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Olive learns the hard way that keeping secrets is tough, and telling them can make for a whole lot of trouble!When Molly shares a secret with Olive, the urge to tell is just too great! Olive tells Joe who tells Matt who tells Lola. But Lola is best friends with Molly. Uh-oh, the secret is out, and Olive is in for it!...

Title : Olive and the Big Secret
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ISBN : 9780763661496
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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Olive and the Big Secret Reviews

  • Jennifer Love
    2019-05-01 01:56

    Review for: Olive and the Big SecretReviewed by: Alycia & Erica McGee, posted by Jennifer McGeeWhen it comes to reviewing a book written for a child, I thought what better than going straight to the source? Even better, what if I have both of my kids review it. Oh, that child-like honesty that leaves you never knowing what answers you’ll get!I sat down this evening and read the story to my daughters, and then took them one at a time into another room to tell me what they thought about it. I had a few basic questions in my back pocket just to give them a little guidance. The answers below are in their own words. Did you like the book? What were some of your favorite things about it?Erica (age 5): Yes. The bunny is really pretty. The book is really special and new and I’m glad we have it. And I liked-ed it when the cat told the secret, but that was a bad thing, but it was funny. I liked-ed the pictures and I feel like I could read it (she doesn’t read yet). And I liked-ed the swimming part too.Alycia (age 7): Yes! The pictures are silly. I really like the writing, it’s nice and neat.What didn’t you like about the book?Erica: I liked-ed everything about the book.Alycia: I didn’t like the settings for the drawings. There’s a lot of white on the pages and not a lot of detail in the backgrounds. Who was your favorite character?Erica: Cat is my favorite, especially when she is surprised-ed and her hair is falling out. Alycia: The cat was my favorite, and the rabbit. I really like the cat’s clothes. She looks kind of silly. The bunny is cute.What did you think of the pictures?Erica: The pictures are so pretty.Alycia: The drawings are good.What did you learn from the story?Erica: No telling anyone else’s secrets. And I think that maybe the bunny will marry the monkey. But don’t tell anyone, cuz it’s my secret.Alycia: I learned that you should not tell other people’s secrets. They awarded the book with 5 stars!

  • Erica
    2019-05-17 05:53

    Oh, I might just have to give this to my sister who was always the biggest squealer in our family and sometimes still is.The illustrations are vaguely Ren & Stimpyish (I said VAGUELY) so they sort of ick me out but at the same time, it's like Ren & Stimpy had babies with Richard Scarry's critters so all the little animals wear cute outfits to go with their strange faces.Poor Olive. Secrets are hard to keep. I'm sad for Molly that Olive couldn't pull it off but let that be a lesson learned: don't share your secrets in the first place with anyone other than your very best friend (which was Lola, Molly. Lola. Not Olive.)I admit this book made me giggle.

  • Mary Ann
    2019-05-03 03:48

    I really liked the way this showed the effects of spreading a secret, but I did not like the ending when the author - after showing the lesson so clearly that you shouldn't tell other people's secrets - goes ahead and shows everyone what the secret was. Hmmm... I feel conflicted about the message this leaves little kids with.

  • Shelley
    2019-05-19 02:11

    A nice story about what happens when you tell a secret. It shows how it passes from person to person and eventually gets back to the person who told it in the first place.

  • Rowen
    2019-05-05 04:52

    my mom could learn a thing or two from this book

  • Shannon
    2019-04-26 01:55

    Very cute story about the pitfalls of sharing a secret. We liked how the author wouldn't tell the secret but on the last page you could guess the secret by the illustration.

  • Mary Dewley
    2019-05-11 07:08

    Valuable lesson for children regarding friendship and the consequences of letting others down when you don't follow through on the promises you make.

  • Sheila Moran
    2019-05-08 05:53

    I liked how this book teaches the dangers of sharing secrets and gossip. We've all been there, and I hope this little tale will help my children lay their moral foundation.

  • Michelle McBeth
    2019-05-15 03:03

    SUMMARY: Molly has a secret. She tells Olive the secret and Olive promises not to tell anyone. Unfortunately Olive can't keep her promise and tells one person. But that person tells one person who tells another person and so on. Before long, Molly's secret is out and Molly knows exactly who toldILLUSTRATIONS: The illustrations are simple and large for the younger viewers. The wonderful facial expressions add humor to the story.THE GOOD: This book is a wonderful illustration of how secrets end up becoming widely public just from telling one person. THE NOT AS GOOD: This book does not talk about Molly's feelings about the shared secret. It simply shows her in an angry stance, but she doesn't say anything as Olive tries to lie about telling the secret. Olive never shows remorse for telling the secret and there are no consequences for her. This makes the story feel incomplete. I felt like the book was saying, "Olive told a secret she promised not to. So, what?" I would have liked a better ending that involved a moral teaching.AGE RECOMMENDATION: Ages 4-8

  • Heather
    2019-04-23 00:47

    Olive has a secret. She promised Molly she wouldn't tell anyone, but it's so hard to keep a secret. Before long she's shared the secret with just one friend, but then that friend tells one person, and so on and so on, until eventually someone tells Molly. Freeman shares this funny story of the consequences of a loose tongue, without actually telling us Molly's secret (though the endpapers give a pretty good idea). Her bright, mixed media illustrations capture all the drama of secret keeping. Olive, an orange cat in overalls, nonchalantly wanders from friend to friend, the untold secret practically bursting out as she whistles, pretends to read an upside-down newspaper, or stalks potential secret-sharers. This would make a fun read-aloud and will likely prompt many shared stories of secrets kept and lost.

  • Mecca Morrison
    2019-04-23 00:02

    This book was pretty good. You had to make sure you were looking at the pictures and the words or you would not understand the entire thing. The theme of the book was a girl named Molly telling someone a secret. The secret was not kept and eventually it got all the way back to Molly and she was really upset about it. At the end of the book, it says that they can’t tell us what the secret it because it is a secret, but then there is a little thing that shows you should turn the page in order to find it. It doesn’t necessarily say what the secret is, but there is a picture and you can assume from the picture what the secret it. I really enjoyed this last part because it gives the readers a chance to come up with the answer on their own. The age range for this book I would say is 4 to 6.

  • Katie Seckinger
    2019-05-02 04:12

    Molly has a secret and tells it to Olive, trusting she will keep it a secret. However, Olive can't help it and tells the secret to Joe. The secret gets told to several more animals and comes back around to Molly. Molly is unhappy that Olive told her secret. The reader isn't explicitly told the secret but can imply what it is from the endpapers of the book. The composition of this book parallels the story; the words and illustrations trail across the page like the chain reaction of a secret being told to several people. In the classroom, this book could be used to teach about trust and keeping secrets.

  • Melanie
    2019-05-10 08:12

    Olive's friend Molly told her a secret. Olive knows she mustn't tell anyone. She thinks about it as she encounters each of her friends. But she chooses not to, wisely. By the time she meets up with her turtle friend Joe, she can't hold it in anymore and she tells him. Well, Joe tells Matt the dog who can't keep secrets at all. Matt immediately tells his friends Lola and Bea. Lola runs off and immediately tells her best friend, Molly.Now Molly knows that Olive didn't keep her secret. But children in storytime might get a chance to see what Molly's secret was. Maybe...A great book for teaching lessons about keeping secrets and being honest.

  • Alice
    2019-04-28 05:55

    A tough critic just gave this book a 4 star...please continue to breath in and out! This is an important story that kids need to learn. How to keep a secret! If your friends says "It's a secret don't tell anyone" and you said "Sure I can keep a secret" then keep your mouth shut!! This books is about what happens when a secret gets spread from one friend to another.It is cute at the last page where it says, "Well, I'd like to tell you, but....(NEXT PAGE) It's a secret." And although Olive doesn't TELL you the the last page gives it away. Cute book, teaches a good lesson and I got a true LOL out of it!

  • Barbara
    2019-05-05 04:56

    All of us know someone like Olive--or maybe we ourselves are a bit like Olive. We try our best not to reveal someone's confidence, but we just can't do it. In Olive's case, when her friend Molly swears her to secrecy, Olive just tells one person, who just tells one person, who tells one person until the secret comes back around to Molly. Although the experience depicted in this picture book is quite common, the back page reveals just what the secret is about. The mixed media illustrations against generous amounts of white space are filled with colors and the adorable facial expressions of the story's animal characters. This one would be a great read aloud.

  • A
    2019-05-02 06:01

    Super cute picture book read aloud. Olive's friend tells her a secret and Olive has promised not to tell a soul. But secrets are just so hard to keep. Before you know it Olive told this one, who told that one, who told that one, who eventually told the friend that originally told Olive the secret. Ooops! Olive said she only told 1 person, but look what happened!! Pictures and text are great for read aloud!

  • Ann
    2019-05-16 06:55

    Have you ever had a secret that you just can't keep to yourself? Olive has a secret and she just wants to tell her friend, Jesse. She thought she'd tell Ziggy instead. Then she thought she shouldn't. It was passed on to Joe. Traveling through road to water to restaurant to playground where It came first circle back to,Olive. Just what is the red, hot secret that would make a certain someone blush?

  • Alexandria Hiam
    2019-05-06 00:09

    Super cute picture book read aloud. Olive's friend tells her a secret and Olive has promised not to tell a soul. But secrets are just so hard to keep. Before you know it Olive told this one, who told that one, who told that one, who eventually told the friend that originally told Olive the secret. Ooops! Olive said she only told 1 person, but look what happened!! Pictures and text are great for read aloud!

  • Sarah BT
    2019-05-02 07:50

    Oh first love and secrets. Olive is told a secret and she says she won't tell, but it's so hard not to share! So she shares and then the secret gets told and so on and so on until it gets back to Molly who is very upset her secret is out. A great book to talk about secrets and friendship with sweet illustrations.

  • Emily
    2019-05-10 07:04

    This book is about a girl, Molly, who tells her friend Olive a secret. Olive tells someone else, who tells someone else, who tells someone else. Pretty sure, the secret gets back to Molly and everyone knows! This book is great to demonstrate to kids what can happen when secrets are told. Secrets are not a good thing to have, and can really hurt feelings!

  • Jen
    2019-05-02 04:47

    Molly tells Olive her secret and tells her not to tell anyone, but we all know how that goes! This book shows just what happens when one person tells and then it grows into another person telling and yet another person. I liked how the author didn't tell us the secret, but the illustration leaves readers guessing or thinking they know what Molly's secret was.

  • Samantha
    2019-05-06 07:11

    When Olive learns a secret she tries to keep it to herself but a secret is so juicy it practically begs to be shared! As often happens with secrets, it makes its rounds and eventually gets back to the person who the secret is about. Great read aloud with a funny ending that speaks right to the audience!

  • IrenesBookReviews
    2019-05-03 03:15

    This is a cute book that teaches about how important it is to keep a secret. Olive is told a secret and struggles with keeping it to herself. I gave this book 5/5 stars. I think all children go through this stage where if someone tells them a secret they share it with everyone around them. This entertaining story shows how quickly a secret can be made into a subject to talk to others about.

  • Karen Arendt
    2019-05-04 05:00

    SLJ Starred Good story for character education. Shows (through a girl sharing a secret with her friend) how a secret no longer stays a secret. Best part is the end when you don'g get to find out the secret!

  • Suzanne
    2019-04-29 06:56

    This is a simple to understand books about what happens when you tell a secret that was entrusted to you! It is an essential book for grades schools! This book could open up lots of discussion on trust and friendship.

  • Alysia Adams
    2019-05-18 03:51

    Title: Olive and the Big SecretAuthor: Tor FreemanPublisher: TemplarDate: August 2012Genre: Fiction/Social Situations/FriendshipStrength/Aspect of Special Interest: This children’s book teaches students not only the importance of keeping secrets when someone asks them to.

  • Debby Baumgartner
    2019-04-29 05:01

    Molly shares a secret with Olive and tells her not to tell. Finally, Olive can not keep the secret and she tells someone and the secret is continued to be shared with another new person. Molly discovers her secret is out. What does she do?

  • Shawna
    2019-05-08 01:10

    Olive is told a secret by her friend Molly and promises not to tell. But secrets are hard to hold onto and before long, Olive tells a friend, who tells a friend, and so on. Cute illustrations add to this story about what happens when you "just told one person!" :)

  • Jeanette Johnson
    2019-04-29 02:09

    Molly has a secret, of course, if you share it with even one person you run the risk of it not being a secret anymore. This is a great story to explain what a secret is and how it is not ok to tell anyone. Olive finds out what happens when she shares Molly's secret with others.

  • GalindoLibrarian
    2019-04-26 01:11

    Very lite story about not keeping secrets...nothing serious comes of the telling of the secret, no depth to characters or relationships. More of a cute circular story. Maybe could use when discussing qualities of a good friend...? maybe.