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When Adolf Hitler is afraid of something, people take notice . . . but what could be so horrendous as to terrify the most evil man in all history?Bismarck 2013 is two novels in one, each story alternating between the two time periods, one being1941 and Germany's attempt to control the North Atlantic shipping lanes when the infamous Bismarck is mysteriously sunk. History prWhen Adolf Hitler is afraid of something, people take notice . . . but what could be so horrendous as to terrify the most evil man in all history?Bismarck 2013 is two novels in one, each story alternating between the two time periods, one being1941 and Germany's attempt to control the North Atlantic shipping lanes when the infamous Bismarck is mysteriously sunk. History provides one answer to why and how the huge battlesthip was sent to her watery grave. At the same time, story number two is set in the future of 2013 when salvage operation divers go into the interior of the sunken destroyer named Bismarck.In 1941 Hitler ostensibly visits to inspect the Kriegsmariners, but he secretively leaves an unusual metal box hidden on board the infamous German battleship with the proviso the admiral drop the little 'coffin' in the deepest part of the North Atlantic. The top-secret mission Bismarck is on is soon compromised by Hitler's curse as well as a German-born British spy named Hulsing, a Lt. Commander on board who is soon drawn into the mystery of the unusual box left by Hitler. Lt. Hulsing is soon witness to an outbreak of insanity among the ship's leaders and SS Officer Bonekemper. It was a ship destined to dominate the high seas in the name of Der Fuhrer and Nazi Germany, but that can't happen if the ship can't survive Hitler's Curse. Before it is over, Nazi naval officers are turned into mindless beings controlled by an entity of pure evil.In the future alternating chapters set in 2013, a huge salvage operation to plunder the sunken destroyer is well-planned and organized until it slowly begins to crumble due to a curse older than 70 years. When divers Marshall Bradshaw, Deanna Burlingame, and four others go into and through the INTERIOR of the ship (three miles below the surface), they learn the 'superstitions' surrounding the ship had their basis in fact! In other words, the evil that had so frightenend Hitler still lurks in the depths to which it was consigned in 1941. With new 'blood' inside the ship, the entity that terroized the German sailors in '41 takes glee in introducing Bradshaw and company to the nature of horror. Can anyone survive the curse of Hitler? Hitler lost control of the North Atlantic, which led to his demise--some believe as a direct result of the thing in the box left on board the Bismarck. This begs the question, will anyone survive?Something of a 'companion' piece to Robert W. Walker's Titanic 2012 - Curse of RMS Titanic, Bismarck 2013 while not a sequel, is yet another seagoing suspense with historical accuracy blended in a mixer with a large dallop of weird Twilight Zone occult twist. The novel clarifies what could possibly have brought the greatest battleship of its time to its final resting place at the bottom of the North Atlantic. For the reader the question becomes which story is more compelling, and why is it that while in the past story, the reader wants the future story, and when in the future story why s/he wants to return to the past story . . .In the end, the sea suffers no fools, and the story pulls back a curtain on the those who do good and die for it, those who do evil and die for it, the weak, the vain, the villainous, and those who are heroic come forth in two tales in two eras....

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Bismark: 1941 - Hitler's Curse - 2013 Reviews

  • Jeff Dawson
    2019-04-11 20:08

    Back to Drawing BoardI must admit, this is the first book I really struggled all the way through. The concept and blurb grabbed my attention, at first. Then I started reading. When it come to historical fiction (as is the case) I expect the facts to be relatively correct. If those facts are correct, then the story should flow with minor problems. Not the case. The book starts in May of 1941 and somehow France has not fallen? Hitler is on the bridge of the Bismarck smoking and the Bismarck is being salvaged in the Denmark Straight? For those of us a little familiar with history, the above three are about as wrong as one can guess. We are also led to be believe that the Brittanic was sunk by U-boats when it was actually holed by a mine in 1916 and last but not least there is no such island geography of the Balkan Islands in the Baltic or North Sea. Okay, with that out of the way I pressed on. One glaring reference that was made multiple times is that the Bismarck is battleship and not a destroyer. If the word would have been italicized, it would have driven the point home.l The idea has a lot of merit. Adolph Hitler (with the help of Dr. Joseph Mengle) assists with twin conceived by Adolph and Eva. One problem, the children (child) that is borne is a deformed demonic twin. Hitler can not deal with the aberration in that his own policies would put the child to death and bring great embarrassment to him and the Third Reich. He sees a way out of the dilemma and leaves the stillborn in the hands of Admiral Luetjens and Captain Lindemman to dispose of properly in the depths of the Atlantic. What no one realizes is the evil that possess the body and mind of Adolph is alive and well in the two dead (?) singular twins having dire consequences for all who come in contact with them. One other caveat, there is a spy on board the mighty battleship working for the British Admiralty with their own agenda. Now that is a great story line and very commendable.I don't like being really critical of fellow authors when it comes to editing issues, but Mr. Walker, it would be very prudent for the editors and proof-readers to give this another go. There are copious spelling errors through the work and in the beginning one very glaring area was the none use of parenthesis where needed. Is the story line good? Yes. Is the concept well thought out? Yes. It just needs a lot of polishing.

  • Chris Gibson
    2019-04-18 22:11

    I have to admit before going any farther that my name was used as a character. One thing I really enjoy about Robs books. He asks those who are Facebook friends if they would like to die a horrible death in his books. I need to read it again because I read an early addition with errors and that really distracts me. The book is different since it is second in a series of historical shipwrecks. Titanic 2012 being the first. So if you like historical fiction with a touch of horror then give it a shot.

  • Brian Bigelow
    2019-04-10 22:27

    Interesting book that really is different. Let's see, you have Hitler's and Eva Braun's aborted fetuses, incubus', people going crazy and two time periods (1941 and 2013). You also have the 1941 version of James Bond and all of that skulduggery, you also have a very crazy German SS officer. I'll admit it could use a bit of editing, there are a number of syntax issues in this book which is why I gave it four stars. The syntax errors are mostly at the beginning of the book, not so many later on. If the syntax was cleaned up this book easily deserves five stars.

  • Harish Puvvula
    2019-03-30 19:16

    This book defies classification. Call it WWII war novel, para normal novel, psyche thriller. The narration is smooth, given that the novel deals with two timelines :1941and 2013. The transition between the periods is well handled. The style reminds me of Alistar McLean. I loved reading this book despite not being a paranormal fan.

  • Beth Dary
    2019-04-17 21:09

    A great concept in theme, but the writing was awful! Unrealistic dialogue and gratuitous relationships that were not believable. Only book I ever gave up on halfway through.