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The kids and teacher of Because of Mr. Terupt are back in this warm-hearted sequel.Fifth-grade was full of unforgettable events for Mr. Terupt and his class at Snow Hill School. Seven students were particularly affected by Mr. Terupt. Now those seven students are back, and they've been granted the rare opportunity to send one more year with their beloved teacher before theThe kids and teacher of Because of Mr. Terupt are back in this warm-hearted sequel.Fifth-grade was full of unforgettable events for Mr. Terupt and his class at Snow Hill School. Seven students were particularly affected by Mr. Terupt. Now those seven students are back, and they've been granted the rare opportunity to send one more year with their beloved teacher before they graduate from elementary school. Peter's parents expect him to attend private school after sixth-grade, but Peter has plans to stay right where he is. Eager to grow up, Alexia gets in over her head with some older kids. Danielle suspects that her family is keeping a secret from her, and she's determined to find out what it is. Jeffrey makes a life-changing discovery. Curious about her teacher's past, Jessica uncovers startling details about Mr. Terupt. Anna finally decides she's ready for the truth about her absent dad. And Luke's keen observations lead to questions with unexpected answers. It's a roller coaster of a year as Mr. Terupt helps his students be the best they can be—and enlists their help to pull off an extra-special project. But will there be a happy ending for all?"This sequel can be read on its own. Moving and real."--Kirkus Reviews"A skillful meshing of characters and story lines makes for another great read."--School Library Journal...

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Mr. Terupt Falls Again Reviews

  • LolaReviewer
    2019-02-13 02:31

    Mr. Terupt and his students are back… Although he is out of the hospital, Mr. Terupt has not fully recovered from his injuries and coma, but that is actually not what the title refers to at all. This time around, Mr. Terupt falls… in love. His students are very excited for him and fully support him just like he supports them at all times. Peter, Jessica, Luke, Alexia, Jeffrey, Danielle and Anna are once again dealing with their own personal problems and making mistakes.To some extent, these characters angered me. I did not expect them to learn everything about life and responsibility from the events in the first book, but I certainly did expect them to make better decisions. Some have indeed learned, but others have yet to recognize when a bad decision is being made. Just like its predecessor, this book is realistic and full of love, hope and human emotions. It’s the students’ last year with Mr. Terupt, therefore they are all cherishing their remaining classroom time together. One student is especially heartbroken about leaving his dear teacher…I like reading this series because I, myself, once had a teacher I connected to more than I thought possible. This teacher in question helped me understand myself better and made me realize some things about myself that I hadn’t noticed before. She pushed me to become better and celebrated everyone’s strengths. There should be more books about exceptional teachers out there. Not as captivating as its predecessor, but still a meaningful read. Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google+ | Bloglovin’

  • Merrie
    2019-02-16 07:49

    After reading Because of Mr. Terupt, my students convinced me to read the sequel. BEWARE! The material is not appropriate for read alouds in the classroom. Mr. Buyea continues this book with the sixth grade year of the same students from last year. While funny in parts, the subject matter is way too mature for my fourth graders. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend this one to any fourth grader and was disappointed. The book may be more appropriate for middle school readers, especially girls.

  • Ms. Yingling
    2019-01-26 00:58

    The fifth graders who were in Mr. Terupt's class the year that he started his awesome teaching career but also became gravely injured are glad to have him again for 6th grade. In chapters from different students' perspectives, we see how the students lives and the classroom are different. Lexie is trying to grow up too fast and is hanging out with high schoolers who are getting her in trouble. Peter is trying to deal with his guilt. Luke is staying on top of being the best student in the class. The assignments are different-- the class reads The Westing Game and needs to solve the mystery, there is an ill-fated academic exchange with Woods View school, and Mr. Terupt assigns the class something major-- planning his wedding to Ms. Newberry! Problems arise throughout the year-- Jeffrey finds an abandoned baby along the side of the road, and his family fosters young Asher, several boys try out wrestling, and Mr. Terupt's health looks suspect at times. Through it all, the class is glad to be together and have Mr. Terupt as their teacher. Strengths: Not many stories take place mainly in the context of school, and the first book in this series, Because of Mr. Terupt, was very popular among teachers.Weaknesses: I didn't get much of a feel for Mr. Terupt's personality in this one, and there were TWO girls who got their period and one girl who stuffs her bra with toilet paper. Uncomfortable and unnecessary. Again, I would much rather have a wrestling book from Mr. Buyea. I have boys BEGGING for wrestling stories, but no one asking for heart warming classroom tales.

  • Isabelle
    2019-01-28 04:43

    It was unbelievable that Mr. Terupt was able to help seven students so much throughout many hardships. The accident that was so skillfully planned, in the 1st book, wasn't even an accident at all. Each an every one of those seven students were guided and helped as Mr. Terupt was lying lifeless in his bed. I was a little nervous reading the title of, "Mr. Terupt Falls Again." Obviously, I was thinking of yet another great deal of sorrow for all the kids. But.. throughout the book, I realized the ending was only going to be happy. I loved how the perspective changed each chapter. Not one of the voices was boring. I flipped each and every page eager to find out what would happen next. Through all the twists, turns, ups, and downs, I LOVED these two books!

  • Leo
    2019-02-08 00:57

    I enjoyed reading this sequel. I'll be honest, I geeked out with the reader's workshop reference but that's just the teacher in me.

  • vic
    2019-01-25 23:47

    just a disclaimer that i didn't know that this book is recommended to fourth graders and i'm eighteen so ahaha.anyways i didn't enjoy this as much which is why this is a two star. i had pretty level expectations for this but honestly i barely saw a plot. the problem was really the connection between each point of view for each student. in six of crows ( which also contained a bunch of perspectives, they were tied in with each other. in this book, i get that you sometimes have to repeat events, but not every s i n g l e student is necessarily in every plot line. you have about like six chapters each on the same event, which frankly, gets boring.2/5

  • Mia Will-Marek
    2019-02-05 00:46

    Do you like adventurous stories? This book is realistic fiction because, things in this book can happen in real life. My opinion of the book is, it is really good I would read it again if I could. I really liked how every time something bad would happen they would find Mr. Terupt just to make sure he was okay because they know the risks that could happen could ruin Mr. Terupts life. ***Spoiler Alert***The setting is mainly in the school. The students got Mr. Terupt to teach them again because they were really special to him and he was really special to them. The principle Even noticed how much they all meant to him and he meant to them. The conflict is Person vs. self because they all have to deal with hard times in there lives. The title relates to the book because, something bad happens to Mr. Terupt again and he isn't recovered this time. Mr. Terupt was in the hospital again. He didn't make it out of the hospital.I was angry about how Mr. Terupt died, and didn't make it. That made me really upset. I got so into the book and then he gets hurt and doesn't come back. I thought he would have made it.I would rate the book a 5 because it was really good and it made a lot of sense to me, even though I didn't like the ending overall it was a really good book. I would recommend this book to the people who have read the first one and not the second one and to people who love adventurous books and mysteries. You should read this book it is very adventurous and mysterious.

  • Camille
    2019-02-20 04:54

    While I liked this sequel, it didn't hold the same charm for me as Because of Mr. Terupt. It was nice to have the loose ends tied up and to continue to follow the students from the previous book, but there was a little more content about maturation than I was comfortable with for an audience I assume is targeted at upper elementary students--it seemed more appropriate for junior high. Still, I always enjoy reading about a great teacher, and Mr. Terupt falls into that category. I particularly appreciated the way he tied life lessons into good literature in this story.

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-19 23:36

    Wow, I never thought a book could have such a huge influence on me. Mr. Terrupt falls again was AMAZING!! At first I didn't think I was going to like it as much as Because of Mr. Terrupt but once I got going it turned out to be wonderful. Everyone needs to read this book. I cant even explain in words how terrific this book really was. Don't miss out on this inspiring book!!!

  • Brittin Grace
    2019-01-21 01:31

    I liked this, but I liked the first one better. I think is more for girls... (includes periods, and other girl problems..) But it was still good

  • Wendi Lee
    2019-01-22 06:42

    I didn't enjoy this book as much as "Because of Mr. Terupt." While the first book revolved around Mr. Terupt's accident, there were a bunch of unrelated events happening here. Lexie starts hanging out with teenagers who encourage her to wear makeup and smoke. Jeffrey finds an abandoned baby on the side of the road (!!! This could be a major plot point in many books, but not here). Danielle's grandparents are worried and mad because Native Americans are trying to "steal" their land. And so on. So lots of wild events, not so much centered around Terupt. I wanted to learn more about him. We get a little about his past from a newspaper clipping, but that's it. I wish this book had been more cohesive, and that all the subplots weren't so tidily resolved.

  • Amy's Book Reviews
    2019-02-08 04:00

    In MR TERUPT FALLS AGAIN the teacher moves to sixth grade along with his class. The same seven kids from BECAUSE OF MR TERUPT have grown under his guidance and have become friends and supporters of each other.I didn’t like part two of this three part series as much as the first because situations with the kids felt less genuine and more forced. Everything magically falls into place, which may be satisfactory for younger middle grade readers.MR TERUPT FALLS AGAIN will appeal to readers of the first in the series who want to follow the class.

  • Karla Aragones
    2019-01-20 04:00

    After reading this book it might make you appreciate your teachers more by the side that you understand why they do what they do.If your like me and likes realistic fiction I recommend this book to you. It's funny book but, there is also some sad moments. You get points of view from each student.I noticed there was a lot of things that the students did that I do. The students changed a lot through out the story. They became friends after they met Mr.Terupt. The title "Mr.Terupt Falls Again" relates to the story because Mr.Terupt cared and helped his students get through hard life problems they came through.I think the author build suspense when a bad event happened he added a little piece of each person's perspective and opinions. In my opinion I think this was a great book. I gave a really good picture of what teachers are really for. The teacher helped and cared for the kids. Which made the kids appreciate him. He was more then a teacher for them. The students loved him so much that one of the student named Peter even thought of failing the year so he can stay with Mr.Terupt for a 3rd year. On a scale of 1-5 I give the book a 5 because I loved how there was more then one characters opinion. I would recommend this book to a person that likes realistic fiction so they can make a connection with any of the characters. This book as I told you can make you appreciate your teachers more. Besides of just teaching you stuff they can also help you improve and not make any bad choices.

  • Sweet Caroline
    2019-01-20 00:31

    Release Date: October 9th 2012!!!!!!!C'mon, C'mon..... So close!!!!!!It's here! It was SOOOOOOOO awesome! I love Mr Terupt Falls Again! If you go on Rob Buyea's website, you'll see the picture of him and his daughter where it says "...she has read my third book..." Since Mr Terupt Falls Again is Rob Buyea's second book, than there might be a Mr Terupt trilogy! I hope there is! That would be really cool!For anyone who lives in Manchester, CT: Rob Buyea is coming to the [email protected] this year! :D :D :D!!!

  • Katherine Mooney
    2019-02-03 04:42

    BEST BOOK EVER!!!! I read it in fifth and couldn't put it down!!!!!! YOU MUST READ IT!!

  • Allen Central
    2019-02-02 02:41

    A great sequel with new problems for Mr. Terupt to help solve.

  • Jackson
    2019-02-07 01:59

    This book was as good as the book before it. And that was awesome.

  • Mr Taberner
    2019-02-06 03:31

    I enjoyed it but I was thrown off by the Farmer vs Native American land rights battle that was never fully developed. It made me wonder why Buyea put that in the novel -- did he originally plan to make it a larger part of the plot? Whether Buyea intended to or not, Falls Again might leave kids [that are not familiar with the sad history of the downfall/genocide of Native Americans] with the impression that Native Americans are strange, greedy people who plan to steal hard working, WHITE farmers' property. Very odd choice, Rob!

  • Mayla
    2019-02-03 01:34

    The second book never seems as good as the first, except for maybe this one! I loved the changes that happened to the same old characters, that seemed to turn them into completely new people! I gave this book 4 stars because I won't forget what happened in it, but will personally still like the first book the better.

  • Libby May
    2019-01-22 23:55

    Love love love. I love this series!

  • Rekha M
    2019-02-12 04:32

    I thought this book was really good. It was a great sequel to Because of Mr. Terupt. I recommend it to all realistic fiction lovers. Enjoy!

  • Charles Snoots
    2019-02-11 03:46

    It was amazing

  • Annie Koziel
    2019-01-31 00:54

    This book was a great sequel to Because of Mr. Terupt. Very satisfying to see how the characters keep growing and changing, and the voices are perfect.

  • Ava P
    2019-02-09 00:44

    It is very good book. I made me keep wanting to read it, unlike most books i've read in the past.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-02-17 03:30

    The students from the first book are allowed to have Mr. Terupt for another year. They are closer in age to teenagers now with the kind of challenges that teenagers encounter. The happy project that they are allowed to break down into tasks (by talent and skills set) is Mr. Terupt's wedding. This is the second in the series. Well done!

  • Neila Fitz
    2019-01-26 03:42

    Have you ever read a book that starts off boring and as you get into it it gets better and better? Well I have the book that I'm reading is just like that.The genre is realistic fiction because it is a story that can happen in real life. In my opinion I liked the book but I think the first one was better. Usually the first book is always better and in this case it is. What I also liked about the book is that there are seven characters that are telling there own story or problems. That's what makes the book different than others. The setting of the story is at a school the school is where all of the characters met that's why its important to know. Alexia one of the characters gets involved with smoking and some kids that are bad news. Peter wants to spend all his time with Mr. Terupt because next year he is going to a different school and wants to be with Mr. Terupt until he leaves. Anna thinks she is ready to know about her father and why he left them.Danielle is curious about why her family is acting weird and she wants to find out whats wrong.Close to the end of the book there is a carnival and Danielle's grandma has a ***Spoiler Alert*** heart attack because she had so many things on her mind and there all worried that she might die but she makes it. Luke a nerd at the school is a detective and has so many questions he's asking himself that has to be answer. The type of conflict in the book is person vs person. The conflict is when Jeffery one of the main characters finds a baby in a basket on the street. He was scared because he has never seen anything like that. He brought the baby to school and the teacher called the police. Bravery is the theme of the story because Jeffery saved the baby even though he was confused and scared. It could also be heroism because I thought that he would just leave the baby there to die but he didn't so he saved the baby and because in the story it said that he was scared and didn't know what to do so he was just stood there looking at the baby but he finally came to his senses and brought the baby to school. The book also tells us about the students being worried because Mr. Terupt is stuttering and there worried something might happen to him even though he says that he is fine. I like the book because it's told by first person to me its just easier to read. There are seven main characters that tell there own story and thoughts but there all similar stories.The point of view is important in the story because the book that I'm reading is different than others. There are seven different perspectives of the story. It sounds like a difficult book to read but it really isn't it just took along time to understand and read it. I think that it was a little difficult but not that difficult because it kept changing perspectives like for example Lexie would tell us what's going on in her life and then peter would tell us his story/what's going on in his life to me it became confusing and hard to understand but as I got it got less confusing. The title relates to the book because when it means he falls again he doesn't really fall he just falls in love with a teacher at the school. His name is in the title because the book is mostly about him and because he is the main character. I was surprised when ***Spoiler Alert*** Mr. Terupt the teacher asked Ms. Newberry at the school to marry her. The way he asked her was when the students in his class had a project where they could research about anything and would do a power point one of the students talked about how animals fall in love and that's when he decided to ask her. I thought that was very romantic and in the story it said that she was crying because she was happy and said "yes". She also liked him so it was a win win. At the end of the book there is a carnival where all the student go and have a floating contest with boats that they made. It is important to know that because that's the rising action of the story leading to the climax. I would rate this book with five stars because I think it was better than the first one. I recommend this book to my friend Leslie even though she already read the book. I recommend this book to her because she rated this book with three stars so I think that she should reread the book to see if she really didn't like it. If you liked the book then you should read the third book which is called Saving Mr. Terupt. One of the quotes that I choose is that in the story at one point one of the characters felt upset and her friends went after her to see if she was ok but she wasn't I don't know how to put that in better words to make it a quote but I felt that it was true friendship because other friend wouldn't care.

  • Kenzie
    2019-01-23 02:59

    This book is not as good as the first, but it does answer some of the questions from the first book. I would recommend this book to anyone who read the first book. I wouldn't read it a second time.

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    2019-01-23 05:00

    the title of this book goes with the with the story because in the last book in the series he gets hurt and now something else happened. There are many characters and they all have their own point of view and tell what is going on in their lives. The most interesting character I think is Peter. The problem that they have is that someone gets hurt and also there are some high school guys that are bulling one of the kids. Some of the kids act differently from what they were the year before and there is one character that acts differently when she is around the high school guys and smokes with them and the kids are in the 6th grade. Some of the phrases they say change their relationships with each other. If the story was not in a school I think that the book would be different because they would not be a other place that you can talk to friends and have the teacher be there. The plot is that the students love him because they had him as a teacher the year before and he went into a coma and they all grew closer to each other and with the teacher and that some of the kids make bad choices and at (spoiler) the end one of the kids grandma almost dies in a carnival. The difference between the beginning and the end is that the beginning they all know each other and at the end once again they think that something happened to Mr. Terupt because there was a crowd of people gathering in a carnival and they all thought that it was him. If the book didn't end the way that it did there would probably be how one of the characters that hangs out with high school guys and smokes would stop and make better choices.I think that if this book was a movie it would be really good because you can get a better idea of what the plot might look like. The tone of the story changes throughout the story when they don't think something is about to happen. This book is structured to have many different points of view from all the students and say more of what type of person they are and how they live their lives but doesn't show the point of view of the teacher which I think should be changed if there is a third book. Over all I think that this is a really good book and recommend this to anyone.

  • Chris
    2019-01-29 01:49

    Summary: ( was full of unforgettable events for Mr. Terupt and his class at Snow Hill School. Seven students were particularly affected by Mr. Terupt. Now those seven students are back, and they've been granted the rare opportunity to send one more year with their beloved teacher before they graduate from elementary school. Peter's parents expect him to attend private school after sixth-grade, but Peter has plans to stay right where he is. Eager to grow up, Alexia gets in over her head with some older kids. Danielle suspects that her family is keeping a secret from her, and she's determined to find out what it is. Jeffrey makes a life-changing discovery. Curious about her teacher's past, Jessica uncovers startling details about Mr. Terupt. Anna finally decides she's ready for the truth about her absent dad. And Luke's keen observations lead to questions with unexpected answers. It's a roller coaster of a year as Mr. Terupt helps his students be the best they can be—and enlists their help to pull off an extra-special project. But will there be a happy ending for all?My Comments:I really enjoyed Because of Mr. Terupt, and this follow up book as well. The story follows the same seven children, Peter, Alexia, Anna, Jeffrey, Luke, Danielle and Jessica, this time as sixth graders who are again with their beloved teacher, Mr. Terupt. As sixth graders, they are facing more mature problems and issues, Danielle gets her period, Alexia starts hanging out with the wrong crowd and experiments with smoking and drinking, Peter and Jeffrey take up wrestling, and some of the kids begin to pair up – Peter and Lexie, Jessica and Luke, Jeffrey and Ana. Some reviewers took issue with these more adult themes, but I think that this is typical sixth grade stuff; however, it makes the book more difficult to use as a read aloud. Some of the kid’s stories are not as interesting or are a bit farfetched. Danielle’s family is worrying about Native Americans taking over their land, Jeffrey finds a baby by the side of the road, which his parents later adopt, and Jessica, who was featured more prominently in book 1 now takes a back seat in book 2. We learn more about Mr. Terupt’s history in this book. His parents were killed in an automobile accident coming home from one of his wrestling matches. He has no brothers or sisters so he considers his students his family and asks them to assist in his wedding plans. That’s where the title comes in – Mr. Terupt falls for fellow teacher Ms. Newberry and the book ends with their wedding. This is definitely a heartwarming kind of book. Problems are solved, and each individual’s story has a happy ending; even the “bad kids” reform because of Mr. Terupt. The kids in Mr. Terupt’s class are looking out for each other and sticking together. That's an important message in this book.As a librarian, I really loved all the book references – Bridge to Terabithia, Wringer, Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret, Holes, The Westing Game and finally The Whipping Boy, which becomes a very clever class project. Hopefully some of the references will help bring back the popularity of those books. There is one thing that was not resolved so neatly at the end – Mr. Terupt’s health. Luke, the scientific observer notices Mr. Terupt’s dizzy spells and stuttering. Will that be an issue in book 3 – will there be a book 3? I hope so, but it’s time for these students to graduate into seventh grade and junior high and I don’t know how the author will be able to bring Mr. Terupt along with them. The author breaks the book into three parts and then again by moths in the school year. The book starts in the summer and ends with a June graduation and wedding. Chapters are short – some are mere sentences long, but that really succeeds in moving the action along. Loved the book, loved feel good ending.Because of the more mature sixth grade issues this book would be best for sixth graders and up and would be enjoyed by girls as well as boys.

  • Madalyn Brand
    2019-01-28 02:49

    I thought this was really good! I like how Rob Buyea wrote it the same way he wrote Because of Mr. Terupt (with the views going back and forth from the same characters). I thought the ending was really unexpected. It took me a while to understand how Mr. Terupt actually fell and I think the author was really creative when he was writing about what happened. There were some parts where I thought there wasn't much action but most of the time there was a lot. I liked how right in the beginning Jeffery finds a baby and the class knows that the year isn't going to be normal. Mr. Terupt falls Again was a really interesting book!