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While it’s inevitable that all of us will traumatize our children, even the most committed parents have lacked guidance in doing so deliberately and effectively. Don’t leave your most important job to instinct and gut reactions—whether you want to traumatize your children with the same techniques your parents used or you prefer to choose an entirely new approach, this bookWhile it’s inevitable that all of us will traumatize our children, even the most committed parents have lacked guidance in doing so deliberately and effectively. Don’t leave your most important job to instinct and gut reactions—whether you want to traumatize your children with the same techniques your parents used or you prefer to choose an entirely new approach, this book will show you the way!The perfect guide for both new and experienced parents Part of the acclaimed and proven-to-work Self-Hurt Series Hardcover; 4.875 x 7.175 inches; 192 pages; full-color throughout...

Title : How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill
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ISBN : 9781601063090
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and with Skill Reviews

  • Tink Magoo is bad at reviews
    2018-11-12 23:24

    I'm pretty sure I've already succeeded at this- what with the 'foreskin' talk because my other half is a chicken shit and wouldn't talk about it and the 'special cuddle' baby making talk, plus the 'block your ears and hum to yourself after your Dad's had a few beers' talk - still, there are more things I could be doing to ensure good traumatisation to my children.

  • Pavel
    2018-12-07 07:35

    This books is to parenting as Colbert Report is to republicans.

  • Christine
    2018-11-16 07:28

    This is more like a funny idea, and you get a giggle out of the fact that this book exists, but it's not written in an amusing enough manner to make it last through 144 pages. It's more...sad. Because everything in this book happens, but not on purpose (or at least, not consciously) and you know it's just a vicious cycle of awful. I've got a pretty well-developed sense of humor (see Go the Fuck to Sleep), but this just didn't do anything for me.

  • Vi
    2018-11-15 00:32

    Quite a funny and witty book. This dark satire on parenting (at least, I hope that that's what it really is behind the mask!) had me chuckling most of the time--even if at times really guiltily being a mother and all--but it also made me hyper-aware of all the shit I must not do to my kid. Like another reviewer said, reading through the traumatizing techniques actually is made me truly sad for those who will endure/currently endure/have endured these very real and unfortunate familial situations.

  • Ahmad
    2018-11-24 04:29

    I don't usually write many reviews, but this book might be the best hidden jewel I ever stumbled upon. So much truth, too real, too close to home. Makes you realize how fucked up your childhood was (at least mine) and how so many parents have no fucking clue what they're doing. I recommend for EVERYONE - you will either learn something painfully true about yourself or at least you will learn how to traumatized your children ;)

  • Laura
    2018-11-11 01:28

    I couldn't finish this one. It wasn't funny at all. BAD GIFT TO GIVE A MOM-TO-BE.

  • Lydia Ingram
    2018-12-08 03:18

    Very funny. But frighteningly accurate. I'd give it a higher rating but I'm afraid of what that would say about me. :)

  • Joseph Young
    2018-11-27 03:15

    I had hoped that this would be either a tongue in cheek way of criticizing parents or some way to actually improve kids through trauma, but this book plays it straight. Instead of offering anything novel or useful, it's an encyclopedia of parenting (or parental) suffering. It gets old and boring. The humor caused by the concept is lost by the third chapter. Would not recommend reading this book except for messed up people trying to diagnose how their parents messed them up. So disappointed, like my parents were in me.

  • Claudio Arato
    2018-11-30 00:27

    This is a sneaky book. The traumatized are the parents reading this because the reader will find elements of themselves and those around them in the tenets of this book. It comes across as "this is what you are already doing so be prepared", so some of it hits pretty close to home. There are some actual real thoughts in there. A good read, like how good it feels after the band aid has been ripped away.

  • Friscomama
    2018-11-25 00:07

    Not that funny, serves as a warning of good intentions that can go too far. I wouldn't pay for it, but I did finish this tiny book, and found it gently amusing.

  • Samuel
    2018-11-17 03:31

    So committed to its premise that it made me cringe in places. Not sure if this is brilliant, or just sad, so I'll go with three stars.

  • Deanne
    2018-11-28 00:12

    Not nearly as funny as it wants to be.

  • Pvw
    2018-12-11 01:16

    On a lazy afternoon, I was sitting in an almost empty tent at a village fair. Opposite me were some 14 year olds, slapping each other on the shoulder, wide-eying me and trying to point in my direction without me noticing. I was temporarily puzzled by that, until I realized that they could see the titleof the book I was reading, in large letters on the cover. Undisturbed, I continued my agreeable read.The book focuses on some seven different ways in which you can ruin your children. It is of course ironical, but the authors nicely keep up the pretense that your objective would actually be to traumatize your children to the maximum possible.Some of the parent types are the spoiler, the best-friend-forever, the ambitious parent, the continuously disappointed parent and so on. Many of the hints on how to emotionally cripple your children are unfortunately very recognizable in real parents that you know.A funny short book that is wittily written, and an ideal present for parents-to-be.

  • Ry
    2018-11-24 23:35

    In this concise, well-researched book any parent or potential parent can learn effective tools on the best way to traumatize their children and contribute to the success of the psychotherapy career field. Whether it be the neglector, the best friend, self-esteem killer, narcissist, controller, pusher, or the indulger, each reader will find the best category that fits their own personality. In addition, the author helpfully gives advice on how to combine the various types, as some go hand-in-hand with others. The indulger works very well with the best friend, for example. The most helpful section, by far, is where the author discusses basics that ALL have in common which then enable the reader to create or modify their own traumatization type and to just have fun with this. Two of the biggest pieces of advice to remember are: inconsistency is key and never justify, never explain. I give this 4 out of 5 therapy couches

  • Danielle
    2018-11-25 05:37

    there is just the thinnest layer of truth to this utter ridiculousness, that makes this book a very fun read. i loved it. there is a certain level of trauma everyone feels after childhood and this book seems to go into them all. it brings to light the many ways in which we all, in one way or another, were traumatized and adds a thick layer of humor showing us exactly why it is our responsibility as parents to perpetuate the gift of inter-generational animosity. this book is 100% pure fun, read it!

  • Richard Brownell
    2018-12-11 03:10

    I enjoyed many of the traumatizing parenting styles detailed in the book, even the ones that hit a bit too close to home as a parent. While it's a neat concept, it's ultimately a comedy book and I didn't often find myself laughing. It's more of a dark cynical style of humor and doesn't necessarily lend itself to the length of the book.Still, it's enjoyable. And it may be cathartic for those who had particularly poor parenting.

  • Ashley Desrochers
    2018-12-11 23:23

    I didn't find this funny in a 'ha ha' kind of way. This is more dark humour. It is incredibly insightful in what awful parenting produces, but it's bittersweet in that some of it is unavoidable at some point in your life. After all, there are no perfect parents. You just have to take a deep breath and hope you didn't screw up your children too much. An interesting read into the psychology of bad parenting.

  • Alan Vonlanthen
    2018-11-28 04:34

    Un petit bijou de bouquin ! Ne remplace pas une bonne psychothérapie, mais presque. Sous ses faux-airs de pseudo-manuel éducatif à l'humour délicieusement cynique, il est en fait plutôt profond. On reconnaît bien sûr ses parents dans les profils de traumatiseurs. Mais le drame, c'est qu'on s'y reconnaît aussi ! Au moins, après l'avoir lu, on peut s'amuser à croire que tout cela faisait partie d'un projet pédagogique savamment maîtrisé, depuis des générations et des générations ;)

  • Hina
    2018-12-09 07:10

    Hilarious and powerful, this book has done an amazing job of capturing just how difficult it is to raise children without damaging them in some way. A difficult topic to comment on, this book does a great job of getting its message across and will seriously make you consider your own choice around having children.

  • Peter Wolfley
    2018-11-13 05:35

    While full of delightful wit and laugh out loud humor, this book can cut you to the very core if you're a parent. If you're not a parent, it will illuminate your childhood in ways that are both therapeutic and distressing. The basic concept of the book is regardless of how hard you try, you're going to mess up your kids in some way. That's just the dark truth of parenthood.

  • Rob Carr
    2018-12-08 01:19

    Much like a cheap horror scope from a newspaper it is hard to read this book without turning at least one of its traumatising profiles into either you or your parents. While this book is written as a piece of parody it can actually make you question your assumptions about how you think parenting should be done. Needless to say I look forward to future traumatising.

  • Tom
    2018-11-18 01:29

    I appreciated this book much more as a smart-ass gift from my daughter than for the merits of the book itself. As mentioned by some other reviewers, the idea behind it is funnier than the content. If you're into biting satire, you may enjoy this one more than I did. But even if you're not, it's still good for some chuckles and even the odd (albeit somewhat embarrassed) giggle here and there.

  • Ashley
    2018-11-24 02:11

    Since we're all bound to traumatize our children anyway, isn't it best to choose your method in advance, so that you are aware of the malfunctions they will develop later in life? I think I'm somewhere between "neglect" and "indulgence." Really funny look at all the ways parents cause children to need therapy as adults.

  • Hilary
    2018-11-14 04:13

    This book is hilarious and frighteningly accurate. It takes you through seven parenting styles as if it were a textbook teaching you all the wrong ways to do things. The scariest thing was how right it was about how I turned out because of my parents. It was a real eye-opener as we begin our parenting experience.

  • Liz
    2018-11-12 02:18

    This is the kind of book I wish they kept in waiting rooms instead of magazines. Funny, cynical analysis of flaws in parenting styles from the other side - actively working to traumatized your kids vs. nurture and grow them. Funny to read but I don't think I'd purchase it.

  • Andrea
    2018-12-06 23:29

    People who don't find this book funny, have no sense of humor. I thought it was hilarious. Then again, I also didn't take it seriously. Although I do like the line "When YOU pay the bills, YOU make the rules." I think every parent has used some version of this line and every child has heard it.

  • Bryan457
    2018-12-12 04:35

    Very funny, in a twisted sort of way. I got a good start traumatizing my child by reading snippets of this book out loud to her and her friends.

  • Krista Jenkins
    2018-11-18 05:18

    An entertaining humor book about how to be a bad parent. It's sad how these methods are true.

  • Cindy F
    2018-12-04 00:30

    Very funny and interesting.

  • Stas Panteleev
    2018-11-24 03:10

    Very short.