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An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here, here and here.When Jess Bentley's husband is murdered on the night they return home from their honeymoon, she can't seem to find the will to go on. Frank was everything she'd ever dreamed of and, after spending most of her life in foster homes, all she wants to do is give up... until she discovers she's pregnant with hisAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here, here and here.When Jess Bentley's husband is murdered on the night they return home from their honeymoon, she can't seem to find the will to go on. Frank was everything she'd ever dreamed of and, after spending most of her life in foster homes, all she wants to do is give up... until she discovers she's pregnant with his child. Feeling as though he bears part of the blame, Dan Mulholland made it his mission to help the widow of the man his brother murdered. Little did he know when he knocked on her door, that he would soon find himself married to her... in order to protect her unborn child from a vengeful father-in-law....

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The Daddy Pact Reviews

  • Deedee
    2019-03-30 14:06

    I really like this one. Had me bawling like a baby in the beginning because the author hit home with the emotions and feelings of the heroine and hero. But by the end, I was rooting for them.The Story:Months after her husband death Jess Bentley stills feel like it happen yesterday. Depressed, lonely, and angry. She doesn't think she can go on. Until she finds out she's pregnant.After finding out that his brother murder someone, Daniel Mulholland, feels he is some what responsible and tries to make amends. But Jess's father in law threatens to take away her last thread to the man she so love. Only way is to marry the last man she ever thought she would. But is Dan the healing hand she needs?It such a good read and the story happens more often than not. Is it weird maybe but it makes for a good read. I liked the hero for the he was trying to somehow make up for what his brother did. Even though he is as much a victim as the heroine. I guess people sometimes forgets there's always two sides to one coin.Happy Reading!!! :)

  • Lynde Shaw
    2019-04-14 09:58

    I liked this book a lot! Was it realistic? No. But I read these kind of books for the escapism they provide. Widowed on her honeymoon, 3 months later, ravaged by grief, Jess discovers she's pregnant. After being threatened by her FIL to take her baby, Jess turns, surprisingly, to Dan, brother to the man who killed her husband after Dan's initial attempt at making some sort of amends. What follows is a woman coming to grips with her grief and doing what she has to to protect her baby and move forward with her life. Dan is almost the perfect book husband. He's patient, kind, caring and devoted to being a good husband and father even though their marriage starts out as a temporary, in name only deed to protect the baby yet to be born. If you're looking for something true to life then this book isn't for you. If you want a book where true love overcomes all obstacles, no matter how seemingly impossible, then I recommend this book.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-15 14:01

    This story was simply amazing. After her honeymoon with her dream hubby, Jess's life turns upside down as he is killed before her very eyes. Following the trauma, she finds she's expecting their child and has to deal with the public eye and a horrible father-in-law who would like nothing more than to see her lose everything. She finds aid in a very unlikely place: the brother of the man who killed her husband. This story had me cheering both of them on, laughing and crying as they each dealt with their respective heartaches.Thanks, Kristy, for the delightful read!

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    2019-04-05 15:21

    I hate that I can't give half stars. 3.5 stars for me on this one. But, you know what? I'm going to change it to 4 stars because I just really appreciated how clean this romance was. I really enjoyed reading this book and I loved the whole premise. There were a few editing issues but overall this was a lovely read. A great curl up on the couch with a blanket on a snowy day book. :) That's exactly what I did.

  • Bukcrz
    2019-04-22 15:22

    The book as a whole was a good romance read but there are events in the book that are just unbelievable.At the story's beginning we met a woman so desolate inside that she was willing to do murder just to feel something and feel closer to her dead husband, that I can understand and made sense.We met the hero next, he is filled with a guilty conscience, full of `should haves' and `would haves' as he and his family hurt for his brother's crime. This situation too made sense and a very universal emotion. In his desire to ease his guilt he tried to approach the family of his brother's victim and offer help and when he saw an opening he grabs it with both hands. Good story so far.Now the heroine's former in-laws' threats pretty much pushed her into the hero's wide open arms in marriage. We watch them learn of each other and get to know them as well and see the romance bloom between them amidst family trouble after trouble. To say they survived fires together is fitting considering the wringer the author put them through, though sometimes the wringer is too tough, they are also very apt.I understand the heroine's doubting the hero's love near the end and though it was very dumb move, the hero's way of convincing the heroine is very unique, hilarious, and romantic.Now you asked why my eyebrows rise more than once? It has to do mostly with the heroine's quicksilver change of mind/actions towards the hero at the start of their acquaintance. Logical, yes but considering she was ready to do murder a few hours ago then reaching out and saying sorry for slamming the door on his face, and then meeting him for lunch to finally accepting practically a blank check three hours later (yes, three hours later after she thought to kill with a gun) is emotionally unbelievable for me. Did I mention that her action was towards the brother of the man who confessed shooting her husband to death? Of course I always said I am more bloodthirsty but seriously? Also the heroine became a push over since she agreed to work/collaborate with the hero - for the baby's sake. Sure she blurts an opinion here and there but between the hero and her friend they always manage to change her mind after a few 'convincing' arguments. Of course the hero's offer of marriage is also a bit over the board but I might excuse that for his guilt so that's pretty much negligible but it bears mentioning as his parents said there are always more than one solution to a problem. And I still don't know what happens to the shot coach but I am guessing it will be resolved in another book.Other than that, it's a good story and I agree, it's a bit different from the regular romance you pick up these days. The events on the story, the progression, the flow of the plot is different, even uniquely presented.

  • Lola
    2019-04-11 09:22

    Okay, I've developed a weakness for these "marriage of convenience" stories where the woman only agree because she's pregnant. It's weird, I know, and I can't explain it but I love it. I especially liked the premise of this one. I found it interesting that took place in my state (which is entirely too cold) and had references to places I know (which was kind of cool). And before anyone complains, yes, this would totally never happen in real life, but it's called fiction for a reason. If I wanted my fiction to be real-life, I wouldn't read it.That being said, I'm going to contradict myself by saying that I liked how the romance between Jess and Dan progressed. It was realistic within a non-realistic situation. Jess' grief for her husband was real, but at the same time her recovery made sense. They really hadn't known each other that long. The Daddy Pact kept me sucked in, and I didn't stop reading until I was done. (Even though it was four in the morning and I had to leave the house at 7:30 to do something at school on Saturday.) I wish I could find a guy as decent and good-hearted as Dan, but I think they've discontinued that model. Somebody call me if it's re-continued.Overall, good if not entirely believable plot, sympathetic heroine, awesome male lead, nice supporting characters (if a little underfleshed), and a nice ending wrapped in a pretty bow. What more could you ask for? Well... My only real problem (and thus the lack of five stars) was the interference of Jess's father in law. It didn't make much sense to me and only seemed to serve as a plot device since you only heard from him again at the very end of the novel. I guess without him Jess and Dan don't end up together, but still. I definitely recommend! You can get it for free on your Kindle! (You're welcome for the advice!)

  • Paula Legate
    2019-03-25 12:08

    This really was an emotional read. Jess was a newlywed, when her husband was murdered. Dan’s brother was on, and off drugs. He needed help, but never got the help he needed. It was Dan’s brother that had shot Jess’s husband. Dan felt really bad. He felt helpless. He went to meet with Jess, and the first time they met, Jess yelled at him, and couldn’t believe he would come and see her. I understand that. The death of your husband is something no one can make better. Jess had an awful father in law. He blamed her for the death of his son. He found out she was pregnant, and told her that he would take her child. Dan took the phone from Jess and heard what the father in-law had to say. Dan offered to marry Jess, so the father in-law couldn’t take the baby. This book had a lot of twist and turns, but it was a good story. It did have a few grammar errors. I found a few words, worded twice, or wrote backwards from how it should be read. If it was proof read, this book would be perfect. Sample from chapter 10“It does sound like he’s pretty fascinated with the baby, doesn’t it?” “That’s not the half of it. Not only does he spend most of the time with his hands on my stomach, but he’s even bought a bunch of Dr. Seuss books.” “Why?” Emma asked, taking a sip of her coke. “The baby won’t be able to read for years.” Jess laughed harder. “Dan reads them.” Emma made a face to show that she didn’t believe her. “Isn’t he a little old for Dr. Seuss?” “He reads them to the baby.” “Yeah right.” “He does,” Jess insisted. “He was reading a baby book, and it said that babies in the womb can hear. So he has me sit on the couch, and he lies down with his head in my lap and reads out loud. It’s a riot.”

  • Heather
    2019-04-15 14:02

    This was such a cute story, although it wasn't really what I expected. Considering the danger caused by Jess's father-in-law, I expected to be alot of suspense and worry. And be perpared, this story was totally unrealistic and would never happen to a group of sane people (including a rich hot guy).Bruce ( a drugged addict) is broke, needing a hit and his brother, Dan, has finally toughened up and refused to give him any more money. Desperate, he robs a guy in the parking lot and ends up shooting him. Dan is devistated, his little brother is in jail for murder and he feels responsible. To make matters worse, the innocent victim who was killed was back home from his honeymoon and has left behind a newly widowed women. No wait, whats worse is she is pregnant. Dan steps up to the plate to make sure Jess and her baby gets everything they need. Then Dan hears how awful Jess's father-in-law is and how he wants to take the baby away from her which Dan ends up proposing to her to protect Jess and her baby. The rest of the story is all about them getting into the groove of them having a marriage based on protection and providing Jess with a home. Not everybody in their lives agree with what their doing. Dan ends up falling in love with her early in the story and slowly trys to win her love without telling her he's already fallen for her.There's sad parts, there's alot of funny parts but all of it is so sweet. Like I said, there's no suspense and it's a pretty slow book which means you have to be a true romantic to really enjoy what a good story this really is.

  • Nicky
    2019-04-22 13:25

    Probably more like a 3.5 star read than a four.. There were way,way way too many typos or missing words to be a four star read and the format was messed up too but overall the story was a good one.. I LOVED the H.. He was so sweet and I think this book had just the right amount of heavy topics and a light read.. I would have read it through at one sitting if I didnt have to sleep :)Also Im not sure if the author was trying to set up future stories (I hope :) I want to read more about Ed!) but there just way too many characters.. I would read a name and then have to pause and think of who that was. And that lasted pretty much the whole story. The ending was a bit of a letdown though, I would have loved if the epilogue had been a couple years down the road or so instead of a few days (view spoiler)[ I also have to say I was a bit disappointed in Dan, its going to cause quite a fight when-and she will- finds out about him taking their daughter to meet Frank's dad.. I was disappointed that he did that in the first place but even more disappointed that he was hiding it from Jess..) Also at the end Jess had a bit of a personality change.. It didnt make any sense, she understood from the get go about Dan and his motives so I was a little confused about that... This would have been a 4 star read for me had it not been for all of the typos, missing words and formatting issues.. But I would read this author again..(hide spoiler)]

  • Karen Toz
    2019-04-02 13:02

    I knew I was hooked on Kristy K. James’ new romance novel, The Daddy Pact (The Coach’s Boys), after reading just the first few pages. In fact, by the end of chapter one, I was wiping tears away; Kindle in hand, while waiting for my daughter’s dance class to end. (Yes, other moms... that was me... no I’m not crazy... haven’t you ever read a book that made you cry before?) The Daddy Pact is about newlywed Jess Bentley. After her husband is murdered in a botched robbery, Jess struggles with how she will go on with her life. But life works in mysterious ways, and the news that she is pregnant with her late husband’s child pulls her out of her depression. When the most unlikely stranger approaches her with a proposal, Jess finds herself making a decision that will forever change her life. The Daddy Pact has an interesting cast of characters and had plenty of plot twists to hold my interest. If you’re looking for a sweet story of romance, definitely check out this book. However, I do have a warning – do not read this book when hungry – the gooey brownie, ice cream, pizza, and cake references are sure to kill your diet!

  • Lindsay
    2019-04-02 15:04

    Amazon Freebie 11/19/2012

  • Geetanjali
    2019-04-06 10:58

    A surprisingly good kindle freebie,The Daddy Pact started off well with a tear inducing first chapter.Newly married Jess is left a widow at the end of her honeymoon,when her husband Frank is robbed and shot dead in front of her eyes.Only after the news of her pregnancy three months later, does she find a new purpose in life to go on living.Meanwhile,Dan,the brother of the man who committed the crime,is wrecked with guilt for his brother's part in and his inability to stop it.So,he offers to help Jess in any way he can.When the father of her late husband blames her for his son's death and threatens to take the soon to be born baby away from her,Dan marries her to provide protection to her and her unborn child.What starts off as a marriage of convenience slowly develops into a real relationship when they begin to fall in love with each other.It was sweet and enjoyable for the most part but it kind of went downhill towards the end.I was quite surprised when Jess was upset when Dan revealed that he had married her out of guilt in the beginning.Given that they hadn't started out as a love match,I felt that her questioning Dan's feelings for her was uncalled for.Also,after all the drama with two shootings and a tyrannical former father-in-law waiting to snatch the baby away,the ending fell flat and was frankly quite disappointing.The epilogue was one of the worst that I have ever read.So despite being a good read,the ending didn't live up to the terrific beginning and spoiled the story for me.But I did love Jess and Dan together,and especially Dan was such a sweetheart.

  • One-Click
    2019-04-14 12:19

    Audiobook - Narration, Daniela Acitelli - Really Good. She's not overly dramatic and has a lovely voice.The story is a mix of tragedy and sweetness. Jess' husband is killed literally on the night they return from their honeymoon and right before her eyes. It was a robbery gone bad and now, she's a widow.Dan's brother is the junkie that killed her husband and he's carrying guilt because his brother asked for cash just hours before the botched robbery. He can't help but feel that if he'd just given him the money, none of this would have happened. Enter the evil Father-in-law who threatens to take the baby (after a paternity test, of course) and Dan impulsively decides that he will marry Jess for two years, adopt the baby and hopefully buy Jess enough time for mean Father-in-law to lose interest.So they start playing house and honestly, I'd play house with Dan any day of the week. He's hot, built, wealthy and such a sweet and loving man.This isn't a ground breaking novel, it's just a sweet romance that follows the normal checks and balances of the garden variety, everyday romance. So, I suppose if your sick of those, you'll probably want to skip this one, but if you're in the mood for a sweet story with good narration, I'd give this one a try!I received this audiobook free of charge from AudioBookBoom in exchange for an unbiased review

  • Jamie Rhodes
    2019-03-28 15:57

    A book that can make me feel many emotions deserves five stars. I smiled and cried at the same time. Dan and Jess meet under circumstances that are very unusual. Dan's brother killed Jess' new husband. They meet because Dan feels guilty about what his brother did and wants to make amends. Their meeting takes place only a bit after Dan's brother confesses to the murder. There were so many feelings going on in the book. I can't imagine how Dan felt knowing his brother took someone's life. I can't imagine how Dan's parents felt because they loved their son even though he did the unthinkable. They, especially Dan' dad, had to assert tough love, but you just know inside they wanted to make it all better for Bruce. And then you have Jess. Jess, who has only one friend in this world, is all alone after her husband's death. She finds out that she is going to have Frank's baby. She now has something to live for. However, she has a crazy father in law to contend with. In swoops Dan and tries to make it all better. I loved how the journey of Dan and Jess unfolded. I loved the different point of views. No cliffhanger.

  • Kate Dirty Girls' Good Books
    2019-04-18 15:02

    Dan's drug addicted brother has done the unthinkable-he's killed a man just home from his honeymoon. Dan decides he needs to do whatever he can to try to make things easier for the victim's widow, Jess. The news that she is pregnant wakes Jess from the haze of depression she's been living in since her husband dies over 3 months ago. When her ex-father-in-law threatens to take the baby from her, Dan offers to marry Jess (in name only, of course) and adopt the baby.Once the pair are married, the ex-father-in-law ceases to be a threat. Then the story becomes about dealing with the guilt. Dan feels responsible because he had seen his brother shortly before the murder. Jess feels disloyal to her dead husband because she begins having feelings for Dan. Can Jess and Dan get past the guilt to build a real marriage?I am an avid reader of the marriage of convenience plot line, but this one fell a little short of my hopes. Perhaps just a bit too much realism for my escape reading. Well, that and the lack of sex didn't help either.

  • Jo-Anne
    2019-04-05 12:57

    Bruce needs money for drugs so he robs and kills Frank who has just returned from his honeymoon. Bruce's brother, Dan, feels responsible so he goes to the widow, Jess, offering her help in any way she needs - meaning financially. He feels worse when he learns she's pregnant and her miserable father-in-law is threatening to take the baby. He offers to marry her and adopt the baby to stop the father-in-law's threats. This marriage is for convenience and to protect Jess and the baby so when Dan falls in love with her he keeps quiet about it but continues to treat her well and hopes she'll fall in love with him too.I really enjoyed this emotional story. There were lots of sad scenes but some funny ones too. It was well written (with editing issues) so even though it wasn't true to life it was a great escape. I mean would anybody actually agree to marry the brother of the man who killed your husband? Amazingly it works for them and you'll want it to turn out for this pair.If you're looking for a romance that's out of the ordinary then this is for you.

  • Martha
    2019-03-30 14:19

    I'm sure there are real life stories out there just like the one in this book of a newly widowed newlywed who finds out she's pregnant after her husband's murder. I don't know that a family member of the murderer would offer to marry or adopt her child but I love where this book took you. Although Bruce didn't intend to he murdered a young newly married man because all he wanted to do was get money for drugs. Dan felt responsible for refusing to give him money and therefore feels responsible for what Bruce did.Jess is right to be angry with Dan for trying to force himself into her life. But her only other alternative is to have the baby and start running from her late husband's very powerful father who wants to take her child.You may not want to believe the story behind the book but it makes for interesting reading. You want to know if Jess and Dan fall for each other. You want to know if her late husband's father takes the baby away.Give it a chance; you'll get hooked.

  • Tonileg
    2019-04-08 16:21

    What do you do when your drug addict younger brother kills someone's husband in a robbery gone bad? Especially when you find out that the widow is pregnant with the dead man's child? Well, I thought a college scholarship or some monthly payments would be more then enough. It is a bit odd that Dan decides to marry Jess for two years (in name only, uh huh, right, that is really going to happen) so that she can be 'safe' from losing custody of the baby to her dead husband's nasty mean father. Ok, so this is a crazy complicated scenario, but it is well written and surprisingly emotionally rich with the feelings of loss and the eventual moving on and living a new life. Once again, I love the married-then-falls-in-love plot device. This was free for kindle. This really needed to be edited by someone because there were a lot of homonym errors and missing articles, but I understood what the author meant to write so it didn't throw me out of the story.2 stars

  • Kyjuliano
    2019-03-26 16:59

    This is a must read for anyone who wants a nice love story, a few tears, some laughs and a HEA. I love Kristy's writing style, she makes me laugh and cry. Ok so the storyline isn't going to happen to the average person or probably anyone you know but seriously this is fiction I read lots of romance and I can't say I've seen very many (none) of then come true either. I read the negative reviews and the comments that it wasn't realistic for Dan's family to be mad at Jess and I really had to go Huh? Because to me that is very real in this day and age, everyone seems to blame the victim. Some days it seems like no one takes personal responsibility for their actions or holds their children accountable when they miss behave.There are no pages of sex dialogue which was a refreshing change and I didn't miss it either, it's nice every once in a while to read a story where they don't end up in bed after the first date and they can be attracted to each other and yet control themselves.

  • Ms. Ali Cat
    2019-04-17 09:23

    The Daddy Pact is an emotional and poignant story of a woman who loses her brand new Happily Ever After in a momentary tragedy. Drowning in grief Jess Bentley is looking for away to join her lost love. In her darkest moment she is given the news that she carries her dead husband’s child. Good news is like dominos and inspite of the name that is attached to the hand that is offering to help, things seem to be looking up… until that hand ends up wearing a matching gold band to hers. And the fact that she has just married the brother of the man who killed her child’s father. Weekend Pick Me Up - The Daddy Pact by Kristy K. James

  • Sarah
    2019-04-20 10:19

    Really enjoyed this story! To some extent, it reminded me of Jodi Picoult's books which always challenge the reader to think beyond society norms and understand a complex situation from multiple points of view. I was surprised to hear how little time Jess and Frank actually knew each other compared to the depth of their feelings and the strength of Frank's father's dislike for Jess and their relationship. In all the notoriety that surrounds murders in the news, you hardly ever hear the perspective of the family. I think there is a natural assumption that murderers have a bad upbringing but James is careful to write a story where this isn't the case. Dan's actions are both unbelievable and admirable as he and Jess navigate their most unusual relationship.

  • Crystal
    2019-04-21 09:05

    A good clean book, no adult scenes, and I don't remember any harsh language. My heart went out to the heroin and all she went through (and had me sobbing right along with her). The hero was a great character and committed to the heroin from the start, even when pressed by his family not to do so. It was a tough book to read because of the heroin's first husband being murdered and what she went through emotionally, but I am glad I finished it. The plot was a little different with the hero's brother being the one to murder the heroin's first husband; and had me reading to find out what would happen and how the book would develop and things turn out.

  • Katlynn Parsons
    2019-04-15 12:04

    I got this as an amazon freebie. The overall premise of the story is extremely unlikely and fictional, however that being the genre of the book is expected. I did not expect the dept of characters and relationships that were present in the novel. Most authors that have their books on Amazon for free, at least from what I've seen/read, need a lot of help with the basics of the novel. Kristy K. James managed to draw me in, execute an almost seamless collaboration of multiple 'mini' plots, have detailed and believable characters, and still manage to use proper grammar. I would recommend her books to anyone who loves a good romance.

  • Clarke
    2019-03-27 16:10

    The book starts in the aftermath of a young man murdered. The story is sweet and well paced as the characters struggle to accept what has happened while trying to pick up the pieces their lives. The author shows you the aftermath of crime from both sides. Cute book but not really believable. If the author had added more drama with Frank's father it would've gone a long way to make us believe Jess had to marry Dan. It also needed a bit more at the end especially since Philip wasn't really ever a threat. I understand this is the second book in the series but as a standalone it has too many characters with history we didn't know (but feels like we should). Free book from Amazon.

  • Angel
    2019-04-02 16:26

    I enjoyed this book and had never read anything with this premise. That said it was, at times, very hard to suspend disbelief and enjoy the story. There was a major plot and hardship set up that seemed to be handwaved away come the ending of the story. I liked that it had a sort of slower pace and that Jess had time to grieve for her husband despite being jumping into the relationship for convenience. I'd like to read more in this verse, because while there was a ton of characters in this book, some of them I fell in love with instantly.

  • нυgѕαи∂¢σσкιєѕ
    2019-04-05 16:08

    I found this a little weird but in a good kind of way.We have here a wife whose husband was murdered and she's married to the brother of the murderer. Hope I ain't confusing myself or you. Even though I found it a bit weird, I'm thinking to myself 'who would do that?' But my feelings for the story wasBut overall I enjoyed the shortness and to the point of this book. But I'm unsure if I would continue with the rest of the series.

  • Nellie
    2019-04-17 15:23

    Fun book. Great story. Clean romance. I would read more from this author. Quick read. Jess and her new husband are on their way home from their honeymoon, and a man ends up shooting her husband. Dan feel guilty about what his brother has done to Jess. When he finds out Jess' father in law is making her miserable, he wants to help her. The he finds out she is pregnant and the father in law is trying to get the baby, He just can't stand aside. He offers to marry her to protect her and the baby. Great romance.

  • Tina
    2019-04-15 13:04

    Free download. This book was a quick read and had a tragic story which turns into a happy ending. Jess's life takes a turn for the worse when tragedy strikes the one she loves but fate has a funny way of redeeming us and when Dan makes Jess an offer which will give her security after all the unknown, life seems to turn around. Don't expect any sex in this book, it's suggested but never experienced. This is a total romance with twists. Good read.

  • Fallon Brown
    2019-04-03 14:05

    I enjoyed this story. I don't know if I quite bought how easily Dan stepped in to marry Jess to protect her from the father-in-law. But, I did like how their relationship developed out of that. And I hated the fact his mother blamed Jess for her other son being in jail. Like it was her fault he'd killed her husband. I really liked the interaction between all of the "boys". I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

  • Alice
    2019-04-23 14:14

    Dan's brother has killed, and left a fatherless baby in her mothers womb. Dan wants to rectify it, but the only way he can is by making Jess fall in love with him...Well written, but is kinda sucky, as it is 100% predictable.Fairly boring throughout, where the events are boooring, (and still predictable).*Gags*Really annoying book , as Jess in whiny, and Dan is annoyingly determined. However it is easy to read.