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Offers a fresh dimension in the use of astrology as a tool in understanding life patterns. This book reveals the significance of the cyclic relationship of the sun and moon as phases of a larger process. It describes the eight Soli Lunar types of personalities and the importance of the new moon before birth and the progressed new moon charts....

Title : Lunation Cycle: A Key to the Understanding of Personality
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Lunation Cycle: A Key to the Understanding of Personality Reviews

  • Isaac
    2019-02-01 20:21

    The Lunation Cycle – Dane RudhyarThis book contains some very powerful and original ideas about the process of our personal growth through life. I did not give it 5 stars because at times it can be dense and a bit difficult to read. However, it is well worth slogging through those difficult parts. When you reach the (third) eye opening and mind illuminating parts about the Lunation cycle and the relationship of the Moon to the Sun and how each stage reflects a very specific part of our growth – it makes it all worthwhile. I give the concepts in this book 5 stars all the way.On a number of levels this book is very personal to the current stage of my growth at the time of reading which is April 18, 2015. I just recently read “Born to Win” about Transactional Analysis and the three ego types within ourselves; Inner Child, Adult and Parent. I have been working to integrate all 3 ego aspects particularly making room and respecting the need for the Inner Child to express himself while still having the Adult be in charge. (See my review of Born to Win for more details). In this light its fascinating to see Rudhyar’s exploration of the relationship between the Sun (Adult) and Moon (Inner Child) and the necessity of integrating the two.Additionally my Progressed Full Moon is happening next year on April 9, 2016. It is a particularly powerful Progressed Full Moon because it is trining and sextiling my Natal Neptune to the exact degree. The descriptions of the Full Moon in this book, some of which I have excerpted below, is very helpful and feels very true to my experience of it. -----------------------------------------------The following three examples are my attempt to break down the archetypes of the Sun and Moon and is relevant to the first excerpt that I quote below.Male and Female:The Moon is – Female archetypeThe Sun is – Male archetypeEmotions and Logic:The Moon is - instinctual, emotional, experiential and subjective. The Sun is - cerebral, intellectual, cognitive, logical and objective.(One can argue that my description of the Sun may be more accurately ascribed to Mercury. Perhaps. The Sun may be the sum total of all our parts. This particular description is the best I could come up with to denote and expand upon the commonly used description of the Sun as the “Core-self”. I must say that I was startled to see Rudhyar use the moon to describe the mind. I think the “heart” would be a more appropriate usage. He also uses the “spirit” to describe the sun. I can hear that, but it is as vague as the “core-self”.)Transactional Analysis:The Moon is – Inner ChildThe Sun is – The Adult--------------------------------------------------The following excerpts are to me some of the most powerful ideas of this book:Relationship of Sun and Moon“That the sun and moon represent two definitely antagonistic and irreconcilable orders of life is the great illusion. It is the illusion of separateness which sets the mind (moon) against the spirit (sun), the ego (a psychic structure whose evolutionary purpose is to develop objective clarity of consciousness through individual differences) against the spiritual self (a power of integration seeking the fullest possible inclusiveness). This illusion of separateness destroys the vital essence of relationship, even if the outer forms remain as shells. It is the denial of relatedness. And the mind which becomes pervaded with it only able to see the sun and moon as two unrelated alien and forever conflicting factors – each with its own independent “cycle of positions” – instead of as joint participants in a true “cycle of relationship,” the lunation.…It is at the symbolic “full moons” of human evolution that these two approaches are seen in the clearest possible contrast. But this contrast is not to be considered as a glorification of the sun and a depreciation of the moon, opposing the solar to the lunar, in the sense of there being an irreconcilable enmity between the two. The negative approach is that which believes in such an irreconcilable enmity between solar and lunar forces, and even more in the utter lack of relationship between them. The positive approach, on the other hand, stresses constantly the relatedness of sun and moon within their cycle or relationship (the lunation cycle), as it also seeks to build within man (psychologically speaking) the power of forever relating the lunar character of the psychic structures of consciousness (mind-ego) to the solar power of the spiritual will and purpose of the self. It is only the result of such a relationship that creative meaning develops within the truly individualized and integrated human person.” – Pgs. 30-31---------------------------------------------------------------Lunation Cycle of the Moon – Full Moon“If a positive attitude of growth and of liberation from the remains of the past has prevailed during most of the waxing period, the full moon brings to the earth-organism (at the physical or psycho-mental level) some sort of fulfillment, illumination or revelation. The new solar image – the new message from the creative spirit – is received in clear objective consciousness.It assumes a state of concreteness; that is, of full perceptibility or intelligibility, as the case may be. This state implies some sort of contrast – a black-and-white, dark-and-light dualism without which no objective realization of form is possible for man. This means, in practice, that some new factor is given a high valuation, and that, as a consequence, an old value is either altogether repudiated or placed under a new light in contrast to the new realization. This, in turn, may produce a definite re-orientation of everyday activities or a new statement of purpose – a man’s “purpose” being the result of the nature and quality of his response (positive or negative) to the images released within him by the spirit of the “sun”. – Pg. 29“During the last half of the lunation, man has to do consciously what spirit accomplished in the unconscious darkness of the new moon phase. Man, as conscious individual, is to fecundate [make fruitful] society. He is to disseminate the seed of the future civilization. He is to build the form of tomorrow. He is now the sun-illumined moon, the creative Two-as-One. He has to shed his light in order to satisfy the need of his people, his race, humanity as a whole. As the moon wanes in the sky, so the illumined individual vanishes into his spiritual progeny. The civilizer’s light is being absorbed into the fabric of the new civilization – the new earth.…The keynote of the first half of the cycle is spontaneous and instinctual action; the keynote of the second half is conscious growth in meaning and immortal selfhood – and the only true kind of conscious growth implies sharing meaning and value with others by means of adequate formulation, for no individual can gain real immortality (personal or social) except as a participant in the activity of an immortal Whole.” – Pgs 32-33------------------------------------------------------- “Progressed Full Moon: This marks a time of fulfillment, but also a climax which may mean the beginning of some kind of end. It is above all a crisis of clarification of life-purpose, of personal desires and aims. It may witness a sudden conversion or illumination; but more often it is simply a high tide period during which life seems to oscillate to and fro, between past and future. Some type of energy or behavior seems to have run its course, and it may give the person a sense of weariness or satiety. It should above all force him to face all the basic issues of his life and to start seeking for a clear meaning. Success of a sort may be reached at the progressed full moon, but it may also appear as a culmination beyond which no further growth is possible; and the question arises insistently: “Then what?”In any case some kind of concrete limits have been reached. There must be a translation of the center of selfhood and consciousness to a new level - whether it be height or depth – or else the gradual ebbing away of all vitality, spiritual as well as physical, is bound to begin. Much depends obviously upon the age at which the progressed full moon occurs. When it comes in early youth what is being “fulfilled” is not the individual selfhood, but instead the collective nature of family or race. Inherited characteristics reach a climax.” - Pg.108 [When it comes later in life]“The yearning for a more “spiritual” consciousness was becoming insistent.” - Pg. 110“The path of the full moon is the “Conscious Way”; the way of the ancient TAO [combining within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way, or code of behavior, that is in harmony with the natural order.] reformulated for our modern minds. At full moon, there can be a birth of light, a birth of meaning. From then, one goes on. Even though the body is beaten with pain, even though men die by the millions and the structures of the past crumble, as leaves wither under the blasts of the north wind, nevertheless the Conscious Way can be trodden with the warmth and radiance of “personality,” with the creative joy that wells up from the depths of conquered unconsciousness and assimilated instinct.” – Pg. 138------------------------------------------------------Part of Fortune “The Part of Fortune may refer to the individual’s wealth and “good fortune” but this is not its most significant meaning, certainly not its primary meaning.” – Pg.73…It is because the man who reaches the object of this search actually radiates a mysterious something which attracts success to him, that the name “Part of Fortune” was given to the index of the soli-lunar relationship. For as New Thought has taught us wealth, success, health, happiness are the varied results of a deep sense of ease, which in turn indicates a rhythmic flow of life-energy. There can be no such flow where there is not a vibrant, steady and uneradicable faith (instinctive or conscious) in the abundance of that infinite potential of life which, to the astrologer, is the sun, and to the religious soul, G-d.” – Pgs.79-80------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Pinar
    2019-02-05 20:22

    Bu kitaba daha fazla not verebilirdim ama feminist tarafım biraz geri adım attırdı. O kısımları atlarsam, okurken keyif aldım. Bilgilendirici ve faydalı bir kitap. Ancak kitabın içindeki bazı bölümlerde tarihsel klasik astrolojik bilgilerden ziyade, yazarın kendi algı ve kurgusu üzerine oturttuğu bir çerçeve var diye düşündüm (daha çok yazarın Güneş ve Ay ilişkisini kadın-erkek ilişkisi çerçevesinde anlattığı bölümlerde). Kitapta Ay fazları, şans noktası, aydınlanma noktası, ruh noktası kavramları anladılıyor, ilerletilmiş ay fazlarına değiniliyor. Ayrıca kitabın son bölümünde yazarın eşinin ilave bölümleri var.

  • Jose Luis Belmonte
    2019-02-05 21:24

    One of the greatest XX century astrologers, the book shows what is it the lunation cycle psychologically and how it can be used as a model, a pattern to apply to other couple of planets like Venus-Mars of Jupiter-Saturn. It is noteworthy that Rudhyar was a follower of Jung, in fact it could be said that he (being an Aries) reintroduced the study of mythology into astrology, the same as Jung did for Psychology, in fact Jung himself studied astrology and applied it!.

  • Dorothy
    2019-01-31 18:27

    A comprehensive overview of the lunation cycle, and a descriptive walk through the lunar/solar relationship. I found the explanation of the progressed lunar cycle particularly helpful.

  • Predrag Todorović
    2019-01-23 21:09

    Essential book for those who want to understand how soli-lunar cycles and their rhythm affect us and our psychological unfolding throughout our life path. Very inspiring.

  • Vasilis Kanatas
    2019-02-11 17:07

    It is an inovative thinking by Dane Rudhyar who introduces a kind of Lunar Astrology. I loved this book!