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Uma batalha entre as forças do bem e do mal está prestes a começar. De um lado Lilith, a vampira mais poderosa do mundo. Do outro, a deusa Morrigan, que tudo fará para a travar com o seu círculo…Irlanda, século XII. O feiticeiro Hoyt está destroçado pela perda do seu irmão gémeo, transformado num vampiro pela poderosa Lilith. A deusa Morrigan está determinada a enfrentar LUma batalha entre as forças do bem e do mal está prestes a começar. De um lado Lilith, a vampira mais poderosa do mundo. Do outro, a deusa Morrigan, que tudo fará para a travar com o seu círculo…Irlanda, século XII. O feiticeiro Hoyt está destroçado pela perda do seu irmão gémeo, transformado num vampiro pela poderosa Lilith. A deusa Morrigan está determinada a enfrentar Lilith e avisa Hoyt de que chegará um dia em que se formará um círculo de seis, destinado a enfrentar Lilith e salvar a Humanidade. Hoyt usa os seus poderes para viajar à Nova Iorque dos dias de hoje onde descobre o seu irmão, um homem bem-sucedido mas frio e cínico, e pede-lhe auxílio na luta contra Lilith. Mas o círculo não está completo sem os poderes mágicos da artista Glenna Ward. Hoyt não confia na magia dela, mas ambos farão tudo para alcançar os seus objetivos. E ao enfrentarem legiões de inimigos, apercebem-se de que o amor que cresce entre ambos poderá aumentar as probabilidades de derrotarem Lilith…...

Title : A Cruz de Morrigan
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A Cruz de Morrigan Reviews

  • Amanda
    2019-03-22 19:27

    Take one dead sexy vampire + one dead sexy sorcerer + one dead sexy witch + one dead sexy queen + one dead sexy shapeshifter + one dead sexy vampire slayer = one hot messThis is just . . . well, indescribable. I found this book on my bookshelf the other day and couldn't believe that I had ever purchased a Nora Roberts book. A quick look at the back cover held part of the explanation: "A battle is brewing between the forces of good and evil--a war will be fought across the planes of time--as Lilith, the most powerful vampire in the world, gathers her dark minions around her. The goddess Morrigan rises up to stop her--and with her, a circle of six . . ." Okay, maybe not high-brow literature, but it sounded pretty kick ass--I mean the Morrigan, the three-phased Irish goddess of battle? As I was reading, the other part of the explanation became evident when the receipt from Sam's Club fell out. I apparently only shelled out a couple of bucks for this when I bought it. I like to think that, if I had paid more, I would have investigated a little further as to what exactly I had in my hot little clutches. Oh, sweet irony, I've managed to book rape myself.I'm all for a little mindless brain candy; after all, I willingly admit to enjoying Sookie Stackhouse novels. The problem with this is that Roberts has thrown in every fantasy stereotype and stock plot available to her. We have time travel, we have locales that lend themselves to fantasy (Ireland--both 12th century and modern day--and New York), vampires and wizards, unspeakable evil versus unbelievable good, alternate worlds, a final battle pre-ordained by the gods, and the list goes on and on and on. And so do Roberts' descriptions. Never, not once, did I have to wonder about what the quilt on the bed looked like or the glass from which a character drank. Her color descriptions read like paint swatches from Sherwin Williams. For all this excitement, the plot basically boils down to the following repetitious cycle: train with medieval weaponry, cook a meal, train with medieval weaponry, discuss magic, train with medieval weaponry, and have mind-blowing sex. This is, apparently, all that's required to stave off the apocalypse. And who has instigated this apocalypse? Lilith, the world's oldest and most powerful vampire. However, her motivation for this apocalypse is standard issue power-hunger with only nebulous explanation as to what she actually plans to do with the world once she has it. She spends her days skulking around the caves off the coast of Ireland, wearing sumptuous clothes (oh, except, for when she's lying around bare-breasted in bed) while preening, whining, and bitching about how, damn it, she can't see her beautiful self in the mirror. And Morrigan? She just pops in every now and then like a good-natured fairy godmother wanting to check on the fate of our heroes. Will I be able to resist reading the rest of the books in the series? That would be a hell yes. Now please excuse me while I trot on over to Swaptree to hopefully swap this piece o' trash. Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

  • Katie
    2019-03-25 18:31

    Oh my Gosh!!! One of the best series I've ever read. Love love LOVE these books!! My husband was in Iraq when I started this book, and I told him, "honey, I read this book and I know you'll love it. It's got vampires and witches and princesses and war and sex and everything else you can imagine. The only problem is it says NORA ROBERTS really big on the front and I know you're out there with a bunch of tough soldiers, and you might not want them to know you're reading romance novels." He told me to send it anyways, so I sent the first 2 books (I was still reading the third) and he starts calling me up "Babe, you send the third one yet??" Not only that, but he let other people over there read the series! My set of books made it through 4 people! Excellent books, I recommend to all!

  • KatHooper
    2019-04-10 19:25

    ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature. Toss in a dozen fantasy clichés and stir for 352 pagesNora Roberts (aka J.D. Robb), as you probably know, is a prolific award-winning (and best-selling) author of romance novels. Not being a romance novel reader, I had never before read any of her work. But, when I found that I could read her fantasy trilogy (The Circle) on audiobook, I decided to give it a try.First, let me say that authors don't get to be award-winning best-sellers for writing poorly, so I'm perfectly willing to believe that Nora Roberts is an excellent romance writer and, if I ever decide to read a romance novel, I won't hesitate to pick up one of her books.However, I couldn't help but get the impression from Morrigan's Cross, the first book in her Circle trilogy, that Nora Roberts is a romance writer trying to attract fantasy readers. And perhaps she couldn't decide which type of fantasy readers she wanted to attract because she threw a bunch of random fantasy clichés from several sub-genres of fantasy literature into the pot and stirred. And this is what came out:* Hoyt: The medieval sorcerer who time-travels to the 21st century* Morrigan: The Goddess who commissions Hoyt and the others to fight the vampires, but doesn't help much* Cian: Hoyt's brother -- a centuries-old vampire who listens to Nine Inch Nails while flying his private airplane* Lilith: An ancient vampire queen who's got black hair, red lips, and wants to rule the world* Glenna: A red-headed NYC Wiccan witch in a little black dress* Blair: A kick-butt female vampire hunter who can fell three vampires while changing her tire and says almost nothing that's not sarcastic* Moira: A princess from Gael who must save her people and her land from evil* Larkin: A handsome shape-changer who might have been interesting in another novelWith a cast like that, it sounds like there would be, at least, plenty of action... Not so. Vampires occasionally and suddenly appear out of nowhere, scrap a bit, and retreat. But most of the plot of Morrigan's Cross is focused on the relationship between Hoyt and Glenna who suddenly decide that, after knowing each other for about two weeks, they "complete" each other and must be married. They spend most of their time making the lights surge while they're in bed, and arguing (a lot) about how Hoyt wants Glenna to stay safe in the house. Occasionally they work on trying to figure out how to fight vampires.There were some other disappointing plot elements. For example, Hoyt has traveled from the 12th century to the 21st and keeps brooding about what's going to happen to him and his family and if he'll succeed in his task to vanquish the vampires. Cian (his brother) tells him that he (Hoyt) becomes a legend in their family history. Basically Hoyt says "oh" and doesn't think to ask what he's so legendary for. Might there not be a clue there??Most disappointing, though, is the arbitrary nature of the magic. It's as if Ms Roberts doesn't realize that fantasy readers demand a consistent, well-planned system of magic. Hoyt and Jenna show us a few remarkable displays of power (rose petals appear out of nowhere while they're in bed), but then seem to forget who they are at other times. At one point, they have to melt down Hoyt's mother's favorite candle-sticks (now centuries old) to get the silver they need to fashion crosses (I won't even get into the weird religious inconsistencies). Yet Glenna finds a wedding dress at and says a little charm ("As I will, so mote it be") which puts the dress directly on her body. When Blair asks (at the end of the novel) if that method might work to acquire the weapons they've been wondering how to get, Glenna says "I suppose it would." Aaarrrrggghhhh!Perhaps the strangest thing is that the whole story has a narrator who's telling the tale (filled with explicit sex and blood-drinking vampires) to a bunch of young children sitting around the fire on a rainy day. Weird.I won't be reading the other two books in The Circle Trilogy. And I think Ms Roberts should stick to the romance genre. She's very popular over there. Read this review in context atFantasy Literature .

  • Kathrynn
    2019-04-19 22:25

    I thought this story was exceptionally well written. There was a lot of humor with both the character's dialogue and expressions. The book was similar to a roller coaster ride for me with extreme ups and downs. There was love, deep sadness, humor, time-travel, bloody fighting with vampires, magic, shape-shifting, suspense and few neat surprises. I like that. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!The rest of the trilogy was set up in this book and I can't wait to read them.

  • Crystal~BIG book addict~
    2019-04-16 16:25

    3.5 StarsThey are the sorcerer, the witch, the warrior, the scholar, the one of many forms and the one you've lost.In this first book of the Circle Trilogy, we meet the six who have been chosen to lead the war against Lilith, the queen of vampyres, and her army. Hoyt, the sorcerer and Glenna, the witch, find love in all of the chaos of training and fighting.This was a great start to this trilogy. The only problem I had with it was I just didn't feel the strong love connection between Hoyt and Glenna like you do in NR's books. I am hoping the last two books will make up for it, but as with all of Nora's books she has a way of sucking you into the story.

  • Talya
    2019-04-08 22:30

    I absolutely loved this trilogy! Then again, I really like Vampire lore. Cian was my favorite guy, he was the most complex, wonderfully drawn character of the bunch. He and Moira made a wonderful pairing, my heartstrings tugged at the moments where they knew they deeply loved each other, but knew they couldn't have a life together with him as a vampire who will live forever and her as queen of an ancient world. My favorite lady was Blair, she and Larkin made a very close second in the couples/romance category for me, the prince charming-esque shape shifter and the bad ass butt kicking vampire hunter chick. Really liked Hoyt and Glenna but they weren't as well drawn and the romance there seemed pushed aside a little so that all of the characters could be introduced, and the stage for the final battle could be set. And the vampire queen, Lilith. She is one of the darkest, evilest, most demented villains I have ever read, and I loved her character. She's very well drawn and developed as a villain. You not only see vulnerability and bad, you see how she came to be and why she is the way she is, and gain insight into her motivation. You get to understand her madness a little bit, and she's pretty bad ass. Definitely a rocking trilogy!

  • Jamieson
    2019-04-04 16:35

    There is an evil that hunts during the night. An evil so terrible that it would feast upon the flesh of humans. There are stories of these beasts, these demons; they are called the Vampyre. Hungry for flesh and the blood in our veins. Lilith, the darkest vampyre of them all, is preparing for war. And she’s very hungry.Having lost his brother Cian to Lilith’s kiss, Hoyt Mac Cionaoith is charged by the Goddess Morrigan to gather his own forces. He must gather five others: The witch, the warrior, the scholar, the one of many forms, and the one he’s lost.Together, with Hoyt as the Sorcerer, the circle will be complete. Morrigan takes Hoyt to The Dance of the Gods, where he is to meet his fate. There, traveling through time, he is thrust from the mythical town of Eire, in the region of Chiarrai, in the year of 1128 to modern day New York, in the year 2006.There he meets Glenna, the fiery Witch with red hair. He also meets his brother, the long dead Vampire and Larkin his sidekick and protector. They also save Moira and Larkin, royalty from Chiarrai.Together, they form a circle that stands together against the most evil Vampire of all time. Lilith is bent on world domination and will stop at nothing until Morrigan’s Circle is all dead…If this sounds a bit far fetched, that’s because it is. This is the first book in the Circle Trilogy and Robert’s first stab at all out fantasy. Though she’s had fantasy and paranormal elements in her novels before, this is the first time she’s strayed completely into that territory.And boy does it show. That’s not to say that Morrigan’s Cross is a bad novel. Far from it. Once the novel finds it’s feet somewhere after the first two hundred pages, oddly enough once Roberts leaves the fantasy setting. But rest assured, once the story gets going you’re going to be hooked.Morrigan’s Cross has all the trademarks of a Nora Roberts novel that you’ve come to expect: Great characters, snappy dialogue, wonderful sub plots and well written sex scenes hot enough to make the pages damp. And the plus is that, once the story has found it’s feet in Morrigan’s Cross, there’s no turning back. The next two books in the trilogy, Dance of the Gods and Valley of Silence, are incredible books that make you wish they went on forever.But every trilogy has to start somewhere. And, for the Circle Trilogy, its starting point is Morrigan’s Cross. If you don’t like it at first, keep reading. It gets better, I promise.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-22 21:27

    Read for the URR 2017 New Year's Reading Challenge prompt 'Fantasy Romance'.17/1 - I think I feel the same about this as I did the first time I read it, years ago before I found GR or thought of writing reviews of the books I read, somewhere around 3.5 stars.Glenna and Hoyt were perfectly fine characters, although possibly the least interesting of the three pairs. I'm looking forward to Cian and Moira's book - a meek, scholarly heroine with a vampire who has had a change of heart but not because of some kind of magic stopping him from hurting humans, because he just didn't want to deal with the mess killing humans would cause. Lilith's motivation for bringing about the apocalypse for all the worlds is a bit foggy as, as Spike would say (I'm paraphrasing one of his famous quotes, here) "Why would she want to annihilate all the Happy Meals on legs?". So far it hasn't been explained why killing your food source would be a good idea (I never understood why Angelus wanted to either), perhaps that will come later, but I think this book would have benefitted from that explanation. I think this book was trying to be a romance, but I felt like the mission was the focus of the plot, not Glenna and Hoyt's relationship. There were a couple of sex scenes, but they weren't that great as they kept devolving into poetry which I don't think makes for a memorably sexy scene. I couldn't help comparing this, slightly unfavourably, to my all-time favourite romance series, The Highlander series by Karen Marie Moning. With the time travel and the Tuatha De Danann both playing a major part in the plot, but me not connecting with the romance I just didn't like this as much as Beyond the Highland Mist.I will continue with the series as I want to see how it ends and the sequels are on my 'reread to review' shelf.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-26 19:26

    I suspect that Nora Roberts has devoted fans everywhere, much like my husband is a fan of Walker, Texas Ranger. Hmmm. I found the vampires in this novel to be about as scary as a villain from an episode of Xena: Warrior Princess or maybe even Beastmaster. In fact, the novel was just as campy. I found all of the elements of fantasy to work too conveniently. There was never any true sense of conflict or romance for me (maybe I'm prejudiced). Moreover, having Hoyt, the sorcerer, travel through time to the current day to save the world brought back childhood memories of my love for the He-Man movie. Six characters joining forces to save the world by defeating the evil vampiress. I can hear the movie trailer now, but I rather think it would be straight to DVD or maybe just a USA network movie. If the characters had better depth, and didn't seem so contrived, then I may have felt something for the book other than indifference. The book is harmless really, with the exception of occasional profanity. I did get plenty of smiles and laughs out of it, but mostly because I found the "love" scenes and, more often, the dialogue, to be silly and inauthentic. I suppose I was not her intended audience. It was a beach read, and nothing more. I can't say I would give her non-fantasy books a try after this one. We'll see. She apparently has over 150 books to choose from, which, I feel, could only be accomplished in a lifetime through insomnia and substance abuse, which I believe is the writing method of Stephen King. =) However, there are those who suggest she has ghostwriters. If not for my current mood, I may have written this review without sarcasm.

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)
    2019-03-24 17:18

    There was a time where I went through fantasy books like nothing. Group gathers together to tap formerly unknown powers to fight an ancient evil and save the homeland. I've read the same story hundreds of times. Different authors and different twists, but the same story none the less. After a decade or so I grew bored with that story. So what about Nora Roberts take on that story? I liked it.Morrigan's Cross is the first book of the Circle Trilogy. Don't pick up this book and expect there to be any sort of resolution. There isn't. In this book the fellowship has been formed. The ring must be destroyed. No wait that's not right. How about, if the gates of Hell are not closed by XX time demons will flood the earth and Bhaal will rule? closer but still not it. Oh I know, six individuals must band together and defeat the vampire queen who took the life from one of them and destroyed another before she and her minions bring about armageddon. Yep that's the one. The time travel/romance angle kept this fresh and new for me. Same stock fantasy but with enough of a PNR bent to keep it new.I'll definitely be reading the other two books in the series.

  • Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    2019-04-07 15:18

    Morrigan’s Cross – the first on the Circle Trilogy – the story of Hoyt & Glenna – the sorcerer & the witchStory starts with the Goddess Morrigan telling Hoyt he had a mission that must be completed by him and 5 others:“There is a battle to be fought, the greatest ever waged. Good againstevil. You must gather the forces.”“You must leave this place and go to another, and another still. Some willcome to you, and some you will seek. The witch, the warrior, the scholar, theone of many forms, and the one you’ve lost.”“A circle of six, as strong and true as the arm of a god. When that circleis formed, others may be formed. But the six will be my army, the six will makethe ring. You will teach and you will learn, and you will be greater than thesum of you. A month to gather, and one to learn, and one to know. The battlecomes on Samhain” ....and so the Goddess Morrigan created the Circle to protect the world from the wrath of the uncanny vampire – Lilith – creator of the undead. But before this happened, Morrigan first called upon Hoyt Mac Cionaoith – the sorcerer of the 14th century to gather up the circle and must time-travel to the present to persuade his twin brother into joining…But how can this be possible, when the sorcerer’s brother was just like the creature that they are trying to defeat – a Vampire??I love this book the instant I read about Hoyt strongly facing up against his enemy and sworn to protect his family and bring justice back to his “undead” brother..Basically, the story started in Ireland over 900 years with the goddess Morrigan calling on a circle of six to stand against an immortal enemy. the tale continues as we are transported to present time and the characters found themselves a little bit pre-occupied with the modern world.Hoyt struggled dealing with his undead brother and building a circle that would destroy Lilith once and for all. I really loved the spin on the brothers, especially how they were going to form the circle of six and hoped that the war would soon be over. Of course, the love story between Glenna & Hoyt was something that made it even more interesting to read. The first fight scenes went so well, I loved it!I have read Morrigan’s Cross when it was first published more than ten years ago, and up to know, it has remained one of my favorite Nora Roberts creation. I actually wished she would write more like this. I enjoyed how she breathe life to her characters. I don't know about the others who didn't seem to like how Nora wrote this novel, but I am and always be a big fan of hers.

  • Sofia Teixeira
    2019-04-09 22:11

    3.5 -> A Cruz de Morrigan inicia uma trilogia de estilo bastante diferente do que é habitual da autora Nora Roberts. Estamos habituados a associar esta escritora a uma registo romântico com alguma intriga e mistério, mas nesta obra descobrimos outra faceta sua. Mitologia, esoterismo e uma boa dose de coragem e fé, para não falar no amor, são os ingredientes chave nesta viagem pela Irlanda, na luta do bem contra o mal.Os humanos estão em perigo e nem os deuses ficam indiferentes. Lilith, a vampira mais poderosa, ameaça extreminar a humanidade espalhando o caos, a morte e o sofrimento. Morrigan, a deusa celta da guerra e da morte, está determinada a não deixar que tal aconteça. Para isso escolhe seis pessoas, de diferentes eras, com diferentes poderes - uma bruxa, um feiticeiro, um vampiro, um guerreiro, uma erudita e um metamorfo. Quando finalmente estes seis se juntam, torna-se evidente que não estão preparados para a ameaça que aí vem. Cabe-lhes então iniciarem um treino duro, cheio de perigo e com algumas perdas pelo meio, que os vão marcar para sempre.Nota-se que é um primeiro livro de introdução ao mundo e aos poderes nele existentes. A autora apresenta-nos as várias paisagens e cenários que serão determinantes aquando da batalha final, tal como nos apresenta cada personagem e nos dá a conhecer as suas personalidades. Gostei imenso de Cian, o vampiro, e de Hoyt, o feiceiro. Sendo irmãos e devendo estar, supostamente, em lados opostos, é engraçado como vão quebrando as barreiras um do outro criando uma ligação que não deixa o leitor indiferente. Também a forma como a autora usou o amor entre Hoyt e Glenna para criar uma arma poderosíssima contra a escuridão, mostra-nos que apesar de muitas vezes o amor poder ser uma fraqueza, também pode ser a salvação.Sem dúvida uma obra muito romântica com uma escrita bastante leve e simples. A combinação entre a violência e os momentos de paz está bem equilibrada, fazendo com que a obra não se torne demasiado cor-de-rosa. Gostei e estou bastante curiosa para saber como é que a história se vai desenrolar. Opinião completa aqui:

  • Becky
    2019-04-10 20:38

    Really fast paced read about Vampires! It's more of a story about a group of six beings than a romance. Although they do touch on it. This is the first book of the circle trilogy. Basic gist of the firzt book is that there is going to be a war between a newly forming circle of six and a Vampire army. The group strugglesa to prepare. Each one is brought to the group at the charge of the goddess Morrigan. They all have their own skills. There is a sorceror, a witch, a scholar, a shapeshifter, a warrior, and a vampire (good guy fighting with the six against the rest of the vampires). They have some battles but the big fight is sti.l on the way. This is the book that lays the ground work for books two and three. I liked it even though I thought it might get a little cheezy like some of the other vampire books out there.

  • Julio Vm
    2019-03-22 17:14

    En los libros de Nora, cada grupo de personajes o ambientes tienen líneas similares pero también diferencias y su sello propio.Aquí pasa lo mismo, pero me ha sorprendido más de lo habitual. Nora usa otro registro diferente (mucho más mágico) al que estoy acostumbrado. En resumen, está siendo una de las mejores sagas que he leído de ella. Épica, cargada de magia, grandes personajes y una gran villana.

  • N.T. Embe
    2019-04-06 15:36

    This book is filled with half-and-half emotions for me.The WritingThe writing is smooth and easy. You don't have anything to really hinge on, and nothing to catch you up. But at the same time, the author has a bad habit of giving away how much she bullshits the storyline and details of interest. Her knowledge about medieval anything is more than flawed. It's blunt and clumsy--making the first couple of chapters in the book a sore trial as you bumble through since she does such a poor job of it. Things smooth out later, once she gets into the current century. Clearly she's a lot more comfortable writing present day than anything else. I'd say she should stick to it if she knows what's best for her.The only downfall to the smoother writing once we get into present-day concerns is that we realize how brainless the reading itself is. Half the time you're reading nothing that really leads to anything. "Oh I'll throw in some training here for two pages. The other fifty can be of them oogling each other. Perfect!"Moving on. Her grammar and vocabulary are fine. Each hit snags sometimes. And it's fine. I can deal with that. What bugs me is that I'm basically reading about nothing. Who cares about the fact that this "sorcerer" and "witch" with their mumbled mumbo-jumbo incantations are madly in love after, what, two days, and get married three weeks later. Begging their host, "Can we live in your house?" "Do you think it's bad that I want a wedding dress when we're supposed to be fighting a war?" "Man we don't have a lot of time to prepare for this epic battle, huh? Just a couple of months left, huh? Running out of time aren't we? But let's go complain and whine and wheedle and have sex all the time, and does this dress make me look fat?"Heeehhhhhhhh. *Aggravated sigh* MOVING ON.PlotJust an excuse to make people hook up.CharactersAll decent if they're not paired up. With the exception of Cian and King. Oh but that doesn't last. Of course. Though the evil vampire queen can have her yuri. But nooo. No yaoi. None. (If you don't know what the terms mean, don't google them. Caution's advised. NSFW~)Pretty much the only enjoyable characters are, of course, the side characters. The two main characters are just self-absorbed pricks that have redeeming qualities that are constantly thrown into the shadows by their whorish natures. And yes, that applies to BOTH the man AND the woman. Hoyt, Glenna--I'm looking at you two.Everyone else is awesome because they're not stupid, pretty much. Aka, they don't think solely of themselves. Roberts has the most annoying tendency of "forgiving" her two main characters whenever they've done something blatantly stupid by making a big deal out of it, and then pretending like everyone got over it, or like they regret it. Psh. Yeah. Tell that to me when you two are off having sex while your host is drinking himself into a miserable stupor because the dumbass bitch decided to open the door, get herself almost killed, and instead got someone else killed cause he had to SAVE her dumb feminist ass! Idiot saying she didn't need anyone there with her when she answered the door--IN A SECLUDED AREA, NOT VISIBLE FROM THE ROAD, IN THE PITCH BLACK NIGHTTIME WHERE THERE ARE NO STREETLIGHTS, WHEN YOU KNOW YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A WARZONE, tell me, DO YOU ANSWER THE DOOR WHEN SOMEONE KNOCKS WITHOUT HAVING BACK-UP?!-______- UUUUUHHHHGGGGGGHHH.Main characters get a 1 out of 5,000 rating.Side characters get a 3 out of 10. Not convinced they're epic because I distrust the inclinations the author has put into each one of them.In the end... this wasn't terrible and it wasn't long. But it was not pleasant to read bullshit so much it was being shoved up my nose, down my throat, and what have you. I was going to give it a three star rating, but know what? This level of shallow-minded stupidity can't be made up for by just a few good side characters. Especially when they're degraded and ignored throughout the majority of things.You wanna read this? Ugh. Fine. You might like it. But know this: you like the main characters and my stock in you as a level-headed, clear-minded person drops into wrinkle-nosed disgust. Take it out of the library. Do not buy this immediately. Trust me, it isn't worth your money.

  • Delora
    2019-03-30 21:38

    Ok so I have to admit to being pleasantlyWhat I thought was going to end up being a boring audio book turned out to be an enlightening twist on magic that combined vampires, gods and goddesses, shapeshifters and a princess (sounds like the beginning of a bad joke) with an old world charm! I mean what more could a supernatural junkie like myself ask for?Ok!! Well there is that! Where was I? Oh yeah...Even though the romance I felt was rushed between Glenna (witch) and Hoyt(sorcerer who has time traveled) and didn't feel natural to me to begin with, my feelings about the story line and the other characters soon overshadowed that opinion. Cian the brother of Hoyt and the poor tortured soul...wait! Do vampires have souls? Anyways.....*Drools and then clears throat* So as I was saying...the characters became very interesting. One that came in much later who quickly became a favorite was Blair. I hope to see more of her in the next 2 books and learn her story. She is basically a sarcastic kick ass warrior chick slash demon slayer, which is a trait I love in my women :PThe setting begins and ends with a older gentleman telling the "story" to a few kids...I am already wondering if this man could be one of the existing characters from the "story" but I'll have to wait:)A few reasons why I didn't give this book a 5 star rating:1- Even though I don't normally read Nora Roberts and she's known for her romance novels, she can't write sex scenes worth a shit and no where near like that of Yasmine or JR Ward!2-No one!!! especially an older gentleman should be describing said love scenes with a bunch of kids! ( I can just picture them waking up traumatized from a night mare, then you have angry parents, therapist bills etc etc. DRAMA ANYONE?) 3-Some of the "research" on Lilith and where vampires originated from had no true details and what little description was "found" was so far out there it made me cringe!4-Small details or build up to huge news concerning one of the characters!Even though it had a slow start and had the things I listed above wrong with it I still found it a charming and interesting listen. If you can overlook those issues, I would recommend it :) Now off to listen to book 2 "Dance of the gods"!

  • Carol Storm
    2019-04-14 16:22

    I've always avoided Nora Roberts books over the years, not because I have anything against her, but because I always pictured her as being more of a brand name than a real person. When you read Mary Balogh or Lisa Kleypas you feel like you're meeting a real person, and hearing how they feel about life and love and romance. But with Nora Roberts you always get the feeling that, if you kicked open the door to her private study, you'd just see a giant computer, like HAL 9000 in 2001: Space Odyssey. Or maybe just a room full of Taiwanese children working for minimum wage. Having said that, though, I really enjoyed this book a lot. It's obvious that the market research really dominated the author's thinking. "Vampires are hot . . . quests are hot . . . Harry Potter meets Twilight meets Lord of the Rings . . . initialize creative sequence!"But even so, this book was a lot of fun. You have two heroes, twin brothers, both Irish and sexy. Only one was turned into a vampire hundreds of years ago by a deliciously evil demon queen. The other one is rescued by a good goddess (the Morrigan of the title) and sent to modern day NYC, where he meets a really liberated and sexy modern witch. And together they go on a quest to save the world from the evil demon queen, gathering an army as they go!My favorite characters in this book were Glenna, the red-haired modern witch, and Hoyt, the mild-mannered wizard who falls madly in love with her. Unlike other great romance authors (Lisa Kleypas comest to mind) Nora Roberts can write strong, modern women just as well as the old fashioned damsels in distress. Glenna seems like a genuinely strong person, not just a pretty girl who happens to have magical powers. And I loved that Hoyt gets her, and not his standard bad boy brother Cian (really he's just like the Bible's Cain.)I also really liked King, the big strong black man who seems to have been inspired by the character Chef in SOUTH PARK. ("Hello there, children. How's it going? Bad? Why bad, children? Oh, now let me sing you all a little song about not being afraid of vampires who try to take over the world!")There were some things that annoyed me. The "vampires" in this world are not nearly as interesting as the hunky types you meet in a JR Ward novel. They're more like Tolkien's Orcs -- ugly, stupid and prone to making really suicidal mistakes in combat. And since when do vampires "curl up under a rock" to sleep during the day? When I read that I just about fell out of my coffin! I believe Count Dracula never left home without two or three boxes filled with the soil of his native land. I was a little disappointed, too, that luscious Lilith the evil queen has so little time for naughty fun and games. Nothing heats up a romantic epic more than having the villains into all kinds of naughty and not-vanilla sex! Oh, at one point I think she makes eyes at her little French sidekick, but nothing comes of it. But I wanted more, much more!Still, I enjoyed this book a lot and am definitely ordering the sequel. I would recommend MORRIGAN'S CROSS to anyone who enjoys Fantasy, Adventure, or Romance.

  • Lela
    2019-04-18 17:12

    This is my first time reading Nora Roberts and I have to say I love her writing. Bit smutty sometimes but I love it nonetheless. Cian may be bossy with that whole I-don't-want-you-around-so-I'm-just-doing-this-to-get-rid-of-you-again sort of attitude but I love him! Hoyt is great. But his lack of knowledge of modern life is annoying at times. But he has a good excuse for it so I can let him off. Glenna seems to be the almost motherly figure. She takes care of everything and doesn't take any crap. I love that. King never really did much for me. He was just kind of there. I was very happy to meet Moira and Larkin. They would be a close second of my favorite characters. Right behind Cian of course. Coming from another world gives them a different personality then the others which I find most enjoyable. Moira's back story gives her a strong reason to hate Cian. But I think that they will be able to work with each other in the future. Blair. If Cian didn't have a bigger reason for killing Lilith, I think Blair would be the one to get her! All in all I loved this book. Can't wait to read the others.

  • Loraine Alcorn
    2019-04-02 21:40

    I really cant say enough about Morrigans Cross or the whole circle trilogy . I have read this trilogy 4 times , its really a great Trilogy and with the way its written you feel like you are living the story . This set has everything you could want, brooding vampires, sexy vampire hunters , werewolves,sorcerers, dragons and romance . Morrigans Cross starts out in 1128 and continues through to present day with the help of the time traveling circle . So much goes on in these books I cant go into to much detail but if you enjoy anything to do with either magic, supernatural and paranormal you will love this Trilogy. Each character is special and different -you have a princess, a Vampire hunter and a witch all working together to stop a very evil vampire queen in different time periods while they sort out why they love the men they do one being a vampire, one being a wizard and one being a shape shifter .If I was stranded on a desert island and could take only 3 books with me this is what I would choose hands down !

  • Jamissmile
    2019-04-12 17:34

    Hey Vampire fans, here's another series you might be interested in. I just finished all three books and wow, I'm still dreaming about it!Of course, Nora Roberts is known for her romance novels so with three men and three woman and three books, I hope you can see where this is going. But Roberts is also known for her many S-E-X scenes so stay away all you PG-13 viewers, or you could just skip over them, it is a book after all.I really enjoyed this series and I thought that each book was better than the last. My mom recommended I read it and I'm so glad she did. After reading the first couple chapters I probably would of put the book down and said, this is stupid. However, Mom said it was good so I kept going. A third of the way in, I was hooked.This series is nothing like Twilight, the vampires are normal, dark seeking, kill em with a wooden stake kind of creatures. Still, if you liked twilight I'm pretty sure you'll love this series too.1. "Morrigan's Cross"2. "Dance of the Gods"3. "Valley of Silence"

  • Terri Wino
    2019-04-20 20:14

    Well the description of this one was a little better than the execution. The characters were pretty cliché, but I could overlook that if more would have happened in the story. Just seemed like the bulk of the book was split between arguing with each other and training for the impending battle.I read a fair amount of fantasy, but this was like "fantasy lite," meaning more like a romance novel with fantasy elements.I did like it well enough to continue with the trilogy and find out what happens to everyone.(2016 reading challenge category: a book that is the first in a series)

  • ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎
    2019-03-22 18:28

    As a big fan of Nora Roberts, this was a great start to a trilogy and can't wait to see what is going to happen next in this battle to save humanity. There's also the battle between twin brothers and the evil that has separated them. So much to get through and I can't wait what these characters both ladies and gentlemen that have a battle on their hands. Will Hoyt's powers from the goddess be able to defeat Lilith, with the help of the others; his vampire twin, the witch, warrior, and others have a chance at vengeance.

  • Kaitlin
    2019-04-22 17:33

    This was an enjoyable read! The beginning was a little rocky, but as each member of the circle made their way into the story, I liked the book more and more. They were easy to connect with. I'm excited to find out where the story continues in the second book!

  • Kelly
    2019-03-28 21:34

    first read 10-12-10re-read 12-14-15

  • Angela
    2019-04-17 23:18

    24 October 2015: $1.99 on Kindle

  • Lydia Perversius
    2019-03-28 23:29

    "All I see is you, all I want is you. I think if I have to live five minutes in a world without you in it, it would be eternity. I can’t face eternity without seeing your face." - Hoyt MacCionaoithOh, I think I found my breath again! After the disappointment of reading Heart of the Sea, I was more than eager to get my hands on Morrigan's Cross. Words cannot describe how fascinating and amazing this book was - or the story that only just begun in it and is waiting to be continued in the others. It has me so hooked, I'm that close to just saying a few words and then rush to the next book!The Circle Trilogy is a kind of story that reminds you of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or other group stories of this kind. It mixes different times and places, even different races of beings. Hoyt MacCionaoith is an Irish sorcerer in 12th century, who witnesses his younger twin brother being turned into a creature that is undead and with a craving for death and blood. He has no name for it yet, not until the Celts' Goddess of War, Morrigan, comes to him in a vision to name it herself - Cian is now a vampire, same as the demon who sired him, the one who answers to the name Lilith. But that is not all. Hoyt is now called to gather forces against a Vampire and Demon Apocalypse, planned by Lilith herself, in order to save his and all worlds, a quest given to him by the Gods themselves. Before that, he must form and lead the Circle of Six, a group consisting of him, a witch, a warrior, a scholar, the one of many forms and the one who was lost. And to do that, he must travel to the future, where the one who was lost, his own Vampire twin, is now a rich, centuries-old pain in the ass, and the Witch, Glenna Ward, is more than he bargained for. He may be a powerful sorcerer, but he's gonna need more than power to get his forces ready for battle before Samhain - in less than three months!Morrigan's Cross is so much better than I expected when I read the plot! It's not just about a group of people who have to learn to live with each other in a mere daily basis. It's about six very different beings, who have to accept each other not only in order to put up with each other's presence, but also in order to survive a war in which they're seriously outnumbered. The odds are against them, and they have some real trouble with patience, so the situations throughout all the book were hilarious. They mustn't train to be survivors, they must do so to be winners, and that sucks for all of them.So, wanna know what happens when you put a 12th century Sorcerer with serious leadership issues and blind honor, a modern-day Witch who acts like a new-to-all-this mother, a thousand-or-so-years old Vampire with a sharp tongue and rude manners, a badass Demon Hunter who leans towards extreme violence most of the time, a flirty Shape-shifter that acts like a Golden Boy from another world, and his cousin who is one step of being said world's Queen and is a Scholar with a mind that certainly surpasses her own small height in the same house, and have them live together? Chaos, that's what happens! And if you have a taste for such things, like me, then you're gonna love every second of it!It didn't have as much romance as other books written by Nora Roberts. Action and suspense were more important factors in this story, and yet, she somehow made it and and put the love story of Hoyt and Glenna into the mix, without leading the whole purpose of it all away. It was fun, and full of sarcasm - courtesy of Cian who is such delicious treat *licks lips* - and the fact that Moira, Larkin, and Hoyt were from another timeline (even if the two former ones were even from another world), made it all the more hilarious, as they couldn't catch on with the slang that Glenna, Cian, King and Blair were spitting out most - if not all - of the times. Hoyt was so serious and so obsessed with duty and honor, that Glenna made him seem like a sweetheart when he had to balance this and his love for her. It almost looked like he was a teenager, making his first hesitant steps towards love, and then, he was really an honest and sweet man in love. Glenna was funny in the way she tried to bring everyone together, somewhat like an offensive peacemaker, because she herself had little patience with the group acting out instead of just unite and be done with it. Cian was so sarcastic, so cynical, so negative, I just had to fall in love with him! I had to! He was funny, he was supposedly indifferent both to his brother and the world's fate and the group in general, and yet he always acted in a way that would protect them all, without making him seem like a hero. He prefers to be the bad boy of the Circle, or to be called demon and not a man, but in fact, he craves for some understanding and emotional warmth, too.And if Chapter 10 wasn't any indication that he will end up with Moira, I don't know what else can be! All in all, whenever he opened his damn sexy mouth, I just knew I would laugh my ass off. Larkin is such a Prince Charming, it makes my teeth ache from the sugar dripping from his tongue and pores. Sure,he was raised as a royal's relative should be, but he doesn't have to be so overprotective when it comes to the women of the group. He eats like a legion, and while he doesn't get most of the things the modern characters say, he never misses the meaning of the sexual ones. Who wants to bet the guy is a real perverted Casanova underneath all this knighty attitude? Oh, oh, I know, me, ME!Moira is my favorite of the females, just like Cian is my favorite of the males - maybe because they'll end up together? Hmmm, food for thought for later... Anyway, no, it's because she's such a shy and cute little thing, quiet when it suits her, and demanding when the Queen in her awakens. A major bookworm, and yet she doesn't live in her own little bubble, instead she seeks new experiences, and is far from innocent. Somewhat close-minded at first, but at least, she learns faster than Larkin and Hoyt, and she doesn't mind working hard in order to become stronger or cooking in order to be useful. And she's not as fragile as her cousin thinks, which only Cian and Blair seem to understand at the moment. Blair is rough around the edges, and full of sassy femininity on the inside, with just the right dose of badass chick in the mix to make her an even tougher nut to crack. Her manners are nearly as bad as Cian's with only her nature being somewhat of a difference between her and her great-great-something Vampire uncle. That's right! What I loved the most about Blair - apart from the fact that she kicks some serious vamp ass on her own - was that she wasn't just a relative to Hoyt and Cian - she was in fact Nola's descendant! That was a nice twist to that point. So you see, all the people in the group are different and yet loveable in their own way, and it's hard to leave them and their story once you begin. This is the first book of Mrs Roberts that focused more on the action than the romance, and I find it spectacular - the woman seems to have a knack for almost everything! I think, if she was to write a medieval fantasy story - even with no romance at all - she would pull it off more than just nicely.Even Lilith was a well-thought villain. Probably the first villain I found not just interesting, but also wonderful. I liked her a lot, not in a sense that had me wishing she is to be saved in the end - oh, no, I want her dead alright - but in that she almost seems...well, 3D(does that make any sense?). She's powerful, she's alluring, she's smart and cunning - the woman seems invincible, so it only makes sense why she sounds like the perfect villain. In many legends - mainly religious ones - Lilith is said to be a female demon with great wisdom and slyness. I'd say Roberts's Lilith fits the description to a T.Another character I enjoyed was King. He was like the mascot of the team, and really, even I was fooled when it came to who was the real Warrior. He sure looked like the one to me. I understand that he had to be taken and then turned in order for the group to find the real Warrior, Blair, but I would have loved if they had managed to help him survive even as a Vampire afterwards. The fact he was like a son to Cian only served to break my heart even more...If you're looking for a book that has great descriptions concerning both the characters and the places they're in, you need to read Morrigan's Cross. Its story really sweeps you off your feet with its fast pace and slow-building suspense, and the small but rightly-placed doses of romance in it are a great breather.

  • J L
    2019-04-12 23:28

    It had potential...The vibe of the writing reminded me of 90s supernatural tv shows like Charmed and Highlander the series. Irrational characters were a problem throughout this book. Why does the main villain want to destroy humanity which is her only food source? Why dont the vampires use guns or attack the heroes in force or fire bomb their home or run a semi truck through the front door packed with explosives? Because they are comically stupid! The book states early on that vampires are complex and different like humans. Then forgets.Sigh, then there is the character King. As a black guy I can easily see when someone is using the noble savage troupe. I almost wanted to scream "The writer is putting a star trek red shirt on you, run brother! Screw the other protagonist! Save yourself!"Glenna is the only well rounded character and even then barely.The characters dont seem to care their in danger so why should I?

  • Nirit
    2019-04-01 15:36

    איזה ספר מקושקש! לא יודעת אם מדובר בתרגום זוועתי או שהספר באמת כתוב בצורה כזאת גרועה, אבל נאלצתי לנחש כמה פעמים במהלך הספר מי אומר מה במהלך דו/רב שיח.העלילה עצמה מטופשת להפליא, וגם מעט הרומנטיקה שנורה רוברטס ניסתה להכניס, לא עזרה. קוסם שנוסע אלפי שנים בזמן פוגש בהווה את אחיו הערפד, וביחד עם מכשפה מההווה הם נדרשים להלחם בלילית, מלכת הערפדים. בדרך חוברים אליהם נסיכה ובן דודה משנה הצורה מאיזו ממלכה דמיונית שנורה רוברטס המציאה, ושמהותה לא ממש הובהרה בספר. הספר הרגיש כמו הגירסה הממש גרועה של באפי ציידת הערפדים.

  • Jen
    2019-04-21 17:21

    I really enjoy this story. I love Hoyt, and Glenna is a good match for him. I love the others of the six, too. I was sad when (view spoiler)[King was killed, and then turned up as a vampire and was killed again (hide spoiler)]. But that's not when I cried. Though it's wrong to say I cried; it's more that I had tears pooling in my eyes in certain scenes.What scenes were those, you ask? Well, there was the one fairly early in the story, when Hoyt was still in his own time. I felt a little teary when he was talking with his mother and father just before he left for the Dance. And then the second was when we were almost at the end, when (view spoiler)[Hoyt and Glenna had their handfasting ceremony. I do love a wedding. *sigh*(hide spoiler)] ;-)I feel sort of odd giving this story only four stars, but it wasn't as amazing a read for me as, say, Stars of Fortune was. Something about the "voice" in which the story was told just wasn't all that magical for me. It was still a very enjoyable story, but, despite the magic done by Hoyt and Glenna, I didn't feel the magic in it (if there was any to be felt). I can't remember if I felt "the magic" in any of my previous readings; this time through, Morrigan's Cross was just a very good story.Even so, though, I'm glad I own this book, and the rest of the trilogy, as I know I'll want to revisit it again, for the fifth/sixth/eleventh time, in the future. And who knows, maybe a later reading (one not so close to my reading of, say, Stars of Fortune) will have me rediscovering the magic in this story. ;-)AddendumI should probably add a few words on how this story ends, in the event I ever want to read the later books without first reading this first book, or in the event I'm not able to read the trilogy back to back. So. . .. . . In the end, (view spoiler)[Hoyt's handfasting to Glenna is interrupted by Lilith's Lora and about 50 other vampires. Our circle of six successfully won the battle, and then Hoyt and Glenna continued their handfasting from where they were interrupted. Now, [Glenna] thought, now, the circle was truly cast, strong and bright.And the light glowed warmer, a wash of gold when their lips met, when their lips clung in hope and promise, and in love. Those were the final lines of the story the "old man" from the Prologue was telling to the children. Then the book's story continues as we go back to the "old man" and the children. He tells them that this was 'all of the story for today' and sends them outside. Then. . . "Alone, he drank his tea, watched his fire. And thought of the tale he would tell on the morrow. " [fin] (hide spoiler)]I'm excited to continue the story, but I might not read (or start, at least) book two tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have other books clamoring for my attention, and thoughts of them (and their library due dates) are pushing out thoughts of continuing this trilogy. But then again, maybe the library books can be renewed? ;-)

  •  Marla
    2019-04-11 15:11

    Reminds me of A Discovery of Witches. Stars the Circle of Six ~ sorcerer, witch, warrior, scholar, one of many forms and one who was lost. Lots of cool characters and very real in their interactions with each other. I like Glenna's spunk and King's character. Likes:* Snarky dialogue* Circle of Six: Hoyt, the witch, the warrior, the scholar, the one of many forms and the one he's lost* Characters were great and friendships were tangible* Shapeshifter ~ bravery, loyalty and humor* Stronger together(view spoiler)[* Goddess Morrigan giving Hoyt crosses to protect his family* Dream healing* Romance between rivals* Cian, Hoyt's undead brother* Cian's financial success* King, Cian's loyal giant friend* Girly bonding* Glenna's attitude and dedication* Excellent archer, Princess Moira* Moira's cousin, the shapeshifting Larkin* Blair, a true vampire hunter* Hoyt was a legend ~ mysteriously disappeared (hide spoiler)]Dislikes:* Cian and Hoyt's tension* Hoyt isn't very amazed at much in modern world* Lilith, vampire queen who sired Cian* Goddess Morrigan being vague* Small group are hardly up for a vampire war(view spoiler)[* Accident while teasing vampires at the door* Why would you even open the door?* Cian's disdain for the group* Making deals with vampires, why wouldn't they lie? Don't trust their word!* Training was necessary but tedious, won't this take years not months?!* Hooking up while training for battle* So Hoyt never went home in time (hide spoiler)]With-reservations:language, sexual situations, violence, murder