, even the main ones. I felt they behaved in ways that were hard to accept: would a woman who had just run away from an abusive husband really leave her son with someone while she ran off to spend time with a man she'd just met? When the action really kicks off and her own life and the lives of those she loves are at risk, would she really worry that her new boyfriend might be feeling jealous? All in all, I think this would probably make a better film than book.

  • Book-Lover Book Blog
    2019-05-18 21:01

    This definitely isn't their best work. Although this book was interesting and informative, I found the story lacked in places and unlike other books by Mark Edwards, this one didn't have me slapping myself for not guessing correctly....for once, I actually guessed most of it pretty accurately.I think this book focused more on the information then it did the story or characters, I didn't feel a connection with the characters as I did in previous books. But saying all this, I did enjoy it and thrill of the chase certainly got my adrenaline rushing. It's not their best, but she a pretty good read.I was actually reading this why suffering a horrible bout of flu which rendered me useless all week....this book made me paranoid, honest to God, I was ready to get my ass to the doctors. This also made me want to coddle my child all the more. Monsters do exist, the roam the streets we walk on and breathe the same air we do. This just goes to show how normal a person can look, but on the inside they're nasty, evil and vile.

  • Books n AllJill Burkinshaw
    2019-05-11 00:08

    I am not sure why the synopsis on this book is written in a foreign language but I can assure readers the book with this code is written in English.A very interesting book based around biological warfare mix that up with psychological killers and power mad men and you have the perfect ingredients for a gripping thriller.The main character, Kate spent a short period of time in a Cold Research Centre in her university years and learned some secrets but was later brain washed and bribed to move to USA with a dream job. She returns to escape a violet marriage and steps into a nightmare.Well developed characters and a very gripping story. Mark and Louise have joined together in a perfect relationship to write some excellent books. I havent read one from either author or a joint effort that has been anything less than brilliant.I noted that this is book 1 so I am sure Kate Maddox will appear in future books, hopefully in a sequel to this one, as there were a few loose ends in this book.