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A routine away mission to a trading planet turns deadly when Janeway puts herself at risk to protect a former Borg. While Janeway and Lynne cope with the aftermath, Seven of Nine adapts to a newcomer — and the realization that for the first time since her own severance from the Collective, her mind is no longer silent....

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Present Tension Reviews

  • Marilyn
    2019-02-19 03:00

    Wonderful addition to the Star Trek story of Voyager.The highlights of the book for me were Seven's dates. I enjoyed them even more the second time I read the book.

  • Jem
    2019-01-20 07:04

    Capt. Janeway and Lynne, the unwitting hitchhiker she picked up in space, become a couple already at the end of the first book. I wondered how the author would sustain reader interest for the rest of the series. Would she tear them apart? send them on another bizarre space adventure? introduce another couple? Turns out it's a little of everything. And at just the right dose for a perfect balance of action, drama and angst.Book 1 is a tough act to follow. But Book 2 surpasses it, imho. Think Star Wars vs Empire Strikes Back. I love how the author developed Janeway and Lynne's characters and relationship. In the first book, it was all about trust. Lynne's Choice at the end of the first book's bizzarro finale settled that once and for all. Now the Captain wants to take their relationship to the next level but its the usual U-haul dilemma--when should she pop the question? Before they can settle their commitment issues, our heroines are dropped into a heart-stopping, life and death situation where they will be forced to 'cross a line that can't be uncrossed'. More drama, ethical dilemmas, and a bonus--a mysterious character with a dark past.And the freak temporal displacement (time travel thingy) from the end of Book 1 finally makes sense. It sets up an entire chain of events (an alternate timeline or an altered timeline?--me thinks its the latter) that sets the premise for the rest of the series. Superb plotting!Last but not the least, I can't believe I have more to say about the intimate scenes--it's just this side of risque. Not at all something you'd expect in a serious sci-fi book. Definitely no skipping. :)P.S. In a nod to the TV series subtext that launched a thousand J/7 fanfics, the author doesn't forget Seven's special place in Janeway's heart.

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-02-05 00:56

    I really wish I knew how many pages these books contained. The first one seemed closer to 400 than 200, but could have been anywhere between 200 and 800 pages in length. This one was rather short. I think it was book length, but I'm not really certain. I just know that I started it, and shortly thereafter I looked down and saw that I was at 47% complete (as opposed to the current book I'm read, the third in the series, which is only at 41% at the moment and feels like it's the size of three of the second books combined).Of the Voyager crew from the tv show, Janeway still keeps much of the stage for herself. As expected (at least in terms of people from the show). Tuvok's time on the screen, or, um, page, was slightly more than in the fist book. I'd say he continued to act within the characterization that I had come to expect, except he didn't really. There was an incident during a prison break that seemed off. (view spoiler)[Tuvok performed an invasive mind meld that literally destroyed a guy's brain pathways. And had no inherent issue with doing so. I had some vague recollection that Tuvok was reluctant to do mind melds, or maybe I'm thinking of a different Vulcan. I know Spock seemed to do them at a drop of a hat. *boom, Spock appears 'Mind meld anyone?'* Though there his mind melds, many of which were, if I recall correctly, without consent, but weren't brain destroying. Tuvok causally destroying someone's brain seemed odd (hide spoiler)].Chakatoy's role also was larger in this book. Somewhat barely. And mostly to show how much of a giant ass he is. I never particularly liked the giant pompous ass, so let's not examine too closely into whether or not this is in keeping with his other characterizations - on the show and in official books.Seven of Nine the largest increase in stage presence. Hmm, no idea why I keep saying 'screen' and 'stage'. After growing deeper in emotional awareness, social ability, and friendship acquiring and keeping, Seven has, in this book, come to the conclusion that she should retry that dating thing she had tried before but failed at. This time she isn't going to use a computer hologram for tips, the Doctor. Gets help from Lynne and Torres. An interesting development.Everyone else had their roles narrowed or remain at a low level. Harry Kim might have squeaked a couple of times. I'm fairly certain Neelix was actually able to have a couple of lines - "Brownies anyone?". I know Paris finally had something like two lines in the third book (so far), but I'm still not certain he said anything in the second one - this book here.I mentioned a prison break earlier. After an ion storm, Voyager needs some supplies. So heads to the nearest high tech planet. And into some aliens that seemed really familiar. No idea if they are or not, but they seemed like ones I ran across in the Star Trek Corps of Engineers books, and in one (or three) specific 'missions/episodes' in/on Star Trek Online. Well the prison break part comes in when Janeway finds herself in one. A prison, that is. While in said prison, Janeway . . . um. hmm. Okay, she got herself into prison because she meet another human on said planet and tried to talk with her. Police erupted and ran towards them with the intention of beating said female human. Janeway, naturally, got in their way. Both were beaten bloody. So then, while in prison, Janeway and the female human get to know each other. The female, Revi Sandovhor(sp?) is an ex-borg ex-Collective ex-Starfleet refugee. Good solid book. I liked the first book more than the second, but still a high quality book. Professional quality. Quite short. I read it in one go without realizing I'd begin and end it so quickly. January 11 2016

  • Ted
    2019-01-21 02:05

    Kahless on a crutch that was utterly brilliant. Seven. Sigh. Oh Seven. I sure hope things work out for her. Pushing on to book 3.

  • Silvia
    2019-02-20 09:14

    Wow, that was a good one. The first one was good already but this is even better. Although I still can’t ‘feel’ the Janeway/Lynne relationship, I much enjoyed reading about Seven and her date trainings and I liked how she and Revi connected. Funny enough, I’m finding the blossoming relationship between the two ex Borg easier to comprehend than that between the upright Captain and her headstrong partner – go figure!The scifi- and adventure part of the story is fantastic as always. Fletcher is such a great scifi writer and she excels at storytelling and world-building. I’m looking forward to reading her other Voyager stories.As with the other one: it helps to know the Star Trek ‘verse but it’s not a prerequisite.Four stars and a reading recommendation.

  • Megan
    2019-01-29 08:58

    Book two of the series - in this one, Delancey adds another new character - Dr. Revi Sandhovar. Revi is one of the Borg who was severed from the Collective and a former member ofthe Borg colony that Voyageur runs across in one of the TV episodes. Now that Lynn and Janeway are relatively solid (of course there's always a crisis to cause them grief), Delancey focuses on both the J/L and the Seven/Revi relationships. With lots of action of course.

  • Alena
    2019-01-23 01:57

    I love this series!

  • Flowerscat
    2019-02-04 05:59

    I would read this just for Seven of Nine. Her character grows in leaps and bounds in this storyline - which is touching, heartwarming and hilarious in parts.

  • Natulka
    2019-02-19 05:15

    Absolutely loved it, again, like the first book, I fell for the characters and was caught up in the story. Even though it was pretty soppy at times, I thoroughly enjoyed it!