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Co-workers Kai and Toga have an ongoing feud that makes them look like sworn enemies! But their snarling sarcasm barely conceals the fact that they're wild for one another. Can a lonely, lovelorn rabbit and a ravenous wolf learn to play nice... or will they devour one another in a flurry of fur?...

Title : Gentleman's Agreement Between a Rabbit and a Wolf
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ISBN : 9781569702543
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 200 Pages
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Gentleman's Agreement Between a Rabbit and a Wolf Reviews

  • Teetee
    2018-11-17 04:01

    An old, early favorite of mine!

  • Charles
    2018-11-17 12:16

    Not For the Faint of Heart - Gentleman's Agreement Between a Rabbit and a Wolf ReviewWell NFtFoH is back with perhaps the longest titled naughty book yet. And it is a charming story for the most part, showcasing the budding romance between two men working in the same office. They go through the standard not liking each other at first before admitting their feelings, and eventually they get more serious, showing each other how they feel. The story of the rabbit and the wolf, though, is only about half of the volume. And while the three stories in the back of the volume are by no means bad, I was nonetheless disappointed that there wasn't more of the main story, especially given how they choose to end it.And I know it might sound strange coming from me, who so enjoys the backups in the Finder series, but I just don't like that main story, where the main story here is definitely the star, giving something new and fresh and fun with the romance between the fun and frantic rabbit and the more reserved and collected wolf. And I suppose I can appreciate the fact that it would have been very easy to have the rabbit, who is a little physically smaller, to be the bottom while the more serious wolf was the top, but the series offers something rather new and refreshing by switching that dynamic.And while I would have wanted them to be able to switch, perhaps, at least it was not as typical as all that. Indeed, the characters are endearing and fun, and I really would have preferred the whole volume be about them, especially considering that this weird paranormal vibe creeps up in the last chapter of their story without (in my opinion) an adequate resolution. Basically, a spirit possesses the wolf character and the rabbit...uh...loves the spirit away, breaking the spirit's haunting of an apartment and leaving them without a good place to stay.That aside, I guess, the backup stories aren't bad. The first is a rather standard (and a little creepy) one about a teacher and an older teacher. It's cute enough, but I find it a bit disturbing that the older teacher (who still looks very young, 30 at the most) is falling for a former student who must at least be ten years his junior. Which is a similar complaint as with the second story, which has to do with the Yakuza and again is a bit creepy with the age difference between the two characters. The third story is very cute, though, and ends the volume strong, with two co-workers trying to unlock the secrets of an aphrodisiac gum. Hot and cute and with consenting adults, so just the way I prefer.And in the end I have to say the fact that the volume dips in quality between the main story and the last story was a bit of a sadness for me, because the main story was lots of fun and I wanted more of that. Throughout the volume, the love scenes are all nice, and quite plentiful, so at least anyone looking for that will be pleased, but I tend to want a bit more meat (teehee) to the story, and I felt that the volume got away from the rabbit and the wolf too early. Now, who knows, there could be a volume two, but I rather doubt it at this point. In any event, the volume is a solid one, fun and cute and only a bit creepy at times (and at least all consensual, so hurrah) and earns itself a 7/10.

  • K(n)itsune
    2018-12-05 11:08

    My first thought when I opened this file was “Wonderful! A vintage title!”. Based on the art style I would have dated A Gentleman's Agreement Between a Rabbit and a Wolf about ten years older than it actually is, and that's a very good thing! The art is my number-one favorite thing about this overall very high quality manga, it reminded me (only visually!) of the work of my favorite mangaka, Mika Sadahiro. The composition is dynamic and well thought out, so each page moves beautifully. Also, the characters are all very different looking and individually recognizable, which I think we all know can not be said nearly often enough when it comes to yaoi. The characters are expressive, too. Their emotions and motivations read not only on their faces but in body language too. Oh, and speaking of bodies, attention to physical detail is very present and anatomy is carefully and realistically rendered, right on down to the unusually, er, plausible endowment. The spicy scenes are very much so, and not in short supply. I was a very happy camper throughout.A Gentleman's Agreement is a series of one-shots, of which several follow the same couple. These characters are adorable. Between the Rabbit's aggression and the Wolf's responsiveness, these two's interactions never cool off, and despite the fact that this is a workplace story, it contains unusual elements such as furry fetishism and even a supernatural story! The perspective switches between the men and the relationship feels very fleshed out, though I must say there is no conflict o speak of. Sometimes that's okay. The other shots include a School Life story that deals with trauma, a very original and hot Yakuza story, and a lovely workplace story involving megane fetishism, science, and drugs! It's just really fabulous stuff.Overall this manga is original, entertaining, hot, and excellently executed. I will revisit it many times and it would be a treat for any yaoi fan. I was very refreshed by this work and I hope lots of other readers discover and enjoy it too!

  • Cat
    2018-12-08 08:04

    I usually like Oumi-sensei's works. This one seems to be lacking though in many areas. The artwork is still Oumi-sensei all the way but the plotline - and I'm being generous calling it that - is almost non-existant. To take businessmen and have them dress up in skin-tight animal costumes to pass out flyers and balloons to children just doesn't sit right with me.If you're a huge fan of Oumi-sensei or non-sensical stories then this might be a title you have to check out but I would stay away if you like plot and good characters in your stories.

  • Jennifer Lavoie
    2018-11-22 08:13

    Great art with some funny stories. I particularly enjoyed the story "Serious Love" with Date and the Yakuza boss's son. I kind of figured out the ending before it happened, but it was still a good read, and I'd love to read more of them in the future after the son takes over. Definitely worth adding to a collection, especially if you enjoy some comedy.

  • Alexandra
    2018-11-30 06:20

    Humorous and hot, but no substance.

  • Jessie Potts
    2018-11-20 12:20

    Not my favorite I liked the title story the least (cheesy cheesy cheesy) and wasn't that impressed with the others. For $12 I could have bought a much better yaoi... sigh....