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When Bernice Summerfield awoke from stasis, she found a message waiting: an instruction from a very old acquaintance, telling her to make her way to a planet called Legion... and to her son, Peter.As she begins her intergalactic road trip through the cosmos, Bernice quickly learns that her journey won't be easy. Family feuds, noxious nuns and lethal leisure worlds are setWhen Bernice Summerfield awoke from stasis, she found a message waiting: an instruction from a very old acquaintance, telling her to make her way to a planet called Legion... and to her son, Peter.As she begins her intergalactic road trip through the cosmos, Bernice quickly learns that her journey won't be easy. Family feuds, noxious nuns and lethal leisure worlds are set to hound her every step of the way, whilst old friends are ready and waiting for her arrival...Old lives are abandoned. New lives lie in store... with many others hanging in the balance.1. BRAND MANAGEMENTWritten by Christopher CooperDirected by Gary RussellFeaturing Liam Cooper, Roger Hammond, Paul Jones, Anjli Mohindra and Robbie Webster“You’re listening to Live Audio Stream G371, the only official source of government approved easy listening entertainment, as sponsored by the Dominicci Corporation. It’s the thirteenth day of the thirteenth month, and that means just one thing, people - it’s time to PARTAYYY...!”Bernice Summerfield needs a job. Professor Harry Burtenshaw thinks she’s just the ticket. But with the people of Lyndyaz celebrating their most important festival, and the ruling Dominicci Corporation maintaining control with draconian glee, has Bernice turned up in the wrong place at the wrong time?2. BAD HABITSWritten by Simon Barnard & Paul MorrisDirected by Gary RussellFeaturing Marcus Harris, Paul Jones, Jacqueline King, Nigel Lambert, Charlie Langdell and Ian H WatkinsMeet Sister Bernice - newest initiate into the order of Saint Celestion. Such is her devotion to the faith that she and her young companion, Sister Ruth, have undertaken a pilgrimage to the planet Agora, birthplace of the blessed Saint himself.The pilgrims aren’t alone, however. Also on the planet is a team of archaeologists searching for the lost tomb of Celestion - a subject in which Sister Bernice seems curiously interested…In their quest to unearth an ancient relic that will point the way to Legion, Bernice and Ruth will face some fearsome challenges: the dreaded Blood Beast of Thaloon, the randiest Bishop in the galaxy, and an ancient cult with some very bad habits indeed,..3. PARADISE FROSTWritten by David LlewellynDirected by Scott HandcockFeaturing Scott Arthur, Arthur Darvill, India Fisher and Alan RuscoeKaff Zarnak was once the holiday destination of choice for the rich and famous. At least, it was until the planet spun off its axis, and a deadly virus wiped out its population.Now it’s absolutely the last place anyone wants to visit: a barren, ice-encrusted wasteland, sitting amongst the stars. So when Bernice, Ruth and their loud-mouthed driver Ray are drawn off course, it’s fair to say they’ve all had better days.Taking refuge inside the Xanadu Tower resort, the trio encounter Kaff Zarnak’s only survivors… and maybe the only remaining clue to what took place there. But supplies are low, Sandroaches are attacking on every side, and the only hope of survival seems to be locked at the top of the Tower......

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Road Trip Reviews

  • Nicholas Whyte
    2019-01-30 01:32

    The three Road Trip audios take Bernice Summerfield, played as ever by Lisa Bowerman, to the edge of the universe in a quest for her son; they are fairly separate narratives (indeed, one mild frustration is that plot threads between the three are not really connected at all) which are reasonably penetrable even for listeners who have not previously encountered Benny, though the end of the third and final play is pretty heavy on continuity. All also feature actors who have appeared in televised Who or its spinoffs, notably Ayesha Antoine (who was Dee Dee in Midnight) as Benny's friend and travelling companion Ruth.[return][return]Brand Management by Christopher Cooper was my favourite of the three, with Benny landing on the world of Lyndyaz and encountering a culture where she is worshipped as a goddess. Anjli Mohindra, who played Rani on the Sarah Jane Adventures, turns up as one of a pair of evil siblings who are running the place, and there are lots of larks involving archaeology and explosions. [return][return]Bad Habits, by Paul Morris and Simon Barnard, continues the religious theme with Benny and Ruth going undercover as nuns in an order run by Jacqueline King (who played Donna's mother on TV Who) in order to get close to a vital relic. I went to a convent school so have heard all the nun jokes before, and several plot elements are wildly implausible even by the standards of Doctor Who spinoff stories, but at least everyone seems to be having fun.[return][return]Despite its title, Paradise Frost has no religious content, but instead features Benny, Ruth and their obnoxious pilot trying to solve the mystery of a frozen former resort with only three vaguely human inhabitants, of whom the most mysterious is played by Arthur Darville (Rory on TV Who) and the most evil by the ever-luscious tones of India Fisher (former audio companion Charley Pollard). There are also loads of sandroaches. I can't remember another audio with both Bowerman and Fisher, and they spark off each other beautifully, but I felt the means and motivation of Fisher's character didn't quite hold together. And then the last scene, where the main story is over and Benny reaches her destination, is basically an extended trailer for the next series. Which I look forward to.

  • Mel
    2019-02-06 08:40

    Brand management, Benny was in high form but the plot of this one wasn't really the best. It was a good idea but it just felt a little short. A fascist planet which idolises Benny. It should probably have been funnier than it was.Bad Habits, Space nuns another setting which should be quite funny for Benny but I find I miss the old setting and her old companions. Benny is as relentless as normal but something is just missing from this one. Wasn't it established earlier that in the future they worship the Goddess and yet these nuns seem very Christian to the point of actually singing 19th century english hymns. That I could have really done without! Paradise frost was ok. The mystery kept the story interesting. India Fisher was very good as the evil manipulator. Bernice was in very good.I don't know why there was a poetry quoting dog. It was another of those things that should have worked better than it did. Arthur Darvill was very good as always though. I wish he'd been in it longer.I'm still not sure quite how Ruth fits in. I really don't think Benny needs a "companion", though I suppose it is nice to have a science fiction adventure with two female leads. At least Benny will always pass the Bechdel test now. I wish Brax was back...

  • Joseph S
    2019-02-07 07:44

    It's entertaining and I enjoyed the overall arc but it didn't flow from EPOCH well enough. At the end of EPOCH we learn of a different Brax, that Peter is there, and that is where they are headed. For all intents and purposes, EPOCH ends as if it were flowing right into LEGION. Instead, we are at Road Trip and the first story takes quite a while to establish the reason for time between the EPOCH boxset and the LEGION boxset. With that confusion, I went back and checked that I was starting the correct boxset and was unsure if I'd missed something. That confusion eventually levels out and we understand, "Oh, they're on a journey to find out where Legion is," but it still felt somewhat shoehorned in as a boxset to either lengthen the drama or for casting availability. Overall enjoyable.

  • Anne Barwell
    2019-02-01 04:39

    Three quite different stories, all of which are enjoyable for different reasons. A few digs (excuse the pun) at various things along the way especially in Brand Management and Bad Habits, which is something this series is good at. Listening out of order so have already listened to 'Legion' so know what happens next but that didn't take away from the enjoyment of this box set.

  • David Monroe
    2019-02-05 00:30

    As usual, great voice work from Lisa Bowerman, and a fun guest-voice turn from Arthur Darvill. The stories are a bit of a let-down. They feel like fillers, and I presume that's exactly what they were.

  • Debra Cook
    2019-01-25 03:40

    Benny and Ruth travel around trying to get to Legion so they can get home.

  • Jason
    2019-02-18 08:50

    Enjoyed it so much might have to re-listen to it.