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Rebel with a CauseBecky "Rebel" Reichert never actually goes looking for trouble. It just has a tendency to find her. Like the day Frank Knight showed up at her door, wanting to use her motorcycle shop as a cover for his elite special ops team. But Becky prides herself on being able to hang with the big boys-she can weld, drive, and shoot just as well as any of them.Man wiRebel with a CauseBecky "Rebel" Reichert never actually goes looking for trouble. It just has a tendency to find her. Like the day Frank Knight showed up at her door, wanting to use her motorcycle shop as a cover for his elite special ops team. But Becky prides herself on being able to hang with the big boys-she can weld, drive, and shoot just as well as any of them.Man with a MissionMunitions, missiles, and mayhem are Frank's way of life. The last thing the ex-SEAL wants is for one brash blonde to come within fifty feet of anything that goes boom. Yet it's just his rotten luck when she ends up in a hostage situation at sea. Come hell or high water, he will get her back-whether she says she needs him or not....

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In Rides Trouble Reviews

  • Kristen
    2019-05-09 06:47

    Full review now postedReview posted to:Swept Away By Romance3 1/2 to 4 starsIn Rides Trouble is the second book in the Black Knights series and picks up right where the first bookHell on Wheels left off. To say I enjoyed this story more than the first is an understatement. I felt the characters were more fleshed out and the plot consistent and easy to follow. I'm still not a fan of the multiple points-of-view this author uses throughout the plot, but I wasn't as distracted by them as I was in the first book. I really liked the heroine, Rebecca. She was self assured, brave,  endearing, and a lot of fun. I truly enjoyed getting to know her. The hero, Frank, is another matter. My feelings vacillated between frustration and annoyance. While Frank was generally a nice and swoon worthy hero, he was continually fighting his feelings for the heroine, and, frankly, it grew old and tiresome. Once he admitted to himself and accepted it was okay to be in love with the her, I enjoyed his character much more. Overall, I enjoyed reading this story. I recommend it to those who like angst, suspense, humor, and a lot of action and adventure in their romance books. ARC courtesy of Sourcebooks via NetGalley

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-05-14 06:41

    In Rides Trouble is the second book in Julie Ann Walker’s Black Knights, Inc. series and another fun, sexy read. This story picks up right where the first ended, continuing the emotional standoff between Frank “Boss” Knight and Rebecca “Rebel” Reichart.Frank is a man tormented by memories of a less than ideal childhood, raised – sort of – by a less than ideal man in a less than ideal environment. Afraid of being the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree of infidelity, Frank avoids relationships that don’t meet his exacting standards, which means when it comes to Becky Reichart, he runs, doesn’t walk, the other way. In his mind, he’s doing the right thing by keeping her at arm’s length, but like it or not, he’s drawn to her like he’s never been drawn to a woman before and doesn’t know what to do about it. Adding to the madness defining his attraction to Becky is that she’s also nagging to be a member of his elite team of covert operatives which is something that, as far as he’s concerned, will never happen. Becky is enjoying some time away from ‘the shop.’ Okay, truth be told, she’s not really ‘enjoying’ herself at all. In actuality she’s just off licking her wounds, wounds caused by her annoying, fantasy fueling business partner, Frank “Boss” Knight. It drives Becky crazy that he can’t seem to accept that she’s is a grown-up woman, capable of making grown-up woman decisions, and taking care of her grown-up woman self. Pushed too hard and too far, Becky decides some time away from the hot, sexy thorn in her side is exactly what she needs, until she finds herself the hostage of Somali pirates, and starts wishing she’d never left the safely of her Chicago motorcycle shop.There are many things that made this an entertaining story! Revisiting some of the players from the first book and having a closer look at the way the team operates is just a couple of them. Finally getting to the meat of Frank’s issues and watching he and Becky work through them is another. Though, honestly, there were times I wanted to scream at Frank to just get over it and move on because their relationship development had started to drag, which made other parts of the story feel sluggish as well. And while this is one of those times when the “deep, dark secret” wasn’t really that deep and dark, all in all, In Rides Trouble is an enjoyable read and I’m looking forward to more in the series!3.5/5 starsMy thanks to and Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carmen
    2019-05-12 00:35

    I was so excited for these two's story. It was all set up in Book One, Hell on Wheels. Old(er) (39) Boss of the special-ops team, Frank, and younger (26) feisty mechanic extraordinaire Becky. They've been secretly in love with each other for three years now. But, much to Becky's frustration and disappointment, Frank won't make a move on her because a.) She's 13 years younger than him and b.) he's her boss, technically and c.) (view spoiler)[he made a promise to his sister that he'd never become like his philandering no-good father who regularly cheated on Frank's mom with younger women. (hide spoiler)]However, my excitement about these two finally getting a book (and therefore falling in love and ending up together) was sorely misplaced.THE BAD:1.) This did not read like a romance. I just was not sighing over the love or mooning over the couple. In fact, I thought they were more like friends or roommates with each other than people who should get married. I was NOT rooting for them to get together. I did not feel the passion and love between them.2.) How's the sex, Carmen?And then when they DID have sex, I was just not interested. The sex was not exciting or interesting to me.Not to mention Walker has a tendency to make her heroes completely "forget" that one should wear a condom during sex until they suddenly remember in the middle of thrusting away. This is the second book this has happened in.Not that I'm only blaming the hero! If the heroine had any sense of self-preservation she never would have allowed him to come near her with that thing without a condom. Both are at fault here.This may be a regular 'plot point' for Walker, though. The fact that this has happened in two books makes me suspicious.Also, can I just mention that there was a GREAT set-up for sex in this novel? It's Becky and Frank's first time together, after three years of the slow burn, and Frank is bound and determined to make the sex amazing. So "Becky, what do you want?""I want you to keep kissing me, keep touching me," she breathed, licking the side of his neck and driving him insane.Yeah, well, that's a given. So much so that he had to laugh. "But specifically what do you like. What kind of kisses, what kind of touches, how do you - "She then cuts him off with a kiss and they just quickly fuck. Instead of what I wanted which was a long, drawn-out erotic tutorial where Becky tells Frank explicitly exactly what she wants and Frank gives it to her.Not that I have anything against quick fucking, I mean, that's fine, but it wasn't erotic to me at all. And I wasn't very interested in reading about it. I would have been FASCINATED to read about Frank taking a how-to-please-Becky-in-bed tutorial. Missed opportunity, and sense Walker is a "one sex scene per novel" kind of author, I was sorely disappointed knowing I wouldn't get another chance.3.) Another trend I've noticed in Walker's works is that she likes this pattern:The man and woman love each other. Okay. And the man has some concept in his head like, "I can't be with this woman because it would be dishonorable to have sex with her." Okay.Then, always, the woman corners the man and is all "I know we have great sexual chemistry and have had this chemistry for years. Why haven't you ever acted on it?"Then the man says, "It wouldn't be honorable" or "I'm not the right man for you" or "I can't give you what you want (which is everything (meaning, I suppose, marriage and kids))." Then the woman kind of fake laughs and is all "What? You think I can't have sex just for the sake of sex? Ha ha ha. Let's just have sex. It will be super-fun."The man is doubtful. The woman starts stripping.They have sex.Next morning.The man is all "See ya! Bye!" And the woman is very depressed and cries and hates her life and herself because of course she was completely lying when she told him she could handle sex with no strings.Then the woman's life is in danger, the man rescues her, and they get married and have kids.THE END This has happened in both the books I've read by this author so far. If it happens in Book Three I am going to throw my hands up in despair.4.) There's a very strange villain in this novel. And (view spoiler)[when a sadistic rapist's dead mother shows up as a ghost and tells her son that what he's doing is wrong(hide spoiler)] happens, I am a little o.O I couldn't really get a handle on this bad guy....THE GOOD:That being said, there was good in this novel.1.) Walker is witty and funny and has a unique writing style. She often made me laugh. For example, the scene where Becky and her best friend Eve go to the bar and get very drunk was funny. And a lot of the dialogue and internal monologue is funny. There's definite laughs to be had in this book.And Bill and Angel are big readers and there are at least 15 book references in here, everything from Ulysses to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.Here's a really cute one:(view spoiler)["Secondly, I love Shell, but I'm not in love with her. I think there are laws against that.""What are you talking about?""I'm talking there are no flowers in my family's attic," he said as he shoved himself back inside his jeans and fumbled one-handed with the buttons. (hide spoiler)]Too funny!As for non-book related funny, look at this interaction between Becky and her brother, Bill."Becky," he growled, "I swear, after all you've put me through this week, I'm going to wring your neck if you don't turn tail and run."It was his favorite threat, one he'd once made good on when she was five and he was ten. Although at the time, he hadn't understood what the expression actually meant, so he'd taken a big black permanent marker, held her down, and drawn fat circles around her neck.Or what about this part, when Becky and Frank are going to have sex for the first time:Becky was dying.She wanted to rip off his jeans and impale herself on the smooth hardness she'd just held in her hands - it was either that or she was going to shimmy up his big body, wrap her legs around his head, and insist he wear her around like a government-issue gas mask.2.) The characters are vivid and likable. Becky's vulnerable yet tough demeanor and her addiction to Dum-Dums; Frank's gruff and foul-mouthed way of doing things; Angel's debonair, suave, yet badass personality - it's all clear and well-developed.3.) Walker's heroes are good at being strong and tough without being overprotective assholes.4.) I learned a lot about Somali pirates while reading this (Walker says a GQ article on Somali pirates inspired this book).5.) (view spoiler)[Becky saves HERSELF from the sadistic rapist - escaping her bonds and putting a bullet in his brain. No one saves her, she saves HERSELF. And this doesn't come with a "girls rule, boys drool" message, it's just what happens. (hide spoiler)]...Tl;dr - Not having the main couple be (in my eyes) very passionate or romantic was a big drawback in this book. That being said, it was funny, fluffy, and cute. But without love and sex to have me cheering, I'm not sure I'd recommend this one.THREE REAL STARS, THREE ROMANCE STARS

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-05-21 06:24

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance SummaryBecky Reichert has never been the type to chase after trouble but somehow it keeps finding her. While needing some space away from the one man she can never have, Becky and her friend Eve find themselves in the middle of the Indian Ocean, having been kidnapped by a band of pirates who will force Becky with her talents to force her to do their dirty work for them. What she needs is her boys, the Black Knights to find her before its too late for her or Eve. Frank knows that despite his feelings for Becky, he can never have her. However, when he discovers that she has been kidnapped by pirates and goes out to rescue her, all his resolve weakens and discovers he will do anything to keep her safe but while out on the rescue, Frank and Becky discover a hidden desire one that once set free will be even harder to contain.The HeroFrank, an Ex-SEAL and the leader of the Black Knights prides himself on being above reproach especially when it comes to how he interacts with those he is over. Frank comes up with reasons to not be with Becky, even if he has always had a part of him love her. But he refuses to be his father, who had countless affairs with young women. Frank considers himself to be way too old for Becky and puts distance between them. But after she gets kidnapped and rescued, Frank has a harder time keeping distance between them and will need to face his inner demons to claim the woman he loves.“I guess if I'd wanted a nice, biddable wife, I should've looked somewhere other than a tattooed, sharp-tongued, Harley-riding, motorcycle designer.” Frank could be frustrating at times. I felt that he does put off the relationship a bit too long but you do get a flashback to a interaction he has with his father that helps you understands his reasons. I did really like him for the most part, and I love the way he backs up his team.The HeroineBecky, has had to prove herself countless times especially among the Black Knights, but most especially to Frank. Becky is a mechanic, welder, and can shoot and drive the bikes and cars she supes up with the best of them. But Becky is always trying to push her way into being a part of the "boys club". She may be the sister to one of the boys, but they never let her in like she feels she needs to be. I truly loved Becky. She takes risks and chances but she kicks ass in many ways. She has some fabulous strength you have to admire but she also has vulnerabilities especially when it comes to Frank. It was interesting seeing how she battles within herself and the way she grows in this story.Plot and Story LineHonestly, I really enjoyed In Rides Trouble, not as much as I did book one, but there were many things that I found likable about this story. Now I would put this book on the "romantic suspense" shelf, mostly because of the first half of the book and the last scenes which are very suspense and action oriented. At first you aren't sure about this couple and most especially about Frank. Because the way its written makes you think there is a love triangle or even cheating involved. Frank goes off in secret to see a "woman" and her son. So you assume they are together and all but I want to tell you all right now there is no CHEATING in any way and you learn in the later half of the book the true identity of the woman, so keep with the story if you think that will keep you from enjoying it. I will say that thinking about him cheating for much of the book really rankled me and not in good ways. I just didn't know what to think of Frank most of the time. But eventually I grew to really like him even if he's way too proud and stubborn. But our heroine, is like a bulldozer. She goes after what she wants and Frank needed a woman like that. I did enjoy the way the story plays out in the end and the story did bring a smile on my face and I am very much looking forward to exploring this series further and seeing more of these "Black Knights" and the women that tame them."You can't tell me whether I can or can't cry Frank. Geez.""Nothing to shed tear over, woman,""I'm not crying over my near face plant into the ocean you big, dumb dill hole. I'm crying because you scared me to death when you fainted."His lips twisted. "Men don't faint. I just...I..uh...lost consciousness." "God, whatever," she huffed. The CoverI always love a good cover with a motorcycle, and honestly has a t shirt on a male ever looked sexier....who needs a naked chest? I like the purple, it just seems to work.Overall ViewIn Rides Trouble is an action packed romance that is highly engaging, has a witty yet snarky humor and keeps you enthralled by a love story that is hard to win but worth the fight in the end!!Click To Buy On Amazon[foogallery id="26145"]

  • Lisa
    2019-05-08 01:33

    In Rides Trouble is book 2 in Julie Ann Walker’s Black Nights, Inc. series and DAMN Ms. Walker is stepping up her game! I loved this book!This book picks up where Walker leaves things between Frank and Becky in book 1. Becky is away on vacation while Frank is stewing in his own miserable sorrow back in Chicago. Trouble soon finds Becky and her best friend Eve as they are kidnapped by pirates. No problem, Becky has faith in her “boys” from Black Nights, Inc. She knows they will come for her – especially her brother (Bill) and Frank. Sure enough, Becky and Eve are rescued and things begin to heat up between our lady mechanic and boss man.I love Becky! She is simply bad-ass – the perfect mix of tomboy and girlie girl. She has been admiring Frank from afar since his first appearance at her shop over 3 years ago. Frank is our yummy alpha boss man who has also been hiding his secret desire for the cutie grease monkey. He knows that Becky wants him but he keeps refusing to act on his desires because of the thirteen year age difference and because he has hang ups from his past and refuses to act like his father. I love the way Becky and Frank interact with each other. They both know how to goad each other and get under the other's skin. They are definitely like oil and vinegar – they don’t necessarily go well together but when you combine the two, you get something delicious! I loved their interactions and when they finally act on their desire – HOLY CRAPOLA, IT’S HAWT!In Rides Trouble was a great book. I laughed, cried and was on the edge of my seat for those intense parts. Loved it! I can’t wait for the third book to come out.

  • Mariann {at} Belle's Book Bag
    2019-05-01 06:44

    I absolutely love love love this series and In Rides Trouble is just another reason why. I was so excited to read this book because I fell in love with Frank and Becky in Hell On Wheels and couldn't wait to see how their romance played out. I was not disappointed!! Julie Ann Walker continues to entertain me with stories filled with such rough and lovable characters. They pull me into the story from the beginning and hold on long after the end. In Rides trouble was full of laughter, tears, and action with a tiny, kick-ass, Dum-Dum addicted heroine and a short-tempered, over-protective, huge, older Alpha male (who was fighting not to fall in love.) So good!!! I wanted Frank and Becky's HEA but I did not want to see their journey come to an end. I love how devious Julie was with Frank's character!! I can't wait to see what happens with Billy, Eve, Angel, Rock, Ozzie, Shell and Snake!! So looking forward to Rev It Up!! A great addition to the series and another reread for me. Definitely recommended. 5 out of 5 rating. ***ARC obtained per NetGalley

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2019-05-04 04:30

    3.5-4 starwell, I have to admit I liked this one more than the first book in the series. Becky was such a great heroine. She was strong and smart and sassy. I liked Frank well enough. He wasn't a hero I just swooned over though. I think that's due to the fact that he resisted acting on his feelings for sooooo stinking long. That, and the fact that I had to stop reading mid-book and scroll through the reviews because I thought Frank was cheating on a "significant other" by sleeping with Becky. Thankfully my GR friends set me straight and told me to keep reading and ignore the knit in my stomach (thanks Megan!)

  • Lauren
    2019-05-13 06:44

    In Rides Trouble4 StarsFor Becky Reichart it was love at first sight when she met Frank Knight. Unfortunately, Frank is determined to keep his distance and Becky is running out of patience. Nevertheless, when she and her friend are kidnapped by Somali pirates while on vacation, Becky has no doubt that Frank will be coming for and this time she won’t allow him to get away ...Although the romance is better than book #1, the plot borders on the ridiculous and there are far too many references to popular culture and unexplained military slang.Frank and Becky have great chemistry and their interactions are entertaining. Becky’s feistiness makes her a very appealing heroine although she does have a tendency toward leaping before she looks. Frank is a hunk, but his excuse for not wanting to be in a relationship with Becky makes absolutely no sense whatsoever even considering the circumstances. As to the Somali pirates plot, it is inane to say the least with the most inept and idiotic pirates to ever grace the seas. That said, the rescue scenes plays out well and the obsessed villain scenario has its exciting moments too. The characterization for the secondary cast is also good with hints at Bill and Eve’s past as well as the introduction of a mysterious stranger with some connection to Shell. Their book is next and I’ll be reading it sometime soon.

  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
    2019-05-09 04:28

    ~ 5 In Rides Trouble Stars ~In Rides Trouble is book two in the Black Knights Inc. series by Julie Ann Walker. I was completely sold on book one and had to get my hands on book two write away. Thank goodness for the library ^_^! This one was just as good as Hell on Wheels. Conflicts arise and sexy men are in abundance. Frank "Boss" Knight and Rebecca "Rebel" Reichert are introduced in book one. The author did a great job setting us up for these characters. They are both very strong and caring individuals. When they get together it’s spectacular. This was an interesting relationship to begin with. Frank has some issues manly that Becky is to young and drives him insane and Becky has been in love with Frank from the 1st meeting. These two have loved each other for so long, but its a journey for them to work through their problems before they can have a future together. The misunderstandings and trials that they go through make the relationship/romance that much more stimulating. JWalker gives us a well-balanced story and some great background information on all the characters in the Black Knights team.If you enjoy romantic suspense, then I recommend this series.

  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    2019-05-11 00:21

    The second installment in the Black Knights Inc series, In Rides Trouble was everything fun and entertaining. Julie Ann Walker definitely didn’t hold back this time around delivering heart-pounding action, knuckle-biting suspense, witty dialogue and hot romance. It was another thrilling ride, with much improvement in developing strong, believable characters and a consistent plot line – overall it did not disappoint. I was sucked in from word one and from there it just got better and better. An impressive follow up to Hell on Wheels.With In Rides Trouble, the one thing I appreciated above all else is the roller-coaster like, yet easy to follow, plot. It had everything I enjoy in romantic suspense novels, and just a little bit more. Albeit it’s predictability, there is plenty of action and twists & turns in the story to constantly keep readers at the edge of their seats and guessing what’s going to happen next, but not so overly done to make the story crowded. The fast pace that Ms. Walker seems to prefer with her novels is done perfectly in progressing the story further. However, despite the many ups of the plot, it also had it’s downs. More specifically, the multiple point-of-views. I’m still not a fan of the alternating POV’s as they do nothing more than confuse and hinder the flow of the story. It’s not likely that this aspect is going to change, but hopefully it becomes less distracting in the books to come. As this book starts off where the first left off, we already know a little about the relationship between Frank and Becky, and about the intense chemistry they share. In Rides Trouble takes that and goes into full depth with it, really showing us the personalities lying beneath such tough characters. Frank, for the most part, is your typical sexy, alpha male, with the tough exterior. In truth, he is a sweet and lovable guy when it comes Becky, but is just stubborn to admit it. His many insecurities continually keep him fighting his feelings for her and while his stubbornness is maddening, – and at times very tiresome – it’s also the perfect anchor that keeps their relationship from getting “stupid” or cliche. In fact, it’s the very thing that makes the romance so realistic.Becky is a basket full of brave, strong and fun. I really enjoyed her charming character, her insecurities and her love for Frank. It was very easy to like her and get caught up in her life. Above all, my favourite part about her is that she is opinionated and never fails to deliver snarky remarks to everything Frank does or says, which made the story engaging and full of laughter, on my part. Even though the buildup of the romance is non-existing (I know we all love those!), the sizzling passion that ensues is hot enough to warrant a cold shower...or two. In other words, with just the right touch of sweet and sexy, the romance is definitely worth the read. Ms. Walker definitely hit it on the mark in creating these noteworthy characters and watching them work out their problems in order to have a future together was nothing short of memorable.The ending was not a cliche (thank Lord!) and was very nicely done. A perfect balance between romance and suspense, this book was well written and very enjoyable. And, now that I think about it, it met all the criteria of what a sequel should have, despite the few bumps here and there. Having said that, if the author keeps this up in the next books, this series could easily become a favourite. I can’t wait to see what Ms. Walker has in store in Rev It Up.My Rating: This Review is also posted at: Literary Love Affair

  • JoLee (Wickedly Delicious Book Blog)
    2019-05-04 00:32

    I really wanted to like In Rides Trouble and was hoping it was going to be better than Hell On Wheels, but it was not as good as I wanted it to be. I started off enjoying In Rides Trouble as it starts off with a bang and could not turn my e-reader fast enough, but then once the boat scene was done, Becky, Frank and Bill were home the story started dragging. It did pick back up towards the end. Loved the prologue as it shows how the bike shop became Black Knights cover and the first time Frank and Becky meet. I love the fact that Becky is a kick butt heroine who can hold her own during a fight and loves motorcycles.The Plot is great and loved how it is Just Frank and her brother Bill coming to Becky’s rescue and not the others. There is an edge of your seat moment during the boat scene. I was not big on some of the characters descriptions. Franks biceps are compared to bowling bowls, his legs compared to a catchers thighs. The guy on the boat of the good guys is compared to Mr. Clean because of his bald head. I knew the dialogue was going to be different as I read the first book in this series but at the beginning the dialogue seemed to be normal, then at some point it started reading like the first book. I was not big on reading “yepper”, “hafta“. “Cheese and Rice“ (I would of preferred just “What the heck“ or something else just not “Cheese and Rice“) and “Frickin ’Frackin’ great”. I do not mind words I do not know in a book as long as they flow with the writing. I had to look up a few words, and once I found out what they were I was just boggled at why not just write flamboyant instead of panache etc.. The words I had to look up were used by the same character(s) that are also using “yepper”, “hafta” etc. The comparison to books, movies, actors, cartoons, objects are over used. I really felt I was going down memory lane. Feelings and actions were compared to Goonies, Johnny Depp, Oprah, Jack and the bean stalk, Dorothy, Sean Penn, Mighty Mouse and so much more. There was one comparison I had no clue what it was about.Bill and Eve have a past together or something has happened I did not see coming. Things got pretty intense when he needed to talk to her to make sure she knows to keep quite about them rescuing them and not to blow their cover. Bills character is up in the air for me. I found him sexy in the beginning but then his over using of Pepto Bismol was what turned his sexiness off for me. He carries it around with him and it is not flattering. I loved the bickering moments with Frank and Becky in Hell On Wheels. Was looking forward to reading their story and was disappointed. They really do not have a lot of face time together. More descriptions and inner thoughts than actual conversations. Frank does have his inner thought jealous moments and can be sweet. Loved how he would think of her by bringing her favorite must have dum-dum suckers.I love the idea for this series with sounds like good plots and kick butt covers. But for me the dialogue does take away from the book. If some of the comparison to movies, books, actors, cartoons etc. were taken down a notch I think I would still be able to at least like it. I am still going forward with this series as I hope the next book with Jake will get my attention. I am curious enough to read his story. ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest reviewOriginally posted at Wickedly Delicious Book Blog

  • Jenn
    2019-04-28 00:49

    Becky and Frank have this tense chemistry that has lasted for almost 4 years between them. Yet, they don't act on it. They both seem to be holding back....Frank is ex-military and owner of Black Knight Inc. His buddy, Wild Bill, has a sister, Becky, who designs and builds motorcycles. They go in together with a partnership. She runs the motorcycle business and he hides his secret operations business under the disguise of her business. He's a 39-year-old man and wants Becky pretty dang bad. Yet, he holds himself back as he made a promise to someone that he will never be like his horrible, cheating father who liked younger women. Becky happens to be 26 and he feels that may be too young for him.Becky wants Frank in the worse way but believes he has someone already up in Lincoln Park. Also, there's the little problem that he is always getting upset with her, yelling at her, and rarely allows a touch to pass between them. Becky takes a trip to get away from Frank and the shop for a month. She goes abroad and gets herself kidnapped along with her good friend Eve. Frank and the BKI guys have to go out and rescue her. Unfortunately for Becky, one of the pirates decides he needs to exact revenge on her. This puts her in more harms way and sets the nosey reporter Samantha Tate on her door step even more. Will Frank and the guys be able to protect her? Will she be able to keep Samantha off the beaten nosey path of BKI? Will Frank FINALLY come to terms with having a relationship with Becky? Favorite quote of the book:"Oh, you have balls. Huge, suicidal balls."My main complaint about this story: Becky seemed immature to me. She and her brother didn't act their ages and I felt that was a big turn off. Becky was strong and independent and I liked her most of the time but when she and her brother called each other names and yelled at each other, it really just annoyed me. I felt like at those times she would have been more of Frank's daughter rather then would be love interest.

  • adelina.
    2019-05-07 08:20

    THE ENDI expected it, but still, Becky&Frank were to fucking awesome. Because of course, if Becky doesn't find trouble, trouble will find her and first thing proving this theory, is when Becky goes on vacation with her friend Eve and well she ends up being abducted by pirates.Funny thing already in first chapter;Becky; ''And she swore she’d swallow her own tongue before she ever even thought these next words—because for three and a half very long years the big dill-hole had refused to give her the time of day despite the fact that she was just a little in love with him, okay a lot in love with him—but it all came down to this…she needed Frank.Because, just like he always swore would happen, she’d managed to step in a big, stinking pile of trouble from which there was no hope of escape. She absolutely hated proving that man right.''Frank;''Sometimes Frank hated being proved right.“Well Bill,” he said as he skimmed through the plans detailing Becky and Eve’s rescue for what seemed like the umpteenth time. No way was he letting this op go off with even the slightest hiccup, not with Becky’s neck on the chopping block. “It appears your little sister has finally landed herself in a big, stinking pile of trouble. I always knew it’d happen.”''Not to spoil the plot to much. Story was amazing and I just can't get over this series and I didn't find something this good after BDB and Assassins series. Characters are amazing and I don't know which one I love more, because all of them just grow on you. Fucking amazing!

  • Eleanor
    2019-05-13 07:43

    This is the Second book in the series and also my second to read by Julie Ann Walker and as I read through the series it seems to be getting better. I didn't think in the first book that I was going to enjoy the fact that her stories are told by different point of views but I really enjoyed it as I finished the second book. I am looking forward to reading the 3rd installment in this seres. Plus I really enjoyed Becky she was fun and feasty love it!

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-05-02 05:24

    An intense ride from beginning to end!

  • ShoSho
    2019-04-29 00:22

    I wasn't going to finish it in one day but I couldn't help it !! It was great!

  • Amy
    2019-05-23 02:21

    Originally posted at Rundown: In Rides Trouble picks up immediately where Hell on Wheels left off. Becky Reichert, owner of the bike shop that covers for Black Knight’s Inc., is on an extended vacation with her friend Eve. Her escape to relaxation is short lived when they are both taken hostage by pirates. Level headed Becky is certain the best way to handle their current predicament is to tame her usual sharp tongue and play it cool with the enemy until her brother and the Black Knights arrive to the rescue. Frank Knight, leader of the Black Knights, is beside himself once he learns of Becky’s kidnapping. Frank has held a torch for Becky since they first met, but do to their age gap, he has never allows that torch to take flame. Becky fell for Frank the moment they met, and is frustrated with his mixed signals and lack of communication. Once Becky is rescued and they return home, the danger is far from over. Becky’s abductor is out for revenge and Frank is determined to protect Becky from danger but will Becky allow his protection, or has she had enough of Frank’s rejection to drive her away for good?First Impression: We got our first taste of Frank and Becky in Hell on Wheels and at the time I was actually more intrigued with their story than the main characters of the first book. The older man/younger woman pairing is one I always enjoy. This couple already displayed a heavy sexual tension in the first book to the point that Becky took a leave of absence to escape not only her job, but more importantly, Frank. Now, she has been kidnapped by Pirates and Frank along with the other Black Knights are on a mission to rescue her unharmed. Once the rescue attempt was set into motion, I was excited to see how Frank’s feelings and attraction to Becky would change after he found her and they returned home.The Hero: Frank “Boss” Knight is your typical brooding, caveman, Alpha male who has a fierce protective streak when it comes to Becky. She stirs his emotions and libido like no other woman has and he has danced around his feelings for her for three years. Not only is the age factor a reason why Frank will not pursue a relationship with Becky, but also deep seated childhood issues play a factor which we learn more about as the story progresses.The Heroine: Independent, self-sufficient, ballsy Rebecca “Rebel” Reichert is the head mechanic of the Black Knights Inc. It’s her garage that fronts for the special ops organization and she is the only female of the group. Becky knows that Frank is attracted to her and is furious that he uses their age gap as a convenient excuse. She finds herself battling continuous aggravation and sexual frustration knowing there is a mutual attraction between the two and yet Frank won’t give an inch when it comes to pursuing anything beyond the job.What worked: The overall flow of the story was much better than the Hell on Wheels. Less abrupt scene changes and I never felt lost with the multiple storylines. Becky and Frank had serious sexual chemistry that we witnessed in Hell on Wheels which continues strong throughout the story. There was a good balance of action and humor and the author kept the overall lighthearted toned she established in the first book. This series has more of a fluffy, funny, over-the-top vibe without heavy emotion so it hits the mark when you are looking for that type of story.What didn’t work: I felt like we were cheated in witnessing the couple’s romance take flight. There is no description of courtship or development of feelings and love. We only witness their long term lust for each other which finally consumes them both. What we do observe is miscommunication and misunderstandings by two stubborn characters that are scared to admit their attraction. When they finally give into their feelings, I questioned what attracted them to each other to begin with, other than their excessive sparing/arguing.Final Conclusion: The story was fun and enjoyable, however I expected to see the couple fall in love and we never witness it on the page and that was my biggest disappointment.Favorite Quote:“First of all, he said, scowling, as he watched her wrestle herself into her clothes. You and I do not diddle. We make love. Secondly, I love Shell, but I’m not in love with her. I think there are laws against that.”“What are you talking about?”“I’m talking there are no flowers in my family’s attic, he said as he shoved himself back inside his jeans and fumbled one-handed with the buttons.”

  • Crystal ♥ RBtWBC
    2019-05-27 03:20

    Julie Ann Walker bedazzles with the second installment in her alluring and action-packed new series, Black Knights, Inc! The debut book in the Black Knights, Inc. series, Hell On Wheels, totally blew me away so I was hoping that the next book in the series would continue in that vein. I am happy to say that In Rides Trouble did not disappoint! The story line was just as fast-paced, nail-biting and toe-curling as the first and I’ve fallen deeper in love with these sexy alpha covert ops males and their feisty mechanic/designer as well. We met Frank and Becky in the first book, and there was mucho tension between them at the end. Becky is taking a break, leaving the country with her friend, to put some space between her and Frank, and the intense feelings she has for him. Frank is lost without Becky around to constantly drive him crazy but he will never admit it because she is 1. His employee and 2. Much younger than him. Frank has very strong feelings on those two points and because of his childhood, is reluctant to ever see past them enough to explore the explosive chemistry between him and Becky. But when Becky lands herself in trouble with Somali Pirates, Frank is the first one to come charging to her rescue… And more than the riveting action heats up the pages. But it is very much a dance between Becky and Frank throughout the book, oft times the back and forth between them rankled but once these two finally communicate, plowing through the misunderstandings and angst, have a cold drink ready because it will get HOT! A lot of background information on Black Knights, Inc., their start, and on the founder of the team, Frank, is woven into the tight, action-packed plot, which I loved. I was curious about the beginnings in the first book so I am extremely happy that Ms. Walker delved into that here. I have to say though, as the book started out and the author gives bits and pieces, teases really, into Frank’s life out of the compound I was like, “WTH, Frank?” As the story progressed I was saying “OOoohhhh….” But then I was yelling at my book, “Wait, no!” This is definitely one that will keep you on your toes and flipping the pages for more! I would say that In Rides Trouble can be read as a stand-alone but you would get a greater feel for the story and a better over-all experience by reading Hell On Wheels first. Julie Ann Walker writes with a distinct flare that brings each and every one of her characters to life and into your heart. I am waiting oh, so impatiently for the next book in this truly captivating series – it can’t come soon enough!

  • Susan
    2019-05-24 05:48

    Very good book. Frank and Becky have been striking sparks off each other for three years, ever since Frank started using the motorcycle shop as the unit's cover. Becky is a very good mechanic and has learned a lot of the things that the rest of the unit knows. She wants to be part of the team, not just the cover. Frank doesn't want Becky anywhere near the dangerous parts. When she has enough of his attitude, she takes a vacation with a friend and ends up captured by Somali pirates. There's a rescue, dealing with the aftermath, the reappearance of one of the pirates, and misunderstandings to overcome. Great tension, good suspense, and excellent romance. I really liked both Frank and Becky. Frank is older by thirteen years and feels the age difference is too much for him to have a relationship with Becky. This is mostly because of issues from his childhood that are explained later in the book. He knows he is attracted to her, but does his best to overcome it. When it looks like she is getting over him and falling for one of the other guys he is eaten up with jealousy. It takes his sister basically slapping him upside the head to get him to see what he's been doing. I loved the final scene with him and Becky. I loved Becky's independence and ability to go after what she wants. She does a great job of pushing Frank's buttons, getting reactions from him. She also seems to be a magnet for trouble, hence the problem with the pirates. Thanks to her time with the Knights, she does a great job of keeping her head and keeping herself and her friend alive. She also knows that the team will rescue them, she just has to be patient. She recognizes the sound of a recon drone overhead and uses the notebook she's writing a "book" in to write messages to the team that the drone's imaging picks up and transmits. You can see her patience wearing thin in the last message picked up which said “…would you guys hurry the hell up already?”After they are back in Chicago she has to deal with the aftermath, which Frank is able to help her with. But she also has to accept the fact that it seems that he will never return her feelings. She misunderstands a couple things she sees which causes her some anguish. Her self reliance comes out though when she is kidnapped and rescues herself thanks to some good advice from Frank. I loved the care he took of her after that rescue. The ending had a good setup for the next book.

  • Jonel Boyko
    2019-05-11 05:22

    Walker is the master of combining intense danger, realistic suspense, and chemistry that’s off the charts. This novel was racy, racing, and all out unforgettable. I love how the danger comes to life just as thoroughly as the downtime. Each moment in the novel is unique, weaving together to create an unforgettable whole.Walker creates likeable characters who are both larger than life and the guy who lives down the street. Becky is one of those paradoxical heroines that you can’t help but love. Her desire to fit in, prove herself, and be there clashes with her femininity and desire for the alpha of all alpha men. I loved getting to know her through all of the trouble that she stumbles into. Frank’s desire to do the right thing, keep his promise and follow his heart lead to some moments that make him endearing, while also making you question the thought processes of all men. It was simultaneously sweet and comical. It also added an extra layer to Frank’s tough operator, alpha male persona. I loved getting to know him on such a deeper level here. And the secret mystery woman was an unexpected addition to the tale. Once again Walker has created a romantic suspense that stands miles above the pack. I was captivated from beginning to end. This was definitely one of those novels that I never wanted to end.

  • Debra Taylor
    2019-05-12 04:44

    Yeah! I love this kickass series!!! This story was a non stop action filled thrill ride.Frank "Boss" Knight is the bad-ass leader of the elite covert ops group otherwise known as the Black Knights. Becky Reichert & her custom bike shop serve as a cover for the group of government operatives. Becky & Frank have been dancing around each other for three years. When Becky & her friend Eve are taken hostage by Somali pirates Frank rushes in to do his best John Wayne rescue. Sparks fly... or should I say explosions detanate? Becky is my kinda heroine. She is one badass biker chick who knows how to take care of business. And when one crazy ass pirate decides to get his revenge after she thwarts his plans? Lets just say he gets what's comin' to him.I'm already hooked on this series. The author has such a wicked sense of humor & an amazing talent for phrasing. The various sub-plots & interesting characters make this series riveting. I'm already jonesing for the next story in this awesome new series.I received this ARC via Netgalley courtesy of the publisher, Sourcebooks. I was in no way required to give a glowing review although it was an honor to do so.

  • ♡ Sassy ~ Amy ♡
    2019-05-02 02:29

    This is a continuation of Becky & Franks story. These books are progressive by having partial stories of other couples in them and continuing on with their own books.In the last book, Becky is trying to become an operative. Frank says no. He is appox 13-15 years older than her & they have a mad crush on each other. Becky gets pissed & needs to get away, so she leaves for an extended vacationThis book... Becky is on her trip to madagascar via catameran with her friend Eve. They are hijacked by pirates & held for ransom. Who do they call? The "Knights" who come to the rescue. Becky has pissed off one of the men & he continues after her. Frank protects her & their relationship progresses.The one thing I can say or warn about these stories is that the conflicts are short lived and are complete background stories to the building romance. There is always misunderstanding & it is always resolved quickly. Much build up to be resolved in one chapter.They do continue to get better & I do like all these characters. One of the tops!! FAST READ!! I couldn't put it down!

  • Dee
    2019-05-11 08:44

    Two-haiku review:Kidnapped by piratesBoss and team ride to rescueIs she still at risk?Really loved this oneThese two were hot in first bookGlad they got their ownRe-reading series, September 2015

  • Lorraine.Hates.Cliffhanger.Endings!
    2019-05-20 04:48

    Thrilling read, off to pre order Rev It Up (Black Knights Inc. #3)

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-27 08:23

    Another yummy Black Knight and his lady. Soooo many more good stories to come...

  • Cocktails and Books
    2019-05-13 06:36

    Frank Knight is the boss of Black Knights, Inc, a covert group of operatives that take kick ass and take names later. He's an ex Navy SEAL who wants to protect those he holds dear while living up to the promise he made as a boy. Problem is, Becky Reichert and the feelings she stirs are making it really hard for him to be the man he thinks he should be.Becky has had a thing for Frank since the moment she met him. He exasperates her as much as he turns her on, but she also knows that Frank has his secret and she wonders how can fit in with that. While she can be pushy and as demanding as the rest of the men who work at Black Knight, she also is a woman torn between what she wants and doing the right thing.I will admit, Frank and Becky can be exasperating. The wanting, longing, pushing away and confusion was too much at times. But, it was also totally Frank and Becky. Frank had issues with being older than Becky, being Becky's boss and ultimately, playing right into the role he'd sworn as a young boy he would never be in. While it was clear that what Frank witnessed at the hands of his father molded him into the man he was today, he was by no means following in the man's footsteps. Unfortunately, Frank didn't see it that way...which lead to all the angst between him and Becky.Becky, unfortunately, was stuck in the middle of Frank's own personal torment. She would react based on Frank's mixed signals and find that she was the one sobbing in her room or in a dark booth at a bar. Becky was also stuck in that place of "knowing" that Frank was with someone else (even though she thought of the other woman as a friend with benefits) and still wanting him and trying to have him. She was in her own personal hell, of her own making, but seemingly unable to break free of it. As with many couples, once Frank and Becky are completely honest with each other, they find that all the obstacles in their way were because of miscommunication or misunderstandings. Once those are out of the way....BAM...the relationship seems to work. That's not to say that these two won't still be sniping at each other, because that's just who they are, but things will definitely be easier down the line.We get to spend some quality time with other members of the Black Knights, mainly Wild Bill and Angel, but we also get to meet our next couple for the third book in the series, Rev It Up. This should prove to be an interesting story...especially when the Italian Mob (introduced in Nate & Ali's story) are involved.A great second book to the series, that had me on my edge of my seat and wanting more.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-05-23 00:36

    Rhayne's review posted on Guilty Pleasures5 StarsIn Rides Trouble is the second book in the action packed Black Knights, Inc. series. I am completely sold on these books. I absolutely loved book one and was hoping and praying that book 2 would hold up to my expectations. It did NOT disappoint. Just like in the first book the pace is fast, conflicts continue to arise, and sexy alpha men are in abundance.The synopsis sums up the plot line really well, so I won’t spend a lot of time repeating the same information, but share with you why I love this book.We met Frank and Becky in book one and I could not wait to find out what happens with them when we finally get to read their story. They are both very strong characters who carry their individual plot lines well, but when they get together it’s nothing but spectacular.Frank has it in his mind a relationship with Becky is never going to happen. He is her boss. He is way too old for her. And quite honestly she drives the man insane. Becky has been in love with Frank since the moment she first laid eyes on him. She has waited patiently three years for him to admit his feelings to her and she knows this attraction is not one sided. The trials, circumstances, and misunderstandings that these two go through are brilliantly written and it makes the suspense level in the story ignite.We were given a lot of background information on Frank. A lot of his concerns about his feelings towards Becky stem from childhood issues and it was nice to finally be able to understand why he felt the way he did.This is a well-balanced story with equal parts romance and suspense. Even though there is not an abundance of buildup and romance with Frank and Becky’s relationship, their passion is undeniable and very sexy. It does well to remember that they have lived together for three years as part of the Black Knights defense firm posing as mechanics. They know each other. They love each other. But it’s a journey for them to work through their problems and be able to have a future together.Ms Walker has created some very memorable characters. We get a lot of insight into the Black Knights team members and the hints that are dropped about each of them leave me antsy and excited to read their stories.If you are a fan of romantic suspense, I highly recommend this series. The plot is engaging, the characters well fleshed out and real, the storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat, and like any good book, you become involved in the lives of these characters. The book is deep, well chronicled, well researched, and tremendously well written.Enjoy!

  • Trish
    2019-05-13 01:42

    4.5 Stars ARC provided by NetGalleyIn Rides Trouble is Walker's second book in her Black Knight Series and it not only met my expectations, but surpassed them. Imagine if you will, a tall, dark, mysterious Alpha male, straddling a motorcycle--decked out in leathers, tatted up like the bad boy he is, and a cocky grin to twist your insides up until you are a puddle of goo. That is the picture in my head with Walker's Black Knights. They are Special Operatives, deep undercover, taking the dirty jobs that no one else will do. Each have their own demons they're fighting, each are kick-ass strong, and have some hidden vulnerability that makes them more real. Frank Knight is the experienced leader of this group and he is hell bent on not letting Becky "the Rebel" Reichert be involved in any mission--her sexy ass is to stay and build bikes--and it is pissing Becky off. She has trained for this and is ready to be taken seriously as a operative. When Frank says no to the idea, AGAIN, Becky takes off and sets sail with girlfriend, Eve, on the Seychelles waters in a thirty eight foot catamaran. Just two bffs chilling for a few days, right?What Becky doesn't expect is to be kidnapped by a bunch of pirates--deadly men intent on using them as hostages in a lethal game of cat and mouse. To say that Frank loses it when he finds out that Becky is in danger, is an understatement. And he's determined to go and get her--along with a few men from his team.What a roller coaster ride of action, shoot-'em up, and suspense as Walker takes the reader from one part of the globe to the city of Chicago, where danger continues to plague the Black Knights. I love these characters and am starting to fall for them--hard. And this story is laced with a secondary romance --Jake and Eve--that will result in book three, Rev it Up. I loved the verbal sparring between Becky and Frank--two individuals with a great sexual chemistry that leaps off the page. She went to her knees then. It's all she could suddenly think about. Tasting him, getting her mouth around--"I'll never make it," he growled, grabbing her shoulder and hoisting her up against his chest, slamming his mouth over the top of hers until the only thing she knew was him, his hands, and skin, teeth, and tongue, the hot spicy smell of hungry man filling her flaring nostrils. Fans of romantic suspense will enjoy the in-depth characters, action-packed plots, and enough spice to light up a small city!

  • Ellen
    2019-05-10 06:37

    This is the second book in a romantic suspense military trilogy, Julie Ann Walker’s In Rides Trouble features a woman afraid of nothing... unless it’s the heated touch of the leader of the Black Knights, a custom chopper shop in downtown Chicago, that isn’t what it seems on the surface. Daring, dauntless Becky Reichert doesn’t despair when she's held for ransom by Somali pirates. Considering she works for the toughest group of covert government defense contractors out there, rescue is no doubt immanent. The only question is... what's worse? African pirates or Frank Knight, the man who broke her heart and crushed her dreams, the man who happens to be her boss? As the leader of the Black Knights, a covert group of the military’s elite taking on top secret missions, Frank "Boss" Knight can never show his weakness. But the thought of Becky in danger makes Frank break out in a cold sweat. Danger has followed Becky back to the States. Now, forced together to outfox her would-be abductor, Frank and Becky confront the urgent desire that smolders between them. But the dangerous and powerful man threatening Becky stalks them with deadly precision, the question becomes... if they manage to make it through this alive, will Frank continue to deny his feelings for Becky?I won "In Rides Trouble" as ARC ( first reads). I absolutely love the cover. The story pulls you in from the first page. My husband is retired military and so I really like to read books that have a military theme to them. Also like it when the heroine is a strong, smart don't take no crap character and the Hero strong enough to except her as she is.I liked some of the witty comments and soliloquy in the book. For instance Becky writes " for the love of God, would you guys hurry the hell up already?"Well, at least we know this little experience isn't adversely affecting her attitude,". Bill chuckled.Another one " Pirate was never a position Becky thought to add to her resume but as usual, her life was chock-a-block full of surprise ".The only thing lacking for me was the roller coaster ride of Becky and Frank falling in love and developing a relationship together. We know from the start that they have feelings for each other but it would of been nice to see the progress develop thru out the story.Overall I really enjoyed the story and will be getting the other two in the trilogy.

  • Thenia
    2019-05-27 03:35

    The second book in the Black Knights Inc series, where the leader of the Knights, Frank and the company's spunky mechanic who pushes all his buttons, Becky, finally deal with the simmering attraction between them.Following the events of the previous book, Becky is off on holidays, trying to get over the tragedy of her friend's death and away from Frank, who refuses to see her as anything but an employee. Her vacation ends up with her and her friend kidnapped by pirates and the knights coming to her rescue with Frank leading the charge.The pirates are caught, except one of their leaders who blames Becky for his troubles and is fixated on getting revenge.Frank has been fighting his attraction to her for as long as they've known each other, using their professional relationship and their age difference as reasons to keep himself in check. He is adamantly against her becoming an operator and more involved in their cases, but (view spoiler)[is very glad for the training she received that ends up saving her life, when the pirate who was after her captures her and she shoots him before he can kill her (hide spoiler)].In the end, his main reason for holding back was (view spoiler)[a misunderstanding about a promise he'd made to the mystery woman he often visited, who turned out to be his sister. He'd promised to not become like his father, a man who slept around with younger women and abandoned their family when things got difficult. Frank idiotically thought that his sister meant he shouldn't date younger women, but she rightly slaps him upside the head when he confesses that (hide spoiler)].With the obstacles in their way gone, the two finally reach their happily ever after.I look forward to the next book in the series, Rev It Up, and Frank's sister Michelle's story.Previous Book Review:✦ Hell on Wheels (Black Knights Inc. #1)["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>