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****WARNING**** This book contains a love story.  Yes, there is"instalove", but there's so much more than love.  There's a beautiful friendship between an unlikely pair, and a grandma who will keep you laughing.  This is a YOUNG ADULT book ages 13+  Do you believe in faeries? This is meant for ages 13 and up.A move from the Bronx in New York, to New Bern, North Carolina, i****WARNING**** This book contains a love story.  Yes, there is"instalove", but there's so much more than love.  There's a beautiful friendship between an unlikely pair, and a grandma who will keep you laughing.  This is a YOUNG ADULT book ages 13+  Do you believe in faeries? This is meant for ages 13 and up.A move from the Bronx in New York, to New Bern, North Carolina, is not what Jessie Lucente planned before her junior year. Her selfish alcoholic father left for Greece, causing her mom to make the decision to move. Fate has a way of aligning our life to meet its correct path, and this is no coincidence to be ignored.Jessie is faithful to two things, her "THIS SUCKS" list, and her friend Jersey. How could she not know about Light Tamers? How could she not know SHE'S a Light Tamer? Caleb, her true mate - the one who has been bound to her, will hold her hand along the way to discovery. They will soon find out the world of Tamers is more complicated than expected. Their relationship is sweet, complicated, strained, and full of gooey kisses and teen angst.Amber is a teen with attitude and a smart mouth. She has a tendency to keep Jessie on her toes with humor and friendship. She's not bound to anyone, things may be bleak for her if it isn't remedied.This young adult book will awaken the memories of first love and best friends."New Author for me AGAIN!What a great first book to read by Devyn Dawson." Book Reviewer"It was refreshing to read something in this genre that had the fantasy and twist and turns along the way that I like to read, but had nothing to do with Vamps or Were's." Book Reviewer"The Light Tamer is a fun, quick, exhilarating, romantic, and such a delight to read. I definitely recommend this book and hope that you go and get yourself a copy today!!" Book ReviewerOther works by DevynThe Light Tamer TrilogyThe Light Tamer - Book OneEnlightened - Book TwoAmber's Faerie Tale - Book 2.5 Available winter 2014Light Bound - Book Three - available 2014The Legacy of Kilkenny - Book OneMalevolence - Book TwoThe Seduction - Book 1.5The Great Wolf - Winter 2014New Adult BookSapphire - A Werewolf Love StoryCry Me a River...

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The Light Tamer Reviews

  • Haley Brown
    2019-01-29 16:04

    I feel this book was very underdeveloped. I felt the author rushed to tell us everything, nothing was explained very well, and the names for the evil things is just terrible and non-creative. On barnes and this book received lots of good reviews so I bought it, now I'm guessing all of the reviews had to have been written by 12 year olds. This could have been a great book if she had made the first book into 2 instead of one. I also hated the way the main "couple" was introduced, It was fast and not creative at all. I also did not enjoy the way that she tried to put bad things in the book it was like she looked at the finished product and said Hmm i wonder what else I can put in-between conflicts.*Spoiler: towards the end the author breaks the bond between the main couple and and the main girls gets a new bond. But they don't even spend thirty minutes like that before they get broken up too. The part where they try and kill the bad guy last a whole like two seconds also. This whole book just doesn't flow and is very fast and unexplained. I do not recommend it at all. I do feel the author had a good idea but should have taken more time to write this.

  • Emma
    2019-02-03 00:04

    I wanted to read this book because of it’s sequel, Enlightened. It has a beautiful cover that automatically garnered the attention of the YA lover in me. But of course, I couldn’t read the sequel without reading the first novel to begin with. And that my folks, was my mistake. I didn’t take the time to read the synopsis or read reviews (not that I read too much into them in the first place; everyone has their own opinions). I was excited to read this book because I saw that it had 4 star ratings and beyond. Plus, it was an Indie book and I’ve been trying to expand my horizons.But I was terribly disappointed with Devyn Dawson’s The Light Tamer. There is a major tense issue. That’s the first thing that threw me off. It’s written terribly in that way which a reader can’t dissect which tense the author is using. I mentally had to correct sentences on every page because it wasn’t written grammatically correct. After the third chapter I gave up all together because a) it’s not my job to edit this book and b) it took away from my enjoyment of it. I honestly wish that it would have been proofread thoroughly before it being published. I think that it would have made a world of difference.Second thing that bothered me was the entire execution of the plot. So you have a fifteen-year-old teenage girl named, Jessie, who just moved to New Bern, North Carolina. Upon her first day she meets Caleb. A few days after, Caleb and her go on a date where he, not so subtly, tells Jessie that she is a supernatural creature – a light tamer. What does she do? Believes him. She doesn’t question it for a fraction of a moment. First of all, what kind of person believes a stranger at face value? If it were me I would have run away from him and thought he was crazy. That’s what any normal girl would do, right?Along with the whole discovery of Jessie being a light tamer was her romance with Caleb. It happened in 2.o seconds. When he tells her that she’s a light tamer, just like him, he also throws the curve ball that she’s BONDED TO HIM. Yep. That’s right. He wants to touch her and be around her every second of every day. Add that to the fact that he can read her every thought, and you have a teenage boy with an Edward Cullen complex, minus the whole mentally abusive aspect.It sounds horrible, what I’m saying, but in my opinion it was not written well. It was under-developed in many ways. The romance being one of them. But there had to be something that kept me reading till the end, right? Why else would I have finished?The book did have some redeeming qualities about it. First thing was the world that Devyn created. I’ve never read or come across anything that resembled a light tamer. They are humans who have the ability to heal and need the strength from the light to feel safe, warm, and connected. There are also dark ones who were previous light tamers but were converted to the dark side when they lost the protection of their family or their bond mate. Her concepts were original and I’ll give Ms. Dawson brownie points for that. Her writing also had a strong voice, which made the book nothing short of dull.There are many people who loved this book, but unfortunately it was not my cup of tea. It sucks because I really wanted to read the sequel and now I have lost interest because of how badly the book was written. Like I said, if the book was thoroughly proofread and developed more as a whole then it would have been an amazing start to a series.

  • Trish
    2019-02-16 21:48

    An author I am friends with on Facebook recommended this book so I figured I would take a shot at it. Let's just say that I am SO SO GLAD I didn't pay anything for it. After a couple chapters, I couldn't take anymore. It is HORRIBLY written! A ton of grammatical errors. It seems like a kid wrote this! I don't understand where the 5 star ratings are coming from, but I'm guessing, it's from a bunch of 12 year olds?I usually don't bash authors but I'll stand by my word. I was ecstatic to be able to read something new but in the end, it was disappointing. The plot was rushed through and some parts were confusing. I had to go back several times to be able to get the jist of what the author is implying. Bottom line: I will not be reading any more from this author.

  • Cam Garza
    2019-01-21 23:59

    I want my 2. whatever dollars back. It doesn't matter if it only two dollars I demand a refund, this is so bad it shouldn't cost, I've read much, much better books for free and you're making me pay for this shit? No, just no.This book was a serious let down, I had really high hopes in this and really, most of the time I thought it was just some kind of a big joke and I'm raving mad because my 2 dollars went down the toilet (believe me I would have flush it down the toilet or burn it to ashes if it wasn't an ebook).This book was hilariously bad, there's so much stupidity and shit going in here its simply hilarious. And, drum roll, the impossibly fast insta-love we were all expecting.Really it was just ugh *shudders* and you know what, the writter ruined a really good creative idea in here, but she just had to put a mega idiot as a main character and tries to paint her as beautiful, sweet, intelligent and some other things when she is just a doormat who fell in love with another doormat except the love interest doormat is a dork, and not even the type of dork you what to hang out with and be friends with, no, he was the annoying type of dork whom the author tried to paint as sweet when in times he was just one of those people you wanna step on and it ended being annoying, I think the only "good" character was Amber, I liked her cussing, it was hilarious plus she was the only one who never acted as if their kisses that where more like make-out sesions, that where more like dry-humping sesions, where sweet or right or simply normal. During the time I was reading this book I was thinking that Jessie was a younger and cleaner and not so sluttly version of Anastasia Steele, similarity # 1: She says "Holy..." too much, one time she even said "Holy cow Batman", similarity # 2: She was dumb, so dumb that I wonder how she ever survived in New York, similarity # 2: She has a pathetic excuse of love, and the list goes on. Seriously, if your searching for something hilariously bad, this is the perfect book for you, there's so much stupid shit going on here and it's fast pace in a way that makes ou feel like your missing some pages in the book or something. Eh, I'll probaly end up reading the next book just to see what other stupid things Jessie doesn and how Devyn here ruins yet another book. I am ashamed this is considered literature.Question:If a guy who can apparently hear your thoughts comes and tell you some pretty crazy shit about yourself or more like nabout what you are and he tells you that he's "bound" to you, what would you do?a) tell him he's crazy, kick him and run.b) believe, without a doubt or hesitation, that what he says it true and accept it.c)act normal and when you're in your house call 911 and tell them there is a lunatic loose in the city and that he's dangerous.My Answer: a or c or maybe bothJessie's Answer: bWARNIG: THIS IS ONE OF THOSE BOOKS WHERE A BEAUTIFUL COVER HIDES A TERRIBLE BOOK.

  • Jess
    2019-01-20 18:47

    I really don't understand why this has gotten so many good reviews. I hate giving one star reviews (because I know how hard writers work on their books and it feels like I'm being a huge jerk and not appreciating that fact when I give one star reviews) but this book just does so much wrong. Information dump after information dump and the main character is just like "Oh, okay" to everything. Please note the following examples aren't actually from the book and are instead just an example of how this book dumps information on the main character (who believes everything she's told): "Jessie, you are really a magical unicorn disguised as a human and I am your mate.""No way.""Yes, I really am and I will prove it by giving you tingles when I hold your hand.""Wow, okay."Or..."Jessie, you can actually fly.""No way.""Yes, I saw you do it as a child.""Wow, I thought I was just making that up in my head. I guess that's why I always thought I was Supergirl, huh?""Yes, now give us a demonstration.""Oh, okay."This kind of stuff happens a lot. It's just not believable. She can randomly do things without any prior knowledge (bam! after finding out she's a light tamer she can just...DO stuff without even really thinking about it). She finds out she used to be able to do things when she was little and then just can do them again. Why couldn't she do it all along, realize she's different, and then find out she's a light tamer? THAT would have been more believable. Going from seemingly normal girl to light tamer? Not so much.There is instalove. This could have been done a lot better if only because the characters did have a past...but it fell flat for me. Dorky boy from the past becomes hot guy in the present and swoon, they're in love. It should have been more developed. I couldn't even finish this book and I'm usually one of those people who keeps on reading even if it's horrible. This book had me rolling my eyes every few pages and I just couldn't continue for fear of eye damage. For all I know somebody told the main character that she was really a sea monster and she was like "Oh, okay" and went on a rampage before disappearing into Loch Ness (because she suddenly could breathe underwater). The worst part is that there is a decent idea in this book. The execution could just use a lot of work.

  • LeAnn
    2019-01-20 15:55

    I feel like this book has ADD- everything happened so fast and nothing was explained well at all. Plus, topics were switched without a thought and it just wasn't focused. I feel like the author was rushed and just wanted to finish to get a book out. This book lacked so much depth. The relationships, the plot, the dialogue... Don't get me started on the dialogue! A lot of it was choppy and unrealistic. This book had so much potential and it could be really great but the execution was just all wrong. I don't know why it has so many 5 star reviews. The writing was so juvenile, like a person in junior high wrote it. The plot concept is pretty original since I've never heard of light tamers and that was about the only redeeming quality.

  • Autumn Review
    2019-01-21 17:50

    Jessie Lucent's alcoholic father has left for an art career in Greece. Now, Jessie and her mother are forced to leave New York and move to North Carolina to live with her grandmother, Ms. Gayle. Needless to say, Jessie isn't happy about the move. That is until she's reunited with her childhood friend Caleb Baldwin. Caleb isn't the awkward kid she once knew who had saved her from drowning. Now, Caleb is tall and very good looking. Jessie and Caleb have chemistry and she soon finds out that Caleb is a Light Tamer. Jessie is also a Light Tamer and she and Caleb are bonded mates. They need the light in order to survive and avoid the Dark Ones, who want to steal their light. As Jessie is introduced to this new information, she also meets Amber, who is also a Light Tamer. Amber is unique. She has been forced to take care of her father after an accident. The friendship she and Jessie develop is interesting. My Take:I won't lie, I liked the cover, saw romance in the description, and I was sold. Seriously though, it sounded like a book I'd be interested in and I've been looking for different paranormals to read lately. I needed a fresh perspective and I wasn't disappointed. Jessie is sixteen, moving to a new place, dealing with some family turmoil, is falling in insta-love for the first time, so it was pretty easy to sympathize with her. That's a ton of stuff going on at once. I liked her because she has spunk, thinks for herself, and is really pretty funny. Then there is the relationship with Caleb. I'll admit, Caleb sounds hot, but it took me a bit to warm up to him for some reason. I can't really put my finger on why. I ended up loving him though and I love how he dotes on Jessie. I thought it was funny that he could hear her thoughts all the time, but she could only hear his on "special" occasions, until the end anyway. ;) Amber is just flat-out funny. Eccentric, is putting it mildly when it comes to Amber. She made me laugh from the minute I met her. The thing I'm curious about with Amber is what role her father's accident and how her dead brother will play into the story. Is there more to that or was it simply an accident? I felt bad that her shot at romance was shattered by bad Otto. Bummer for her. As for the story...I liked it. It was a different spin on the paranormal, although I'm still not exactly sure what a Light Tamer is. I mean, I know that they need the light, have unique healing abilities and mind control, but I'm trying to understand their purpose. Are they a special kind of spirit or something? I do like how the story developed and liked that there was more to Jessie's abilities and history of her family. I was a bit nervous toward the end, but I was happy with the ending. I'm curious to see what will happen in the next book. Overall, the humor, drama, love, and suspense kept me interested till the end.

  • Sara
    2019-02-02 21:41

    I found this book to be very enjoyable!Jessie is the main character, and the voice of the story. She is hilarious! I loved her thoughts, words, and attitude the whole book. She finds out she is a Light Tamer and has a few superpowers to go with it. She is also bound to the awesome, adorable Caleb. I just fell in love with this one. And they have their snarky friend Amber to help them out. This book has a little action as they figure out how to send the Dark One Erebus back to hell. then there are a few twists to the story, and the promise of an exciting adventure in the next book (which I discovered should be out in the next couple of weeks). If you are looking for a little differnt kind of paranormal, then this one is for you. Highly recommend!

  • Quinn Loftis
    2019-01-25 19:01

    The best thing about this book is that it's unique. The idea is fresh, the characters are very likable. The lead female isn't obnoxious or overly independent but she isn't codependent either. The supporting characters aren't overwhelming but compliment the main characters and add substance to the story. I loved Jessie, she was dealing with a lot of crap but handled it well. The humor is great, which is important to me because I don't want to read a book and feel like I can't ever take a breath. This is a great read. I only write reviews for books that I think are worth the hours it will take to invest in them. This is a good investment.

  • Shelly Crane
    2019-02-08 22:52

    This was a very cute book. I really enjoyed it. Laughed when the main guy's name was Caleb and they were going to be mates :) Devyn is a such sweetheart and I loved all the lovey dovey stuff between the two MCs. Amber was a hoot. She infuriated me, but made me laugh at the same time. The climax was a shock and I stayed up late to finish it b\c I had to find out what was going to happen. This is a book for younger readers. Definitely YA and very clean.5 sweet, gotta-have-on-my-bookshelf stars from me!

  • Keren Hughes
    2019-02-01 18:48

    Taken from my original review at: http://gothicangelbookreviews.blogspo...I have been lucky enough to read and review a book of Devyn's before, THE LEGACY OF KILKENNY and when she approached me about reviewing her new book THE LIGHT TAMER, I was quick to agree. I love Devyn's writing and was keen to try something new by her. I absolutely love this cover. What with purple being my favourite colour, I was instantly attracted to it. The model is really pretty and I like the whole light and beautiful vibe it has.I always wonder when writing a review what I can offer that no-one else can. The only answer I can come up with is, my opinion. Why do people read my reviews? I like to think it's because I'm honest and I am passionate about reading. So I try to put some of that passion into a review. So, on with my review of THE LIGHT TAMER....15 year old Jessie Lucente has moved from New York to New Bern, North Carolina. Jessie's parents have split up and her mom has taken her to live with her grandmother, Ms Gayle. The trouble is, New Bern has a population of around 75,000 and 70,000 of those residents are retired. So it's hardly the hip and happening town that Jessie is used to in New York.She misses her best friend Jersey. She misses her old life. More than that, she misses her dad who went to live in Greece. Little does she know that New Bern is set to be more interesting than she gave it credit for. Things start looking up the moment she sets eyes on Caleb. He's not the weird, scrawny boy she remembers from summers spent with Ms Gayle. Gone is that image she had of him. replaced by this gorgeous, tanned hunk. When Jessie touches Caleb, she feels a shock of electricity. She feels warm and tingly. More so than you feel when you're crushing on a new boy. This is something much more than that. But what...? Caleb explains to Jessie that it's because he's a Light Tamer, otherwise known as a SLIder. As is she. Now it's not up to me to explain what a Light Tamer is or what they can do. That's something you need to discover for yourself. Caleb introduces Jessie to a friend of his, Amber. She's also a Light Tamer. When you meet Amber, you'll think she comes across as maybe a bit ditzy, a bit weird and a lot sarcastic. But she is actually pretty awesome. Maybe it's because I possess the same personality traits, but I like Amber a lot. Her snarky comments and her sassy attitude had me raising an eyebrow here or there and laughing, okay snorting, out loud. Jessie and Amber get on really well. Better than Caleb could've hoped for. So even though she feels like a third wheel to their relationship sometimes, Amber hangs out with them quite a lot. They are a fun little trio.It's not until the introduction of Otto that a spanner is thrown in the works. Otto is the love interest introduced for Amber. Jessie instantly thinks there's something off about him but can't place her finger on what. I'll leave it to you to find out the ins and outs surrounding Otto. All I will say is, he's not the nicest guy on the block.I liked this book because it was a fast-paced, laugh a minute kind of book. I managed to read the first third of it in an hour. It's a Paranormal Romance, but it could also be classed as a comedy. I absolutely love Devyn Dawson's sense of humour. There's hardly a chapter or even a page that went by without me laughing to myself about something. THE LIGHT TAMER was a little like getting on a roller coaster and hurtling towards gravity at breakneck speed. The end came about all too fast and I just wish I had book 2 readily available so that I could continue on the journey. Thank you Devyn for giving me this wonderful book for review. I really am eagerly awaiting the next installment in this trilogy

  • Sarah Kalaitzidis
    2019-01-24 18:03

    I went into the book thinking that I would enjoy it. It's an original concept within a genre I normally read. However, I feel that the writer didn't give enough credit for the readers and wrote it in a juvenile style, typical with tween readers audience. It was as if they couldn't decide to make this a tween or young adult book. I will say this I do like the concept of Light Tamers. I never heard of it before, and I love the idea that they need light to survive. However, the villains of the book, Shadows (?) steal the light from them. When this happens, then they too become a bad guy. It was interesting to see a twist on traditional myths, as the fates love to change the lives of humans. In traditional myths, they create the path and leave it alone.However, this book has many serious flaws.. I've never read a book where a girl talks to herself so often. To make it more confusing, her thoughts are heard by Calab (her boyfriend), and yet she still thinks her thoughts while hoping he doesn't hear. It becomes difficult to follow. It's made more difficult with the juvenile writing style. It seems to be written for ages 10-12, but it's not aimed for that audience. It took me a very long time to finish reading this book, as I had to force myself to read straight to the end. It seems that in a realistic situation, someone would be a bit more freaked out if they realized someone could read their thoughts. She barely reacted when she found out that he could read her thoughts. She just brushes it off and goes straight into wanting to kiss him. It didn't seem to phase her when she started to hear his thoughts.At one point, she begins to think to herself about if he knew how much she loves his kisses. Because he can read her thoughts, now he does! And despite being told by her grandmother (who acts like a teenager throughout the book) that a few Tamers can heal people, she sees herself as a freak because she has this ability. She comes across as a strong character, but she takes everything that happens to her seriously. She wants to grow into her newfound role quickly, and not enjoy the journey.The character of Amber seems a bit two-faced in her personality. She's not the type of person I would associate with if I ever met her. She talks badly about her diseased brother, and is a bit thoughtless. I can see why she doesn't have any friends when she treats people who try to be her friend badly.The romance moved a bit to fast for me, and not one that's appropriate for a tween audience. After meeting for the second time in three years, they decide to become a couple. There's a lot of talk about breasts and how the main character wants Calab to touch her. But, because they're bonded, she can feel him touching her skin, despite touching through clothed. She even thinks, "I’m oddly aware that my breast are about to be smashed against his chest.... My breast pressed against him, my hands in his hair... My heart reminding me I’m alive." It's due to this writing, and others like it, that a 10-12-year-old shouldn't read it, although the writing seems to be catered for themUnfortunately, I found this book to be predictable. The villain is obvious from the start, and when they mention healing powers in the start of the book, it's clear that the main character will have this ability. The only real surprise is with a key scene with the father, although the ending of the scene is sad.I think that the base work for a true bestseller is here, but there's internal weaknesses that the author and their editor should have been able to flesh out and strengthen. It was like they couldn't decide what audience to go for, so they combined styles for a multiple audience range.

  • Julie
    2019-02-01 21:36

    The Light Tamer is a reminder of what it felt like to date and find love for the very first time. It is a very sweet paranormal romance for the young adult audience as well as us young at heart adult readers. A good quick read, that had me laughing, sighing and falling in love with the characters.The story is told through the point of view of the main character, Jessie. She is a fifteen year old that has just moved to New Bern, North Carolina and it doesn’t take long before she meets a handsome guy called Caleb. Soon after meeting him, she learns they share a bond that continues to bring them closer together. Caleb was, of course, my favorite character. Who couldn’t fall in love with him. He is handsome, a gentleman, has an awesome sense of humor and is the perfect white knight. Devyn Dawson did a great job of portraying teenage thoughts, emotions, behavior and common worries. This made the characters feel more alive and real to me. One of the characters reminded me of myself at that age. I remember all too well the awkwardness of being a teenager. This story being a reminder of what it felt like to be young and to experience these things for the first time is what I felt was grasped the most in this story. The awkwardness of dating for the first time, the first feelings of falling in love and finding a place you belong were portrayed so you could experience it firsthand.Although the paranormal element in this story was interesting, especially where it supposedly originated, it left me wanting more and feeling like there were some questions left unanswered. When first reviewing this book, I was not sure if this was a single story or if the author was setting up for a series. I said that it felt like the beginning of a series to me. And that’s exactly what it is. This is the first glimpse of what will be a trilogy.Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Light Tamer but still hope the author will expand on this story and reveal some of the unanswered questions. It is a great read and I’m glad I got the opportunity to read it. I will definitely be looking for the next one and checking out her other series, The Legacy Series.Recommend to Paranormal Romance and Young Adult Fans.*Although I won a free copy of this book through a Goodreads first reads giveaway, my review is not altered. This is my honest opinion.

  • Andrea
    2019-02-11 18:45

    This was a quick and easy read in one evening. Jessie is a typical teenage girl who is less than enthusiastic about having to move in with her grandmother. At least her grandmother is a cool lady, though she can also be a little bit embarrassing. Grandma hooks her up with Caleb, the formerly nerdy boy with whom she has only interacted a few times. He has turned into quite the hottie! They are immediately attracted to each other, which just doesn't seem realistic and possible. But remember, they are connected by a deeper power because they are both Light Tamers. They are bonded to each other through those few past experiences.Caleb has this annoying ability to be able to read Jessie's mind, intruding upon every thought she has. While it comes in handy in sticky situations, it causes her a great deal of embarrassment as he is privy to every ounce of her teen angst about being in a relationship. At least she is able to quickly make it work to her advantage.Amber is a fun foil to Jessie's personality. She is crude and outspoken, providing a bit of comic relief. She is also deeply scared and hurt by past tragedies. Grandma, excuse me, Ms. Gayle, is also another bit of comic relief, and an almost surprising source of strength and knowledge.The idea of light versus dark is glaringly obvious in this battle of good versus evil. I find the power of the light to be an interesting concept. The main antagonist who can cause Jessie the most problems is someone you may not be expecting. The book ends after one major skirmish and promises a lot of action in the next one. I look forward to watching how this series develops. This review also appears on Andi's Young Adult Books. I received a complimentary ebook in exchange for my honest review.

  • Valerie Mcqueen
    2019-02-01 23:51

    The Light Tamer by Devyn DawsonRating 4**** While this is a paranormal romance it is lacking in both werewolves and vamps. This is the story of Jessie and Caleb, and how two teen agers have to learn to embrace their heritage in order to fight the bad guys. I liked the overall light hearted young romance of this story. I have never read another story where the characters have an affinity for light, so that was original. There is the mention of mythology here which I adore. so all in all it is a solid novel, probably best suited for young adults.

  • Annika
    2019-02-10 17:38

    Great book, fast read, and I can't wait to read the next book! Amber is hilarious!

  • Ellen
    2019-02-01 21:54

    Jessie Lucente and her mother have has just moved to North Carolina to live with her grandmother after Jessie’s parents split up. Jessie thinks there could be nothing worse until Ms. Gayle, her really hip grandmother, introduces her to Caleb. She remembers Caleb as the dorky young boy that she used to go to the beach with when she was a kid, only Caleb is now this super hot hunky guy, and Jessie finds things in North Carolina are starting look up. When Caleb touches her hand she feels a shock of electricity, with warmth and tingling. She thinks this is strange, and doesn’t quite understand why all she can think about is wanting him to touch her again. They end up making plans to go out and things get even weirder when it seems that Caleb knows things she is thinking, which freaks her out, especially when he tells her he wants to talk to her about the reason she wants him to touch her all the time. Jessie proceeds into “freak out” mode, because, who wants a guy to know what you’re thinking. Caleb takes Jessie to the beach, the same beach where he once saved her from a near drowning incident when they were younger, and ends up explaining to her that he is a Light Tamer. Not only is he a Light Tamer, Jessie is a Light Tamer also, and on top of that they are bonded, or soul mates. Caleb introduces Jessie to Amber, who is a bit eccentric and very snarky. Amber is also a Light Tamer, and Caleb and Amber teach Jessie what they can about Light Tamers. She also learns that there are Dark Ones, who want to steal their light and abilities. Jessie later finds out that she is special, from the original line that goes all the way back to Artemis, daughter of Zeus, giver of light and healer, and that her gift of light comes directly from her. Then to top it off, as Fate would have it, she also finds out that Erebus, son of Chaos and the leader of the Dark Ones, has escaped the underworld and he wants her and her abilities. As destiny and Fate would have it, she has two weeks to resolve things or face losing everything. I absolutely loved this book. I was completed hooked from the beginning. I absolutely loved Jessie. She is funny, and the inner dialogue she has going on in her head is hilarious. Even more hilarious is the fact that Caleb knows what she is thinking most of the time. Jessie is young, but she is also a very strong person, and accepts her destiny and what she needs to do with much more maturity that her age. Caleb, oh what can I say, swoon, swoon, and swoon some more. I think maybe the name Caleb needs to be synonymous with swoon. He is hot, he is sweet, strong, loves Jessie unconditionally, and would do anything for her. Amber is also hilarious, and between Jessie’s inner rants and Amber's outer ones, the comic element was amazing. That combined with the action, the paranormal aspect, the romance, throw in some mythology, fate, and an evil bad guy, and you have one of the best books I have read lately. Devyn Dawson has done a superb job writing the Light Tamer and I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves YA books.

  • Elisabeth Wheatley
    2019-01-20 16:39

    I'm giving this book a 4-star rating, because while it didn't "rivet" me, I think it deserves that rating. I found the premise to be very fascinating and original with Greek/Egyptian mythology twists that I have not encountered before. The idea of Light Tamers and Dark Ones was very cool and I had fun exploring the world that Ms. Dawson has created. The plot:This book is about 20% action, 30% paranormal, 15% mystery, and 35% kissing. It was more of a sweet, gooey romance than a hardcore action flick, which is great news for you PNR fans! I don't remember the story lagging at any one point, though the pace was moderate, being neither too fast nor too slow.The characters:Jessie, our MC, has a bit of an attitude in the beginning over coming to live in a po-dunky little North Carolina town. That is, until she meets Caleb, the boy who saved her life when they were little and the young man to whom she is now irresistibly drawn. Jessie was a relatable, understandable heroine and I did like her.Caleb was a cute love interest. I really, really hate to add this part, but I did think he was just a bit...okay, this hurts, but I'll say it anyway...stereotypical. There, I said it. But it's true! Caleb's character was good-looking and ripped (rather common in YA lit these days, whatever happened to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST?) and sweet. He really didn't seem to be all that flawed and anyone who knows me knows I'm totally into flaws. My favorite character was definitely, positively, unquestionably Amber. Her smart-mouth and dry wit brought a delightful sense of humor and a light touch to the scene. The fact that she's really not as "okay" as she makes herself out to be, and is really hurting inside, made her a compelling, engaging character. I'm quite fond of her.Since I don't wish to give away any spoilers, I'll just say that the bad guy isn't obvious at first and leave it at that.There were a few typos and error in this book that were confusing at times. Most of the book is told in first-person present tense, but there were places where you could see that it had been converted from third-person past tense narration and a few spots were missed in editing.The graphic make-out scenes were a little too bountiful for my taste. I'm into romance (can you think of a teen girl who isn't?) but not overt, steamy romance. I certainly prefer not to hear about tongues, etc. Anyway, this book was a decent read over all. I didn't really get into it until the Great Twist at the end (which caught me completely by surprise, by the way) which almost made up for the rest of the book. I don't think this is a book "anyone" could enjoy, but if you're into paranormal romance and light fantasy, give this one a shot. You might enjoy it more than I did. =)

  • Fab Fun & Tantalizing Reads
    2019-02-07 18:46

    The Light Tamer by Devyn DawsonReviewed by S. Bree High (YATR review panel) I had heard about this book via a few friends, but I picked it up to read because of a reading contest. I am so glad I am doing the reading contest.How oh how have I not read this book from Devyn Dawson before?? Please explain Lucy!!! As you might realize I enjoyed this book. It was fresh and sweet. It kept me guessing until the end, and I am wanting to know what happens next. I am lucky, I do believe the second book is out or due out soon... so I think that helped ease my mind a bit. LOL! I am now a full fledge Devyn fan! Add me to the list; I am sure that this list will be growing at a rapid pace.Now to the book....No Vamps or Were-wolfs here just light tamers and it is an interesting new twist, which I really enjoyed. Jessie is a sweet and spunky young girl whose father has taken off and now she has to move to North Carolina. Her Mom could not deal and they are moving in with Grandma Gayle.Gayle is interesting character. LOL! Jessie is not at all happy at all about this move. This is going to be awful....hold on. Did I mention we have a childhood friend in NC, and did I mention that he is now HOT! Caleb used to be a geeky boy that she knew from summers at Grandma���s house. Caleb has changed. He is no longer that odd boy she knew. Jessie feels drawn to Caleb, and the draw makes lights flicker. Hmmm! Caleb and Jessie are both light tamers. They need the light in order to survive and avoid the dark ones, who wish to steal the light. Caleb is sweet and very attentive to Jessie. Jessie has a lot on her plate and you go thru the struggles with her. Caleb helps her learn about herself and what they are ..together they grow. I really enjoyed the Mythology part. I am a huge fan and that was an added bonus. (Erebus and Nyx )There is a lot more to the story of Caleb and Jessie but I am not going to spoil the book for you. Read it, you will love it. Trust me! :) I loved the storyline, I loved Amber. She is a Jessie's friend, and she is hysterical. She made me laugh all the time, in the book. I think she has an interesting side story. Her father has been hurt, and her brother had died. Plus she is a light tamer too.Can Caleb and Jessie learn how to use their powers? Will the dark ones leave them alone? Can Amber find her true love before time runs out for her? Nyx, what will happen there? I am looking forward to finding out... I hope you are too.

  • Sara Bree High
    2019-02-07 17:58

    The Light Tamer by Devyn DawsonReviewed by S. Bree High (YATR review panel) I had heard about this book via a few friends, but I picked it up to read because of a reading contest. I am so glad I am doing the reading contest.How oh how have I not read this book from Devyn Dawson before?? Please explain Lucy!!! As you might realize I enjoyed this book. It was fresh and sweet. It kept me guessing until the end, and I am wanting to know what happens next. I am lucky, I do believe the second book is out or due out soon... so I think that helped ease my mind a bit. LOL! I am now a full fledge Devyn fan! Add me to the list; I am sure that this list will be growing at a rapid pace.Now to the book....No Vamps or Were-wolfs here just light tamers and it is an interesting new twist, which I really enjoyed. Jessie is a sweet and spunky young girl whose father has taken off and now she has to move to North Carolina. Her Mom could not deal and they are moving in with Grandma Gayle.Gayle is interesting character. LOL! Jessie is not at all happy at all about this move. This is going to be awful....hold on. Did I mention we have a childhood friend in NC, and did I mention that he is now HOT! Caleb used to be a geeky boy that she knew from summers at Grandma’s house. Caleb has changed. He is no longer that odd boy she knew. Jessie feels drawn to Caleb, and the draw makes lights flicker. Hmmm! Caleb and Jessie are both light tamers. They need the light in order to survive and avoid the dark ones, who wish to steal the light. Caleb is sweet and very attentive to Jessie. Jessie has a lot on her plate and you go thru the struggles with her. Caleb helps her learn about herself and what they are ..together they grow. I really enjoyed the Mythology part. I am a huge fan and that was an added bonus. (Erebus and Nyx )There is a lot more to the story of Caleb and Jessie but I am not going to spoil the book for you. Read it, you will love it. Trust me! :) I loved the storyline, I loved Amber. She is a Jessie's friend, and she is hysterical. She made me laugh all the time, in the book. I think she has an interesting side story. Her father has been hurt, and her brother had died. Plus she is a light tamer too.Can Caleb and Jessie learn how to use their powers? Will the dark ones leave them alone? Can Amber find her true love before time runs out for her? Nyx, what will happen there? I am looking forward to finding out... I hope you are too.

  • Inna
    2019-02-14 22:00

    Review also appears on my blogThis book was great but it was rather simple and uncomplicated.So I'm going to make my review short and sweet. This is a typical paranormal romance book. If you're into chick-lit then this is the book for you. It's a sweet lovey dovey gooey kind of a romance. Now don't get me wrong there is definitely plot to this novel, but this isn't the kind of book where its all like action, sizzling chemistry or love hate relationship between lead hero and heroine, action, fighting, some crazy revelation that makes you pissed off, hot make out scene, laugh your butt off scene, revelation that makes go" that did not just happen" bawling hysterically like a weirdo while rolling into a ball on the floor sad scene and then tie it all of with a rip your hair out kid of cliffhanger. This isn't that type of book. It's much slower an much more calculated and the reveals aren't really shocking you're prepared for them. Now I'm not saying it's a bad thing there should be more easy going light books out there that don't make you experience a full spectrum of emotions that makes you're friends things you're losing it.This was a cute, slower paced book. Jessie is a good character. She is totally average but that makes her relate-able. You can connect with whats she's thinking and experiencing.I loved her relationship with Caleb. It was a typical soul-mate perfect couple relationship. It's the kind of relationship everyone wants and it was really cute reading it. Caleb is perfect. Literally. I don't think this guy has a single flaw. Nope I can't think of one. He was perfect. He wasn't a pushover but he wasn't one of those alpha you do as I say males. He was sweet and good looking and mannered and just the perfect gentleman. Like I might consider moving to North Carolina just to meet a guy like Caleb. He was totally great. Amber was probably my favorite character after Caleb. This girl was too funny. She's that one friend that can make any situation awkward or any conversation just weird. She's that girl that pretends to be tough just to avoid stupid people. She was a great friend and I loved how she handled things with a sense of humor. Go check out this light read it's great for people who like a good paranormal romance.

  • Phaedra Seabolt
    2019-01-20 23:59

    This story takes something that I have encountered for probably half my life and gives it a reason. I am one of those people that can be walking down the street and the street light suddenly goes out for no reason. Then as I walk away from the light, it will come back on. I turn off lights in parking garages (which is pretty scary) and pretty much anywhere I go, especially at night. In this story, people that have these weird occurrences are quite possible Light Tamers. I am not entirely certain of the reason for the lights turning on and off other than the person is pulling the light into themselves. They are known to be healers. They tend to grow up and go into professions like doctors and veterinarians. They have a special gift that uses their light to heal others. However, there is one big issue. They have to "bond" with another light tamer before they turn 18 in order to not be susceptible to the Dark Ones. Dark Ones are ex-light tamers that have lost their own light and try to absorb the light of others. I don't entirely understand their purpose other than to create a balance between light and dark.I know it sounds like there are plenty of things I don't quite understand, but I think that is part of the plan with the story. No one in the story truly understands what it means to be a Light Tamer. Their confusion and ignorance is portrayed with most of their actions and leaves you wondering what will happen next. In this story, Jessie and Caleb are already bound together by an event from three years prior where Caleb saved Jessie from drowning in the ocean. This causes the majority of the beginning to be them exploring what it means to be bound and whether that means they are destined to be together forever. They learn that Light Tamers can be bound to the same gender and it does not mean they have to date, but Caleb and Jessie appear to be drawn to each other even with that knowledge. This bond is tested at the end when Erebrus, a dark one from the underworld, tries to kill Jessie. Jessie is saved by another light tamer named Clark which "breaks" the bond with Caleb. I use quotation marks because it doesn't really seem like the bond is truly broken. You will need to read the book to find out what happens with that! Just know that Fate is on her side and you will very much enjoy this more reviews at

  • Jen Rattie
    2019-01-24 23:58

    The best thing I liked about this book is how ageless it is and I love how the characters were so well written and developed. At times I felt gaps in the story….like you aren’t “in the know” but I feel like that is what the author is going for, she wants you to learn things in real-time along with the characters.Jessie learns she is a Light Tamer. What it means to be a Light Tamer is not quite clear (this is where the gaps come in). She, her new boyfriend Caleb and her new friend Amber (all Light Tamers) only know for sure that they are to stay clear of the Dark Ones. They also know if they don’t bond with another Light Tamer by the age of 18 they will become even more vulnerable to becoming one of the Dark Ones. Jessie learns that an incident in her childhood has already bonded her to Caleb and a meeting with her new headmistress is very enlightening (let’s just say FATE is on her side). Jessie and her crew stumble upon the fact that Erebus, son of Chaos has escaped the Underworld (he just happens to be one of the original Dark Ones). Newbie Jessie and her teen-aged cohorts plus a slew of Light Tamers that just “happen” to live in the town must find a way to stop one of the lords of the underworld. Just a typical day, right?I think what drew me the most to this book is the references to mythology (Jessie also learns she is a direct descendant of Artemis) and the running dialogue in Jessie’s head. It’s very much like my own. She is a teenager that knows what she wants, is fearless (mostly) and rolls with the punches. She didn’t blink or skip a beat when she was told what her fate was, just accepted it and said what’s next?Although this is a paranormal story it deals with very common teenage issues. Romance, friends, parental issues and angst. There is some romance but nothing I wouldn’t let my 12-year-old daughter read.

  • P.A. Warren
    2019-01-22 17:46

    **REVIEW**spoilers in the 2nd chapter..Taken from my Review Blog Le'BookSquirrel New Author for me AGAIN!What a great first book to read by Devyn Dawson.This book is the first in a Trilogy.It revolves around the lifes of Jessie,Caleb and Amber.Jesse moves to North Carolina with her mom to live with her grandma who does not like to be reminded that she is infact a grandma.While there Jesse learns some new and interesting things about herself and life isnt so straight and narrow as she though.I've read paranormal romances before and have never heard of light tamers so this is all new to me..Since it is new I wish there was just a few pages set aside so I knew what they were.Rather then explaining it half here and half there.Some of the wording was redundant,Jesse's use of Oh My Gawd got a bit annoying.I did enjoy her inner dialogue though. Amber had me laughing the whole time..some of her comments were so perfectly timed and so snarky that you just had to like her because you know she didn't mean them.Caleb Caleb..he was all around a good guy..It felt as though he did no wrong..I would have liked to see more dialogue from him and maybe some of his inner thoughts.My only other fault with the book was the "fight" scene seemed rushed and then when Jesse had her issues with Clark it too seemed rushed and I felt broadsided I guess because we went from the fight to her losing her bond and becoming a different person.. Overall I really enjoyed it.I know I had a few issues with it but it doesnt mean I didnt enjoy it or fall in love with the start of this series.I look very forward to book 2 of the Light Tamer Trilogy.You can find it HERE on amazon.I hope you get sucked into Jesse and Caleb's story as well!

  • Maggielou
    2019-01-28 21:59

    I really enjoyed reading The Light Tamer, what a story! When I first started reading it I was very reluctant to feel “in-like” about it, what with all the instalove. But boy was I surprised. First I will say I was surprised by the back story involving mythological beings. It was a fresh and sweet take into yet another paranormal world.Dawson took me back to my high school days. With this book she reminded me about what it felt like to fall in love, to get those butterflies in my stomach and the times I stood in front of the mirror analyzing every detail to perfection. Her writing style was very good. It had a moderate pace and was not hard to follow.The main characters were written very well. Jessie (the heroine) has to move with her mother to North Carolina from New Jersey after the abandonment by her father and at first she is not happy about it. Things turn around for her when she is re-introduced to Caleb the pale sickly looking boy who saved her life as a child.Caleb is now gorgeous (typical YA male character)! He is tall, ripped and overall a sweet kid. He’s been through a lot emotionally and with Jessie being around things turn around for him. Miss Gayle a.k.a. the cool grandmother who will always be there to talk about ANYTHING! Mrs. Ward can’t say much about her without giving spoilers, I will say that this character was a surprising twist. And I can’t forget Amber, who was HILARIOUS! I just loved her. Her hot mouth, the attitude and humor was amazingly written and it balanced out the “instalove” which was done perfectly.Overall it was a good story and I would recommend it and look at that it's still free on Amazon and Barnes and Noble give it a try!

  • Mary
    2019-01-25 19:40

    First I need to thank my two author friends Quinn Loftis and Tiffany King for recommending this book to me. I love these 2 ladies so much and I suggest you read all of their books.Best part of book: Hello Caleb, Jessie and Amber!! I love all 3 of these characters! Jessie is a New Yorker that heads to North Carolina with her mother to live with her grandmother. (By the way, I love Ms. Gayle, aka Grandma). Jessie's grandmother is the one that "reintroduces" Caleb to Jessie. They were "friends" when they were kids but grew apart with Caleb's family moved to Virginia. Now, Caleb's mother passed away and his family moved back to North Carolina. Caleb is the one that explains to Jessie about being a Light Tamer. Then comes Amber! I love this girl. She tries to be all "rough with a I-Don't-Care attitude" but that is not really her. She is the opposite of Jessie and that is why they are such good friends. Now, Caleb and Jessie have a "special" relationship and they (along with other Light Tamers) need to control their light to take care of the Dark Ones. Not so great about book: Ok, I really did enjoy this book, but there was a part of the book that I didn't like. It was towards the end and I felt like it was unnecessary. I wasn't really sure where the author was going with this twist but I did not care for it. Also, I felt that towards the end was rushed. I felt that the author just "wanted it over". Don't get me wrong the book is great and I will be waiting the arrival of Book 2! (which I don't know at this time when that will be) but those were my only flaws.

  • Katie
    2019-01-29 17:54

    This is my first Devyn Dawson novel and it was great. This was a unique storyline for me and I found it very enjoyable and fast paced.Jessie's alcoholic Father left them. Jessie's Mother couldn't handle things and they moved in with Jessie's Grandmother, Gayle. Gayle isn't your typical Grandmother and likes to be treated as a young hip woman. Spending the summer will drag on forever, so Jessie thinks. Until Gayle introduces Jessie to a friend from her childhood. Caleb! Caleb isn't what she remembers, not the geeky awkward boy from long ago. He is drop dead gorgeous and Jessie now feels like the awkward one. At first sight Jessie feels drawn to Caleb and lights start flickering. She finds this odd, but is too distracted with Caleb to think much of it. It's not long before Jessie and Caleb realise they are meant to be. Next Caleb is explaining things to Jessie about being a Light Tamer. Jessie has to always carry a flashlight and beware of the Shadows, there are dark ones as there are light ones.Caleb introduces Jessie to another Light Tamer, Amber. Amber is burdened with a Father that is disabled and a brother that had passed away. But Amber and Jessie become friends quickly and the three stick together like glue.Can Caleb and Jessie learn how to use their powers and stay out of the shadows? Will the dark ones leave them alone? Can Amber find her true love before her time runs out?This is a novel that keeps you guessing and has some unexpected paths along the way. I have fallen in love with Caleb and Jessie and cannot wait for Enlightened to be released this month.

  • Dana
    2019-02-17 20:02

    It was refreshing to have a paranormal YA book not about vampires, werewolves or ghost the usual genres. I must say I like the mythological twist. I did however think for the age of the individuals that it read a bit young at times and then would shift to almost adult. Other than that the book was good and I will read the next in the sequel.Caleb was sweet if a bit over the at times and almost desperate which from his description fits more with the original young version of him and not the new and improved. My favorite character besides Jessie's Ms. Gayle was Amber. She was but rough around the edges but her voice stayed true. Jessie had a tendency to obsess about her body and the author I think went into a little more detail than needed on has she was shaped. Grant it this is a personal opinion and preference and does not truly detract from the story. It played into her self image and though she often sounded too childish and then too adult with her personal view of herself it still flowed nicely. It was nice that the author put in her decision to wait. She had a lot to deal with a major move from where she grew up and alcoholic dad whose true reason is delved into later. But in all even though it seemed to move really fast on the relationship end I think the kindness she shows to Amber and the fact she had to face and accept so much in a short time is pretty well taken care of.The concept was interesting and I certainly look forward to learning more about the light tamers.

  • Desiree reilly
    2019-01-24 18:42

    Hi i am going to tell you a little story. Hi my name is Jessie and i am a light tamer,You ask what is light tamer?Well i can not explain it really. I am kid and kids are not suppose to worry about things but you see i do until we moved form New York,to the state of North Carolina with my grandma. But you look at the Grandma is she my mom or grandma.You see i do not go to a regular school why you ask? That is accuse i am gifted student and then i am not a normal kid i have a dark farther and then my mom i am not sure what she is but she love me for who i am and what i am.What is light tamer well let me explain in my words i have power that bring light to things but i got to be careful i can blow things out quick. You see it started when i fell in the water and all most drowned and then this great looking guy Caleb save me from the depths of the water and now i am bound to him but you see i am not out of school and i am only 16.i have some friends in the new school and we are all weird in one way or another we do not look weird but we all have powers but some have more than other and then there is some that are to succeed and you will see Caleb and I are to be together for ever one day .i got the e book of this book and the other one and they are great books i read them back wards but i can stay this story will pull you to the book and want more of the book and then of the kids in the book you will fell sorry and then you feel happy to see what come out of the book.thank you for letting me read and blog on it for you

  • Yianna Yiannacou
    2019-02-17 15:46

    This free book is a book I would not recommend to anyone, nor continue with the series. I started reading this and I knew right away I wouldn’t like it. I read reviews at one point where I just couldn’t take it anymore and saw that I wasn’t alone in wanting to put it down. I hate leaving books like that so I forced myself to read. This book is about a fifteen year old girl named Jesse who moves to her grandmother’s house in New York with her mother. She has been there before and has a friend named Caleb whom she hasn’t seen in many years. She never liked him but once she sees him again there is a strong pull that she cannot describe. Apparently she is bound to him and he is her mate. He saved her life which made that bond. They are both light tamers and her entire life she didn’t know this until then and there when Caleb told her. He said she is not allowed to go anywhere without a flashlight. I found it strange that she lived her entire life without one and she was fine. Whatever. The whole book is a lovey-dovey story about how much they are in-like with one another.I don’t know. This book just did not capture me. It was written mostly in dialogue and there were no descriptions of anything around them. I love picturing the story in my head and with this book there was none of that! The elders in this book spoke like the fifteen year old kids which I found odd. There was one character who was Fate and she sounded like a teenager. You would think someone as old as FATE would be a bit more intellectual. Overall, did not like, do not recommend. That’s all.