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Agent Frank Allen is assigned his toughest investigation yet, the murder of a powerful Earth politician. Was it a political assassination or was it personal? To find out, he'll have to track down the killer, a man named Rick Sullivan. This cat-and-mouse thriller follows Allen and Sullivan across the known galaxy to planets where life is cheap and law and order is non-existAgent Frank Allen is assigned his toughest investigation yet, the murder of a powerful Earth politician. Was it a political assassination or was it personal? To find out, he'll have to track down the killer, a man named Rick Sullivan. This cat-and-mouse thriller follows Allen and Sullivan across the known galaxy to planets where life is cheap and law and order is non-existent. And Allen finds that Sullivan and the answer he seeks is more complex than he imagined. Sullivan is not only fighting a war against the oppressive government of his home planet, he's fighting a war against injustice everywhere. But in his righteousness, is Rick Sullivan only serving the Devil? And does Frank Allen serve the very same master? Length: 33,000 words/132 pages....

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All Good Men Serve the Devil Reviews

  • Stefano
    2019-04-21 03:54

    After reading almost all his short stories, I started the Sullivan's War saga.I can't say it enough how much I like Mr Rose writing's style, even in this longer novel he doesn't disappoint building believable characters and an accurate setting to make them act.As I had read Sullivan's War: Prologue - Sergeant Riley's Account before, I had no problem with the setting of the story, and I think is almost necessary to fully enjoy this first part, or you might find yourself wondering why the main character is behaving like this.Be warned that this is book I so the story doesn't come to a complete ending and left me with the curiosity to read volume II and III, that of course is positeve :)Now that the omnibus volume is out, get this one Sullivan's War: The Complete Adventure) it's a bargain!

  • Benjamin Wretlind
    2019-05-07 06:48

    I am not a fan of hardcore science fiction, rather those stories that lead the reader slightly ahead of our time and, perhaps, slightly out of our universe. Bradbury and Clarke did this well, taking me to Mars or out beyond the moon in 2001/2010/2061. While my brother doted on the grand epics of Asimov and Herbert, I didn't find myself drawn to them as much.There had to be a middle ground.Like a fist in the face, along comes Michael K. Rose and Sullivan's War. Not only is the science in the science fiction understandable and believable, the political and sociological arenas are familiar yet distant. With sharp prose, delicate and--at times--stabbing dialogue, scene setting that is on par with the best of the fiction writers of the past, Rose delivers a one-two punch to the gut that makes this reader want more and more.

  • Alexia Purdy
    2019-05-12 03:42

    I enjoyed this novella length story immensely, it pulls you into a new futuristic and believable world where technology is advanced and the chase is on. Frank Allen is an agent to the bureau on earth and is now involved in finding the perpetrator of the murders of some very important political members. The pursuit takes you out into a space adventure with true grit and action as Agent Allen tracks down the killer- Rick Sullivan, a highly trained assassin who has his own agenda in mind. A world where space travel and the harsh reality of slums on other worlds exist side by side, this murder mystery gives just the right amount of flavors to keep you intrigued and wanting for more at the last turn of the page. Book 1 of an amazing series. Highly recommended!

  • Abby Miller
    2019-04-23 05:03

    This is the kind of science fiction I can dig. A sci-fi thriller. Hardcore science fiction bogs me down, slows down the story for me. I like a fast-paced, action filled, dialogue thick page turner. That is Sullivan’s War: Book 1. This is a story of murder, politics, love and revenge told across the galaxy.Michael K. Rose does what only few can do, makes you love the villain. The relationship between Allen & Sullivan is enthralling, it is the center of the story. Rose’s character development is excellent, and I found myself reading faster and faster. Alas, it ends with a cliffhanger. That’s okay, because book 2 is already out!

  • Vincent Hobbes
    2019-05-19 04:01

    Michael K. Rose has every potential of being the next best-seller. This book as bits of everything great. I highly suggest his work!!

  • Douglas Bittinger
    2019-04-22 01:52

    THE STORYRick Sullivan is an idealist bent on ending a corrupt government’s strangle hold on his home planet of Edaline. Sullivan is the bad-guy and not above killing people to accomplish his goal.Frank Allen is an investigator with the equivalent of a galaxy spanning FBI. Someone killed a planetary assemblyman, Frank is part of the team sent to investigate. This quickly pits him against Sullivan in a planet hopping game of hide and seek that comes to involve an assembly of colorful and often loathsome characters. There is little regard for The Law among the fringe planets and Allen and his team meet with opposition even from among their own side.THE MECHANICSThis is a brief book at around 33,000 words, but it tells a good story that steps right along because it’s not bogged down with blocks of filler and fluff.I found the characterization to be fair. I never developed a real bond with either of the main characters, but did understand their motivations clearly. Dialogue was good. It was very natural, with some humor but not trite. I like what Rose leaves out of the characterization. In one case we have a tense situation but rather than stating the scene he uses clues like:“Will do.” Brain took another drag of his cigarette. His cheek twitched slightly as he exhaled.A good example of the show me don’t tell me school of writing. He does a lot of this and it is quite effective.The manuscript could have used one last edit before clicking ‘Publish’ as there were several places where a word was missing or the wrong word was used – obviously from changing a tense or viewpoint. There were only three or four of these, but this sort of thing annoys me when it’s encountered in an otherwise great story.STAND-OUT STUFFWhat I liked best about Rose’s writing style was the fact that he could take a scene that others would have made blood-spatteringly gory or overly sexual and presented it in a way that did not offend my delicate sensibilities. He retained the emotion of a scene without forcing disgustingly visual detail upon me. There is a fair bit of murder and mayhem, and a little sex, in this book but it is all presented in a way that it is clear and understandable without being over-blown for the sake of sensationalism. It is a part of the story, not the focus. I like that a lot.The relationship that develops between our two main characters is interesting too – but I’ll not spoil that for you.SUMMARYSullivan’s War: All Good Men Serve the Devil is a tight action story that takes you on a romp around the galaxy to mostly uncivilized worlds populated by bad people. Lawman Allen is smart and resourceful in his pursuit of the terrorist, Sullivan. It is a well written story with a good plot and fair characters. I enjoyed the book and will be looking into the second book, a prologue Sergent Riley’s Account.

  • Uvi Poznansky
    2019-05-06 04:52

    The title for this book presents a fascinating riddle. How, you may ask, can all good man serve the devil? Are there no clear distinctions between the right and wrong course of action? In such a morally ambiguous world, how can the hero--Frank Allen, assisted by his partner, Liz Wagner--find a way to resolve this apparent gap?Torn between his obligations as a special agent to capture a criminal, and the instinct that guides him in the opposite direction, to let the criminal go for the greater good of the entire planet, Frank Allen is undergoing a change of mind and heart. In the process, he must also gauge the objectivity of his own judement, because an entrancing bond of appreciation is forming over the great divide of the law, between him and the man he is chasing, Rick Sullivan. He cannot help but understand Rick, whose mission is to pursue Orion Zednik to rescue his love-interest Kate, and to bring freedom to the people of Edaline.The end of this book is a cliffhanger, designed to remain open-ended so as to invite you to the next book in the series. The author has constructed an entire universe, complete not only with captivating visual descriptions and futuristic technological gadgets, but with inter-stellar political strife, with details about the processes of the incorporation of new planets, and a war over issues of their freedom. In writing this story, Michael K. Rose has stricken a fine balance between the macrocosmic construction and the microcosmic focus on the characters he has fleshed out.Five stars.

  • Marie Parsons
    2019-04-26 06:57

    I liked this novel. I would prefer to rate this book as 3.8, better than just a 3, but not quite 4.Sullivan makes an interesting protagonist, a man driven by events to become something he knows is not quite right, but necessary. This tale was fast-paced, rather like an MI thriller, perhaps. But I have two critical comments. One is that I did not really get the sense of the intergalactic setting. When the story opened as an apparently ordinary and familiar police crime scene, it was slightly jarring to realize that an assembly of planets is involved. The story could have worked well enough as a thriller or adventure set completely on earth, with minor tweaks. My second criticism is that all the characters felt hardly developed. I did not feel anything in the "growing relationship" between Kate and Sullivan. It almost felt contrived, an opportunity to have a bit of "romance" (rather like that between Wagner and Allen) so as to provide human connection to an otherwise action-drama.Still and all, it will be nice to see how Sullivan manages to change the fate of all the planets.

  • Daniel
    2019-04-23 04:45

    Agent Frank Allen tasked with solving the murder of a Manhattan Assemblyman.During his investigation,Frank crosses paths with Rick Sullivan;a man on a mission to expose the injustices carried out by the government.Both men will travel from Earth to other far away planets in search of the truth.Book one of Sullivan's War starts out strong and never fizzles out as the story unfolds. At heart this is a political thriller murder mystery set in a futuristic world where living on other planets is not a mere dream but an actuality. The characters,technology and settings are well-developed and believable as Mr. Rose crafts each with a very skilful touch.While it's not needed to follow this story, I recommend reading Sullivan's War: Prologue - Sergeant Riley's Account as it gives you insight into the world.This was a great read and a great start to what I hope is a series of stories.

  • Teri Heyer
    2019-05-05 04:59

    Read "Sullivan's War: Book 1" on the weekend. Loved it. Fast paced and very entertaining. A great start to a sci-fi series I definitely intend to read.

  • Craig McGray
    2019-04-30 00:50

    Great sci-fi book. I look forward to the next two books.

  • Michael Rose
    2019-04-25 07:43