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When Captain Janeway brings the sole survivor of an alien "sampling" mission on board Voyager, she finds herself in the reluctant role of counselor. But her newest responsibility turns out to be more of a handful than she ever dreamed, challenging her to adapt to an ever-changing role while dealing with an alien race whose culture hides a secret....

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Past Imperfect Reviews

  • Jem
    2019-02-01 06:44

    If this review had a title like Amazon's reviews have, it would be "Sci-fi for lesfic romance lovers", or better yet "FREE sci-fi for lesfic romance lovers". Yep, its free to download on the author's website.This book is the start of a series of 5 novel-length fan fiction stories based on the Star Trek Voyager TV series and its characters. I know most people equate fanfiction with unsophisticated writing, an abundance of typos, and lack of editing but this is a rare exception. (Note: The author has polished up the books through the years and is now an editor with Ylva.)I never watched the TV series, so no prior knowledge is necessary to enjoy the book, though a little Wikipedia reading/youtube watching wont hurt. Because of its reliance on the Star Trek universe and characters, there is no need for detailed world-building. The author has the luxury of concentrating on developing the plot, the characters and the romance...and did all of those aspects incredibly well. This wouldn't be a well-written sci-fi book without the tech terminology but its not overwhelming for lesfic readers. The plot is very well laid out. After I finished the first book, I kinda wondered if each of the books would be like a tv episode, featuring an independent adventure, but fortunately, things are not that simple. There is an overall arc and events that happen in the first book have some surprising repercussions much later in the series. Most of the book is told from Capt. Janeway's limited pov, so she is naturally the most well-rounded character. But all the other major characters of the tv show get significant character development. I'm surprised (and delighted) that the author chose to inject her own original character(s) into the book. This is a welcome departure from the usual fanfic ships as those have been done to death already and the author wouldn't have been able to make it last 5 books. :)As I mentioned earlier, this is a book for lesfic romance lovers. You can transport the whole setting to earth, or the sea, and the book will still stand as an excellent romance. The development is slow, realistic and very sensitively portrayed. So much so that there were times when I wondered if it was actually getting too much in the way of the Captain's duties. That's romance for you! :) I shouldn't forget to mention the intimate scenes. For me, these tend to be the most skim-able parts of lesfic. Well, after a few hundred books, they tend to sound like been there, done that. But this book's intimate scenes sizzle!4.5 stars

  • Just a man's point of view
    2019-02-14 08:47

    Now, this is an author who never disappoints me.My knowledge of the Star Trek universe is very limited. Whan I was a young boy I have seen some episodes of the original series (with Kirk/Shatner and Spock/Nemoy) and I lately saw two of the last “reloaded” movies. I never saw anything about the Voyager series and I enjoyed a bit of research on Google in order to know the characters of this fan fiction.Past Imperfect is, essentially, a lesbian romance, set on a startrekkian stage.Sci-Fi elements are not epical or all absorbing. It’s not Asimov or Dune by Frank Herbert. It’s light and fun. It’s like going through two or three well written episodes of any Star Trek TV series.The leitmotiv is the love story. And it is really rich and entertaining in psychology and in dialogues; I easily came to love the main characters and the supporting ones as well.As in her published Alsea series, the author draws on one side a noble leader with psychological needs for true feelings, longly suppressed by duty and on the other side a charming, fascinating, athletic and genius lady to match her (yes, she is definitely too good to be true, but I challenge everybody not to love her). We can easily recognize the same pattern: Captain Janeway/Andira Tal and Lynne/Salomen.The character Seven of Nine deserves a special mention. Designed as a female Spock she is all logic in surface with feelings deeply buried inside. She is the quintessential ice queen, and I so much love the kind, but she is also greatly used as the one who points out the different angle of a matter, both in logic and in feelings.Because I never saw the TV series, I cannot say if it was good or not. But I’m ready to bet that if Fletcher DeLancey had been the author, it would have been great fun, as it is always, when I read one of her books.

  • Ted
    2019-01-24 02:26

    If it weren't for the boat ton of inter-relationship conflict this clearly would have been 5 stars. Fletcher, at least in my opinion, is without equal when it comes down to lesfic sci-fi. This bit of fanfic was excellently written. Pure sci-fi bliss. We all know the characters, with the exception of a creative nudge to our well loved Katherine Janeway that is :)

  • Penny
    2019-02-19 05:40

    Seriously, this is only volume 1 (out of 5) and I can already say that this is definitely one of the best science fiction series I've ever read. Even if you are not a Star Trek fan, or even if, like me, you have not even seen the series, it is not difficult to follow the plot and understand the characters. This because, as I said in another review, Ms. Fletcher DeLancey is a terrific writer. She always creates a universe full of possibilities. Anything can happen. The romance, needless to say, is also very well crafted. The only reason why this book hasn't received 5 stars is because I read Without A Front first (in my opinion, DeLancey's best work), so I cannot help but to use it as parameter. I know, is not fair. Totally my fault. 4.4ish

  • Megan
    2019-01-26 05:44

    The first in a great fanfic series by Fletcher Delancey. If you like Voyageur but were kind of miffed at some of the storylines, this may be for you. Rather than going down the Janeway/Seven or Janeway/B'Elana path, Delancey creates a new character and inserts her into the Voyageur timeline and pretty much rewriting the series. This is fanfic - so it is long, full of hand-wringing angst, a bit of Mary Sue, and lots of kick ass action. But its also a hell of a good read. Honestly, I kind of liked this series better than the show that was broadcast. :)

  • Sarah
    2019-01-21 04:48

    It's been a solid 10 years since I've read a 'Star Trek' novel and this one reminded me how much I used to love them. On top of the fact that it is a great addition to the Star Trek universe, the added bonus of the relationship between Janeway and Hamilton is fantastic. I can't wait to read the other books in the series. The author has them posted on her website, but if there were available on Amazon, I would gladly purchase them because she deserves every penny.

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-01-25 05:51

    Some quick thoughts. I assume I'll have more to say tomorrow. Hopefully.1) I mentioned in that other book I've read by DeLancey that I had read 15, I think, Voyager books, and seen most, maybe all of the show. And that I didn't exactly recognize the people involved from Voyager in the book I had read. But then that's to be expected. That wasn't a Voyager book. This one is a Voyager book.A lot of people from Voyager had mostly cameo roles in this book. Or, at least, their scenes were quite small. Tuvok, Chakotay, the Doctor, and Harry Kim had scenes. Kim's were mostly 'contacting people. They are not responding. Scanning' type scenes and did not give enough to see if the characterization matched up with what I recalled of him from the show. Chakotay had a slightly larger role, at least in the importance of his words, but again, not enough there to get a handle on if this Chakotay matched up. Tuvok and the Doctor had even larger roles, and there I can say that both matched up - both of their characters matched what I recalled from the television show I've seen and books I've read. Paris? If this was a television episode, his role would have consisted of seeing how good of a nonverbal actor he could/can be. At least I recall him in the book, but not actually saying anything. Which is more than what Neelix had - he was mentioned, not seen. Other than Janeway herself, B'Elanna Torres and Seven of Nine appeared to have the largest roles for Voyager crew. Well, Tuvok's could be at or slightly less than their roles. Seven of Nine didn't specific match my recollection, but was within the range of her characterization - which has morphed over the years. B'Elanna? She was a fiery angry person on the show. She was a fiery angry person in the book. Still, there seemed something vaguely 'off' about her. No matter.Janeway had the most scenes. And seemed to match up well with what I recalled of her character from books and television. The transition from 'nonlesbian' to 'lesbian' wasn't exactly very detailed. Janeway had a guy back on earth. But there always seemed something vaguely off about their relationship, like it was excepted for her to have a relationship, so she did. She seemed a lot more concerned with missing her dogs than missing her man. So something could have been inserted to at least make it appear that she could have always been a bisexual. At least. Since there isn't anything that would make that non-canon. That would remove it from official Star Trek Voyager universe to have her be that. Since she's basically a nonsexual being (on the show - she's the Captain, everyone works for her, who'd she be a sexual being with exactly?). Sure, there's some sexual tension between Chakotay and Janeway, but that always seemed more on Chakotay's side. Instead it's just that Janeway has been able to appreciate the female form before now, but now feels deeper feelings than appreciation.2) I wish I knew the page total. I dislike leaving it as 0 pages read. mmphs.3) The book came in parts. Hmm. That's a short sentence and I've already messed it up. There are sections in the book - Voyager finds a ship drifting in space. Finds a woman in there in a stasis chamber. Then book turns to something of a budding romance novel. Then back to science fiction with the introduction of new aliens, and a new planet. I mention this because everything was rather well done. To the point that I was/am vaguely confused as to how well done this all turned out. Quite professionally done, this fanfiction. Then we got to about the 91% and well, weirdness occurred. Granted, by about 96% everything's quite brilliant, but there was the literal introduction of an element . . . well, I can't really say without being spoiler-y. Just . . . it was jarring how I was reading, thought there were a few pages until book conclusion and suddenly . . . a rift in space opens. And weirdness occurs. 4) There were graphic sex scenes and eroticism. Something that probably is unexpected to anyone that has never read a Star Trek book before but has seen them in, say, the young adult section of a library - I've read several Star Trek books, the official ones, that had heightened levels of eroticism in them. One or two might even have had sex. One I think was explicit (the one I recall involved Riker), most were implied.

  • Betty BoomBa
    2019-02-11 06:38

    This is my first full on fanfic novel. And I have mixed feelings.I loved the story, loved how it is written, and it fits in with the Voyger world. In all, there are no negatives to how it is written.My mixed feelings apply only to the notion of fanfic. I know it's incredibly popular and so on, but... It kinda doesn't sit well for me, and I think that's only because I've seen every episode and I can't find the space (ha!) for the story and the HEA that doesn't happen in what I have seen. It is just a personal quirk.Having said that. I would read another by Fletcher DeLancey, but I probably wouldn't rush to read fanfic by anyone else. Yet.

  • Marilyn
    2019-01-26 05:38

    I found myself falling in love with the Star Trek universe all over again. Very, very well done. Kudos to Fletcher DeLancey.

  • Megzz
    2019-02-15 08:46

    3.5I liked it. But I'm torn. The sci-fi part of the story is great. Really. Especially the second half where the adventure really happens. DeLancey tells a really entertaining story. I didn't know anything about the Star Trek universe and I was pleasantly surprised about how much I enjoyed it. DeLancey is obviously a science and science fiction fan, and mixes up the Star Trek universe with things from her own imagination, and in the end we are given a great tale in which we learn, among other things, about how humanity has evolved in the last 4 centuries. Some scenes are quite delightful to read (Britney Spears still remembered in the 24th century? wow).You don't have to be a fan of Star Trek, but you do have to enjoy sci-fi to really enjoy this book. DeLancey writes with such passion, such convincing knowledge of the world she created, that she enables the reader to completely be immersed in it. I actually felt a bit claustophobic while reading the story. I mean, the characters are stuck in a starship, in space! As a result, my head was filled with unpleasant images of a dark and sterile environment. It's a testament to how good the writer is, but I'm not entirely sure it made me want to read other stories of this kind. I guess I felt a bit like Lynne. Stuck, suffocating. I needed air and sun. I needed the characters to get out for a bit of fresh air... they didn't.I won't pretend I understood everything in the story. There are quite long paragraphs of futuristic science gibberish I didn't even try to get (sun cycles, light years, time and space continuum...), but they don't really undermine the reader's experience. Nevertheless, what did bother me was how formal everyone was all the time. Seriously, it did my head in reading about people speaking in such a polite, cold and/or commanding manner. I don't enjoy characters using 4 times as many words as they could just to make a point. I also didn't care much for the endless conversations the Captain would have with members of her crew or species they encounter on their journey. There are not that many dialogues, but the few dialogues are extremely long and repetitive.But overall, quite a good story. I was hardly convinced by the romance, though. I didn't think it was a really organic or realistic relationship. First, it happened way too fast. Not just for the characters, but for the reader as well. Lynne and Janeway become sort of friends very quickly, and lovers even quicker. I love you's were exchanged way too soon, and the idea that they're meant to be together and that they're mates for life, are easily understood and accepted by everyone on board, only WEEKS after Lynne is rescued. And the biggest problem was: I didn't even get to enjoy any chasing, and seducing, any sexual tension and self-doubts, any temptation, any intimate encounters before their mutual feelings are shared (kind of out of the blue really). I was disappointed to find that DeLancey found it unnecessary to give us real insights on how the dynamics between Lynne and Janeway worked and evolved. There are long chapters of narration, with no dialogues and only broad descriptions of how things are changing. So there are days and weeks and even months that the writer just describes in a few sentences and I felt like I was missing out on what could have or should have been relevant relationship content. I always find it hard to really get into a love story if I don't read about simple encounters. Touches, looks, and chemistry are essential to a romance and they are definitely missing in Pas Imperfect. So, yeah. A few chapters into the book, and Lynne and Janeway are already an established couple, and really not much happens between them for more than half of the book. Hardly any angst, and even fewer fluffy moments that romance lovers like myself thoroughly enjoy reading. During the second half of the book, the adventure really picks up, and the angsty part of the romance does too, but it ends way too soon. And my god, did it end in the most annoying way possible. It was "I'm sorry it's my fault" and "No, I'm sorry it's MY fault" back and forth for like a whole chapter. The many guilt trips in this book made me sigh with annoyance. I found the character of Lynne a bit annoying. A bit arrogant, a bit too stubborn. However, I absolutely loved the vulnerable yet confident Captain Janeway. I love her ethics, I love how strong she is in the face of danger, and I admire her professionalism and how she deals with her personal feelings getting in the way of her responsibilities as Captain. No, definitely not the romance of the year. But without a doubt a very entertaining sci-fi story. And available for free online, so definitely worth the read.

  • Silvia
    2019-02-08 03:36

    This one. Ah. I’m torn in half. Fletcher DeLancey is one hell of a great writer and storyteller, and boy does she know her scifi. Even more so, does she know the Star Trek universe. I loved the geeky bits and the adventure story to bits. Her world-building is something else, and I loved the Tsian and Santori storyline. I especially loved how Janeway didn’t swan in to solve all of their problems for them. She very gently nudged a door open but didn’t push anyone through. That was cleverly done!I also enjoyed reading about some of my favourite Voyager characters, Seven and Tuvok and B’Ellana, and she’s got them spot on. I could almost see Seven raising her eyebrows at Lynne, and hear Tuvok point out the benefits of proper security training. And Neelix and his “Turnover Delight”? Still laughing about that one! Oh, and Q was there, too! Who doesn’t equally love and hate Q? He’s such a pain and so smug and so intolerable, but also fun and charming in a weird way.So yeah, I much much loved the Star Trek bits. But then there is the romance part, and that I was uncomfortable with. Not because it’s badly written, and not because I’m uncomfortable when reading sex scenes, hell no I’m not. But the thing is, well, how do I put it? I find it difficult picturing Captain Janeway in a romantic relationship. She’s a formidable woman and she’s far from cold, unattractive or anything that would make her an undesirable partner. But in my headcanon (to borrow a standard fandom term) she’s somewhat asexual. That’s probably because we see her as the ship’s captain – controlled, self-disciplined, with high moral standards and impeccable manners. Most of the time. Unless she loses her temper. Then add fearsome to the list. Of course there’s a private side to her, has to be, even the most formidable captain has a life. I know that and yet I had a massive problem wrapping my head around the concept of Lynne and Janeway. And their big talking scene? “It was my fault.” “No, it was my fault.” “I beg to differ but I’m the one to blame.” – ugh, that was very annoying. I think it’s one of the very few things I have in common with men: I hate discussing my feelings to death. And I hate it when others do it. You state what’s up, you discuss some, and that’s it. All that endless back and forth just won’t do for me, and I skipped through most of that passage.Still, I’m giving four out of five stars for the brilliant storytelling and world-building (although it’s fanfiction and the rules have been set already, a good author will always add elements to what’s given and thus makes it even more interesting, and Fletcher is a very good author), and I’m much looking forward to reading the rest of the Voyager stories.

  • Jore
    2019-01-21 03:36

    OMG... This was sooo good. GREAT story line. For me it was one of those can't put down books. It's no wonder the Author met her future partner by way of reading this book. :) Fabulous, great read... so far this author is my favorite in the genre... That's saying a lot... I gave it a try after reading the Catalyst Series (also fantastic) and FYI....the book is free on her website....

  • Wendy
    2019-01-26 06:30

    Star Trek Voyager fanfic - I've never seen the show (though I've watched the original series and TNG), but still enjoyed the book immensely. Anybody who has read fan fiction can tell you there are various levels of quality, from really horrid to beautifully plotted and written. This belongs to the latter. Captain Janeway rescues a human kidnapped by aliens from 400 years ago. They develop feelings for each other and romance, with its inevitable bumps along the road, ensues. Add to that aliens, temporal displacements, and the varied crew members of the spaceship, and it makes for a fun read. I can't wait to get to the rest of the series. Bonus: They're free to download from the author's website!

  • Fiannawolf
    2019-02-02 03:50

    Sometimes when someone writes fanfiction for a show it leads to rather interesting investigations. Ill def. put her Chronicles of Alsea on my to buy list. ASAP. While I very much enjoy the "official" ST line of books and how Janeway and crew turned out, its quite fun to discover a writer through some very entertaining fanfic.

  • Pin
    2019-02-10 03:51

    Very entertaining and well worth the read!

  • Ulla
    2019-02-01 02:51

    This series is the absolutely best ever that I've read online!!!

  • Alena
    2019-01-27 03:32