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Note: Original cover edition for ASIN# B006XHT9RESam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army. She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Sventé vampire; a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breedNote: Original cover edition for ASIN# B006XHT9RESam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army. She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Sventé vampire; a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breed and the hypnotically beautiful Keja breed to be too tame and human-like. Most refuse to take her seriously, especially a Pagori commander named Jared who she craves in spite of herself.The Grand High Master, however, sees her potential and offers her the position of Jared’s co-commander to help train the newest squad in time for the impending attack on his home. Sam has to demonstrate to Jared and the squad of chauvinists why it is incredibly foolish to underestimate a wilful, temperamental, borderline-homicidal Sventé female. Warning: This novel contains an iron-willed female vampire with an energy whip, a sexist male vampire who is determined to have her, explicit vampy sex, and a romance story with real bite....

Title : Here Be Sexist Vampires
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ISBN : 13421072
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Here Be Sexist Vampires Reviews

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-02-01 05:56

    I am so excited!!! I just discovered a new vampire series!!! And I am beyond thrilled!!!Suzanne Wright has created the most exciting and yes, different world of vampires in her Deep in Your Veins Series.Three different kinds of vampires, ….and each vampire with their very own special powers. “Three breeds? Well you see, basically, you know how there are varying accounts of vampires? Some humans report us to be terribly aggressive with hulk-like strength, some report us to be entrancingly beautiful and charming, and others believe that we are actually more human-like than the stories say. Well the reason for all the confusion is that there are actually different breeds.”The first book in the series, Here Be Sexist Vampires takes us into a world filled with gorgeous, sexy, mysterious and very very likeable characters.Samantha aka Sam is a London vampire, one of the lowest ranking vampire groups. She joins Cat from Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost and Merit from Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill as my three top kickass and fabulous vampire heroines.Sam is such an incredible and funny character. She takes no shit from anyone. She’s smart and quick on the uptake. Underneath all that smarty pants is someone with a vulnerable side…someone who has been abused, seen and done some scary things in her life, and who has suffered loss and pain – but she does not let that stand in her way."I’ve done things in my time that would make the curly hairs in your pants go straight,female or not, I reckon i’ve got bigger balls than you have"When she’s offered a job working for Antonio, the Master of all Vampires, she sees this as the way to get away from Viktor, her tormentor and the vampire who turned her and has kept her prisoner since.Arriving at Antonio’s compound, she’s given the position of commander of the new vampire recruits, together with Jared, Antonio’s heir and a total sexist and arrogant and gorgeous vampire of the highest ranking. Wow, does this guy think a lot about himself…And he’s a total slut….has 3 consorts and just screws around!! "Men! if he was a women he’d be considered a bit of a slut but apparently because he was a male it was completely normal and acceptable." He actually thinks that Sam will give in to his sexiness….but man has he made a mistake in thinking that she’s just a girl….oh did I forget to mention that Sam is the only female vampire ever to work with the legion vampire army!!! She certainly knows how to put a dolt like him in place… I loved the characters in this book. Sam’s vampire group, Antonio, Luther, Sebastian, Jared’s 3 consorts (talk about princesses….)and most of all, I fell in love with Sam’s PA, Fletcher…..totally lovable and adorable… I want a Fletcher of my own!!!! He’s such an unforgettable and engaging character and I can’t get enough of him.I liked the interaction, sexual tension and chemistry between Sam & Jared and loved watching the build-up of the attraction that they felt for each other.“God, I loved this woman: this very crazy, borderline-homicidal – on second thought, scrap the borderline – woman.” “How could you be attracted to someone who made you so pissed off that you’d considered burning their balls with a lighter?”Another thing about this series that I totally love is the writing and the dialogue. "What? Who? Oh you mean that cross between a whippet and witch personally. I don’t know how he can shag something that looks like it’s just escaped from Azkaban."The author is British and the humour and wit come across each page. Sam’s vocabulary is a total blast…. Hilarious and so fabulous…. He had to be blowing smoke up my arse. Okay there are some OTT moments and characters that are just so out there…..but that’s the magic in writing..anything is possible! The funniest vampire book I have ever read…just loved it!!!Can’t wait to start book #2…..and join Sam & Jared on their next vampiric adventure!!!!

  • Pam
    2019-02-11 23:54

    6 who's your mama starsSam"Female or not, I reckon I’ve got bigger balls than you have.”Vampire Breed: Sventé - tame and human-likeSpecial Gift: FeederPrevious Employment: Chief AssassinFavorite weapon: "Bolts, beams, balls, but I like the whip best. It’s more fun...and natural energies, the classical elements; air, water, fire and earth.”Goal: To finally be free of her Sire, Victor, by any means necessaryBest Described as: "very crazy, borderline-homicidal – on second thought, scrap the borderline – woman."Sam is the first female Sventé Feeder who has tremendous control over her gift, leaving everyone who comes across her stunned and usually laying flat on their ass. She gets offered a chance to try-out to join the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army and in return a chance to finally be free of her Sire, Victor, of three years. Willing to take the risk of his wrath, she has no other option if she ever wants to no longer be his hostage, sex slave and assassin. Jared“So you’re prejudiced against women, young vampires, and against another breed of vampire. I bet you’re a delight to have around.”Vampire Breed: Pagori - super strong Special Gift: Electrokinetic and TelepathyCurrent Employment: Commander of the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army & Heir of the Grand High MasterFavorite weapon: high voltage electricityGoal: To train and lead the strongest army against the impending attack on the Grand High MasterBest Described as: protective, demanding, controlling and master loverJared is the best of the best, that is why he holds the position he does today, but when Sam comes into his squad to try-out he wants to prove to her that only real men can handle being a part of his squad. He has no clue as to why Antonio would have offered Sam a position as a co-commander after he refused to select her as part of the squad. It was nothing personal, she just wouldn't be a good fit for the squad. Isolated on an island Antonio, the Grand High Master, selects those he trusts dear to be around him. One of his trusted adviser's, Luther, had a vision of an impending attack on the island, and determines it necessary that the new squad be trained and ready in the weeks to come. Sam is no stranger to hard work, she knows she cannot just demand respect...she will need to prove it to this squad of chauvinists pigs. And so help her God she doesn't cause bodily harm to any of them, especially the main pig himself, Jared. How could you be attracted to someone who made you so pissed off that you’d considered burning their balls with a lighter?Sam is pissed off at herself for letting Jared get the best of her, why should she care how many consorts he has. Why should she care what he thinks especially now that she finally has the freedom from her Sire and a place to call home. As much as they try to ignore each other, there is no stop to the insults and the constant's all just foreplay for these two, and it's only a matter of time before the fire ignites and the inevitable occurs, when the two become one the battle of the bedroom begins. Jared’s lips were suddenly at my ear. “The only vampire who’ll be manhandling you tonight is me.” “If I let you.”Here Be Sexist Vampire is an amazing funny sexy tale, one I cannot believe I put aside for so long. Ms. Wright truly has a gift for creating a world you can live in with characters that you love or love to hate. Sam is a temperamental, strong-willed, sarcastic female who is a complete bad ass on and off the field. She will only submit to a deserving partner, after of course she makes him work for it. Jared was a strong alpha male lead, but he understood Sam and let her be who she needed to be no matter how much it drove him mad with concern. The back and forth banter between Sam and Jared and the rest of the squad kept me laughing and dying for more. There is action, a little suspense and some sexy luvin too, what more could you possibly ask for. I had to admit I was kind of scared when I found out there was more books for Jared and Sam, but this can be read as a stand-alone as there is a sense of an ending and a promise of more if you continue. With these characters I had to jump right into the next book because I couldn't let go just yet, I was having way too much fin with them. Awesome read for sure and recommended to all my paranormal lover friends.

  • Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    2019-01-20 00:51

    5 Sexy Sexist Vampire stars!!! I freakin loved this book. The chemistry between Sam and Jared was explosive Wow loved that she kicks his ass more than once........Jared:Jared is a super sexy, alpha male who never had a woman make him work for it and it was so much fun watching him and sam go at it.Sam:Sam was a sexy, smart mouth woman with a great power and she kicked total ass.she pushes Jared and shows him and everyone else that just because you are a girl doesn't mean you can't kick major ass. I loved her sassy comments and her powers were some of the coolest I have read..Great book I am on to the next one :)http://jessicasoverthetopbookobsessio...

  • Lisa Jayne
    2019-02-17 04:54

    5 BITE ME STARS."... Well I love that sexist twat just because."This book is immediately hitting my love-you-forever-and ever-shelf, and in honor of this fantastic author a new shelf has been added; Addicted to this author. This book was a real honest to goodness, 'I don't want to put you down ever' page turner. I've had this book on my kindle for some time now and after feeling in the mood for a bit of paranormal loving I knew I could turn to this author and she would deliver and deliver she did. I adored every last bit of this story 'here be sexist vampires' is escape from reality perfection and it doesn't harm that it delivered on all my five star must haves ... Here are my vampishly excited book thoughts.What's it all about?Samantha Parker has lived her vampire life under the control of her sire and captor, resigned to the fact that she is at the bottom of the pile and food chain when it comes to her importance as a vampire nothing comes as more of a shock when she is approached by a vampire of royal like status to request she joins a legion of the highest regard, it looks like this sassy talented Sventé vampire has just found her ticket to freedom. Sam approaches her new position with confidence and new found excitement but that soon has a damper put on it in the form of her new co-worker, heir to the Kingdom commander Jared Micheals, Jared doesn't appreciate having a female taking his side as his new colleague especially a vampire of such notably little status, Jared is more than happy to do things his way or no way. But Sam is not a vampire who is taking no for an answer and as her talents emerge so does a connection between this couple that can only be described as electric, but there are obstacles that stand in the way of this duo expressing how they really feel, can two people from different ways of life really make it the whole way to true love?What did I love?Undoubtedly I have to start my gushing thoughts by talking about Sam the books heroine. Sam is brash, courageous, fearless and gorgeous I can't explain how much I loved this character her strength and beauty was as appealing as her humour and sarcastic nature; this lady is a real ball breaker and the author holds nothing back in delivering a character that is completing unforgettable. For every sassy heroine Suzanne Wright delivers in her books is an equally swoon worthy alpha, Jared ticked all my must have qualities for the perfect hero; out there manly, unsure of his pull towards his love for the heroine, gorgeous without measure, some arse hole chauvinist tendencies and most of all over protective 'that girl is mine' feelings. wrap all this up with some paranormal vampire activity and I had the perfect couple chemistry, I could not get enough of this duo. 'Here be sexist vampires' was utterly entertaining it had a range of qualities brought together with a fantastic writing style that I'm convinced most readers of this genre will be enthralled with. Drama, romance, chemistry and between the sheet action that can't be measured in the hotness scales. Final thoughts ...'Here be sexist' vampires takes the paranormal genre and gives it a hot comedy twist, the author is clearly a talented writer but you can also tell she enjoys what she does the love of her work leaks out of the pages and if I wasn't before I'm now a firm fan. This book is sexy hot, laugh out loud hilarious and Oscar worthy entertaining I can't recommend this book or the author enough. Don't wait any longer, go grab it readers. Enjoy ... Kisses.

  • Jilly
    2019-02-14 02:47

    Oh my gosh, so much fun! And, I had a few doubts at first, but they were quickly thrown out the window as the baddest badass female heroine ever made me want her in my girl-tribe.Sam (Samantha) is in the weakest of the three vampire races, but she has a special ability that is rarely seen and is therefore offered a job with the vampire king. Now, first I need to address the "special snowflake syndrome" that might go through your mind. Yes, she's special, but she isn't the most powerful vampire ever, and she's not the fulfillment of some prophecy, or one of those girls who doesn't realize she's actually the most beautiful woman on Earth. Also, if she wasn't "special", would a book about a mundane vampire who does nothing be all that interesting? No, not really. Besides, once you meet Sam, you will allow a blizzard of special snowflakeness because she is so awesome.Jared is a sexist pig who has three mistresses who live together in an apartment waiting for their opportunity to "serve" him. He's such an asshole that I really didn't want him to be her love interest for the first half of the book. But, I was underestimating Sam. She truly makes this guy work harder than the history of mankind to get on her good side. I appreciate a good ball-breaker when it is necessary. In Jared's case, it was very necessary. This guy needed a good old smack-down.The two of them are forced to work together to prevent an attack on the Vamp King. They mix together about as well as broccoli and chocolate. Now, I know there is some freak out there who is saying, "Oh, Jilly, I'm a foodie and chocolate covered broccoli is the latest thing." First of all, shut up. We all eat food, therefore we are all "foodies". Secondly, how dare you blaspheme chocolate with vegetables? We already have people eating chocolate covered bacon, chili peppers, and bugs. When will the madness end?No. Just stop.There is a ton of sexual tension between these two as well - much like the sexual tension between me and chocolate. (okay, I said it. It's out there now.) And, it is just as fun and delicious.There is also a lot of magical fighting as the vampires are training for battle using their "gifts". Some of them can teleport, shoot poison, throw fire-balls, astro-project, and many other creative things. I loved the scenes where they were dueling each other, and then when they had the big battle. It made me really wish I could have a secret super-power, you know, other than the ability to make a pint of ice cream disappear. My other super-power immediately follows that one and is called shame.The other part of the book that was fun for me, but could be difficult for some others was Sam's language. She is British and speaks in Cockney slang often. Although my husband is from the north, I still understood all of the slang, as he has used it at some point. But, I think most Americans would wonder what the hell she is saying half the time. Therefore, being the generous friend that I am, I have decided to provide you with a small glossary:He didn't tot around having a gander... I know what you are thinking - a tator tot eating goose. Of course. But, in this case, it means that he didn't wander around looking at everything. I know. A tator tot eating goose would be more fun. But, it wouldn't make as much sense. In this case."..there's really no point in telling me porky pies.Why would someone tell someone else about a meat pie? Did he make the meat pie? Does he need a food taster? No, and this is where it gets a little weird in England. They have this entire vocabulary called Cockney Rhyming Slang, and it's super bizarre yet they all know it. It works by substituting normal words or phrases with things that rhyme with them. So, it seems that at some point, there were some Cockneys with waaaay too much time on their hands. In the case of the above quote, porky pies means lies. Yes, my hubs uses this one. Along with many many others. If he wants to have a butchers at my dog and bone, I am not offended or afraid for my dog's life. It means he wants to look at my phone. I know. They are crazy and I married one.".. he said innocently like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth."Who really wants to melt butter in their mouth anyway? We have microwaves for that. I've never considered melting it in my mouth and spitting it on my popcorn. Maybe Paula Deen would roll that way, but not me. But, for the Brits, this means that the person is playing it cool, nonchalant, aloof, coy. In other words they are so chill that their mouths are literally cold inside. Why is that a thing? I have no idea.There are more, but I'm tired of typing, so if you have further questions, please direct them to me, Jilly, at, read this book. It's fun.

  • Sammy Loves Books
    2019-01-23 03:45

    I Love it when the Heroine teaches the Hero a little RESPECT!!!I read the sample of this book and Immediately bought it!!Samantha gets recruited to try out for a job to be a member of the Grand High Master Vampire's Guard. She's a Badass and totally deserves the job.Samantha ParkerBut the Sexist Commander refuses to give it to her, especially after she whips his ass in competition!!But fate has bigger plans in store for Sam and her sexxy, sexist commander, Jared.I had my ass kicked by a woman...I had to laugh inwardly at myself: the whole thing was so weird. She had kicked my ass, embarrassed me in front of God knows how many people, and even called me a pretty girl...and all I'd wanted to do was grab her, kiss her, and bite her. >Samantha is a total Badass assassin with amazing powers. She's independent and doesn't require the approval of others. But she is pissed with herself because she feels an attraction to Jared that she is physically unable to resist.“First I’m going to play with these gorgeous tits here, suck on these pretty little nipples. Then I’m going to fuck you with my fingers and my tongue until you come in my mouth. Only then will I slide my cock inside you. It’s not going to be slow and gentle, Sam. I’m going to fuck you hard and fast until you come so hard you scream. And do you know what you’ll scream? My name.”OMG these two are wonderful together. Jared has never met a woman that didn't fall to his feet in worship of his beauty or his power. Sam and Jared bicker and their dialogue is witty and will keep you entertained. The sex is hot and the love is sweet. This is fast paced and full of action.I fell in love with Suzanne Wright after reading Feral Sins. Her heroines are strong, feisty, and sarcastic. Well this series is more of what I love and I Highly recommend this series to my friends that love paranormal, erotic reads!!

  • Debra
    2019-01-30 06:43

    ★★★★ 4 stars!Well, what can I say... Suzanne Wright has done it again! She's the queen of the strong, feisty female leads and the deliciously brooding alpha males! From the moment I started reading this book I could not put it down. Chapter after chapter the story became more interesting and before I knew it I'd already reached the final page. With all the fights and action going on as well as Sam and Jared's constant bickering, there was never a dull moment and all the equally unique side characters made the story all the more fun to read. So to sum it up; there was a feisty, sarcastic, easy to like heroine + a sexist, overprotective, easy to love/lust after alpha male + lots of action + tons of sexual tension + a original storyline + the perfect amount of humor. I mean, who wouldn't like all of that combined together, right!?Moving on to the next book right away!No cliffhanger.

  • Monty Cupcake ☠ Queen of Bloodshed ☠
    2019-02-13 07:06

    Listen book, I know it's not your fault that your author doesn't know what a thesaurus is, but I can't give you 5 stars when you use the word giggle in such excess that I want to cauterize the word out of you. Why would any author use giggle, fucking giggle to describe how all the men laugh, at all times. There are no guffaws, deep belly laughs, chuckles, or chortles to be had in this book. You get a laugh or snicker here or there, but fuck the word giggle. Now that that's off my back, to the actual content...This book was similar-ish to Chosen, if it was about vampires and not as slice and dicing awesome. Sam is a Svente vampire with a colossally badass gift that allows her to control people's energies and the elements' energies. She's an avatar! And I thought Aang was the last air bender. She's described as a crazy and homicidal bitch. I agree with this statement and appreciate her for it. She's not a bitch in the way of you need to shank her, more like she's got a snappy mouth on her. She's in an all guy's world where there are zero female soldier vampires or Svente vampires. She's ticking off a lot of "hell no" boxes for people and getting tons of flack for her vamp type and being a chick. She responds with violence. I like it. It's always good to slap sense into men, and if that doesn't work, beat some more. Her job with the legion is to teach the recruits how to more adeptly control their gifts/energies. All the men of course think they don't need help from a female, so she beats them, obviously. Jared is kind of like Mr. Cayan Pepper, except he puts out. ::side eye to Cayan::. He desperately wants to put out actually, but Sam isn't into being another one of his consorts, which she describes as prostitutes that do it for free. They're his mistresses I guess you could say and since he's not offering anything but that, she continuously declines him, even if they about set each other on fire with all the sexual tension. Jared is a commander and not at all happy to be working with a female Svente, especially one that can totally beat his ass in a fight. He's super misogynist, chauvinistic, and a right bastard to Sam for 90% of the book. Possibly more. All throughout the book she proves to him again and again that she's awesome and he should watch out for a kick to the nuts if he makes another snide comment. So that's the book. Sam teaching the recruits, fending off the sexual attraction to Jared, showing the menfolk that she's more powerful than they are, and waiting to battle. The plot isn't huge, it's enough for this book. I enjoyed the sense of humor in the book and reading about a new vampire myos.

  • Crystal~BIG book addict~
    2019-02-18 06:55

    4 Sexist StarsIt's official, Suzanne Wright writes the absolute best female leads! Sam is smart, mouthy, strong, mouthy, level-headed, did I mention she is mouthy? Loved her!!Sam is a Svente vampire. These vampires are more human like than the Pagoris (known for their super strength) and Kejas (known for their hypnotic beauty). All vampires have gifts. Sam's gift is she is a Feeder. She can feed on the energy surrounding her, absorb it and control it. She can also take gifts from other vampires temporarily. This is very unusual her a Svente. She is recruited to fight for the Grand High Master. Her Sire is a complete jerk so she decides to go so she can get away from him. This is where she meets Commander Jared Michaels. "Female or not, I reckon I've got bigger balls than you have." ~SamShe is chosen to held Jared to train and lead a new squad. He doesn't think he needs a Svente female to help him and he isn't shy about letting her know this. Despite him being a sexist twat (Sam's words), he wants her more than he has ever wanted anything. She isn't one of the many females that will just fall into bed with him whenever he wants, he has to work for her."...I can't wait to hear that husky voice you've got calling out my name." ~JaredJared slowly breaks down the walls around Sam, but as soon as he does, he goes and says some stupid crap (totally male) and screws it up. There is a battle coming and Jared is scared for Sam as she will be on the front line with him. She sees him not wanting her there as a betrayal. He sees it as wanting to keep her safe as the thought of losing her is too much for him. Can they find a middle ground?"Promise me you won't go back into that state of denial again." ~Jared"No more denial. It's too late for that now anyway." ~SamI can't wait to get started on the second book (there is no cliffy in this one) as we continue to find out more of Sam and Jared's journey together.

  • Deborah
    2019-01-22 23:59

    Wow.The question I asked myself several times while reading this book was 'why haven't I read this sooner?'I suppose in this case it's easy since neither the title nor the original cover appealed to me I'd continually skipped past it in fact it was only seeing my friends reviews come through that made me even look twice.The Phoenix Pack series by this author has been on my to-read list for years and once I've finished with 'Deep In Your Veins' I'm really going to have to get started on that.Anyway back to this book.Since I'm late to the party there's already so many excellent reviews so I'll keep mine brief. I've spent years looking for a different, interesting vampire book and it was here all the time. Yet even without the different vampires and their amazing powers this book is worth reading for Sam and Sam alone. Here is a strong intelligent female the kind that is missing from so many books. She's fabulous and a pleasure to read, there's no stupid here, no vacuous female that turns to idiot mode half way through making you wonder how she even dresses herself on a morning, Sam is brilliant.She starts strong and stays strong and the rest of the book is just as good, the only slight problem I had was Jared at times but there's a story there which I'm sure will come out explaining his behaviour at times.This was so good and so enjoyable I'm giving 5* which is a rating I don't often give and it's straight on to 'The Bite That Binds' for me now.

  • Vika aka ♔ of GIF & Grumpy Smut-ateer *P/T Freebie Fairy
    2019-02-05 01:56

    4 Delicious Sventé Bites Induced Orgasms My JaredMy Sam *** This definitely was a delicious and fun paranormal read. It focuses a bit more on action and paranormal aspect with a side of paranormal romance/steam. If it is for you proceed to read it you won't be sorry as I have yet to be disappointed by S. Wright's stuff. ***Sam Parker is a Sventé vampire who is offered a chance at being a part of The Grand High Master's personal army/legion. She jumps at that chance as it would help her get away from her asshole Sire who, because of her unique ability, uses her as his assassin and worst of all consort.She arrives at a private island in Carribean among many other recruits and passes all her tests with flying colors all because of her breed and the fact that is a female according to a beautiful Heir to the The Grand High Master and Commander and simply a beautiful Keja Vampire - Jared Michael.“So you’re prejudiced against women, young vampires, and against another breed of vampire. I bet you’re a delight to have around.”However, The Grand High Master - Antonio - himself picks her to be a co-captain of training a new legion with James. Of course his male pride is hurt on top of her beating his ass at combat. In order to survive each other and prepare for an oncoming attack on Antonio they must buck up and help train the recruits in time for the attack.How could you be attracted to someone who made you so pissed off that you’d considered burning their balls with a lighter?Oooh sparks fly as Jared can't stay away from Sam and Sam trying to fight to keep Jared away. Yet all of it soooo unsuccessful as they eye fuck each other to teach and can't stop kissing each other. They grow and break their habits... in time to stand strong TOGETHER for the big fight.Hot stuff that had me drooling BIG TIME:“And never has anyone left me straight after sex.” “Oh but it’s okay when blokes do it.” “I’m not doing it. I believe you were warned about the ‘over and over and over again’ part. Oh and never has anyone run from me before.”Shit, the crazy bitch had bit my cock. I was a vamp so sure I liked to be bit, but my dick: Hell no. But then her Sventé saliva got to work in my system as she continued to suck and, Holy Mary Mother of God, I thought my entire cock would explode. “Oh fuck yeah.”“If I do say no…will you strap me to the bed for longer than a month?” My smile mirrored hers. “You’ll leave me no choice but to have to. And then, of course, I’ll have to spank your ass, bite your nipples, and tease your clit with my tongue until you change your mind.” “Then the answer is definitely a resounding no.” “Note that I’ll also be giving it to you up the -” “Bro, we can hear you over here,” whined Evan. “Those are visuals I could live without.”And why did the idea of her in danger make me feel ill inside? For the same reason that the idea of her in danger scared the crap out of me: I loved the crazy bitch.I love that Sam is a super strong female character and holds her own when everything is against her. I applaud you Suzanne!

  • Cece ❀Rants, Raves &Reviews❀
    2019-01-20 01:00

    I can't believe I waited this long to read this book!I can honestly say this is one of my favorite vampire books, and thats a big deal because i've literarlly read hundreds of them. Let me break it down: sneaky emperor, 3 unique breeds of vampires, threat of war on the balance, and the FIRST FUCKING FEMALE COMMANDER OF LEGION VAMPIRE ARMY!!! Samantha aka Sam is one of the lowest ranking vampires but she won't take no shit from anyone! And the fact she was so low honestly made her character 1000X better, she had to work a little more and still ended up being a kickass, fabulous vampire heroine. I also loved how the secondary characters were just as important and well developed and oh my GOD I LOVED FLETCHER*Sam's PA* he was so loveable and such an engaging character. It was a great book with sexual tension, brutal training, finding a place witin a sexist society, and....the fucking dialogue! The author's british humor and wit came across each page and Sam's vocab was hilarious:"He had to be blowing smoke up my arse" one complaint.... In what fucking world was it okay for a Sexy macho vampire to be GIGGLING THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE FREAKING BOOK??!?!I'm not kidding, Everyone was just gigglingI'm reading about these gorgeous, tough manly vampires... giggling all the time!So basically the vampire warrior turned into a silly school girl. I don't think so, a chuckle-yes, giggle-HELL NOO!!!!But it was a great read, definitely recommend.

  • Marina
    2019-02-11 01:03

    Ho.Lee.Shit.I.JUST.FOUND.A.PERFECT.LITTLE.JEWEL.It was concise, to-the-point, gripping, thrilling, and entertaining as hell.:DA vampire race with powerful gifts, preparing for the imminent battle.A strong-willed heroine, set on proving herself against the prejudice of her own race.A commander antagonizing and driving her nuts.A laughing-out-loud, crazy-as-hell adventurous, sexually charged experience merged with the telltale signs of romance.Jared: God I loved this woman: this very crazy, borderline-homicidal-on second thought, scrap the borderline- woman.Sam:And as for Jared..well I loved that sexist twat just because.

  • Snow
    2019-01-30 02:51

    RE-READ June 18th, 2017.I love Suzanne Wright's imagination, humor and a perfect set of main and secondary characters to hold every aspect of a brilliantly interesting suspenseful plot filled with action, bickering, banter, thrill and tension...just in the right moment, just for the perfect imaginary set of display...If you are looking for a fantasy thrill with smart, strong and feisty vampire heroine, that can take on an arrogant, smug and dominant alpha to change his perfectives and further actions...than this is a perfect read for you!oh la la...definitely a 5 star readI only have words of praise...and what will I do next...hell, join this crazy ride...

  • Bindi Boo
    2019-02-01 01:12

    5 fantastic starsI F-LOVED this book. It's x-men meets vampires, superpowers and all. And it's a series too.. The heroine was kick-ass, sassy and took no nonsense from the hot, arrogant, sexist hero!Loved this couple, loved the banter and this story had the best action.A DEFINITE RECOMMENDATION!

  • Nicola
    2019-02-12 02:51

    I enjoyed this book - nice storyline, great characters (especially Sam!) and full of humour. However, I will say that the experience was marred a little bit by a few things.There were a few little mistakes scattered throughout the book which didn't bother me overmuch, but the repeated use of 'seen' instead of 'seeing' (as in, 'seen as' instead of 'seeing as' or 'seen that' instead of 'seeing that so and so') was a bit distracting. I also wished that the characters weren't constantly described as giggling. Fair enough once or twice, but reading about the gorgeous, tough manly vampires giggling all the time kind of wrecked the image for me - a laugh, yes; a giggle, no. It seemed as though the characters mainly alternated between giggling or glaring, which I thought was used out of context a few times too. I associate glaring with anger or annoyance, but they were described as glaring at each other with a different kind of emotion a couple of times. A little more polishing and this book would be 4 stars for me, but on the whole a nice funny read. I'll definitely be reading any future books that come out.

  • Catarina
    2019-02-19 02:08

    5 Great biting stars!!I was in the mood for a vampire book (which is already weird since I’m not normally the biggest fan of PNR), and somehow this one stumbled on my sight. Well, it was a good thing that it did because this was just… awesome. Vampires totally got on my high ranking again! So, basically Sam is a Sventé vampire, the less powerful of the three breeds of vampires, but she is unusual strong and gifted. So she is scouted to be a member of the High Master security team and anxious to leave her horrible master she accepts. When she gets there she finds out that she have to deal with a lot of sexist and strong vampires that doesn’t believe in her capacities since she is not only a sventé but also a female. Not that she cares… after all she is a badass bitch, so she puts everyone of them in their place. Well, everyone except Jared. One of the commanders and the Heir of the High Master. And he especially does not believe that she is capable of doing that job.Forced to work together, things will heat: first their anger against each other, since they want to be in each other’s throat basically all the time. But as she keeps proving her value and they get to know more about the other things start to change and anger gives place to other kind of feeling… and between a lot of action, drama and awesome things, hotness starts to come! And believe me, it is hot!!Well, I read basically all the books from Suzanne Wright at this point, and boy, this woman as a real gift of creating the most sexy alpha-males and the most awesome badass heroines. I fell in love with her characters in every single book and this was no exception.The book is just great, addicting and you just can’t stop reading it. Not to mention the steam (oh so steamy!) scenes. If you’re into PNR (or even if you’re not!) you’re going to love this. Go read now, people ;)

  • Mei
    2019-02-16 07:13

    A few weeks ago I was spoiling a book… I was having very much fun… my friend Iva a little less! *wink*So she said she’ll forgive my bad behaviour if I read this book.Since I really want her forgiveness I’ve read it and … SHE WAS RIGHT!!!This book is really, really good!!! I thought that this would be a usual vampire book, but it was not!Here the vampires are like super-heroes in Marvel’s comics.Sam, the heroine, is awesome! She’s strong, she’s sassy, she’s smart and she’s hilarious!“God, give me strength,” I begged as I looked upwards. “I’m bored with Question Time now, Dickson.”“It’s Dawson.”“I know.”As soon as she appeared and confronted Jared, the hero, I loved her! She’s so confident and she wouldn’t allow anyone to stomp on her for any reason! Obviously, having a job as the firs woman Commander, she has to fight and prove to everybody that she’s capable and she does a great job! She’s devious and she manages to become a fantastic commander! Great!!!We know right from the start that she’s attracted to Jared. She doesn’t negate it, but she fights it for all the good reasons: she doesn’t want to be his possession. She want to be respected. Jared is a spoilt boy. He’s the Heir and he wallows in his role. “Tell me you’re not here hoping to try for a place in the legion.” When I didn’t say anything he laughed. “Let me give you some advice: run along home.”“Why? Because I’m a girl?”“Yes.”What an arrogant little sod. I folded my arms across my chest and snorted. “Are you for real?”“Listen, this isn’t a cheerleading squad. You don’t get points for being pretty. It’s some serious shit which is why a girl has never been accepted, and never will be. There’s no place for a female in the legion.”---------------------------------------------I had my ass kicked. I had my ass kicked by a Sventé vampire. I had my ass kicked by a woman. The guys would never let me live this down. Every female is at his feet and he doesn’t understand why Sam is not among them. She confuses him and challenges him. Obviously, that is what make him notice her. His attraction grows and grows until it just snaps. But still he doesn’t get that Sam is not a simple female: she’s his equal, but he doesn’t want to acknowledge it. So he pursues her, he teases her, he challenges her authority as Commander. But Sam is strong: fighting fair she just confuses him more. Bit by bit Sam makes him understand her and it happens slowly until Jared is so deep in love with her that when he realizes it he’s shocked and elated in the same time! The dialogue, the secondary characters, the action, the fun moments, the heat and the sex are great! I love the tone of voice of the whole book. It was so fun and easy to read. Very refreshing!So, if you want a vampire book with a different twist, you must read this one, you’ll not regret it! :D

  • edzkie♥§*.*§♥
    2019-02-13 04:04

    [image error]This book was so good. As in WOW!!!!! Sam & Jared will be my 1st fave couple for 2013. They both feisty, sexy, kiss ass vamp, and both as Alpha h/h. I ♥ their chemistry, witty banters & duel both in and out of bed. There is no steamy smexy not until 70% of the book but all their fights was part of a long foreplay. And when they finally do it, It was one of the hottest VAMP Sex ever! I love Sam's power, full of action and lots of adventure. Two POV which I also love. Super Funtastic, Amazing BOOK!♥♥♥

  • Jamie
    2019-01-25 04:03

    WOW! I simply could not put this down.. the chemistry between Sam and Jared was scorching and their back and forth banter and ass kicking was all a bunch of serious foreplay... Sam is one super kick ass vamp and she takes no shit off of anyone.. she's beautiful, tough, but also with a soft sexy side. Jared is an extreamly hot dickhead who knows exactly how to push Sam's buttons.. and whoa.. does he press her buttons. Sam and Jared knew their feelings for each other for most of the book and didnt deny it but they didnt really hook up till around 70% but it was worth the wait. The chemistry and lead up to it was awesome and I never felt like I was missing out on something. And once they did get together.. whew! Hottest Vamp sex ever. Lets just say that one of Jareds powers is that he can produce electricity through his fingertips.. and he used that power on Sam in some very VERY hot ways.. dang.. I dont even smoke and felt like I needed a cigarette after they hooked up. This is th 3rd book I've read by Suzanne Wright and each one has been beter than the last.. All of them have been amazing though. This one is my favorite. Its a MUST READ as far as I'm concerned. She is officailly on my MUST READ list.

  • [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    2019-02-10 05:52

    5 starsThe Grand Master recruits new vampires. Among them is a female vampire, Sam. Jared isn't too happy about it. Sexist or what?!Why did disputing get this bloke horny?I love the push and pull in the story and not 'insta love->sex->I love you'. I was a bit bored with the training/coaching but otherwise I was gripped. Great sexual tension and love the banter. My third Suzanne Wright book and it was another hit. I love the characters she creates, the sex scenes was smoking hot and I love her writing style.If that's not enough motivation to give this a go, meet Jared:Once won't be enough. I want to do it over, and over, and over, and over again.

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-02-10 01:03

    Read 18th July 2015 - 5 StarsReread 09th October - still 5 Stars. This is the second time that Ms. Wright has got me out of my book funk. Ms. Wright is my go to author if I need a pick me up and I got this with Sam & Jared. This isn’t your standard vampire series. It’s better. Much better, fucking brilliant. Sleep is really overrated if you ask me. Could. Not. Put. It. Down. 5 homicidal stars. There are three different types of vampires. The Sventé; who are the most human and not as strong as the other two breeds. The Keja: alluring but in the middle of the chain food system and the Pagori, strong, arrogant and full of themselves. Each vampire has a gift and it can be offensive or defensive.Sam Parker lives in London, she is a Brit and character wise she is my kind of girl. She is strong, blunt and hilarious to be around. She is oi this and bollocks that. She has been invited to try out for a position of the legion for the grand high master, Antonio. She has been used by her sire, Viktor. I don’t feel sorry for the bastard. She wants a better life and goes for it. Things that are in her way? A sexist vampire who is entirely too hot for his own good. Her first encounter with Jared Michaels doesn’t go that well. Yes, he is hot but he is also a chauvinistic, sexist, condescending prick. At the try outs she succeeds with flying colors and even puts pretty boy on his arse. Sam is a feeder and I love what she does with her powers-Jared is to be the next heir and lives a life of loneliness even with his three consorts. Man whore ahead! But he changes his ways more and even before Sam. Jared denies her a place within the legion but Antonio has the last word and makes her co-commander. Jared is pissed. Although they don’t like each other they want each other and they have serious chemistry. They slowly start to work out their differences. And develop a deep connection. I would go as far as to say that Jared is smitten with Sam. “God, I loved this woman: this very crazy, borderline-homicidal – on second thought, scrap the borderline – woman.”The banter and chemistry was great. “Jared’s lips were suddenly at my ear. “The only vampire who’ll be manhandling you tonight is me.”“If I let you.”“You get such satisfaction out of teasing me, don’t you?”“I still maintain that you like it.”Fabulous read. One click it and read it.

  • Emily
    2019-02-18 00:03

    When Sam Parker was turned into a vampire, she did not realize her life would take a dramatic turn. As a consort/assassin for the last three years for her vile maker, Sam just tries to get by on a daily basis looking for an out. That out comes in the form of a mind changing offer, try out for the Grand High Masters Vampire Army. It is a rare offer especially for a woman, but Sam's gifts are unprecedented and would be a huge asset to the Army.Of course when she meets Commander and heir to the Grand Master, Jarod, he makes his intent clear she is perfectly suited as a..consort and the sooner she comes to his bed the quicker she can go back to her life. Sam though has other ideas, including whipping his ass for his sexist behavior. The challenge is set and when Jarod is told Sam will not be his trainee rather his co-worker, all bets are off the temperamental vixen has Jarod determined to make her is, but she won't settle to be treated as a piece of meat in his harem.Absolutely one of the funnest vampire stories I have read in a long time, Sam is a kick in the pants and tough to boot. She completely keeps Jarod off guard and he struggles, boy does he struggle with his arrogant demeanor. Definitely reread worthy.

  • Wanderlust
    2019-02-18 03:53

    Was this an awesome book?Do i now want to have vampire babies with Jared?Do i now also have a crush on Sam?Do i seriously recommend you read this book?

  • Lala_Loopsie [fire breathing B!tch Queen]
    2019-01-26 23:50

    Fun, entertaining + vampires? ? What more can a girl ask for?

  • edge of bubble
    2019-02-13 07:05

    The word giggle gives me the heebie-jeebies unless it's associated with a kid. When it's a kid who is giggling it's sounds a bit adorable, but with grown-ups it's plain WRONG. This is the the mental taste it leaves me with;So you can understand why I would want to hit Sam ,the heroine, on the mouth with a shovel everytime she giggled. But something inside of me died when Jared ,the hero, did the same. Fuck you very much Suzanne Wright for giving us a lovable hero despite of being an asshat with attitude and then making him giggle!Even with the act-that-shall-not-be-named, I enjoyed this book immensely. We have Sam who is foul mouthed, kickass vampiress. She knows her own worth and demands respect which is a rare occurrence much like a snowy day in hell in any novel with romance these days. Did I say she is foul mouthed? She curses like a sailor. Everytime she opened her mouth my girl-crush got worse.And then we have Jared who is a very hot sexist prick. I have a soft spot for sexist, know it all pricks as long as they have humour. It comes from growing up with one. My brother can make you feel like your head is about to explode with desperate rage one minute and the next you are rolling on the floor laughing. He is very lucky I'm not a feminist or he would have died in a tragic "bear mauling accident" while we were teenagers. Jared reminded me of him, so his misogynistic dickhead attitude just entertained me. Towards the end of the book he pulled his head out of his arse a little bit and became cool.Plot and the world building was rushed but good. A couple of hundreds more pages would make it better and get rid of the "oohh something big is happeni... oh it happened already and now something else is ... ooops happened" feeling. I'm not going to give details about the plot since there are awesome reviews out there with the info such as : Jilly's review.Although the book was slightly rushed and crammed up with the world and character building, the author still managed to create a lot of pretty interesting side characters. I would love to learn more about them. I hope they'll all get more spotlight in the future books.

  • Julia's Book Haven
    2019-01-30 07:45

    Suzanne Wright has become a big hit for me. I've read all three of her books and they are all amazing. The characters are strong and there is a lot a humour. I love them. I hope she turns this book into a series, because there were lots of other characters in the book that I would love to read more about. This book was great, there was a unique spin on the vampires, it wasn't just the same old storyline. And I loved Sam, I would want her for a best friend. She was a great female lead, really strong and sarcastic. It took a bit to warm up to Jared but in the end he becomes a more lovable character. I will be looking forward to and waiting, not patienly at all, for whatever Suzanne Wright writes next.

  • Brittain *The Baddest Female*
    2019-01-21 03:00

    I'm sorry Melissa, I tried. Vampire books are still not my thing. Well, it's not that they aren't my thing but I have a particular type that I like.It was an enjoyable read but not one that I will be revisiting in the future. It's not that they give me the creeps but I guess part of my mind is screaming at me while I'm reading saying "Vampires are dead! That limits their sex appeal!"I'm still struggling with what actually bothered me about this book. Vampire books that don't depict them as creatures of the night with an unhealthy relationship with blood disappoint me. I feel like part of the reason why vampires could be so interesting as main characters is because of their moral struggle with relying on cognizant beings for their survival. The other option I really enjoy is the manipulative, cruel, but engaging vampire like the ones in The Casquette Girls or Vampire Knight. Vampires are something to be feared for me but that didn't really happen in this book.This definitely followed the path of the sexy vampire. Sam is beautiful and attractive and from the very first moment she and Jarrod lay eyes on each other, they want to jump each others bones. Which is fine. No insta-love here.Jarrod is a Pagori vampire and that makes his strong beyond belief and gives him incredible powers. He doesn't think that Sam can handle all of these men and be a commander to them. He challenges her to take control of the group they are supposed to lead together and assumes that she will never be able to actually help them master their abilities. But she does. And he can't handle it. He likes to fight with Sam to annoy her but he also gets a thrill out of it. Jarrod knows he wants her but doesn't realize how bad for a long time.“Whether she realised it yet or not, this betting stuff and the constant conflict between us was foreplay.”Alright, so this is a bit of a girl power book, which is awesome. I love reading about strong women who can handle anything that is put in front of them. Sam is handling twice the derision and scorn because she is not only female but also a low ranking vampire that is considered too tame. But she is unique and pretty and perfect and already has a handle on every gift that she has been given.I wish we had gotten to see her work harder to control her powers. She starts off perfect and the only character growth she exhibits during the entire book was learning to love again. It's a big thing but when you're about to be attacked by an army of vampires, it shouldn't be a priority.But all of this being said, it's not a bad book. The secondary characters are fun, engaging, and add a little bit of fun to the book. It's not all about sex and fighting. There isn't excessive amounts of blood and gore like some vampire books have where everybody is always attached to the neck of someone else and making horrendous gulping noises. The sexy scenes were entertaining at first but they got a little bit repetitive. Both Sam and Jarrod are experienced so there is none of that wilting virgin stuff going on here and they have heat between them. But every time they get together, it follows the same pattern. Sam is sexy. Jarrod is possessive. Jarrod has a thing for dirty talk and being the dominant one. It's fun and had some heat but I got bored with it rather quickly. Jarrod only has one trick and he uses it constantly. Jarrod needs to go read a couple of Cosmos because I would think electrocuting your partner's naughty bits would get a bit tiresome after a while. Post vampire sex?Vampire sex scenes have bothered me for a long time because they don't make sense to me. In most books, vampires are dead. They don't have a heartbeat. Their blood is pretty much useless. So how are they able to get *ahem* excited? It doesn't work physiologically to me and maybe they explained it at some point during the book but I didn't catch it. In addition, if they are dead, then why do they have a thing for each other's blood? Wouldn't it be rotten? I keep imagining them drinking sludge out of each other and it isn't good. Rather gross actually. Even though their blood is clean and it seems that they do have a pulse in this book, it still just doesn't work for me.This book is a romance at heart and the vampire stuff almost seems to be a secondary thing. The author could have picked being wizards or shifters or werewolves and I feel like the plot wouldn't have changed all that much. The powers made things interesting but it somewhat ignored the standard canon for vampires and strayed dangerously close to Twilight. I want my vampires to be evil or at least fighting against being evil.I guess in the end, I was expecting drama, danger, and conflict and while that's present in the book, it wasn't the way I like it. I love reading about personal struggles of right and wrong. This book was mainly romance with a sprinkling of political and military drama.So if you are reading it for that reason, it's a fun book. If you're looking for more than that, this is a bit of a disappointment.So 2.5 stars from me. I don't like sexy vampire books and this was no exception. I'm trying to get over it but this one just didn't do it for me. Full review posted at Tara Belle Talking

  • Jo ★The Book Sloth★
    2019-01-23 06:58

    Despite the fact that the book had a really good rating and the fact that my GR friends had enjoyed it, I really hadn't put much hopes on this. That goes to show how much I know. The book deserves it's rating. It really was awesome. It was interesting, easy to read, steaming hot at some points and full of action in others. Sam, a three year old vampire, after having been turned at the age of 20, is by far one of the most powerfull vampires in her "race" of vamps. Being a Svente vampire is considered something of an embarassment. They are the weakest of the 3 vampire races. Sam proves to be the exception to the rule. When Sebastian(a vampire employed by Kind Toothy) finds out her talents he invites her to tryout for the king's legion, a team of elite warriors working directly for the king. But when Sam shows her face in the tryouts she has to defend her race and her sex against the prejudice of Commander Jared. Jared simply can't fathom the idea that a woman would ever want to join his team, a woman he finds himself very much wanting. After doing everything in his power to make her fail her test and being unsuccesful(and ending up with his ass served back to him) he just decides not to take her on the team. Alas King Toothy has other plans and impressed after Sam's performance she makes her a co-leader for Jared's team.What I found myself enjoying the most in the book, was that the characters showed a hint of innosence and lightness that I usually miss in PNR. The vampires weren't thousands of years old and completely jaded as it's usually the case. They loved life, they found joy in simple things. I think that's the thing that glued me most to the story.SamSam was a very interesting heroine. Suzanne Wright seems to have a thing for snarky, independent heroines and Sam did not dissapoint. She was special and she knew it. She didn't wait for anyone to pat her head in approval. That's what I liked most about her. Most heroines, be confident or not, usually want someone to encourage them. Sam just marched ahead and dared anyone to follow. The fact that she was full of spank and awesomeness didn't hurt either. She had lived through hell during her 3 years as a vampire and come out stronger. She didn't whine and wallow in self-pity. It was very refreshing actually. Also refreshing was the fact that the girl wasn't looking for her "life mate", regardless the fact that in the end she got it.JaredYou'd probably think that I'd hate Jared seeing as he was such a sexist, prejudiced idiot but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'd have liked for the author to have made him a bit older though so I could have excused his prejudice because of his age. Jared took one look at Sam and all he saw was boobs, and I mean that in both ways, the prejudiced "no-woman-joins-the-legion" one, and the "I-want-you-in-my-bed-yesterday" one. During most of the book Jared behaved like a sullen, spoiled brat and a man-whore who thought it his right to have any woman he wanted as long as he wanted her. Mostly because that's exactly what he was. Being the heir to the Vamp Throne would do that to you. Then he'd present his other side, the funny, protective one and I'd forgive him anything. IMO he made up for his tantrums in the end.I found myself thinking many times that SW was inspired by many movies and books while writing "HBSV". I found things that reminded me of many of my favorite(and not so favorite) PNR and UF series as well as movies and animes. The additional powers the vampires reminded me very strongly of X-men(and I have to admit to having a good laugh the moment Jared compared Sam to Storm). Many times I thought that if the book was ever made into a movie it would be a blast.The side characters were fan-freakin-tastic. Fletcher with his sense of humour and his gay personality, Max with his puppy-dog tendencies, Evan with his calm and collected self, the whole squad that made you think of elementary school children. I also love Antonio. King Toothy had a very appealing personality, mostly because he was very full of life too. I didn't exactly get what Sebastian's role was in all this though. What was it that he did for the king exactly? I hope I get an answer because I loved the guy. I also liked Luther a lot. I can honestly say that when he was first introduced as the king's "seer-advisor" I was certain that he would end up being the bad guy. I think it was prejudice since the advisor's are usually behind everything.The story was very easily read. I like the author's writing. I usually dislike first person narration but I had no hard time getting into the story. I think it was because it lacked the unnecessary angst that usually comes from reading the heroes minds. It was all kept light and playful.As for the sex? I really thought that at least 30% of the book would be dedicated to the "hot and heavy" stuff but luckily that wasn't the case. We did have sex and make out scenes but not so much that it would get annoying.I will be definitely reading the next book sometime in the near future. I'll just wait until I hit another dry-spot in my reading so that I'll be cheered up again by SW.

  • Carol
    2019-02-02 01:59

    5++ stars.Let me start by saying that I love Suzanne Wright and at this point in time I would read anything she wrote without hesitation.I had this book on my kindle for a while mainly because I was caught up in other stories by her and I sort of forgot about it. So when I started this I was really in the mood for a good paranormal romance and she absolutely "killed".I immediately fell in love with this story about vampires and Sam Parker is just the most amazing "kick-ass heroine". I have now read the first 3 books about Sam and Jared and they are all brilliant. Love this series. They are must read books.