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A 32,000-word novella of brutal suspense by the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of PRESSURE, DWELLER, and WOLF HUNT.Rebecca Harpster is frightened of spending the night alone, but she assures her husband Gary that she'll be fine when he goes out camping with his buddies for the weekend. They have a safe little home in the woods of Alaska with an excellent security systeA 32,000-word novella of brutal suspense by the Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of PRESSURE, DWELLER, and WOLF HUNT.Rebecca Harpster is frightened of spending the night alone, but she assures her husband Gary that she'll be fine when he goes out camping with his buddies for the weekend. They have a safe little home in the woods of Alaska with an excellent security system. Yeah, she knows she'll spend the entire time jumping at every noise, but she also knows that the danger is all in her head.By Sunday night, Gary still hasn't returned.And when somebody shows up at the house, it's not her husband. At gunpoint, Rebecca learns what has happened. Two men have kidnapped Gary. He went through a weekend of pure hell. They'll give him back to her, but first, Rebecca has to relive his entire experience, step by horrific step...and survive......

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Faint of Heart Reviews

  • Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡
    2019-01-17 02:24

    **** 4.5 "Follow The Rules" Stars ****I went into this book totally blind and from the get go...I was hooked on this book! Jeff Strand...I am a fan!!Happily married...He's headed on a guys camping weekend.She's home alone...she says she is good....but she's not. She has a very bad feeling.Rebecca has always had a bad case of paranoia about everything and being home alone does NOT help her anxiety. She can do a weekend alone with her husband. This is easy....until she gets a knock at her door. Opening that door puts Rebecca on the path of a game to save her and Gary's life and into the hands of two psychopaths that crave killing.This is a fast paced gem that does not allow you to put this story down. My only complaint....that ending...I didn't abrupt for me. I want more. I need a few more answers.

  • Tressa
    2019-01-12 02:26

    OK. Jeff Strand is starting to scare me the way he thinks like a socio- and a psychopath. I guess he's normal, although that's getting harder to believe. Doesn't he have to live this stuff to make it so convincing?This long short story about every woman's fear of not hearing from her husband and getting a knock on the door at 9:00 p.m. and every man's fear of getting ambushed on a camping trip keeps you turning the pages to see what the two kidnappers are going to put their playthings through next. I'm so thankful for my Kindle because this story was there waiting for me like a good friend on a night when I couldn't sleep.

  • Mark
    2019-01-17 06:12

    Uhhh. Mommy? Horror stories usually don't get under my skin. They're just fun, gleefully macabre tales. But this one, this one's a beast. Ketchum and Laymon influence, for sure; but Strand has his own spin. The characterization in this could not have been better. Stoker nominee for best novella should be forthcoming.

  • Jenn
    2019-01-10 09:15

    Absolutely bloody brilliant! I loved this short tale by Jeff Strand. it had violence and blood, but was not overly gory and had absolutely zero gratuitous sex. In other words, it was most definitely NOT a horror story written for 16 year old boys. I'll admit, there were times I wished the kidnappers would put Rebecca out of her misery. Who would have as many phobias as this chick? Admit it, she's a bit of a pansy. But she grows stronger and stronger as the story progresses, mostly because she has no choice - do it or die. At least her love for Gary is what keeps her going and she isn't ridiculously struck with a streak of stubbornness that comes from out of nowhere. And her undying love isn't portrayed as over the top either. Brilliantly executed and a quick read.

  • Char
    2019-01-14 07:12

    This was a fun and fast paced novella. It's nice to see a female protagonist, even full of phobias as this one was. There is none of Jeff Strand's signature sense of humor in this one, which I did miss, but it really would not have fit in here. All in all, a quick fun read.

  • E.
    2018-12-31 03:04

    I started out really disliking the main character Rebecca. The first couple of pages is pretty much Rebecca whining about her husband being away, and 'how will she ever manage'. That's not an actual quote from the book, but it might as well be. I should also state here that her husband left for a weekend camping trip. Mixed with my dislike for Rebecca, who seems unable to get through two days without her husband, was an affinity with her. I get the freaking yourself out when home alone; I do it to myself on a regular basis. That certainty there's an axe murderer behind the closed door, waiting to jump out when it's opened, is why I don't watch scary movies by myself. The only reason I kept reading was that I totally understood her fear, even if the Bella-lie whining was a little much.As far as Jeff Strand books go, it's not his best work and it was missing a lot of blood and gore that is usually present in his writing, but it was still enjoyable. Strand does a lot in 123 pages and he's one of the few authors I've read, who is able to tell a complete and interesting story in so few pages.

  • Nick Cato
    2018-12-29 04:08

    Tense thriller with all the suspense that made Strand's novel PRESSURE so great, only this time in novella form. Strap yourself in ...

  • Jenni DaVinCat
    2018-12-22 08:17

    Faint of Heart is a fun novella and an easy one day read. Easy in terms of flow and understanding, but not so easy in terms of subject. I always feel weird using the words "enjoyable" or "easy" when it comes to books about killers, murder and other psychotic things. I guess at some point I'm just going to have to face facts and admit that I do have a morbid fascination with those things, like many other people in the world. The genres wouldn't be so popular if people weren't interested in it!This book actually felt like a slight departure from what seems to be Strand's style. Strand is known for his horror-comedy writing, similar to the feeling of Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland. He can go a little over the top trying to be funny and grotesque at the same time, but most of the time, I love to read anything by Jeff Strand. This book really didn't have too much in the way of comedy. It seemed to focus more on the action and psychological thriller aspect. It was a pleasant surprise and very well done. Jeff Strand is very talented, in my opinion and this novella is just a little more proof of that.I really thought I was going to hate the main protagonist, Rebecca. I was so critical of her at the beginning, assuming that she was just this little scared wiener. Looking back, I think this is probably what Strand was going for. Her journey and development were the main thing in the story. She became an excellent character and really fun to read about.If you like Jeff Strand (or even if you don't, but why wouldn't you?), you'll like this one.

  • Elusive
    2019-01-16 08:25

    In 'Faint of Heart', Rebecca is afraid of spending the weekend alone while her husband embarks on a camping trip with his friends but little does she know that she won't be alone for long. When Gary fails to return home and a stranger turns up on her doorstep, she's drawn into a terrifying life or death game..Despite the interesting premise, the story just fell flat and boring pretty quickly. The main character, Rebecca was annoying from the beginning as she made a big deal about being left at home alone for TWO days. As such, I found it ironic when she said "Twenty-eight. Not six. Don't worry about me." Later in the story, she managed to redeem herself as she wasn't dumb, tried to fight back whenever an opportunity presented itself and showed that she wasn't cowardly after all.The psychos targeting Rebecca and her husband were laughable cardboard characters who weren't convincing as villains. Their behaviour was so over-the-top hence it was hard to take them seriously. One moment they'd be acting goofy, the next they'd be threatening Rebecca. It didn't help that Gary was merely a name on paper so it was hard to care about whether he'd be able to get home in one piece. The events leading up to the ending were run-of-the-mill scenes that could have been plucked from just about any horror story.Overall, 'Faint of Heart' was a whole lot more tame and dull than it sounds. Thankfully it's a short read.

  • Todd Russell
    2018-12-28 01:22

    At the direction and command of two psychos, Rebecca Harpster follows the path of her missing husband. The primary suspense and desire to keep reading is to find out whether or not Rebecca's husband is alive and if Rebecca will survive her challenge. Like almost every Strand story I've read, the pacing is fast and whatever detours that are offered are short and often satisfying. Not much humor in this one for those who enjoy Strand's humor side, but I was cool with that. The ending ties everything up. The characters are likable (protagonist) and unlikable (antagonists), but they are a bit cookie-cutter. Great dialogue, as always.It's a decent read. Plot-wise it reads a bit like a sandwich that is a day old in the fridge. This fits somewhere in the middle of all the Strand books I've read, perhaps a couple notches below his newest novella, Stalking You Now. 3.5 stars, rounded down. 2,488 Kindle locations. Recommended.

  • Bandit
    2018-12-30 05:27

    Faint of Heart is ironically titled, since it's probably not for the faint of heart. There is quite a lot of violence and a pair of sadistic twisted (as if there are any other kind )psychopaths that'll make you think twice about personal safety in and out of your home as well as camping. This read a lot like Richard Laymon to me, if I didn't know any better I'd say this might have been a pastiche. So imagine a Laymon book without the excessive T&A and with lots of humor and this is it. Fun, fast paced novella about the transformative power of love as in it transforms an uber cliched chick into a Sarah Connor style kickass. Thanks for the loan, Charlene. Very quick read, took me just under 2 hours. Not my favorite Strand, since this doesn't showcase his originality (although his awesome humor is definitely present), but a lot of fun to read, as all his books are. Recommended.

  • Elizabeth A.
    2019-01-09 01:17

    Author Jeff Strand is best known for his comedy infused horror, such as the Andrew Mayhem series, The Severed Nose, and Benjamin’s Parasite just to name a few. And though I do love me some seriously irreverent Strand, I also admit that my two favorite Strand books to date, Pressure and Dweller, are the ones in which he included the least amount of humor, instead focusing on character development and building tension.Strand’s newest release, the novella Faint of Heart, is nothing but wall-to-wall tension. Rebecca Harpster isn’t wild about the idea of spending a weekend alone at a cabin in Alaska, but she also isn’t selfish enough to stop her husband, Gary, from going on a camping trip with his two best friends. And though she’s still adjusting to their new life in Alaska, Rebecca knows the house is safe and that Gary’s the one more likely to have an unpleasant weekend camping outside in temperatures hovering around the freezing mark.As the weekend passes with no word from Gary, however, Rebecca becomes increasingly concerned something awful has happened. Her worst nightmare seems to have come true when a State Trooper shows up on the doorstep late Sunday evening with news there’s been a dire accident. Despite her panic, Rebecca is aware enough to realize there is something off about the Trooper. Instead of letting him in, she demands his name and badge number, intending to call and confirm his identity. And that’s when her nightmare really begins.Her instincts correct, Rebecca discovers her phone lines have been cut and that the man’s real purpose for being there is to abduct her. Turns out he’s part of a duo who claim to be holding Gary hostage after having put him through unimaginable horrors all weekend. The only thing that kept them from killing him, Rebecca’s told, was Gary’s passionate devotion to her and his instance he’d do anything to be reunited with her. Well, now the disturbed duo want Rebecca to show the same level of devotion and prove herself worthy of having Gary returned to her. All she has to do is relive, and survive, his weekend from Hell.Strand has designed Faint of Heart to maximize tension. The remote Alaskan location makes it easy to believe the ease with which the villains could pull off their plan undetected, and also explains why Rebecca is unable to easily summon help. Further, their refusal to provide Rebecca with proof of life unless she begins playing their game leaves real doubt in both her mind and the reader’s as to whether Gary is actually even still alive. Not willing to risk being the one responsible for his death – one she’s been assured will be prolonged and horrific – if he is alive and she doesn’t play along, Rebecca is forced to relive 48 hours of pain and panic, all while trying desperately to figure out a way to get a step ahead of the sick game she’s being forced to play.Unlike most of Strand’s previous work, there is absolutely nothing humorous about Faint of Heart. This is 100% adrenaline-fueled tension and terror. Rebecca is a sympathetic, earnest, and believable character, one who finds herself in a seemingly no-win situation in which failure means not only her death, but the death of her husband. Over the course of a taut, relentless, harrowing weekend in the Alaskan wilderness Rebecca is forced to question everything she thought she knew about herself and learns what she’s really made of… and exactly how far she’s willing to go to save the person she loves most in the world.What she learns and whether she’s successful, well, this is Jeff Strand. Assume nothing, but be assured of two things: Faint of Heart is not for the faint of heart (I had to, ok?), and it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jeff Strand isn’t “just” a humor-horror writer. Strand is a big-time talent who deserves to be recognized for his amazingly diverse catalog of work (humor, horror, thriller… fairy tales!), one that only keeps getting better with every release.

  • Mike Kazmierczak
    2019-01-19 06:01

    Maybe it was because I was introduced to Jeff Strand with GRAVEROBBERS WANTED (NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY), but I always expect his stories to have more humor in them than horror. Dark humor which is often better than just plain humor. I need to reset my expectation though. Many of his later books have more suspense or horror than comedy. The humorous moments are still there but the ratio has changed.FAINT OF HEART was a good suspenseful story that focuses on Rebecca Harpster. Rebecca is staying at her remote Alaska home while her husband Gary goes out for a guy's weekend away. However, Rebecca is insecure about herself and worries about almost everything: noises outside, imagined fears, being alone, her husband never returning home. Unfortunately Gary doesn't return home on time; instead a guy shows up claiming to have kidnapped Gary. And the only way for Rebecca to get Gary back unharmed is to do exactly what the guy says.While a good plot device that hooked me at the start, it did threaten to become boring. Strand did a good job though by keeping the story to a novella length instead of unnecessarily padding it into a longer book length story. The story stays tight and much more focused. My only gripe would be the rate of character growth or change. Rebecca ends up different by the end of the story but the transition to that point came about in leaps instead of gradual growth. It was something that was harder to believe. I suppose that is the negative of novella length works: it is harder to have change gradually occur. Regardless, Strand did a great job with the book and I will continue to happily purchase and read his books.

  • Michelle (meshe)
    2018-12-24 01:02

    This thriller novella plunges right into a really scary place.Rebecca lives with her husband Gary in Alaska and she has some pretty extensive hangups. She's really, really scared of being alone. Gary and his friends are going on a weekend camping trip and Rebecca's not thrilled to be home alone. When Gary doesn't return by late Sunday afternoon, Rebecca becomes very worried. Then Alan shows up at her door pretending to be a State Trooper. Let the horror begin. What follows is a couple of days of torture for Rebecca, reliving Gary's torture. If Rebecca can relive the entire weekend of torture just like her husband Gary did, the 2 sadistic kidnappers promise they will both live.I'm not sure I'm really fond of novellas. I think this could be a really great full length novel. There was just a little bit too much violence/gore for me, but if you like sick shit, this is definitely gonna be right up your alley.

  • Lorraine Taylor
    2018-12-19 01:25

    Another great read from Jeff Strand. When we're first introduced to Rebecca, she's rather underwhelming. Her fear at being left alone in the house while her husband goes camping makes her appear very weak. I knew from the blurb that she has to relive some horror that the bad guys forced her husband through, and I couldn't help but feel sorry for her husband. With only her to rescue him, the poor bloke's goose seemed cooked and ready to serve up with potatoes. This brings me to my favorite part of the book. The transformation we see from Rebecca is thrilling to read. Though still afraid, it's her love for her husband that pushes her on. We're with her the whole way as she finds a strength and a savagery within her that even she didn't know she had. Definitely a story of love and loyalty, this book portrays the love between husband and wife and shows that we will do anything for the people we love.

  • David Bernstein
    2019-01-02 06:11

    Having read a number of Mr. Strand's works, I was really looking forward to this one and damn was it good! I don't think the guy can write a bad novel. Faint of Heart has the Jeff Strand touch all over it. Fan's of his will love it. Newbie's, it's a great place to get introduced to his work. He manages to write real horror, terrifying stuff and make you laugh at the same time. He is a master of this craft.Specifics on the book without spoilers. Plain and simple, if you want a tension-filled book that truly makes you HAVE to turn the page, is well-written, with great characters both funny as hell and scary, then read this book. Highly recommended!

  • Donald
    2019-01-15 09:06

    This girl, Rebecca, isn't exactly the brave sort.Her husband and two friends set out on a weekend camping trip.Three guys bonding.Three guys camping, fishing, and drinking.They meet up with two other guys, cavalier killers, who like to drag things out just for fun. Rebecca's husband, Gary, is the last man standing and now the killers want to see how things play out by making Rebecca relive her husband's experience. How far can she be pushed? Can she run the gauntlet and survive? What will she do to save her marriage and her husband's life? This story explores those questions and does so in a very believable way.

  • George McKnight
    2018-12-24 03:10

    Another one sided bullying bookJeff's writing style centers around a villain that stays in complete control with extremely vicious traits, it would be nice to see him write with the villain not always 1 step ahead and make life string mistakes.

  • Kat
    2018-12-20 01:03

    For the full review please visit Shivers of HorrorI like to read short stories between longer books for something different and quick. Also because if it sucks, well then I didn’t invest too much time or money into it. But every once in awhile a short story or novella comes long and it makes me wish it was longer. That’s what happened with Faint of Heart. I loved it so much I wanted more.

  • Trina Talma
    2019-01-12 07:01

    Entertaining if formulaic; I knew almost exactly how it would end before I was a quarter of the way into it. If there was one thing I didn't like, it was that the predictable ending came too abruptly. It felt like the author had just had enough of the story and decided he'd better wrap it up already.

  • Sam Stephens
    2019-01-01 07:01

    This was my introduction to Jeff Strand, and it was a damn good one. If I was going to try and pin the style down, I'd put it somewhere between Dean Koontz and Richard Laymon.It reminded me of everything I love about the old school horror genre, back when secluded campsites, dark forests, and psychopaths gnawed at the edges of my dreams.

  • Ashley James
    2019-01-15 06:19

    Going through a bit of a jeff starnd binge loving everything up to this point only critism was the ending seemed a tiny bit rushed I know its a novella but the build up was very well paced and the final chapter seemed to come and go however I still flew through this and recommend to anyone interested in any form of horror

  • Kim Taras
    2018-12-25 06:10

    I did really enjoy this story however to me it faded out a little bit towards the end. It was definitely suspenseful and worth the read if you like Jeff Strand and I LOVE Jeff Strand. I enjoyed the two previous books I read by him more though. I am definitely going to check out another soon!

  • Matt
    2019-01-08 03:22

    Not a bad novella length story. Would have been better if most of the "game" wasn't her just doing mostly normal non-threatening stuff. Not really a horrible day except for the end, which was kind of short. I liked the story overall, but it had a couple anti-climactic moments in it really.

  • Joseph Duncan
    2019-01-05 02:16

    Not my favorite Jeff Strand book. It started off really strong, but the ending was a bit of a letdown. It felt like it ended too quickly. I think this story might have been better served being expanded to a full length novel.

  • Stewie
    2018-12-19 06:23

    Having not read a lot of Jeff Strand, I found this one much darker than the two prior I have read. Still enjoyed it, nonetheless. You can read my entire review at

  • William
    2018-12-24 03:10

    This was just more of the same. No character development, slash and dash. The ending was abrupt and poorly thought out. I would at least like the stories to have some remote chance of happening. I expect more from Strand.

  • Amy Mcnea
    2019-01-17 06:28

    Amazing read What an amazing read. My heart was racing for most of this book. My breathing even sped up during certain parts as my own fears were a reality in the pages of this book.

  • catherine l doss
    2019-01-12 06:06

    Shallow Did not fully engage me because of the total plausibility of the plot. Happy endings are nice. Blah blah blah

  • Trev Twinem
    2018-12-29 06:23

    wish I could get into Jeff Strand...but I did not really enjoy...too much dialogue not enough plot...