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12 hoursAlex MacLeod's virile physique, fearsome reputation, and renowned fighting skills have helped him master to perfection the role of a hardened mercenary. On a secret mission to protect his clan, he must keep his true purpose well hidden. But his dangerous endeavor is threatened by a beautiful woman he saves from outlaws, never dreaming she will appear at court and p12 hoursAlex MacLeod's virile physique, fearsome reputation, and renowned fighting skills have helped him master to perfection the role of a hardened mercenary. On a secret mission to protect his clan, he must keep his true purpose well hidden. But his dangerous endeavor is threatened by a beautiful woman he saves from outlaws, never dreaming she will appear at court and put his plans in jeopardy. Meg Mackinnon needs a strong husband by her side to defend her clan's holdings, but her search has been hampered by burning fantasies of the midnight rescuer whose smoldering blue eyes and raw sensuality left her breathless. Alex pretends to be a mercenary with no loyalties, yet he is clearly much more. As Meg challenges Alex to reveal all his secrets, the stakes grow perilously high, especially for the bold woman who dares to unmask a highlander....

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Highlander Unmasked Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-01-14 11:43

    From the cover:Alex MacLeod's virile physique, fearsome reputation, and renowned fighting skills have helped him master to perfection the role of a hardened mercenary. On a secret mission to protect his clan, he must keep his true purpose well hidden. But his dangerous endeavor is threatened by a beautiful woman he saves from outlaws, never dreaming she will appear at court and put his plans in jeopardy.Meg Mackinnon needs a strong husband by her side to defend her clan's holdings, but her search has been hampered by burning fantasies of the midnight rescuer whose smoldering blue eyes and raw sensuality left her breathless. Alex pretends to be a mercenary with no loyalties, yet he is clearly much more. As Meg challenges Alex to reveal all his secrets, the stakes grow perilously high, especially for the bold woman who dares to unmask a highlander.My Review:Boy, I have such mixed feelings about how to review this book. I’ll try to explain why I feel the way I do.First, I adored Alex in Highlander Untamed. He was funny, irreverent, boyish in charming ways, but wow, is he a different man now. I know that’s to be expected because he’s older, has more responsibilities, he’s much angrier, and even though he won’t admit it, lonelier. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a character who changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Alex but it was rather a shock. I would have never recognized him had I not gone into this book knowing who he was. As far as characters go, Meg was a great one. Because her older brother, Ian, who was born “simple” wouldn’t be able to follow in his laird father’s footsteps without help, she devoted her life and time to learning everything there was to know about how to successfully lead a clan and intended to “rule” by her brother’s side and help him when it came to decision making. It wasn’t an easy task because in addition to having to learn everything, she also had to protect her brother from the painful words that were always being thrown at him by people who got their thrills by making fun of a mentally handicapped man. The thing that made this so horribly sad was that Ian was handicapped enough to not be able to lead the clan alone, but not so handicapped that he didn’t know what everyone was saying about him. He knew, he understood and he was hurt by it. Now, you might wonder why this part of the story has left such a lasting impression on me, and it’s because this is not something we often read about in historical romance novels. Almost as if mentally handicapped people didn’t exist. So yeah, this really did stand out in my mind and was one of the main reasons that adore Meg as much as I do. I'll also add that I hope there's a special place in hell reserved for people who get their kicks from tormenting those who are less fortunate or "different." There were so many things that I loved about this book and it should have been a solid 5 star read, but… yep, there’s the “but”… there was sooooo much back-story that it began to feel monotonous - tedious. Maybe had I not read this right after Highlander Untamed it wouldn’t have stood out so much, but wow… I ended up skipping through entire pages of back-story just to be able to finish the book. So, even though I have Highlander Unchained sitting right here next to me, I’m going to wait a couple of months before I read it because I want to be able to enjoy it on its own merits and not find myself constantly comparing it to Highlander Untamed and this book, Highlander Unmasked.

  • Olga
    2019-01-07 09:22

    Como siempre los highlander de Monica me cautivan..... ainsss que tendran los highlander!!!!Las historias de Monica donde unen historia de ese hermoso y magico pais como es Escocia con las tramas tan apasionantes , hacen que las lecturas sean amenas, rapidas y te dejen con ganas de mas....Son libro que no defraudan... una lastima que no se sigan publicando la guardia de los highlanders...

  • Cristina
    2019-01-17 13:49

    I actually felt bad for Meg. I don't mind the girl doing the chasing but when it's ALL THE TIME while the hero is pushing her away then I have a problem. Meg just needs the tiniest excuse to either go after him or wait him out. Poor Meg is always second guessing Alex's intentions. And I don't blame her, especially with Alex's changing moods. Then there was Alex. I think I disliked him the most. He'd rather hurt Meg by pushing her away or rejecting her than to give up his mission. Even after they spend the night together, he's still pushing her away. But wait, get this-- he even insists she should accept another man's proposal. *rolling eyes*All in all, I didn't quite enjoy this one. A lot of inner dialogue and two main characters I couldn't connect with.

  • Izy
    2018-12-20 06:43

    Rating~ 3.5 stars.I enjoyed it but I felt like some parts of the story were dragging or slow. Also while I really liked Meg, I wish that Alex had maybe grovelled a bit because of the way he treated her. I know why he did and so did Meg but after the almost constant 'I don't want you' 'I'm not the man for you' and 'I can't marry you' etc I wanted him to say sorry. Also the ending felt so abrupt...we don't know at all what happens and I wish that we/Alex had gotten to meet Ian, Meg's brother in present time.

  • Glamdring
    2018-12-23 13:41

    *2,5 stars*I'm sorry but I don't think that Monica McCarty is my kind of author. Like Heather Graham/Shannon Drake or Virginia Henley (to name just those two) she weaves her romance stories in the History what I like a lot BUT she is doing to many repetitions for me to really enjoy her books. At least in this book I liked the main characters. PS: Jamie Campbell the hero of Highland Warrior (book 1 of the Campbell trilogy) is a secondary character in this book.

  • Calpurnia
    2019-01-08 13:25

    Este me ha parecido más aburrido que el primero de la triglogía. Le pongo tres estrellas por los ratillos buenos que hemos tenido pero la verdad es que tanto Alex como Meg me han puesto bastante nerviosa, en líneas generales, una colleja les habría dado en varios momentos clave. Y me surge una duda ¿por qué a Meg se le enredan continuamente mechones de pelo en las pestañas? ¿es eso posible?A ver el tercero a ver qué tal.

  • Ms. Brandon
    2019-01-14 14:49


  • Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]
    2018-12-27 11:47

    My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...This close to being 4 stars, even a 4.5... For the 1st 10 chapters I was sure I’ll rate it at least 4 but boy oh boy after that, sheer, utter frustration! Alex drove me nuts with his confusion over his duty, clan and Meg. I mean I understood why he had this thing to prove himself but the way he hurt Meg over and over again thinking “this is for the best”, nope doesn’t work for me babe! They had great chemistry but both of you (by that I mean MM) ruined it for me.In this book, Alex was very different indeed. There were some indications in Highlander Untamed that at one time, when Alex was acting as a chief for Rory, he made a colossal mistake while fighting with the MacDonalds. Dougal MacDonald killed his two cousins from the Lewis branch of MacLeods because of Alex’s decisions. This incident hung a black pall over his conscience. Still, Alex was much happier and fun loving than how we find him in his book. It’s been 4/5 years since that incident; he’d left Skye about 3 years ago to make a place of his own. Given to his natural born knack for leadership, it was obvious that Alex needed to make something for himself. But what he did was joined the a group of MacGregors, who were drove out of their lands by King James. There are political situations I don’t wanna explain but it’s obvious that the King wants to make colonies with the Lowlanders to subdue the Highland ‘barbarians’. Without any lands, the MacGregors are termed ‘outlaws’ by the so-called polished Lowlanders and the King himself. So Alex has been a warrior, fought battles accompanying them. His life has been very difficult, which left a mark on him and now he’s a very different man altogether.Meg needs to find a husband soon because her father, the Laird of the MacKinnon is very ill. Being the only daughter to a father, whose only heir is called ‘Ian the Dumb’ isn’t very easy. Meg has always been very serious and absolutely scrupulous about her duties as the daughter of a Laird. Her older brother, Ian, isn’t a simpleton but not as aggressive and quick witted as a warrior and a chief must be. Since there were no more siblings, it’s upto Meg to marry well, to a man who’d look after her clan and won’t oust her brother from his position. Which is why Meg was on her way to Edinburgh to attend the court with her mother Rosalind. But Rosalind, unlike her daughter, is a romantic at heart, her own marriage being one of love. She was sure she’ll find the right man, with whom Meg would fall in love. Anyway, on their way, a gang of hired killers attacked. When she thought she’d be killed along with everyone else, a warrior on a big horse charged in for her rescue. It was a great scene, utterly fascinating and needless to say, I just adored it. How she looked at the warrior, fascinated by his skill, however deadly it was and his Godlike good looks (you know blonde, big, well muscled with sapphire eyes, ummm :p). How the said warrior would look at her and just stare at her. How she mouthed ‘thank you’ to him. I knew who it was of course, which is why I loved the intensity of this scene. Meg certainly couldn’t forget the man even if he left without saying a word to her after he had seen to their safety. At court, she’s being courted by men she doesn’t really want. Her one choice above all is Jamie Campbell, the young Chief of the Campbells; a nice, honorable Laird whom she likes very much and who returns the sentiment. Meg is always called as a ‘plain’ girl. I don’t know why. She has beautiful chestnut hair and big green eyes. She’s petite and sweet. It’s said that she’s not as vivaciously beautiful as her mother but her beauty is more of a hidden kind. Huh? Anyway I guess, being with a mother who is/was a known beauty can dredge up such nonsense from people. I understood her insecurities about her looks a lot. I totally sympathized because society can be cruel even if you really don’t deserve such rubbish. It also didn’t help that she was once engaged to an a$$ from her clan, who betrayed her with a serving maid. He made Meg believe he loved her. Of course, it was a lie. Sadly, Meg came upon them and discovered that he wanted the maid to be his mistress after he married Meg, just to become the chief, ousting Ian. So Meg has vowed not to be swayed by the notion of love ever again and act practical. Yet the thought of the warrior who saved them on that night comes to her unbidden. Even Elizabeth, Jamie’s sister and her very close friend, detects her distractions. But Meg keeps quite about her hidden longings. FYI: Elizabeth was the girl from the Campbells’ whom Rory was supposed to marry in Highlander Untamed.Alex left Meg like that because he didn’t risk recognition. When he saw Meg’s mother, he knew who they were. Alex’s past these three years, along with Rory’s message that summoned him demanded he keep his identity hidden. From Rory, he got to know about King’s plans to colonize Lewis, which would not only be a threat to their cousins but also, the Highlanders altogether. So, now, Alex has to work as a spy in the court. He hates court and its jaded dualities like no other. Living as a warrior also changed his ways. He doesn’t look forward for a future beyond his duties and a purging of his guilty conscience over his cousins’ deaths 4 years ago. He wants revenge, on Dougal, for their killings as well as imprisoning him. It was also a matter of pride for Alex. It was about proving himself not only to his clan but mostly, to himself. I got this. I knew he needed this too. But what pissed me off, in the later parts of the book, was his stubbornness about this whole thing and dragging Meg into all these and then hurt her, over and over again. I mean it was such a mess! Anyway, Meg and Alex both formally meet each-other in the Jame’s court. Meg recognized him immediately, even though he was clean shaven and marvelously outfitted, as not only the Alex MacLeod who came to visit Dunakin (her home) when she was young but also as the warrior who saved her and her mother. But Alex refused to be recognized. Meg was very insistent to know why he’s refusing, not knowing his role as a spy. There were a few scenes where she’d barge in on him while he was conduction some sort of spy works. It made Alex mad as well as crazy for Meg. Well, yah, he wanted her from the 1st moment he saw her. I mean he SAW her beyond her ‘plain’ looks, which was something I LOVED. Even in court, he wanted her, with her atrocious dress sense. Meg was never a fashionista because she thought appearances don’t matter. But after sometimes, for Alex, she changed. I couldn’t fault her for it, neither being drawn to Alex like a magnet. Alex was sexy and intense. I loved it. These two had great chemistry going on. I just wanted them to hang everything and jump into bed together, fall in love and have their HEA. But, did that happen? Umm, it did but when it happened, I was this closed to tear my hair out from annoyance!So I was enjoying their little interludes. Most of the times, they would see each-other coincidentally and end up kissing and touching. Meg never told her mother that Alex was the warrior who saved them knowing her romantic minded mother would jump into conclusions, even doing something drastic herself. And Rosalind did, not only she bring around young, handsome men but when she saw Alex, she was overjoyed, somehow knowing this is the right man for her daughter. Meg was exasperated yet couldn’t say anything to Rosalind. Meg also, by now, knew that Alex isn’t looking for a wife. She was a bit confused, as Alex intended her to be, about his role as their savior but nevertheless, she was attracted. She knew marrying Jamie would be the best choice but Alex was always on her mind. Once Alex was bribing a maid to talk to him about Argyll, Jamie’s cousin and the powerful Earl, who’s very close to James, when Meg came upon them. She was very hurt and jealous, even though she shouldn’t be. And Alex knew he has to explain to her. I mean I just felt even in this short a time, how they connected.Kissing and touching were good but Meg decided she needs to make up her mind. Jamie was absent from the court when she met Dougal, not knowing what he did to Alex. In her mind, Meg was determined to marry Jamie for her clan’s sake but in her heart, all she truly wanted was Alex. Oh the heartache! Alex wasn’t helping at all either; kissing her senseless this moment while the other, pushing her away. And he did that throughout the story, so many times, that I wanted to kick him. It was Meg who came back every time he did such a thing, knowing there was something he was keeping from her. There are more incidents at court. Alex had some suspicions that Meg and her mother was meant to be murdered when one day Meg was attacked. She followed Alex and when they were coming back, it happened. After it was foiled, Alex kisses her and holds her, yet again pushes her away when Dougal comes to take her back. The attack was from a spurned suitor, another ambitious man of the MacKinnons’. Then Meg decides to take matter in her own hands, and literally- to seduce Alex if it’s necessary. I thought it was foolish. Alex needed some incentive to think things through, see things out of the hazy clouds of his vengeance but Meg was patient enough, as she proved again and again in the story. Well, I don’t have such a virtuous mind so it pissed me off, how Alex treated her.By this time, when Meg took the decision, she’d already told Jamie (who was very eager, and not out of ambition, to marry Meg) that she can’t marry him. In the meantime, Rory came to the court with Isabel. Isabel met Meg, asking her about Alex, hearing things about them. Meg tells her Alex is not interested in marriage. Isabel tells her a little of what happened to him in the fight in the shadows of the great Cuillin Mountains 4 yrs ago. Meg is instantly sympathetic and decides she’d never say ‘yes’ to Dougal; not that she ever liked the man! Alex has already informed Rory on what the King is planning to do. The information was quite hard earned since he was always being distracted by Meg, one way or the other. Rory tells Alex that he doesn’t really have to prove anything. But Alex insists he has to go to Lewis and help his MacLeod cousins. It was a matter of do it somehow or die trying. This is why Alex, even knowing his weakness (something not just lust) for Meg that he kept on pushing her away or hurting her on the process. So, the day before he was supposed to be leaving for Lewis, Meg comes to his room. She tries, at first, with words to reason with him, as to why he’s the best match for her and for her clan. But of course, inwardly, she already knew she’d fallen in love with him. It was out of her own longing that she wanted him. Alex held back. And God it made me angry. When they finally make love, Meg had to go through a lot of hurtful rejections from Alex. But her persistence brought Alex down to his knees. To tell you the truth, all the love scenes were initiated by Meg (and I loved it) because Alex, even though being crazy about her, held back. WOW but that’s not sexy, honey! That was a completely moronic thing to do.After that they’re discovered by Jamie, who was worried about Meg not being in her room. Having a good idea who she might be seeing, he barges into Alex’s room. So Alex is now honor bound to propose to her. Meg won’t have it, in her heart she’s not happy at all. She’s confused about the whole thing but says yes. But Alex realizes it (again) might put her in danger, her being attached to him so he decides to do something to break it up. OMFG, someone brain me with something and put me out of my misery... I’d rather kill myself than seeing this happening. I was going like NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I mean WTF was happening between these two? Meg was so happy the next morning but eavesdropping on Alex talking with another Lord broke her heart and she’s disillusioned again. She couldn’t believe her Alex would only want to marry her for her lands and money. Knowing that she went through it once and Alex was so totally lying, broke my heart too. She breaks the engagement, returns to Dunakin in Skye. Alex goes on to his mission in Lewis.But Meg can’t forget the man. She feels listless. Her mother is worried, suspected a few things herself so she forces Meg’s father to come out with the truth about Alex. Being a Laird of a clan in Skye and a Highlander, MacKinnon Laird was also involved with this rebellion just as the MacLeods. He explains to Meg why the fight in Lewis is necessary, how the King is planning a vile colonization called the ‘Fife Adventurers’ and so on. Meg understands a lot of the things and immediately forgives Alex. But she was also hurt that even after being this efficient with her duties, her father held back these information just because she’s a girl. Whoa but it gotta hurt! Anyway, Jamie visits Dunakin to propose to Meg again. He knew what Alex was planning to do and told Alex that he’s willing to marry her no matter what. Have to say, I absolutely liked Jamie so I’m now very interested in the Campbell trilogy, where I know Jamie has his own book. But Meg refuses him, knowing there is a chance that Alex was lying that day. Jamie was very nice even after all these rejections but Meg explains he has a right to find someone he’d fall in love with. I agree! But, Jamie explains to her it’s very much possible that Alex might die in the battle. Meg can’t think of it. Jamie, knowing he’s making danger for himself with Argyll and the King, informs Meg that Alex is really in trouble because Dougal was planning to kill him and the other MacLeods. Meg now HAS TO go to Lewis to give Alex the message. I don’t know if I should call her stupid because it did make a lot of trouble. But, I wasn’t that annoyed knowing how much she loved him and just couldn’t trust anyone with the news.Alex, in Lewis, was missing Meg just as much and despaired that he’d lost her forever. He thought by now Meg is engaged to Jamie. But when he finds Meg on the shores of Lewis, with Jamie in toe, he’s as happy as he’s utterly mad. How could she risk so much by coming here? While they talk and kiss and Alex was rejecting it all again... well, it was very very frustrating because no matter how much Meg tried to tell/show him her feelings, even saying ILU to him, Alex kept firm on his decision of not to encourage her. But oh, he wanted to make love to her, don’t think he didn’t. Meg knew that too. Even though he rejected her again, just to prove herself, she had to make advance (again). Lord, I was so very irritated yet couldn’t bring myself to dislike Alex. Again, what a mess! After her touches Alex decides what the heck and gives in. Well, by now, the book has lost me and I just wanna finish it. I mean one can take so much of such stuff! Since it was already night, they stay on Lewis. The next day, Meg begs Alex to let her stay with him but Alex refuses. When she was on her way to Skye, Dougal kidnaps the whole party, to bring Alex down. Alex didn’t know any of these but he took care according to the information Meg brought. He almost led his men to the castle they were supposed bring down when Dougal comes out with Meg. After that it was full of action when Meg got hurt. But she was so worried about Alex and his duties, she didn’t tell him how bad her injuries were. She begs the healer woman to lie to Alex about it so that he can go fight for his clan. WOW, I don’t know what to say. It was utterly foolish yet there was no doubt in my mind that she loved Alex with all her heart. 2 days later, Jamie’s missive informs Alex that Meg is very ill...Ok, hope I covered it all. I liked the book a lot but I wish the romance part prevailed more than all these confusion over what to do and what not to do. 3.75 stars. I loved yet was saddened by the author’s/historical note. It seems like, historically, the MacLeod victory was short lived and Neil MacLeod, whom we see with Alex in the story, was originally caught and hanged later. Oh no! :(Anyway, I’ve done more research and the following links might interest you:On Clan MacLeod On Alex MacLeodYes, Alexander MacLeod, brother to Rory Mor, did marry one Margaret MacKinnon and fathered 2 sons. But, it seems like the real Alex married twice and had a daughter from the 1st marriage. Anyway, I prefer this version more. :pA picture of the Cuillin Mountains, where the defeat at the Corrie of the Foray for MacLeods happened and played such a crucial role in Alex’s life:[image error]

  • Zeek
    2018-12-31 09:50

    Not too many historical are hitting my list about now, but this is one series I do enjoy.The second in Mccarty's Highlander series, Highlander Unmasked follows the family of Macleod who are dead set on defending their little patch of Scotland from the Scots English King James and his greedy noble lowlanders.On his way to King James Court to suss out some key information that will help protect Lewis & the isle of Skye, Alex Macleod comes across a band of knaves attacking a party of nobles also on their way to court.Alex is a warrior of the first order and when he and his men dispatch the thugs rather easily, Meg MacKinnon can't help but wonder who the handsome Highlander is that came to her rescue so effectively- and disappeared just as quickly.Meg too is on a mission. An oddity in her time, Meg is strong willed and intelligent. However, her beloved brother who is due to inherit her father's lands, is not. Meg is determined to find a man for herself, not for love, but to help support her brother when he becomes Chief. With her father fallen gravely ill, Meg has taken it upon herself to go to court to find just such a man.Unfortunately not a single man at court has impressed her as the one to fill the position and she doesn't trust a one of them.Until Alex suddenly appears at court.Of course she's instantly attracted to the tall foreboding Highlander, but for some reason the stubborn man is denying he is the one to come to her aid that day in the woods, when she knows darn well it was he. Something is up with Alex Macleod and Meg won't be deterred from finding out.Alex is frustrated. The wily Meg Mackinnon will not take him at his word when he says he was not the man to rescue her. She is right, of course, but if people know that he was in the area of Skye, when he supposedly was off to other lands as a mercenary and on the outs with his brother, Laird Macleod, he will not be able to get the information he needs to defeat the king's men arming themselves to take over Lewis.In addition to saving his homeland from colonization, Alex must fulfill his purpose and exact the revenge he's been thirsting for, but how can he when one Meg Mackinnon is proving to be a huge distraction and he finds himself helplessly drawn to her beauty and courage?If you're still a fan of a good old fashioned romance novel, this one hits the mark. I loved Meg. She's clever and strong and I could see why a noble man such as Alex Macleod would fall for her. Alex's character has developed into the epitome of dark brooding male since Highlander Untamed, the first in the series. I loved these two together and the story flowed seamlessly from scene to scene as the characters make their way through the intrigue of court and ... falling in love.Highlander Unmasked is good romance read, that delivers heat, romance, and an exciting storyline. I believe this is one sequel that surpasses the original!

  • Valquiria
    2019-01-04 07:49

    Este libro no me ha gustado tanto como el primero (El highlander indomable ), pero si lo he disfrutado.Creo que las principales razones por las que no lo he disfrutado tanto como el primero son:1- La ambientación de la historia. La mayor parte de la trama se desarrolla en la corte de Jacobo VI, que me encanta porque la historia escocesa, y en especial la casa de los Estuardo, me encanta. Pero el libro se centra más en el romance, la parte histórica está genialmente relatada y se nota que la autora se ha documentado, y eso me encanta; pero las cortes de los reinos me interesan muchísimo más cuando el romance es secundario o directamente no existe. Me explico, las cortes son muy interesantes y esconden millones de cosas, pero si quisiera leer sobre ellas leería otros libros (como ya hago), pero en la parte del romance me cautiva mucho más si se desarrolla en las highlands. Me parece que en la corte hay demasiadas normas, demasiada etiqueta y demasiados cotillas para que un romance con un highlander funcione bien. O por lo menos que funcione para mí. Alex y Meg me han gustado mucho, pero los he visto limitados pasando tanto tiempo en la corte, mientras que las últimas 100 páginas o así ya estaban en Skye y he notado mucha diferencia. Los notaba más libres y más, no sé, ellos.2. El ritmo de este libro es algo lento.Quizá se deba a que están en la corte....3. No me ha emocionado tanto como el primer libro.Aún así,El secreto del Highlander me ha gustado y lo he disfrutado bastante. ¡Pronto caerá el tercero y último libro de la trilogía de los MacLeods de Skye!

  • Kübra Yağmur
    2018-12-23 13:22

    Bir Rory etmese de kardeşiydi sonuçta. 😉

  • Romina
    2019-01-04 08:25

    This heroine obviously doesn't know how to play hard to get. At all. I honestly really enjoyed the first half of the book, which is why I didn't rate it with a single star, but Meg (the heroine) really ruined it for me. She was supposed to be this independent, intelligent young woman, but she just came off as annoying and completely clingy when trying to capture Alex's heart. I mean, how many times did she need to be rejected by him for her to understand? What did he need to DO for her to get it? Not much else, apparently, since he did so much to convince her to leave him alone, but nothing seemed to work:--spoilers--1.Tell her he wasn't interested. CHECK2.Tell her he wasn't the man for her. CHECK3.Ignore her. CHECK4.Inform her he had no scruples and no honor and was only after his personal gain. CHECK5.Mistreat her and scream at her every time she got in his way (although who wouldn't?). CHECK6.Bed her and un-enthusiastically ask her for her hand in marriage under duress and out of duty. CHECK8.Let her know he was using her for her money and lands. CHECK9.Tell her to marry another man.CHECK10.Leave her without ever having the intention of coming back and never communicating with her. CHECK11.After she followed him for the umpteenth time, tell her he couldn't promise her a future, AGAIN. CHECK12. Tell her, again, how she was bothering him. CHECK13. Persuade her that she HAD to marry someone else but a few minutes later he slept with her anyway. CHECKI get that she was 'fighting for her man', but this was ridiculous already. I usually enjoy Monica McCarty's books, and I really like her new Highlander Guards series, but this has got to be one of her weakest books, if not THE weakest. It's pretty disappointing actually since the previous one was good, so I'll take a chance and read the next in the series and see if it picks up. Hopefully.

  • Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2018-12-27 10:46

    Surprisingly, I enjoyed this book.   It was slow to start but once it picked up, I could not put it down. I've got to admit, it’s hard for me to rate this book due to the slow start but Mccarty was able to pull off some excitement and romance to this story.  It actually made me tear once or twice (the sap that I am). Alex was sent to Court to spy for information to help protect his family’s land, but under the pretences that he is in a fall out with his Chieftain Brother, Rory Mcleod (Highlander Untamed book1).   During his visit to England, he meets Meg Mackinnon, lass from a nearby clan he’s known from childhood.   Meg Mackinnon daughter to another Chieftain is in court to find a husband also as a duty to her clan.   Torn between duties and love, both Meg and Alex would have to make life changing decisions that will lead them to danger. This book definitely had steamy scenes that made me swoon over this hot Highlander.  I’m eager to read the next book to this Trilogy. Fave Quotes/Scenes: Meg-Three weeks was apparently time enough to fall in love, but not long enough to fall out of love… Alex-The moon bathed her features in soft light.  His eyes gorged on her face, as if something exquisitely beautiful had somehow materialized from a dream.  His heart ached. His body ached. God, how he loved her… Meg -This might be more difficult than I realized.  “You’re a large man, aren’t you?” she blushed. “I mean, all over…”  ~I had to include this, LOL~

  • MelissaB
    2019-01-05 14:49

    This book was a good Scottish historical. The historical detail was very good and noticable. The romance was very sweet and enjoyable. My only problem with the book was that the pace was slow. There was some action but there was also a lot of down time and dialogue that dragged instead of sped along. I still enjoyed the book and can't wait to read the third book in the trilogy

  • Siany
    2018-12-28 12:42

    ** SMALL SPOILERS **Sigh another great Highlander one.This is the second book of the McLeod Clan series and in this we meet gorgeous Alex (Rory's brother - who also appeared in the first book), and the beautiful and smart Meg Mackinnon.Alex is on a bit of top secret mission to find out information to what the King is plotting. Again the King is looking to screw the Highlanders over basically, and give away their lands to the "Lowlanders"...specifically the British.Meg is at court because she needs to find a husband. She needs a husband who will NOT take over her clan, but help her brother handle things and make sure noone tries to fight him for the leader role. Her brother isn't 100% in the head but is unfortunately the only male heir. In the beginning of this it looks like she will marry her best friends brother Jamie, he is smart and loyal and wont look to take over things. But when she is rescued by Alex she cant get him out of her mind. His big solid muscly frame...his gorgeous blue eyes..enough to make any girl swoon really.When she sees him at Court, she automatically knows him to be her rescuer and is fasinated by him. She knows he isnt there for what he claims to be and tries to find out his secrets.Alex sees her and can see she knows who he is and what he did for her and her mother. He in instantly attracted to her and after some matchmaking from her mother they end up dancing. She confides she is there to look for a husband and he likes how forward she is. But he cannot offer her anything so does his best to leave her alone.As you all know this never works and they find themselves together a lot and end up sharing some other hot kisses and a few other touchy feely things ;-)Other some hot glances and avoiding each other, she realises shes in love with him and sets out to win him. Ending up in her seducing him....tbh the way she was, a lot of men wouldnt be able to turn it down. He then grudgingly proposes to her. He does love her also but he cannot offer her anything because of the situation he is in and knowing that Jamie still plans on proposing he sets out to drive her away. Which works.She goes home heartbroken when her father than explains whats going on and Alex's part in it and she realises what he was doing. She then finds out the the plan thats in motion to kill Alex and she rushes off to tell him in order to save him. He is furious for her being there but being that they are mad for each other they cant keep their hands off each other. He tells her he cant offer anything cos he was likely to die blah blah blah.And this is where I stop with the happenings of the book.To be honest the reasonings why Alex couldnt be with Meg really bugged me after a while. He was so stubborn at times it was infuriating.Meg was just as bad at times, she kept following him and asking questions in front of others and in my head as I was reading I was going "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" as I didnt want anyone to find him out. She was a bit dense at times. Once she realised he was definately hiding anything she got a bit better but it didnt stop her from following him and seeking him out and it did get her in a bit of trouble with him. Altho I may have done the same as he was infuriating.Alex was completely different in this book to how he was in the first book. In the first book he was more lighthearted, quick to smile etc whereas in this the years as a warrior have hardened him. There was a part of me that preferred him in the previous book, and what was never touched on in this, was the crush he had on Isabel in the first book.But even though there was that small part of me, I did really like him in this. Even when he was scowling and angry with Meg for one reason of another.I probably would have marked this as 3 stars but what also made this story for me, was also the fight scenes.There was a lot more action in this book compared to the first one and I reckon I was born in the wrong era and the wrong country but I got a thing for fighting Scots men, someone literally fighting to protect me....i could swoon, its so manly lolAgain the author notes with the real life history was very interesting, and I definately choose the more romantic version whether its true or not :-)Tbh a rating of 3.5 stars is more accurate for me. Not as good as the first book but still worth a read.

  • Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    2019-01-01 06:49

    Monica McCarty continues the story of the McLeods with Rory's younger brother Alex in Highlander Unmasked. I loved Alex from the first novel so was engrossed with him right away. Though I was a wee bit confused in the begging as to what Alex problem was, what he thought he had to atone for, I thought this was already resolved in the first novel. But as the story unfolds you see that Alex still has deep guilt over the loss of his two cousins and his failure of taking over for his brother in a time of need. The way that the author unveiled Alex's past left you intrigued, even though you already knew most of the story from the first novel but also set it up nicely for new readers who haven't. This is the driving force behind Alex and his actions. He is strong and determined, with multiple dimensions to his character. Meg was a stellar, heart-felt heroine. She is as equally determined as Alex to do what is right by her clan and being so much alike brings up more, to their already numerous amount of obstacles, in the way of their relationship. McCarty has such a great style of writing that sucks you right into the characters surroundings with a story that just flows from the pages. Highlander Unmasked is a passionate historical romance that is balanced out with intense battles and adventures for each of its characters and a promise of a beautiful happily ever after. Though I didn't feel that Alex's story was as phenomenal as Rory's it was still an amazing read and I can't wait to start the last in this trilogy, Highlander Unchained.See a full series review at: http://readingbetweenthewinesbookclub...

  • Nonieღserenity2bliss
    2018-12-30 09:22

    I'm so disappointed in this book that I don't feel like reviewing it.See, Alex is one character that I'm really fond of from the book in the series. He's funny, charming and the brother of the MacLeod's chief. So naturally, after loving the first book, I'm excited to read Alex's story. But man, it just fail to deliver.There's nothing wrong with the story per se because I still believe that Monica McCarty is a wonderful writer. But as a whole, it fails to captured my attention for a very long time. The spark is not there. And for that I 100% blame it on the heroine. She's a nosy, clingy, nuisance that won't go away. Reading her thoughts and the story from her perspective is exhausting, which makes reading her and Alex love story almost nauseating. I'm so happy that I'm done with this book so I can start reading the next one and put this let-down behind me for good.

  • Claudia
    2018-12-28 11:27

    I loved this story, which was quite intense. Alex proves to be a hero as good as his brother and Meg is a strong, worthy heroine

  • Elis Madison
    2018-12-18 07:46

    This second in McCarty's MacLeods of Skye Trilogy revolves around King James I/VI's doomed efforts to pacify the Highlands and Islands of his native Scotland by sending some hand-picked lowlanders to colonize the islands. Alex MacLeod (the younger brother of Rory from {HIGHLANDER UNTAMED} is headed home to see his brother, but his journey is cloaked in secrecy. Suddenly he hears a scream and while he knows it would be better for his mission to just ignore it, he and his men ride to the rescue of a small retinue of ladies and their guards under attack by brigands bent on murder. He slices his way through the villains and then departs before the ladies can discover anything about him. Who was that masked man?Meg MacKinnon is headed to court to find a husband. Her father is ailing, and her brother is about as smart as a kickstand on a horse. Meg has pretty much been doing the work of the laird since she was old enough to grasp the problem. Now it's up to Meg to find a husband who will stand behind her brother as laird and prop him up as her father's been doing. She's received a couple proposals, but always from men who intend to unseat her brother and take the lairdship for themselves. At court, Meg has trouble finding a man she thinks is right for the job. Her mother, who's accompanied her, insists that she should marry for love, but Meg figures it'll be hard enough to find a man who meets her other criteria. She's seriously considering Jamie Campbell, the brother of Lizzie, her best friend. He's connected to the Earl of Argyll, and Argyll is close to King James. She's not ignorant of the fact that neither Argyll or James are particularly friendly to the cause of the Highlanders, but she's pragmatic enough to recognize that like it or not, change is coming, and it's best to have powerful friends when it does. Jamie, though he's young, is also a skilled warrior, a man her clansmen can respect. And she does love Jamie—like a brother.Then an old friend of Jamie's appears at court. Meg barely got a look at the man who rescued her, but she's all but certain that this newcomer, Alex MacLeod, is that man. When he denies it, she decides she owes him at least her discretion, though she's curious and nosy about his reasons for hiding the truth. Meanwhile, the would-be bridegrooms milling about her increase by at least one villain.There are some nice emotional moments at the end. McCarty seems fond of working with A) alpha heroes in a world where men have all the power, B) sharp, capable but still helpless heroines who put up with a whole lot more than I would, and C) themes of betrayal, heartbreak, regret (and this is huge for me) and forgiveness. The combination always works for me, and the more tears she can yank out of me the higher I'm going to rate the novel, unless she saddles the story with a pig for a hero, a man incapable of self-evaluation, remorse or regret. Some of Johanna Lindsey's heroes pretty much batter the heroines emotionally, and never seem to feel any remorse about it. I love Lindsey's novels, but McCarty's win an extra star from me and a higher primacy on my shelves because her heroes, ultimately, deserve to win the girl.

  • Zoe
    2019-01-12 10:45

    Oh my, Monica McCarty has come a long way as a writer/storyteller. I found this book really boring. The hero Alex, is a cookie cutter type of a highlander with nothing special. The heroine Meg, is cringe-worthy forward, throwing herself at the hero and pushing her nose where it doesn't belong. I hate such people, who can't just mind their own business. Meg pushed my buttons: 1. She was throwing herself at Alex, and 2. She just had trouble getting it in he head that people didn't have to tell her what she wanted to know. The story itself is also very boring. The flow felt forced. I cringed multiple times during this book. I love Monica McCarty's ability as a writer and storyteller. But this trilogy is not her best.

  • Sha Mslvoe
    2018-12-31 14:49

    Not as good as the 1st ones. I found myself getting a bit bored with some of the storyline. I keep skipping page after page.

  • Melinda
    2019-01-15 10:33

    This was probably my least favorite book written by Monica McCarty. I’m blaming it on the fact that the MacLeod of Skye Trilogy was her first series…at least I think it was. I’m glad I started reading her later work first because her later work is spectacular but this was not. The story and plot were excellent as always but there were parts that droned on and on to where I was counting the pages hoping for it to end. For example, there is a kissing scene in the book where I skipped over paragraphs and paragraphs because there was too much thinking and feeling going on….it was overdone and it was over explained. I counted ELEVEN paragraphs in between the moment Alex bent to kiss Meg and when his lips finally touched hers. The eleven paragraphs were filled with things like; Her body tingled. His time there would be no holding back. And…Her body felt taught with anticipation. I was thinking, “Get on with it already!” It went on and on like this until I saw the first sentence of the twelfth paragraph. It said, “After what seemed like an eternity, though it had been only seconds…” I thought, “My sentiments exactly!” I was relieved to finally get to the actual kiss. I think the moment was lost with all the romantic hoo-haw. I get irritated when an author over-elaborates. I also think there was too much “filler” in the book. I think scenes could have been deleted or shortened. I think the author was trying to build romantic tension between Alex and Meg but went a little overboard with it but it just went on too long and started to annoy me. Part Two of the book was much better than Part One because there was less filler.I feel bad for criticizing anything about Monica McCarty because I think she is one of the best historical writers on this planet but maybe that is the reason I am complaining. I have just come to expect so much more from her and she does not have the “filler” problem in her later book series so she must have realized it at some point in her career. I guess I should give you an overview of what the book was about. We met Alex MacLeod in the first book of the MacLeods of Skye Trilogy. He was the brother of the Chief Rory MacLeod. The book eluded to something dark that happened to Alex in his past which included an imprisonment but it didn’t fully explain. In this book, it explained that Alex MacLeod had been filling in for Rory as Chief of the MacLeods when the MacDonalds raided and stole cattle. When Alex confronted them, Dougal MacDonald overpowered Alex’s men. When Alex refused to surrender, Dougal cut the throats of Alex’s two cousins. Alex surrendered and was imprisoned by the MacDonalds for months. Alex has always felt responsible for his cousin’s deaths and wants revenge on Dougal MacDonald. Alex went home to Skye for a while but then went off on his own fighting with the outlaw MacGregors. The king has become greedy and continually finds way to grab land away from the Highlanders. Now, he wants to colonize Lewis Island because he thinks there are riches to be had on the island. Alex and his brother Rory devise a plan along with other trusted Highland chiefs. Alex will go to court and Holyrood to try to act like he is a sword for hire and to get information on when the king plans to send the men who will colonize the island….something the king calls “the Adventurers of Fife”. Alex is to act like there has been a falling out between his brother and him to make his appearance at court seem believable.Margaret Mackinnon or Meg as she is called is on her way to court from Skye with her mother. Her mission is to find a husband. Her father has been ill and her only brother will be unable to hold the clan together as chief without her help because he is what people back then call a “simpleton” and without her help, he will be challenged as chief. She needs a strong husband who will not try to take over as chief but will hold the clan together and discourage challengers. She has a long list of qualifications for a husband and she is lucky to be able to choose her own husband because her father trusts her enough to do the right thing for the clan. Most fathers would choose a husband for their daughters.On their way to court, they are ambushed by brigands and one grabs Meg but she fights him which only makes him angrier so he tries to kill her but out of nowhere, a group of men who look like outlaws, rescue Meg and her mother from the brigands. She makes contact with the leader before he rides off into the forest.While at court, Meg recognizes Alex as her rescuer but when she tells him, he denies it because he does not want anyone to know that he was on the Isle of Skye nor does he want anyone to know that he was fighting with outlaws. Meg is attracted to him but dismisses him as a possible husband because she believes he is a mercenary which she thinks is distasteful and she knows he is hiding something.Both Alex and Meg keep getting thrown together by different circumstances. I loved Meg’s mother who was playing matchmaker and thinks Meg should not only marry for the clan but for love. She was blatant in her attempts to get Alex and Meg together. There was a lot going on in this book. Meg is highly sought after by men at court, not because of her looks but because of her lands. Before she left for court, she had already refused a betrothal to her father’s guardsmen, Thomas Mackinnon. What she doesn’t know is Thomas Mackinnon is working with Dougal MacDonald. Dougal MacDonald wants her because he is an evil creep who wants her lands and plans to overthrow her brother once he marries Meg but Meg gets the creeps from him and refuses him also. Though she has feelings for Alex MacLeod, she has narrowed down her prospects to her friend, Jamie Campbell. Jamie’s sister tells her that it would be unfair to Jamie for her to marry him because Jamie deserves to be loved but Jamie doesn’t care if she loves him or not. He just wants the best for her. Note: I get really confused with the last names of certain clan members being the same like in the case of Thomas Mackinnon, the guardsman. I imagine he must be a distant relative of Meg Mackinnon but it seems weird that a Mackinnon would marry another Mackinnon. I guess they must have been far enough removed to marry….at least, I hope. Finally, Meg realizes she is in love with Alex but Alex knows that his life is too dangerous to be connected to Meg. He wants revenge on Dougal MacDonald who is betraying the Highlanders by giving information to the king. Alex also will be a wanted man or dead after he fights on Lewis Island. If Meg is connected to him, someone could try to hurt her to get at him or try to get information from her. He rejects Meg in the worse way possible and breaks her heart.That was all in Part One of the book but I can’t really go into Part Two without spoiling the book for everyone. I will say, even if I hadn’t already read the Campbell Trilogy, I really liked Jamie Campbell. He was a real friend to Meg and helped her even while putting his future and his life in danger. The book is worth reading even with the long drawn out parts. I have one more book left in the trilogy to read. There is only one more MacLeod it could be about. There has been mention of a sister named Flora who the brothers haven’t seen for years because she went to go live with her mother when their father died.

  • Lori McD
    2018-12-24 06:37

    3.5-4 starsThis is Alex MacLeod's book. Alex has been roaming the Scottish highlands, supposedly a mercenary for hire, after a falling out with his brother, Rory, laird and chieftan of the MacLeods of Dunvegan on the inner Hebrides islands of Scotland (Skye and Lewis). In reality, he's working with his brother and the other island chieftans to thwart King James' plan to route the Highlanders, take their lands, and settle the islands with Lowlanders.But when Alex and his men come upon Meg Mackinnon and her mother, surrounded by bandits and losing the fight, he can't help but step in with his men. The only problem is that Alex fears Meg's mother might recognize him, which could blow his cover. But Meg and Alex make that eye-to-eye connection, which neither of them can quite forget. And when Alex shows up at King James' court in Holyrood, Meg knows that it was Alex that saved them.Alex's mission is to learn all he can about the king's plan - the dates, the numbers of people and soldiers involved... everything possible, so that the island chieftans can use it to their advantage. They've turned back the Lewis Adventurers before; they plan to do so again, and reassert their rights as chieftans and Highlanders. But in doing so, they'll likely become traitors, because they went against the king.Except, of course, Alex can't keep his mind on his mission because of Meg. Meg's father is very ill, and her brother is simple-minded. Without a strong husband to support her brother's right to be the next Mackinnon chief, Meg's clan will likely become broken; many of the surrounding clans (not even feuding clans) have already been eyeing the prospects. So Meg is at court to find a husband. Alex can't stand to see her being courted, and Meg can't stand to not know what Alex is really up to. Meg has just about convinced herself that she should marry Jamie Campbell, brother of her best friend, Elizabeth, and cousin to the Earl of Argyll, the man who is "king" in the Highlands in King James' place. Alex fostered with Argyll and knows both Jamie and Elizabeth. But now, Jamie and Alex are on opposite sides of politics. Jamie wants Meg, but so does Alex. The tense scenes between the two are hilarious and sometimes horrid, as the usual male testosterone gets in the way and makes Meg furious.Meg only wants Alex to declare for her, but he won't. Elizabeth has warned Meg that while she loves Meg, her brother deserves someone who loves him back, and Elizabeth knows that Meg is in love with Alex. Meg even tries to seduce Alex and manages to get an engagement from him, in a harrowing scene in front of a steaming Jamie; but Alex finds a way to get Meg to break the engagement, by pretending to be only after her land and her clan. Of course, upon returning home now engaged to Jamie Campbell, Meg's father finally tells her the truth about what Alex has been doing...Can Meg and Alex find happiness together? Or will politics, treason, jealousy, and warring clans determined to marry Meg get in the way?-----------------I liked Meg and Alex together, but I did get a bit weary of the back-and-forth along the way. I was amazed at Jamie - I see now why the author created a book and a love story just for Jamie. He's an amazing man!

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-09 09:46

    I think I liked the plot and the pacing a little more than the first in the series. In the first book, I thought things happened very slowly, but given it was a one year time span expected. However, I thought this one moved a lot more quickly (I think the time span is maybe several months, but the bulk of the action happens in 3 weeks).I liked the courtly intrigue and the musings of Edinburgh (the new road constructed between Holyrood Palace and the Castle). Having been to Edinburgh and to the Palace and Holyrood Park I enjoyed the descriptions of the sites and it was nice having an actual visual of the locations. I also liked the "gardyloo" reference (when residents would shout the term to give warning they were going to throw away the collections of the chamber pots in the street). But I think after a while I sort of got tired of the back and forth with Meg. She constantly battles whether or not Alex is being truthful to her. I understood her past betrayal with a suitor and that gives reason to why she is trustful of him. But after everything that Alex has done for Meg she constantly questions his loyalties and goes back and forth (he loves me, he doesn't, he's betraying me, it's for a reason, etc.) And let's not completely forget that Alex does give her mixed signals at first, but then he tries to do everything possible to control himself and then does everything possible to hurt her so that he can protect her. I get that he held the truth from her to protect her, but that also fed into her back and forth. I think had the back and forth feelings happened once or twice, it would of been enough. But it happens so much that you just want to throttle them. I did like Meg since she was a sort of bluestocking heroine, but I thought for someone so smart and reasonable she's sure making stupid decisions. But there's a lot to this book. I don't think it's that much of an easy read. There's a lot of back story and a lot of conspiracies.I'll definitely like to finish the trilogy (because it is good don't get me wrong), but I think I need to read about the ton and their problems, then return to the land of the Highlanders.

  • 2019-01-03 12:40 about a book full of angst. This was an emotional roller coaster. Alex and Meg can't be together because of his mission. Then they make love and he proposes. Then he forces her to break the engagement and leaves. She goes home and her father explains about his mission, and she realizes he did what he did to protect her. Enter Jamie, the childhood friend of both of them, with vital information needed to help win the war that Alex is fighting. A mad dash across the channel to Isle Lewis. Reconciliation between Alex and Meg. Meg will wait for him to finish the battle and come home to her. He sends her back across the channel, only fot her to be kidnapped by Alex's enemy, Dougal (very sleazy). Dougal uses Meg as leverage to get Alex to surrender to him. As the two start to fight, Meg, fearing for Alex, reacts out of instinct and throws herself in front of him, taking a dirk in the side by Dougal. Alex kills him, then gets Meg to the village to be stitched up. He then returns to the battle, where they take back the castle and the islanf from the invading Lowlanders. As he begins the cleanup, Jamie sends a letter saying that Meg has a fever and may not live. (Do you feel the angst yet???) Four days later she wakes up (whew). Alex has been forgiven by the king, and is a free man, able to marry her and care for their baby (due around May Day). Goodness. Definitely a book that will keep your emotions involved. I laughed and cried, and got extremely angry at parts. At other times I wanted to reach into the book and shake Alex for being so stubborn. Very much worth the time and money. I enjoyed this book immensely, and am very pleased with this series.

  • Amanda
    2019-01-04 12:24

    Highlander Unmasked is the second installment in the MacLeods of Skye Trilogy.The hero, Alex, has come to the king's court in the hopes of discovering his enemy's plans to invade and "colonize" his family and ally's island, Skye. He has lived as an outlaw for the past few years and is trying to keep that a secret, but there is one person at court that could out him.Meg Mackinnon and her mother were rescued by a band of outlaws - one of which had striking features and she knew he would never forget him. Meg has come to court searching for an honorable, strong man that can help her and her clan. She hasn't had much luck, but then Alex arrives and she instantly is interested him. Even though he has shaved and cleaned up, she recognizes him as one of the outlaws that saved her.I gave this book 3 of 5 stars for a couple of reasons.The hero and heroine were cute together, but there were times when I did not feel their relationship was...natural, for lack of a better word. There were times when the character's personalities did not seem to match/compliment each other. Also, I had really enjoyed Alex Mac Leods's character in the first book. He was funny and fun loving, he was a joker, but his character changed - completely! I was seriously disappointed. Now, I know tortured heroes are "in" and I LOVE heroes that have dark pasts, but it is not necessary. I really would have enjoyed this book so much more if Alex was the same man he was in the first book and not some too serious warrior.However, the book as whole was good and I'm looking forward to the third.

  • Edwina
    2019-01-06 09:20

    Margaret MacKinnon has been sent to the Court of Kings James at Whitehall by her father to find a husband. Margret know has Meg needs a husband who can help her and her brother lead there Clan once there father dies. Margaret's brother heir to her father the Chieftain of the Clan is mentally challenged. Megs choice of husband must be able to help lead her clan without wanting to over thrown her brother. Alex MacLeod has been sent to the Court of King James to spy for his brother Rory and the other Highland Chiefs. They know King James has a plan to war against his own people in the Highlands. Kings James favors the Lowlanders and believes the Highlanders are a bunch of ruffian thugs not worthy to lead or run there own part of Scotland.Meg in introduced to Alex by her mother Rosalind. The two have a immediate attraction but they have at cross purposes. Alex is not looking to marry at this time and Meg is determined to have him. Who will win the war of wills is what this story is about.The story has a steady pace, is very sensual. All the characters are very likable except the villains of course, who aren't supposed to be liked. The story and back story of each character is very well written. It just took to long for the Alex and Meg to really get together and buy the time they do the story is over. No epilog and the ending seemed rushed. However I still Highly Recommend Highlander Unmasked!!

  • Stella
    2018-12-26 10:45

    This is the second book in Monica McCarty's first trilogy which tells the story of the McLeod siblings, this second book is about Alex, the younger brother of Rory (the hero in Monica McCarty's first novel: Highlander Untamed). I have to confess this second book is my least favourite in the trilogy, but still it is remarkably good (I just personally prefer the 1st and 3rd novels). McCarty's writing is again stellar, her prose is flowing and her characters are again more than mere 2D characters, they come off the page and live and breathe. Here is a heroine who is not that beautiful, at least her beauty is not striking at first sight, but has sucha kind and warm heart you'll instantly like her. This novel is pulsing with passion (most of the time with repressed attraction and desire) and thanks to McCarty's brilliant writing you cannot remain unaffected. If you like quality historical romance, reading about larger than life heros, or if you simply liked Monica McCarty's first novel, I'm sure you won't be disappointed by Highlander Unmasked. It is fast-paced, sensual, exciting and wonderfully written. (And if you do like it, don't stop there, go and read McCarty's other novels, you are in for a treat.)

  • Jane
    2018-12-27 08:35

    Book two of the MacLeods of Skye.I LOVE this author. I've never read anything of hers that wasn't at least a four star read. She tells a great story.Alex MacLeod is on a secret mission to protect his clan. He has to keep his identity secret and to that end, he's been 'estranged' from his brother and away from the clan fighting with the outlawed MacGregors for the past three years. On his way to meet his brother in secret, he saves a beautiful woman and her small traveling party from true outlaws. Unfortunately, the woman is none other than Meg Mackinnon from a neighboring clan. As soon as he realizes who she is, he leaves her with some of his men for protection and continues on his way. It would threaten his mission to be discovered so close to home. Alex's mission takes him to court, as an estranged highlander out to sell his sword to the highest bidder - a mercenary with loyalty to no one. Unfortunately, Meg is also at court, looking for a husband to save her clan. Worse yet, she recognizes him as the warrior who saved her from outlaws. Meg is nothing but persistent. And she wants to to know all there is to know about her rescuer and whether he is husband material.

  • ~Leslie~
    2018-12-20 09:24

    I love Monica McCarty and all her highlander stories and this one is no exception. I actually give it 4.5 stars. Alex MacLeod is everything that a highland warrior should be, strong, fierce and yet he has a warmth to him. We first met him in the first in this series about his brother Rory. In this one, he saves Meg MacKinnon while she is on her journey to court in order to find a husband. She is a strong, intelligent woman and for the most part I like her character. But occasionally she just annoys the heck out of me. There is alot of political intrigue in this story and the historical detail is wonderful. This is one of the things I most enjoy about MM's books. The love story between Alex and Meg is very strong and well developed. Loved the book and can't wait for the next.