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Flying into action, daredevil photojournalist Johnny Brice is always looking for trouble . . . and more often than not, finding it. But he doesn’t know what real trouble is until he rescues the beautiful woman he calls Jinx from a sinking ship. Like Bogie and Bacall, they’re made for each other—even if they are a dangerous mix. Get the picture? Well, Johnny always does. ThFlying into action, daredevil photojournalist Johnny Brice is always looking for trouble . . . and more often than not, finding it. But he doesn’t know what real trouble is until he rescues the beautiful woman he calls Jinx from a sinking ship. Like Bogie and Bacall, they’re made for each other—even if they are a dangerous mix. Get the picture? Well, Johnny always does. The problem is, with Jinx now in the picture, all his photo-scoops are going down the drain—losing his film to water, fire or war. And it all comes to a head on assignment in China, when the Japanese shoot his plane down and take Jinx and Johnny prisoner. Their lives at risk, it’s time for Johnny to get the real story about the lady. Is she really a jinx . . . or something even more sinister? In an adventure full of surprising discoveries, getting at the truth leads to the most shocking twist of all.L. Ron Hubbard had first-hand experience of flying high with Trouble on His Wings. As a young aviator, he loved to tempt danger. One journalist wrote: “The flaming-haired pilot hit the city like a tornado a few years ago. . . . He just dared the ground to come up and hit him.” The knowledge and insight he gained during those flights is clearly evident in his aerial adventure stories....

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Trouble on His Wings Reviews

  • David Caldwell
    2018-11-10 14:07

    I won a copy on Goodreads Firstreads.Johnny Brice is a top pilot/newsreel journalist. Along with his partner,Irish,They will fly towards danger at a moment's notice with camera in hand. But when a beautiful and mysterious woman enters their lives, their luck goes sour.Dubbing her Jinx, Johnny and Irish finds themselves in trouble time and time again.Can they manage to turn solve the mystery surrounding her and turn their luck back around?I am a fan of pulp stories but haven't had many chances to see that many.Having to rely on reprints has limited my accessibility. So I am glad to hear that this publisher is trying to save at least some of these stories. L.Ron Hubbard has never been one of my favorite writers. He seems to be over-hyped by many and I just never drank that kool-aid. I have never found an author that only wrote great stories, they all have a clunker or two especially if they are as prolific as some of the pulp writers were. But I haven't really seen much Of Hubbard's early works so I was more than willing to give this one a shot.The pulp magazines reached their heyday in the 1930's and 1940's.It was a much different time. The main forms of entertainment for the common person was the movies(which was also an outlet for news),the radio(which featured programs like TV nowadays), and reading. Pulp magazines were published as cheaply as possible. They used wood pulp paper(the cheapest available and hence the name,also the main reason so many have not survived)and they paid their authors as little as possible(usually around a penny a word).So authors put out as many stories as they could. This was the point in history when more stories were being published then any other time(think about the recent boom of e-published stories). At this time most people still saw the world as a big mysterious place where Africa and the Orient were almost like a different world.(Not like today where anyone can read about anywhere or anywhen at any time by simply clicking a few times on your mouse.) So adventure stories were in giant demand. So naturally with so much material being put out, there were bound to be some true gems mixed into the mix. Of course there is also a lot of stories that are gratefully sliding into obscurity.This series of books is designed to keep some of these stories from disappearing.L.Ron Hubbard was one of the most prolific of the pulp writers. This series will reprint some of the best of the Hubbard stories.This story was fast and fun but not truly outstanding.The book starts with a nice forward by Kevin J. Anderson. There is a preview of another story,The Battling Pilot.Finally there is a mini-biography of L.Ron Hubbard himself.Hubbard lead a life of adventure which he used to breathe an air of truth into his adventure stories.This is a must read for fans of L.Ron Hubbard. Also fans of pulp magazines should enjoy this book. It would also make a nice introduction to pulp writing for anybody who is interested but not had a chance to see any of the stories before.It is a little ironic that a story that was published originally in a magazine that was put out as cheaply as possible(along with four other short novels)is being reprinted in a premium edition that is fairly pricey for what you get. This is especially true when you see the insert in the middle of the book that is trying to get you to sign up for the monthly book club.

  • Ricki
    2018-11-21 16:16

    This audio edition of Trouble on His Wings was actually a lot of fun. Unlike a typical audio book, it is performed like a radio drama which works excellently with this 1939 adventure story of a new photographer who will do whatever it takes to get the scoop...and the jinx he picks up along the way. If you are looking for an exciting blast from the past, this is definitely it.

  • Thomas
    2018-11-22 13:11

    In this exciting pulp classic from 1939, Johnny Brice is working as a flyer and photographer for World News publications. He’s a typical brash young man, intent on making a dollar and willing to take chances. Constantly putting himself at risk is second nature to him. Determined to get the first newsreel footage of disasters as they happen, he goes so far as to parachute into the ocean in order to get picked up by a rescue ship on its way to save the survivors of a burning vessel. Then one day he inadvertently saves the life of a beautiful girl, and as you would expect from a piece of pulp fiction the plot heats up from there. Trouble On His Wings is one of many air-adventure stories penned by L. Ron Hubbard, himself a barnstorming pilot in his youth. This is one of his longer stories from the 30s and what a wonderful tale it is. Johnny Brice is identical to the male lead characters in Hubbard’s best fiction; immediately likeable, handsome and resourceful. I’m particularly fond of Hubbard’s air-adventure tales because his love of flying and adventure comes across in the writing. His characters speak to the joy of flight and the grand sweep of landscape below them: “She watched the country unroll below them, small ripples of pleasure going through her at the variety of colors of the checkerboard earth, of the dollhouse towns, always with their guardian church spires...” Such strong writing makes reading Trouble On His Wings all the more pleasurable. You can see and feel the action of the story. And what would a great pulp fiction story be without a little romance? Trouble On His Wings is flavored with a blossoming romance as Brice takes note of his beautiful rescued passenger as they fly across the country: “Her honey-gold hair was delightfully real.” But naturally their fate is undecided as Brice begins to think the girl, who refuses to tell him her name, has jinxed him. His best efforts at getting newsreel footage are crushed time and again with a string of incredible bad luck. The girl may be beautiful, but he can’t shake either her or the trouble that keeps coming his way. Written in eleven thrilling chapters Trouble On His Wings is a robust and heartfelt adventure. The plot takes a few turns and twists that will keep readers guessing as they whip through the pages. This was such a fun book to read. I was swept along myself on this cross-country thrill ride. Readers will be rooting for Johnny Brice and “Jinx” to not only work out their problems, but survive the inexplicable poor fortune that plagues Johnny at every turn. What you get with every story by L. Ron Hubbard is a dedication to the characters, the plot and a devotion to the readers who are expecting the best, and then receiving the best.

  • Emily (Heinlen) Davis
    2018-11-28 14:51

    I received a set of L. Ron Hubbard audiobooks to review. This was one of them. The audiobook portion was very well-done and was more like a radio drama of old and less like a traditional audiobook. I did not care for the actual book though.

  • Jim
    2018-11-25 15:21

    An interesting mystery, told fairly well by Hubbard. Pulp fiction kept modest by the age in which it was written - thank you, author.

  • Kaj Samuelsson
    2018-11-11 12:21

    I really liked this story, especially the description of how someone can be so much into his job that he does not care what else happens to him just as long as he gets the picture or film he wants.

  • Michelle
    2018-11-19 11:52

    Playing Jokers Blog: all suits of genres and bookish newsI’m trying this thing out where I don’t make my own synopsis for the book. I’m trying to have the review be just a review and any background information about the book is left to the official summary. It’s difficult; it’s like there is an immediate block between myself and my thoughts about the book. Johnny Brice and his coworker, Irish, (who, as you can guess, is Irish) start experiencing a rash of some serious bad luck in their plight to get newsreel footage when they take on a mysterious no named girl. They nickname her Jinx because she is surely bringing them bad luck. But it’s right there that I have a problem with the story. Jinx won’t tell them her name. She won’t let them send her away. She basically insists on mooching off of Johnny and Irish, potentially putting them in danger through whatever ‘bad stuff’ she has gotten herself in and by pulling their attentions away from their job. Jinx as a character bothered me throughout the entire story. There was barely any character development concerning her and her motives and actions seemed almost unfounded. While at the end, things are revealed, it’s still not satisfying. The ending read like the last episode of a show that just canceled. Oh no! We had all these directions we wanted to take the story! Better quickly wrap everything up as neatly as possible because the network is only giving us one more episode.Other than Jinx and her strange motives and feelings, I did enjoy the story. I liked that the story took place predominantly in the U.S. as many of the other L. Ron Hubbard stories I’ve listened to so far were largely international. The stakes seemed a little bit lower so it was a nice break from some of the other crazy scenarios in the other stories. It was pretty PG rated; there was no hardcore violence, rape, or other kind of elements that might trouble people that can occur in pulp fiction.And as always, the audio CDs are great. I love the acting and the sound effects.

  • Craig
    2018-11-24 13:13

    This is a book in the Golden Age library of early pulp stories by L. Ron Hubbard produced by Galaxy Press; evidently there will eventually be an astonishing eighty volumes. They're attractive, uniform volumes with the same introduction by Kevin Anderson at the front and a (somewhat disputed) biography at the end, featuring nice illustrations and art from the period. I wish that they would credit the artists, but perhaps they're no longer identifiable. Each book is labeled in one of eight categories, Western, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Air Adventure, Sea Adventure, Far-Flung Adventure, or Tales From the Orient. The current volume is listed as Air Adventure, though I would have chosen one of the other categories; yes, they travel in planes, but that's not the main focus of the tale as it is in a previous Hubbard volume I read recently, SABOTAGE IN THE SKY. Hubbard was a very good story-teller, and this one is no exception. The pace of the plot is frenetic, but he still takes time to throw in some nice character development and humorous dialog. It's not the same level as one expects today, of course, but for its time and venue it was very, very good, and a lot of fun. Jinx, the female character, is not presented in such a negative sexist manner as many of the stories of the period did, either. The story was originally published almost three years before the Pearl Harbor attack, and it's interesting to read Hubbard's take on the Japanese military. The main characters make their livings by flying to scenes of disasters and filming them for news reels, and, again from an historical perspective, it was fascinating to see how much the technology and culture has changed in the time since this novella first appeared. I enjoyed the book very much; I was pleased to win a copy of TROUBLE ON HIS WINGS in a Goodreads Firstreads giveaway.

  • Mason
    2018-11-09 17:03

    When it comes to a hard-working ‘picture-chaser’ for the newsreels, there’s none no better than Johnny Brice, even if he is a bit hotheaded.Johnny loves getting in the middle of the story to get the best coverage. All is going well for him until the day he saves the beautiful golden-haired girl from the ocean during a ship disaster.Bringing nothing but bad luck, Johnny calls her ‘Jinx.’ No matter where he goes for a story, he can’t seem to get a good shot. To make matters worse, he can’t seem to get rid of ‘Jinx’ either.The talented multicast, featuring Jennifer Aspen, gives the characters their own distinct voices. With the addition of music and special effects, the listeners are placed in the middle of the action. Others performing include: Bob Casco, R.F. Daley, Jim Meskimen, and Matt Scott.Moving at a fast pace, the story grabs listeners attention and hold it until the end transporting them to a different place and time.FTC Full Disclosure - This audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

  • Dale
    2018-11-21 14:20

    Multicast performancePublished by Galaxy AudioDuration: 2 hours, 6 minutesFirst published in the magazine Five-Novels Monthly in 1939, Trouble on His Wings is part of a large series of books and stories that are being re-published by Galaxy Press as part of their Golden Age Stories series. In reality, they are a collection of L. Ron Hubbard's early works that were published in magazines and as pulp fiction books. Hubbard was a prolific writer and he wrote a lot of action stories that translate quite well into the multicast performance audiobook format.This audiobook features Johnny Brice and Irish Donnegan, two news cameramen who work for a company that makes those newsreels that used to run at the movie theaters. Brice and Donnegan will go anywhere and do just about anything for the big news story, including jumping out of airplanes, get shot at, braving forest fires and flying into a war zone.While on a big story, they pick up a beautiful girl that they call "Jinx." They call her Jinx because when she is around things seem to go wrong for Donnegan and Brice...Read more at:

  • James
    2018-11-13 17:01

    Trouble On His WingsReprints of LRH pulps continue with this gem from the 1930s before the USA got into WWII. Johnny and Irish are the best of the best when it comes to news cameramen for World News. The stereotypical publicity hound boss, the crazy sidekick and the newsman who can do no wrong is plastered all over this tale. When word of a disaster taking place on a ship in the Atlantic hits, Johnny is on a plane and bound to get some pictures for the newsreels (remember those, kiddies?). Through some pretty farfetched plotting (it is a pulp after all) he gets a girl. A girl who is a mystery, who says it’s best if Johnny does not know her; it’s best if he is careful and it could mean the death of him if he finds out who she really is. The story really pulls no punches as Johnny runs into more and more bad luck as he drags this gal and Irish across the country. Losing film, wet cameras, burning forest fires and the Japanese Imperial Fleet have nothing on Johnny’s ability to bring the news that’s fit to watch. Fast paced, silly at times, and a surprise ending to a short story tale. Nice way to knock off an hour or so. Recommended.

  • Natalie
    2018-12-01 19:54

    I received "Trouble on His Wings" through Library Thing Early Reviewers. Trouble on his Wings by L. Ron Hubbard is about Johnny Brice a hard working "picture chaser" for the newsreels. He loves to fly into the mouth of danger and get the story first, shoot it and send the film back fast so it can be turned into newsreels for theaters across America.He is the best there ever was as a "top dog" reporter; up until the day he inadvertently saves the life of girl he pulls out of the ocean while covering a ship burning at sea. The dame, or "Jinx" as Brice calls her, seems to bring bad luck. She keeps Brice on his toes and waist deep in trouble. No matter how hard he tries or how good the story is, Johnny can't seem to get good shots or shake the girl.Trouble on His Wings has many twists and turns that keeps you guessing. The sound effects are amazing, you feel like you are in the sky riding in the airplane. This story has a surprise ending that reveals who "Jinx" really is.

  • Jeff
    2018-11-23 17:15

    Trouble on His Wings is essentially a throw-away pulp adventure following a flying news photographer after a chance encounter with a blonde bombshell who, quite literally, throws herself into his life. The story itself is entertaining enough, but it has very little umph behind it. It's more of a vignette, or a series of smaller vignettes, than a full story, almost like a one-act play broken into three acts. It also suffers from its datedness, though that's a fairly minor concern. Bottom line: it's an ok read but unless you're a die-hard Hubbard completist, you can probably skip this one.

  • Connie Gruning
    2018-11-22 12:59

    I love these books on CD by L.Ron Hubbard. These are multi-cast read books. All with the feel of old time radio, sound effects and music, these have it all. The story telling is so vivid you can truly picture everything as it's happening. AWESOME pulp fiction books. To read my full review check Golden Age has done L.Ron Hubbards books with flair and passion.

  • Shawn
    2018-11-09 17:18

    I received this book as part of a goodreads giveaway.Compared to the other short fiction by L. Ron Hubbard I have read, this book had more action, but less reason. The main character was unlikable and the attempts to make him seem like he was just a tough guy for show were weak at best. Not one i would recommend.

  • Stephanie
    2018-12-06 11:56

    This multi-cast audio performance was fantastic for the daily commute to my children's school and work. My 11 year old really enjoyed it and would get upset when I listened ahead of her. I received several of these "Stories from the Golden Age" audio books and we've decided to save them for an upcoming roadtrip.

  • Cynthia
    2018-12-05 12:52

    This is one of many short stories that the author put out in pulp magazines back in the 30s and 40s. I found the 'multi-cast' production to be distracting. It was meant to sound like an old radio show but some of the voices bordered on the ridiculous. It was OK but nothing to write home about.

  • Chekita Hernandez
    2018-11-10 15:58

    I won my copy. I had never "read" one of his books, but I have "heard" quite a few of them. I kinda liked this one, and I felt it was well written. I will probably purchase a copy of the audibook. His story reminds me of the old gumshoe stories. I recommend this title.

  • Mike Mccrory
    2018-11-22 16:18

    Wonderful story! Love the characters. non stop action. Mr. Hubbbard puts so much detail into his characters! ive just started reading his Golden age series from the 1940's. This was my first. Will post as I complete them!

  • Cassandra
    2018-11-26 20:07

    Like his other books this action filled and perfectly written. This is a great book for all older ages. I was thrilled to grab a beverage and finish this book in one sitting. The ending is worth the read.I received a complimentary copy of this book.

  • Jeff J.
    2018-12-06 13:12

    The misadventures of a newsreel photographer are chronicled in this fun pulp novel by the prolific Hubbard.

  • William
    2018-11-27 17:16

    Golden age short storyA short story from the golden age of pulp novels. A quick read for the beach. Usual story line of the 40s.

  • Meagan Hansen
    2018-11-14 14:12

    i wanted to like this story, I really did. I love old science fiction stories and adventure stories. For some reason I just could not sink myself into this story.