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Book V of the Knights of the Board Room series (can be read as standalone)Ben is the last unattached member of the five-man executive team of K&A Associates. The other four, all Masters, have found the submissive of their dreams. That’s fine. The sharp-edged lawyer knows he’s the most hardcore of all of them, with extreme tastes as a Master he satisfies physically throBook V of the Knights of the Board Room series (can be read as standalone)Ben is the last unattached member of the five-man executive team of K&A Associates. The other four, all Masters, have found the submissive of their dreams. That’s fine. The sharp-edged lawyer knows he’s the most hardcore of all of them, with extreme tastes as a Master he satisfies physically through experienced club submissives. He doesn’t really need anything more than that.Marcie has loved Ben since she was sixteen. He’s never behaved as anything more than a protective big brother, a family friend. But now she’s twenty three and starting her career as a corporate investigator. She may be a blood-and-bone deep submissive, but she won’t hesitate to use her aggressive talents to prove she’s meant to be his. With a Master as tough as Ben, she’ll have to take whatever measures are needed—even if her deepest desire isn’t a hostile takeover of his heart, but an unconditional surrender to it.Reader Advisory: Marcie’s sexual journey contains a group scene of female/female sexual exploration. The Masters also share her in a brief group scene. ...

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Hostile Takeover Reviews

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-01-30 00:29

    After reading this? I felt like another Re-read...8/21/15Re-read 5/30/15 Original Review: This was deep and awesome and just deeply awesome. But mostly?This one's going right in my spank bank.Some added visual aids:That's all I got.

  • Jennifer
    2019-01-20 08:40

    5 THIS...BOOK...IS…BANANAS…B-A-N-A-N-A-S STARS!!!!!!!WARNING: If your favorite position is missionary, this book is not for you.This is how I would describe this book:Let me explain:Marcie = BALLS…OF…STEELMarcie got her HEA:And I got my HEA too!This is one of the HOTTEST books I’ve ever read! I was on fire!!!! I want a man to call me a slut and throw me up against a wall. Is that too much to ask?????There is also a really fabulous story. Marcie has been in love/lust/obsessed with Ben since she was sixteen. He is several years older than her, so he sees her as a younger sister. They keep in contact over the years through letters, emails, phone calls (and I highlighted all of those because they are so sweet). When Marcie gets older, she knows in her soul that there is no one else but Ben. She knows him through and through so she begins to pursue him like a lioness on a slab of meat. The girl has balls of steel!!!!! He denies her over and over and she keeps going back for more! That sounds pathetic, but it wasn’t. She knew who she wanted and she went after him with all her heart and soul.My Marcie:My Ben:This was my first Joey Hill book, and I love her writing. I love that there are so many characters and it’s like a big family.This was some hardcore BDSM, ladies, and you know I loved it!!!Special thanks to my girl, Irene, for recommending this book! Giddy up!

  • ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥
    2019-01-28 02:45

    This beauty of a book is on sale for a LIMITED TIME and it hardly ever happens! Grab it... * Amazon US * Amazon UK * (Check the price before purchasing) I've found a new book loveIt was sooo good.... Just, WOW emotional and intense and beautiful and sexy and HOT! Very, very lovely... Deep all consuming love at its very best. A love that runs deep, has history, earns trust and is oh so very powerful…. This book consumed my mind, my heart and my soul. It's Ben and Marcie's story, a story I adored and here's why.... Hostile Takeover is a BDSM story so obviously it deals with taboo, risque subjects. It showcases the lifestyle, the desire of pleasure and the craving of pain, submission, obedience sexual play, caring, sharing... Oh my goodness!! I adored it. Their world is far removed from my own but it’s a brand of fiction that has the capacity to captivate me and Hostile Takeover worked its magic on me to perfection.Knights of the Boardroom seriesis about the five man executive team of K&A Associates. Sexy Masters of the boardroom, each with their perfect submissive, except Ben, the most hardcore master of them all. He feels able to satisfy his extreme tastes in other ways, ways that are devoid of commitment and emotion. Ben is the Master at the center of Hostile Takeover. Marcie is the submissive who wants to be desired by Ben, the man she's loved since she was sixteen. She'll do everything it takes, and more….. So much more, to achieve her desire. “To me, loving someone is living.”Marcie is so very wise for one considered to be so young.The story telling and structure of the novel is simply beautifulTexts/letters/phone callsTheir history is laid out before us with letters, texts and phone calls from the years gone by. They gave me the book flutters... So beautiful and revealing, and sometimes quite amusing. Each one, shows something about Ben and Marcie, their personality, their relationship to each other, Ben's softer side, and I fell a little more in book love with Ben and Marcie with each one. Marcie has a fiery resilience and determination, she’s stubborn and perceptive and although a submissive at heart, she has the steely strength to push forward and show exactly what she wants from Ben. She’s brave and intelligent with balls of steel, in other words, a perfect book heroine.Ben is almost a decade older, a family friend, a confidant... Will the great Master allow anything more? Allow himself the pleasure?At twenty three, she's already turned into a, "...breathtaking young woman," so she’s plenty old enough but….. Is it acceptable?And can she take his brand of love?Joey Hill gives us small clues, droplets of information about Ben throughout the course of the story. We’re shown beautiful glimpses of his feelings about Marcie, about his life, his inner turmoil and torment, his demons.... Ben is hard, ruthless, edgy and down right dangerous to the heart, a Sadist "He was everything a man should look like." Yes, he's an amazing book character and a new sexilicious book boyfriend for me. And sometimes he took my breath away..... “Her eyes closed as his mouth took hers, his body pressing her hard”“Her master was ruthless, demanding, all hers. At least for this one, perfect moment.”My heart was fit to burst at their perfect moment but, as we know, in book world nothing is simple. I experienced the angst and the turmoil, Joey Hill gave me so many feelings in her picture perfect writing. For me, a books worth is largely centered on the feelings it emotes in me and the deep love felt by two immense characters. Uncomfortable reading, laced with darkness and turmoil can offer the most beautiful light and the deepest of love and trust, Hostile Takeover gave me all these things. Perfectly emotes the feeling and emotion of the story. Just Beautiful.Ben and Marcie have a place in my top book couple history, no doubt about it. I love everything about them, their inner voice, their dialogue, when they're together and apart, their struggles; everything’s perfection for me. I love the glimpses we're shown of the additional characters, their relationship to each other and the close connection that the BDSM world gives them. They left me wanting to taste more; I feel like I’ve become part of a new family dynasty.BDSM stories, when written with truth and honesty, absolutely fascinate me. It’s a genre, when mixed with deep all consuming love and passion, I find irresistibly powerful and that's exactly how I'd sum up Ben Powerful & Irresistible! If you like this kind of book, then I would say Hostile Takeover is one of the best! If you haven't already experienced Ben go and make a Hostile Takeover and enjoy the ride! Hostile Takeover is book V of the Knights of the Board Room series but can most definitely be read as standalone.This is the first book I've read in the series.BR with Deanna and HT chat with lots of lovely ladiesThank you for the rec, Irene xx

  • ~IreneOust~
    2019-02-05 08:49

    Ultimate Favorite Love Story! EVER! That's all. This [spoiler free] review is one of my favorites when it comes to this book:TeriLyn's review of 'Hostile Takeover' WARNING: Joey W. Hill's books aren't for everyone. They [almost always] feature Master/slave (at times 24/7 D/s) relationships with hardcore BDSM scenes that may be offensive to some. If you are easily offended and think 50 Shades was hardcore, this is NOT a book for you.

  • Baba
    2019-01-22 00:44

    0 stars. Review edited March 18, 2015Instead of sticking out my tongue, I should cane Ben's ass and stick the thing up his ass."You are just a body. My body, to do with as I wish. You have no identity except as my slave."What I think of Ben (Baba’s 101 psychology)Ben, a hardcore Dom and extreme sadist, was a street kid after he'd been abandoned by his mother. He'd been abused and I'm pretty sure it was both, emotionally and sexually. Enter Marcie, a 24/7 hardcore slave. She's 'clean' but Ben is not. When he was abused he did not have any control over his mind and body. He had no identity whatsoever and somehow he might have thought that he was scum. When he's ass fucking his subs, he does not seek intimacy. Ass fucking means no eye contact, no intimacy, total control over a sub and her wants, her needs. Total control over his personal needs. Ben is the one to PUNISH and HURT the sub; he does not take any punishment, and he is not vulnerable anymore. The slave has to take the pain, to give everything up (a total loss of control). Ben called Marcie slut and brat. Maybe he felt that he was a whore when he was sexually abused? Call me old fashioned but I love the missionary position because it makes the lovers vulnerable. It doesn’t get any more intimate or personal than that. You can look into each other’s eyes. You're open to everything. Throughout the story I hardly felt any intimacy at all. Most of the time there’s so much harshness it’s really hard to understand and it’s incredibly hard to stomach. I couldn't bring myself to empathize with Ben. What he did to Marcie is deviant yet she enjoyed it, so I guess these two deserved each other. I'm a huge fan of Joey W. Hill and I only finished Hostile Takeover because she's one of my favorite authors. She has written a few fabulous stories but Hostile Takeover bothered me greatly, particularly the sex which I found clinical, vulgar and unappealing. I always say I will never ever judge people but I take the liberty to judge my fictional characters. Ben and Marcie are crazy. I can't understand what's so stimulating about extreme pain play, humiliation and degradation. And the sex…well, it's pretty much all about ass fucking. Porn vibes all the way, baby. I didn't feel any connection with the characters and I didn't care about them at all. I hated so much about Hostile Takeover. I hated Ben. What a crazy freak he is and Marcie wasn't anything to write home about either. Freaky bitch. And for once, the philosophical and spiritual aspect of Hill's BDSM was totally lost on me. Geez, if it had been a paperback I would have burned the offending thing! A hardcore submissive like Marcie, an inexperienced one, tends to go to extremes. She has the responsibility to take care of herself. Fair enough. But what about the Dom? What about his responsibilities??Marcie proved to be very reckless. After being punished, she decided to take it even further. She did something that made her ass bleed. And guess what? After her ass was bleeding and she could barely walk because she almost fainted, only a few hours later her Master was stuffing his tongue into her abused ass. Another part of the story I did not like was when Ben lost it. He twisted her arm on her back and slammed her into a car. Marcie’s face was bleeding. I gotta say that she hit him before he slammed her into the car, but I felt that Ben deserved it. He acted like an asshole. Ben can apologize for all I care, I don't need to see that.„I did hurt you. I laid hands on you in anger. That’s the one thing a Master never does to his sub and a man never does to a woman. Not ever,” he repeated underscoring it.I have a hard time to wrap my mind around certain parts of Hostile Takeover.(…)She wasn’t just in over her head, out in the middle of the ocean. Her life was literally in his hands, her right to breathe, to exist. All of it was at his mercy, and she would gladly stop breathing if that was what he wanted. She’d do anything to please him. It was crazy, irrational. It scared her to death, because she couldn’t stop feeling any of it.(…)She tried and found her arms were noodles. She was losing motor control. Shouldn’t that alarm her?Er…that's quite disturbing.“I want you do unspeakable things to me. Please.”Slut. That would be hers, for sure. She wore the name like a badge of honor.“How…did I do?” “Six minutes, twelve seconds. You’re still a slut.” “But I proved I’m your slut, didn’t I?”BTW, slut as an endearment doesn't work for me. Approximately 46 % into the story, there was a sex scene beyond my imagination. Where the hell was the safe word? I know, I know there was no need for a safe word because Marcie wouldn't have used it anyway. I won’t go into details but be aware that Ben used extremely kinky gear to “pleasure” and torture Marcie. What happened there made me somewhat nauseous. They were fucking for hours and Marcie passed out eventually. Hah. And what did Ben do after she was unconscious?Lifting her thigh, he slid just the head back into her ass. He’d lubricated her frequently, so there was plenty of oil there to allow him entry.WTF???Consensual non-consent (CNC)It’s when the slave/sub’s safe word is only used for medical emergencies. Within the boundaries they’ve set, the Dom can do anything he wishes. The problem was that Ben had CNC from the very beginning. Marcie trusted him with her very life and soul. That’s a bad call, IMO.Marcie was sobbing and crying a lot. You really have to be a hardcore masochist to endure everything Ben dished out. She had caning marks on her buttocks. Fact was, her ass was constantly bruised and she had marks all over her body.At one point he’d laid his upper body over her back, pinning her down as she squealed from the pain. She LOVED those marks, LOVED seeing them.(…)Ben’s behavior is always about control.“I could control things in that room, could get into the psyche of a woman and open her up, open her soul so I could find that part of her that’s always raw and aching and open inside me. I could find what’s real and not the façade. But each time I get there, I’m still empty. I touch that hand, find that spot, and it’s not what I was seeking. So eventually you decide the point isn’t finding something, but the search. You keep moving, avoid staying still.Ben can sit in that stillness when Marcie is with him.What I did likeThe letters and e-mail exchange between Marcie and Ben during her college time. Plus, I liked a specific part of the story, I think it was between 70% and 87% when I got proof why I love the author's writing. To top everything off, Ben and Marcie even had a decent conversation.“If I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing…Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast;…it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things…”I love Joey's writing and I had to endure and bear a lot while reading Hostile Takeover. I don’t understand all knowledge and hardcore BDSM will always be a mystery to me. I can’t remove mountains but I have faith in love. I have love and I am grateful for that and therefore I am something.Ben, you can go to fucking hell and ass fuck the devil. *gags*WARNINGHostile Takeover contains extremely explicit sex (including oral and anal). There’s a lot and I mean A LOT of ass fucking, hardcore spanking, toys, and kinky gear. Hostile Takeover contains a sex scene between a bunch of women, maybe four, five or six (can't remember anymore). Also, there is a ménage scene between one woman and five men. It is not for the faint of heart.Hostile Takeover can be read as a standalone.

  • JaHy☝Hold the Fairy Dust
    2019-01-24 05:43

    ***4.5STARS***Let me start off by saying, if you have difficulty opening your mind this book is mostly likelyNOT FOR YOU. I consider myself to be pretty open- minded, yet there were times I needed a spreader bar to keep my mind from closing.This is a story of a young girl crushing on a nurturing man, maturing into a love that fuels her vagina soul.BIG Ben... aka" Backdoor Bruiser"Ben O’ Callahan is the only remaining bachelor of the five –man executive team of K&A associates. He works hard, plays hard and can stay hard for hours on end *pun intended*.... Ben is constantly telling himself ,as well as his friends, that's he's not meant to be in a committed relationship......Why else would god give him a third leg ?... His Wilber says one thing while his heart and mind speak another. Demons from his past cause Ben to remain unattached, and he's accepts said demons will remain with him forever, Now, onto the badest bitch E-V-E-R, Marcie.. ... I. FUCKING. LOVE. HER!!!!!!. Marcie has been in love with Ben since the tender age of 16.. In the 7 years since they’ve last crossed paths ,Marcie has been researching Ben ,familiarizing herself with the BDSM well as practicing with every dildo known to man. Finally at age of 23, an opportunity to intern at KA & associates presents itself and Marcie decides it’s time to show Ben she's meant to be his. Ben is shocked to see how much Marcie (body)has grown... as well as his dick at the sight of her. Marcie gets right to the point, informing Ben that she wants to submit to him ....ALL.OF.HIM... Ben turns down Marcie's advances but agrees to mentor her on the big boys BDSM lifestyle... ..SWEET BABY JESUS, get ready folks because playtime is about to begin. Bens playdates are like known I've ever read. Like Ben, my ass was saying...while the rest of me was saying.... This story isn't just about poking, stroking, and smoking hot sex. I'm just too horny(again) to remember the riveting romantic aspect of it, but I promise they're there. <--- Just keeping it real PEOPLE! If you are looking for a story that will touch your heart as well as your hormones , this my dear friends is... ** special thanks to Irene for rocking my ladyboner's world!..... with this recommendation of course ****FYI... My statues updates will tell you more about the book then this long ass vague review. Feel free to scroll down and take a look **

  • Crystal~BIG book addict~
    2019-02-18 02:35

    4 Spank Me Stars!!Welcome toWhere Ben is the mayor and will for being a bad girl!Ben,Marcie has known Ben since she was 16 and has had a crush on his ever since. Now at 23, she is a woman with a woman's desire and her feelings for him have turned from crush to love. Ben, 9 years her senior, doesn't think it is right even though his blood boils when she is near him or even when he thinks about her. Marcie is on a mission to prove that she is the Slave of his dreams.“If my Master is lost, I'll find him. I'll lead him back to himself, because to serve doesn't always mean to follow." ~MarcieBen has a troubled soul and love is something that he just doesn't think will ever happen for him. Marcie is too good for him so he tries to push her away. He tries to tell her that he isn't the Master for her, but Marcie doesn't take no for an answer.This was a wonderful read. I need to go back and read the rest of the series now because there are definitely some intriguing *cough* characters. Thanks Irene and all of my other BIG Books girls for a great Buddy Read!!!

  • Beverly
    2019-02-11 07:45

    5 Take Me StarsFirst I have to say…This book involves hardcore BDSM and that may not be for you…you’ve been warned…now moving on to the fun stuff!This book is over the top hot…seriously one of the hottest books I have ever read. More than that, the writing is phenomenal and I was immediately invested in Ben and Marcie’s relationship. Marcie, 9 years younger, has loved Ben for years. So long that Ben feels like this is a girlish crush that Marcie needs to grow out of. Marcie’s love for Ben is all consuming. Ben has been her obsession, and she has spent the last few years learning what he likes and how to make him happy. However, Marcie isn’t conforming for Ben they are just a perfect match, now how can she make Ben see that. After years of preparing and waiting on Ben the opportunity comes for Marcie to fill in as his assistant. Marcie choses this time to make her move…and what a move it is. I loved this story…let me count the reasons. I love stories where the couple has known each other for years. In this story the chapters start with excerpts from text messages, phone calls or emails from years ago. These little snippets were one of my favorite things. Ben is damaged and I love me a broken man in need of fixing. Marcie is open and honest in her feelings, she isn’t a runner or game player. Lastly, these two together is absolute perfection…they are sexy, raw, playful, and sincere. I could go on all night, but you would be bored to death and I would probably spoil the book.

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾
    2019-02-19 05:41

    3.25 starsShe'd heard rumors about his size, but if that was a partial erection, there were monsters in Japan who would run screaming.INTENSEThat's the best word I can come up with here to describe the experience that was this book. As much as I love this author's writing and as hot as most of the scenes in this book were...this was not my favorite book by her. The series has been a little hit or miss for me, with Peter's book still continuing to be my favorite.If you've never read BDSM books, this is not the one you pop your BDSM cherry with. Seriously. And before you meet Ben and his monster cock, might I suggest working on your stamina a bitBecause the man's cock has the recovery time of 1.5 seconds. It's like the BDSM energizer just keeps fucking, and fucking, and fucking...If you've read this series, then you're familiar that every man in the group has his own particular kink. Now personally, if I had to pick, I'd stick with Lucas and his kink. Why? I'll give you a hint.Ben is the most intense of the 'knights'. So you may be curious what his particular kink is.Now I gotta admit, as delicious as Ben is, his penchant for anal in combination with his monster cock...I'd be a bit intimidated. Oh who am I kidding. I'd be a whole lot of But Marcie handled it like a champ.I'm not typically a fan of extremely forward heroines in my books, but Marcie was just awesome. She had the lady balls of steel. To be able to handle Ben and his very dark past, she'd have to be.But somewhere along the line, this book lost some of its fizzle for me. I knew what I was walking into reading it after seeing some reviews, so I wasn't too surprised. But there were a few scenes that left me a bit1. (view spoiler)[There is a FF scene in the book. Doesn't really bother me, though I mainly prefer cock on cock action. My problem with this particular scene is that I didn't quite get the necessity of it. Marcy is coming down from a very intense fight with Ben so the women comfort her. Somehow this goes from having drinks, to getting a message, to oral sex from Dana. Huh? It wasn't meant to be sexual, more of a comforting thing. I think that's why I really didn't connect with this. Dunno. (hide spoiler)]2. There is a CNC scene in the book. Consensual non-consent. Didn't bother me, but I thought I'd put the warning out there.3. (view spoiler)[I understand the bond that these men share, and the need to share their women with each other during scenes. I don't have a problem with this. But the fact that Marcie is Lucas's sister in law kinda killed my lady boner.(hide spoiler)]There was not much romance in this book, so don't really expect that here. Ben is not a hero filled with sweet words, endearments and butterflies.I won’t be your Master, but I will be your mentor. If you show me you can behave. Those are my terms. No revisions, no loopholes, no games. If you can’t handle that, collect your stuff, take your fuck-me-now slut attitude, and get out of this office.There were parts where Ben was a total asshole. Now while I'm typically all into that sort of thing, what I mainly felt here wasLuckily he gets his shit together by the very end, and we do get a little bit of his softer side.I also wanted to delve a little deeper into his past. After the many hints throughout the series of what he's been through, I was expecting this to be a focus somewhere in his book. But I felt that ultimately it was a bit glossed over. There were hints and a few revelations, but no more so than we already knew about him.This book is certainly not for everyone. I did enjoy it, but it is not anything I see myself ever going back to.For more reviews visit["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • TeriLyn
    2019-01-26 03:43

    Second time reading…better than the firstMs. Hill, for the second time with Ben and Marcie, held me hostage with her beautiful words and powerful love story. I had to add to my review. Hostile Takeover blew me away. The BDSM and the psychology of that lifestyle is fascinating in this book more so than any other of its kind that I've read. The sex scenes are hot and charged with consuming, raw passion. Those elements integrated with the raw, honest, emotional vulnerability of the characters make it a must read. This book was recommended to me by a friend after I asked her for a good erotica read. With Hostile Takeover I got that ten-fold plus so much more that I would have never expected. There are scenes where Ben and Marcie are stripped so bare, both figuratively and literally; it's gut-wrenching and captivating at the same time. One particular chapter near the end these characters are so emotionally exposed I was left breathless. Ben is a broken man and an alpha Dom; a heady combination. He's guarded and self destructive, thinking he's incapable of love because of his childhood. His insecurities and loneliness are a direct contrast to the confident, composed Dom he lives as. Ben is brilliant at what he does and loved by his inner circle so completely yet he’s still blinded by the emotional armor he’s built around his heart. He’s wrapped up in his own demons and has trouble seeing the truth behind Marcie’s actions. Ben makes mistakes in this book, big mistakes. But his transformation and purging of demons is so powerful and perfectly written that you won’t mistake him for anything less than completely irresistible; imperfectly perfect. And Marcie shows us the entire time, she always knew. Marcie is an emotional warrior (no joke, a total warrior) and wears her heart on her sleeve making no excuses for who she is and the confidence she has in her own strength to prove her worth to him. She quickly made it to the top of my list of favorite heroines. She is the perfect example of a woman who has been put to the test and overcomes so completely to get what she wants, craves, and ultimately needs for survival. She is contrastly strong and yet completely submissive. "A kitten and a lioness. A shape shifting sorceress" as Ben so accurately and eloquently describes her. Marcie instigates a dangerous game of cat and mouse with her heart exposed without knowing the outcome. And where one might assume Ben as the predator, Ms. Hill expertly shows us a woman whom is quite capable to give up being the prey and becoming to the cat to earn what she knows in her heart she deserves. Their banter is hilariously woven throughout the prose reminding us constantly that these two are human and navigating a complex web of feelings for not only each other but for themselves. The writing is engrossing and every single layer of the story resonated within me. The author extraordinarily juxtaposes Ben and Marcie’s past with their present at the beginning of each of chapter. The span of their relationship in the book is not long. However, Ms. Hill purposefully demonstrates the depth of their consuming love by incorporating past letters, texts, and emails between Ben and Marcie at the start of each chapter. Each part of this correspondence directly coincides with what’s about to happen in each chapter so there is never question that we as the reader understand how profound their relationship is. Within this book the author illustrates BDSM so masterfully exactly as BDSM should be; an expression of souls, an exposition of demons, and a forthright acceptance of complete trust between master and sub. The relationship is written exactly as it should be understood, a completion, an extension of each other as Master and slave. Further proving Ben and Marcie were born to complement each other in an extreme way; a way that I don't fully understand but that fascinates and captivates me none the less. I feel it important to note, which I didn’t the first review, the other members of the K&A family. From them, the reader gains so more depth and insight to these two characters. The care and compassion each and every member of this inner circle shows Ben and Marcie makes you feel that much deeper for our hero and heroine. To these people, the family they’ve created is beyond everything and that love is prevalent throughout this story. There are some great scenes between Ben and the boys/Marcie and the girls that are just as humorously raw as Ben and Marcie’s story. Hostile Takeover is a good erotica alright, a good erotica with layers and nuances that will astound you. I'm so happy I finally read it…again. There aren’t enough stars to express how much I love this book.

  • Katy Loves Romance ❤️
    2019-02-14 05:36

    5 Very Special Million Stars********Wow I've spent that past two weeks with this couple and read one-stop this past week, I've been engrossed by their qualities, their love and their story. I am in love with them but really this the kind of read where you will re-read it and re-read it again and again without getting bored. I am 100% sure I will be doing this at some point. A LITTLE WARNINGIf you have read Joeys books before then move onto my review for those who are new to Joeys writing then learn that she writes hard BDSM this is not for the light hearted, there are no boundaries it's RAW It's passionate but above all its beautiful, but fair warning this is no fifty shades. Ok so What's it about?Marcie has loved Ben since she was sixteen she's watched him as she grew into an adult, but now its her time to get what she wants and that is to have Ben as her Master. Marcie has know she is a submissive for a long time but she's only wanted one Master now she's of an age where she's independent and strong and her career is taking shape, the thing is Ben has been a family friend and therefore has seen Marcie grow up therefore Marcie needs to change Bens Mind set. Although Marcie is an IN deep 24/7 Submissive she is strong, she Is feisty, Independent and very much in control of her life not for one minute must you think that just because you are a submissive is because you are weak, I am a true believer in that all subs have strengths and being a sub is just a means to let go and let your loved one/Dom take control I am just in awe of anyone to lives like this and this was totally the beauty of the book.Therefore Marcie is in control of what she wants and she wants Ben, so she's going to go after it and be courageous in the path she goes down to get there.Ben is a Sexual Dominant, he's part of the knights of Boardroom Men that are Lawyers by day and exercise a way to play by night. Ben is a Sadist by all means he's Intense, Ruthless and works his submissive's hard, Ben has a tough exterior. But Ben has also had a hard upbringing and I suppose on my take on things that bad time in his life now has left him needing something that will get him away from his nightmares, being a Dom enables him to just think of the body and zone into nothing else. Ben does not think he deserves his own sub his own to love so this is Marcie's job to push all his buttons be it right or wrong, too much maybe but those buttons get well and truly pushed. My ThoughtsI adored their journey, I was very much into there story, there lifestyle while reading it and was completely mesmerised and wowed by them. One thing that I felt though reading this was their strength both of them maybe Marcie even more than Ben. Marcie is one Kick Ass heroine and she will be going into my favourite heroine pile, she is Sexy, works hard, plays hard, is talented in more ways than one and above all was the real deal for Ben, she really does have that edge needed for Bens certain 'NEEDS'. Ben how I loved his hardness but also how my he melted my heart at the same time he is HARD is everyway but there is a lot of layers to his SOUL and it's Marcie's job to find them..... "She has to get into Ben's soul. She didn't know how except like this, through utter surrender, something he'd won from countless women a hundred times before. Those women hadn't given him their heart when they were teenagers though. She had, and she'd never gotten it back. he still had it, whether he knew it or not. That made her different." So above all this is one of those reads where I was so engrossed into THEM #asacouple that I will certainly be re-reading this in plentiful. What I enjoyed about Joeys writing is that I was in tears, happy, laughing, sad and aroused all in minutes she pulls you through the emotions. she also writes in third person and while I have found reading books like that previously hard to get into in these circumstances I have no problem with it, it was a matter of enjoying her writing style learning it and loving reading both sides of the story in different angles. I loved the letters, phone calls and memories, the music, The moments and conversations with all the Men #Unity and spending time with the women #sensual #loving #special. All in all this was a 100% enjoyable and memorable reading experience. I have also been given advice from Irene our dear Canarie Buddy to read this series 5,6 then 1,2,3 and 4 so I'm following this advice so thought I'd offer the same. Looking forward to reading the rest and learning more about all the Men. Reading Order:Lastly thank you for reading my Room 101 and enjoying this BR canaries you all Rock!!!! Buddy Read with the Canaries for my Room 101 join us here:

  • Sabrina
    2019-01-31 00:37

    Get it here:Amazon US * Amazon UKHostile Takeover was sitting on my TBR for far too long so I finally decided to give it a try since I was in the mood for something sexy. I definitely got the sexiness that I craved but the story itself fell a little flat for me. I started to get bored early on with the story line and I never really felt the connection between Marcie and Ben. She was always chasing after him and he would give her the sex she craved but that was it. It made it difficult for me to believe they belonged together. The sex scenes saved the story for me and I really enjoyed getting those dominant moments with Ben. So even though this story wasn't my favorite I still want to read more from this author and give her another shot. I'll definitely be starting from the beginning of the series this time, though, so hopefully I won't come across any confusing moments like I did in this book. It's stated that it can be read as a standalone but I would definitely read the series from the beginning since so many of the past characters are brought up in this book.

  • ~IreneOust~
    2019-02-06 02:54

    My Ultimate Favorite Love Story. That's all. This [spoiler free] review is one of my favorites when it comes to this book:TeriLyn's review of 'Hostile Takeover' WARNING: Joey W. Hill's books aren't for everyone. They [almost always] feature Master/slave (at times 24/7 D/s) relationships with hardcore BDSM scenes that may be offensive to some. If you are easily offended and think 50 Shades was hardcore, this is NOT a book for you.

  • Mo
    2019-02-14 01:36

    I liked it. Yeah, Ben was sexy as hell but the whole sub/DOM lifestyle 24/7 thing is just a bit offputtingI think I would have liked to have a bit more of his background as a childI have read one or two of the other books in this series and was not totally enamoured with them either. Think they got 2 or maybe 3 stars. Would I read this author again - Yes

  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    2019-01-28 00:31

    5 "To thine own self be true" StarsA very dear friend, Irene, gave me my first Joey Hill book, Unrestrained. I read it and fell in love with the author and her magical way with words. So when she said you have to read Hostile Takeover, I was excited and a little worried as she warned me that it's not a book for everyone. I enlisted my fellow Pinkie Jxxx for a BR.Once again, I was completely blown away and mesmerize. This book is hardcore BDSM, no way around that. But really what this story is to me is an all encompassing, deep and moving love story. A story that gets into your soul and stays with you. It's knowing what you want in life and not being afraid to go after it no matter what the cost. Being strong and resilient, to face the fear and unknown, that your heart may break but being confident enough to try is absolutely brilliant. All of that said by beautifully elegant words that connected with this reader and made her feel this powerful love story.Ben O'Callahan is 32 yrs old, a lawyer and member of the 5-man executive team of K&A Associates. He is the most hardcore of the Masters. A man, who as you read, has his own personal demons that he wants to remain hidden. He works hard and plays even harder. He breaks women and then walks away. He has resigned himself that he is not worthy of being loved.Marcella "Marcie" Ann Moira, first met Ben when she was 16 yrs old. Over the years, Marcie gravitated towards Ben. She wrote to him all through college, they always had a special bond. While Ben knew, he thought that Marcie's crush would eventually wan away. She is smart, driven and highly motivated in obtaining her goals. What Ben didn't expect was that Marcie, now 23 yrs old, had decided that Ben was in fact the man of her dreams. She was perfect for him. She just had to convince him of that.That's no baby, buddy. She's a freaking natural submissive, hungering for a Master.What the hell happened to Marcie? Did she know she's just thrown down a gauntlet to an experienced Don, daring him to pick it up?He was afraid she sure as hell did.So this story is about Marcie going after what she wants. It isn't an easy road and she is thrown many road blocks, namely Ben. A man who feels something for Marcie but doesn't feel worthy of her love. He fights it tooth and nail. He goes out to prove to Marcie that she doesn't know what she wants. His only way to show her is to break her and then she will know that he is not the man for her. But what Ben doesn't understand, Marcie is the submissive that he thought he would ever own. She is his match if he can only open his eyes and his heart.It's a loving, heartbreaking, sad, emotional, intense, extremely erotic love story. It is hardcore BDSM. It involves Master/slave and intense sexual activity. I must say that Joey Hill's writing made me at easy with all things BDSM. The way she writes, the love she writes and the intensity between the characters is very extraordinary and beautiful.Joey Hill, I am a forever fan....Irene....Jxxx and I are forever grateful for your recommendation♥ we come ♥♥

  • S.M. West
    2019-01-29 04:44

    5 “ALWAYS YOURS” STARSThis was my first Joey W. Hill book and what an incredibly delectable treat! Thanks to Irene for recommending I start with this one.“Start every day with chocolate cake. That way, no matter what else happens, the day started with something perfect.”I’ve read BDSM’s stories before but none of them come even close to Hostile Takeover. The title says it all, from the get-go I was invaded, captivated and bound (pun intended) by Ben O’Callahan and Marcie Moira’s story. I’m tongue tied as to how to describe this without failing miserably. On the surface, the story of Ben and Marcie is about a dominant and submissive – a sadist and a masochist. And while I can’t begin to understand the intricacies and compulsion of such a relationship, this story is so much more than that. It’s a beautiful, raw, passionate love story of soul mates in a tug-o-war with their own demons and each other to accept their love for each other.Marcie has known from the minute she met Ben that he was her Master. The only one for her. Of course, Ben resists the idea that she was meant for him. His past and their age difference are excuses he uses to keep her away. Their courtship, even though Ben does not see it for what it is, is as exquisite as any memorable love story and is cultivated through years of friendship and letters: slowly tethering themselves to each other as they reveal their true desires, dark secrets and souls to one another. The writing is striking and the depth of not only the MCs but the other K&A D/s characters is rich and layered. I bonded with all of them and want to know more. Through Ms. Hill’s wonderfully crafted words, Ben and Marcie come alive so easily and so vibrantly. I could feel Marcie’s reckless determination, love and full submission, as well as Ben’s fierce dominance, darkness and fears with every word.“First off, you have never, will never, let me down. All you have to be is yourself.” - Ben“If my Master is lost,” she said, her voice shaking a little. “I’ll find him. I’ll lead him back to himself, because to serve doesn’t always mean to follow.” - Marcie “I’m crazy fucking in love with you, Marcella Moira. God help you.” - BenWhile I certainly expected this to be a HOT, erotic read, I was so moved that I also cried at times. This surprised me but also comforted me in that this story touched me deeply. Ben O’Callahan is a force like no other and I absolutely loved that Marcie was a strong woman who knew what she wanted and went after it. I'm looking forward to more from Ms. Hill!

  • ~ Stéphanie ~ Tied up in Romance ~
    2019-02-10 01:37

    5 Always yours StarI don't know how to start. This was my first Joey W. Hill book and I'm in awe!! I fell HARD for this book and for Ben and Marcie! Usually I read a serie in order but it was for a BR with the Canaries AND Irene told it was ok to start with this one so I did it!I'm so glad I took a chance on this book because I would never have read it if it was not for this BR. I would have never found it in all the books people read.Generally it's the cover that catch my eye and often it has to have boys on a cover to get my attention. Well my bad, because this book is fantastic!This is a BDSM book and it may not suits to everyone. But if you have an open mind or if you are interested in the genre --> go for it! No in fact after reading some other reviews I have to add something because you can't go blindsided. This book has strong contents ( extreme bdsm scene, CNC consensual non-consent scene,FF scene,...)so be warnedBen is an intense Dom with extreme needs"He needed to give pain to release something inside of him, and a sub craving it, willing to take higher and higher levels of duress just to please him and because she herself got off on it.But he's also a man who has emotionnal issues. Marcie is a strong, smart and subborn submissive and she's in love with her Master for a long time."I felt safe with you, but more than that, I felt I was where I needed to be"This book put me through all kind of emotions but mainly I felt joy. Because I love so much when a guy, a Dom in this case find his match.Even though Ben fought so much against himself, love conquers all "You asked if there's a chance I'll ever be in love with you, I already am"What made this book special is his approach of the BDSM world. I must admit that it was a first for me. I only read FSOG and I don't really consider that book a bdsm book.What is more interesting in Hostile Takeover is that her author Joey W. Hill is a practising submissive. So who can give a better story then someone who is in this world? "He kept pressure on her waist, holding her still until he was okay with their clearance, then they crossed the street. She'd known how to cross the street on her own for some time, of course, but it didn't offend her. In thruth, such gestures could be desvastating to a woman's sebses. All the more because Ben was oblivious to their potency... It had nothing to do with the men's opinion of female capabiliy but everything to do with their absolute conviction that a man's role was to protect and cherish"This quote represents for me what a D/s relationship is - not everything of course - the trustis the more beautiful gift you have in a relationship and I truly think that there's nothing else compared to a D/s relation. It's certainly the purest relation I've ever seen.And now I'm ready for book 6 because yes I keep following Irene's advise and read against my OCD tendencies ;pAnd I couldn't finish this review without saying THANK YOU to my lovely friend in the Canary group! I enjoy so much this BR with you all and I will enjoy even more to talk about it =D'Till next time EDIT: 2 hours after lolI forgot to mention how much I loved the friendship and respect between all 5 Masters. You have so many great parts with them and the third person pov offer the possibility to see what they think of Ben and Marcie's relationship.See you at the next edit lol

  • Carla ☺Did I Say That☺
    2019-02-04 06:25

    "5*Back that ass up* Stars"This was the first book in this series that I've read...I had no idea what to say I enjoyed this book would be an understatement..I originally gave it 4.5 stars but after that dream I had..I had to change that shit to "5 *I might have carpal tunnel* Stars"Hostile Takeover tells the story of Ben and Marcie and how a friendship and childhood crush turns into one hell of a love story!Ben O'Callahan..wait..I need a sec..or as i like to call him *Big Ben* explanation needed!!!He's a member of the five man executive team that is K&A Associates..He's the only one in the brotherhood that hasn't found a submissive..Ben is a hardcore Master who has a talent that can rival the 7 wonders of the world!!!Marcella "Marcie" MoriaWow is all I can say about her.. I loved her character..Marcie had a crush on Ben since she was a teen..and as a adult that childhood crush turned into love..You see Marcie is a submissive by nature and shes determined to prove to Ben that she's the one for him.Going to any lengths to please him and win his heart.A word of warning...this book does have a few parts that might not be for the average reader..I for one found my self displaying a few emotions during those parts...Haha..Im not kidding people!!You've been warned!!So if your looking for a book that will not only have you crossing your legs multiple times..yeah its that hot..this is definitely the book for you!!

  • ~ Becs ~
    2019-01-30 06:32

    3.5 stars rounded down to 3 for Ben being despicable for 75% of the story.So, Hostile Takeover. I think this would have made a better title for book 1 in the series – for what Matt did to Savannah. This one would have been better called Intolerable Cruelty or possibly Dickheads’R’Us because Ben is a world class bastard for most of the book.Marcie is Cassandra’s younger sister and has had a crush on Ben for years. She’s a blood and bone deep submissive and she wants Ben to be her Master but he sees her as a kid despite the fact that she’s grown into a beautiful woman. Marcie isn’t taking no for an answer and provokes him into action by outrageous flirting and even an extremely provocative strip-tease on CCTV. A power submissive on turbo-charge as it says in the book.Ben decides he’s going to teach her a lesson and treats her to a few sessions and pushes her way beyond her ability to think a safeword let alone say it. Submitting to a nurturing dom is one thing but Ben is a cruel and brutal Dom – he’ll take women way into subspace and then just walk away and leave someone else to clean up and bring them down and he does this to Marcie several times and she keeps crawling back for more. Eventually Ben takes it too far and smashes her face against a car door in anger. Admittedly, she had just decked him one, but still – luckily Lucas avenges her with a few carefully placed punches.This is the catalyst of the story when Ben has to go away and have a word with himself and finally the scales drop from his eyes and he finally sees Marcie for what she is and realises what a gift she is giving him but it’s been a long, hard brutal path to get there.I didn’t find this hot or particularly erotic but I did read with a kind of fascinated disgust. Ben is heavily into backdoor loving and I’ve never warmed to him during the earlier books in the series. At one point he says this and I had to agree with him.Don’t do this.” Ben felt like a vise was closing over his rib cage. Something was going to crack. “I’m not worth loving and you know it.”Thankfully he has an epiphany and their reunion at Jeremy’s funeral is highly emotional and rescues the book but I could never like him. He’s capable of absolute cruelty and I could never forget that.Joey Hill is still a goddess, I still bow down at her feet and I am still not worthy and I will continue to read her books despite not really liking this one but I think I’m going to give the BDSM genre a break for a few books.3 stars BDSM erotic fiction

  • Kirsten
    2019-02-04 06:24

    4-4.5 Stars! This was only my second book by Joey W Hill. The woman sure knows how to put the psychological aspect into this sub genre of romance books. At the age of sixteen, Marcie's older sister/caretaker, started a relationship with one of the the elusive Knights of the Board Room, a group of five men whose proclivities veer into the BDSM scene. Since all of the guys and their women consider themselves an extended family, Marcie met and was enamored by the emotionally detached Ben O'Callahan. Through her high school and college years she has built a friendship with the sexy bachelor. They have stayed in contact while Marcie was away for school, except for the past two years.Thirty two year-old, Ben O'Callahan is the lawyer that works for the K&A company that all of his friends are a part of. Through the years he has watched all of his friends connect and find their other half. Though he won't admit it, there is something deep inside that is envious of his friends. Ben is known for not only his skills as a Dominant, but also his ability to keep himself at arms length. Due to his horrible childhood, the man feels he is incapable of love.Now Marcie is back in New Orleans. Ever since she laid eyes on Ben, she knew they were meant to be. When she discovered the sexual appetites of her "family", it was just another confirmation that Ben was her soulmate. She has been getting ready for this moment for seven years. The moment where she is going to put all of her preparation and her longing into action. Marcie is going to do whatever she can to show Ben that she can dish out anything he gives her. She is looking forward to any harsh sadistic thing he does, as long as it comes from him, her Master. Even though the attraction and longing is reciprocated by Ben, the man is not willing to go there with her. How far will Marcie go to show Ben that they fit? Will Ben be able to get his past behind him? "Do I have to rip your fucking heart out from your chest to prove my point, Marcie? Do I have to break you?""You can't. You won't. Give it your best shot." Before I even picked up my first Joey W Hill book, a friend had told me about how cerebral her writing style is. It's the perfect word to describe her process and all of the things that take place. I have read my fill of books with the BDSM theme, but none have evoked the mental aspect as much as she can. She can write an erotic scene unlike many can, but it's where you're mind is at that makes it that much deeper. I really enjoyed this book. I loved the tenacity that Marcie had, and her unwillingness to give up on Ben no matter how many times or how hurtful he had been to her. It was truly commendable. And yes, I've been hearing about Ben for quite some time so I was elated that I finally got a chance to meet him. He is precisely how I imagined him. Obviously dominating, sexy, wicked and deep down funny, kind, and caring. I understand the hype now, and I get why all my friends have been swooning. Hellooooo Ben...This was written flawlessly and the story was heartbreaking and well thought out. There were times when I held my breath for not only some of the erotic scenes, but the emotional ones as well. I love how all of the characters have a great bond, and the sisterhood that all the women share was nice to read about. Don't get me wrong, this is probably a 5 star book. Actually it's easily a 5 star book, but I think for me, personally, this genre doesn't pack the punch it used to. I wouldn't say it's grown stale for me per se, it's just not something I seek out to read. So the fact that I rated it lower doesn't say anything about the book itself, but more so on my current feelings on this subject in general. And I know this may be a little contradictory on some of my taboo and forbidden tastes, but (view spoiler)[I was okay with the whole sharing thing, but when since Marcie's sister, Cass, who is involved with Lucas a "Knight" (who in some ways is like a father figure to her), I was slightly grossed out that he was going down on her. I guess it can be pretty hot (and I don't have a sister, so I'm not sure how I'd feel), but having your sisters man talk and act out sexually just made me feel a little squicky!(hide spoiler)].Although this is book 5 of the series, I didn't feel like I was missing out on too much, so it's not necessary to read all of the books before this one. I honestly don't know if I'll ever read about the other previous characters in this series, but I really think at some point I'd read Max's book, which is the next book. There is something about the quiet and mysterious guys that always intrigue me. Overall I would definitely recommend this to any BDSM lovers out there. It's pretty hardcore, but beautiful as well. Thanks to my lovely friends who recommended I read this while I was in a book funk! I love how you have my back, and I really enjoyed this kickass rec!!! xoxo["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • April
    2019-02-16 00:27

    **Sept.4/15 - My 3rd re-read**#EPIC love story that will forever be a re-read until the day I die.Even after my 3rd read, this book still leaves me speechless and whenever I think about Ben and Marcie's love story, my heart does this little clenching thing that makes me smile with tears in my eyes.Original reviewOf course, A sky of unlimited stars!!!Welcome to the exclusive club known as Knights of the Board Room; Special permission has been granted for your entry BUT, only for a short time.Book 5 in this fantastical series follows Ben O`Callahan; the last member of a five-man team of K&A Associates, and a hardcore Dom to the bloody core. Marcie, younger sister to Cassie, a K & A family member, has loved Ben since she was sixteen years old.I really don`t think I can do this story justice; this has got to be one of the BEST stories I have EVER read. There is NOT one thing that I can critic and IF there was, I wouldn`t, cause it would not have made a difference to how much I LOVED this book.For me, when an author can write a story and:1. you see it playing out in your mind,2. take your feelings and put them in a blender on the highest speed, 3. make you care for the male MC, when he`s a completely broken, sadistic bastard;well it goes down as an All-time favorite. I am extremely selective of books that I mark as that, but while I was reading it, it was a no brainer. If BDSM is a genre you love then you MUST read this book.During my read, I went and bought all the others to this series, and in the near future, I will start with book 1 and not stop until I`ve read them back to back.I can`t say any more; I really don`t have the words to express the intense emotions I have for their story.I will say that this book had me laugh, cringe, cry, but most of all, I felt my heart do things that only a few other stories have done.I`m going to leave you with a few quotes that stuck with me during my read:I couldn`t remember the last time I`d been so outmaneuvered, taken by surprise, flat out punched in the gut by a freaking kid, a twenty-three year old baby.That`s no baby; She`s a freaking natural submissive, hungering for a Master.I didn`t want to be one step ahead. My goal was to be a step behind. Follow my Master, follow his lead, serve his desires, no matter how extreme they were.This was the kind of master he was; Hard, ruthless, edgy, dangerous.`Finger crossing, really`; shrugging, she says: `It`s a universally accepted escape clause for untenable verbal agreements`.Marriage isn`t a prison sentence – it`s an invitation for someone else to join you on your journey, experience all those things together.Telling a woman she`s right is like giving a terrorist a nuclear weapon. Widespread destruction is inevitable.Your messing me up Marcie, you`re just a baby. I`m your baby, All yours. Love me, Ben.Love me in the dark, let me be whatever you want me to be. Take what you need.If my Master is lost, I`ll find him. I`ll lead him back to himself because to serve doesn`t always mean to follow. Do you remember that bear you won me at the state fair, well..... I did unspeakable things to that bear.That last quote had me giggling like a school girl cause I could just picture what she did ;DWell, that`s all folks!! GO READ THIS GODDAMN AMAZING STORY; if you go in with an open mind, you won`t be sorry.

  • Malene_D *BadAndDirtyBooks*
    2019-02-12 02:51

    4.5 StarsHostile Takeover was so much more than your ordinary BDSM story. This was a beautiful and intense love story. This was my first by this author and I really enjoyed her prose and how she constructed the story. Especially the letters and phone calls between Marcie and Ben when she was younger only established their strong connection and history.Marcie is a fabulous heroine. So mature for age and certain in her love for Ben. Everything she did was done with grace and strength. I admire how secure she is in her sexuality. She is a submissive in private and towards Ben but so much more in front of others.Ben is a complex man with so many hidden layers. A powerful Master but also a caring man for the people who matters the most. That includes his four other friends and associates of K&A and their women. Ben is mysterious and I couldn't wait to find out what darkness he had experienced and what had shaped him to be that notorious Master.Marcie and Ben's journey was exhilarating and deliciously erotic. I really enjoyed how Ben mentored Marcie and how she only embraced the punishment he gave her. Her love and dedication to him was mesmerizing and I just needed Ben to accept and claim her right back. It didn't happen right away and that frustrated me at times but Ben's past and also his fears had a fierce hold on him. Thankfully Marcie wasn't a quitter.Joey W. Hill blew me away with Hostile Takeover. Her own experience with BDSM definitely made this more erotic than hardcore and I appreciate that. I'm far from done with the Knights of K&A Associates.4.5 BadAssDirtyAlwaysYoursStars

  • ❥Lil
    2019-01-24 03:24

    This book was sensual, sexual, hot (and by that I mean H.O.T., burning your ass on fire and staying there because you like it), eye-opening, psychological, profound, emotional (I admit it, I cried my eyes out several times), fun and clever (the exchanges among the males are epic, even at their most difficult moments) and the list goes on and on.The writing is exceptional, not your typical mainstream erotica with the so-and-so writing, characters and storyline.And ladies and gentlemen, the tables are turned: No, the heroine is not shy/virgin/naive. No, the hero does not chase after her like a good desperate pussy-whipped man that he is. Yes, the heroine knows what she is, what she wants and has the balls to show it and demand it. Yes, the hero has real moments, feelings and reactions which may be questionable, yet he is not idealized in order to appear more likeable to the reader.The chemistry between them is deep, of course hot and so tight, like a figurative restraint bonding them together forever.This is the type of book that I devoured, wanted desperately to know what happens next, but at the same time did not want it to end. Unfortunately, it does…Thank you, Irene, for introducing me to this author and series :)

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-01-25 04:50

    Ben has been Marcie's teenage crush. Do first crushes bloom into love? I think they can. Marcie does her damnest to prove to Ben her love is real, even if she is only 23 and he's 32. Pfft. It's a know fact (yes, I'm bias) that women mature quicker than men. With Marcie's history of her parents deserting them and becoming second mother to help her older sister Cass, Marcie grew up very quickly. I think of when I was 23 with two younger siblings. At 23 I had been working for 3 years full time and I bought my first home. I spent time helping my mother raise my much younger siblings to the point that they don't think of me as an older sister but more a second mother. I get Marcie. I believe in her. She is a painslut though. Yikes. I'm a masochist but in different ways. I couldn't handle what she physically went through with Ben. I'd had cried "red" like a little baby. Big Dicked Ben loves anal. Go figure. A man who has abandonment issues in his past prefers anal. Is this really a surprise? No. Fortunately for me, I LOVE reading anal. Okay, yes, I try it too, but my DH's big is so damn thick it takes practice and I'm not a good little girl like Marcie practicing to take a big dick in my ass and down my throat. Although, I'm starting to wonder about the techniques in the book and may try them out. This story is a well developed and complex love story. I can't quite give it a 5 star. I give it a 4.5 star which truncates to a 4. The amount of emotional turmoil in this book is just right. Not overly done maudlin, but just the right amount to provide angst. I confess to a few sniffles while reading this story. The family and community in this book is what really makes it for me. The strong bonds of family love, brotherly love and sisterhood just wows me. This is what I want. This is what I fantasize about and don't know how to get. This is why the book receives a 4 star from me. The smexy scenes, bondage scenes and hot hot SM scenes melt me and give it the added .5 star. Ms. Hill does write some of the best emotional grabbing books for me. Her characters pull me in and I just adore them. I do enjoy this series so much and this last book is probably my favourite. It's a bit more intense than her other books. It's a lovely D/s and SM book. There is no humiliation which is rare in a SM book. The BD is there too, but not as prevalent to me as the D/s and SM. I wouldn't call it hardcore though. I recommend this book to BDSM lovers who have graduated past the SugarKink and GlitterKink. For those who enjoy the SM, this book is one to read.

  • TF
    2019-02-17 08:41

    I think if I had read this series from the beginning, I might have enjoyed this story and Ben more. I liked it but just wasn’t in love with it. There were certain parts I felt were not needed or understand. The f/f scene – I did not understand the point to this. I felt it was just thrown in for some kink. Marcie just had a pretty intense fight with Ben that left her battered and numb and what do these ladies do to make feel better? A sexual massage and another woman going down on her? Maybe in a different setting but as your first experience? No, the scene felt off and misplaced.Also, the CNC scene – major ick factor with Lucas. He’s her brother in law for goodness sake! He and his tongue should has stepped aside and let the others be involved only.Now Ben, I enjoy my asshole types - I really do! But he was just despicable. He and Marcie had an affectionate email correspondence going on and they have know each other for years. So his cruelty and roughness with Marcie was just way OTT. Now Marcie, the girl was tenacious and went after what she wanted. I liked that she kept pushing Ben and his behavior did not discourage her. Loved that scene where she hauls off and clocks him one. He deserved it! I do plan on reading the other books in the series from the beginning. Maybe I may feel different about this story or Ben afterwards.

  • Letitia
    2019-02-14 04:44

    Rating: A ... Heat: SizzlingWarning: First off, it must be said: This book does not play at BDSM. While kink can take all forms, this one is extreme to n’th degree. This couple is engaged in a 24/7, Master/slave relationship that requires the heroine to submit absolutely. This is a “no limits” couple that employs edgeplay and CNC (consensual non-consent). There is also lots of anal sex, two brief ménages (f/f/f/f and m/m/m/m/m/f), and a variety of bondage. That said, this book won’t appeal to everyone. You’ve been forewarned. Review: The Knights of the Board Room, a tightknit group of five men who all work at Kensington & Associates, have hardcore tastes and desires. All of the men are Dominates living the BDSM lifestyle, and each one has found his permanent submissive. Except for Ben, the lone wolf, whose tastes are extreme even by the other men’s standards. Marcie, the sister of one of the K&A men’s subs, has known since she was sixteen years old that she belonged to Ben. She has spent seven years preparing herself, mentally and physically, to be his sub. And now all she has to do is get him to see her as a woman, no longer a girl, and get him to accept her as his slave. In order to do so, she’s going to have to top from the bottom. Push his buttons and push them hard. Which won’t be easy for her, as she is a natural submissive whose one desire is to submit to Ben O’Callahan. Ben, from the very first, is coarse and crass. His words and his actions are sharp as blades, and he wields them both with dangerous results. Some might find him to be unlikeable, and I’ll admit he takes churlishness to the max, but I fell for him as easily as Marcie. I mean, there are men who are masculine… and then there is Ben. The man is just filled to the brim with alpha goodness, my lord. He makes me think of all these ridiculous words, like virile and potent and robust. And when you combine that with his other facets, the ones buried deep and protected under a thick skin, he is nigh irresistible. Together, Ben and Marcie are like the perfect storm. These two really had their work cut out for them. And it was such an interesting dynamic to watch her, the submissive, be the pursuer in this relationship. It really showcased the strength that it takes to be a sub. Marci really has to follow her heart and trust her gut when it came to building a relationship with Ben. And, for Ben's part, he really has to let go of the mental road blocks—get over issues and move past the past. It made for a very heavy, intense relationship that engages you and makes you invest in their outcome.And I loved the humor that Miz Hill manages to weave in throughout. Adding lightness and levity to what could of otherwise been simply a turbulent and emotional rollercoaster ride. You never expect the funny, but when she hits you with it—it is hilarious and timed just right.Whoever the intern is, she’s probably top of her class.” [Peter] ”Great. She knows her way around a stack of books. Doesn’t mean a fucking thing in the real world.” [Ben] Turning, Ben saw Janet, their CEO’s imperious admin, standing in the doorway  of the office. ”Since I and everyone else can hear you,” she said coolly, “your finished contract is on your desk. The baby intern scaled the walls of her crib and spent most of the weekend getting up to speed on the negotiations with Senecorp so you’d have it first thing this morning. You’ll find her sucking her thumb at Alice’s desk. I’ve given her a handful of Cheerios to keep her happy. I trust you’ll handle any diaper changing personally.” Hostile Takeover squeezes your heart, tugs on your belly, and captivates your mind. It manages to be erotic while also having substance. Miz Hill really sets the bar for this genre. This was my first foray into the world of the Knights of the Board Room, as well as my first novel by Miz Hill, and my impressions of both are fantastic. Blew away all my expectations and then exceeded them. Novels like this one only elevate the standards, raise the bar, for good erotica. Favorite Quote:“Thank you, Noah.” Ben nodded. “I’d like an extra service, please.” “Anything, Mr. O’Callahan.” Ben turned his attention to Marcie. Instinct had her lowering her gaze instead of locking with his. When his next words came, she was glad for it. ”I want you to go down on my companion here, under the tablecloth. If she comes within three minutes, there’s a hundred-dollar tip in it for you.” -- A Romantic Book Affairs ReviewFind us on Twitter and Facebook too!

  • Elizabeth (Liz)
    2019-01-22 07:35

    This one won't be for everyone. However, if you enjoy stories that push that envelope just a bit, don't have an aversion to slightly more hardcore BDSM, and can still find some good in heroes that are not always easy to love (or even like, on occasion), well, you might just give Hostile Takeover a try. I was thoroughly drawn into this story and these characters from the start. While I may not have outright loved every single moment of this story, I cannot fault the author's writing for that. In fact, I believe that may have been her very intention with this story. Either way, this was an incredibly sexy read with honest, compelling and not always comfortable emotion propelling the book along. I had forgotten just how much I enjoy Joey W. Hill until I finished Hostile Takeover. The one thing she will always make you do is FEEL. 4.5 Happy Stars!!

  • ❤️ Diana ❤️
    2019-02-10 02:31

    Before you read this story please look up Sadist and masochist. Truly understand what that means, otherwise you might miss this beautiful story. Truly it is. This is a story about love. Not just between a man and a woman but about family; and family can come in any form, not just blood family. The men in this book are family, the women are family, the men and women together are family and of course Marcie and her siblings along with the women and men are family. They look out for each other, tend to their needs and will always be there for one another. "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenderswas a backdrop in a particular scene but truly this is the theme song for this book. So the main characters; Marcie and Ben. Marcie is very different than your usual heroines. She's not a naive virgin or innocent who is being pursued as she pushes said Alpha away and runs. No, she knows exactly what she wants and sets out to get it. What she wants is Ben, to serve Ben in every meaning of the word. She recognizes what she is; which is a sub, a slave and recognizes what she needs, which is a Dom, a Master. Do not mistake Marcie for trying to be what Ben wants. She knows exactly who and what she is. She's known she's been in love with Ben since she was 16 cause she was already aware of what she was even if she didn't have a name for it. "I know how it works Ben. The women.....Dana, Cass, Rachel and Savannah. You play together, you share together, but each woman belongs to only one of you, her soul all his. I'm that person for you, Ben. I know it I've wanted you since the moment I met you and it's only gotten stronger. Everything I am tells me I can handle whatever kind of Master you are."Ben is a troubled soul who doesn't think he deserves love. Why?? Cause his own mother, the one person in this world who should have given him unconditional love turned her back on him. ""Your parents didn't abandon you cause you weren't worth loving, Ben. They abandoned you cause they were assholes." He knows he needs to control women, to break them down to reach their soul, bring them to "subspace". Cause that is so raw and clear in and of itself. What he doesn't want is their heart or open his heart. The risk is too great. The hurt unimaginable for a unworthy man as him. So he keeps his distant, always on the outside looking in. What happens when a head strong confidant women tries to show him what he is worthy of?? "He gave his heart to her a long time ago. She brought it back to him.""There is sparks, hot steamy sex and defiantly hardcore BDSM. But if you can look beyond the slave and master talk, open your mind to another world, one that might be very different than yours then you may see the love between the master, the slave and their family. True love in the caring of all their needs. "If my master is lost, I'll find him. I'll lead him back to himself because to serve doesn't always mean to follow.". Always Yours5 Hot, Steamy, BRILLANT stars!!

  • Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️
    2019-02-16 04:50

    3.5 Intense BDSM stars!I did this as a BR with LKay. She did a stellar review so I'm going to defer to her review and say "DITTO THAT!" Her review will make you laugh out loud and I agree on all accounts. Am I cheating? Hell yes. So, follow the link for review awesomeness.... Bahaha would add that Ben is a complex character. He's got a dark history as an abandoned child living on the streets. He's got an armor built so thick, nobody can penetrate. Marcie, on the other hand, knows from age 16 on, that Ben is her Master. It's beyond a young love crush. She knows she's meant to be with him..knows she is a submissive. Now for her to break that armor and settle within his heart....I loved at the beginning of each chapter, the author put snippets of emails, letters, texts from Marcie to Ben from years past...when she was just a teen and he 9 years older. But it shows their history and gives roots to their story. Warning- The book is seriously heavy BDSM. At different points I cringed a tad, gagged a little, and pleasantly fidgeted in my chair too. But seriously, this is a book for a seasoned erotica BDSM fan.....not for the faint at heart.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-01-29 00:26

    This review posted at Guilty PleasuresRECOMMENDED READJoey W. Hill, and her Knights of the Board Room series in particular, has been in my Mount TBR pile forever, so I jumped at the chance to review this book. I’ve heard great things about Ms. Hill’s writing, and Hostile Takeover does not disappoint. No, my kinky friends, not at all. In fact, so far this is one of my favorite books of 2012. But a warning to the faint at heart…. Ben is a sadist, and this book contains some very intense and graphic scenes. Okay, so why did I like this book so much then?I cracked up at parts of Marcie’s plan to win Ben’s heart, but had to crank up the A/C during other parts. And Ben shows his softer side throughout the book. He might be hardcore, but he’s also charming, caring, and loyal. He’s also a great cook and a good dancer. Oh, and there’s this…“She’d heard the rumors about his size, but if that was a partial erection, there were monsters in Japan who would run screaming.” So, what’s not to like? I love, love, love the snippets of letters and conversations between Marcie and Ben that begin each chapter, showing their relationship during the years Marcie was in college. Ben is Marcie’s confidante, advisor, and guardian. Some of the letters were just LOL funny, and others were so sweet I almost cried. This is one of my favorites:“You told me any guy worth my time would always come to me with flowers and a handkerchief. One to make me smile, and the other to dry my tears, because a smart guy knows women need to cry as much as they need to laugh.”But Ben still sees Marcie as a girl, someone to protect… especially from his darker side. Ms. Hill does a fantabulous job of showing Ben’s reluctance to accept Marcie as a sexually mature woman, and of showing Marcie’s absolute certainty and determination that she and Ben are meant to be together. And their journey is one wild ride! If you don’t have any qualms about the BDSM aspects of the book, this is a highly recommended read.The only bad news? Poor DiDi will lose a reviewer for a couple of weeks while I go back to read the rest of the series. Yes, it’s that good!